Clean Comedy Show

  • Published on Apr 2, 2017
  • Watch these four comedians -
    Mike B Dapper 3:30
    Keith Curtis 14:12
    Keith Ellis 24:13
    Isaac The Magician 50:06
    I video recorded this event on March 5th, 2016. If you're interested in viewing their current comedy acts, go to their website at

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  • Kxng Shadow
    Kxng Shadow 7 months ago +2

    Don't use sleeping apps... Just listen to this

  • A Taylor
    A Taylor 8 months ago

    Welcome Back Kotter.

  • Gro Soulie Tipie
    Gro Soulie Tipie 9 months ago

    The last guy was funny.

  • Laverne Summers
    Laverne Summers 10 months ago

    The producer should not have introduced the first guy after he bombed.

  • Brandi Gipson
    Brandi Gipson 11 months ago

    The first guy (the black guy) was pretty good.

  • Harry Musgrave
    Harry Musgrave 11 months ago

    Let me rephrase that. My girlfriend can't wrestle, but you got to see her box.

  • Harry Musgrave
    Harry Musgrave 11 months ago

    I want to see her box.

  • bass Booster
    bass Booster Year ago

    That slow fall was hilarious😂. Everyone did good but they will be even better as time progresses. i watched until the end and i enjoyed it. Every comedian made me smile and laugh

  • Wenli Pang
    Wenli Pang Year ago

    umm nice try

  • #1 person
    #1 person Year ago +1

    This isn't the worst, but it's not something I'd pay to see. $7 isn't bad for this low-grade humour. But I'd rather not pay at all if it was this bad.

  • Paul D
    Paul D Year ago

    The material was not bad, the delivery was awful.

  • Sae Tae
    Sae Tae Year ago +1

    That audience is savage😂😂😂

  • Dre Day
    Dre Day Year ago

    OH this was painfully boring!

  • John Joyce
    John Joyce Year ago

    Absolutely terrible, I hope they have real jobs. I think the audience were locked in.

  • UpRoaryus
    UpRoaryus Year ago +1

    wow. Painful.

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago +2

    Where is this taking place?. The stage is a 10ft box. This whole thing was just bad. Cringey comedy for over an hour

  • Awesome Person
    Awesome Person Year ago +7

    i only laughed at the dry eyes joke. second guy i basically skipped completely through, his pauses are annoyingly too long and oddly placed.

    • regina simpson
      regina simpson Year ago

      i feel he was literally counting to five in his head. lol

  • Bud Leiser
    Bud Leiser Year ago

    Mike Dapper has a good video on youtube, but it's dirty not clean.
    Keith Curtis has some good material but the delivery is off. Don't give up Keith, keep working on it or become a comedy writer. Good luck. (PS that crowd is too small and quiet!)

    • John Joyce
      John Joyce Year ago

      some of the audience escaped, lucky them. good material should work with any size audience , they were lacking even mediocre material

  • Simerr
    Simerr Year ago +1

    The Mexican one is garbage

  • Fern Zandstra
    Fern Zandstra Year ago +11

    The audience is tough.They probably need some drinks.

  • Amanda Rodriguez
    Amanda Rodriguez Year ago

    Hey stop talking😡

  • Shwift McDick
    Shwift McDick Year ago +11

    it's hard to do clean comedy

    • jeremy eaton
      jeremy eaton Month ago

      Not if you're actually funny

    • Heartwing Arts
      Heartwing Arts 3 months ago

      No, you just have to be funny! Some of the funniest stand up I’ve ever seen was clean, but they had good material. This is not good material!

    • #1 person
      #1 person Year ago

      I do believe that it's much much harder to MAKE A LIVING at clean comedy. 'Clean' comedians aren't invited to nearly as many venues and the venues they are able to get into usually dont pay as much.
      One prob, I see, is that there are a lot of 'clean' comedians (meaning those who don't swear/cuss and don't promote drug use, etc) but aren't necessarily christian-promoting.
      Paula Poundstone is clean, as far as I've seen & can remember. I follow her on Wait, Wait on NPR and rent her videos and watch her YT.
      TheWriteWalker will LOVE this one: She's asexual. So no fear of promoting of 'fornication'.
      BUT, she's an atheist. So in christian lingo, she would not be 'clean'.
      I haven't heard her condemn any belief system, but I have heard her say occasionally, in her appearances, that she doesn't believe in god. She doesn't make jokes about religion or non-religion. Basically, it's just a fact that she doesn't dwell on in in her work.
      But this is another hold-back for her. Some people like the sex jokes and some people like the anti-belief jokes. Some people like the jokes that are anti-anti-belief. And definitely in the 'clean' comedy, the audience wants some godly message in the skit.
      It definitely is much harder to make a living at 'clean' comedy because of all of the above.
      In other words, if thinking about getting into 'clean comedy, my advice is this→Don't quit your day job.
      Buy if you would, check out Michael Jr. He was even on a TEDTalk. He's clean~~in the Christian sense~~but the lessons in his skits can be applied to believers and non-believers.
      He has somehow found an 'in' in the world of comedians.
      I don't know if he makes enough money to pay the bills. He's married. His wife might have to work too to get the mortgage paid. But he's making it as far as a comedian can these days. The media pie has been sliced so thin with the advent of cable and internet that any one performer (actor/comedian/whatever) can't become as rich or famous anymore.

