Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch - Official Announcement Trailer


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  • The hardcore pro wrestling fan

    Link and mario's cameo was badass

  • LeRôdeur Rôdant
    LeRôdeur Rôdant 10 days ago

    Ils essaient de relancer la Switch, pitoyable...

  • Knee Ger
    Knee Ger 26 days ago

    the switch needs mario maker and star fox

  • Knee Ger
    Knee Ger 26 days ago

    too many goddamn characters are gonna get added

  • monkey cheese
    monkey cheese Month ago

    Its time for Simon belmont and megaman to show up in this game.

  • Dwight Bamfiel
    Dwight Bamfiel Month ago

    when i first saw this , my mom had to call the ambulance because when she came in the room she though i was having a seizure but it was uncontrollable excitement

    TGFTH Month ago

    Here after pewdipie meme review

  • The Omega-Mancer
    The Omega-Mancer Month ago

    They'd better make a sequel for Subspace Emissary

  • betarad
    betarad Month ago


  • CHBB Gameplays
    CHBB Gameplays Month ago

    **Splatoon inklings appear**
    Me:Oh no...Splatoon 1 port for Nintendo Switch? FUCK!
    **It all begins to become black**
    Me:yooo what is this?
    **Smash logo appears in Inkling eye**

  • Cristian Castillo
    Cristian Castillo Month ago

    Ohhhh I got the chills

  • EditYour Name
    EditYour Name Month ago

    Thx Nintendo 😀

  • Only Us Hedgehogz
    Only Us Hedgehogz Month ago

    and then the world shook of exictment

  • Ggc 2
    Ggc 2 Month ago

    Hatsune Miku in smash please!!

  • Richard G
    Richard G Month ago

    Welp. Didn't expect to see Link and Mario stood menacingly in front of a burning cross today.

  • Arturo Gonzalez
    Arturo Gonzalez Month ago

    Welp, I'm getting a switch

  • stratrat619
    stratrat619 Month ago

    welcome to the nintendo fight club splatoon

  • *RENSZ* _
    *RENSZ* _ Month ago

    The memes 🤣

  • Mr Poe
    Mr Poe Month ago

    How did this become a meme?

  • Guinette Russell
    Guinette Russell Month ago

    LETS GO LETS GO!- Maximillian doid

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue Month ago


  • Stitched Rose
    Stitched Rose Month ago +1


  • *Prince Peach*
    *Prince Peach* Month ago +1

    When I saw this I was not allowed to scream because my parents was sleeping.. Terrible difficult xD

  • Daniel Gould
    Daniel Gould Month ago +1

    I doubt it's a whole new game. Probably mostly a port, but with extra features (BotW Link, Splatoon characters) and some other stuff.

  • bepis boy
    bepis boy Month ago

    I wish this was just a port of the Wii U one, because now I have to get a Switch for TWO games that I REALLY want. Damn you, Nintendo, and your fantastic games.

  • The great Kiwibeast

    I just really want bandanna dee in the game, is that too much to ask?

  • Joseph Hamouche
    Joseph Hamouche Month ago

    Shadow or Metal Sonic
    Dr. Robotnik
    King K Rool
    Banjo Kazooie
    Petey Piranha
    King Boo
    Crash Bandicoot

  • BluInkling
    BluInkling Month ago

    This Is The Moment We Been Waiting For !!!!

  • Rayyan Setiady
    Rayyan Setiady Month ago +1

    Quit your job and join our emo band

  • Wonjae Yi
    Wonjae Yi Month ago

    Will there be new Pokémon?

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia Month ago

    That scene looks too hellish

  • A Spoopy Scaley Scary Man

    Why even bother hiding the characters in silhouettes when it's obvious who they are?

  • Phantom Breakers
    Phantom Breakers Month ago

    Considering breath of the wild link is visible, this leaves me to believe it’s a BRAND NEW title. Can’t wait for this!

