Rotator Water Rescue!!! Silly Toyota...Tundras Can't Swim

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Using our 1150R Rotator to rescue a Toyota Tundra that went for a swim in a pond. We got a little wet, too. You'll see.... Thanks for watching and God bless. Follow the link for special pricing on the Guardian Angel Elite seen in this video. You can also use Coupon Code: 122CLIP)
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    ALFRED PEREA 15 hours ago

    Man I I wanna be a tow truck driver

  • Ruben Kelevra
    Ruben Kelevra 20 hours ago

    25:33 I would have unhooked it, let those ppl pass and hook it back. Some chocks on the wheels would be wise in this scenario I guess.

  • King Dolla
    King Dolla 4 days ago

    Customer should of bought a powerstroke🤣🤣🤣

  • McGyver777ATGMAIL
    McGyver777ATGMAIL 4 days ago

    Good condition Toyota tundra, ran when parked, fresh wash., it just breaks the heart that such a beautiful truck ended way too soon. I hope someone grabs it off the salvage yard and gives her a new lease on life.

    TRANSAS01 5 days ago

    Videos are so freaking long. 😴

  • gregroy rizzuto
    gregroy rizzuto 5 days ago

    I want to get in to towing I just don't how to get in to it

    • McGyver777ATGMAIL
      McGyver777ATGMAIL 4 days ago

      Go ask a good old boy for a ride along. Tell him you'll help if needed and stay outta his way. It isn't for everyone, late nights, holidays, weekends, actual danger...guy our way was hit and pinned between the truck and car, lost both his legs.
      It isn't always bad, isn't always good, but you meet plenty of nice people, few jerks, and sometimes you'll walk in the door and thank Providence, God, or the Universe you made it back home. It takes a calm mind, experience, and plenty of pre-planning to get the hard ones done safely and that come from being on the job and watching the old timers do it.

  • Rob L
    Rob L 6 days ago +1

    16:30 something my wife only ever said but 1 dang time..

  • Black Ladder
    Black Ladder 6 days ago

    Does it run

  • Ron North
    Ron North 6 days ago

    This channels fun !

  • T.L Hill
    T.L Hill 6 days ago

    They do make some decent rain suits these day's that still allow you to work freely. Lol

  • junkman
    junkman 6 days ago

    Liable is here a term in jurisdiction. Laws.
    Towing hooks from factory are counted on Euro and Asian cars. Usually without overrun brake on the trailer 3/4 ton/750KG, with x 3.5 Should be spelled in the car manual. And the title.

  • John barfneck
    John barfneck 6 days ago

    just me thinking they should terrace that hillside to prevent that it the future and give him a nice flat areas/places to drive+ park and grow a bigger garden and make it alot easier to mow.......hindsight being 20/20.........blahblahblah means i shut up now ......... sort of like this.. but mostly

    CAALEB NOYDB 7 days ago

    how much does one of those trucks weigh?

    • McGyver777ATGMAIL
      McGyver777ATGMAIL 4 days ago

      That isn't really the half of it. When they get water in them they get extremely heavy. Water is approx 7.8lbs a gallon and think how many can get in the dang thing while it sits there and soaks it all in. That is why a tow hitch which would normal tow 6,000lbs without blinking can snap like a little twig when pulling out of water. You'll see plenty open doors (or if inverted, break windows) when the vehicle is barely out to let as much water weight out ASAP.

  • The King
    The King 8 days ago

    Is it just me who cant hear backup alarm thing or is the cab walls blocking it out?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 8 days ago

    That old guy should get his license taken away

  • selador11
    selador11 8 days ago

    If it's a gas engine, take out all the spark plugs. If it's a diesel, take out the glow plugs. Turn it over a few times to get rid of any water in the cylinders. Put the plugs back, and try to start 'er.

    • Bob Dan
      Bob Dan 5 days ago

      also change the engine oil transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Then if everything works take it on a nice long driver to get rid of any remaining water. That's only if the engine was not running when it hit the water.

  • Lucas snider
    Lucas snider 9 days ago

    I love your videos but if you want to reconsider your into music, I had that music on some of my history videos when I was in high school 😂

  • jackie oman
    jackie oman 9 days ago

    I can't get enough of these video's ! Im addicted lol , i do love the way you treat people ! Never stop that its amazing ! God bless and i alwsy say a 🙏 prayer for the people that may be hurt !! Oh lord if i were younger I'd love your JOB 😆

  • James Kanipe
    James Kanipe 9 days ago

    I just like how it starts to clear up just as y’all leave

  • James Kanipe
    James Kanipe 9 days ago

    Was the truck a total loss?

