Can you CLICKBAIT this sentence? (YIAY #450)


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  • jacksfilms
    jacksfilms  2 months ago +1808

    If you're on twitter, use #YIAYku when submitting your answers (I forgot to include the hashtag in the video)! If you're answering in the comments, well, you don't need a hashtag!

  • Babbe
    Babbe 10 hours ago +1

    My wife took the kids
    But it is ok because
    I got skull-trouper

  • Crystal De FoX
    Crystal De FoX Day ago +2

    Can’t you smell that?
    AH! I think it’s a furry.
    Run out of space? Pfff-

  • Rodney Yun
    Rodney Yun 2 days ago +1

    your a second rate pewdiepie

  • Fabian Ufret
    Fabian Ufret 2 days ago

    What is his twitch name

  • Jeff Fatema
    Jeff Fatema 3 days ago

    #yiayky I have a haiku his name is cauiou once he kissed me then he hit me after that he became a brat all of this made us queasy and also cheesy cauiou died and never survived

  • alisha marie
    alisha marie 5 days ago

    He sounds like coach Steve

  • egap98
    egap98 8 days ago

    somebody once told me
    the world is gonna roll me
    not sharp tool in shed

  • Anna Cornelius
    Anna Cornelius 9 days ago


  • Pizza Rolls
    Pizza Rolls 10 days ago +1

    why did you put the dog next to the cooking instructions, are you going to eat the dog

  • Cassius Richardson
    Cassius Richardson 10 days ago

    He sounds like coach Steve big mouth

  • Ryan G-P
    Ryan G-P 12 days ago

    Today's video
    Was sponsored by blue apron
    They help you cook good

  • NoProblemCuber SRB
    NoProblemCuber SRB 12 days ago

    Blablablabla sad stuff *voicecrack* DOG AIDS!!1!!1!1!1!!1!1!

  • lil potatoe
    lil potatoe 13 days ago

    My furry party
    Was so lit OMFG
    Wait this isn't Tik Tok?

  • Teen Anxt
    Teen Anxt 15 days ago +1

    More clickbait

  • Victoria Daniel
    Victoria Daniel 16 days ago

    I know how to clickbait a sentence just add

  • the idoit Cookie
    the idoit Cookie 16 days ago

    My life is ded
    My parents split
    My grandad died

  • edi Tuqi
    edi Tuqi 17 days ago

    My friends was gone AT 3 AM not clickbait

  • Thunder Prodigy Boyz
    Thunder Prodigy Boyz 18 days ago

    For the lost shoes
    I Stepped on a needle with a drug

  • Corn Brown
    Corn Brown 19 days ago

    Death is nigh; waiting
    the mutilated crying
    with their last breath; oof

  • TheGoldenSea
    TheGoldenSea 19 days ago

    Way too much YIAYkus
    We're ran out of ideas
    Except Forehead jokes

  • Maria Hare
    Maria Hare 20 days ago

    despacito 2
    was pretty lit I do say
    Dab on the haters

  • doggameplayer
    doggameplayer 22 days ago

    facetiming my shoes at 3 AM!! *THEY CALLED BACK!!*

  • Neat Neat
    Neat Neat 24 days ago

    Stupid and fluffy
    Very annoying and loud
    I don't like your dogs

  • johnny higgins
    johnny higgins 25 days ago

    Hey,what the hell burr
    Why did you kill Hamilton
    This haiku is bad. #yaiyhaiku

    LOXIFIED 25 days ago

    One example of the iwent to the game 3AM AT THE GYM(ALMOST DIED)

  • Thegoldencreeper Or something


  • tony flamingo
    tony flamingo 26 days ago

    Jack : thats why you cant trust anything in the internet every thing is all fake

  • Twelve Thirty
    Twelve Thirty 26 days ago

    fart fart poop fart fart
    i gave up too easily
    sit back down again

  • Rolando Orozco
    Rolando Orozco 28 days ago

    Your funny as heck man

  • cov 124
    cov 124 Month ago

    This yiay’s still not here
    It has been a fucking month
    Release it right now

  • Patbird 12
    Patbird 12 Month ago

    #yiaykus Ok, this is it
    This will be the best haiku
    Oh shit nevermind.

  • Hector Rodriguez
    Hector Rodriguez Month ago

    Whats the hell is a fortnight???

