Kyle Kinane Gets Angry Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Mar 16, 2017
  • Comedian Kyle Kinane-affectionately known to fans as "Uncle Barbecue"-takes on the sauces of death with fellow bald Chicago icon Sean Evans. He may be going with vegan "wings" these days, but the master of "scumbag stories" still brings the heat while talking about dive-bar preferences, the supernatural, and the awfulness of Twitter.
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    Season 3
    Episode 9
    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.
    #hotones #spicywings
    #hotones #spicywings
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Comments • 2 663

  • Nick Weber
    Nick Weber 3 days ago

    Miracle whip is not zest mayonnaise, its the devils semen and should not be consumed by anyone.

  • Sarah F
    Sarah F 3 days ago

    wut no beef from portillo's?? what about some cake come on bro

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 11 days ago

    Anthony Bourdain jokes kind of spot on irl... Whoops.

  • Angel Traeger Ocaña
    Angel Traeger Ocaña 15 days ago

    come watch my TVclip videos their awesome

  • Lunden Rolando
    Lunden Rolando 18 days ago

    this dudes a great comic... but your gonna accept this dude but when JAY AND SILENT BOB hit you up you say no?

  • Geoff H
    Geoff H 18 days ago

    Anthony Bourdain Suicide Girl tweet did not age well

  • rob boal
    rob boal 19 days ago

    eat more. ,,,,,,,, talk. ...... less

  • EpochDeus
    EpochDeus 22 days ago

    Ghosts don't exist, and there is no god, and I AM a blast at parties.
    It's the people cryin haunted houses and sinners that ruin the fun.

  • P 7
    P 7 24 days ago

    Hot ones life... lol said that shit so calm. You can tell he wasnt lying he didnt even flinch

  • rowgler1
    rowgler1 25 days ago

    He never got angry. He took in it stride.

  • Brian Trego
    Brian Trego 27 days ago

    DEEP DISH PIZZA ALL DAY!!! Thats prolly the best pizza ive had in my life man

  • crunkamigo
    crunkamigo 28 days ago

    Sean is complaing about time on wing 3 but the new episodes are going on 30 minutes and I think we all approve of the longer videos!

  • Benjamin Dona
    Benjamin Dona 29 days ago

    18:15, wtf happened lmao

  • Wallace Grommet
    Wallace Grommet 29 days ago

    Ten minutes on somebody eating pancakes on a plane, pancakes essentially smuggled on board, ten minutes of funny shit! Man, that’s magic

  • Joao Santos
    Joao Santos Month ago

    So Kyle went to ska concerts And hosts a podcast on the supernatural? Now i really want to meet him. thanks for the episode!

  • Mckenzie Girlinghouse

    15:38, Kyle Kinane's watch face is perfectly overlapped by the First We Feast graphic

  • Richy
    Richy Month ago

    6:07 XD

  • KILLSHOT420x
    KILLSHOT420x Month ago

    Kyle is a great comedian but those were definitely not spicy no sauce at all come on take one for the team

  • Ricardo Marez
    Ricardo Marez Month ago

    I love this show, and I love Kyle's comedy.

  • Jay Straw
    Jay Straw Month ago +1

    Sean was outdone. Fucking awesome.

  • Big Bud
    Big Bud Month ago

    Im so tired of the vegan wings bullshit. Eat some meat you pussy fucks.

  • Jay Straw
    Jay Straw Month ago

    Chicago has Yuengling??!

  • Krystyon Young
    Krystyon Young Month ago +1

    Kyle.... What a treasure.

  • Jim Stabler
    Jim Stabler Month ago +1

    This guy is so unlikable it's unreal

  • Julia, I guess
    Julia, I guess Month ago

    He's the only cis het white guy comedian that deserves rights

    • Julia, I guess
      Julia, I guess Month ago

      Human rights should be a given for any human. No matter what they do, that's the minimum. Human rights. Except for immigrants, black people who dared to step out the door, women who dress scantily, gay people who hold hands in public ........

    • Julia, I guess
      Julia, I guess Month ago

      @Blair Buskirk bro issa joke calm your tits. It's a play on how for centuries women & minorities were only treated humane of they fulfilled weird expectations set by white cis het dudes. To this day a womans worth is mainly determined by her beauty (but not too pretty because then shes a slut that deserves rape).

    • Blair Buskirk
      Blair Buskirk Month ago

      You do realize the level of intolerance in your statement? Also your characteristics for determining the elimination of said person's rights are entirely uncontrollable by said individual. So my question is on what imaginary moral high ground are you setting up this soapbox?

  • Julia, I guess
    Julia, I guess Month ago

    Yo the salsa thing? In my country, basically the only salsa you can buy in any supermarket is wide and a bit shallow, perfect for dipping

  • Justin Flynn
    Justin Flynn Month ago

    Miracle whip is a FRUIT salad dressing, c'mon guys.

