Humongous Turkey Lollipop


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  • Kieran McGuckin
    Kieran McGuckin Year ago +3087

    How many licks to the centre?

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 21 hour ago


  • Michael Greer
    Michael Greer Day ago

    Imagine he gets the rainbow wrong again

  • Quincy The Alpaca

    Would you be able to make ‘cotton candy’ with Jolly Ranchers? Like, the homemade kind

  • Robert Ellis
    Robert Ellis 2 days ago

    i was sucking on a jolly rancher while watching this

  • Grant Bonham
    Grant Bonham 3 days ago

    Tmagc. They mad a gummy chicken

  • Marjorie Miller
    Marjorie Miller 5 days ago

    You should mix steel, aluminum, and gallium together and then Try to cast something in it

  • Matthew Koski
    Matthew Koski 5 days ago

    How are u not tempted to eat one?

  • LJ48
    LJ48 5 days ago

    The thumbs look like foreskin

  • Angello ledesma
    Angello ledesma 5 days ago

    Try and do this with a lobster

  • Benammi Swift
    Benammi Swift 5 days ago


  • Josh Saephan
    Josh Saephan 6 days ago

    9:38 he goes onto Grant’s phone???

    That Is Creepy...

  • Josh Saephan
    Josh Saephan 6 days ago

    you could’ve used a measuring cup to make it equal...

  • GreenBeacon5 hAh
    GreenBeacon5 hAh 6 days ago

    Jolly rancher infinity stones

  • annxox
    annxox 6 days ago +2

    I have never seen Orange, Pineapple or lemon jolly ranchers I wonder what they taste like

  • Taylor Montgomery
    Taylor Montgomery 6 days ago

    Why would you separate the strawberry from Cherry Jolly Ranchers but put them in the same pot, in the end? Does that make any sense? Work Smart not Hard!! @thekingofrandom

  • SuperninjaYTbro
    SuperninjaYTbro 8 days ago

    Almost 6 am, I need to sleep

  • Heather Lowery
    Heather Lowery 8 days ago

    Re-watching older TKOR videos (2017 - early 2018) & I'm reminded that really like these videos. I'm feeling really disconnected from the newer ones being produced currently.

  • Rose Root
    Rose Root 8 days ago


  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 9 days ago

    The more videos I watch the more dangerous I become

  • Unicorn Videos
    Unicorn Videos 9 days ago

    Wait how are you gonna finish it

  • liam kenobi
    liam kenobi 9 days ago

    This made me crave jolly ranchers

  • Snake Studios 2015!
    Snake Studios 2015! 10 days ago

    is so tempting to eat all those

  • Dave Skoglund
    Dave Skoglund 10 days ago


  • Luka Mtc
    Luka Mtc 11 days ago

    *rest in pieces colorblind people* 😞

  • Keaudra Majors
    Keaudra Majors 12 days ago

    The amount of pots yall have to go thru amazes me

  • Serenah johnson
    Serenah johnson 12 days ago

    And now I want a jolly rancher lollipop 😭🤤

  • Maxim Popovič
    Maxim Popovič 13 days ago

    Can you make a mold of your finger that would unlock phone with fingerprint ?

  • Lmwing05 __
    Lmwing05 __ 14 days ago

    It's not really a rainbow seeing how it doesn't have 7 colors

  • J4M13
    J4M13 15 days ago

    *Jolly rancher wants to know your location*

  • Nightengale
    Nightengale 15 days ago

    What do you do with alllll that candy?

  • Chiposaurus
    Chiposaurus 15 days ago

    All I see are fleshlights 😂

  • Torraxcat
    Torraxcat 15 days ago

    The 6 Chaos Play Buttons.

  • ItsKristina
    ItsKristina 15 days ago

    yes please

  • Leslie Helton
    Leslie Helton 16 days ago


  • Mr Floop
    Mr Floop 16 days ago

    You can melt any kind of sweets I tried it 👍🏼

  • F B I
    F B I 16 days ago

    “Thumb Sucker”

  • Entiox
    Entiox 16 days ago

    It's the cursed magic item Rod of Diabetes.

  • Alannah Blanchard
    Alannah Blanchard 16 days ago

    could you melt down a mirror and put it in your chicken mold to make a shiny chicken???

  • EG Steampunk
    EG Steampunk 16 days ago

    And I just saw the most amazing thing in my life

  • Arcadezzz
    Arcadezzz 17 days ago

    *video won’t load*

  • Ananya Kharat
    Ananya Kharat 18 days ago


  • Space Junker
    Space Junker 18 days ago

    Turkey lollipop vs Zed Head

  • Sakona
    Sakona 18 days ago

    10:12 anyone else got really hungry while watching this?

  • Miles Alton
    Miles Alton 18 days ago

    This was a great video.. I'm craving candy now

  • Aiden Runyon
    Aiden Runyon 18 days ago

    ik one in the worlds record book of 2018 biggest jolly rancher of a turckey

  • Hurtbox 6566
    Hurtbox 6566 19 days ago +1

    I like how he used the same color spatula to mix the jolly rancher color. Red jolly rancher red spatula. Orange spatula for orange jolly rancher. Etc.

