Robert Ray: Neither impeachment article is a high crime or misdemeanor

  • Published on Dec 10, 2019
  • Former Whitewater Independent Counsel Robert Ray reacts to the abuse of power and obstruction of Congress impeachment articles against President Trump. #FoxNews

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Comments • 2 571

  • Rick Bane
    Rick Bane Month ago

    What a joke another clown behind the the pulpit he probably had to put toothpicks under his eyelids to keep from falling asleep you need some Geritol

  • Michael P. Shipley
    Michael P. Shipley Month ago

    If Trump extorted a country to get information related to a US crime, that is not an impeachable offense its part of his job. However, if Trump used the power of govt to extort a car dealer to give him a discount, that IS an impeachable offense. Thats what the founders meant by impeachable offense.

  • Steve Armstrong
    Steve Armstrong Month ago

    You dimwits were ready to impeach Obama over a tan suit. trump is incompetent, petty, cruel, stupid, and a criminal. You don't have to take my word for it - listen to thinking conservatives that don't have to worry about getting reelected - and watch the laughing stock that history makes of him - and you!

  • Flash
    Flash Month ago +1

    The Democrat Party requires that 50% of the population who vote are idiots to stay in power. Let us hope American voters are smarter after this impeachment than the Democrat politicians who want them to vote for them. 2020 -- let the Democrat Party be a byword as they are voted out-of-office (voter impeachment).

  • Rolando Galvez
    Rolando Galvez Month ago

    President trump should go to the Supreme Court and Question the hearsay charges...

  • Mark Steele
    Mark Steele Month ago

    Dismiss? So the Republicans are going to pass on the opportunity to subpoena Biden and all the rest of the liars? That will be a travesty.

  • Augustine Liew
    Augustine Liew Month ago

    This isn't s the dems way of delaying something. What?

  • Travis Davis
    Travis Davis Month ago

    Nadler's grandchildren should be saluting him as he goes down the street

  • Ivory Poet
    Ivory Poet Month ago

    they tout the consititution yet want to get rid of the first and second amendments and the electroal college
    so many democrat supporters are either brain dead or evil
    every thing they accuse trump of, they have committed
    tampered with an election
    colluded with foreign government

  • Tim Ballentine
    Tim Ballentine Month ago

    These Democrats are nothing but roguish filth.

  • Joe Darshay
    Joe Darshay Month ago

    The issues Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler have with the President is Trump is Draining the Swamp and they are part of the Swamp.

  • gareth jordan
    gareth jordan Month ago

    Trump’s Kids Forced To Attend Classes On How NOT To Defraud A Charity lol

    OUMUAMUA Month ago

    wow, you lot live in the land of make-believe and deny harsh reality at every turn!

  • tesladrive1
    tesladrive1 Month ago

    If Trump's supporters would let him get away with murdering someone on fifth avenue, what he's done with Ukraine, is of course, a nothing burger! Children have died under his direction, and his supporters rejoice! Just get over it Democrats!

  • Christien du Preez
    Christien du Preez Month ago

    I look at that funeral faces, and wonder what they will look like when they are voted out, or kicked out. The pure show they put on with a somber and stupid show, is ludicrous. And what's her name, o yes Waters, looks like someone had made a stinky. So funny. The rest looks as if they all made a stinky.

  • Christien du Preez
    Christien du Preez Month ago

    What a sham. And when that shrew Pelosi spoke with that halleluja face and voice, put on for show, I felt like a bally liberal, ready to abuse her. This people are really idiots, but because they have also an idiot base, they are dangerous, derailed, and cheap.

  • Robert Cecil
    Robert Cecil Month ago +1

    OMG the man is an imbecile. A mental midget. A complete piece of poo 💩 poo🤷🏽‍♂️ (🥴poo poo, now that’s funny👍🏻) well, He could have perhaps better been described as a piece of “stool”, as is more properly stated🤦🏼‍♂️.
    To all the members of this failed effort..suffice to say, I🕺🏼💨 fart in their general direction!

