• Published on Aug 10, 2018
  • 2 HOURS OF ASMR CARD MAGIC to help you relax, fall asleep fast, learn new magic, win a card deck giveaway and so much more! Please feel free too give the video a thumbs up!
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  • Tally Diamond
    Tally Diamond 10 months ago +503

    0:00-2:00 Intro
    2:00-7:58 1# Magic Trick
    12:47-17:04 2# Magic Trick
    17:04-24:47 3# Magic Trick
    24:47- 27:29 4# Magic Trick
    27:29-28:30 Last weeks card deck giveaway!!!!
    28:30-1:56:56 All the best card tricks on Jojo’s channel!!!
    1:56:56-1:57:05 Outro

  • foxboy foxy
    foxboy foxy 4 hours ago

    How ! 😲😰 I also fell asleep in like 1hour 30 min 😴😪

  • chill estonian
    chill estonian 12 hours ago +1

    99.99%: 😴

  • Tye xp
    Tye xp 18 hours ago

    There is a mirror in front of you

  • Julius Epapara
    Julius Epapara Day ago +1

    Hey I love, and appreciate your videos!

  • Twine Cheeks
    Twine Cheeks Day ago +1

    U suck

  • William Holmes
    William Holmes Day ago

    That is algorithm? Really you don’t have brain

  • Riyaad singh
    Riyaad singh 2 days ago +2

    This is how I learn magic tricks and my friends ask me who taught me those tricks I say Jojo ASMR THE BEST!!

  • Neetu Pandita
    Neetu Pandita 2 days ago

    Stay motivated

  • NumbAndAloneX
    NumbAndAloneX 4 days ago

    I really like the sound of cards
    But I really hate when some cunt is talking over the top of it.

  • unknown gamer27
    unknown gamer27 4 days ago

    1:56 how?????

  • Trista Spurgeon
    Trista Spurgeon 5 days ago +1

    When he said “Grand” I felt rich for a split second

  • MarlonAnt Glez
    MarlonAnt Glez 5 days ago +6

    I never won this games, but I always keep participating, pls choose me this time

  • itsABRAHAM PPL!!!
    itsABRAHAM PPL!!! 5 days ago +1

    I subscribed and liked the vid
    I would be the happiest one if you could give me the Blue bicycle deck

    • Trista Spurgeon
      Trista Spurgeon 5 days ago

      Hate burst your bubble but bro the video was posted 10 months ago sorry but your out of luck have a wonderful day though

  • Lucas Centofanti
    Lucas Centofanti 5 days ago

    gg ez

  • Eduardo Aran
    Eduardo Aran 6 days ago

    Why God!! Why I am the one in the 00.01% that didn’t sleep? Why!?

  • Tom Bowden
    Tom Bowden 7 days ago

    Where you from

  • ASMR Xi Zui
    ASMR Xi Zui 7 days ago +1

    Wud u like 2 do a poker collab? With fake chips tho?

  • Nicole Patino
    Nicole Patino 7 days ago


  • Join the oh yeah yeah army.

    Was anyone else saying what he was doing with the tricks😂

  • actionmelike
    actionmelike 8 days ago

    Haha I reported I thing so no more of pin

  • สมชาย 555
    สมชาย 555 8 days ago

    Wow. Magic

  • TheOptical Germ
    TheOptical Germ 9 days ago

    Can the decks be autographed?

  • Phillip Nussbaum
    Phillip Nussbaum 9 days ago +6

    Those Dan and Dave decks are sick. Would be great for my poker table 🔥🔥🔥

  • nothing
    nothing 9 days ago

    Magic on video... continues to be a joke of ... totally believable proportions. Good thing it's meant to make us fall asleep lol

  • ender slot
    ender slot 9 days ago


    JULIAN ALFONZO 9 days ago

    Can I have one jo jo

  • UnitedxThrash
    UnitedxThrash 10 days ago +2

    Dude what an interesting combination! I think im subscribing

  • Sawyer Copeland
    Sawyer Copeland 10 days ago

    Ok so if each card has a different weight how r u getting the suite right to also u used two different types of cards for the first trick the cards wouldn’t have been the same weight

  • Ares Damascus
    Ares Damascus 11 days ago

    46:06 is the KEY!! to alot of tricks lol If you know, you know lol

    • Ares Damascus
      Ares Damascus 11 days ago

      Maann I was tryin to figure out how TF u trackin that Queen 😂😂😂

  • Justin Fullerton
    Justin Fullerton 11 days ago +1

    13:24 look closely, he didn’t really shuffle. Magician secret

  • Michael Gilchrest
    Michael Gilchrest 11 days ago

    U talk way too much and don’t do enough magic ur trash

  • Saira Garcia
    Saira Garcia 11 days ago

    Love card magic

  • Pratham Kumar
    Pratham Kumar 11 days ago

    Bicycle deck coz I'm just a beginner and I don't think I need anything better than that to practice until I'm better

  • Fistandantilus
    Fistandantilus 11 days ago

    Ha I didnt sleep , well I mean it was like 1pm and I was playing games but ....

