Welcome Home

  • Published on Nov 28, 2019
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    Welcome Home · The Game · Nipsey Hussle
    Born 2 Rap
    ℗ Entertainment One U.S., LP
    Released on: 2019-11-29
    Featured Artist: Nipsey Hussle
    Artist: The Game
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  • leatherface
    leatherface 2 days ago

    0:00 that pharoahe monch-mayor beat

  • Knuckle Game
    Knuckle Game 3 days ago

    OLDER DUDES "STILL" runnin this Rap Sh't!! Undastands ME?! Droppin New hits on the REG!! Hahahaha😁

  • jay solo
    jay solo 4 days ago

    Nipsey nipsey nipsey nipsey nipsey nipsey nipsey nipsey tmc a$i

  • Real Skills
    Real Skills 13 days ago

    🗣 This is for all my Dog's & Loc's gotta stay woke 💯 🙏 🙏 🙏

  • Garre Tindall
    Garre Tindall 16 days ago

    You know when a rapper is really about to spit some real shit when the beat changes. Nip got a bass riff intro and a beat change. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 TMC 🏁🏁💙💙

  • Larry McNutt
    Larry McNutt 18 days ago

    Game, if you read these comments... fix that love with your brother! Family is errthang! Money is not more important than blood.. I don't know the whole story but, if you can fix it, which you can! You a positive figure for the ghetto. Imagine how many brothers are beefing.. you are a voice for the hood niggas! Fix it with Face Game! 100! Love lil HOMIE!! Mafia!!

    GRIMM ZEUS 20 days ago

    Shit got me 😢 man , hard time believing I'll never meet Nip man

  • Jon W.
    Jon W. 21 day ago

    Rip my boy

  • Kelvin Morse
    Kelvin Morse 21 day ago

    Nipsey Hussle 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷🙏🙏😥😥! TMC

  • Dkud627
    Dkud627 28 days ago

    These niggas went so fucking hard🔥🔥🔥

  • N1K3JuzDuzIt96
    N1K3JuzDuzIt96 28 days ago

    Whos quinn shay?

  • black hippy
    black hippy Month ago

    Stepped outta paradise to drop a verse.#resteasynip

  • artoficial
    artoficial Month ago

    In case anyone interested in the original song he sampled, it's "Lamont Dozier - Shine" samle is at around 55sec >>>

