Ways to fight Frreemasons Dark Kabal Illuminati Orgonite Orgone

  • Published on Jan 23, 2017
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Comments • 23

  • Kai Guy
    Kai Guy 19 days ago

    Hey brother, this is great. Hope to see another video soon.

    • Kai Guy
      Kai Guy 19 days ago

      Made my first orgonite and tower bomb today.

  • RedRedMane
    RedRedMane Month ago

    I have a very sad task to do: My Grandfather and Grandmother were Freemasons. They were of the "useful idiot" genre. That is, they were "32nd degree" or lower. To get any higher, you have to be an experienced occultist and practitioner of black magick. My Dad, on the other hand, mostly thought that the masons were a club of corny folks who wore silly hats. But to my Dad, the Shriners were also a truly wonderful organization that had wonderful children's hospitals and had many charity groups to it's credit. Oh, if only it were really that good and "innocent!"
    I could be wrong ( my Grandfather was definitely no "dummy!" He was an extremely shrewd and successful business owner ), but my Grandfather seemed to be very much like Fred Flintstone when it came to being a Mason. For him, it was all about being part of the "Great Fraternal Order." It was about codes of honor, so-called "sacred oaths", family fun, trips to fun and neat places and barbeques and being a good charitable citizen. It was also about being in the very same "club" that many of America's FOUNDERS had belonged to, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin!!!
    But WE know better. The Masonic Temple has it's origins in Ancient Egypt and perhaps in the kingdom of Babylon before that. It's sorcery makes witchcraft look almost HARMLESS in comparison. But most of the people ( 32nd degree and below ) don't know this. To them, at worst, it's just naughty but harmless "fun."
    For a long time, I have had my Grandparents old Shriner's hats. They have always been kept in a cardboard box. Before I can even begin to start making orgonite, I must try to get rid of anything that may bring a "curse" upon my household. I simply cannot risk having those hats in my possession.
    The problem is that I love and miss my Grandparents. They were always loving and good to me. I also know that they would be terribly upset if i were to give back ( return to the doorstep of their Masonic Lodge ) their old Mason's hats. They might take it as though I were rejecting THEM ! But it's not THEM I am rejecting. I am rejecting the spiritual PATH that they had mistakenly gone down. I always seem to have had a protective ( albeit oppressive ) spiritual "cabal" of some sort PROTECTING me when the chips are really down. If this means LOSING that protection, things could get very VERY interesting, indeed!!! But as it is right now, I am the epitome of poor old, bad-luck Charlie Brown!!! Either my luck is going to get better, or it's going to get "worse." Who knows. But one thing's for certain: I cannot continue to suffer as I currently am. So it is with a sad and grieving heart that I now go and leave my Granparent's "shriner's hats" on the doorstep of the Masonic Lodge. I will later return to "gift" it as it had led my Grandparents astray. I feel sad. They would want me to keep their hats FOR them. The Shriners organization was such a big part of who they were. This is sad. I can only HOPE that they will understand.
    I love them. It's the dark path that they went down that I simply cannot condone. There's nothing to "love" about that. It's with a very heavy heart that I now go and do what I know I must do,... return those hats. From there, things will either get better or they will get worse for me. But I simply cannot go on living this way. I am in pain, my money seems to just vanish, I have failing health,... no more.

  • Gangstalking with Billdom

    I gifted the crap out of a Masonic lodge a few years ago... Its now up for sale

  • ConcatenateAgonWorld
    ConcatenateAgonWorld 8 months ago

    What's organite and orgone? Thanks

  • J B
    J B 10 months ago

    Noooo Do not put Reversal symbolism in orgonite!!!!

  • Bizzensun
    Bizzensun Year ago +1

    Great video. Hmu fellow orgone maker.

  • Zedruis
    Zedruis Year ago +3

    Put the dollar bill inside one haha

  • luzdeluz amor
    luzdeluz amor Year ago +5

    brother of light.
    i as well is from the light. talented individual😁
    stay focus.
    you are immortal you do not have cancer. the holy spirit Violet flame will always protect you. your mission is to great.
    the cigarette buds are a scare tactics as well as bad intentions .
    anything to distract you or to disturb you.
    their trying to sub consciously in grain the idea that you have cancer....
    yeah right.
    lesson you and me are like Jesus ascended.
    you can not die period.
    but here why they try to make you believe you are going to die.
    because we truly can manifest are reality.
    so what you think about you bring about.
    i know you know all this just a reminder.
    let say you're sold on the idea that you have cancer.....
    well you have powers astral project healing with the love that only we have.
    my mission is great as well.
    im here to tell the truth.
    to let the world know they to can become and transform into holy immortal blood like us.
    yes they were not born with rh negative blood but we are the ones the neo's.
    whom gang stalks and harass the christ conscious , will not ascend period. will be stuck here for at lest another 38 thousand years.
    whom obey me and not the ways of the world will ascend to a better world higher vibration.
    now there many heavens different levels of utopia.
    this world is hell the underworld of no free will, but its currently transforming to heaven.
    specially with you in it.😊
    oh you can't die only by suicide period.
    because if they could have killed you they would have.
    they point a stop the heart weapon and can kill most people.
    yes they can do shit like accelerate your heartbeat give you pains.
    i started giving them love in there heart and every cell in their body so they can feel again as they once did and they i also astral project
    returning them their own evil energy.
    and it come back to me in love its going back to them.
    and then back to me purified with love.
    you teach me. thank you.
    my books will change the world.
    with the quickness.
    im going to use there own negative energy and make it positive.
    it hard for mankind because of the mind control. theres a reason there basically give smart phones away or really cheap. because they know this is there end times of there evil controlling and manipulating mankind.
    reply i will then email you.
    keep on keeping on champion of champions
    real royal you are.

    • Shawn T
      Shawn T 9 months ago

      Lucky One Thank you, I appreciate it. Stay bless and happy

    • Shawn T
      Shawn T 9 months ago

      Lucky One I have some orgonite it helps a bit. they're doing something to get pass any protection I put up, I feel the nano particles they release is what they're using to do this and drain my energy

    • Shawn T
      Shawn T 9 months ago

      Lucky One Hi. Not sure if you can, unless you have the ability to see these creeps on the astral realm and give them a beating with your spirit friends

    • Shawn T
      Shawn T 9 months ago

      luzdeluz amor can you help me? They're Targeting me

    • Recovering Soul
      Recovering Soul Year ago +1

      This is first time I heard blood type mentioned related to these items. Although it does seem to be connected with TI's. I need to get one of these, getting beaten and no energy, feel empty

  • SwagAsauras Lex
    SwagAsauras Lex Year ago

    brother just found you...you got that vibe like me your too good .. they cant win and WON.. in dallas bro would like to link up if you back in texas

  • Primus Omegus
    Primus Omegus Year ago +5

    Well done homie

  • Poppa Magi 1 Views November 26 2015

    Wow, great video and message.

  • Felix
    Felix Year ago +5

    good work!!!

  • Fear No Evil
    Fear No Evil Year ago +2

    It's nice to see a TVclip video on how to fight evil. I'm not going to touch their witchcraft garbage but you may have something there as I'm not educated in that option but what I've been looking for help in translating the true Holy Bible in English. The Tynsdale Bible maybe the key as God's instructions are clear on how to win our battles by wearing the full amour of God but we're not going to gain that knowledge with incomplete or incorrect instructions. Have you done research on why the King of England had William Tynsdale killed for interpreting the Bible into English? If yes, have found a true translation of the Holy Bible that you can share?

  • Erik van amerongen
    Erik van amerongen Year ago +1

    put it in tree