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Falcon Heavy Test Flight

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
  • Following its first test launch, Falcon Heavy is now the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two. With the ability to lift into orbit nearly 64 metric tons (141,000 lb)---a mass greater than a 737 jetliner loaded with passengers, crew, luggage and fuel--Falcon Heavy can lift more than twice the payload of the next closest operational vehicle, the Delta IV Heavy, at one-third the cost. Falcon Heavy draws upon the proven heritage and reliability of Falcon 9.
    Its first stage is composed of three Falcon 9 nine-engine cores whose 27 Merlin engines together generate more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft. Only the Saturn V moon rocket, last flown in 1973, delivered more payload to orbit. Falcon Heavy was designed from the outset to carry humans into space and restores the possibility of flying missions with crew to the Moon or Mars.
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  • Loren Davidson
    Loren Davidson 31 minute ago

    I was there. It was well worth making the trip, and even worth sitting in the traffic jam heading home afterward.

  • 上官扶苏
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    • 上官扶苏
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    • 上官扶苏
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  • J
    J Hour ago

    _nobody knew his name until he threw his car to space_

  • Tens
    Tens 9 hours ago


  • The Dude
    The Dude 14 hours ago

    KSP much?

  • CactusFishy
    CactusFishy 15 hours ago

    This will probably be the biggest flex in history ever. He starts from a not so rich family, founds a car company people say will fail, makes a rocket company several years after Jeff Bezos makes one, gets told he will fail, send a car from one company using the other company into space

  • Traveling Norwegian
    Traveling Norwegian 21 hour ago

    Greatest moment in 2018... what a show!

  • Barskor1
    Barskor1 22 hours ago

    Take three hours to use a balloon system and cut 90% off your rocket needs. For what they used here on one launch could have been four launches with balloon systems.

    • Barskor1
      Barskor1 4 hours ago

      +Nunya Business NASA sent up 7,000 pounds with one balloon to test Mars lander systems so yes.

    • Nunya Business
      Nunya Business 13 hours ago

      Can balloons lift a 787s worth of cargo that high?

  • TheDennisShow
    TheDennisShow Day ago

    nice david bowie

  • Charlie
    Charlie Day ago +1

    Elon musk is like Iron man

  • Tutos Pro
    Tutos Pro Day ago +1

    que alegría tan inmensa siento por este logro tan gigante, eres el mejor Elon Musk y Space X

  • Junk Mail
    Junk Mail Day ago

    3:48 "loaded a bit more Helium on board" ... HELIUM??? WHAT FOR??? Does he mean HYDROGEN, as fuel, for rocket, or electric cells? Has anyone else corrected you on this? I'm curious.

    • vegguid
      vegguid Day ago

      It is to create pressure

  • daffidavit
    daffidavit Day ago

    I'm glad the U.S. Congress has allowed the FAA to retain jurisdiction over the airspace over the U.S. territories. I'm happy that Congress has retained the regulation of the airspace over the U.S.A to have been left in control of the FAA and not some other "military power". In other words, the FAA still has complete jurisdiction of the airspace over and above the U.S territories up to and including airspace up to 60,000ft. After that, the FAA no longer has "control" of airspace of any aircraft over 60K.
    But what about the U.S. military? They are still subjugated to the FAA. Yes, they are. But Since the FAA has no control over airspace over 60K, what authority does NORAD have. If suddenly an invasion of rockets should suddenly come over the North Pole from Russian in a full blown out Nuclear attack, how has jurisdiction? Russian Nukes can fly into outer space and fly over the north pole and MIRV their warheads into U.S. Airspace.
    Come on guys, we had1970's computer machines in all our bars which played space war games with MIRV. The computer game required us to shoot down as many MIRV's as possible until they hit our soil. It was a "sick" game, but it was a game we all played when computer games first appeared in bars back during the "gas fuel crisis" during the 1974 fuel crisis.

    So, therefore, back in the day it was considered "fun" to play "world destruction". Because that's what it was. We really believed we could go to war at any moment.
    But today, even to discuss this time in history will make any person who remembers it, a "potential" violent person. My God, all you young kids, just ask your parents who went to college back in the 1970s to tell you about gas lines and also what it was like to play computer games where MIRV missiles were attacking the U.S. I can't remember the name of the game but it may have been called by a name where MIRV missiles had to have been shot down by our ground lasers or missiles. I can't remember the name of the computer game, but all of the seaside game stations had it available.