  • KillaKommie ForyaMommie

    I am in my mid 50s, and I have NEVER in my life heard DemonKKKraps speak reverently about the US Constitution and Founding Fathers, until the commie bastards needed to, to save off criticism that they're staging a commie overthrow of America. If you're a DemonKKKrap, you can rot in Hell. Today, Marxine Nutter praises the "wisdom of the founders"; tomorrow, she'll be out trying to jackhammer the Jefferson Memorial. Trump will win in a landslide, and will become the first impeached President to get re-elected. Then, where will Adam, Nancy, Jerry, and Chucky be, next November, when they're cast back down into minority obscurity? LMAO

  • TheGreat One
    TheGreat One Month ago

    A lot of brain dead zombies in the comments. The cult of Donald Dump is strong 💪🏾

  • Lori Ede
    Lori Ede Month ago

    Sickening Dems

  • George 420
    George 420 Month ago

    The Senate should put Schiff and gang on trial for falsely accusing and attempting a coup against President Trump.

  • Richard Willette
    Richard Willette Month ago +1

    Rudy says “collusion not a crime”

  • Moss Stirling
    Moss Stirling Month ago

    Suggetsed Christmas pesents for Adam Schiff , Comey and Strzok _ Orange sneakers to match thier orange jump suits, Shiv and anal lubricant !!!!

  • Dante Delos Santos
    Dante Delos Santos Month ago

    The president should apply the two articles of empeachment to Pelosi, shumer, Schiff and the rest of the anti trump democrats

  • Don Dennison
    Don Dennison Month ago

    You are a joke!!

  • Paul Akers Jr
    Paul Akers Jr Month ago

    The Senate Republicans BETTER Support the President !! Or there will be hell to pay

  • Jack This Out
    Jack This Out Month ago

    Nadler practiced his speech for the last 3 years. And this was all he could come up with. What a joke.

  • Jessie Cornelius
    Jessie Cornelius Month ago

    So everything the Democrats are blaming our president they are actually doing there just throwing the blame at somebody else.

  • Jessie Cornelius
    Jessie Cornelius Month ago

    Let's see the dates when he committed high crimes and misdemeanors

    LORD_KEV O Month ago

    They are TERRORISTS attacking the American people with their political agenda

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson Month ago

    Term limits and members of Congress should be under oath during hearings.

  • Toni Marshall
    Toni Marshall Month ago +1

    When are we Investigating THEM!!!???.... UGH! THEY JUST HAVE THIS NASTY ARROGANCE ABOUT THEM!! IT'S DISGUSTING..... 🤢🤮🤢🤮

  • Gordon LeCroy
    Gordon LeCroy Month ago

    The Dems do not dare use bribery or quid pro quo as there is already a video in the public domain of Joe Biden doing that.

  • Roman Alexander Constantine Romanov

    Dimm scumbags & liars ....

  • MrTedeton
    MrTedeton Month ago

    Don’t tread on us

  • Harry Cunningham
    Harry Cunningham Month ago

    Great scary face masks for next Halloween

  • Annieoaks Lee
    Annieoaks Lee Month ago

    Aunty Maxine looks confused like she doesn't quite know where she us.

    • Mr Hansen
      Mr Hansen Month ago

      A reporter asked what 2+2 is and shes been trying to figure out the answer!

  • M. K.
    M. K. Month ago +1

    Legally it should be dismissed equivalent to a strike out in court.

  • alien11able
    alien11able Month ago

    Now, is the house of dems going to be charged for their high crimes and misdemeanors? They really should be!!!

  • Neil Macleod
    Neil Macleod Month ago

    I saw a photo of Trump, and he had gum stuck to the bottom of his shoe . Trump didn't buy that gum so he must have stolen it . There' an impeachable offence . Run with that one Mad Nadler , it has a better chance of winning

  • pedsortho
    pedsortho Month ago +1

    Nadler is a creepy little troll; Is he 5 "4" or less? Is he standing on a stool?
    He is a pathetic creature who desperately needs to think he is important

  • Jacob Ekker
    Jacob Ekker Month ago

    I'm just here to lol at all the snowflake conservatives. It must be interesting to lose your moral compass in defense of a troll.

    • Mr Hansen
      Mr Hansen Month ago

      It will suck when you grow up some day and find out that when you thought you knew what the world was all about, only to find out all you knew was totally false!

  • jack jon
    jack jon Month ago +2

    The articles were written without ever giving republicans a day for their witnesses. The articles should be thrown out right then and there

  • Neil Macleod
    Neil Macleod Month ago +1

    Only 1 artical , with out the 1st , there can be no 2nd . Even the mad Nadler said that the 2nd is a result of the first . So the only thing they are hanging their hats on is the abuse of power . Odd how it went from Quid Pro Quo, to bribery , to abuse of power . If the reason to start the impeachment was quid pro quo, don't you have to start a new trial if the reasons change ? Besides, The Mad Nadler is not in charge of the hearing , that lawyer behind him is controlling the hearing, and that flake lawyer has NOT BEEN ELECTED to do bugger all . Schiff also had a handful of lawyers behind him and by Schiff own rules Trump wasn't allowed to have a lawyer at the Schiff Gong Show . Justice lol lol what a joke . Americans on the democratic side , your are being played for fools .