  • Pixel Kid
    Pixel Kid Month ago

    If you guys can’t find any news articles or if your blind and deaf, this is NOT a port. Smash Bros. God, aka Sakuri(don’t know how to spell) had been privately working on the game, meaning 1. It’s a new game and 2. Nintendo and Hal could actually pull off a 2018 release like promised by the trailer.

  • Freemen
    Freemen Month ago


  • Rainbow Derp // Adriane


  • Jaykel the smooth
    Jaykel the smooth Month ago

    I've never seen a smash bros reveal so dramatic

    • Knee Ger
      Knee Ger 26 days ago

      if thats not the most fucking dramatic thing ever then i dont know what is

  • TheAdamghost
    TheAdamghost Month ago

    dr. robotnik eggman for smash

  • Gee. Stiles
    Gee. Stiles Month ago

    You guy see Wario on the far Left! Hype!!!

  • Riot Breaker
    Riot Breaker Month ago

    This is the opposite of that Valve card game reveal.
    Boy does it feel great

  • roc314 matrix
    roc314 matrix Month ago

    so i been saying "xb1 or ps4" meanwhile the switch is like "come this way my child" w/ mp4, bayonetta 1 & 2, and now this!

  • OlekTheMii
    OlekTheMii Month ago

    I think it will be a new game because Link doesn't has his Twilight Princess Look, rather he has his Breath Of the Wild Look.
    also, I guess SSB4 DLC Characters will be unlockable characters now and I think one of DLC Characters I want in 2019 to be revealed is probably Chun-Li, Not my favourite, but I wanna just see everyone hyped about it. I think it is worth the wait.

  • Emanuel Robri
    Emanuel Robri Month ago

    Master hand????

  • Doogert McKoog
    Doogert McKoog Month ago

    Yo, the choir, the darkness and flames, the grim tone and that odd sound near the end (someone slow it down or sped it up, shift the pitch to find something); I think not only will there be a big story, but I think Dark Souls and its new playable rep (lets hope its Solair) will feature heavily in it.

  • Francis Lacuesta
    Francis Lacuesta Month ago +1

    im literally crying.... like wtf nintendo

  • logbeatsasuke
    logbeatsasuke Month ago

    I hope that players can at least tweak how emphasized the lighting effects are. They where in the way for me, particularly when the camera zoomed out.
    Oh and Nintendo - please make Ganondorf his _own_ character with interesting magic abilities. He could use a sword too.

  • mikerms12
    mikerms12 Month ago +7

    What a stupid edgelord way to announce a very NOT serious game...

    • mikerms12
      mikerms12 11 days ago +1

      Matthew Pipes I never said it was going to BE edgy. I said it was stupid they made the trailer edgy

    • Matthew Pipes
      Matthew Pipes 11 days ago

      mikerms12 You're right! Smash has never been like that...just because they put a fire smash logo in the background and made the characters dark looking, doesn't mean it's gonna be edgy.

    • mikerms12
      mikerms12 12 days ago

      Matthew Pipes Smash Bros has never been a dark edgy game.... So what do you think...?

    • Matthew Pipes
      Matthew Pipes 12 days ago

      mikerms12 So they should've done the smash announcement with Sunshine and Rainbows type of vibe??

    • Snowhue
      Snowhue Month ago

      Yeah, this is a kids party game.

  • Super John 64
    Super John 64 Month ago +1


  • Matthew Arias
    Matthew Arias Month ago +2

    That music is incredible

  • Daniel Boyle
    Daniel Boyle Month ago +1

    Definitely playing as the inklings

  • Arin Lewis
    Arin Lewis Month ago +2

    Everyone is hyped for this and I agree with them but if it’s releasing this year, HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN IN DEVELOPMENT?! If this is really a new game and it has to be if Link has his Breath of the Wild outfit, how is it coming out this year when it took Sakurai 6 YEARS to make Sm4sh?

    • Arin Lewis
      Arin Lewis Month ago +1

      So apparently Mr Sakurai was working on this in secret I guess since Sm4sh came out. HOW DID NO ONE EVER MANAGE TO GET THIS LEAKED?!

