Eddie & The Hot Rods - Do Anything You Wanna Do

  • Published on Nov 23, 2006
  • From the Marc Show
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  • Mad Mac 66
    Mad Mac 66 3 months ago

    Damn that bass player is a way cool mo fo

  • Georg Sperlbaum
    Georg Sperlbaum 6 months ago

    Got to know this brilliant song in May 1977 on German radio station WDR 2. Heard it - liked it!

  • Paul Atkin
    Paul Atkin 7 months ago

    But have you listened to the bass line? Genius.

  • Tazz Houghton
    Tazz Houghton 7 months ago

    Some times that's how you feel

  • Mark L sixtyseven
    Mark L sixtyseven 9 months ago

    Bass player looks familiar

  • Amanda Wilson
    Amanda Wilson 10 months ago

    Steve Wright in the afternoons favourite song ever

  • coochan24
    coochan24 11 months ago +6

    pub rock movement made london punk movement

      ECCENTRICERIC69 Month ago

      More like Essex pub rock! Dr Feelgood and Ian Dury top Essex pub bands.

    • THOTH
      THOTH 6 months ago +1


  • Ashra Tempel
    Ashra Tempel Year ago

    Great song! Never get old.

  • wade redelinghuys
    wade redelinghuys Year ago +1

    Watch the Eddie and the hot rods conspiracy with Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin. Claimed Page cursed them into not making it big

  • Jacira Sanches Sanches

    Muito bom !

  • Richard Brighton
    Richard Brighton Year ago

    under rated band... not quite a punk band, but they are nearer to Punk then a lot of bands... I love Teenage Depression... now that is a punk song, if there ever was one...

  • Pascal ÓMathghamhna

    I like this, as I did in 70/80's.

  • Jimmy Bood
    Jimmy Bood Year ago +10

    I'm 23 years old I'd rather listen to this than whatever's no.1 in the charts now 60's 70's 80's music had character you could relate to that's why in my opinion they are the greatest generations of music my 12 week old son will be listening to this and the likes when he's my age I'll make sure of it

    • El Enmascarado
      El Enmascarado 2 months ago

      Working class anthem. Check out the oppressed cover of this song.

  • William Fisher
    William Fisher 2 years ago +5

    top song

  • MikeBlitzMag
    MikeBlitzMag 2 years ago +6

    If Bill Haley and the Comets' Rock Around The Clock is the anthem of the 1950s, and the Rolling Stones' (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction is the anthem of the 1960s, then this 1977 monster classic is arguably the anthem of the 1970s. It absolutely hit the spot at that time, and forty years after the fact remains absolutely undiminished in its power, precision and ability to inspire. Pure genius.

  • Thomas Alber
    Thomas Alber 2 years ago

    Yeah...should be pop...but hey that's popular music, not dissing the kids today but cmon, do they see what is real, or some plastic crap???

  • Thomas Alber
    Thomas Alber 2 years ago

    Pub rock...yep...any thing like this produced today??? No...way, CLASSIC!!! P.s legalise drugs.

  • Vermillion 303
    Vermillion 303 2 years ago

    Love that Paul Gray has added loads of notes to the bassline since this song was first recorded.

  • Dimension Seven official

    Jimmy page brought me here.

  • pompeypaul
    pompeypaul 2 years ago

    The singer looks like a Jagger wannabee but he hasn't got an ounce of Mick's talent

  • Spectrescup
    Spectrescup 2 years ago +4

    the British version of Dont Stop Believing.

      PHFFATT KCOBRAA 2 years ago

      Got ya.

    • Spectrescup
      Spectrescup 2 years ago

      +Forrester Marloe its a joke.A patriotic one at that.
      (tbf it doesn't necessarily read as as a joke)

      PHFFATT KCOBRAA 2 years ago +1

      Spectrescup Nooo! No way! Punk will always be better than any other music forms and that's a fact! You can never compare weak rock to this.

