Can you CLICKBAIT this sentence? (YIAY #450)


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  • jacksfilms
    jacksfilms  4 months ago +1922

    If you're on twitter, use #YIAYku when submitting your answers (I forgot to include the hashtag in the video)! If you're answering in the comments, well, you don't need a hashtag!

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 8 hours ago

    Not enough "18++" and "(GTA MODS)

  • Bdlink
    Bdlink Day ago

    That voice

  • David Liu
    David Liu Day ago

    “I went to the gym’
    “Lost a hundred fifty pounds
    Alexander damn he thin”

  • Jason Blooey
    Jason Blooey 2 days ago

    "Yesterday I asked,
    For the best haikus you've got."
    ...Fast forward to now.

  • Falcon 909
    Falcon 909 3 days ago

    jack: MY DOG HAS WHAT??
    Vet:DOG AIDS!!!!!!!!

  • NYAW kl500
    NYAW kl500 3 days ago

    You are VERY thicc,
    I am VERY thicc,
    We are super duper thicc.

  • Georgie Jai
    Georgie Jai 4 days ago

    As someone named georgie i felt instantly attacked

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    0:37 Jack you forgot a bit

  • R3LYKS
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  • flemin guyosis
    flemin guyosis 6 days ago


  • SewBakM8
    SewBakM8 7 days ago

    What does haiku mean

  • Aditya Waghmare
    Aditya Waghmare 9 days ago +1

    Cucumber Challenge
    My friend stuck in my (house)

  • Thomas Tullie
    Thomas Tullie 10 days ago

    you have the same kitchen as #DannyGonzalez

  • King Boi
    King Boi 11 days ago +2

    Will smith passed u in subs

  • adiv liebstein
    adiv liebstein 11 days ago

    Why are haikus hard
    I don't know how to write one
    Thanks you very much

  • adiv liebstein
    adiv liebstein 11 days ago

    Why are haikus hard

  • ??
    ?? 11 days ago

    i hope this is enough proof for you guys that everything on youtube is not real,thats a lesson,thats a lesson,thats my lesson:my vows in 15 years

  • JustAUnicorn No questions asked

    One two seven three
    Down on Rockefeller street
    Tik Tok memes are dead

  • Julian Fishman
    Julian Fishman 11 days ago

    #YIAYku This one's about a butiful mountain
    Stunning nature pics
    Wildlife was very nice
    Really hurt my legs

  • Theo_But_ Online
    Theo_But_ Online 11 days ago

    #YIAYku Am I gonna die?
    (Emotional) (18 plus)
    (Gift card giveaway)

  • Sky the Fox
    Sky the Fox 12 days ago


  • Bagel Tomato
    Bagel Tomato 12 days ago +1

    *D O G A I D S*

  • BumbleB
    BumbleB 14 days ago

    qwertyuiop asdfghjkl

  • Leah Sutherland
    Leah Sutherland 14 days ago

    I lost my shoe
    *Spn fandom rushes in*

  • OovanDraws
    OovanDraws 15 days ago


  • Choco Gacha
    Choco Gacha 17 days ago

    0:24 I literally just thought of George Harrison and was like I WOULD WATCH THAT

  • kaito shion
    kaito shion 20 days ago

    I kinda like watching you cook lmao

  • Lessie Cottrell
    Lessie Cottrell 22 days ago

    Stop copying Pewdiepie you idiot, you don’t deserve these followers for just copying him

  • song wolf
    song wolf 22 days ago

    Welcome to Jack asking you to do his job

    • Thomas Burke
      Thomas Burke 21 day ago

      lol pewds made the vid as a joke and then a lot of people believed him yaiy has over 400 EPs lway has 100 an under

    • Thomas Burke
      Thomas Burke 21 day ago

      lol pewds made the vid as a joke and then a lot of people believed him ya

  • Elvis Presley
    Elvis Presley 22 days ago

    John you have a book
    I use it as a coaster
    Never opened it

  • TMinusBlastedRocket
    TMinusBlastedRocket 22 days ago

    2:55 when random does = funny

  • Prince Sidon
    Prince Sidon 23 days ago

    I spent 24 hours in my own house and NO ONE NOTICED!

  • Šüpęr Kæmīñãtør 64

    U got 1,000,000 views! Can’t wait to get 2,000,000!

