Casually Explained: The Club

  • Published on Oct 3, 2016
  • Never going again until this weekend maybe.
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  • Cameron Hendrix
    Cameron Hendrix 5 days ago

    he drew the club thats in my city, same name and layout. that just blew my mind lmao small world

  • Tai Ketchum
    Tai Ketchum 6 days ago +1

    You was at

  • OwaisOrSomething
    OwaisOrSomething 8 days ago

    We was at the club

  • Fourat Oussaifi
    Fourat Oussaifi 15 days ago

    "Drunk navigation has never let me down" true as fuck

    BEAST X 17 days ago

    Id like a more detailed tutorial on hearing loss on excel

  • Jerimbo
    Jerimbo 18 days ago

    You should try going to squat parties if you think clubs are loud.

    PARADOX 19 days ago +1

    mango cider is my favourite too

  • OmegaPyron
    OmegaPyron 20 days ago

    lmao, I actually forgot my outer shirt in the corner behind the plant once. It was getting hot.

    Yeah, never go in with a jacket if there is dancing involved.

  • matija šlat
    matija šlat 21 day ago

    drunk navigation, most reliable sistem in all countries!

  • Capital D
    Capital D 21 day ago

    I just found out one of the best TVclip channel right now

  • Andrew Rawlins
    Andrew Rawlins 22 days ago

    ooga booga

  • Trench Aleksi
    Trench Aleksi 22 days ago

    Do casually explained:dodging a bullet

  • Bullion Forever
    Bullion Forever 22 days ago

    If you consider yourself an avgerage guy your odds are terrible in a club and a complete waste of time. Go to a dance hall instead where you can actually hear and talk.

  • Levis Raster
    Levis Raster 23 days ago

    Going to the club is nice dont listen to this guy. Noone will make fun of you or will even judge you. If anyone does so, trust me, most people in the club are cool and will just tell him that hes an asshole.
    Only go to Goa/techno clubs, maybe even metal people there are cool too most of the time.
    Remember: You go there to have fun and noone goes there to NOT have fun. Just be fun, you are ok.

  • Blue Artz
    Blue Artz 23 days ago

    my parents actually met in a club

  • x x
    x x 23 days ago +1

    Club sucks balls.

  • King Khan
    King Khan 24 days ago

    I would love to do coke with Elon Musk!

  • 13Krentebol
    13Krentebol 25 days ago

    Doing lines +1, ya old digger

  • Lanzer
    Lanzer 26 days ago

    now i see why are u single

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 27 days ago

    Clubbing is boring

  • simon tv
    simon tv 29 days ago

    Can really here your Aussie accent clash with your Canadian accent

  • Liqour Without alcohol

    What happened to the jacket?

  • Leonard V
    Leonard V Month ago

    The only blessing that keeps me away is the fact that I can't stay up past 9pm

  • Uroš Jovičić
    Uroš Jovičić Month ago

    "Once you have been enough times you can actually graph your hearing loss in excel"... YOU ARE GOD!

  • greysips
    greysips Month ago

    but apple cider is my favourite

  • Just Ok Productions

    Love this. Clubs are for folks who felt prom was the height of their lives

  • Christopher Neal
    Christopher Neal Month ago

    Just a slight error (I think) on the closed captions at 2:01- "Now if you're at the club with the intention of -beating- your future wife" XD

  • Wong Tik Ki
    Wong Tik Ki Month ago

    I really never did clubbing. How much is it? What am i expecting to pay for?

  • Achristic
    Achristic Month ago

    Lol u r the best

  • Scott Happy
    Scott Happy Month ago

    You was at

  • Mr. Nobody Suks
    Mr. Nobody Suks Month ago

    *Just look happy*

  • Raj Kishore
    Raj Kishore Month ago

    You must be an introvert like me lol

  • Muhammad Ahmed
    Muhammad Ahmed Month ago

    That bouncer tho 💀

  • Hannixander
    Hannixander 2 months ago

    Corona? That's 5 homo suspicion points.

  • Happy
    Happy 2 months ago

    Hope that duck made it home safely.

  • Daniel Castaneda
    Daniel Castaneda 2 months ago

    The first 30 seconds is very relatable lol

  • tessy pies
    tessy pies 2 months ago

    sounds fun!

  • Nikhil Jagtap
    Nikhil Jagtap 2 months ago

    CloB tho

  • Colby chan
    Colby chan 2 months ago

    Never been to a club, Never been with a woman, Never been outside of my house, Never been out of my mothers womb, Never born, and Never seen a youtube video like yours. Nice Vid

  • notyourspooder notyourspooder


    thank you for existing, casually explained.

  • Ollie Pinnock
    Ollie Pinnock 2 months ago

    2:01 turn on subtitles

  • Dustin Provost
    Dustin Provost 3 months ago

    I have never allowed any "person" who has ever entered da club in my life in any way whatsoever.
    Or know what the f$#k drake is.
    This is intentional and one of the core values I strive to follow every blessed day. :D

  • Edge Mastah
    Edge Mastah 3 months ago

    I like to pace myself by not having enough money too

  • KustomiseT
    KustomiseT 3 months ago +1

    Pacing your life with having no enough money is a balanced way to go.

  • noor50t-e
    noor50t-e 3 months ago +1

    Guess who just came from the club regretting everything 😭😂

  • Big Daddy Toyota Corola

    My friends invited me to clubbing. Never been interested in it and don't know what to expect. I just ordered a etch-a-sketch

  • I love Vidz
    I love Vidz 3 months ago

    Ain’t non of you old enough to go to the damn cluuub
    Glee club agggrggrggghh

  • Vyrsace
    Vyrsace 3 months ago

    While this video is meant to be humorous, it's actually so on point at the same time. Love it!

