Falcon Heavy Test Flight

  • Published on Feb 6, 2018
  • Following its first test launch, Falcon Heavy is now the most powerful operational rocket in the world by a factor of two. With the ability to lift into orbit nearly 64 metric tons (141,000 lb)---a mass greater than a 737 jetliner loaded with passengers, crew, luggage and fuel--Falcon Heavy can lift more than twice the payload of the next closest operational vehicle, the Delta IV Heavy, at one-third the cost. Falcon Heavy draws upon the proven heritage and reliability of Falcon 9.
    Its first stage is composed of three Falcon 9 nine-engine cores whose 27 Merlin engines together generate more than 5 million pounds of thrust at liftoff, equal to approximately eighteen 747 aircraft. Only the Saturn V moon rocket, last flown in 1973, delivered more payload to orbit. Falcon Heavy was designed from the outset to carry humans into space and restores the possibility of flying missions with crew to the Moon or Mars.
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  • Uriah Siner
    Uriah Siner 13 hours ago +1

    Here I am, 3 months later, still tearing up on my 10th+ viewing....

  • kev brady
    kev brady Day ago

    Didnt blow up so that a good thing well done!

  • RandomguyMoochoMoocho


  • maximilian1
    maximilian1 2 days ago

    I get the creeps whent he said: "Inserting shutdown: Sideboosters deploy" and for one second it was quiet

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams 2 days ago

    Watched it live with my family and was jumping up and down, got that same feeling that I got from watching the Apollo missions.

  • Jeff K
    Jeff K 2 days ago

    "This magic day when super-science
    Mingles with the bright stuff of dreams".
    - Rush

  • petealwayslovesu
    petealwayslovesu 3 days ago +2

    now what flat-earthers?

  • Bung Bung Booce
    Bung Bung Booce 3 days ago

    Hell yea!!!!!!!

  • Kerbal Bias
    Kerbal Bias 3 days ago

    sad how the core crashed into the droneship

  • Luftentfeuchter
    Luftentfeuchter 4 days ago +1

    I always get goose bumps when John Insprucker comes back on saying "Falcon Heavy heading to space on our test flight building on a history of Saturn V Apollo returning Pad 39A to interplanetary missions" (22:35)

  • Andro guy
    Andro guy 4 days ago

    Dislikes from NASA employees ;-)

  • Netinho Almeida
    Netinho Almeida 4 days ago

    Só eu que percebi que trata-se de uma montagem e estudio a imagem do carro no espaço, vejam 33:32" e 34:00" e tirem suas conclusões!!!

  • Universal Logo Re-Edit Vietnam

    This event will be come to USA' history!

  • Oliver Christian
    Oliver Christian 4 days ago

    1:34 she said 28 engines instead of 27

    • Big Falcon Rocket
      Big Falcon Rocket 6 hours ago

      Oliver Christian
      There's a single engine on the second stage and 27 on the first stage.

  • Erik Ahl
    Erik Ahl 5 days ago

    Why go to space when i Can invade poland

  • SkyLord
    SkyLord 5 days ago

    Is it bad that falcon heavy has taken over the space shuttle on my favourite rocket list.

    • SkyLord
      SkyLord 2 days ago

      Good point xD looked good though, but FH just screams bad ass!

    • taylor sims
      taylor sims 4 days ago +2

      SkyLord not really. The space shuttle was the deadliest space vehicle ever built.

  • SuperFuzzmonkey
    SuperFuzzmonkey 5 days ago

    The most inspirational thing I've ever seen.

  • Spacedoubt
    Spacedoubt 5 days ago

    When's this film going to be released ? Will Sandra Bullock be in it ?

  • SuperCar Street Racing
    SuperCar Street Racing 6 days ago +2

    Give me one good reason why someone would dislike one of the biggest moments in human history. Just mind boggling.

  • SuperCar Street Racing
    SuperCar Street Racing 6 days ago +2

    13k dislikes. 13k clueless idiots stuck in the stoneage.