  • WedgedDeer 131
    WedgedDeer 131 Month ago +3

    Damn i remember when the villager got a mail from smash as his invitation.the inlkings had the most badass invitation ever!

  • Scott Stamp
    Scott Stamp Month ago +2

    This isn't a port, for those who don't know. Why would there be a teaser if it was a port? The logo is completely different and it's called Super Smash bros and not super smash bros for the switch. This is definitely a new game.

  • popiDmonkey
    popiDmonkey Month ago +1


  • Quisy P
    Quisy P Month ago


  • fq balk
    fq balk Month ago +2

    Smash ball power for the inklings?


  • Leonardo Ferro
    Leonardo Ferro Month ago

    Time to get a switch

  • syNleraK
    syNleraK Month ago

    No one else here because of Grandayy and Dolan Dark?

  • Mr Gamer
    Mr Gamer Month ago


  • stickizonline
    stickizonline Month ago


  • Guy Shepard
    Guy Shepard Month ago

    That was. . . a surprise.

  • Beef Curtains
    Beef Curtains Month ago

    Smash got super cereal of all sudden

  • Tales
    Tales Month ago +4

    This trailer is perfect, alone the switch in music with it being made official that the inklings are joining Smash. It‘s so epic and the way they show Mario and link it seems like „It‘s time you join the family“. It‘s so well done.

  • Aaron Nell Millado
    Aaron Nell Millado Month ago +2

    I love how I thought we were getting a new Splatoon game when I was first shown the trailer as a surprise and then that iconic ball showed up and I was going crazy

  • XPool da Meme Lord
    XPool da Meme Lord Month ago +1

    As Etika would say....MY D**K

  • Andre moon
    Andre moon Month ago

    Almost 3m subs

  • Smurf This
    Smurf This Month ago +3

    We need Travis Touchdown and Sans from undertale in this game!

  • Matthias
    Matthias Month ago


  • piXick
    piXick Month ago +1

    That Trailer looked so realistic!

  • tangy tablets
    tangy tablets Month ago +1

    I can already see the splashdown being an air recovery move, the splat bomb being a B move, and the ink jet being the Final Smash.

  • Gus Dio
    Gus Dio Month ago +1

    Link MY MAN!!!!!!

  • thani drin
    thani drin Month ago +1

    Stop trying to be edgy nintendo

    • Arin Lewis
      Arin Lewis Month ago

      thani drin NEVER! I am loving Nintendo finally growing a pair

  • Weetaku
    Weetaku Month ago


  • Aname Goeshere
    Aname Goeshere Month ago

    Super Port Bros.

    • Nahoule Deb
      Nahoule Deb Month ago

      Aname Goeshere It's not a port dude, your not a SSB fan!
      The logo, the atmopshere, everything is different from SSB4!
      And the copyright of the game show 2018 not 2014-2018

  • PixelJustice20XX
    PixelJustice20XX Month ago

    A new Smash game sounds awesome, but this trailer didn't do it for me.
    Over half of the trailer is Splatoon, this comes off more as a splatoon trailer or something until the logo appears.
    As someone who likes smash, but doesn't really give a shit about Splatoon, this was a weird way to reveal the game, at least for me.

    • PixelJustice20XX
      PixelJustice20XX Month ago

      ah ok, yeah it would make more sense in a live setting where you weren't aware what it was from the video title. I'm still not a fan, but I get what they were going for. Thanks for the reply.

    • Luke Stuard
      Luke Stuard Month ago

      PixelJustice20XX that's the point, it's meant to be a fakeout to make people believe "oh a splatoon 1 port for the switch" and then BAM, this was in a nintendo direct 3/8/18 aired live meaning no one knew what this was

  • Pasi.
    Pasi. Month ago +1


  • Beom-gil Jeon
    Beom-gil Jeon Month ago +1


  • teresafer
    teresafer Month ago +1

    I nutted

  • twiixrus
    twiixrus Month ago +1

    can't wait to falcon punch somebody in Super Smash Bros

  • Random Konong
    Random Konong Month ago +2

    Actually rumors suggest that this Smash bros game has been in development before we ever knew about project NX (2014). Also, Hal did not make Smash 4, Bandai Namco did. So this could very well have started development in 2012 alongside Smash 4. Bandai Namco are too busy with MP4. Along with the orchestra and Title Text, this could very well be a new game.

