Raised off the Grid: Meet the 17-Year Old Living in the Wilderness | Created with Amazon Prime

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • On a remote homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains, 17-year-old Maddie Roark spent her childhood learning how to camp, shoot and hunt. With college on the horizon, she’s returning to the wilderness to reset; as she preps for a 6 month solo hike on the Appalachian Trail. We met up with Maddie to learn more about what it’s like to go though high school off the grid.
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Comments • 8 886

  • fgfgfgf drtduud
    fgfgfgf drtduud 8 hours ago

    That's really domesticated for an off grid lifestyle. It's the designer version of it.

  • AHampsterPig
    AHampsterPig 13 hours ago

    Love the concept but I find it hard to believe a 17 year old that lives off the land takes the time to dye her hair silver

  • Geneva Doll
    Geneva Doll 20 hours ago

    I know the grass is always greener on the other side but damn she is so lucky to have been brought up that way. I would love to have those skills and that knowledge and raise my family off the grid. Good for her father! I hope she continues to succeed.

  • Darryl Smith
    Darryl Smith Day ago

    Fake honey nobody living in the woods got highlights and layers like that

  • True Blue
    True Blue Day ago

    She look like 50 from the back

  • celso valencia
    celso valencia Day ago

    Just like the old school fords , they don’t make’m like her anymore.

  • celso valencia
    celso valencia Day ago

    Is this real life...? I think I’m in love.

  • Marta Laura Zayas

    where's the mom?

  • Lawful Evil
    Lawful Evil 2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure this is just literally Phoebe Bridgers

  • Christian Nickels
    Christian Nickels 2 days ago

    Dude I envy your life everything you said about the woods is exactly how I feel I live in Denver but the Rockies is where I feel alive it's where I feel at home and safe

  • Leonel Hernandez
    Leonel Hernandez 3 days ago +1

    Think the tittle is wrong... it should be: 17 year old living with a responsible male teacher aka father

  • Thebigmoo700
    Thebigmoo700 4 days ago

    She old enough to adopt me😂😅😂

  • Just Some Dude On The Internet

    The fact that she's pretty is an icing on the cake right

  • El Mestizo gObLiNo
    El Mestizo gObLiNo 4 days ago

    If I had trust funds I’d do the same thing

  • Buddhatoast
    Buddhatoast 4 days ago

    Think I’m in love 😍

  • Reichenza.
    Reichenza. 5 days ago

    Why is her hair dyed tho?

  • 61Benster
    61Benster 5 days ago

    She should go to Alaska and marry Charlie Jagow from 'The Last Alaskans' and have mountain men boys and Amazonian girls.

  • Steve Lobo
    Steve Lobo 5 days ago

    ill give her some summer sausage

  • Tyler ThaGr8
    Tyler ThaGr8 6 days ago +1

    Omg this is my dream girl!!!!

  • Жерде кыргыз тили болуп саналат?

    Wouldn't it be hard to do this nowadays as alot of plants and animals are protected and lots of wild land is national parks and what not

  • Жерде кыргыз тили болуп саналат?

    I thought that was her leg at the start for a sec and I was like 'WHAT THE FUCK ARE YA DOIn, CALMMM DOWNN- oh its just some meat'

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 6 days ago +1


  • Justin Sass
    Justin Sass 6 days ago

    She could have had a school life with friends. Instead, she would leave home and learn to become a badass through the process of chile abuse

  • Carl Monton
    Carl Monton 6 days ago

    I'm sure she's 18 now

  • Connor Dearaujo
    Connor Dearaujo 7 days ago

    She is The Hunger Games

  • Najeya Jaber
    Najeya Jaber 8 days ago

    Shes still not complete... she does not wear bras out of animal skin

  • scott smith
    scott smith 8 days ago

    Where is the mother

  • scott smith
    scott smith 8 days ago

    That grey hair is natural

  • scott smith
    scott smith 8 days ago

    That pvc tube

  • Joe Lee
    Joe Lee 8 days ago

    I love it


    His dad have more fun than jungle without any laws


    Guys Hannah is not available on Insta because she is available on jungle

  • Nathan Apollo
    Nathan Apollo 9 days ago

    and you dont even drop her Etsy in the description how rude

  • kobe taylor
    kobe taylor 9 days ago

    Her Etsy account name is : MadelineKodi
    for anyone wondering MadelineKodi

  • John Nash
    John Nash 10 days ago +1

    Wow, she is not playing on her cellphone all day

  • John Nash
    John Nash 10 days ago

    So much better to raise someone like this, as opposed to some rich kid who was spoiled and is on lots of anti-depressants.