  • Narendra Mahasin
    Narendra Mahasin 6 days ago +1

    21:00 mechjeb kicks in

  • Deadnsd
    Deadnsd 6 days ago

    so the pod opens up at 25:49 but at 26:22 its still closed? wtf

  • Vijey Krishnaa D G
    Vijey Krishnaa D G 7 days ago +1

    This is so cool!!! I'm waiting for the bfr😍!!!

  • Zoid Burg
    Zoid Burg 7 days ago

    4:12 *looks down, shit where do I work?!* LOL

  • Lyle Kirsch
    Lyle Kirsch 7 days ago

    You could get better footage of the drone ship by having anther ship be set up a safe distance away.

  • Christopher Alday
    Christopher Alday 7 days ago +1

    3 months later and I still get chills every time I watch this

  • Rob Stogner
    Rob Stogner 7 days ago

    Lot of Fuel, Wow!

  • jhenrypp
    jhenrypp 7 days ago

    I tested this in Roblox.

  • Forest Self
    Forest Self 7 days ago +1

    I've watched this video countless times, and each time it amazes me. Well done to everyone involved with this project.

  • Md Sumon
    Md Sumon 7 days ago

    i lobe.bangladesh

  • SlovesL
    SlovesL 8 days ago +1

    Wernher von Braun would be proud.

  • Harry Prasetyo
    Harry Prasetyo 8 days ago

    3 months later and I still didn't get tired watching this. the launch is amazing, the boosters separation is marvelous, and the side boosters landing scene is epic!

  • lsp0
    lsp0 8 days ago +1

    whenever I feel kinda down, I watch this, and my hope in the human race is restored

  • lonewulf44
    lonewulf44 8 days ago +1

    Watched this so many times ... and one of the many things that just scream in my head seeing the twin landings is MATH IS VICTORIOUS!

  • Flying Architect
    Flying Architect 8 days ago +2

    I never get tired of watching this.

  • Doctor Manhattan
    Doctor Manhattan 8 days ago

    13000 dislikes? Haha ya really crack me up

  • Cata Lin
    Cata Lin 8 days ago +2

    30:00 !!!! No words...

  • HP Lego
    HP Lego 8 days ago +2

    The guy going “wow” at 30:11 just sums it up perfectly

  • MassiveCloudz
    MassiveCloudz 8 days ago

    21:54 is what you came here for

  • B622Niner
    B622Niner 8 days ago

    i can say i was born in the right generation for once :)

  • Mara Chenqa
    Mara Chenqa 8 days ago

    what took the picture of that satellite?

  • Sebastian Schon
    Sebastian Schon 9 days ago

    Regarding the scrub oh Bangabandhu-1 of 2 days ago, at 0.58 seconds... Is it just me or does t-0:58 seem to take a bit longer than a second? Followed up by t-0:57 that is a bit less than a second? Seems there are some scheduled, heavy calculations going on at that very moment.

  • Alif Ali
    Alif Ali 9 days ago

    Thanks SpaceX 😘 Bangladeshi won't forgot about this historic day ! Love you guys 😘😘

  • Kim Parish
    Kim Parish 9 days ago +1


  • Alex Pun
    Alex Pun 9 days ago

    1) Can they just stay quiet? I can't hear what's going on
    2) Couldn't see any female staff

    • Erik Sem
      Erik Sem 2 days ago

      The girl who is hosting is a part of the staff... She even said it at the start. You clearly didn't look very hard.

    • taylor sims
      taylor sims 4 days ago

      Alex Pun very few females make their career in the stem fields compared to men. Even fewer in highly specialized engineering required for this kind of job.