  • Tim Neave
    Tim Neave 2 years ago +1

    This man still has my tobacco in his pocket... Love this song. And Life on the Line....

  • SEADiablo
    SEADiablo 3 years ago +2

    Anyone listening to this song for the FIRST time go elsewhere.,
    Awful version, can;t hear any part of the band clearly.

    • thefutureispast 58
      thefutureispast 58 Year ago

      zazz63 this is from Marc Bolans show but your right, live vocals and backing track, which has been rerecorded.The Bolan show had a mixture from totally live to totally mimed, I think it was something to do with union rules about time. That's why Bolans song with David Bowie got cut short on the last show.
      No Dave Higgs on guitar was he out of the band already?

    • zazz63
      zazz63 2 years ago

      actually i will refine my comment ...on second view i realised whats going on here ...its a desk mix of the band minus the vocals...i think this was a bbc totp phase to do with the music union where you couldnt totally mime it ...so the vocals are indeed live with some double tracking from the original on the chorus ...hence the original comment being partially correct ...however i still think this sounds ok.....one of the best pop songs ever!

    • Vermillion 303
      Vermillion 303 2 years ago

      Definitely miming. The guitars have no leads.

    • zazz63
      zazz63 2 years ago

      But they are miming to their record?

  • koko bill
    koko bill 3 years ago +2

    Pub Rock Forever!

  • Knightwood Calendar
    Knightwood Calendar 3 years ago +7

    First band I ever saw live - with Squeeze as support. In hindsight it looks like the lovechild of Mick Jagger and the the Bay City Rollers. Sounds OK though.

    • attymarco
      attymarco 7 months ago

      Saw them at the Marquee when the Pistols supported them. Turned into a near riot.

  • Timothy Goss
    Timothy Goss 3 years ago +3

    Yes! We used to play this in my old band. People would always ask who did that great song? Good stuff.

    • Karl Hodgetts
      Karl Hodgetts 5 months ago

      Same thing used to happen when the band I sang in ever did this great song ...great chord change

  • ActionHank75
    ActionHank75 3 years ago

    These wanks are jade as fuck.

  • allBS 2050
    allBS 2050 3 years ago +1

    Marvellous!!! I can almost smell the urban decay of the 70s when people still had a spirit of independence if not a mind.

  • Szchimmel Debaze
    Szchimmel Debaze 3 years ago

    La voilà la "super influence" de Téléphone , ils auraient dû s'appeler micro & the hot line , par exemple ou "duplicata plasme" .Allez je rigaule !...szchimmel

  • Jan-yngve Bohlin
    Jan-yngve Bohlin 3 years ago +1

    I have this song with a swedish group,called 23 TILL.. the swedish group have more punk in this song,and it´s better with the swedish group..

  • crazyfeline
    crazyfeline 3 years ago +15

    This somehow gets labeled as punk but in my mind this is a perfect slice of pop heaven.
    Why don't you tell them?

    • El Enmascarado
      El Enmascarado 2 months ago

      Pub rock. Influenced the shit out of the uk punk along with dr feel good, Ian dury....etc

    • Mark L sixtyseven
      Mark L sixtyseven 9 months ago

      Vive Pub Rock

    • Matt Male
      Matt Male Year ago +4

      More Pub Rock.

    • Jett Crash
      Jett Crash Year ago +4

      Punk is many things to many people. Agree? Disagree? It doesn't matter.

    • zazz63
      zazz63 2 years ago +5

      its pub rock during the punk explosion ...punk uk was derived from the pubrock scene and this could more accurately be described as a transition track ...

  • Aaron Spacey
    Aaron Spacey 4 years ago

    Great track , remember the beat mate ! How is it in Perth !!

  • Jair Dias Tinoco Júnior

    Punk root? It seems to me they were influenced by blues and influenced British punk bands!!!