  • Dino Yang Xun Kai
    Dino Yang Xun Kai 11 days ago +1

    Pls do consider giving away ANYONE decks

  • Emily Linhardt
    Emily Linhardt 12 days ago

    His voice gives me tingles hes so good it so soft

  • Firewolf117499 lol
    Firewolf117499 lol 12 days ago

    666k subs OMGGG

  • Particle3223
    Particle3223 13 days ago

    Jojo: “To the guy that said that well just don’t say that”
    Jojo in his head: “To the Guy that said that FUCK YOU
    I would have loved if Jojo just broke character and said fuck off or fuck u hahaha

  • 【ItzYoBoiDziny】
    【ItzYoBoiDziny】 13 days ago +1

    Where is the I in the title?

  • Adithya Kumar
    Adithya Kumar 13 days ago

    And I'm from that 0.01% people 😅

  • Netko Nešto
    Netko Nešto 14 days ago

    I'm 00.01 percent

  • Ramen Noodle Dude
    Ramen Noodle Dude 14 days ago +1

    PAy attention to Jojo's 3rd card trick, where he tries to memorise the card deck.
    Before that he claims that he doesn't have a mirror, however this is false.
    An example can be portrayed at 23:09 when he flips up the card. He is probably looking in a mirror to know what the card is.
    A fair counter argument is on Jojo can feel the cards weight but there is no way he does that 4 times.

    • yu dodis
      yu dodis 13 days ago

      dude he just has the deck memorized. second trick he shows the 6 of diamonds after picking the five cards, next cards the ace of spades followed by the other 4 cards. those 6 cards are in the same order in the 3rd trick. he fake shuffles but tries to make it look real and does that 3 or 4 cut move that puts the cards back in the same order they started.

  • Veteran cape
    Veteran cape 14 days ago +3

    I love the vid but am I the only one who saw the cards in his sleeve at 34:58 ?

  • Shadow_Reaper
    Shadow_Reaper 15 days ago

    Os fone tá invertido ai o filho da puta

  • dsyno
    dsyno 15 days ago

    The first trick you marked the cards bud

  • Depressedfruit99
    Depressedfruit99 15 days ago +2

    stop hacking life noob

  • Bill Constantine
    Bill Constantine 15 days ago +4

    I have been doing card magic for a few years and would LOVE a Smoke and Mirrors deck (either one)

  • Ꭼ ν a n
    Ꭼ ν a n 15 days ago +8

    99.99% of you wll not realize jojo spelled “will” wrong in the title.

    • Ethan Slagle
      Ethan Slagle 15 days ago

      Ꭼ ν a n I didn’t even realize you spelt it wrong and that the statement said not until I read it again. My ass took out a whole word.

  • Fortnut
    Fortnut 15 days ago

    1:37 : No cutting
    1:45 a cut?🧐🤔

  • Henrik brandstorp
    Henrik brandstorp 15 days ago


  • Owen German
    Owen German 15 days ago

    The smoke deck looks really cool

  • Robert Marschall
    Robert Marschall 16 days ago

    34:52 I've seen a flash, you should reap Ernendnase Change again , Im also a magician

  • omar elkhawga
    omar elkhawga 16 days ago


  • Виктор Хуиктор

    Микрофоны местами поменяй))А так классно,спасибо залип)

  • Mathew Clephas
    Mathew Clephas 16 days ago

    Give me a close up of the back of those cards

  • Brayan Gonzalez
    Brayan Gonzalez 17 days ago

    34:53 he pulled it out of his sleeve no hate I love you videos but I saw that

  • Aggro Wade
    Aggro Wade 17 days ago

    no shit we will fall asleep its 2 hours long xD

  • Trista spurgeon
    Trista spurgeon 17 days ago


  • KoolWade
    KoolWade 17 days ago +1



  • Filip Gjurov
    Filip Gjurov 17 days ago

    Smoke & Mirrors deck because i loved them and I've wanted them for a long time

  • michael tomaso
    michael tomaso 17 days ago

    Why does people whispering make me annoyed as fuck? Anyone else

  • Galaxy_ Gacha01
    Galaxy_ Gacha01 17 days ago

    Your the only asmr person that makes me have da tingles :P

  • Wetsocks
    Wetsocks 17 days ago

    There was a sneaky camera cut in the first trick

  • Aarion_
    Aarion_ 17 days ago +10

    am I the only one that sees that every time his microphone is not the good way around (left=right and right=left)

  • Soled By Crash
    Soled By Crash 17 days ago +1

    0:00 as leis da gravidade não permitem isso

  • Will Carlson
    Will Carlson 17 days ago

    Jojo, it says magic *TRICK* not talent!
    And plus, wouldn’t the weight of the design on the front of the cards though you off on the first “trick”?

  • Михаил Вахрушев

    It's impossible. Very nice!