    • McGyver777ATGMAIL
      McGyver777ATGMAIL 4 days ago

      It depends if it got the ECU and wiring harness and what the mechanic says. There is a really good chance that it will be a salvage title from now on even if they don't "pay" him for it due to water damage. State to state regulations also come into play, you could honestly get away with not reporting some single vehicle accidents like this in some conditions, reason why Carfax isn't always the whole story.

  • محمد 00
    محمد 00 10 days ago

    😗AooooF 1234566789 🤣👍

  • Neptune's Creations
    Neptune's Creations 10 days ago

    I figured instead of "I love my job" you would be saying, "gota pay for Tator, gota pay for Tator, gota pay for Tator" LOL

  • EthosAtheos
    EthosAtheos 10 days ago

    To all my fellow 4x4 owners. Your 4x4 isn't a boat it might handle like a boat but it can't swim. Stop trying to make your Toyota swim, it is expensive and often embarrassing. The only Toyota that can swim is the Top Gear ToyBoata. It's off road handling suffered for it.

  • ArabicObsessions
    ArabicObsessions 11 days ago

    Greetings from Western Australia :)

  • Jack Jacke
    Jack Jacke 13 days ago

    Did he at least catch a fish while he was in there?

  • RedneckCowboyFeller
    RedneckCowboyFeller 14 days ago

    Darn that evil gravity...Always causing us so much grief.

  • BRMBeeGeesR1
    BRMBeeGeesR1 24 days ago

    I have really enjoyed watching all of your past videos. I'm watching all of them. Love your great work ethics. You are a passionate person who cares about the owner's of all the vehicles you have worked with.

  • Dmb25108
    Dmb25108 24 days ago

    The front axle of the drives is that a just a tag axle. Most rotaters I’ve seen are tri-drives.

  • Trucker John
    Trucker John 25 days ago

    Ron, I love your work ethic and nice manners, it's a real pleasure to watch your videos. God bless you.

  • FlooredFord
    FlooredFord 26 days ago

    poor ol boy. i think tundras are butt ugly, but he clearly likes his. just looking at it, it could probably make it back on the road without to many issues. pull the plugs, crank the water out of it, drain and refill all the fluids, and cross you finger no electronics got soaked to bad, or it was running when he hit and sucked up water and bent a rod. we had a hulcher 6.7 f350 at work that was totally submerged, and though the insurance company totalled it, it drove into the shop.

  • Eugenio Sanchez
    Eugenio Sanchez 26 days ago


  • Patrick Wilson
    Patrick Wilson 27 days ago


  • JuniorFan08
    JuniorFan08 27 days ago +1

    At least you don't have to worry about cars and trucks whizzing by at 70 mph.

  • Daniel McNiel
    Daniel McNiel 28 days ago

    Ron did he ever get the truck running again?

  • Nonya Bizness
    Nonya Bizness 28 days ago

    That is one HELL of a long azz cable!!

  • Pete Medina
    Pete Medina 28 days ago

    Awesome job guys now I know why he requested the rotator. I see the interior got wet though i doubt the motor sustained any damage that's a strong motor.

  • Popeye
    Popeye 28 days ago

    An enjoyable wee rescue in the middle of a little shower Ron, but as always, I thoroughly enjoyed the video, thank you for sharing, God Bless, Stay Safe.
    As to Molly, she went back for her first of 8 weekly check up's at the Vets, she had to be sedated, while the Vet removed the Fibreglass cast from her leg to check on the wound, and everything was as he hoped and expected, he was also pleased with the wound where he took the bone from her shoulder, all in all, Molly is doing well, she is not too happy at her strict Cage rest though, but it's the only way to ensure the bone graft will take, I thank you all for your kind words, for anyone interested in how well Molly is doing, I'm on facebook where I give regular updates on Molly, Thank You.

  • Kevin garner
    Kevin garner 29 days ago

    While I hope I never need your services, I am so impressed with your professionalism and knowledge / skill on how to extract , flip, twist, roll, lift whatever we dumb@$$ drivers screw up. Never expected to watch so many videos about wrecks but have to say I now look at the rigs running down the highway to see if it a rotator or not. Thank you for making these videos and for all you and your crew does helping folks in bad situations.

  • J McCracken
    J McCracken 29 days ago

    Great video Ron, You mentioned Lawyers. It use to be you just needed one when in business now it is 3-4 for all sorts of things.
    Really nice place the truck owner has there love them Country roads.