  • Michael White
    Michael White 4 years ago

    Cool xxx

  • DarkStarAZ
    DarkStarAZ 4 years ago +1

    I've heard worse bands! These guys are pretty good.
    "Do anything you wanna do" is a rewrite of Aleister Crowley

  • TheKilien
    TheKilien 4 years ago

    We played with them in brussels summer festival brilliant gig cheers lads!

  • James Blucher
    James Blucher 4 years ago +4

    Wait. This was in Marc Bolan's show? Hell yeah!!!

    • Piotr Grabowski
      Piotr Grabowski 3 years ago +2

      +FilthCity yep ! all episodes of Marc Show are on YT.

  • JanneG Pirinen
    JanneG Pirinen 4 years ago

    It's Graeme Douglas in guitar and Dave Higgs missing?

  • gerry bohemians
    gerry bohemians 4 years ago +1

    great pubrock to punkrock band with plenty of other great tunes too.saw them in amsterdam eons ago.and still in demand.

  • R D
    R D 5 years ago

    RIP Dave Higgs - a true inspiration for my generation

  • Paul Hulm
    Paul Hulm 5 years ago +4

    Soundtrack to my youth!!!

    • Jason Forrest
      Jason Forrest 5 years ago

      we have to get the boat over from jersey to get ther . but worth it. have a look on the weyfest web site for this years line up!!

    • Paul Hulm
      Paul Hulm 5 years ago

      cool...what do you do

    • Jason Forrest
      Jason Forrest 5 years ago

      there playing at the weyfest in september.seen them there before, were a blast....!!!!great festival all round. will be our 6th time this year

  • jOs3 G67
    jOs3 G67 5 years ago +12

    Feeling stuck? Then free yourself and listen up to these lyrics word for word that still relevant. Life is an adventure...

  • WingerGee
    WingerGee 5 years ago

    One of the great unsung heroes of their time- here in NZ anyway- loved them in the late 70's and still love them now- punk and rock !!!

  • Peter Ivanovich Bagration

    Legend of a tune.

  • IbizaMusicCoUk
    IbizaMusicCoUk 5 years ago

    Did the Rods end up paying Springsteen royalties for ripping off 'Born to run'?

  • crankjazz
    crankjazz 5 years ago

    Eddie even :-)

  • crankjazz
    crankjazz 5 years ago

    There was no Eddy :-)

  • B0rnles13
    B0rnles13 5 years ago +1

    I disagree, I love this song and it's lyrics, but the Sex Pistols were another thing entirely, they changed the Zeitgeist of the late 70's to another level.
    This is a great song well performed, but not the stuff that stopped me in it's tracks, when I first hear Anarchy, my hair felt like it was standing on end as if by electric shock. I definitely rate this band and if I am not mistaken I saw them at the Wickerman Festival in Scotland about 5 or so years ago and he still looks the same, Eddie.

  • Kevin Curran
    Kevin Curran 5 years ago

    A tosser that is.

  • Kevin Curran
    Kevin Curran 5 years ago

    Jimmy page the bloated guitarist with the bloated band and his endless boring solos on stage a tossed for sure.

  • snapshotsid
    snapshotsid 5 years ago


  • Anton Jankovic
    Anton Jankovic 5 years ago

    Jimmy Page is a cunt

    • shegocrazy
      shegocrazy Year ago

      Did Jimmy curse you as well?

    • Anton Jankovic
      Anton Jankovic 2 years ago

      Piss Off, Page nicked every riff in the land, By the way, who is Beiber and one direction ? you seem to have found your music level.

    • pompeypaul
      pompeypaul 2 years ago

      Stick to listening to Beiber and One Direction Tony, you fucking moron

  • gerry bohemians
    gerry bohemians 5 years ago

    love the bootboy haircuts and gear,an original pub rock band a la count bishops,alberto y los trios paranoias,flying burritos,blockheads,bees make honey,feelgood-who made it good through punk.great to see yez ar REBELLION lads.as good as amsterdam 1980.great days.Punk AinT DEad!!!!