    • i .candy
      i .candy Year ago +3

      Shwift McDick No it’s not

  • TheSamttatze
    TheSamttatze Year ago +4

    wow... there truly is some great clean comedy out there... this sadly wasnt the one i speak about :/ i stopped at 26 minutes though so i dont know if it got funny at some point...

    • glock29sf
      glock29sf Year ago +1

      TheSamttatze it didn't.

  • TheGeneral
    TheGeneral Year ago +19

    At least they tried...

  • Rrek
    Rrek Year ago


  • TheWriterWalker
    TheWriterWalker Year ago +4

    "Me and my girlfriend just had a daughter." Clean comedy...? I do respect the program's goal, though.

    • #1 person
      #1 person Year ago

      I notice you keep ignoring the other commandments (you were the one that insisted I should use the capital letter when talking about the Great 10) that I point out. The ones that are way more important than sexuality, yet keep getting ignored by humans.
      Thank you for finally conceding that I'm right. Yes, humans have been mastering sex and sexuality on their own without laws governing. It's only when the laws~~both societal and legal~~come into play that it gets all messed up. [Think clitoridectomy and other forms of genitalia mutilation, the 'proving sheet', honor killing of rape victims & women who refuse to participate in forced marriage. All this condoned over the previous generations by the bible]
      It's when humans come in with scientific studies and research that we learn that most female virgins DON'T bleed when they have sex. Genetalia mutilation is very harmful and often kills women. Arranged marriage does the opposite of what it intends to promote~~which is a stable household. And birth control makes for a much more stable household than having numerous kids that one cannot possibly mentally or physically afford~~too many kids always leads to child abuse.
      SO thank you for admitting that you were wrong. I appreciate that. Even though you seem to be very passionate about the sexuality part of human nature and not the other parts, like gluttony and sloth, anger and hate. These, IMO, are much more dangerous than human lust.

    • TheWriterWalker
      TheWriterWalker Year ago

      #1 person, you sound a bit, uh, passionate about this, so maybe I should concede the battle and just say what you obviously wanted to hear when you leapt onto my post and scorned Christians for daring to condemn immoral behavior: You're right! There should be no laws governing sexual behavior! Humans are, after all, quite capable of mastering sex and sexuality without any wise human or higher power dictating matters in that regard. (Are you OK with that?)
      Oh, and the capital "c" for commandment is used only when you use it as a proper noun. Remember that grammar command?

