Why Captain America Is More Powerful Than You Thought

  • Published on Apr 29, 2019
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    Captain America is one of Marvel's most popular superheroes - and he's become more popular than ever since Chris Evans started playing the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2011.
    By now, pretty much everyone knows the basics of the character - the fact that he was a World War II soldier who had his physical attributes enhanced to the peak of human potential using an experimental serum - but there's actually a lot more than that to the man otherwise known as Steve Rogers.
    In this video, we'll tell you why Captain America is far more powerful than you ever thought he was.
    You see, Captain America may have already demonstrated that he has greater willpower than Thanos.
    Remember when he stopped the Mad Titan in his tracks, just after he arrived on Earth in Avengers: Infinity War? That might have been because Cap's willpower gave him a greater control over the Infinity Gauntlet than the prune-chinned intergalactic despot!
    But Cap also has more superpowers and abilities than most people know about, such as super-eyesight and immunity to all diseases and toxins.
    But his true superpower might be his insistence on not changing who he is. He wasn't compromised by physical power. He's more focused on changing society than he is on changing himself.
    Want to know more? You'll just have to watch the video!
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Comments • 3 521

  • marel bricks
    marel bricks 20 hours ago

    I love capitain america he is my all time favorite mcu charakter

  • Mr P
    Mr P 3 days ago

    MCU hit a home fun by having Chris Evans play the role of Cap...perfect hero.

  • Andrew Ale
    Andrew Ale 3 days ago

    "As far as I'm concerned that's America's Ass" - Ant-Man lol

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi 4 days ago

    Note: Comic facts, not movie

  • Tshepiso Polile
    Tshepiso Polile 4 days ago

    cap is the man like me!

  • Bismo Fungyuns
    Bismo Fungyuns 6 days ago

    Anybody know what comic issue this is from at 4 minute 46 second mark?

  • weird ez
    weird ez 8 days ago

    Spolier : captain america punch hitler

  • shane Tucker
    shane Tucker 9 days ago

    Captain America is garbage 😑

  • Amy B
    Amy B 11 days ago

    I’m sttill wondering how he aged at all in Endgame.

  • Indian Mast
    Indian Mast 12 days ago

    Okk now breath

  • Indian Mast
    Indian Mast 12 days ago

    He is dangerous because he can do this all day

  • Penix Wright
    Penix Wright 13 days ago

    I thought the title was why he is more powerful than you, I HAD A FEELING HE WAS XD

  • Javier Verme
    Javier Verme 13 days ago

    Finally, i waited for this video for a long time

  • Jonalyn Doquidoc
    Jonalyn Doquidoc 14 days ago

    If iron man was alive he could carry mjionir

    • usher luck
      usher luck 10 days ago +1

      Just dying isn't enough else nobody has died more than Dr strange yet he isn't worthy, every soldier dies for his country yet arent worthy, every avenger is ready to die yet aren't worthy

    • Jonalyn Doquidoc
      Jonalyn Doquidoc 13 days ago

      @Everything_mcu_marvel why nah?

    • Everything_mcu_marvel
      Everything_mcu_marvel 13 days ago

      Jonalyn Doquidoc Nah

  • Radha Suryawanshi
    Radha Suryawanshi 15 days ago +1

    He is strong because he's captain of avengers 😂😁😀

  • BadHombre
    BadHombre 15 days ago

    Why America's Ass Is More.....

  • Dustin Brown
    Dustin Brown 16 days ago

    Chris Evans made me realize I was bi.

  • Download Trump
    Download Trump 16 days ago


  • Themadhouse 344
    Themadhouse 344 17 days ago

    It’s sad that the first avenger is now gone😢😢😢 also because he’s my favorite

  • SmushyPancake 21
    SmushyPancake 21 18 days ago

    He’s not strong anymore as an old man

  • Luke Durling
    Luke Durling 20 days ago

    conics you said conics

  • Jai Prakash Mishra
    Jai Prakash Mishra 20 days ago

    Captain america is best

  • Aaron Vang
    Aaron Vang 20 days ago

    He's kinda like x man

  • Shivam Wathrey
    Shivam Wathrey 21 day ago

    He is my favorite avenger

  • Shivam Wathrey
    Shivam Wathrey 21 day ago

    He is my favorite avenger

  • Vacilionツ
    Vacilionツ 23 days ago +1

    _Cause he can do this all day._

  • hemant kumar
    hemant kumar 24 days ago

    I want to come back Steve as role in caption America....😭😭😭 Please come back...I'm crying after seeing end game

  • Akshay Pawar
    Akshay Pawar 25 days ago

    MCU cap is nerfed af...

