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  • Published on Nov 29, 2019
  • The Best Laptop Sale for Black Friday
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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee  Month ago +1129

    Anyone score one?

  • naren n
    naren n 17 days ago

    Did anyone got this laptop ?

  • Split
    Split 18 days ago +1

    Now watching this video on a Helios 300 I bought using your link 😎

  • road to 10000 subscribers without any vidoes

    god damn it in thailand it costs 1633dollars i bought it from the internet for 1200 dollars and there the normal price is 1200 dols

  • Titanium Tronic
    Titanium Tronic 24 days ago +1

    You Can Buy An Alienware M17 2019 Model For Only $700 In Our Country
    Core i7 9750h
    RTX 2060 6gb
    16gb Ram
    The Only L Is That It Only Has 144hz

    • IssaJETSKI
      IssaJETSKI 9 days ago

      Titanium Tronic teleport me to your country good sir

  • Titanium Tronic
    Titanium Tronic 24 days ago

    You Can Buy An Alienware M17 2019 Model For Only $700 In Our Country
    Core i7 9750h
    RTX 2060 6gb
    16gb Ram
    The Only L Is That It Only Has 144hz

  • Born 2 Win
    Born 2 Win 28 days ago

    What a steal. Did anyone cop? I’m going to buy it now at 1,072.

  • Rhakesh G
    Rhakesh G Month ago

    im 2 weeks late, am i still eligible

  • Conspiracy News Boii

    Is this a good buy for light gaming, 1080p video edits, and school work?
    Dell G7 17.3 Gaming Laptop i5-9300H 8GB RAM 1TB HDD 128GB SSD RTX 2060 6GB

  • Pravesh Top5s
    Pravesh Top5s Month ago

    I missed again. Any chances of Christmas or new year deal?

  • Alfrebaut
    Alfrebaut Month ago

    I'd just like to say I bought this because of your recommendation and it's one of my biggest regrets ever. Amazon was supposed to deliver it last Friday and has been jerking me around, they claim to have "lost" my package more than once and after hours of talking to them on the phone and trying to get a straight answer from them in their customer chat, I still don't have my laptop. My guess is that they oversold the product and so they pretended to ship me one and then "lost" it to cover their ass, but only because I called them out on it twice are they MAYBE going to ship me one by next Monday. If you could have heard/read their excuses, it's pretty pathetic, honestly. If they had just told me that they weren't able to get me one by last Friday, I would have just bought it somewhere else for full price, but Amazon just did enough to string me along for a whole week which is about to turn into a week and a half that I didn't end up biting the bullet for the additional $300.

  • Kyle Andrew
    Kyle Andrew Month ago

    Should I get this Helios 300 or the Asus ROG Strix G - G731 ?

  • John Opiña
    John Opiña Month ago

    Hi David!, I'm looking for a gaming laptop that runs the following program like Agisoft, Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve 15. I need your help please. Thanks

  • The Polymath Universe

    Wish this was available in the Philippines...

  • Ross Hackett
    Ross Hackett Month ago

    the zephyrus G ga502 can be found for less

  • The One
    The One Month ago

    Good notebook but 2000 dollars in Europe....

  • Izu權
    Izu權 Month ago +1

    Dave: You have ONE day
    TVclip: Here's the video a week later

  • Jody Winner
    Jody Winner Month ago

    Its too heavy. I dont like it laptop

  • Jose Something
    Jose Something Month ago

    Mine just arrived today, how do i benchmark it?

  • Afiq
    Afiq Month ago

    Hey dave what camera did you use to record and software editing this video

  • Hamd Al Nuaimi
    Hamd Al Nuaimi Month ago

    Yes , me 👌

  • Oliver Deane
    Oliver Deane Month ago

    Heya! Have you ever heard of the company Machenike? I found them online and they have great specs for the price (cheaper than Helios/Triton 300) for nearly the same specs. I'm still abit skeptical though. There aren't any reviews at all.
    I'm choosing between the Machenike F117-vb1 and the triton/helios 300. Both suit my needs well.

  • Ahmed I.
    Ahmed I. Month ago

    I was patiently watching it for months just waiting for that Black Friday discount.

  • Eric Lamela
    Eric Lamela Month ago

    I heard that Indxu is available on Firefox and Chrome to check online discount codes for you. Not sure if I can use it for other browsers like Opera or mobile app.
    Install the free Indxu Extension:

  • The Best
    The Best Month ago +1

    I'm about to get a lenovo legion y540.
    i7 900
    2060 6gb
    144hz screen
    16 GB ram
    For $1020
    After the shit that was my helios predator 300 with a 1060 I'm never buying another Helios Acer laptop.

  • Marcus Chan
    Marcus Chan Month ago

    get dbrand to make skins of this thing, the top screams "im a virgin!"

  • Zaid Hassan
    Zaid Hassan Month ago

    Hello Dave!
    I would love to see a year end comparison between all the 14 inch notebook with 10th gen Intel processors like the:
    Zenbook 14 ,Acer swift 5(with mx250),LG gram 14 and other new thin and light laptops.
    Please make the comparison before the dawn of this decade.
    Love from INDIA 🖤

  • Ashik Shishir
    Ashik Shishir Month ago

    Could you make a video on Lenovo L340 ( gaming version and also mx250 version )

  • Muraduzzaman Masum
    Muraduzzaman Masum Month ago

    Hey Dave2D, will you please review MSI gl75 9sdk model?

