Why Captain America Is More Powerful Than You Thought

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
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    Captain America is one of Marvel's most popular superheroes - and he's become more popular than ever since Chris Evans started playing the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2011.
    By now, pretty much everyone knows the basics of the character - the fact that he was a World War II soldier who had his physical attributes enhanced to the peak of human potential using an experimental serum - but there's actually a lot more than that to the man otherwise known as Steve Rogers.
    In this video, we'll tell you why Captain America is far more powerful than you ever thought he was.
    You see, Captain America may have already demonstrated that he has greater willpower than Thanos.
    Remember when he stopped the Mad Titan in his tracks, just after he arrived on Earth in Avengers: Infinity War? That might have been because Cap's willpower gave him a greater control over the Infinity Gauntlet than the prune-chinned intergalactic despot!
    But Cap also has more superpowers and abilities than most people know about, such as super-eyesight and immunity to all diseases and toxins.
    But his true superpower might be his insistence on not changing who he is. He wasn't compromised by physical power. He's more focused on changing society than he is on changing himself.
    Want to know more? You'll just have to watch the video!
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Comments • 3 289

  • Jebediah Clang
    Jebediah Clang Day ago

    Still didn't get why Cap "wasn't physically blocking Thanos his hand"

  • MusimilianMax
    MusimilianMax 2 days ago

    i think in age of ultron steve just didnt want to embarass thor

  • Ahin johny
    Ahin johny 3 days ago

    Yes he is very much powerful

  • Muhammad Arham Ali
    Muhammad Arham Ali 3 days ago

    iron man should be worthy because he gave up his life and cap went back to have a great time

  • TheKid Biscuit
    TheKid Biscuit 3 days ago

    Spiderman would still beat him.

  • Eman Khan
    Eman Khan 4 days ago

    Caption America is the strongest avenger

  • Frank Houttave
    Frank Houttave 4 days ago

    The same way it will be very difficult to be better than Heath Ledger as the Joker, it will be very difficult to be better as the Captain America of Chris Evans.

  • Alex Trooper
    Alex Trooper 4 days ago

    A pity we saw him at his full potential only for one battle (at the end of Endgame). And if he doesn't age, why was he old at the very end, after only a few decades? I know it was done to end his participation in the MCU, but he really is Captain America, and they could have left him in the past, not aging him, to leave an open door for an eventual return.

  • Robbie Bryan Wang
    Robbie Bryan Wang 4 days ago

    When Cap holds Thor's hammer on the "Avengers: Endgame", I can't close my mouth.

  • Lucifer Kane
    Lucifer Kane 4 days ago

    Wow I don't know where you get your research from but Cap can literally dodge bullets.

  • RTT 84Q554ASSD
    RTT 84Q554ASSD 4 days ago

    Steve the grenade hugger!


    He’s more powerful because he took ultra extreme steroids

  • Arun Pal
    Arun Pal 5 days ago +1

    Of end game

  • Arun Pal
    Arun Pal 5 days ago +1

    How to get thanos thor hammer

  • 1SLUGGO1
    1SLUGGO1 5 days ago

    He's the only Avenger Thor really listens to and respects without question. Even when they first meet, he actually does what Steve Rogers asks him to do (put the hammer down). And when Loki made fun of Cap it pissed Thor off.

    DJLEVIX GH 5 days ago

    let him beat Alita... then come back

  • Aleya MC
    Aleya MC 6 days ago +1

    The only thing I remember from the final battle of endgame is Cap getting Thor’s hammer.

  • E. D. Millhouse
    E. D. Millhouse 7 days ago

    Okay, after you look at this look at the abilities of Captain Marvel. To me Captain Marvel is the most powerful Avenger. Again giving all of her superpower capabilities. Too many to list here, but look it up on TVclip

  • Hannah Segura
    Hannah Segura 7 days ago

    I thought I couldn't like him anymore than I already do. I was very wrong.

  • mikeg155
    mikeg155 8 days ago

    Canonically, Cap is quick enough to avoid bullets, but he can still be shot depending on circumstance.