  • Brian Sauer
    Brian Sauer Day ago

    13K flat earthers disliked this.

  • Misssparkles
    Misssparkles 2 days ago

    Elon Musk has done nothing since this lift, he said he would take 2 non Nasa astronauts into space in 2018 hasnt done it.ofcourse its not that easy as he thought. Nasa will win all this

  • Eric
    Eric 2 days ago

    NASA should put their Orion capsule on this heavy lift rocket!

  • Irwin Herridge
    Irwin Herridge 2 days ago

    syncing with my age in less than one min...

  • Все Есть
    Все Есть 3 days ago

    Вот это прогресс!!! Не то что Путинско-Рогозинский Роскосмос погрязший в воровстве и в коррупции...

  • Jacob Wegener
    Jacob Wegener 3 days ago

    That was so amazing omg Don’t Panic!!! I’m dying I met Douglas Adams when I was 16 lol childhood hero! Man Elon can I have that Tesla please!?

  • Barry Templin
    Barry Templin 3 days ago

    Anyone else here fukin heavy at 21:38?

  • NekoCatMeow
    NekoCatMeow 4 days ago

    This is my valentine

  • Rajvir Ahmed
    Rajvir Ahmed 4 days ago

    People on the Background is not Understanding anything but Just Shouting like Pigs 😅

  • Neon
    Neon 4 days ago

    *but the earth is flat*

  • marcelo🛸
    marcelo🛸 4 days ago


  • Chris C
    Chris C 4 days ago

    Did you know that most spacex rockets fuel right before launch because their propellant can’t sit for to long or it loses power and is less efficient

    If you don’t believe me look it up 👌

  • Belia Luedke
    Belia Luedke 4 days ago

    Wonderful. Thank you for this. :D

  • Ohmega
    Ohmega 4 days ago

    i cant stop coming back and watching this. One of the greatest things I've seen since my first experience with the shuttle launch. The day of the launch i remember looking out my office window in north Florida and watching it go up.

  • slooob23
    slooob23 5 days ago

    Hope they record the sound of the rocket next time instead of a football game.

  • thomasucc
    thomasucc 5 days ago

    Come on how fantastic

  • Shakkeel Ahmed
    Shakkeel Ahmed 6 days ago +1

    Feb 6th 2018. The day I turned 25 :)

  • ElectricEel
    ElectricEel 6 days ago

    I’m sure the drone ships communication won’t offline. It woulda put a hamper for everyone to find out the center core missed lol

  • Theethawat Thepnakhin

    The biggest of 2018 ❤️

  • Huuquyet Trần
    Huuquyet Trần 6 days ago


  • Bluewater Sailor
    Bluewater Sailor 6 days ago

    Why didn't they launch some small quadcopters to cover the main drone ship landing??? Hmmmm!

  • Luke Mackenzie
    Luke Mackenzie 6 days ago

    34:01 ??

  • We_Rule _sky
    We_Rule _sky 6 days ago

    Falcon heavy is heavy shit damn I LOVE IT !!!

  • Bartholomew Dan
    Bartholomew Dan 6 days ago

    I'm proud to say I cried several times throughout the stream, and even just watching it back makes me tear up too.

  • Philip Ellis
    Philip Ellis 7 days ago

    Landing on Mars, what for, there is nothing there compared with our beautiful Earth, so I find it strange that people want to travel to a distant planet, it will take a month to get there, if you hadn't already collided with a meteorite or rock puncturing the spacecraft, and when and if you do land without crashing you might even have a vehicle to travel around in, but you won't find a pull over to have a meal and a beer and enjoy a view because there are no trees, vegetation or animals just a baron landscape with a harsh environment, a few weeks of that and you'll be bored out of your skull and wondered why you went, btw Elon said you can't return because the engine broke, needs a spare part.
    If you had that much money to book a one way ticket to Mars you have either lost it, bored with life and planning to end it, braindead, ugly as sin or an obstinate Flat Earther that couldn't face the fact that we do live on a globe.

  • Alex Kor
    Alex Kor 7 days ago

    Очень круто! Я тоже думал о том, почему раньше не создали многоразовую ракету. А тут создали, да еще и успешно! Вот что значит светлые головы.

  • Harrison McKee
    Harrison McKee 7 days ago

    What happened to the central core?

