• Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • I’m not in changin lanez carclub anymore .
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Comments • 336

  • Paulin Castro Jr
    Paulin Castro Jr 11 days ago

    Fuck with tires r us man by the sound of that guy they probably done minor work on cars they will get you the right connections for that f250

  • Tiyanna Taylor
    Tiyanna Taylor 18 days ago

    Just leave it black 💯

  • paul Michel
    paul Michel 19 days ago

    That truck is so dope with out any other mods

  • Monique Mclean
    Monique Mclean 23 days ago


  • brandy randall
    brandy randall 25 days ago

    Corey should get a hellacat

  • SURGE Bynum
    SURGE Bynum 25 days ago

    Corey keep me rolling

  • Anthony Lee
    Anthony Lee 25 days ago

    Corey your wife’s car looks good in that gold color wrapp

  • UglyMyPlayer
    UglyMyPlayer 27 days ago +1

    His braces off right ?

  • box1
    box1 28 days ago

    You Can Gold Leaf Them Letters..... 👈

  • box1
    box1 28 days ago +1

    That Car Club, Bike Club 💩 All The Same.... Best To Just Do You💯💪🏾

  • pamela brown
    pamela brown 29 days ago

    Ohhhh Dammmnnn 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • WhoIsThisDude2
    WhoIsThisDude2 Month ago

    15:00 got tint world on they toes... Keep the build you thought just spalray the hook

  • Young Balla
    Young Balla Month ago

    You have a damn good looking F-250 bro....frfr
    I'm a Chevy Man.....

  • Tony Robbins
    Tony Robbins Month ago +1

    I just really start watching keep doing it from the d tone

  • mario brown
    mario brown Month ago +4

    Lol he always say he famous like shut up with that

  • mario brown
    mario brown Month ago +1

    He sounds like he a follower to me just cuz dude left he left

    • mario brown
      mario brown Month ago

      @AJLBOY !! so if him and his home boy work together and his home boy quit that mean he gotta quit lol

    • mario brown
      mario brown Month ago

      @AJLBOY !! no you really dont I dont do everything my home boy do u gotta have your own mind

    • AJLBOY !!
      AJLBOY !! Month ago

      mario brown that’s his home boy of course he gotta leave

  • Robert Salazar
    Robert Salazar Month ago

    You should make your truck roll coal 💯

  • Shady
    Shady Month ago

    Bro cut them dirty long azz nails 🤢

  • AbuMuusaa Merrick Abd Al Khabir

    @life as corey. Peace, you should support black owned bussiness. They smile and take your wealth but hate us.

  • youngbills26
    youngbills26 Month ago

    Check out allgold on instagram for putting gold over chrome

  • Crag James
    Crag James Month ago +4

    He said I don't know much bout the car club cause I'm famous got to much to do never even heard of this dude

    • Crag James
      Crag James Month ago +1

      @Jonathan Lewis he will b Hollywood like brapp became they all change after the money comes sad

    • Jonathan Lewis
      Jonathan Lewis Month ago +1

      Tht young cat is TVclip famous but noone is checcin for him out here. I respect his hustle but ur getting beside urself youngsta! Remain humble !

    • Devin Timberlake
      Devin Timberlake Month ago +1

      I read some comments of him being arrogant.. I see NOW

  • Crag James
    Crag James Month ago

    Can't even understand his own friends fuckin great listen to these guys try talk to eachother

  • SteelBlueBody
    SteelBlueBody Month ago

    I enjoy every video you drop Corey!
    Keep the grind going bro!

  • Kwame
    Kwame Month ago

    Keep up the good work bro u a big Motivation to me 💪 i watch your #lifewithcorey💯

  • Rock Cea
    Rock Cea Month ago

    TOO many advertisings

  • Samira Peete
    Samira Peete Month ago

    get a hellcat carey

  • Please Sub to my boring Channel 1979

    Bout to put a Caprice together,I just bought a 1986 c10 Chevy truck, full restoration on the way!!! Im adding a box and a ss Impala or the 95 Caprice to my collection. I'll get a camera or use phone to track process! Subscribe and show support if you don't mind my G

  • Tha LIFE
    Tha LIFE Month ago


  • Kee
    Kee Month ago

    You should sponsor tint world or come up with your own shop something that contain cars. Corey u come up with good ideas for cars

  • Smoove Ervin
    Smoove Ervin Month ago

    I’m in Head Turners look into it🤯😎

  • strictly only brothers

    lol you hella trying hard to sound like a bay bigga

  • Jiggy Fy 1 TV
    Jiggy Fy 1 TV Month ago +1


  • Ayoo Corey TV
    Ayoo Corey TV Month ago

    What’s the name of the intro song ?