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 8 days ago

    Yes, Captain America is actually something of a genius!
    Steve looking at a power source: It seems to run on some sort of electricity!
    *What a genius am I right?*

    • Yee Haw
      Yee Haw 5 days ago

      mikeg155 they said that sarcastically but ok😂

    • mikeg155
      mikeg155 8 days ago

      Yeah, they worded that poorly. Cap's intelligence is enhanced, but it's more attuned to military strategy and combat than anything else. He's a tactical genius with a mechanical mind as opposed to an engineering one like Stark who is a super genius.

    ATHANASIOS GIOTIS 9 days ago

    Experimental serum=steroids...

  • Jerald John
    Jerald John 10 days ago +3

    Whos better?
    Captain america:like
    Iron man:comment

  • Mrsingh Shree
    Mrsingh Shree 10 days ago +1

    Captain pure human superhero 💓

  • Superninja 0110
    Superninja 0110 10 days ago

    Next video why Thor wasn't actually fat

  • Superninja 0110
    Superninja 0110 10 days ago

    Strongest avengers are iron man and nfinity war thor

  • Danish Nabeel
    Danish Nabeel 10 days ago

    He Is Shyt hero in mcu

  • NCG 3xc1u3ive3010
    NCG 3xc1u3ive3010 10 days ago

    Who misses cap

  • Bhargab Das
    Bhargab Das 11 days ago

    Really captain America is the best super hero

  • Bhargab Das
    Bhargab Das 11 days ago

    I love you captain America

  • Bhargab Das
    Bhargab Das 11 days ago

    I love captain America

  • Tanjil hasan
    Tanjil hasan 11 days ago

    Thor is the best

  • احمد ناجى شعيب

    because america want that hahahahahaha

  • Toprevgaming
    Toprevgaming 11 days ago

    People when endgame show up:


  • jannaplays
    jannaplays 11 days ago

    I love Steve Rogers , that’s the comment.

  • Onyeakusiobi Valentine

    Imagine Steve Rogers being a Green Lantern. Damn. He would be the best there ever was.

  • Vivin Viswanathan
    Vivin Viswanathan 12 days ago


    So then why the hell did he age normally in Endgame?


  • Rolonda Farrell
    Rolonda Farrell 12 days ago

    Good video

  • Rockslide86
    Rockslide86 12 days ago

    so now im a bit confused. does captain america really age or does he just age really slow, like say he ages a year for every 5-10 years. i wonder because and here now SPOILER ALERT lol, ending endgame how he is portrayed at the end. so he, I assume went back to his time. he went thru all the years til found by SHIELD, yet he was still his young looking self compared to him going thru the same time frame and ending up how he did ending endgame. did he not age or was it the ice he was trapped in that kept him from aging?

  • santosh singh
    santosh singh 12 days ago

    Director want to show the power of America, that's why he makes him more powerfull.

  • ChickenPlays
    ChickenPlays 13 days ago +1

    ScreenRant: Why captain america is stronger than you think (2019)

    ScreenRant: Why Steve Rogers poo is more powerful than you think (Also 2019)

  • Ebadullah Siddiqi
    Ebadullah Siddiqi 13 days ago +6

    Captain America is the strongest Avenger!!
    I love him!!❤❤😘

  • murtaza Dar
    murtaza Dar 13 days ago +1

    👒10 america has done tripple century in age
    More than 200 years

    AARON JOHNSON 14 days ago

    All the SR and other TVclip "movie analysts" should just save their breaths. Captain America in the MCU is way more powerful than he was in the comics. This is just to please "American" fans. Cap America strength levels are no way in the realm of competing in hand-to-hand combat with Thanos! Endgame served as "Thank you and goodbye" movie for the key MCU characters over the past 10 years. Infinity War was a better movie in my opinion.

  • Francis Rongpi
    Francis Rongpi 14 days ago

    The strongest person in Avengers must be Thor, Superman, and Iron man....because they had worthy power and best figures in powers..

  • The 2k guy
    The 2k guy 14 days ago


    Cap: yeah I know, I know.

  • Big🅱️oy
    Big🅱️oy 14 days ago

    Just realized when Stan lee drinks the asgardian stuff, he said excelsior

  • haunted House
    haunted House 15 days ago

    Thetes a fan theory that cap underwent an earlier version of the weapon x program

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 15 days ago +4

    Next video:Why old captain america is more powerful than you thought.