  • LEXx
    LEXx Month ago

    Wait so they will add the inklings? :DDDDDD

    • LEXx
      LEXx Month ago

      Random Konong holy ass flipping awesome

    • Random Konong
      Random Konong Month ago

      LEXx Yup

  • wiseguy240 Winston
    wiseguy240 Winston Month ago

    Now if I can just get a PlayStation Allstars sequel on PS4.

  • Cobra King
    Cobra King Month ago

    Disappointing I wanted to hear about the new Pokemon game.

    • Nahoule Deb
      Nahoule Deb Month ago

      Cobra King What i said, the studio behind Pokemon doesnt want to tease the game before a Pokemon Direct.
      And a direct with too big games is not good for the communication, too much and you killed exclusivity.
      This direct its for Smash wait for Pokemon.

    • Cobra King
      Cobra King Month ago

      Who cares... they should just announce it asap and it better actually innovate

    • Nahoule Deb
      Nahoule Deb Month ago

      Cobra King Game Freank announce the Pokemon News on Pokemon Direct, not on the Nintendo Directs, amateur...

  • KEN::RAMIR3Z::
    KEN::RAMIR3Z:: Month ago

    Ike? Roy? Would be cool to see them return 😃

  • FurrnnyHD
    FurrnnyHD Month ago

    Mario finna woop your ass boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    ZIPPING4M3R Month ago

    Top 10 Anime crossovers

  • json thomas
    json thomas Month ago

    Imagine that that liquid on her face was white

  • Fiona Young
    Fiona Young Month ago

    I screamed so much i pooped my pants!!!

  • Aaron_Gamesx
    Aaron_Gamesx Month ago

    Shut up and take my money

  • Lakelurks
    Lakelurks Month ago

    This was honestly the best "surprise" game reveal I have ever seen. Good job Nintendo, good job.

  • Kirby Gamer
    Kirby Gamer Month ago

    Welp looks like im stealing a switch

  • SuperdudeZA
    SuperdudeZA Month ago

    Shut up and take my money!!!

  • Shane Joshua Yuan
    Shane Joshua Yuan Month ago

    Who else thought a ad about Nickelodeon came before the trailer cuz of the colours or something else

  • puffyclouds
    puffyclouds Month ago

    i dont even own a switch and this hyped me up as heck

  • Mark Byrd
    Mark Byrd Month ago

    Anyone notice that when 2018 appears, it sounds like the notification from Witcher 3? CD Projekt Red announced earlier this week that Geralt will appear in another franchise this year...

  • Kaleb Hatton
    Kaleb Hatton Month ago

    This has such a bright tone at first and then gets H E L L A D A R K

  • Evil Llama
    Evil Llama Month ago

    Yes our savior has arrived

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here Month ago +1

    It would've been funny if the inkling boy splatted the other one while she was staring at the logo.

  • Lazereye57
    Lazereye57 Month ago +6

    "Sees her home in flames in the shape of the smash logo"
    Squid girl: Why?! Why did you kill everyone!? Our game was successful and gave good business to Nintendo! Why did you do it?!
    Link and Mario: To measure our abilities

    • Khaled Abdo
      Khaled Abdo Month ago

      Lazereye57 nice naruto refrence if that what was you're going for.

  • Sly Cooper
    Sly Cooper Month ago

    I felt the like Mario and the others just looking at as gods. Ready to kick ass

  • Dat Bo
    Dat Bo Month ago +3

    Boi I bet see another sonic character come in this game or else. Still though this is hype