  • Stanulstan 42
    Stanulstan 42 Month ago

    No no no no no no no no
    No no no no no no no no
    So sorry I’m super lazy #yiayku

  • Bob Dip
    Bob Dip Month ago

    Shrek 5 will be great
    It is a crossover with
    Emoji Movie

  • Docherty Drawings
    Docherty Drawings Month ago

    0:24 best one

  • Avalanche
    Avalanche Month ago

    (This one is a movie one)
    Stupid guy jumping buildings
    Stole the captain marvel phrase
    Looks like he’s getting an animated feature this Christmas.

  • Lacey
    Lacey Month ago

    Coach Steve is that you??

  • Waffle
    Waffle Month ago

    That means your fake...

  • Gianpaolo Capozzi
    Gianpaolo Capozzi Month ago

    I think I’m too late.
    Damn, haikus are my strong suit!
    Better luck next time..

  • Tazmanian Devil
    Tazmanian Devil Month ago


  • Cat Land
    Cat Land Month ago

    Thanos turned by shoes to dust and I ate the dust that was my shoes

  • Eatus that Fetus
    Eatus that Fetus Month ago

    I lost so much weight
    At the local high end gym
    Thanks dabbing classes

  • I Steal Jewels
    I Steal Jewels Month ago

    Why you take so long?
    4 long weeks already passed.
    Get some thanos merch

  • green feathers
    green feathers Month ago

    you do seem like the kind of person to have purple plates.

  • castiel_the_smol_nugget boop

    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don't make sense

  • Teagan Brissette
    Teagan Brissette Month ago

    Erin needs help
    set her free, or else
    Wait where'd she go

  • Cameron Zames
    Cameron Zames Month ago

    Haikus are just fine
    Don't let this distract you tho
    From this week's sponsor

  • Jeff Moo
    Jeff Moo Month ago

    I like this music
    This won't make sense if I'm not picked
    Wait I did that wrong

    I know its wrong but it would've been a ygs comment if I hadn't bent the rules

  • Estebson the Master 1337

    He is too funny
    He has a giant forehead
    His name is jacksfilms

  • Zzverot
    Zzverot Month ago


  • I Steal Jewels
    I Steal Jewels Month ago

    Find all my haikus
    I have maybe about ten

  • Bruno Uribe
    Bruno Uribe Month ago

    I Hate my life...
    I Hate mi life...
    Did I said that I hate my life?

  • SpicyPopperoni
    SpicyPopperoni Month ago +1

    #YIAYku here's one about you jack!
    Forehead very big
    Jenna marbles is a sin
    Demonitized, welp

  • Ed
    Ed Month ago

    Halloween's over
    Time to plan my Thanksgiving
    Because that's what's next!

  • OOTS
    OOTS Month ago

    Haikus are dumb
    Why are we doing this now
    I guess 'cause it's fun.

  • OOTS
    OOTS Month ago

    Your forehead is huge
    This meme is already dead
    So I'm using it.

  • Herb Humbug
    Herb Humbug Month ago


  • Herb Humbug
    Herb Humbug Month ago

    I like feet a lot
    Yes I do, very yummy
    Dan “The man” Schneider

  • Anastasia Albert
    Anastasia Albert Month ago

    we waste our lives on clickbait
    LIke and please subscribe #YIAYku

  • Burretploof
    Burretploof Month ago


  • I want to Kashoot myself

    #YIAYku We've done this before
    I don't know what else to put
    Fuck this shit I'm out

    TRVCTS Month ago

    *gone sexual*

  • I Steal Jewels
    I Steal Jewels Month ago

    Jack yo what the hell
    Why did this vid take three weeks
    Get some Thanos merch

  • B RL
    B RL Month ago

    * *inhales* *


  • PuppetBrosFIN
    PuppetBrosFIN Month ago

    I hate those peoples
    who spells YIAY very wrong.
    They're spelling YAIY

  • Squash racket Reviews

    I can’t believe it
    My wife took the kids and the dog
    This is not click bait

  • beaboh bea
    beaboh bea Month ago +1

    #YIAYku Hey bitches what’s up
    I still wanna fucking die
    Bye I’ll see you soon

  • TheNubWithAHat
    TheNubWithAHat Month ago +3

    Thats a big forehead
    You need forehead reduction
    And quality “FILMS”