  • mashiro mitsumine
    mashiro mitsumine 3 months ago

    Did he remember his jacket?

  • Rahul
    Rahul 3 months ago

    At least the duck remembered to bring his ID

  • DixieNormous561
    DixieNormous561 4 months ago

    >club entropy

  • Arman Biliyul
    Arman Biliyul 4 months ago

    Dude every video you make, I see myself. For example 1:45

  • Casper Høll Andersen
    Casper Høll Andersen 4 months ago

    That wasn't misspelled, that was danish 😁

  • Arr Ziz
    Arr Ziz 4 months ago

    +3:34 How I feel about pornography fixation.

  • Shaylie Hayes
    Shaylie Hayes 4 months ago

    True facts tho

  • Druffinieren
    Druffinieren 4 months ago

    I Just met my Boyfriend at a Rave and now we're together since 2 years

  • popp corn
    popp corn 4 months ago

    i came to this place looking for help in this strange world bit i found something so much greater.

  • Alvin Lo
    Alvin Lo 4 months ago

    Lenny! Lenny!!!

  • Animeislife
    Animeislife 4 months ago

    drunk navigation is better than sober one. I don’t even remember the way home, but i‘ll always end up there.

  • abdulali loulidi
    abdulali loulidi 4 months ago


  • Brittany Gates
    Brittany Gates 5 months ago +2

    You are from VICTORIA BC!! Shafts, Uvic, Distrikt, discovery coffee! Represent 👊🏼

  • peter jakoncic
    peter jakoncic 5 months ago

    Can relate hahah

  • Vaishnavi
    Vaishnavi 5 months ago

    But....why is the duck doing there?!

  • Nicolas Talero
    Nicolas Talero 5 months ago

    Joke got real scary when you named the club "distrikt". We literally have a club spelled exactly like that in my home town.

  • Guerillix Gaming
    Guerillix Gaming 5 months ago

    Sponsored by Corona®

  • Olevsir
    Olevsir 5 months ago

    lol victoria

  • Will Bryant
    Will Bryant 5 months ago

    Distrikt in Vic??

  • David Elliott
    David Elliott 5 months ago

    Just pause at 1:44 😂

  • inofensive display name

    Corona is disgusting

  • Rebecca W
    Rebecca W 5 months ago

    are you cgp grey?

    • Massimo O'Kissed
      Massimo O'Kissed Month ago

      No, Grey has more geometrically precise facial features.

  • Jannis Höntscher
    Jannis Höntscher 5 months ago

    To this sounded perfect

  • Emmanuel Hernandez
    Emmanuel Hernandez 5 months ago

    "Look Happy." I can assure you that I have failed that criteria more than I can admit.

  • michaelovitch
    michaelovitch 5 months ago

    3:16 you recycled that for "human beings"
    Why ?

  • Célio Tavares
    Célio Tavares 5 months ago

    too accurate

  • R ML
    R ML 5 months ago

    The accuracy...

  • Chase Westlake
    Chase Westlake 5 months ago

    I hate distrikt. I always just wanted to go to a pub and then go back to langford, preferably stay in langford. But no, always pulled out to distrikt

  • The Steadfast Duelist
    The Steadfast Duelist 5 months ago

    0:37 *Good rule to live by*

  • I have No name
    I have No name 6 months ago

    Anyone else notice the video starts with his old Australian accent

  • yaboi Getthisbread
    yaboi Getthisbread 6 months ago

    Bouncer just hooked up with his friend

  • Mr Temporal
    Mr Temporal 6 months ago

    2:03 caption
    "beating your future wife"

  • DmGhg Zgngmhm
    DmGhg Zgngmhm 6 months ago

    Fun fact distrikt means district in Norwegian

  • AK knight
    AK knight 6 months ago +2

    Golden rule 'Fight u r own fight' 🤣🤣🤣

  • bazouka19
    bazouka19 6 months ago

    This is called "regret" 🤣

  • TheGrimravager
    TheGrimravager 6 months ago

    "lines with elon musk"

  • Mavilo
    Mavilo 6 months ago

    everything about 2:30 and the following is so true lmao

  • It's Just Ryan
    It's Just Ryan 6 months ago

    If I went to a club and someone was doodling on an Etch-a-Sketch at the bar... that's my new best friend.

  • Dimitri
    Dimitri 6 months ago

    Tried them and ya boy is not a fan

  • andrew johnson
    andrew johnson 6 months ago

    this is called regret
    *smiles subtly*

  • Jack Champion
    Jack Champion 6 months ago

    im actually comforted by how much i relate to this

  • Rose Diddy No Relation
    Rose Diddy No Relation 7 months ago


  • McQuickScope
    McQuickScope 7 months ago

    “You just listen to the beat and you sync your moves up with it” 😂

    • R
      R 4 months ago

      its that simple tho

  • lismery nunez
    lismery nunez 7 months ago

    I freaking love this!!! Totally made my night

  • Wes Lou
    Wes Lou 7 months ago

    "Fight your own fights:

  • fasteddie 28
    fasteddie 28 7 months ago

    I should be doing homework right now

  • JoseAnd97
    JoseAnd97 7 months ago

    nah man just flee from the scene! like I did today!

  • H. Anthony Ribadeneira
    H. Anthony Ribadeneira 7 months ago

    ... you know where you can find me..

  • nopenopenope
    nopenopenope 7 months ago

    It aint misspelled in German

  • Dark Vulcan
    Dark Vulcan 8 months ago

    So TLDR Don't ever go?

  • Haydar Sefkan Kayar
    Haydar Sefkan Kayar 8 months ago

    It’s definitely good, since I will be the most attractive person in any bar. :)