    • Harrison McKee
      Harrison McKee 3 days ago

      +Mr. White Sad

    • Mr. White
      Mr. White 5 days ago

      It missed the droneship and crashed into the ocean.
      R.I.P Central core.

  • Win ter
    Win ter 7 days ago

    I bet non space believers killed themselves by now .

  • Jedian
    Jedian 7 days ago

    Good - now make sure China doesn't steal the know-how for this procedure.

    • Jedian
      Jedian 7 days ago

      Win ter Rocketry? Fine. But we were also developing it, as was Russia, Japan and the UK/France.
      Relanding a used stage? Purely ingenuity of private US enterprise.

    • Win ter
      Win ter 7 days ago

      USA stole this from germany

  • Jhonatan Sanabria
    Jhonatan Sanabria 7 days ago

    Terraplanista cabeza plana: Es mentira, SpaceX se gastó unos millones de dolares mandando ese cohete a dar una vuelta a la atmosfera nada mas.
    Jajajajaja memeo

  • kiwi potato
    kiwi potato 7 days ago

    happy late cake day falcon heavy

  • Prateek Gupta
    Prateek Gupta 8 days ago

    This overwhelms me every time I watch it. Yep, still watching.

  • David Watters
    David Watters 8 days ago

    hmmm you id continue with testing self-land capsule unmanned that way booster and capsule can land separately back earth.

  • Phi Duy Quang
    Phi Duy Quang 8 days ago

    31:59 There is a strange black spot moving very fast on the screen ???

  • Cain Arathoon
    Cain Arathoon 9 days ago

    Tesla Roadster is at mars now

  • 黄自元
    黄自元 9 days ago


  • Thingsyourollup
    Thingsyourollup 9 days ago

    One year later and this still gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

  • Texas Holdem
    Texas Holdem 9 days ago

    @ 26:17 How many of you Get the dash board plack "Don't Panic" ???
    Hint, Hitchers Guide ,,, the 70's Early version was & Always will be the Best

  • BiTzSystemz
    BiTzSystemz 9 days ago

    Sooooo damn cool!

  • Josue B
    Josue B 10 days ago

    Nunca parare de ver esta cosa

  • Scott Hulsey
    Scott Hulsey 10 days ago +2

    Capitalism at its finest!

  • Method Man
    Method Man 10 days ago +3

    13k don’t have souls

  • Gerakan 48
    Gerakan 48 10 days ago

    I enjoy this video and prove that the earth does not move at 1,600 km / hour

  • Анонимный Комментатор •,•

    *_21:57_**_ I like that sound soooo much_*

  • alexandria pickel
    alexandria pickel 10 days ago


  • Travis Rush
    Travis Rush 10 days ago


    • Travis Rush
      Travis Rush 7 days ago

      +Vulpine Just type in to youtube rocket hitting the dome it opens up your brains just think for yourself God is in control.

    • Vulpine
      Vulpine 7 days ago

      how so?

  • Flenn AJ StyLeS
    Flenn AJ StyLeS 10 days ago

    *"and the falcons, have landed."*

  • your mom
    your mom 11 days ago

    I wish I was good at something SpaceX could use.

  • your mom
    your mom 11 days ago

    fuck NASA

  • Dashstream !
    Dashstream ! 11 days ago

    And the falcons have landed!

  • Benjamin Wilson
    Benjamin Wilson 11 days ago +5

    Those Americans are amazing.

  • Strality
    Strality 11 days ago


  • President Donald J. Trump

    We can put Elon Musk's car in space, but how come I can't get a decent cup of coffee???

  • CASNASA1101
    CASNASA1101 12 days ago +1

    SpaceX you gave me an amazing day to launch a massive Falcon Heavy it was my 15th anniversary of my Double Transplant thank you for this beautiful spacecraft

  • Jolly
    Jolly 12 days ago


  • AgAug Gaming
    AgAug Gaming 12 days ago +1

    Elon Musk said the thrust is just 60%.

  • Flenn AJ StyLeS
    Flenn AJ StyLeS 12 days ago +8

    *In Elon, we Trust.*

  • turnip 4343
    turnip 4343 12 days ago

    Felon Scum once again sticks his snout in taxpayer funded through.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 11 days ago

      +turnip 4343 they launched rocket capable of sending 63,000kg into low earth orbit then having the 3 boosters come back down to land? or are you talking about how they barely levitated a small wide rocket several meters off the ground? because i wouldn't say those are the same.