  • anna markey
    anna markey Month ago


  • Dejy
    Dejy Month ago +1

    Put me in YIAY now
    If you don’t put me in this YIAY
    I will murder you

  • Levi Desforges-Moxon

    yeah, EVERY tuesday and friday

  • chill  衛挨佳

    thanos thanos thanos
    thanos thanos thanos
    thanos thanos thanos

  • I Steal Jewels
    I Steal Jewels Month ago +2

    Classic memes can die
    Pepe is near to its death
    Deja vu is dead

  • I Steal Jewels
    I Steal Jewels Month ago +2

    Jack oh please help me
    I have too many haikus
    Will u find them all

  • P DUBS
    P DUBS Month ago

    Dear Jack, why do you have so many ads and sponsors? It seems like you make content so that you can have an ad or sponsor in that video. Why not just make content for the sake of content for your fans at least sometimes. I'm sure you will survive no? This is the only thing that bugs me, you make good content but seem to monetize to the max, so are you an artist or an entrepreneur?

  • Nora McNamara
    Nora McNamara Month ago

    For the shoes:
    I'm not aloud to leave my house?!

  • That guy
    That guy Month ago +2

    What is a haiku
    Seriously someone help

  • Ken Gaynor
    Ken Gaynor Month ago +1

    I really do think
    That jack has a big fetish
    *he loves his haikus*

  • doraluffy
    doraluffy Month ago +1

    This is reupload right? I watched this ages ago

  • Seamus Daley
    Seamus Daley Month ago +2

    #YIAYku Jack I need to know,
    The Emoji Movie 2,
    Is it real? Please tell.

  • Seamus Daley
    Seamus Daley Month ago +2

    #YIAYku Haiku Haiku Hai,
    ku Haiku Haiku Haiku,
    Haiku Haiku Hai.

  • Seamus Daley
    Seamus Daley Month ago +3

    #YIAYku Jack, are you insane?
    I ain’t writin’ no haiku.
    You cannot make me.

  • Seamus Daley
    Seamus Daley Month ago +2

    #YIAYku Jacksfilms, oh Jacksfilms,
    Put me in your latest YIAY,
    If you don’t I’ll hair blue.

  • Hooyooaskin
    Hooyooaskin Month ago +1

    Beep Beep Beep Beep Lettuce
    Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep Lettuce
    Beep Beep Beep Beep Lettuce

  • Hooyooaskin
    Hooyooaskin Month ago +1


  • Hooyooaskin
    Hooyooaskin Month ago +1

    I had some freinds over this weekend... you wont believe what happens next!(NOT CLICKBAIT)(LEGIT)(100% WORKING 2018)(GONE WRONG)(GONE SEXUAL)(IN THE HOOD)(GONE HOME)(EMOTIONAL)(CRAZY)(FREAKOUT)

  • Dat Little Seagull
    Dat Little Seagull Month ago +3

    My doctor said i...
    have a mallignant tumor...
    Im original #YIAYku

  • Zak Nabi
    Zak Nabi Month ago +7

    Two broke college kids
    Could not afford nice watches
    So they made their own

  • I Steal Jewels
    I Steal Jewels Month ago +1

    Thanos car goes snap
    “Mr. Stark I ain’t so good”
    Get some thanos merch

  • X1 Remote9
    X1 Remote9 Month ago +1

    What is a haiku
    Frick I really don't get it
    Oh well Buy my merch

  • stxrfish
    stxrfish Month ago +1

    Why has your voice become Coach Steve from Big Mouth?

  • Awkward Dorito
    Awkward Dorito Month ago +1

    Alex did you know
    That our son was dying

  • Cynthionic
    Cynthionic Month ago

    Ants ants ants ants ants
    Ants ants ants ants ants ants ants
    Ants ants ants ants ants

  • Leeroy JenkinZ
    Leeroy JenkinZ Month ago +1

    450th episode......still copying Pewds

  • I Steal Jewels
    I Steal Jewels Month ago

    Jackfilms why the hell,
    Did this take two weeks to make
    Is it editing?

  • daiseechain
    daiseechain Month ago

    Jack couldn’t figure out what to put in the background of the add so he just put a cute dog lol

  • Atis Pavlovskis
    Atis Pavlovskis Month ago +1

    Why am i here?
    Why am i doing this?
    Why am i living?

  • Jake Lance Vids SUACE
    Jake Lance Vids SUACE Month ago +2