Rhett & Link Hiccup Uncontrollably While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
  • Comedy duo Rhett and Link are among the most requested Hot Ones guests of all time, and now they are finally sitting down for their date with the wings of death! You know them from Buddy System on TVclip Red, and as the hosts of Good Mythical Morning, now entering its 14th season. And you already know how they are with hot food, since they've eaten the Carolina Reaper on their channel, just like Sean Evans and Chili Klaus. But you haven't seen them climb Mount Scoville while taking on questions covering everything from their infomercial days, to the secrets they've never shared with each other. Strap in for another BFF barn burner of an episode!
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Comments • 10 764

  • The Annoying Rock
    The Annoying Rock 4 hours ago

    9:04 anyone else think rhett kinda looks like Eminem? 😯

  • Jacob Gonzalez-Perez
    Jacob Gonzalez-Perez 5 hours ago

    It is so satisfying to hear the guests say that a question is good. You know Sean and his crew be up in that thorough investigative research.

    DAGGER4D 11 hours ago

    Can we just appreciate that Sean is an absolute god of spice

  • Isaac Torres
    Isaac Torres 18 hours ago

    The wings look good now I'm hungry 😋

  • Andrew Green
    Andrew Green 20 hours ago +1

    I was disappointed that link didn’t say “as you can see we can’t”

  • Cameron Toney
    Cameron Toney Day ago

    i am from texas and i agree that whataberger is NOT the best berger you can get in texas

  • Kurupt B
    Kurupt B Day ago +2

    Did they start using plastic pitchers because of Eric Andre 🤔

  • Carlo Caballero
    Carlo Caballero Day ago

    CONAN O BRIEN !!!!

  • bransen puckett
    bransen puckett Day ago +2

    Whataburger > In-N-Out

  • Kromatizer
    Kromatizer Day ago

    I loooooove eating spicy food, but I always hiccup when I do, so it pisses me off a lot

  • Dana Bradshaw
    Dana Bradshaw 2 days ago

    Love Rhett and Link

  • NMS Adventures
    NMS Adventures 2 days ago

    This is just a testament Sean is one of the best interviewers of the century! Simply amazing, I think ive watched this videos 5 times and its always impressive.

  • deathlist94
    deathlist94 2 days ago +1

    Would love to see Stephen Fry on this show :D

  • Coda
    Coda 2 days ago

    what happened to Rhett at 24:30 lol

  • I am just a mom
    I am just a mom 2 days ago

    What about the times they were on ERB??

  • I am just a mom
    I am just a mom 2 days ago

    I bet the chicken is cold.

  • Grim reaper
    Grim reaper 2 days ago

    To anyone who has a friendship like this. Never make the mistake of thinking the other one will not backstab you. No matter how tight you are, the other one could always be an inch away from just fucking you over.

  • HorrorGamesBrodCast
    HorrorGamesBrodCast 2 days ago

    Like really complained and bitched a ton this episode wtf, he genuinely seemed upset to go on. and ikd why

  • HorrorGamesBrodCast
    HorrorGamesBrodCast 3 days ago

    Why is the music so intense and fucking scary

  • Marco Greco
    Marco Greco 3 days ago

    Anyone know the background song around 14:30?

  • Zakin 50
    Zakin 50 3 days ago

    This video was going so well until the blasphemy was spoken about Whataburger

  • alaska fun
    alaska fun 3 days ago

    Link and Rhett bite the wings like a BOSS. Then it's a wall. But they own it!🤣🤣🤣

  • Justin Mereles-Cuco
    Justin Mereles-Cuco 3 days ago

    Are these guys in a relationship

  • zodiac832
    zodiac832 3 days ago +2

    In-N-Out?!? Whataburger not good?!? 😭😭 What the hell do y’all know! Pigs blood corrupted y’all’s taste buds 😅😂🤣

  • Rebel Love
    Rebel Love 4 days ago

    I would almost like to become famous JUST so I can be a guest on Hot Ones and find out what type of forgotten info Sean found on me. Lmao

  • Rebel Love
    Rebel Love 4 days ago +1

    Sean REALLY does his research on whoever comes onto his show, I mean he digs DEEP into information even the guests probably forgot about. Idk how he does it but what a great interviewer. 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Drum Stick
    Drum Stick 4 days ago

    It’s weird hearing Rhett and Link say shit

  • TenPixelsTall
    TenPixelsTall 4 days ago

    This is one of my favorite episodes... right up until 21:55

  • SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man

    My brother bought da bomb and he was shitting fire for days

  • MsAminaShah
    MsAminaShah 4 days ago +1

    when they started to hiccup from the da bomb xD lolol

  • Jonathan Sutton
    Jonathan Sutton 4 days ago

    I love Rhett and Link but neither one of them know how to truly eat a wing!!!!