  • cool cat club /bigfrog


  • TehSlytherin!
    TehSlytherin! 24 days ago

    *Extremely late #YIAYku
    Just for kicks*
    Why do I even
    Bother watching these strange vids?
    Because I'm THAT bored

  • Sadpants McGee
    Sadpants McGee 25 days ago

    What is a haiku?
    Seriously. I don't know.
    Don't say "Look it up."

  • Electroma 5050
    Electroma 5050 25 days ago

    i accidentaly turned up my volume and i think the whole house heard *_"DOG AIDS!?!?!?"_*

  • Ghenkel 02
    Ghenkel 02 28 days ago

    #yiayku roses are red violets are blue hey girl can I creepily look at you

  • A Brick
    A Brick 28 days ago

    Winter is perfect
    Snowflakes through the air oh look
    Theres a frozen turd

  • Thats Life
    Thats Life 29 days ago

    I don't know a YIAY
    or haiku cause all I do
    Is touch my spaghett

  • Evie Edgell
    Evie Edgell Month ago

    I hated my life
    And had depression because
    School is the worst thing.
    (I actually did have depression because of school)

  • Dream. Spxce
    Dream. Spxce Month ago

    Is this where David Dobrik got his titles?

  • R
    R Month ago

    Forehead is real big
    Alcoholics for the win
    Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack

  • smolbork_42
    smolbork_42 Month ago

    My cat just scratched me
    I just punched it in the nose
    Now I am in jail

  • Charlie Abbott
    Charlie Abbott Month ago

    I went go pee
    And need privacy
    And then I see backdoor for me

  • That MF Dian
    That MF Dian Month ago

    2:27 how the mighty have fallen

  • NomiAnn Harrison
    NomiAnn Harrison Month ago

    Hmm cool

  • jeff jeff
    jeff jeff Month ago

    1 month and 30 days

  • Not Really
    Not Really Month ago

    Not creative enough
    To create a haiku
    Will you feature this?

  • Lauren b
    Lauren b Month ago

    Love how your default voice for reading tweets is Irish lol

  • Neo AR
    Neo AR Month ago

    #YIAYku what's a haiku?

  • Nerdy, Retro, Gaming -

    #yiayku #404
    errors have occurred
    we can't tell you where or why
    lazy programmers

  • Crazed Directioner
    Crazed Directioner Month ago

    Clickbait I need help
    With my cheating horse waifu
    No beastiality

  • Christopher Dehmer
    Christopher Dehmer Month ago

    Le haIkus are Gross
    wHen will TheSe finally end
    WITness cap'tals joHn

    (they spell lightswitch)

  • RadiKalTraZh
    RadiKalTraZh Month ago

    Remember YIAY Live

  • Llama Galore
    Llama Galore Month ago +1

    Lol stop copying Pewdiepie you attention seeking asshole

  • JayBossAwesome
    JayBossAwesome Month ago


  • Jessica Eycpi
    Jessica Eycpi Month ago

    How many times is
    Blue apron gonna sponsor him
    Please let us know #YIAYku

  • S. K.
    S. K. Month ago

    Stop what you're doing
    And subscribe to PewDiePie
    Thank you kind sir

  • S. K.
    S. K. Month ago

    Don't wanna flex
    But Thanos is my daddy
    Don't make me snap
    -What am I doing with my life?-

  • Ches Gacha
    Ches Gacha Month ago

    Big chungus chungus
    chungus dies in infinity war
    I’m not sorry

  • Hugo Nordin
    Hugo Nordin Month ago

    NINJA BANNED MY SHOES (not click bait) *gone wrong*

  • Random Android
    Random Android Month ago

    My clickbait:
    I saw somebody from my last life?? (Not clickbait) (story time)
    Changing my life forever in a day
    Man experimenting on my dog?? (Not clickbait) (story time)
    Drunk sex with a 24 year old?? (Not clickbait) (story time)
    Hide and seek for $5000?? (Not clickbait) (story time)

  • skribbles art
    skribbles art Month ago

    this is so funny haha

  • Emerald the Fox
    Emerald the Fox Month ago

    1:47 jokes on you hater I'm planning on going to college to be a vet and I'm a furry so that story will be true to people :)