  • Akansha !!
    Akansha !! 25 days ago

    Steve rogers isn't great because he is captain America
    Captain America is great because he is Steve rogers

  • Dhruv Sharma
    Dhruv Sharma 25 days ago

    Odin said that whoever is worthy enough to wield mjolnir shall possess the powers of thor, thor is 1500 years old(almost).. wtf cap turned physically old then?

  • M. Anbarasu
    M. Anbarasu 28 days ago +5

    We all have to agree this
    1.Hulk stole the movie in Avengers
    2.Iron man stole the movie in Avengers 2
    3.Thor stole the movie in Avengers 3
    4.But afterall CAP stole the movie in Avengers endgame.....,

  • Cameron Law
    Cameron Law 29 days ago

    He also has unlimited stamina so he doesn’t get tired in a fight

  • jackeline and mazing

    Im a big fan of cpt america

  • Dilkhush Singh
    Dilkhush Singh Month ago

    Who has more will power
    Batman ::cmnt

  • MegaLouLuo
    MegaLouLuo Month ago

    I thought capt biggest supper power is shield taunt. All range attacks for some reason just all aimed for his shield.

  • luan trieu
    luan trieu Month ago

    Captain America has great leadership, wouldn't you want to follow him into battle?

  • Tory Le
    Tory Le Month ago

    7:45 I didn't know Saitama was in the MCU

  • Both Time
    Both Time Month ago

    This video does not cover what it claims to.

  • Ajeet Singh Rawat
    Ajeet Singh Rawat Month ago

    I really got inspired from mcu and steve Roger is my mentor ❤❤

    WEED MAN Month ago +1

    Everybody riding CA's dick now, like he wasn't this badass since the beginning. Been a fan since a youngin.

    TRIGGERD Month ago

    Captain America can dodge bullets. It has been stated that he 'sees faster' or percieves things much faster and can react in time.

  • BlackWarGrey Linus
    BlackWarGrey Linus Month ago

    I must be the only person to not like Captain America

  • torin he
    torin he Month ago

    Thor 1: who ever holds this hammer if they be worthy shall possess the power of Thor
    Thor ragnorok: your hammer was to help control your power it was never your source of strength
    I’m so confused

  • Flame !
    Flame ! Month ago +1

    So ur telling me dr doom has more will power then Cap??????????

  • Avinash
    Avinash Month ago

    Thor is best.!!

  • Shyamali Datta
    Shyamali Datta Month ago +3

    Rogers stands for his team, he sacrifices for others. That is why he is the best Avenger.

  • Jonas Sandman
    Jonas Sandman Month ago

    Since the stones doesn’t look activate isn’t he simply just holding back Thanos? Impressive in itself but has nothing to do with the infinity stones.

  • MT suki
    MT suki Month ago

    imaging that, if he has the healing factor

  • Ten Thirty
    Ten Thirty Month ago

    Captain American wouldn’t like Chris Evans lol 😂 Chris Evans is the typical liberal privileged anti-American. However, Evans mad Cap my favorite Avenger.

  • Richard Brodowski
    Richard Brodowski Month ago

    FINALLY! Someone else saw the same facial expression on Thanos as I did when America's Ass stopped the gauntlet.

  • Smoking Bones
    Smoking Bones Month ago

    Captain America is my FAVORITE HERO.

  • NaruCho
    NaruCho Month ago

    Willpower? So just imagine cap wielding a green lantern ring

  • Supergj 7
    Supergj 7 Month ago

    We need to see dr doom soon in the mcu

  • Craig Mckinney
    Craig Mckinney Month ago

    You forgot his ability of super carom. Nobody else could possibly calculate all the angles for bouncing a shield off four walls and three assailants.

  • shinkueagle
    shinkueagle Month ago

    So he is much more powerful than the Hulk?

  • good tap sugar
    good tap sugar Month ago

    Who is watching this after endgame

  • toxman99
    toxman99 Month ago

    He has super motivational speaking.

  • Anderson Pyaban
    Anderson Pyaban Month ago

    Cap is worthy of Thor''s hammer...remember when odin spoke to it that whoever wields this hammer should be worthy

  • Anderson Pyaban
    Anderson Pyaban Month ago

    I can do this all day

  • Supreme Gamer
    Supreme Gamer Month ago

    Whatever you say, he doesn't have The power of Electricity.. its the hammer which has it.... Thor is a recharge plug for the "Power bank" Mjolnir and Captain is the Phone connected to it....