  • Matt Ragland
    Matt Ragland Month ago


  • brian buttacavoli
    brian buttacavoli Month ago NOT zesty mayo, an unholy abomination. like eating sweaty diarrhea. BOOM! One more diarrhea joke.

  • Xavier McCorriston
    Xavier McCorriston Month ago +1

    I fuckin love Kyle! He reminds me of an old friend of mine, but he's way funnier

  • Iron Reed
    Iron Reed Month ago

    Dedicated Omnivore here but getting the Gout is a valid excuse to go vegan.

  • K Sakamoto
    K Sakamoto Month ago +3

    I’ve been skipping around Kyle Kinane videos and he ages up and down randomly from year to year.

    • MAandS
      MAandS 4 days ago

      Okay so it's not just me

  • almog alon
    almog alon Month ago

    haha in the end " nothing happen" face

  • Corbin Fobbs
    Corbin Fobbs Month ago

    Kyle become a urban humanitarian shaman after eating blaires

  • dumb idiot guy
    dumb idiot guy Month ago +1

    oof that bourdain joke did not age well

    • Ben Scuralli
      Ben Scuralli Month ago

      I just watched this and had to check the release date of this episode to his death date for my peace of mind lol

  • UglyAmericanLobster
    UglyAmericanLobster Month ago +1

    That Anthony Bourdain bit sure didn't age well.

    • Miles Cat
      Miles Cat Month ago

      LOL I was looking for a comment like this.

  • Loveless2010A1
    Loveless2010A1 2 months ago

    I love when you guys do vegetarian/ vegan things! Thanks for sharing, Kyle, love that you're giving it a try!

  • Kel Green
    Kel Green 2 months ago

    The milk seems to always be brown.

  • Navy_flyer
    Navy_flyer 2 months ago

    You know who likes miracle whip? Poor people and Al Qaeda.

  • Vincent Alden
    Vincent Alden 2 months ago

    Ha, spicy mayonnaise

  • John Peck
    John Peck 2 months ago

    That guy is a fucking legend.

  • Quinton Nation
    Quinton Nation 2 months ago

    Screenshotting the tweets and not following, lol. At least follow him!!!!

  • Emilie Vukovich
    Emilie Vukovich 2 months ago

    His Wrigleyville analogy/description is spot on.

  • mamamonster
    mamamonster 2 months ago

    His episode of Drunk History was the first I saw. So damn funny.

  • corsica6565
    corsica6565 2 months ago +1

    15:44 gotta respect the ceremonious table tap there. Kyle Kinane is the best of the Kyles

  • chitwn hood
    chitwn hood 2 months ago

    soooo I fell asleep during the beginning of the show, who is this angry little white dude?

  • tilintolon1029
    tilintolon1029 3 months ago +1

    Kyle love your comedy man I listen to your stuff on my comedy list to make my day at work go easy without my wet dreams of stabbing everyone in the face but I can't see my self going vegetarian or vegan still love your stuff man thanks for the jokes 😃🤟

  • Christian Hurt
    Christian Hurt 3 months ago

    Have Albert Hammond Jr. on the show!

  • Yummcore Damian Nunes
    Yummcore Damian Nunes 3 months ago

    Best plug ever

  • Tilden Cats
    Tilden Cats 3 months ago +1

    Best ending plug ever!!!
    That camera that camera that camera, tell the world what ya got going on
    ....... I dont have much

  • vremetal
    vremetal 3 months ago

    Really nice set of knockers on that dude.

  • Mike DePue
    Mike DePue 3 months ago

    Finding out Kyle Kinane was a vegan took all the wind out of the sails of this video :(

    • 8 Ball Paul
      8 Ball Paul 3 months ago

      You ever have gout, bruh? Death by barbecue is not the move

  • Tim Nugent
    Tim Nugent 3 months ago

    What's the deal with the vegan wings , then talks about eating hot dogs!!!!!

  • Adam Murray
    Adam Murray 3 months ago +2

    Man, Kyle is just a great dude. I first met him when he was opening for Brian Posehn. After the show I bought the CD he was selling. I then went to the bar to get a drink and set the CD down during the process and someone stole it from me while I was ordering from the bartender. So I went back to buy a second one from him. Kyle remembered me and replaced the CD for free instead refusing my money. Just a total gem of a dude.

  • sebastian vadillo
    sebastian vadillo 3 months ago

    R.I.P. Anthony Burdain 💔

  • Lori Morse
    Lori Morse 4 months ago

    Eat Ketogenic (Keto) no sugar or bread you wont get gout!

  • Michael Harper
    Michael Harper 4 months ago

    They're like long lost brothers. Amazing. Great voices on these guys. Representing Chicago. Love y'all

  • Abdul Haseeb
    Abdul Haseeb 4 months ago

    8:45 fuckin pussy

  • Glenn Papp
    Glenn Papp 4 months ago


  • Caleb Davis
    Caleb Davis 4 months ago

    He is an American hero! ;-;