  • Lucek
    Lucek 19 days ago

    0:52 defines racism perfectly

  • Rachel Awkward
    Rachel Awkward 19 days ago


  • Tristan of the round table

    Chicken brent

  • Melany_vanegas Playzz
    Melany_vanegas Playzz 19 days ago

    Great now i want jolly ranchers 😂

  • charlie arts
    charlie arts 19 days ago

    The thumbs look like d***

  • Cringyboi27
    Cringyboi27 19 days ago

    Can I have the extra JR's please

  • Sarah Wortmann
    Sarah Wortmann 20 days ago


  • Fortnite Sharer
    Fortnite Sharer 20 days ago

    I disliked because you made me want to eat candy.

  • Biohazard Airsoft
    Biohazard Airsoft 20 days ago

    Make a candy plunger

  • GameTygo
    GameTygo 21 day ago

    maybe you can try open youre phone with the finger lollipops because you can see youre fingerprints

  • Star TheDragonCat
    Star TheDragonCat 21 day ago


  • Amorette Marie
    Amorette Marie 22 days ago

    What's your favorite jolly ranchers flavor?
    Mine is watermelon

  • maria vaughan
    maria vaughan 23 days ago

    Love it

  • 100 subs with No videos

    Umm giant jolly rancher on a stick

  • Letty Tuber
    Letty Tuber 26 days ago

    Everyone comment what’s your favorite flavor? My is green apple and lemon

  • Riley Wilson
    Riley Wilson 27 days ago +1

    I want to come to your house for thanksgiving lol

  • Jefferey
    Jefferey 28 days ago

    its not a turkey

  • BigAss WhiteBoy
    BigAss WhiteBoy 28 days ago


  • GG_cat 1000
    GG_cat 1000 28 days ago

    I think the red is redy to go

  • Dragon Master
    Dragon Master 29 days ago

    Red orange yellow green blue indigo violet

  • Phantom Fox
    Phantom Fox 29 days ago

    It's not a rainbow turkey pop it's a rainbow diakey pop

    GRACE CALLAHAN 29 days ago

    The yellow looks like snot

    lol I’m distinguishing

  • Liberty Mcginnis
    Liberty Mcginnis 29 days ago

    A turkey for the gays

  • Trando9045 GamerTV
    Trando9045 GamerTV Month ago

    That looks real, but there’s no rainbow turkeys in the world, but it does look yummy

  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot Month ago

    Soo close to toutching

  • Jackson Pilot
    Jackson Pilot Month ago

    Make cherry and Mellon difernt coulees

  • Luke Haworth
    Luke Haworth Month ago

    salmonella pop!!

  • Pitheadstoner420 Epicness

    You should do this with warheads and toxic wast candies

  • Colton Esque
    Colton Esque Month ago

    how do u get pineapple?

  • Leadgamer636 Ya
    Leadgamer636 Ya Month ago

    Please have a video with grant in it

  • Kipdynamite
    Kipdynamite Month ago +1

    i like how he picked grants and not his

  • Lyda Erickson
    Lyda Erickson Month ago +5

    That turkey looks so unhealthy. I want 20 of them.

  • Garboder2000
    Garboder2000 Month ago

    You need a one of your face

  • paula cats
    paula cats Month ago

    Love it

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Month ago

    Those thumbs .............yikes

  • Vince
    Vince Month ago

    Why are there so many dislikes in the video?

  • Brandomium
    Brandomium Month ago

    Did anyone else get a beef and where is just meat cooking on a pan and watch it all the way through?

  • Jonah’s Life
    Jonah’s Life Month ago +1

    The first batch of red is red yy

  • Double Slash
    Double Slash Month ago


  • Deven Drahsyal
    Deven Drahsyal Month ago

    can you make them from skittles?

  • I'm Thinking Pizza
    I'm Thinking Pizza Month ago +1

    Awwww man now I want jolly ranchers

  • Blake Brown
    Blake Brown Month ago

    I found a ester egg when i had captions

  • Zac Martin
    Zac Martin Month ago

    You missed your opportunity to hold it up and yell candy rain

  • John Johnstonson
    John Johnstonson Month ago


  • Abigail Elizabeth Du

    That's a lot of jolly ranchers

  • camper skrub
    camper skrub Month ago

    Eat all of the turkey before you leave the table

  • No 555
    No 555 Month ago

    are these flavors of jolly ranchers new or specific to the region?

  • Rishi Keshav
    Rishi Keshav Month ago

    make something with chocolate

  • Ewa Söderlund
    Ewa Söderlund Month ago +1

    also sorry for using cape its a way to make it harder to make out the word

  • Ewa Söderlund
    Ewa Söderlund Month ago +2

    Hey wanna see a trick?

    Read more

  • Jesse Ybarra
    Jesse Ybarra Month ago

    1960:we will have flying cars

  • Badamtsetseg Buubeibaatar

    Try put Orbeez in slime