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer Month ago

    Search for differences, same story, other country [couple of years ago]. X. was initially convicted of various crimes (perjury, bribery, fraud). The limitation legislation and immunity law submitted by the X-government led in appeal to acquittal or dismissal of legal proceedings. abandonment. X. is suspected of having bribed judges against him or his company in various proceedings. He himself claims that this is just a smear against his person, led by "communist" judges. The X-government was able to get a law passed in June 2003 that made certain dignitaries, including in particular X. as prime minister, immune to prosecution as long as they held their post. In January 2004, however, this law was found to be unconstitutional. X. is now trying to get a new law with the same content passed in a more sound way. The trial against him continues, but it seems that his counsel can, by prolonging the proceedings as long as possible, prevent a conviction.

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer Month ago

    Then the always better one: pres.Trump uses tax money for personal benefits. He tried to get leverage on Ukraine president. Ukraine is a country under attack by his friend pres.Putin. BUT pres.Trump upheld the military aid which was released by congress. BUT the conspiracy theories he attends, makes the world against him; the bullying and naming he uses, makes the world partisan.

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer Month ago

    Most dying fact is, this president is excessively supported by his comrades, the republicans. Not for better and constant for worst, or even bullying, naming and shaming. Republicans who represent only their own seat and NOTHING else; acting as lawbreakers.

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer Month ago

    And, to be on the MOST SAFE SIDE; if this man doesn't trust you for any reason; he claims he can shoot you at 5th Av withour any problem [or is that one of his greatest jokes?]

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer Month ago

    BUT HEY, it doesn't matter at all, he will not stop misusing power, he will not stop lying and bullying. BUT get a life and think about it.

  • J.L. Klamer
    J.L. Klamer Month ago

    The FOUNDING FATHERS WERE EXTREMELY AWARE OF SPECIALLY THIS! Pres.Trump did something WRONG however he denied it AND he admitted it. Even the ASKING a foreign country for influence on election 2020 is a CRIME, forbidden by US-law [=IS A CRIME, that means NOT permitted]; the delivering of the requested item is NOT IMPORTANT at all. There is asked for interference by Ukraine, by China [what a joke!] and of course Russia. Openly, with rolling cameras. That is the clear and unhided truth Reps are trying to falsify or deny or make invisable by dirt, dust and noise [= OBSTRUCTION]. Influence of foreign countries.

  • Abe Froman
    Abe Froman Month ago


  • Gigi Devoe
    Gigi Devoe Month ago +1

    When it's 25-39° outside I do not want to see these female announcers in summer slinky sleeveless dresses. Dress for your audience.. a ton of woman watch thus channel & your a poor representative to them.

  • garybeattie
    garybeattie Month ago

    What a shitshow

  • Bill Sanderson
    Bill Sanderson Month ago

    Robert Ray is a fool.

  • chaosda
    chaosda Month ago +1

    So Democrats are violating the constitution... again.

  • shot forshot
    shot forshot Month ago

    These recent investigations just prove that American politics and campaigns have devolved entirely to mud slinging and"them against us" seige mentality..

  • Micheal Bolling
    Micheal Bolling Month ago +1

    Really tired of this impeachment crap can't take no more.

  • Deadbuck73
    Deadbuck73 Month ago +1

    It’s all a scam... was from the beginning... the dems get to tell their voters they tried to do everything and they’ll be dumb enough to believe it... meanwhile they knew it wasn’t going anywhere... just a dog n pony show... what did PT Barnum say?

    • Bill Sanderson
      Bill Sanderson Month ago

      Front row of objective reality.
      Where you couldn't find it if the door opened right in front of you.

    • Deadbuck73
      Deadbuck73 Month ago

      You sitting front row at the circus I see!

    • Bill Sanderson
      Bill Sanderson Month ago

      Don't gleefully invite and welcome Russian subversive help to your campaign. You won't draw suspicion.

  • U ra KnobGobbler
    U ra KnobGobbler Month ago

    What a joke, how about obstruction of the executive branch? That should be outlawed

  • Michael Pinaroc
    Michael Pinaroc Month ago +1

    Thugs running the Congress, what happen America?