  • phil locky
    phil locky 5 years ago

    so glad jimmy page hated the rods.......makes me liking this band even better

  • paddy9i99
    paddy9i99 5 years ago

    I agree with Jimmy Page.
    Lowest common denominator base, shite

  • anibal lopez
    anibal lopez 5 years ago

    jimmy page hated them and mee too

  • kowalski40
    kowalski40 5 years ago

    An unforgettable cult song also in Italy

  • YokamotoMammazzai
    YokamotoMammazzai 5 years ago

    Nooooooooooooooo Missed it even if I had only to cross the road, damn it...

  • HalfMoon Putney
    HalfMoon Putney 6 years ago

    We love Eddie & The Hot Rods - such a good band and a great night out.
    Playing here at The Half Moon Putney on Sat 30 march 2013

    TONY MOLLOY 6 years ago

    bloody brilliant

  • steve hewitt
    steve hewitt 6 years ago

    Classic !!!

  • IFoxedYouUp
    IFoxedYouUp 6 years ago

    Please don't type Chinese garbage on here.

  • HalfMoon Putney
    HalfMoon Putney 6 years ago

    Look forward to seeing Eddie & The Hot Rods this Friday at The Half Moon Putney x

  • The000clash000
    The000clash000 6 years ago

    great punk tune nice first decent song i ever heard on TOTTP.

    • shegocrazy
      shegocrazy Year ago

      If that's punk then I slept through the 70s.

  • Peter Stockton
    Peter Stockton 6 years ago +1

    I'm not sure who wrote this bands lyrics but the lyrics to this song and Quit This Town have been so important in my life. Whenever I've needed a push in the right direction, those lyrics have stepped up to the mark. Unsung heroes.

  • Heather Hanger
    Heather Hanger 6 years ago

    I agree, they really have a great New York Dolls vibe about them. They're playing here in Nottingham in a few weeks, and I am rather excited about it :-)

  • chloe delores
    chloe delores 6 years ago

    you took the words from my mouth...spot on.

  • kepla
    kepla 6 years ago

    As far as I know - and I was 'there' - The Rods were the first band to have the term 'punk' applied to them. I seem to remeber that as 'Eddie and The Hot Rods they would have 'Eddie' with them on stage, but he's not on this video.

  • Mark Appledore
    Mark Appledore 6 years ago

    I notice your comments 4 years old, but it still stands to anyone else!

  • Mark Appledore
    Mark Appledore 6 years ago

    Pick up a guitar, learn a few chords, and hunt around for some inspiration. Go back to basics!

  • ned fenton
    ned fenton 6 years ago

    Check out Charlie Croker and the Providers on you tube

  • ChloeLouise L
    ChloeLouise L 6 years ago

    rock on!

  • ­­Russ ­­Stedman
    ­­Russ ­­Stedman 6 years ago

    I am afraid you are incorrect, sir. This song is an original Eddie & The Hot Rods tune, credited to (Douglas, Hollis). Furthermore, this song was released under the shortened name "The Rods" and not Eddie & The Hot Rods. It was a top 10 hit in the UK in 1977. The Phil Lynott song you are confusing for this one is actually called "Do Anything You Want To" It is on the "Black Rose" album (which did not come out until 1979) and is a completely different song.

  • julie barnett
    julie barnett 6 years ago

    Barrie Masters is a smack head RIP Polly Ledger his ex

  • stuttgartrockpromo
    stuttgartrockpromo 6 years ago

    The band around original singer Barrie Masters is right now even better than ever:
    That´s fun, that rocks . . .
    We´re looking forward to see them live in Stuttgart on Sat., 26th of May at Goldmark´s, Charlottenplatz 1, Support: THE SMALLTOWN ROCKETS, doors open: 8.30 pm

  • Ellie Rialas
    Ellie Rialas 6 years ago

    I met Paul Gray from Eddie and the Hot Rods the other day!!!! :)

  • rockingmods
    rockingmods 6 years ago

    In 1977 I was 13 this song changed my life

  • shaun clewless
    shaun clewless 7 years ago

    swear 2 god this one goes on full yn il b like ye man crank this shit cos i can do anythin i wana frigin do EVER

  • ­­Russ ­­Stedman
    ­­Russ ­­Stedman 7 years ago

    Idiots ; this is NOT the Thin Lizzy Song.