  • tushar dixit
    tushar dixit 4 days ago

    some of the best background score i have ever heard

  • christopher king
    christopher king 4 days ago +1

    Some exclusive sauces...nice!!

  • Sohum Bhatt
    Sohum Bhatt 4 days ago

    Sohinki and jovenshire from smosh games

  • Sohum Bhatt
    Sohum Bhatt 4 days ago

    Ian and Anthony

  • MaxsMovieChannel
    MaxsMovieChannel 4 days ago

    Hearing Rhett say shit was so strange lol

  • Pandulse123
    Pandulse123 5 days ago

    Wow I just might have to fight them for their Whataburger comment.

  • Child0fMercury
    Child0fMercury 5 days ago +3

    One time, they went live on tumblr and told me happy birthday and I’ve had so much respect for them ever since. Well and before that but you know.

  • Timothy Moreno
    Timothy Moreno 5 days ago

    Morganstern’s Icecream: 2/3 say it’s tolerable

  • lyssa Skywalker
    lyssa Skywalker 5 days ago

    This was great!
    You should get the try guys they would be so much fun

  • Jamey Strauss
    Jamey Strauss 5 days ago

    My standing as a fan of Rhett and Link might be in jeopardy because of the fact that they don’t like Whataburger, p.s. In-N-Out is trash

  • chitownchapin cas
    chitownchapin cas 5 days ago

    Im glad i missed this one .. So lame

  • Chicken Wings and Deadlifts

    i was a middle school basketball scorekeeper in 7th grade. thanks for the appreciation Link.

  • Jessica Orem
    Jessica Orem 5 days ago

    I see Rhett and link I click

  • Cookie Wookie
    Cookie Wookie 6 days ago

    its https not http

  • Brown jin
    Brown jin 6 days ago

    When he explained "you just had to lock down and endure it" all the mama's were like "yes son. A taste of what labor is like" lol

  • OlJohnJoe
    OlJohnJoe 7 days ago

    The guy with the glasses was a puuuuuuunk and he eats like a freakin bird! Lmbo

  • Anthony L. Douglas
    Anthony L. Douglas 7 days ago

    Sean, I heard drinking a glass of milk before the contest helps 75 % of the effect

  • -
    - 7 days ago +2

    ok he specifically chose flavors link would hate and rhett would love for the ice cream. what a beautiful subtle troll.

  • YvngKozik
    YvngKozik 8 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey

    • Metro Iggin
      Metro Iggin 7 days ago

      YvngKozik it’s ramsay not ramsey

  • Epic54 Gaming
    Epic54 Gaming 8 days ago

    Rhett swore ahhhhhhhhhcode red!!!!!!!!

  • Cee Chan
    Cee Chan 8 days ago

    Sean really is the best guy for the job

  • Wade Beck1234
    Wade Beck1234 8 days ago

    in and out is trash

  • mushy
    mushy 8 days ago

    From Texas and agree 100% about the Whataburger. They're good for specialty burgers but the patty is always cold from Houston to San Antonio to Austin to Dallas had them a dozen times each place. Like warm or cold patty

  • james green
    james green 8 days ago +1

    You should check out Corridor Digital and Corridor Crew and then get Sam and Niko on the show!

  • juicyjuice743
    juicyjuice743 9 days ago

    I love these two so much, but, it annoys me that Link tilts his head back like a pelican to consume the wings in order to avoid letting the sauce touch his lips. Come on man! Embrace all aspects! Also his picky eating upsets me.