  • sniperdoug1969
    sniperdoug1969 10 days ago

    She is such a pretty girl. Heart and soul.

  • Mik3
    Mik3 11 days ago

    That way of life really appeals to me and she is rather amazing :)

  • charles reyes
    charles reyes 11 days ago

    Can i join you in that place?😊

  • Alshow ali
    Alshow ali 11 days ago

    tjis is a sadistic and boring way of life . i love living in toronto and wouldnt trade it for living like a hillbilly

  • ThunderWindz
    ThunderWindz 11 days ago +1

    dont hurt my pet rabbit please.

  • Trappy Feet93
    Trappy Feet93 11 days ago

    The life I want to enjoy. Free from the world, not being bothered, just being in nature.

  • J V
    J V 11 days ago

    So instead of sharing your knowledge you moved??? You had to move to find your identity??? Man all your skills and knowledge i have learned through experience from outdoors tasks. We live in a city of 200,000 and i know what you know and i know who I AM.

  • Jim M.
    Jim M. 11 days ago

    Dont go to college

  • Hayden Perrine
    Hayden Perrine 12 days ago

    These are just things everyone should know.

  • Francine Frensky
    Francine Frensky 12 days ago


  • mo momo
    mo momo 12 days ago

    College will destroy this girl.

  • Mrjangalang Lang
    Mrjangalang Lang 12 days ago +1

    Awesome yet the guys logic is faulty. Why? "People take resources for granted." If it wasn't for those who live "on grid" and using resources none of these "off griders" would be online, or own clothes, or zippers for their clothes, or plastic for their kayaks, or headphones, or guns, or ammo or the axe they use at times. You can finish this...

    DAN THE MAN 13 days ago

    If you're living off grid you shouldn't eat with any utensils, instead use hand

  • Junk DNA
    Junk DNA 13 days ago

    just it is what it is ............ u r really diff girl . i wish i found a girl like u , sharing a same dream living far far a way in the wood with nature and peace . thx for the video was really interesting .

  • GateCrasher
    GateCrasher 13 days ago

    She sounds like Elizabeth Holmes

  • Brooklyn Always
    Brooklyn Always 13 days ago

    It’s amazing how she learned and lived off the grid and now she’s going to college she’ll see that the world is really ugly, consuming wasteful and Violet , environmentally not friendly and I hope that either she makes a difference for this world, or like I would do is , just spends the rest of my life living free off the grid, It’s so much more peaceful that’s the way I would like to go out, Retiring with mother nature smelling real air drinking real water hunting real food

  • Brooklyn Always
    Brooklyn Always 13 days ago

    Love this way of life , it’s so peaceful.

  • Brooklyn Always
    Brooklyn Always 13 days ago

    Born and raised in New York City but this video is how I feel I was born to live off the grid away from society it’s such a more better , free way of life , it’s so much more peaceful. That’s the way I wanna live

    MHG MHG 13 days ago

    no way she could have been raised off the grid and still look this attractive!

  • frozen phoenix
    frozen phoenix 13 days ago

    And that's why I love country girls

  • Naughtia Steffano
    Naughtia Steffano 14 days ago

    I’d kill myself 🙄🙄😩😩 BORINGGGG

  • The Swede
    The Swede 14 days ago +1

    The perfect wife.

  • Fishing 8ONE5
    Fishing 8ONE5 14 days ago

    What’s her Etsy account????

  • Nugget Von Matternhorn

    4:33 her release is off.