• Published on Aug 10, 2018
  • 2 HOURS OF ASMR CARD MAGIC to help you relax, fall asleep fast, learn new magic, win a card deck giveaway and so much more! Please feel free too give the video a thumbs up!
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  • Tally Diamond
    Tally Diamond Year ago +834

    0:00-2:00 Intro
    2:00-7:58 1# Magic Trick
    12:47-17:04 2# Magic Trick
    17:04-24:47 3# Magic Trick
    24:47- 27:29 4# Magic Trick
    27:29-28:30 Last weeks card deck giveaway!!!!
    28:30-1:56:56 All the best card tricks on Jojo’s channel!!!
    1:56:56-1:57:05 Outro

  • VALOM1R —
    VALOM1R — 12 hours ago

    I don’t tingle so this made me fall askeep

  • Lathan Echols
    Lathan Echols 19 hours ago

    First trick he was counting cards... you could hear him counting under his breath

  • YT_RK 13
    YT_RK 13 Day ago

    On the second trick he picked my card on the demonstration

  • Majody Basaheeh
    Majody Basaheeh Day ago +1

    I'm the 1% still not fell asleep

  • Jeremy Sorello
    Jeremy Sorello Day ago

    I would like a deck please,anyone possible. You shuffle so well it's nice to watch.

  • niederman
    niederman Day ago +1

    He says there's no video cuts but I'm seeing one here at 13:24 and he doesn't actually shuffle the two halves together he just puts one half under the other

  • BIC Palmer
    BIC Palmer 2 days ago +1

    I must say that your slight of hand with tricks and shuffling is really good.

  • B. Bashnerd
    B. Bashnerd 2 days ago

    Really obvious fake shuffles for the 2nd trick

    • B. Bashnerd
      B. Bashnerd 2 days ago

      Actually really obvious fake cuts and shuffles the whole way thru

  • Nathan Icenhour
    Nathan Icenhour 2 days ago

    Red bikes - do not own that set

    • Sergio Caraballo
      Sergio Caraballo 2 days ago

      What's up with asmr sweater tingles in your playlist?

  • Jackson Phillips
    Jackson Phillips 2 days ago

    I'm impressed by his card magic

  • lil 3rey
    lil 3rey 2 days ago

    So Wheres the other percent

  • 2009goblues
    2009goblues 2 days ago

    Red deck n blue deck are set up the same. i.e. “random 8clubs” was the “37” card in the red deck. Take note (easy for you) narrow down blue deck all around “37” card until reveal “guessed” card by weight?

  • Let's talk
    Let's talk 2 days ago +1

    Guessing the deck was complete BS with shuffling or something I refuse to believe that’s possible as the human brain cannot remember stuff like that in ten seconds and forgets in 7.

  • Splicey splicer
    Splicey splicer 3 days ago

    52: so satisfying

  • Noah Törnlund
    Noah Törnlund 3 days ago

    He was counting the cards

  • emily lauderdale
    emily lauderdale 3 days ago

    Hi jojo, I 💓 your videos! I just wanted to say don't let any of the haters get to you! 😜

  • Debmalya Das
    Debmalya Das 3 days ago

    I would love the original Dan and Dave set of cards. My grandfather had those cards, but he lost it; he's 95, and he'd really love to have that particular set of cards gifted to him.
    Thanks for having the time to go through my comment though. Means a ton.

  • stevie hicks
    stevie hicks 3 days ago

    a smoke deck plz

  • The young Disciple
    The young Disciple 3 days ago +1

    The mics are not in their place... when he speaks in the left i hear it in my right

    • Lil' timmy 2
      Lil' timmy 2 Day ago

      Its because from our perspective his left is our right

  • Zuirconuam 6
    Zuirconuam 6 3 days ago +6

    UMMM Actually its ONLY 1 HOUR AND 57 MINUTES

  • Spider-Assassin7
    Spider-Assassin7 3 days ago +1

    Photographic memory much? Lol

  • Spider-Assassin7
    Spider-Assassin7 3 days ago +1


  • TheFamousGuy -
    TheFamousGuy - 3 days ago

    I guess I must be the 1 percfuujhjygfzxxfggffsssghvvk

  • Twilight Studios
    Twilight Studios 4 days ago

    00.01% nyehehehehe im still awake

  • Joel Lockwood
    Joel Lockwood 4 days ago

    Can I please have the the smoke deck because I start magic. You inspired me to do the magic and there decks laying
    Around my house

  • Blue Crayons
    Blue Crayons 4 days ago

    When you shuffled the cards for your fist trick the second stack would always go down second

  • Liza P.
    Liza P. 5 days ago


  • Ashley Vega
    Ashley Vega 5 days ago

    Jojo I love your vids so much your amazing 😉

  • TheRobberPanda
    TheRobberPanda 5 days ago

    Im sad that jojo fridays ended :(

  • Charlie Joe
    Charlie Joe 5 days ago

    The white deck cause i always wanted my own personal cards that are uniqe from others and they are beautiful cards lmao @asmrjojo

  • Дмитрий Демушкин

    jojo: there are no cuts in the video
    also jojo: 13:25

  • Takoda Durham
    Takoda Durham 6 days ago

    I love you videos and f the guy ho said its fake

  • Ben Fielding
    Ben Fielding 6 days ago

    In the first one you didn’t shuffle you cheater

  • Tiranus
    Tiranus 6 days ago +3

    if you could feel the weight of the cards, why the other card that remained besides the 8 of ♧ at 6:57 was a card with a lot of ink on it in comparison to the 8 of ♧?