  • Markxist
    Markxist 7 years ago

    Yes so I believe

  • Don Thompson
    Don Thompson 7 years ago

    It was written by Phil Lynnot of Thin Lizzy

  • Markxist
    Markxist 7 years ago

    The closest we had to a kind of Bruce Springsteen anthem of leaving a crappy 9 to 5 existence behind kind of song.

  • collibosher100
    collibosher100 7 years ago

    power pop, just before punk came into the mainstream. why so few visits? to some degree these guys opened the door to less hardcore punk groups.

  • Joe Fitz
    Joe Fitz 7 years ago

    Couldn't agree more

  • TherymasterWidnes
    TherymasterWidnes 7 years ago

    Ipod classic of mine this!

  • rjplamf61
    rjplamf61 7 years ago

    I still love this stuff. I just turned 50 in Nov. and all I listen to and collect is music from the 60's, 70's and 80's. maybe I am biased (i don't think so) there just is nothing out there that is worth listening to.

  • MrJohnlrigby
    MrJohnlrigby 7 years ago

    Yes! I always get a rush when I hear this!

  • Jason Alvarado
    Jason Alvarado 7 years ago

    they visited my school... before i joined it :/

  • Daniel Valdivia
    Daniel Valdivia 7 years ago


  • patterjak
    patterjak 7 years ago

    @67Furi, A real little known absolute belter, on a great cheap cd called Atomic, new wave hits from 70s & 80s, about £3 from Amazon, check the cd list,

  • 1701wanker
    1701wanker 7 years ago

    used to go to glazing school with barry masters saw him a little while ago glad to see him back in the old trade

  • Hugh Jgunt
    Hugh Jgunt 7 years ago

    i noticed that Paul Gray (bassist) was wearing a beret in this footage, Captain Sensible donned one of them throughout his career, Paul Gray ended up in the Damned and also stuck with Sensible throughout his solo career. I think sensible must've had alot of respect for Paul, i certainly think the guy is a bass genius...beret or not! haha

  • jonathan sewell
    jonathan sewell 7 years ago

    35 years ago the world heard this a bloody classic

  • kizamiful
    kizamiful 7 years ago

    oi oi oi !

  • woody furball
    woody furball 7 years ago

    @andreaprodan Lady Di was into alot of things, the slapper got alot of things in her too!

  • gerry bohemians
    gerry bohemians 7 years ago

    bootboys to me wore elephant parallei flairs,star jumpers,huge collared shirts,admittedly had hair a la eddie,and listened to progressive rock and ted crossover crap a la mud,wizzard,rubbettes,and showaddywaddy.no connection at all.

  • OriginalFrancOPhile
    OriginalFrancOPhile 7 years ago

    Does anybody have Media Messiah in a form they can share here or am I going to have to get a USB turntable?

  • Brian Lowdown
    Brian Lowdown 7 years ago

    im so happy this old gem didnt get ruined by the populas,being ina movie....us old music lover who have had this gem for 30 years ago im happy to see theres not a million hits on this ...nothing is sacred anymore but sometime they still are cheers...old friends who love and alwayus have loved this song since way before cd,s and ect .....i am happy that there are still old farts like me

  • marie knight
    marie knight 7 years ago

    This is the best fucking song ever....listen to the lyrics

  • Andrea Prodan
    Andrea Prodan 7 years ago

    now that you mention it... yes! Both good songs, but this one just squeezes out the sparks!