To All the Boys I've Loved Before is kinda dumb...

  • Published on Aug 28, 2018
  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before animation
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    Insatiable is the weirdest show I've ever seen...
    High School Musical 3 doesn't make any sense...
    The Kissing Booth is kinda dumb...
    The Secret Life of the American Teenager was the dumbest show...
    Jane the Virgin is pretty great...
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  • Alex Meyers
    Alex Meyers  Year ago +4707

    Hope you guys loved the video! I've heard the book is better than the movie. What do you think? Remember, you can get 30 days free from Scribd if you want to read or listen to it! Sign up here:

    • Bob Bob
      Bob Bob Month ago

      Alex Meyers why do they do the devils tango

    • Lara Kids
      Lara Kids Month ago

      Alex Meyers Three days ago Netflix posted a video and there’s going to be a to all the boys I loved before part two please see this, it comes out on February 12

    • Oz
      Oz Month ago


    • Jawachi Anyim
      Jawachi Anyim Month ago

      Books are always better than the movies. Look at Percy Jackson, all of the fans of the books act like the movies never existed

    • pets world
      pets world Month ago

      Can you so THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY whech is also by Jenny han please

  • Maxrealhuman Brown
    Maxrealhuman Brown 20 hours ago

    You should watch your euphoria

  • Greedy Gamer
    Greedy Gamer Day ago

    Your dumb

  • Steven Henderson

    The ninja turtles thing killed me

  • GrandSmiley
    GrandSmiley 2 days ago +1

    who's here after seeing the sequel trailer?

    • GrandSmiley
      GrandSmiley 2 days ago

      @FinnyThePorg yep, trailer came out yesterday

    • FinnyThePorg
      FinnyThePorg 2 days ago

      GrandSmiley Wait. They’re making a sequel?

  • Marissa Bones
    Marissa Bones 3 days ago

    So predictable

  • Jessica Rivera
    Jessica Rivera 3 days ago


  • Aiden scott
    Aiden scott 4 days ago

    Through the movie I watched that I thought that its sexual stuff ;-; IDK PEOPLE

  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott 4 days ago

    Fuggin love this guy😂😂

  • lauren elizabeth
    lauren elizabeth 4 days ago


    omg i freaking love this movie and this video

  • Amber Rose :3
    Amber Rose :3 4 days ago

    There's going to be movie 2 of this movie all boy I loved before 2

  • Wolf Artist1224
    Wolf Artist1224 5 days ago

    Alex, we need to talk..... i need you to do D.U.F.F. PLEASE!!!!🙏🙏🙏

  • Giulia Melzi
    Giulia Melzi 5 days ago

    I love this film so muuuuch

  • Aukey 13
    Aukey 13 5 days ago

    In the books is Peter an totally asshole and Josh is such a cute boy. Peter made mistakes and mistakes. He hurts Lara Jean really often and than he acts like Lara Jean is the bad guy.
    Josh is such a nice guy and I wish he would have been in the movie more.
    Also is Chris not like she is in the Books

  • Shreya Jain
    Shreya Jain 6 days ago +1

    I ❤️❤️the movie AND the book... Just look at it with a chill mind and not critically to just enjoy it

  • Doggyperson123
    Doggyperson123 6 days ago

    THANK-YOU !!! I’ve watched this movie like 50 times and am reading the books cus I wanted to watch the movie after this !! It’s my fav movie

  • noshitsherlock
    noshitsherlock 7 days ago

    the sisters look nothing like each other
    At least one of them has to be adopted

  • Todd Carlson
    Todd Carlson 9 days ago

    three sisters who look nothing alike.

  • Kimitra Pillay
    Kimitra Pillay 10 days ago

    Dude im soooo excited for tue next movie.... U hv to do a vid on the second one

  • Kshitiz
    Kshitiz 10 days ago


  • Brooke Gambello
    Brooke Gambello 10 days ago

    Will you react to the sequal

  • Alucard #1
    Alucard #1 13 days ago

    😂😂💀 teenage mutant ninja turtles fucking wheezing

  • Susie Studios
    Susie Studios 14 days ago

    Are we gonna talk about how Laura and her little sister look nothing alike-

  • Carla Petcu
    Carla Petcu 17 days ago

    Ok ok ok
    No thats not what happened
    When Peter came to Lara Jean he was furious about the fact she basically called him a dick in her letter.I havent watch the movie but up until now it seems kind of inacurate