  • bufan shen
    bufan shen Month ago

    don't buy gaming laptop go bulid pc.

  • Wendell Lewis
    Wendell Lewis Month ago +1

    As someone who's had this same computer I urge you not to get this it's the worst

  • Apaulture
    Apaulture Month ago

    There are no such thing as deals.

  • Mark Uy
    Mark Uy Month ago

    I know this might be a long shot but I recently became a subscriber, trying to buy a gaming laptop. Can’t rly choose between the Dell D5 - RTX 2060, 1TB + 128SSD or the Asus Zephyrus - GTX 1660 TI 1TB + 512 SSD. I was hoping to get your feedback on this 😅😅

  • Amir Msr
    Amir Msr Month ago +1

    So what laptop shall i get now?!

    • Bad Penguin
      Bad Penguin Month ago

      I recommend Dell "Inspiron" model . Acer product is suck. I use del 7559 about 3 years, It's so good just be careful with screen scratch when u take it in the bag . I use dell,acer and samsung and lenovo, i think dell is the best. Heard good rumor about Assus product too but never try....oh wait... dell latitude model is suck too

  • Hossein Rahmanian
    Hossein Rahmanian Month ago

    i was planning for this deal from 3 months ago but unfortunately i couldn't sell my 2018 helios 300 to buy this one😢😭
    i excepted 999$ deal but acer discounted even more and it was super super super cool
    planning for next year 👊💪

  • WolfJaz
    WolfJaz Month ago

    Can you do a video on some budget gaming laptops for 2019-20? It would be useful for everyone. If you do, please keep the price range to be somewhere near 1000$ - 1500$.

  • Talon Main
    Talon Main Month ago

    You got one day to get this deal
    TVclip:let's show him this video 4 days later

  • Flier 88
    Flier 88 Month ago

    Is the legion y7000 2019 any good?

  • van king
    van king Month ago

    Can you please do a video of top 10 longest battery life and it’s pro and cons of the laptop.
    @Dave Lee

  • Steve Weehansuh
    Steve Weehansuh Month ago

    Hi Dave, have u reviewed the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 7? What can u say about it? Thanks.

  • vannak keo
    vannak keo Month ago

    Wow! nice price

  • Akith Ahsan Dhrubo
    Akith Ahsan Dhrubo Month ago

    Hey, Can you show us some solutions for overheating laptops like mine ASUS TUF FX504GM? It would be really helpful.

  • Андрей Фоменко

    Guys, torn between MSI GL75 9SD and ASUS ROG Strix G731GU, the main criterion is cooling, what do you recommend?

  • Arif Sultan
    Arif Sultan Month ago

    @DaveLee Helios 300 or Legion Y540. Which one would you recommend?

  • Amjad Al-Bittar
    Amjad Al-Bittar Month ago


  • AWOL
    AWOL Month ago +1

    $1087.97 not 900

  • Prinz Noir
    Prinz Noir Month ago

    I am going buy a laptop under 800$ for my major is CST
    I hope someone can recommend me one( with slim Bessel,8th gen+ processor,8gb ram,SSD,a decent battery)
    #There_is_no black_friday in my country :v

  • chandan maity
    chandan maity Month ago

    Hi Dave.....! Msi gl 65 better than this ? Please tell ....

  • rdhwn
    rdhwn Month ago

    Do you stand or sit in your videos? It’s driving me crazy bc I don’t know

  • Chaitanya More
    Chaitanya More Month ago

    I still know how nvidia pool there rtx price by discovering low end gtx 16 series lol

  • Rafeal Jaral
    Rafeal Jaral Month ago

    Hey Dave. Sup man. Big fan. Ok so I've been looking all over and I'm kinda tired or researching. I'm a college student who needs a thin and light laptop that is extremely well rounded. Let me explain. My current situation has me traveling from dorm to school to home and out state, therefore I'm constantly on the go. I want a laptop that can
    1.) Posses power and great functionality - preformance
    2.) Can game easily without having major heat issues and good (not necessarily great) thermals
    3.) Isn't a giant brick but rather portable and pleasing with pleasing aesthetics
    4.) Decent battery life at least 5 to 6 hours
    I wish to know if there was one gaming laptop you would recommend to your audience with a decent price range (1,000-1,600) which one would you confidently suggest?
    .PS- if anyone else has any recommendations please let me know. Thank you.

  • Simple edits
    Simple edits Month ago

    Btw I need some advice I’m looking for something that I could be able to video edit and game on like the new Star Wars game and maybe some fortnite should I get this I’m not entirely sure

  • Simple edits
    Simple edits Month ago

    Why is his voice relaxing ?

  • James Gray
    James Gray Month ago

    test this please

  • A L P H A architect

    hi! can you can you make a review on acer nitro 7?

  • Senith Nyanko
    Senith Nyanko Month ago

    I hope you can do a review on the xiaomi mi gaming notebook 2019

  • Đạt Đinh
    Đạt Đinh Month ago

    Can you do a video with laptop that has MXM slot (3.1)? I feel like people like to have the ability to change out their gpu if possible.

  • Minh Nguyen
    Minh Nguyen Month ago

    Got it!!! But me mum might make me return it again though...

  • Little Window
    Little Window Month ago +1

    You should look at the razer Blade 13 it costs 899.99 right now

  • Valkor Simpson
    Valkor Simpson Month ago

    nooo the 1660 ti has a nonsensical name and nvidia should be mocked so they learn better