  • Harley Laufeyson
    Harley Laufeyson 15 days ago

    Next video:Why AntMan's Taco is the most powerful Avenger

  • shuvradwip gupta
    shuvradwip gupta 15 days ago

    He is truly "worthy"

  • Rindy The Hedgehog
    Rindy The Hedgehog 15 days ago +1

    No black widow is the strongest hero

  • Average Minecraft fanbase

    I could see that Steve Roger or Captain America is Thor lost brother

  • tanner bergeron
    tanner bergeron 16 days ago

    STOP showing the cameras and green screens! You’re literally ruining the entire video

  • Day May
    Day May 18 days ago


  • 60zeller
    60zeller 18 days ago

    His superpowers always fluctuate. Frekin Black Widow is a 110 pound girl with a pistol and martial art skills but she defeats alien soldiers with ease.

  • Tracor Marr
    Tracor Marr 18 days ago +1

    Its because he has the ass of America!

  • Dimitri Noel
    Dimitri Noel 18 days ago

    He shouldn't...but say what...captain!!! Can't beat that title🤗

  • Dragonfireproductions 2

    No one:
    Screen rant: why captain America is actually thanos's brother

  • AviationFanClub 470
    AviationFanClub 470 19 days ago +4

    He controlled Thors hammer better than thor did in his whole life in just 10 mins

  • Octopi GOD
    Octopi GOD 20 days ago +52

    Captain America is the strongest avenger!!
    Thor : Hold my Stormbreaker
    Edited for copyright

    • LIMANS
      LIMANS 3 days ago

      @Octopi GOD your thor flew away from the kick of Thanos and was blown away ahahaha,Cap one went against the whole army while your thor slept Lmao

    • Octopi GOD
      Octopi GOD 8 days ago

      Meh.. Even captain America couldn't fight thor lmao

    • Octopi GOD
      Octopi GOD 8 days ago

      In the comics Thor killed galactus
      And cap couldn't even touch him..
      And btw Without winter soldier serium he is weak.
      Another add in hypnotized Wolverine
      Ofc captain America's shield broke
      Because adamantium
      Destroys vibranium
      But thor's hammer isn't vibranium/Adamantium
      Odin made thor's hammer
      While thor took a power from
      A star. Read the comics kid
      Comics are the original
      The movies isn't...
      Thor destroyed Wolverine and made him normal again.

    • NEO
      NEO 8 days ago

      @Octopi GOD of course cap is stronger than thor

    • Octopi GOD
      Octopi GOD 8 days ago

      Ik he can lift Stormbreaker but they doesn't mean he's stronger than Thor

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P 20 days ago

    Worthy Captain America with Wakandan vibrainium Armor would be absolutely beast

  • Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman 21 day ago

    Thank you screen rant I always knew cap was a bad dude but I didn't realize the full scope of his ability until I watched this again thank you

  • x x
    x x 21 day ago

    Next avengers maybe a downer, we lose the 3 best :( tony, steve and natasha rip.

  • Sadye Holbrook
    Sadye Holbrook 22 days ago

    i love chris 😫

  • Hh H
    Hh H 22 days ago +1

    Hes stronger than you think because... HAMMER

  • Galang Guevarra
    Galang Guevarra 23 days ago

    But he didn't make Thanos Bleed
    "Thor Left the group"

  • Alpha Music
    Alpha Music 23 days ago

    The best avenger

  • H. Ytterium Rh
    H. Ytterium Rh 23 days ago

    because AMERICA

  • Ngangam Haolai
    Ngangam Haolai 23 days ago

    Wait ...... So if he went back in time..... His real him would still be frozen in ice right?...... Wouldn't there be 2 of them?

  • Josh C
    Josh C 23 days ago

    God damn it watching this after they stated that Thanos was not struggling, he was only surprised that this tiny human with no powers is trying to stop him.