  • Sadik Khan
    Sadik Khan 10 days ago

    10 May 2018, SpaceX unable to launch Bangladeshi first satellite Bangabandhu -1.

  • Saiful Islam
    Saiful Islam 10 days ago

    feeling happy ☺
    thank you spaceX

  • BD Review
    BD Review 10 days ago +1

    We are waiting for bangabandhu-1

  • BD Review
    BD Review 10 days ago

    Go ahead

  • The Great Deep Space Conqueror

    Elon Musk should create Boring Rocket

  • Himangshu Sarker
    Himangshu Sarker 10 days ago


  • orangecode
    orangecode 10 days ago

    Every time I come back to watch this, I can't help being in awe of something so large leaving the ground. And yet the Saturn V, a machine built decades ago, dwarves the Falcon Heavy. With the BFR, SLS, and New Glenn around the corner, the next decade should be extremely exciting.
    Size comparison for anyone interested: i.ytimg.com/vi/7iNt22_t2lY/maxresdefault.jpg

  • moscow1922
    moscow1922 10 days ago

    What is there? Uninvited monkeys are Americans who are already 7 !!!! years into space fly thanks to only RosKosmos and SOYUZ-TMA-MS, even in the satellite could not?!?! (In which the Russians knew how and invented already in 1957)

  • Don Camillo
    Don Camillo 10 days ago

    Thanks Elon Musk and Team

  • Rachel Morel
    Rachel Morel 10 days ago

    Is really powerfull

  • Pat Alford
    Pat Alford 11 days ago

    Thank you Tesla😊

  • talin nalo
    talin nalo 11 days ago


  • Engineer Alex
    Engineer Alex 11 days ago +4

    YEA 22M views

  • Mr. LightningPro
    Mr. LightningPro 12 days ago

    Still not as strong as the Saturn V

  • 0313koning
    0313koning 12 days ago +5

    I think I have watched it like 50 times now and it still gives me the same goosebumps every fucking time. I don't even have words for it.

  • Ego Equus
    Ego Equus 13 days ago +29

    My boss fired me the day I returned from Florida to witness this event. Totally worth it.

  • Andrew Thomas Sanderson
    Andrew Thomas Sanderson 13 days ago +2

    Anyone else see a small object moving at high speed in the image after booster separation at 31 Minutes 57 seconds, appears as a small black spot moving from middle right travelling up at about 35 deg to the upper right of the screen. at an altitude of 179 km it can't be another LEO satellite, maybe part of the second stage? Thoughts?

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 11 days ago

      these are just bits that come of off the upper stage, most of it is ice or leftover material that breaks apart during stage separation.

  • Dennis4Videos
    Dennis4Videos 13 days ago +10

    This footage should be mandatory footage for high school students for the sake of being able to dream and realisation of those dreams. If I had seen this back then... It is so weird how many of SpaceX achievements flew past people's heads...

    • StevieC
      StevieC 10 days ago

      Dennis4Videos pun intended?

  • Gamer chicken momo
    Gamer chicken momo 14 days ago

    Nasa is angry now

  • Neil Kushner
    Neil Kushner 14 days ago

    aren't all the boosters and the 'core' supposed to return for reuse over and over?

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 11 days ago

      Thats the end goal, right now they're still working on how to make all parts reusable instead of having to replace a lot it.

  • Rey Mysterio619
    Rey Mysterio619 14 days ago

    I wonder how much does spaceship cost?!

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 11 days ago +3

      I say buy, you could just paint it as an Atlas V and then resell for a few hundred million profit.

    • Rey Mysterio619
      Rey Mysterio619 11 days ago

      Thijs Snijder should i buy? :D

    • Thijs Snijder
      Thijs Snijder 11 days ago

      90million for full reuse and 150 million for expendable launches.

    DORIAN [YT] 15 days ago

    26:16 dont panic xD

    DORIAN [YT] 15 days ago

    Mi dream

  • Sam Elder
    Sam Elder 16 days ago

    NASA wants to get out of the space station, so buy it and use it to transport people to and from mars. Just dock a few bfr’s and roll!!!!!!!