    • #1 person
      #1 person Year ago

      You just keep on the pre-marital sex rant and forget all the other Commandments (remembered to use the capital 'C' this time) you are disobeying.
      The definition of each individual word has transformed over the generations, depending on the morals of the secular world at the time.
      Solomon "in all his [promiscuous] glory" Matt. 6:29 . . . . had a multitude of wives and girlfriends. He had a haram and a concubine.
      Yet bible scholars of yesteryear AND today uphold this man as someone so admirable that he should even have a book in the bible promoting his loose ways!
      Did you realize that 300 years of slavery was condoned by most pulpit-preachers via biblical texts? Not jyust slavery, but life-threatening violence towards slaves: Ex. 21:21~~If a man strikes his male or female servant with a rod, and the servant dies by his hand, he shall surely be punished. However, if the slave gets up after a day or two, the owner shall not be punished, since the slave is his property.
      And since you want to ignore all this and stick with what you refer to as sexual perversion, I'll do that.
      How many bible verses have you read that condone rape of women?
      IN the OT, time and time again the women of defeated cities of war~~lumped in the the 'spoils of the city'~~were allowed to be taken in as concubine of any of the soldiers.
      Also, women who were raped were forced to be married to their rapist~~Deut. 22:23
      Now I KNOW you, like all other biblical scholars, will blow off these verses with some modern excuse of 'it doesn't mean what it says, it REALLY means [enter absurd explanation here].
      And then you'll go back to the 'premarital sex is a form of fornication' thing, even though Websters doesn't include pre-marital sex as a form of fornication.
      Why are you sticking to the modern definitions of some words and playing loose-and-free with others? Why not just admit that the bible is not to be used as iron-fist laws and simply as a guideline for healthy society?
      I mean, I'm sure you eat the flesh of the cloven-hooved animal that does not only shew cud. I'm suyre you eat the flesh of the animal that does chew only cyd buyt DOESN'T have a clear cloven hoof~~Lev. 11 & Deut. 14. If you eat pork, you are going against god's will.
      TBH, with today's modern farm practices, ALL commercially-raised animals would not fit the definition of meeting the requirements stated in the bible.
      All in all, just admit that you pick and choose which rules of the bible you will decide to follow. Or just admit that the bible has a lot of inaccuracies and contradictions (you ever read the first two chapters of Genesis? You notice the differences in the story of the order of creation?) and should just be taken as a handbook instead of a serious hard-core truth. I can respect both views. I use the Gita as a guide. I don't take it as a factual book with hard and fast commandments. And I never use it to point out what I perceive as the wrong-doings of others.
      AAMOF, I no longer have hard-and-fast rules about what's right or wrong. That nonsense is for juveniles. I know for a fact that we're all doing the best we can with what we have. And none of us have much to work with.

    • TheWriterWalker
      TheWriterWalker Year ago

      Believe it or not, when people have sex before marriage, they have already weakened something between them--trust, respect, maybe--because each knows that, when it comes down to obeying God's Word or following one's passions, the other mate is willing to put flesh above God.
      This doesn't mean one can't have a fulfilling marriage after premarital sex--obviously, that is not true--but there is always a powerful, even if unknown reason God tells us to do or not to do anything.
      I look at my own life and know that because I haven't always done things God's way in the sex department, I have suffered in some ways. However, when I do conform to His sexual standards, I thrive and receive obvious blessings (seriously!). And I don't obey Him perfectly--not at all. Even to this day I have a particular struggle I am not always defeating. But I keep trying. That's all God asks us to do. To keep sincerely trying.

    • TheWriterWalker
      TheWriterWalker Year ago

      PART TWO (of my response):
      "FLEE FROM FORNICATION. Any other sin that a man commits is outside of his body, but he who commits fornication is sinning against his own body." (1 Cor. 6:18-20) Sounds like a command--with an explanation--to me.
      (I use capital letters not to shout at you but to capture the eye of someone who may only skim my long response.)
      "Let marriage be honorable among all, and the marriage bed be without defilement, for GOD WILL JUDGE FORNICATORS AND ADULTERERS." (Hebrews 13:4) The command here is to honor marriage. How? A clue is found in the end of the verse. Obviously, we honor the marriage bed by not committing adultery, but also by not committing fornication--premarital sex, extramarital sex, any sex that is not divinely-approved sex.
      "Now I say to the unmarried and the widows: It is good for them to say unmarried, as I am. But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for IT IS BETTER TO MARRY THAN TO BURN WITH PASSION." (Hebrews 7:8-9) Here, unmarried Christians are told to control their lust not by engaging in premarital sex but by getting married.

  • Johanna N
    Johanna N Year ago +9

    I respect that they have the guts to go on a stage and risk making fools of themselves. I know I wouldn't... Keep it up guys!

  • ILoveMyOrchids
    ILoveMyOrchids Year ago +9

    Really, REALLY bad. They should work on their material.

  • kryvian
    kryvian Year ago +5

    these are some self entitled comments

  • Grace Karadza
    Grace Karadza Year ago +1


  • comfortouch
    comfortouch Year ago +58

    I want my $7. back, ...and I didn't even go.

  • Softball_#55
    Softball_#55 Year ago +2

    Wow this is boring...

  • ter8
    ter8 2 years ago +1

    uh at a church? 1st off they don't sound alive 2nd u said your gf not wife had a baby so :/

  • Bboy Academy
    Bboy Academy 2 years ago +1

    layyyame. Laughing at your own jokes defuses the joke.

  • Greshen Gaines
    Greshen Gaines 2 years ago

    It is clean

  • Shannon Jelks
    Shannon Jelks 2 years ago

    Bad magician

  • Shannon Jelks
    Shannon Jelks 2 years ago +6