  • Иван Афендульев

    Поставь лайк если Русский 🇷🇺

  • Derek Gramlow
    Derek Gramlow 19 days ago

    All I can say about the first trick is that it sounds like total BS. I don't do any magic with cards though, so I'm proooooooobably wrong

    JULIAN ALFONZO 19 days ago +1

    I want the 4 th deck please

    • is akd
      is akd 17 days ago

      Fue hace 9 meses el sorteo jaja

    JULIAN ALFONZO 19 days ago +3

    I want a deck of cards so bad

    JULIAN ALFONZO 19 days ago +1

    You do the best asmr vids ever,

  • Hengegamer ERER
    Hengegamer ERER 19 days ago

    So relaxing

  • wonluke glitch
    wonluke glitch 20 days ago +1

    I want in the chances because I would like to start magic

    • wonluke glitch
      wonluke glitch 13 days ago

      @is akd I could still win!!!

    • is akd
      is akd 17 days ago

      This was 9 months ago lmao

  • Jagher Warren
    Jagher Warren 20 days ago +1

    This guy needs to be on penn and teller fool us

  • Marunon1992
    Marunon1992 20 days ago +8

    At 34:53 is he pulling out a card of his sleeve?

    • Marunon1992
      Marunon1992 15 days ago

      and at 35:00 he putting 2 aces away if u watch slowmo... means he had a second ace which he put on top of the blue one ;)

    • Marunon1992
      Marunon1992 15 days ago

      @Potato God watch at his sleeve from the hand hes rubbing the card ... not sure but it seems he got the red card in his sleeve... just my opinion... obviously i have no idea how it works ^^

    • Potato God
      Potato God 16 days ago +1

      Marunon1992 where

  • K1RO Pranks
    K1RO Pranks 20 days ago +1

    Like, bro.

  • InDaSky
    InDaSky 20 days ago

    Ебанный волшебник

  • Izzit Life
    Izzit Life 21 day ago +14

    I think you would be really good at cheating in Magic The Gathering

  • DestroyerATM39
    DestroyerATM39 21 day ago +5

    I do magic and cardistry, practice you false cuts

    • SadBoyKazii
      SadBoyKazii 18 days ago +2

      DestroyerATM39 practice your English

  • DestroyerATM39
    DestroyerATM39 21 day ago

    13:25 oof that is 2 in a row

  • Renae Harris
    Renae Harris 21 day ago

    You talk too much.... just get to it,damn....

  • Alexis T
    Alexis T 21 day ago


  • Ryan Drury
    Ryan Drury 21 day ago +2

    The camera cut at 13:26 ...

  • Atharva Gade
    Atharva Gade 21 day ago +1

    Jojo my love😍😍

  • AN Feuerstahl
    AN Feuerstahl 21 day ago

    You talk too fast. That's not relaxing.

  • Martin Le S
    Martin Le S 21 day ago +1

    I’ll be really happy if i win one pack, but the one I prefer is the 3rd you present 😍

  • Art Monkey
    Art Monkey 21 day ago +2

    I really like the white smoke deck of cards.

  • Тимофей Денисов

    U’re fucking whispering shit, fuck , stop whispering in your ducking mikro, it sounds as u suck cock

  • Kristin Mangold
    Kristin Mangold 22 days ago +40

    99.99% of you will fall asleep
    Me:sounds like a challenge
    *Holds ice cubes on eyes*

  • PandaLizzy
    PandaLizzy 22 days ago +1

    The captions thou.

  • Ugly God420
    Ugly God420 22 days ago +8

    He protect
    He attack
    But most importantly
    He does magic with a card deck

    • OD wright
      OD wright 18 days ago

      @Taylor Park Boy fix your spelling lmao

    • SadBoyKazii
      SadBoyKazii 19 days ago

      Thanks ugly goddd😂

    • Taylor Park
      Taylor Park 20 days ago

      Faggit u just said that causse there was a meme about tfue not reading a contract get a life mate

  • Ivana
    Ivana 22 days ago

    I just gotta say, your hands looks incredibly soft.

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton 22 days ago +49

    You know what dude, I like you. Your really genuine, and you seem to really appreciate your people watching you and your videos are actually excellent in quality. I'm subbing. First ASMR creator I subbed to, but yeah. I like your videos man and the vibe.

  • Rocketxu Google
    Rocketxu Google 22 days ago

    9 year old goes for every giveaway. give me everything. I WANT MOAR. DIDHAIGXJAJSYEUCHFJ

  • not a care
    not a care 23 days ago +1

    Misdirection and the cards didn't have the same ink on them so maybe lie maybe guess

  • WhatIDoTho MewMew
    WhatIDoTho MewMew 23 days ago

    My favorite card deck is the black bicycle ghost deck

  • Mangle Gangsta 21
    Mangle Gangsta 21 23 days ago

    I dont care if i win but if i do blue bicycle deck! You awesome jojo im i big fan

    • Citavalo
      Citavalo 20 days ago

      Mangle Gangsta 21 This was from a year ago. It’s most likely over dude, this just makes you look sad.

  • Sumptu0us S14ys
    Sumptu0us S14ys 23 days ago

    1:27:34 grabs my deck