  • Rhys Higgon
    Rhys Higgon 6 days ago +1

    Hey man, I would really love that Version 3 DanandDave Smoke deck, the white and black really gives it a brilliant aesthetic. Hope I win, but probably not. Great video btw, Really helpful with my sleep problems.

  • Kumar Broadway
    Kumar Broadway 6 days ago


  • CanYouImagine
    CanYouImagine 6 days ago

    Smoke v3, love playing cards

  • QU1CKSC0PER 257
    QU1CKSC0PER 257 6 days ago

    If he knew the weight of the cards then when he was saying what all of the cards in the face down deck are why didn’t he just feel what they are

  • Samo Gabi
    Samo Gabi 6 days ago

    they're not magic they're illusions

  • QU1CKSC0PER 257
    QU1CKSC0PER 257 6 days ago +1

    That’s bullshit talking about the weight of the card because the difference is so small that you couldn’t tell what card it is also a slight bit of wind could make the weight feel different but apart from that a good asmr video

  • Mysterious Bornk
    Mysterious Bornk 6 days ago

    Mind is fucked over and over. This is not for relaxation

  • Zombillionare YT
    Zombillionare YT 6 days ago

    Hey Bro! Your really amazing at this stuff and I'd really love to win a deck of cards seeing as I've never won one and it's really exciting to watch give aways!

  • Angie PlayZ
    Angie PlayZ 6 days ago

    Thank you jojo so much for helping me sleep

  • Vitaly Snep
    Vitaly Snep 6 days ago +3

    your stereo channels are backwards, it's really offputting when you watch it.

    • Nesser
      Nesser 3 days ago

      Technically they're the right way, but because of the camera angle his right is on our left and the other way around

    • Ben Avery
      Ben Avery 3 days ago

      Vitaly Snep put your headphones on backwards

  • Ely l'otaku
    Ely l'otaku 6 days ago

    Sono chi no sadame JOOOOOOOOOOOJO

  • Lokiofasgard
    Lokiofasgard 6 days ago +1

    42:07 yes, the Jack of Spades

  • leone
    leone 7 days ago


  • MonkeyBeat
    MonkeyBeat 7 days ago

    I wanna get into card magic so i reaaally need a deck

  • Harry Randall
    Harry Randall 7 days ago


  • Sicko mode? Moe bamba?

    23:47 disappointed he didnt say were in the endgame now

  • Georgi Alexandrov
    Georgi Alexandrov 7 days ago

    1:33:01 i see the aces hahaha, busted!!!

  • kareem alexander
    kareem alexander 8 days ago +1

    Vid :1:57:53

    *seems legit*

    • Evan Hooper
      Evan Hooper 6 days ago

      kareem alexander my point is that it isn’t easy because I bet he has a lot of other things going on

    • kareem alexander
      kareem alexander 7 days ago

      @Evan Hooper he didn't play 2 hrs straight its just different clips combined form other card videoe

    • Evan Hooper
      Evan Hooper 7 days ago

      And try playing with cards for 2 hours straight, not that easy

    • Evan Hooper
      Evan Hooper 7 days ago

      kareem alexander that’s basically 2 hours

  • Drew par
    Drew par 9 days ago

    What's the story on that shirt?

  • Mr. Nice Guy
    Mr. Nice Guy 9 days ago

    Iam at a point, where i dont question jojos tricks any further

  • Cynthia Hueyopa
    Cynthia Hueyopa 10 days ago +2

    I would like the smoke deck obviously that deck looks so damn cool and everything 😭 but if anything I would also get the bicycle red deck😭soo yea much love for your yt channel

  • Steven Marshall
    Steven Marshall 10 days ago +7

    Yo this man hacking how you know that whole deck that you shuffled

  • FAB Nation
    FAB Nation 11 days ago

    Hey i‘m from germany and i‘m a big fan of your asmr and your card tricks so it would be very nice if i could get the smoke deck

  • Eli Spagnuolo
    Eli Spagnuolo 11 days ago

    This lying shit is cringy as fuck

  • SmolBunnyxoxo With candy

    Your mics are backwards. Talk about a year ago video

  • Doodle -roez
    Doodle -roez 11 days ago +2

    Would love a deck but also would love to learn some new tricks also red bicycle is my favourite

  • Bruh Bruh
    Bruh Bruh 11 days ago


  • Domnik Simmons
    Domnik Simmons 11 days ago +1


  • Flash
    Flash 12 days ago

    bruh didnt shuffle

  • ethan lee
    ethan lee 12 days ago

    Great cardtricks!

  • 櫻井
    櫻井 12 days ago +1

    Jojo's Bizarre ASMR

  • agustin muñoz
    agustin muñoz 13 days ago

    2 hours of bullshit and weird ass sounds

    MEGAT EZRA MEGAT FAIRUZ 13 days ago +10

    Jojo: don't close your eyes

    me: challenge accepted
    2 hrs later

    news: Man found dead appears he didn't close his eyes

    Jojo: gotem

  • Léo REN
    Léo REN 13 days ago

    Right microphone has a problem?

  • Zaid Osama
    Zaid Osama 13 days ago

    1:01:50 i got that one too

  • Zaid Osama
    Zaid Osama 13 days ago

    I got the 57:37 one

  • Karl Harvey
    Karl Harvey 13 days ago

    I’m the 00.01 percent who can’t fall asleep

  • Alex Uzumaki
    Alex Uzumaki 13 days ago +2

    he guessed ace of spades first and my eyes got wider cuz i was thinking of that one

  • GodlyMemeBoi 151
    GodlyMemeBoi 151 13 days ago

    21:20 may falsify the 5 card trick done earlier

    • Collin Giffen
      Collin Giffen 3 days ago +1

      GodlyMemeBoi 151 we both got bamboozled in this video Master doggo