  • Dyalb Hsud
    Dyalb Hsud Month ago +1

    U copied pewds

  • Velox
    Velox Month ago

    i know this YIAY is already done but for the "I can't find my shoes" one I would have done: MY $10,000 SHOES WERE STOLEN?! **not clickbait** **emotional** **cops called**

  • Little Brown Fox
    Little Brown Fox Month ago

    My wife took the kids
    I guess I’ll drive off a bridge
    See you in hell b*tch

  • DerpJerd
    DerpJerd Month ago


    that one is so true

  • Holden Finley
    Holden Finley Month ago

    Make a series called " can you clickbait it" or " can it be clicked"

  • Federico Scalise Giussani

    So you are FAKE?!?!?!!!!;!;!!&€"=$&%".*^$€._¿^_*$%gf,htd.gjfltudltizlrhs,utdj.yyd,,htd.gjfltudltizlrhs,utdj.yyd,uts.i"

  • Erika with a k
    Erika with a k Month ago

    Pause at 0:08

  • Compromised Account
    Compromised Account Month ago +1

    I made a haiku
    Look guys I made a haiku
    I'm proud of myself

  • אביב תבור
    אביב תבור Month ago

    Robbers breaking into a house took unbelievable thing (try not to laugh)

  • אביב תבור
    אביב תבור Month ago

    1:22 trolling my dog (goes wrong)

  • I’m Already Tracer
    I’m Already Tracer 2 months ago

    I’m gnot a g-nelf
    I’m gnot a go-o-o-blin
    You have just been gnomed

  • I’m Already Tracer
    I’m Already Tracer 2 months ago +1

    They did surgery
    On a grape it’s so epic
    Wait this meme is dead

  • Fiona Fan
    Fiona Fan 2 months ago

    What’s a haiku

  • just a ravenclaw
    just a ravenclaw 2 months ago

    Baby Shark DO DO

  • Glitter Sparkles 0219
    Glitter Sparkles 0219 2 months ago

    Why did i die laughing in this?

  • MooshPlayz
    MooshPlayz 2 months ago

    Ok so this is late, but i have a great haiku:

    Bird flies through the sky
    Watch him soaring over us
    Splat! That stupid bird!

  • PinkyTae
    PinkyTae 2 months ago

    How do I write Haikus
    Please help me write a Haiku
    Fortnite now costs 10 dollars

  • Rene B.
    Rene B. 2 months ago

    ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants ants.
    Nat Nat.

  • Rene B.
    Rene B. 2 months ago

    No no no no no
    No no no no
    No no no no no #yiayku

  • Babbe
    Babbe 2 months ago +1

    My wife took the kids
    But it is ok because
    I got skull-trouper

  • Crystal De FoX
    Crystal De FoX 2 months ago +2

    Can’t you smell that?
    AH! I think it’s a furry.
    Run out of space? Pfff-

  • Rodney Yun
    Rodney Yun 2 months ago +1

    your a second rate pewdiepie

  • maturechimp
    maturechimp 2 months ago

    What is his twitch name

  • Jeff Fatema
    Jeff Fatema 2 months ago

    #yiayky I have a haiku his name is cauiou once he kissed me then he hit me after that he became a brat all of this made us queasy and also cheesy cauiou died and never survived

  • alisha marie drake
    alisha marie drake 2 months ago

    He sounds like coach Steve

  • egap98
    egap98 2 months ago

    somebody once told me
    the world is gonna roll me
    not sharp tool in shed

  • Anna Cornelius
    Anna Cornelius 2 months ago


  • Pizza Rolls
    Pizza Rolls 2 months ago +1

    why did you put the dog next to the cooking instructions, are you going to eat the dog

  • Cassius Richardson
    Cassius Richardson 2 months ago

    He sounds like coach Steve big mouth

  • Ryan G-P
    Ryan G-P 2 months ago

    Today's video
    Was sponsored by blue apron
    They help you cook good

  • NoProblemCuber SRB
    NoProblemCuber SRB 2 months ago

    Blablablabla sad stuff *voicecrack* DOG AIDS!!1!!1!1!1!!1!1!

  • lil potatoe
    lil potatoe 2 months ago

    My furry party
    Was so lit OMFG
    Wait this isn't Tik Tok?

  • Teen Anxt
    Teen Anxt 2 months ago +1

    More clickbait

  • Victoria Daniel
    Victoria Daniel 2 months ago

    I know how to clickbait a sentence just add