  • Forever Misguided
    Forever Misguided 18 days ago

    I Jessica

  • Epcps_dubi2112 XDedo
    Epcps_dubi2112 XDedo 18 days ago

    Do a video about The Last Summer

  • Abby Copeland
    Abby Copeland 18 days ago

    lol my sister is just now 30 and she has been a teacher for like 4 years lol

  • Joel Gilmore
    Joel Gilmore 18 days ago

    steve urkel's "Yeah I did That"
    I'm dying

  • k. e.
    k. e. 19 days ago

    i love this movie so much BUT that said, this video made me laugh HARD that my co-workers thought i was crazy lol

  • dharani soundarapandian

    Anyone else put the video on pause time to time just so you could finish laughing 😂😂..
    No?..just me?

  • Moonstone
    Moonstone 20 days ago

    For a big chunk of the movie I thought her name was Aubergine because I couldn’t understand that they were saying Lara Jean

  • Josare' King
    Josare' King 21 day ago

    @8:05 I’m interested in reading that Steve urkle novel

  • o k
    o k 21 day ago

    Lara not Laura but that’s not important

  • purple pizza
    purple pizza 22 days ago

    Nearly every TV show or movie made Alex has made a video about how bad it is....

    All these movie/shows have taken a lot of time and effort.
    Just my opinion, anyone else think the same?

  • Brenndaa Reenndaa
    Brenndaa Reenndaa 22 days ago

    Noah Scent-a-Mayo 🤧

  • Ilektra Vlachou
    Ilektra Vlachou 22 days ago

    3:32 why would u want to see my mom's old drama teacher who is 40-somethin and is the Prime Minister of Canada for the second time????

  • Elisse Johanna Tandyo
    Elisse Johanna Tandyo 23 days ago

    8:25 WHY WOULD YOU ZOOM TO THAT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Elisse Johanna Tandyo
    Elisse Johanna Tandyo 23 days ago

    I love how you mentioned his similarity's to Mark Ruffalo! 😂

  • Danielly Padron
    Danielly Padron 24 days ago

    Why do u think everything is weird or dumb i loved the movie and cant wait for the sequel

  • Hannah L
    Hannah L 25 days ago

    You mean LARA Jean; I almost couldn't watch the video because you keep saying laura

  • Emily Battista
    Emily Battista 25 days ago +1

    Was anyone else mad she didnt her scrunchie back

  • אופק שריסט
    אופק שריסט 27 days ago

    Do sky high!! 🙏🙏🙏

  • This is What happened
    This is What happened 27 days ago

    I never read the book but saw the movie in fact I had no idea it was a book

  • Sprinkle 1107
    Sprinkle 1107 27 days ago

    So glad I’m not the only one that noticed the contract changed three times

  • Carolina Ureña
    Carolina Ureña 27 days ago

    I died with this entire video🤣😂😂😂

  • Carolina Ureña
    Carolina Ureña 27 days ago

    I loved this movie😍

  • Munachimso Ekeoma/Agada

    People are always comparing Noah Centineo with Mark Ruffalo

  • Zlata B
    Zlata B 27 days ago

    “My bedtime is 9 but I went to bed at 9:30
    Me to my therapist

  • Cookie Chloe
    Cookie Chloe 28 days ago +2

    To All the Boys I Loved Before is getting a sequel...

  • I don't know what my name should be

    Get ready for to all the boys I loved before 2 is kinda dumb

  • Aicha aicha
    Aicha aicha 29 days ago +1

    I actually found this movie kind of cool and special

  • Raeveuh ت
    Raeveuh ت 29 days ago


  • Mrs Nle choppa
    Mrs Nle choppa 29 days ago


  • Lucia Welch
    Lucia Welch 29 days ago


  • Sawyer Gibson
    Sawyer Gibson 29 days ago

    Why does Josh look like Josh from Until Dawn?

  • Ellie Cooper
    Ellie Cooper Month ago

    Why did she ride her bike up to herrr houseeeeee...............

  • Petty Queen
    Petty Queen Month ago I kinda maybe stole what you said about this movie and moved some words around and use it for my book't tell my teacher

  • Ej
    Ej Month ago

    Hi Alex a sequel is coming

  • Mariama Kamara
    Mariama Kamara Month ago +4

    who is going to tell him that part 2 is coming in 2020