  • 8MichaelAnthony
    8MichaelAnthony 9 days ago

    Hot Ones and GMM are literally my only subscriptions. The only 2

  • fem wynn
    fem wynn 9 days ago

    how does Sean hear cinnamon and automatically think/say "sweetness"? dude needs better listening skills lol cuz cinnamon isn't sweet.....

  • CopBabyCombo
    CopBabyCombo 9 days ago

    I was laughing so much when I saw Rhett and Link eat the da bomb

  • Al Credeur
    Al Credeur 9 days ago

    Seeing these guys try to eat wing flats is almost cringe-worthy. Lol

  • Frederick Stanley
    Frederick Stanley 9 days ago

    When r u going to host Johney Scoville???
    Quit half-stepping...

  • Jonathan McGillivray

    Which ones Rhett?

  • Austin Ross
    Austin Ross 10 days ago

    no one likes da bomb sauce...

  • Sir Nicholas
    Sir Nicholas 10 days ago

    I love all 3 of these guys. So funny

  • Ryan Mac
    Ryan Mac 10 days ago

    Post sucks.

  • Carlos L
    Carlos L 10 days ago

    Thank you for exposing Link

  • Puddle Duck98
    Puddle Duck98 11 days ago

    Is it weird that I love hearing them swear?

  • Angelo Stark
    Angelo Stark 12 days ago

    Why is the music so loud?

  • iamallamaninja
    iamallamaninja 12 days ago

    Two Guys 600 Pillows is so iconic. Omg, I forgot about that.

  • ツFredi
    ツFredi 12 days ago

    9:03 ohh Rhett's got a weak chin...

  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago


  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago

    post for days

  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago

    no comment

  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago

    no coment

  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago

    Dirt bag grow up

  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago


  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago

    not cool

  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago


  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago

    in my face

  • Jade Mills
    Jade Mills 12 days ago

    ahh nice

  • Annedolf Frankler
    Annedolf Frankler 12 days ago

    You had to choose the Durian fruit?

  • Caleb Howard
    Caleb Howard 12 days ago

    Rhett has lost all my respect. In N Out better than Whataburger? Dear god man, you're delusional.

  • john vazquez
    john vazquez 12 days ago

    They are the biggest celeb guests you have had. I like this show even more now seeing these guys multiple times with you.

  • No, You.
    No, You. 12 days ago +2

    Hearing Rhett and link cuss puts a smile on my face. Haha.

  • bottle bobby
    bottle bobby 13 days ago

    Didn’t keep score for the women’s basketball team but I filmed it for a class in high school

  • BG NC
    BG NC 13 days ago

    I'm still shocked the whataburger they were talking about was the Texas chain and not the North Carolina chain. They're completely different

  • Matt Harlan
    Matt Harlan 13 days ago

    get JOE ROGAN!!

  • Callee Self
    Callee Self 13 days ago

    dang.. now i’m hungry

  • MrMetalManMe
    MrMetalManMe 14 days ago

    The two biggest geeks on here and they took it better than anyone else I've saw. Even though they get on my nerves on their show but they deserve some respect for this. Well done you pair of tough geeks 😀💪

  • Joseph Staggs
    Joseph Staggs 15 days ago

    Get the Game Grumps on, please

  • Carlos Villalvazo Puentes

    2 in the Pink 1 in the Link

  • Steele Pritchard
    Steele Pritchard 16 days ago

    gat eminem on hot onew

  • Steele Pritchard
    Steele Pritchard 16 days ago

    get Emma am I am on I'm hot ones

  • Patrick Keefer
    Patrick Keefer 16 days ago

    Of all the people, why did you invite these two douches?

  • Cody Closson
    Cody Closson 16 days ago

    Rhett is such a dick, feel like I say this too much, maybe even another time on this video.

  • St3lthshadow 01
    St3lthshadow 01 16 days ago

    Im so hurt that they dont like whata burger

  • The Wasted Wanderer
    The Wasted Wanderer 17 days ago +1

    No lie, the music almost ruins most of this.

  • Michael Covrig
    Michael Covrig 17 days ago +2

    Peep their faces at 24:30

  • DR G
    DR G 17 days ago

    easily would fuck all 3 ......sauces

  • Paul Dixon
    Paul Dixon 17 days ago

    This is the video that made me find Good Mythical Morning! Awesome! 3 months and so many, many videos watched