  • Josh Tully
    Josh Tully Month ago


  • OG Smoke Bomb
    OG Smoke Bomb Month ago

    Been bumping this shit everyday since i first heard it. LLNH

  • chuck Williams
    chuck Williams Month ago

    One of the last real gangsta rap niggas💯

  • William Xerxes
    William Xerxes Month ago

    Bongo By The Way
    [The Game:]
    I wake up every mornin' on the same shit
    I smoke my wood to the roach, like I ain't rich
    Niggas I used to hang with, is still gang, gang with
    Lamborghini outside but, nigga, that won't change shit
    Same nigga that gave you classic after classic
    Could still chop rock and zip it, plastic after plastic
    Why you think Dr. Dre don't take me on them yachts with 'em?
    Whisperin' to Snoop, "This nigga probably got a Glock with 'em," facts
    Smoke comin' out the 'Rari hood
    Nigga, I could fuck Nicki if Safaree could
    Motivation for all my niggas that's watchin'
    All my niggas from Watts and South Central and Compton
    I wish you could of been a fly on the wall in my dope spot
    Leanin' with it tucked in my drawers and I hope not
    'Cause doin' 25 to life is a roadblock
    Welcome to my last album, Nip, time to close shop
    [Nipsey Hussle:]
    Twenty million dollars actin' broke, nigga (Broke, nigga)
    All you niggas sleep, stay woke, nigga (Work, nigga)
    All my niggas came up sellin' dope, nigga (Dope, nigga)
    Why the fuck you think they call us dope niggas?
    Broken home, broken dreams, no hope, nigga (No hope, nigga)
    Why the fuck you think we sellin' dope, niggas? (Dope, niggas)
    This for all my dawgs and my locs', nigga (Locs', nigga)
    Gotta get our neck up out these ropes, nigga (Ropes, nigga)
    [The Game:]
    Fire to the spoon put you on the moon
    Make America Great Again? You a fuckin' coon
    And you niggas wonder why I'm unenthused?
    'Cause hard bottoms trump runnin' shoes
    And the less you know, the longer you live
    And the more you know, they tappin' your crib
    My niggas that say they got shot and actually did
    Who never thought what happened to Pac would happen to B.I.G?
    What happened to L, what happened to Proof, and Jam Jay though?
    Hip-hop'll lean on you, R.I.P. to Fredo
    Young niggas stay woke, old niggas stay woke
    It's rainin' hollow tips, I'm drippin' in this Gucci raincoat
    Security won't pat me, niggas won't at me
    Same nigga that saved the West with a bald head and some khakis
    Watchin' Kendrick show while Top Dawg dap me
    This my last album, muhfucker, I hope you happy
    [Nipsey Hussle:]
    Twenty million dollars actin' broke, nigga (Broke, nigga)
    All you niggas sleep, stay woke, nigga (Work, nigga)
    All my niggas came up sellin' dope, nigga (Dope, nigga)
    Why the fuck you think they call us dope niggas?
    Broken home, broken dreams, no hope, nigga (No hope, nigga)
    Why the fuck you think we sellin' dope, niggas? (Dope, niggas)
    This for all my dawgs and my locs', nigga (Locs', nigga)
    Gotta get our neck up out these ropes, nigga (Ropes, nigga)
    This shit's over
    Say this your last shit, I don't believe you, Chuck
    I remember L.A.X., nigga
    Bring that beat back for me though, I gotta say somethin'
    Yeah, Chuck, what up?
    I was like, 'Fuck rap music', I'm gon' rob me a bank
    Starvin' artists ain't my style, that shit'll drive me insane
    Gave my mind to these millions and my heart to the game
    Probably die up in these streets but I survive through my name
    Every nigga 'round me killers and I doubt it'd change
    If the police get behind us, we go out with a bang
    Early 2000s, Murder Inc. was a shame
    We was sayin' bullets got no names
    Nigga we was charismatic on these corners like 2Pac on stage
    But, fuck a dream if it's not gon' pay
    You feel me?
    White socks, hat with my Glock on waist
    Couldn't tell me I was not O'Shea
    Posted at the Quick 'N Split, don't get caught on tape
    'Cause they put them cameras up since they shot Quinn Shay
    Chuck, I remember your white Range
    Slauson Ave., ran up on you, gave you my mixtape
    [The Game:]
    Twenty million dollars actin' broke, nigga
    All you niggas sleep, stay woke, nigga
    All my niggas came up sellin' dope, nigga
    Why the fuck you think they call us dope nigga?
    Broken home, broken dreams, no hope, nigga
    Why the fuck you think we sellin' dope, nigga?
    This for all my dawgs and my locs', nigga
    Gotta get our neck up out these ropes, nigga

  • Moises Alvarado
    Moises Alvarado Month ago +1

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Rnp nipsey

  • N M
    N M Month ago

    Rest up Nipsey 🙏🏾🏁💙🇪🇷

  • Ronald Petters
    Ronald Petters Month ago

    LYNWOOD 211ST...this shit slap fool!! 😎😎😎😎

  • Khaos King
    Khaos King Month ago

    Classic 🏁🏁🏁 Why you think Dr. Dre don't take me on them yachts with 'em?
    Whisperin' to Snoop, "This nigga probably got a Glock with 'em," facts!

  • Warren London
    Warren London Month ago

    Mannnn! 😫This shit gave me Goosebumps! 😖Especially When Nipsey started talking!
    💯Too Real 🙏🏾✨🏁

  • Tyreek Taylor
    Tyreek Taylor Month ago

    The Game & Nip straight bars

  • Westside Radio
    Westside Radio Month ago


  • Fa Mu
    Fa Mu Month ago

    Did anyone notice the low key yg diss in game’s verse?

  • Willis Gaines
    Willis Gaines Month ago

    This shiit HOT! 🔥

  • Young Tula
    Young Tula Month ago

    Fuck wack 100

  • Pda Lxndr
    Pda Lxndr Month ago

    game rulez...

  • 605ryder r_
    605ryder r_ Month ago

    0:48 ihear sum Triple X ...f_ck yea
    Rip XXX

  • muminium
    muminium Month ago

    He's a live! 🔥

  • Pat NoNonsense
    Pat NoNonsense Month ago

    RIP Nipsey Hussle 🔥🔥🔥

  • The Human Journey
    The Human Journey Month ago

    I thought this was the coheed and Cambodia song 😂

    • mase L
      mase L Month ago

      Guess u cant read

  • Mike Powell
    Mike Powell Month ago +1

    Probably get killed in these streets & LIVE BY MY NAME -Nipsey🔵Hussle🙏🏾👑🦁👌🏿🏴🏳🏁 ALL💲ℹn💪🏾

  • Shina Shina
    Shina Shina Month ago +1

    3:04 When nip goes off. Absolutely touching 👌🏾🙌🏾 🏁

  • Fuk Opps
    Fuk Opps Month ago

    This is real rap!! Straight fire 🤧🤧this won’t get plays but Travis scott wack ass autotone will get more views then all thiss 💀👎🏻👎🏻