    • Wojtek Sykurski
      Wojtek Sykurski 15 days ago +2

      BFR should be able to reach Mars without any additional modules. So ISS would give it only unnecessary mass. But the idea about changing ISS into fueling/repairing station is quite cool :)

  • Mario Looney
    Mario Looney 16 days ago +3

    Rocket porn 😂😂😂 Space x team all having orgasms over falcon heavy TestFlight , I guess they like a lot of thrust 😂😂😂😂

  • SplatterSpreeFilms
    SplatterSpreeFilms 16 days ago +6

    SpaceX, the company that literally has every employee pulling VOLUNTARY 90 hour work weeks, tests every one of it's own parts over and over and over and over and over and over again, tries to succeed so very hard and is genuinely stupified when things actually work out. Elon even said he was like "woah that's like, crazy cool!" when they started landing their boosters. This means that he, as head engineer of SpaceX, couldn't believe the stuff he himself built even worked.
    Genuinely humble and realistic. Innovative and now the baseline standard for contemporary aerospace companies.

  • Smartphone Phone
    Smartphone Phone 16 days ago

    Видимо в 20ых годах люди все-таки полетят на Марс

  • Willie Gillie
    Willie Gillie 16 days ago

    well at least we couldn't say it was a complete failure. Just the center core went kaboom. Way to go Elon. Made as much sense as putting a car in space lol

    • Wojtek Sykurski
      Wojtek Sykurski 15 days ago

      This my depends on mission profile: target orbit and payload mass. Also the semi-reusable configuration (central core lost) might be reasonable for Block V based Falcon Heavys. With several central cores lost each year (let say 3-5) SX would not have to shut down/slow they productions lines for Falcons 9. In fact, Falcons could fly still in Falcon Heavy configuration when the BFR becomes operational.

    • Willie Gillie
      Willie Gillie 15 days ago

      Wojtek Sykurski I think they have the ability to retrieve all three cores. Just gotta see if they can correct the ignitor issue they had with the center core. Should be a simple fix.

    • Wojtek Sykurski
      Wojtek Sykurski 15 days ago

      Seems that SX has optimized they prices for central core lost. They are offering 3 prices for launch option: full reusable (all cores landing)-> 90 mln $, partial reuse (around 100 mln $ -> central core is lost), expendable (all cores are lost - over 120 mln $).

    • Willie Gillie
      Willie Gillie 15 days ago

      Ben Carter well at least you admitted it was a failure

    • Ben Carter
      Ben Carter 15 days ago +1

      No, i didn't miss the center core failure, but to have two cores land, plus successful 1st stage separation of all three cores, and a successful payload deploy on a rocket that has never even flown is a success. The falcon heavy wiki page even has this flight listed as a success.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 17 days ago +1

    Best day of my life!

  • Adam Booth
    Adam Booth 17 days ago +6

    Just came back to this again 3 months later, still puts a huge smile on my face. Awesome technology and human endeavour.

  • Linda Chavez
    Linda Chavez 17 days ago


  • renen2
    renen2 17 days ago +1

    Weird thing: when I watched it on my phone the two boosters send video from the EXACT same camera. They even land at the same landing pad. However, now on my computer they have separate shots again. Nothing abnormal going on.
    Does anyone know what causes this?

    (yes, I have watched the landing multiple times now...)

    • Tabula Rasa
      Tabula Rasa 15 days ago +2

      That was a mistake at SpaceX. They replaced the video with the correct separate camera footage on TVclip.

    • timemachinefan
      timemachinefan 17 days ago +3

      You didn't watch or listen closely enough. The side boosters each had its own camera upon reentry. Suggest you watch it again starting at the 29:00 minute mark. Also the boosters landed on separate landing pads; namely landing pad 1 and landing pad 2. Suggest you watch the video at the 9:10 minute mark again.

  • Tech Aerospace
    Tech Aerospace 17 days ago

    In space... No one can hear you dream!!

  • muppetnumpty65
    muppetnumpty65 17 days ago +3

    I was very lucky my father woke me in the middle of the night I must of been nearly 4 to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. At the time obviously I didn’t really realise what I was watching, or the enormity of it. But I knew it was important, my dad also didn’t realise that he had sparked an interest in space and space exploration thats lasted with me ever since. Mark my words, what is happening now with Musk, Bezos and Bigelow you will be telling your grandkids about and people 100/200 years in the future will be talking about this period in time like we do about the industrial revolution. It is, an awesome time to be alive, savour every moment!