  • MrYfrank14
    MrYfrank14 29 days ago

    you know it is a heavy rain when you can see the rain on the cameras.
    almost looked like snow, it was so heavy.

  • Duty online
    Duty online Month ago

    24:08 Is it Talon's Hummer... the first car behind the cones?!

  • kenneth crossley
    kenneth crossley Month ago

    How the hell did that happen

  • throttle bottle
    throttle bottle Month ago

    the ole boy seems pretty attached to that truck, but I'm guessing it was insurance totaled shortly after this video


    Dude love your videos, but the intro is super long and its borring jejeje 25 seg. Cut it to 10 seg max

  • throttle bottle
    throttle bottle Month ago

    I don't see tyhe grass and layer of soil removed, Anti-lock Brake System for the FAIL!!!! or would that be a win ;)
    I hope everyone can understand why I say that and judge for themselves, otherwise it would have plowed up piles and highly likely stopped....

  • throttle bottle
    throttle bottle Month ago +1

    ""splish splash my Toyota was taking a bath""
    have to add "splish splash Ron was taking a bath"" lol

  • Fleur de lune
    Fleur de lune Month ago


  • Sonnicman
    Sonnicman Month ago

    Feel so bad for the Tundra owner. I’m sure we was never expecting for that to happen.
    Amazed that the remote worked from that distance in a driving rainstorm. Guess that’s a testament to Miller as to the high level of quality in their equipment.

  • T Brown Records
    T Brown Records Month ago

    One more nice job :-)

  • Mark Snyder
    Mark Snyder Month ago

    The 'Tator again impresses! I've watched other rotator towing videos and see operators out there with barely any equipment loaded on their trucks. I'd be more like you, Ron, loading everything I can possibly need for a job. If you go minimalist, you've got to be really sure about what you are going to be doing and how you are going to do it. Equipment gives you options. To me, there are few worse feelings than knowing I have exactly the right tool for the job, back at the shop an hour or more away.

  • Gerry Rig
    Gerry Rig Month ago

    Could Have Use The Rain Storm Down Here In South West Texas...

  • Paul Kate
    Paul Kate Month ago

    So much for clear

  • dang0088 da
    dang0088 da Month ago

    i wish my tundra could swim.

  • Jordan Sparkman
    Jordan Sparkman Month ago

    Video request?!
    Below I listed some video ideas, that I would personally love to see!
    • I’d love to see the process of touching up paint on those trucks, the removable of attachments, painting them, before and after video of the touch up paint.
    •I’d also like to see the process of despooling a winch, and learn more about the winch and winch lines.
    • why & when-> to use chains vs rope.. maybe give some examples when you would use rope and when you’d use chains, and also tie down methods.
    I know how hard video ideas can be, so here’s a few if you find them interesting!
    Love the videos, keep it up!

  • Kevin Feliciano
    Kevin Feliciano Month ago

    Tow fishing must be a fun job

  • Andy Mouser
    Andy Mouser Month ago

    Hey Ron...
    Great video...
    Can you share which curvy road this is since you said you love riding your bike on it...
    I'm sure i haven't ridden on this road yet, since i mostly ride my bike north and west of Cape...
    I have not ridden much around the Scott City area yet....
    Always looking for Great roads to ride on here in Southeast Missouri...
    Hopefully this Nasty storm hitting the area now ( 5:20pm, 8/20/19) will pass soon and give us nice riding weather tomorrow and the rest of the week...
    Thanx for sharing...
    Andy......From Jackson...

    • Ron Pratt
      Ron Pratt  Month ago +1

      Route N and Roth Drive. There's also Route A between Chaffee and New Hamburg that is fun to ride. The bridge for PP is out right now or you could take either N or Roth to PP to 61 towards Benton then A to New Hamburg and back up to Chaffee. It's a nice little afternoon ride. Since the bridge on PP is out I take N or Roth (Roth is more dangerous) down to E and take E over to 61 then North to A. Not quite as nice but it's still a decent ride. Keep the rubber down. Stay safe and God bless.

  • chad harmon
    chad harmon Month ago

    At a copart near you

  • James Stepp
    James Stepp Month ago

    Hope it doesn't rain.....LOL

  • wrecker1311
    wrecker1311 Month ago

    Ron yall need to get some of those rain panchos they come in handy when sudden rain down pour happens. had them on my trucks 😃👍

  • Austin Bob
    Austin Bob Month ago

    That truck what to go fishing