23 JOBS OF THE FUTURE (and jobs that have no future)

  • Published on Dec 3, 2018
  • A lot of jobs are getting automated, this video talks about what would be in high demand in the next 5-10 years.
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    The jobs with the brightest future - www.forbes.com/pictures/efkk45fmhd/the-jobs-with-the-brightest-future-2
    11 really cool jobs that don’t exist today, but will soon - www.monster.com/career-advice/article/cool-future-jobs
    he 12 Coolest IT Jobs of the Future - www.glassdoor.com/blog/it-jobs-of-the-future/
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  • linguamarina
    linguamarina  Year ago +483

    In your opinion, which jobs will be in high demand in the next 5-10 years?

    • John Spinelli
      John Spinelli Day ago


    • Mohamed Hilowle
      Mohamed Hilowle 3 days ago

      21 century every business it will be network marketing digital.

    • film wiz
      film wiz 4 days ago

      @DISEÑO Industrial no PRODUCT design yes. and YES theres a difference.

    • Tanmay Jyothis
      Tanmay Jyothis 5 days ago


    • Charles Martel
      Charles Martel 7 days ago

      Anything that demoralizes society will thrive. Marijuana, alcohol, etc....

  • honey g
    honey g 14 hours ago

    My age is 21 am very tired because I dnt choose field in his life
    Qualification is ICS and next beat field fr me ?But I am.poor man

  • manoj yadav
    manoj yadav 17 hours ago

    But we never talked about supply chain management

  • manoj yadav
    manoj yadav 17 hours ago

    Sorry but
    You can't say low level job

  • Griefmaker
    Griefmaker 2 days ago

    something big will come in 2020 !

  • Bibi Tech Videos
    Bibi Tech Videos 2 days ago

    As always one more great video. Microsoft Azure will be huge. There are many components to it. You might want to add to your future video. Thanks and love from Texas.

  • Luis Fernando Silva
    Luis Fernando Silva 3 days ago

    Translators are, by now, much better than A.I.

  • ankita ahuja
    ankita ahuja 4 days ago

    What about digital Marketing??

  • film wiz
    film wiz 4 days ago

    peopl this is about the MOST DEMAND JOBS. Jobs that you can make A CRAP TON OF MONEY DOING. Yes there will be a lot of other jobs but the $$$$$$ wont come.

  • Fly High
    Fly High 5 days ago

    With this list humans would disappear. We need more environmental scientists. And btw you can’t judge everything by San Francisco because a lot of countries and even states here are way far behind

  • Kirt Watts
    Kirt Watts 5 days ago

    There are lots of courses for drone operator.

  • Ramir Enriquez
    Ramir Enriquez 5 days ago

    key is relearning and being accepting of changes

  • abdullah naveed
    abdullah naveed 6 days ago

    What about digital marketing? Do you think it has a bright future.

  • intense0excellent
    intense0excellent 7 days ago

    "we'll lose a lot of bottom end jobs to automation, but will have a lot of room for creativity*"
    * = The top 10% of people that are super badass at sales / programming, and others will be left in the dirt.

  • Idk Jul
    Idk Jul 7 days ago

    You forgot the trades like Electricians they’re not going away anytime soon

  • Kiara Ortiz Hernandez

    Woah your intro. First time watching you. Subscribed.

  • Johnathan Trejo
    Johnathan Trejo 9 days ago

    Andrew Yang 2020

  • Viviana Silva
    Viviana Silva 9 days ago


  • Vishal Chaudhary
    Vishal Chaudhary 10 days ago

    Dear maim i need job..And I have 6years experience in Eveready company as a supervisor & order picker and present in India. I have 2years experience in ssecurity guard & 4 years experience in Oman Gulf Country ... as a order picker lorial item & branded perfumes & Maybelline cosmetic item's & 6years experience in city laundry as a laundry manager I am looking for work and want his visa ... Can answer me. ....

  • Feras Dahalan
    Feras Dahalan 11 days ago

    Great and informative video although i do agree with a comment below that this video is not for the developing world. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ravi Jayasuriya
    Ravi Jayasuriya 12 days ago


  • D N
    D N 13 days ago

    but design becomes sadly often also very automated, there is a new program for example which automatically produces logos fully useful, very nice in high quality

  • Mmp Patel
    Mmp Patel 13 days ago

    Which is the best country name and best job after 5 to 10 years name ?