  • roba165
    roba165 18 days ago +5

    This I call good advertisement.

  • welligton oliveira the brazilian


  • mehmet yasin ayrancı
    mehmet yasin ayrancı 19 days ago +7

    Do you want to get some inspration, watch this...! Mesmerizing

  • NuclearPanda
    NuclearPanda 19 days ago +1

    I dont know why, this brings tears to my eyes. Maybe humanity does have hope. maybe we will explore outside our solar system one day in the far future. We don't have to wait for the government to focus less on death and profit. We humans have decided to go to space for our own exploration, to understand whats out there, someday.

  • Me Sofa Kingdom
    Me Sofa Kingdom 19 days ago

    Looking at the comments, I feel sad for human conciousness.

  • Elon Musk
    Elon Musk 19 days ago

    I almost cried at faring separation.

  • larry ballard
    larry ballard 19 days ago

    Fast forward to where the rocket flys horizontally and then into the ocean

    • White Turkey
      White Turkey 3 days ago

      larry ballard more like larry bellend

    • TheZui
      TheZui 7 days ago

      bruh... please don't spread your ignorance...

  • bob robertson
    bob robertson 20 days ago

    The plans that I have for a levitation craft allows the craft to carry 10 times the payload as this hunk of junk rocket, in a race to get to 80,000 feet, my craft will already be at 80,000 feet while they are still counting down from 10 to launch, by the time it leaves the launch pad I'll have already have landed back at the starting point the hole time with full payload... This rocket is junk I say.

    • Jertholden
      Jertholden 19 days ago


    • -kaZ
      -kaZ 19 days ago +4

      You might want to google narcissistic delusions. You need help.

  • bob robertson
    bob robertson 20 days ago

    Think about it just in your city alone, the amount of money that consumers pay for bottled water is enough to fix that water system to deliver water equal in quality as the bottled water, they think they are free from government regulation by buying the bottled water (no chemicals) it is the globalist controlling that (political payoffs) yet it is the globalist who control the bottled water companies. From the frying pan into the fire.

  • Kemily Play
    Kemily Play 20 days ago

    eu estive aqui beijoss

  • PontificusPinion
    PontificusPinion 20 days ago +1

    I cry every time I watch this. It never gets old.

  • Mark r
    Mark r 20 days ago

    they need to do a test flight to the moon with the falcon heavy its another stepping stone towards mars.

  • Daryl Johnson
    Daryl Johnson 20 days ago

    It only went 112 miles into orbit th moon is 240,000 miles!?

    • Wojtek Sykurski
      Wojtek Sykurski 17 days ago

      It was about first stage boosters. Second stage burn brings cargo (Tesla) to planned orbit.
      You can take a look here: i.imgur.com/WGOy3qT.png -> this chart shows how much "delta V" (change in rocket speed) You need to apply to launch some cargo to desired location. It takes somewhere around 3km/s of delta-v to send payload from LEO (Low Earth Orbit) to Mars. But it takes over 9 km/s to send something from Earth surface to LEO. This is why the first stage of rocket needs to take so much fuel.

  • BRGameSoft
    BRGameSoft 20 days ago

    Can someone confirm the max speed that it reach?

  • Michael Wheelhouse
    Michael Wheelhouse 21 day ago +2

    Made me cry with joy...thanks evolution for brilliant humans. God bless America. xxx limey m.

  • T r a s h
    T r a s h 21 day ago +3

    Space X in 2 words: "Why not"

  • ewetoo
    ewetoo 21 day ago +2

    that's a lot of nerd orgasms.

  • Kudratullo Munavvarov

    Подписываете пожалуйста на этот канал

  • Hans De Kryger
    Hans De Kryger 21 day ago +1


  • Kredo Dyn
    Kredo Dyn 21 day ago +3

    Nothing to say. Well done, beautiful.

  • Dr Anupma Dubey
    Dr Anupma Dubey 21 day ago +2

    Omg this is sooo cooool