  • Jonas Habte
    Jonas Habte Month ago

    Fuck a dream if it's not gonna pay

  • Charlton Karelse
    Charlton Karelse Month ago


  • C Note
    C Note Month ago

    Omg thank you Dr. Dre for polishing this classic... Them guitars and snare is crystal clear... Alot of greatness on one joint... On yeah props to Bongo also

  • Seth Voisine
    Seth Voisine Month ago

    Compton legend. SLAUSON LEGEND LA legend. Cali legend matter fuckin fact WEST COAST LEGENDS BOTH NIP AND GAME

  • JrsonMuzik
    JrsonMuzik Month ago +2

    When Nip verse came on it made a nigguh feel like the voice of God was coming thru the speakers breh. Got goose bumps when he said “prolly die up in these streets but imma live off my name” .long live Nip breh

    • JrsonMuzik
      JrsonMuzik Month ago +1

      Shina Shina facts. It’s spooky how woke n aware he was. His flesh was just God given us somethin to relate to and ultimately learn from. Just sux he had to leave for us as a whole to realize how much he really meant to our people.

    • Shina Shina
      Shina Shina Month ago +1

      JrsonMuzik I kept replying both of nip parts over and over! I fully agree! I Neva new how woke nip was until the sebi documentary was brought up. He was hood af as well as WOKE af!

  • Danni Skelding
    Danni Skelding Month ago

    Real recognizes real all I'm going to say r.i.p nipsey 💯💯💯

  • M. Rose
    M. Rose Month ago

    Sign my lil cuzzins. Sop Marco nnem

  • Corry Stemley
    Corry Stemley Month ago +3

    White Sox hat with my glock on waist you couldn’t tell me I was not Oshay (Ice Cube) 🔥🔥🔥

  • wrightterence680
    wrightterence680 Month ago


  • Stubbla
    Stubbla Month ago +2

    2 of my all time favourites

  • Jus Blaze
    Jus Blaze Month ago +1

    Literally teared up when Nip part kicked in. RIP KING...

  • abel tekle
    abel tekle Month ago +1

    Am in tears ,who say men not cry? dop album R.i.P nip.

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla Month ago

    All the women in the album cover , got pregnat through this song😂

  • Lam P
    Lam P Month ago

    Damn when nip said he might die in these streets it took me back to March 31,2019 3:25pm when my mama said "did u know this rapper" and showed me on her phone and it was nip I was like "somebody killed Nipsey Hussle" fuck!!!! 🙏 Nipsey Hussle

  • Ivan Brown
    Ivan Brown Month ago +1

    "Probably die in these streets... But I'll survive through my name." ~ Nipsey Hussle
    Very eerie and prophetic.

  • The Riddle XL
    The Riddle XL Month ago +1

    Es increíble la energía en la voz y las brutales letras de Nipsey, te revienta todo la consciencia de manera positiva, hasta te levanta, mas allá de si estas volando por aquel churro que siempre se prende cuando se identifica un clásico al instante como también paso con 'They roll'' y de repente al terminar la canción quisieras cambiar al mundo a través de la energía sentida que dejo Nip en su legado ¡ESO ES MÚSICA CHINGA!! . La que no solo se escucha, sino la que se siente...
    Gracias por otro clásico game!
    It's incredible the energy in Nipsey's voice and his brutal lyrics, all consciousness bursts you in a positive way, it even lifts you up, beyond if you are high for the blunts, that herb who always turns on when a classic is instantly identified as it also happened with 'They roll' and suddenly at the end of the song you would like to change the world through the felt energy who left Nip in his legacy, and fuck... THAT'S MUSIC!! . The one that is not just heard, but feels...
    Thanks for another classic game!

  • Twitter Tv
    Twitter Tv Month ago

    Nipsey was more then a LEGEND..GOD. TEIR

  • Holy
    Holy Month ago


  • Michael Gebrelibanos

    this fire

  • Jayden Burris
    Jayden Burris Month ago

    R.I.P Nip fly high king👑

  • Jay T2
    Jay T2 Month ago

    This is a true classic !!! Game I thank you for coming so sick on this one!! God bless the east African legend nipsey hussle you made me and so many others proud!! So fly in
    Heaven my brother

  • Airmaxx
    Airmaxx Month ago


  • XantoS441
    XantoS441 Month ago

    Welcome...welcome back home baby...haunting verse by Nipsey...rest in paradise. The Marathon Continues !

  • Victor Phlame
    Victor Phlame Month ago

    Much love Game
    If this is really the last then am gonna miss u..

  • Joe Owens
    Joe Owens Month ago