  • Moron Light
    Moron Light 23 days ago

    The Titan wasn’t shocked. That was the face expression of ‘Why are you even trying, does it really. Matters to you? How in the world do you know you’re so weak yet you still tried to stop me knowing that you cant. Yet you still try so hard’

  • Mojo K
    Mojo K 23 days ago

    Compared to the comics which Cap has peak physical abilities. I think in MCU he's more superhuman then peak human. He's alot stronger maybe then Spider-Man in MCU

  • Ross Thompson
    Ross Thompson 24 days ago

    Bruh he held Thor’s hammer

    TNK SMARTz 25 days ago

    Because director said it noob

  • Red 8s
    Red 8s 26 days ago

    Me: Ahh Cap help
    Captain America: I cut off his head 18 hours ago that's when fight started
    Me: Wait WHAT!!??
    Captain America: Yeah I know lots of Marshall Arts

  • Jhuenelle Johnson
    Jhuenelle Johnson 26 days ago

    Yes I'm captain America fan, but I'm a bigger fan of Thor. So I would like the producers to tell me why Captain America can control Thor's Hammer....you can only have one God of Thunder Captain America already have his special gift...so sooner or later Captain America will be able to take other Avengers power js....

    Love the movie tho 🤘🥰

  • carlos aponte
    carlos aponte 27 days ago +1

    Now that I know all of this I have more respect for Captain America character he was always a cool character but now he's cooler but I'm sticking to my own guns my boy is still Silver Surfer

  • TL garrett
    TL garrett 27 days ago

    Super soldier serum or that grape, I mean, purple glowing flower from Wakanda?

  • Daniel Jolliffe
    Daniel Jolliffe 27 days ago

    The Brothers answered that question about the resisting the glove. Thanos's expression was in regards to Cap not even coming close to Thanos power but still giving his all. Not that Cap was stopping Thanos at all.

  • Kanye Yeast Infection
    Kanye Yeast Infection 27 days ago +1

    You already know they made Steve Rodgers an artist to throw shots at hitler 😂😂😂

  • David Barber
    David Barber 27 days ago

    EndGame was ok

  • Mellissa J
    Mellissa J 27 days ago

    This is why him being that old in end game makes no sense for such a short period of time. That movie is filled with holes especially the end.

  • Elisabeth Sillich
    Elisabeth Sillich 28 days ago

    I think he 's shown to be more powerful in engame .Yes, he is worthy in engame or/already before of mjolnir . BUT he can also lift stormbreaker wich is not about worthiness but stenght (not particularly muscle stenght) wich thor decsribed to the guardians that their bodies would crumble and their minds to wich shows the his stenght.

  • Sujan Kirtania
    Sujan Kirtania 28 days ago +14

    Peggy: There is a hammer in the field which nobody is able to lift.
    Steve: Don't worry darling I will lift that hammer.

  • Will B
    Will B 28 days ago

    Good video! I had no idea about the van, lol.

  • Roxanne Fraire
    Roxanne Fraire 28 days ago

    He held Thanos infinity gauntlet with five stones in the possession of Thanos

  • Arin Kekade
    Arin Kekade 28 days ago

    Aquaman dies

  • Mike Teal
    Mike Teal 28 days ago +1

    All these dislikes are Iron Man and Thor fans.

  • AlmightyLydia
    AlmightyLydia 28 days ago +1

    The ultimate super power: Doing this all day.

  • Aesthetic Child
    Aesthetic Child 29 days ago

    “That’s America’s Ass”

  • Aesthetic Child
    Aesthetic Child 29 days ago

    This man was actually willing to go against a whole army of aliens with or without backup. That’s what I call being the strongest avenger. And the fact he is a human who could pick up Thor’s hammer-

  • John Seepe
    John Seepe 29 days ago

    Should be was more powerful than you think

  • Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson 29 days ago +3

    why couldn't he have saved boromir from the uruk-hai?

  • Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson 29 days ago +1

    the comics have cap being the last man standing against thanos and being praised by thanos as surpassing all else in strength of will

  • Raven One
    Raven One 29 days ago

    People you realize Cap. strength is from steroids🤔

  • Tinytooty 1
    Tinytooty 1 29 days ago

    I’m so like captain America I NEED A SANDWICH

  • d
    d 29 days ago

    Basically down graded version military version of Spiderman?

  • Alex A.
    Alex A. Month ago

    Reminds me of this dialogue from Agent Carter
    Jarvis: "There is not a man or woman, no matter how fit he or she may be, who is capable of carrying the entire world on their shoulders."
    Peggy: "Steve was."

  • Tony Digital
    Tony Digital Month ago

    Dont matter now....he's old