  • Zyion Goss
    Zyion Goss Month ago

    You talk too much

  • Blazerz TV
    Blazerz TV Month ago

    yo next year I will be a famous youtuber slash rapper. look up SoundCloudOGg on spotify google search ect. its a take over shoutout to corey for coming to my city Orlando he a real one.

  • Gangsta Moji
    Gangsta Moji Month ago +2

    can yall imagine Corey truck with Lamborghini doors? hit the like button.

  • Crystal Blu
    Crystal Blu Month ago

    Hey Corey, and all you car and gaming enthusiast, Go get that DIRT 4 game on PS4. Its on sale for 8.99 or you can get a seven day free trial on PS NOW, and play for free, but id you willing to go through the training to learn it you will not believe the realism pf this game. Graphics, development EVERYTHING is top notch.
    I found this game looking for a car game to help me to keep up with Coreys upgrades such as the Auto Mechanic Simulator game.
    But lets get a group playing this and maybe yall can help me talk Corey into adding it to his gaming list to do walk throughs from his crazy perspective... gaming walk throughs are better than pranks... especially with Corey and they have produced the richest TVcliprs. Im sure we’ll get lots of laughs from watching him play it. Im also hoping some of you guys can help me to learn more about the Auto World and how to drive in these type games
    Anyone signs up please let me know and don’t forget to get a steering wheel for more fun. Logitech makes good ones and you can get them secondhand.
    Cmon Corey, your sons will live it and you can get Ayden his own steering wheel for Xmas!

  • Demetrius Watson
    Demetrius Watson Month ago

    Love The Movement Bro‼️ Live Life To The Fullest‼️ All Gas No Brakes‼️ Love Yall❤️‼️

  • Jordan Mosley
    Jordan Mosley Month ago

    In Houston

  • Jordan Mosley
    Jordan Mosley Month ago

    Corey if you need your cars washed hit my brother up he does detailing on everything!!! On ig it’s shinem_d

  • R & C GANG
    R & C GANG Month ago

    What about the chiller hook in the back do it gold bro

  • Jessie Leary
    Jessie Leary Month ago

    Leave the hook holder black so it breaks up the gold and green

  • Rfazo_AWOKEN
    Rfazo_AWOKEN Month ago

    Corey You Need To Cop That RedEye Mf 😳🤐🔥

  • Ralph Parms
    Ralph Parms Month ago

    Aye I subscribed the family for dat stack.

  • Crystal Blu
    Crystal Blu Month ago

    Ohhhh, I keep forgetting Corey, but you could get a whole lot of free footage if you find a way to mount a second GOPRO on the outside of your cars and quad!
    I don’t know who to ask about the best placement or maybe I’ll google it for you.
    You can also get a camera inside that mounts right on the back of your rear view mirror and it comes on automatically if your car is bumped when you are not in it, or for footage and evidence in the event of an accident so you can see exactly what happened.
    Some also have wifi so that you can peep your car from your cell phone 📱
    The only 30 to 100 or so and you dont have to hold for added footage without having to hold a camera yourself

  • k Carson
    k Carson Month ago +1

    My son and I were on 45-N with yesterday when you flew past us on 45-S ..

  • lilvountae Whatley
    lilvountae Whatley Month ago +1

    It probably 5% of the folks that don't like Corey and the rest mad because he left the car club😅 ...... IG: lilvountaewhatley

  • Jay Terry
    Jay Terry Month ago +1

    It’s all about money basically what he saying💯

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown Month ago

    Done I’m tryna win $1000 I really need it being a single mom over here 👈 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pick me

  • Pdogg Chicago
    Pdogg Chicago Month ago


  • Will Geo
    Will Geo Month ago


  • Antwon Williams
    Antwon Williams Month ago


  • Princess Yonna ♡
    Princess Yonna ♡ Month ago

    I'm a girl and be enjoying watching Corey videos 😂😂

  • Jennifer Campbell-Price

    Loyalty!!! I love it ♥️

  • Jennifer Campbell-Price

    That color is dope 😍

  • Odarrius Nailer
    Odarrius Nailer Month ago

    Dude said he could swap a leaf spring by himself 🤣

    DA_REAL_MRGBODY Month ago +3

    Car clubs can be a hassle especially with it being a pyramid structure... I would suggest just creating a nationwide movement/automotive related brand anybody can follow and be a part of! #TEAMGBODY

  • Vic R
    Vic R Month ago +2

    Those clowns at Tint World only finessing you because they getting your money. They not your guys fam!

  • Troy Smith Jr
    Troy Smith Jr Month ago

    Yo homie, gotta question about your millionaire video...You said you came from 2k a month to 30k a month on youtube in 6 months...But I want to know how you got to 100k subscribers or 2 k a month to start with??

    • Troy Smith Jr
      Troy Smith Jr Month ago

      Keep a eye out though, my movement dropping new year to, keep pushing

  • JR JR
    JR JR Month ago +2

    🤔ok might be working with something 🔥🔥 I can see the vision