I Dropped Rainbow Six Siege 100 Times And This Is What Happened

  • Published on Aug 28, 2019
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  • Materaz
    Materaz 2 days ago +1

    Me before playing: hey he's pretty good
    Me after 200 hours: oh god

  • beansoap
    beansoap 2 days ago

    take a shot every time he says rainbow six siege

  • Jack Boncich
    Jack Boncich 2 days ago

    Ok ngl this hurt. Badly. First time playing frost made me cringing with his placements but I have to give it to luke he wasn’t a bad Costco player. (Blackbeard) don’t make me explain why they are related

  • David N
    David N 2 days ago

    why are you not using acog smh

  • RustyRayne
    RustyRayne 3 days ago

    I just got the game lol

  • Cameron Vlogs
    Cameron Vlogs 3 days ago

    11:23 tk’d

  • The Gaming Gangstas
    The Gaming Gangstas 4 days ago

    Did any one get mad when he castled objective?

  • Keith Graham
    Keith Graham 4 days ago

    Ah says frost is better than doc how dare you

  • Sir Dankus Memus
    Sir Dankus Memus 4 days ago

    I watch this video whenever I feel like I'm bad at Siege

  • JOhn Laurie
    JOhn Laurie 4 days ago


  • Felipe
    Felipe 4 days ago

    Are we gonna talk about him trying to res the ded bodie

  • OMGitstony
    OMGitstony 4 days ago

    You got me into rainbow but this gameplay is good but can be improved on like peeking skylights and spawn peeking one last thing play more with friends

  • APrettyDeadEmu K
    APrettyDeadEmu K 5 days ago

    Its so frustrating to watch him use red doot and suppressor on EVERYTHING. Just stop. Watch a video on the good accessories for what guns. Just please

  • Mini Plunger
    Mini Plunger 5 days ago

    7:20 ah yes, using guns that have acogs and not using the acog

  • Fashion Brother
    Fashion Brother 5 days ago

    Who does the art for your thumbnails

  • shainthu saik.
    shainthu saik. 6 days ago

    Why isn't anybody mentioning that he sounds like RussianBadger-

  • Daniel Pung
    Daniel Pung 6 days ago

    Your so bad that i think you haven't even got a ACE

  • Yaboi Eliteyt
    Yaboi Eliteyt 6 days ago

    And it says to this day he never played it again

    After the recruit video

  • Thanoss Patrick420
    Thanoss Patrick420 6 days ago

    please make another one of these

  • stalkeer
    stalkeer 6 days ago

    I have cancer from this help cant *wheeze* breathe

  • Zodiac
    Zodiac 8 days ago

    Luke can I get a Xbox ultimate code cause I love this game

  • DuskZ •
    DuskZ • 8 days ago

    Im questioning my sanity

  • GaNi Sour
    GaNi Sour 8 days ago

    imagine saying you got a head shot and not even getting a head shot in game 2

  • Sebastian Garza
    Sebastian Garza 9 days ago

    Game 23 has some clean head shots

  • Archid Gaming
    Archid Gaming 9 days ago +1

    This....... hurts....... my........ soul.........

  • lucas H
    lucas H 9 days ago

    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Luke the notable: *uses red dot instead of ACOG*

    *visible frustration*

  • NewbThings Productions
    NewbThings Productions 10 days ago +1

    10:10 he almost got kicked :(

  • NewbThings Productions

    If I loose the game for my team I'm either shot in the back of the head next round or kicked

  • Urmumlol
    Urmumlol 10 days ago

    Even pengu played Blackbeard 24/7 to get bettee

  • Thedumb 21
    Thedumb 21 11 days ago

    This makes me want to play recruit

  • Bubba Canada
    Bubba Canada 11 days ago

    So stay notible

  • Bubba Canada
    Bubba Canada 11 days ago

    Luke I’m notible

  • Herbert Sims
    Herbert Sims 11 days ago

    Who can?

    Luke: Kapcan

  • PW N00BER
    PW N00BER 11 days ago +1

    How does he find bots in every game
    (Btw he was using iron sights🤢🤮)

  • Shakeel
    Shakeel 12 days ago

    More siege plsssss

  • _-_galaxy141_-_
    _-_galaxy141_-_ 12 days ago

    I play frost lol

  • ACE_ Raiff
    ACE_ Raiff 12 days ago

    4 one tapsss

  • Mk peak
    Mk peak 13 days ago

    pulse is my favorite

  • Gaming X
    Gaming X 13 days ago

    On game 79 when he said shoke he had a voice crack righ?

  • UK HJC
    UK HJC 15 days ago

    Why don’t u have the basic operators unlocked?

  • 321,Bryce,123
    321,Bryce,123 15 days ago


  • Hbomb Harley
    Hbomb Harley 15 days ago

    He needs to get better and then views

  • SpyltDrip
    SpyltDrip 15 days ago

    Him using Hibana in game 2 kills me

  • Jeff Kkk
    Jeff Kkk 16 days ago

    When he docs the dead recruit

  • Rex Up_99
    Rex Up_99 16 days ago

    Rainbow is my favorite game i play on xbox and I'm lvl 104 I love the leveling up system

  • Mehrbod Rostami
    Mehrbod Rostami 17 days ago

    as a siege player this hurts me to watch

  • xXYT CJXx
    xXYT CJXx 18 days ago

    Recruit have the same gun as IQ

  • Gio Britt
    Gio Britt 18 days ago

    He never played ranked or unranked

  • Gio Britt
    Gio Britt 18 days ago

    Played way les game and I’m 20 times better than him

  • Xalerty
    Xalerty 19 days ago

    He said montage wrong

  • Gamer
    Gamer 19 days ago

    *23:48** M E N A C I N G*

  • md16 •
    md16 • 19 days ago +1

    “i didn’t help, almost killed myself a few times” oh so you’re a master fuze

  • George Vernon
    George Vernon 19 days ago

    as cav dont stay on point move away. one froll above roam

  • George Vernon
    George Vernon 19 days ago

    oh my god you suck in the first few rounds

  • George Vernon
    George Vernon 19 days ago

    siege is my favorite game

  • Kim Bridges
    Kim Bridges 19 days ago +1

    Noah, this is the most true thing I have ever heard

    ADS TACO 20 days ago

    It’s very painful as an echo main to watch him call the yokai a,”Hover drone”

  • lumyong lipikanwong
    lumyong lipikanwong 20 days ago

    There should be and operator that throws a killer drown and it has a smg

  • Cody Nowlan
    Cody Nowlan 20 days ago

    I haven't played much but my favorite offensive operator is Twitch with her tactical rifle and my favorite defensive operator is doc with his smg

    • Serperior Snake
      Serperior Snake 19 days ago +1

      Exact same here. I'm a twitch and doc main too

  • Cruz Tirado
    Cruz Tirado 21 day ago

    I have played this game for a long time now and this was very hard to watch