  • Aniyah Lyszt
    Aniyah Lyszt 16 days ago

    She thinks food industry and sales will be in demand....YEAH. BECAUSE NOBODY WANTS TO BE PAID MINIMUM WAGES FOR SHIT TREATMENT!!! 😂

  • Jafar Temirov
    Jafar Temirov 16 days ago +1

    I think Software Developer, in short IT technology field is the most demanding , also would be in future

  • Jannatul Ferdous
    Jannatul Ferdous 20 days ago

    Do you want any dress art design??? I want a job i want to work with u plz help me....

  • Nur Ahmed
    Nur Ahmed 20 days ago

    will you marry me? 😍😍

  • New Watchmen Ministry
    New Watchmen Ministry 24 days ago


  • Zhirou Yoshikage
    Zhirou Yoshikage 28 days ago +1

    i don’t like where our world is going, but i’m amazed by it

  • Ketana Rose
    Ketana Rose 29 days ago

    Machines are Ai why would you want robots controlling.

  • Ketana Rose
    Ketana Rose 29 days ago

    Your stupid.

  • Syed Harif Fayaz
    Syed Harif Fayaz 29 days ago

    10:10 wtf did I just hear!

  • Julia Victoria
    Julia Victoria Month ago

    She says education is in demand while teaches on average make very little money and usually don’t have skills to bring their curriculum online themselves- while as a data analyst I make an excellent income. Go figure. Lol I’d like to see the sources she viewed for this video - especially ones that don’t include her personal bias.

  • Sean Johnstone
    Sean Johnstone Month ago

    what trassssh you are you jumped up asshole. thanks

  • autumn channle
    autumn channle Month ago

    thank you for the great information! I am from Sabah, Malaysia

  • Nabukeera susaniza
    Nabukeera susaniza Month ago

    This list will be valid in my Uganda the pearl of Africa in 2500 and above except for medicine of course

  • Roger Pugh
    Roger Pugh Month ago

    great outlook unless the bubble pops and the economy crashes then we are all job less and penniless

  • Ripped Rick
    Ripped Rick Month ago +11

    Everyone is A SALESMAN

  • Shaikh Wahab
    Shaikh Wahab Month ago


  • Hakem Hassan
    Hakem Hassan Month ago +1

    And what about PR&Marketin ? On future

  • Seyed Morteza Mahmoudi

    Any job that needs brain will thrive

  • Samil Dilshan
    Samil Dilshan Month ago +1

    How is the telecommunication job demand

  • Choudhry Umer
    Choudhry Umer Month ago

    *Doctor (Medicine Technology)
    *Engineer ( Artificial Intellegence)
    *Environmentalist ( Biologist, Botanist, Climate Change)

  • booger king
    booger king Month ago +1

    Too bad in the future, people will not have enough jobs so less money to spend on fancy restaurant so cook or chef is out too since mass produced food made by robots will be the future

  • Suraj Tiwari
    Suraj Tiwari Month ago


  • Khrievilie Seyie
    Khrievilie Seyie Month ago

    Very productive information
    Thanks, n yeah keep providing more..

  • Doris White
    Doris White Month ago

    Interesting. Thank you.

  • Education Video channel

    How many types of jobs might be emerged in the Asia market after 10 to 20 years?

  • Education Video channel

    How many professions in the world, current era?

  • Education Video channel

    Excellent video

  • Artur Markowski
    Artur Markowski Month ago

    I believe, when PC culture will grow up to 80%, there will be huge money being paid for laborer who will want to paint your home, doing plumbing job or tide your garden....

  • Mister Burgundy
    Mister Burgundy Month ago

    Poor pigs 😢

  • diegofrgc
    diegofrgc Month ago +2

    Doesn't matter what you study. You WILL thrive if you are bloody good at it. Only menial jobs and entry positions will be eliminated.

    • Places N Things
      Places N Things Month ago

      Very true. Specialized jobs will always have a need in the market

  • G D
    G D Month ago

    Humans will always be searching for Something to Believe In that's why all these scams like the Law of Attraction and organized religions will never be replaced by artificial intelligence

  • Kreo
    Kreo Month ago

    What is gay and not afraid of letting people know??

    Please tell me, cause i dont know..

  • Kreo
    Kreo Month ago

    I just wanna say one thing..

    *Read more*

  • Tanya Sharma jailwal

    Hello, Can someone clarify me with this one. ."No future for jobs like data entry and data analysis" i understand why data entry is here on this list but I am confused when you add the term data analysis. Does this relate to Business Intelligence/ Business analytics or data science and big data? Do you mean data scientists have no future? I want to study a bachelor's degree in data science. Please tell me what's right?

  • paul potato
    paul potato Month ago

    hate ai

  • Mike Sales
    Mike Sales Month ago

    you look so fake

  • English Loop
    English Loop Month ago

    The talk on creativity being an exclusive trait to humans is no longer true. AI is slowly learn to create.