    • turnip 4343
      turnip 4343 11 days ago

      +Miguel lopez Nasa did exactly what he did long time ago in 1982. I'm not talking about space shuttle.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 11 days ago

      nasa gave him 500 million to build a re-usable rocket he gave them a re usable rocket, Nasa spent billions trying to make the shuttle re usable, they ended up with a rocket that needed heavy refurbishment and hundreds of thousands of man hours to make it good for another flight, conclusion, elon just saved tax payers a crap load of money.

  • Barbara Brinkmeyer
    Barbara Brinkmeyer 12 days ago

    Hard work by brave others pay off. Speechless.

  • Ultimo D
    Ultimo D 12 days ago

    So absolute amazing! It's a shame that the last one didn't make it 😕 Hopefully next time they stick all three.

  • dkgiovenco
    dkgiovenco 12 days ago +3

    In Mother Russia, we can only watch.

  • Nicholas Cherry
    Nicholas Cherry 12 days ago +1

    I teared up when it launched. To the people reading this in the year 3000; I hope you are among the stars.

  • Mitt Nagivag
    Mitt Nagivag 12 days ago

    pimp fest

    FeliX HEJTMAN 12 days ago


  • Clonos
    Clonos 12 days ago

    it's a staaaarmaaaaaaan
    waiting in the sky

  • Javier Vazquez
    Javier Vazquez 13 days ago

    1 year ago! Wow still remember it like if it was yesterday

  • mozbius
    mozbius 13 days ago

    The timing of the music with the roadster deployment was top notch. There is no denying that launch was EPIC!!!!

  • Animus in consulendo liber

    Целый год прошёл.
    А мы обвинили американцев в дыре на корабле🤦

  • esoteric multiverse
    esoteric multiverse 13 days ago +2

    Just one year later and Starship is already preparing for its first test hops. Amazing.

  • Trap Astronaut
    Trap Astronaut 13 days ago +2

    Happy Birthday Falcon Heavy!
    Happy Birthday Starman 😍🚀

  • Granton Smith
    Granton Smith 13 days ago

    "and the Falcons have landed!"

  • Tmccreight25Gaming
    Tmccreight25Gaming 13 days ago

    1 year on and still a massive accomplishment! #GoSpaceX

  • hacker giraffe
    hacker giraffe 13 days ago

    Skip to 21:50 for launch

  • Exzcellion Gamma
    Exzcellion Gamma 13 days ago

    Belated Happy Anniversary, Falcon Heavy's maiden launch/test!

  • Rocket Engineer Wolf
    Rocket Engineer Wolf 13 days ago +1

    It has been a year since this launch happened.🚀🚘

  • Bogyrect
    Bogyrect 13 days ago

    Happy anniversary falcon heavy!

  • ZephyrAlphaOne
    ZephyrAlphaOne 13 days ago

    Exactly one year ago, history has been written and our future has been given a new perspective

  • Jesse Adair
    Jesse Adair 13 days ago

    One year later and still an inspiration

  • Wei Lin
    Wei Lin 13 days ago

    carry large amount of payrolls to orbit? my english is not good, always thought payroll is used as money related payroll, you can also use it instead of resources?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez 11 days ago

      they said payload, payload is another word for cargo, it can be used to describe how many bombs a war plane can hold, or how much weight a rocket can launch into space, in this case the payload is the car since its the cargo being moved.

  • bingo_fuel
    bingo_fuel 13 days ago

    can't wait for the upcoming launches and the new apollo movie and the bfr tests ah 2019 is gonna be so cool

  • Mowne Latt
    Mowne Latt 13 days ago

    it is falcon heavy day my dudes

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 13 days ago

    Why am I crying right now?

  • Frazled Fish
    Frazled Fish 13 days ago

    Didn't notice on first watch but holy shit 31:57!!!

  • Jack Keville
    Jack Keville 13 days ago

    Greatest thing I have ever seen.

  • lisa koola
    lisa koola 13 days ago

    who’s watching this today ? one year to be exact 2019

  • ManeuverAviator007 Y
    ManeuverAviator007 Y 13 days ago +1

    I will add a year since Falcon Heavy Demo
    -Happy First Flight Anniversary 2019

  • Milosz Wila
    Milosz Wila 13 days ago

    Happy birthday Falcon heavy!