The Bait - A Bottle Lured Me To A Great Find

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018
  • This is my next metal detecting adventure, which started in blackberry bushes full of thorns.
    I discovered a small bottle on the surface. This time it was modern. After leaving it behind at first, I thought to myself that maybe it was a gesture from metal detecting Gods. I took it with me only to show them my appreciation. As if this was not enough, they guided me to a fitting screw cap... Isn't that nice?
    I continued full of hopes and spotted another bottle on the surface. It was made to look old, but it was modern too. I realized the purpose of finding it a few seconds later. It must have been a "bait", to make me change the direction and lure me to another exciting item. A French "Croix de Guerre" (Cross of War) medal awarded since the first world war for "heroic deeds".
    It was a very unexpected and spectacular find. Something that is not lying around every corner (at least not in areas I detect).
    You will find more info about this medal here:
    With this find in my bag, everything else felt like a bonus. When I came across a deep target, I didn't know that it will hold me in this spot for another 40 minutes. This was the time it took to recover the object. It was a complicated "surgery", but the patient could have been saved.
    The recovered item looks like a huge bronze "ring", or a bracelet. It is probably very old, it could be (at "least") Roman (in my opinion).
    At the very end I even found silver in form of (what looks like) another bracelet.
    It was a relatively short but very exciting trip.
    Thanks for watching.
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  • dana f.
    dana f. 5 months ago +1

    unless there is gold in that rock... do yall find gold naturally there? if not you have to just keep moving rocks to claim your prize

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  5 months ago +1

      I believe there is gold in some creeks and rivers, but probably not on land like it is in Australia for example.

  • Memphis Mark
    Memphis Mark 10 months ago +1

    BETR ORDENSTUECK: Auf die Rueckseite werde es Jahren geben. Die letzte Nummer ist wann sie ausgegeben war... 1914, 15, 16, 17 oder 18. Es gab sie auch im 2. Weltkrieg. Croix de Guerre.

  • Lurkin Gurkin
    Lurkin Gurkin 10 months ago

    What’s with the trippy OCD at the beginning?? Assembling and raising your detector to the sky??? Why god dammit!!!! Just an explanation please! 👍

  • tyneoharrow
    tyneoharrow 11 months ago

    Hearn be praised, It looks like a bottle dump, great finds here. What detector are you using?

  • Gregory Barr
    Gregory Barr 11 months ago

    God rules for sure... over all things seen and unseen... the bottle was a surface find.. nice!

  • Gregory Barr
    Gregory Barr 11 months ago

    What was the magnifying device that you used?

  • Lisa Gauvin
    Lisa Gauvin 11 months ago

    At first I thought, “What’s with the closed caption?” (yes, I am American.), but now I am addicted. It’s a new art form. Silent swing. Muffled dig. No exclamation other than the punctuation. I feel beguiled...

  • elmer funtilar
    elmer funtilar 11 months ago

    Very nice..your my idol everyday my dear...watching every video's..happy watching here in Philippines...!😀

  • Mert Tezer
    Mert Tezer Year ago

    yeah , she past away awesome band



  • Bob Frederick
    Bob Frederick Year ago

    Too long, speak up

  • David Bean
    David Bean Year ago

    Cool. Glad to know that. Do you know if anyone collects that data if offered?

  • David Bean
    David Bean Year ago +1

    Just wondering if you mark waypoints on a GPS for your historical finds? I know most detectorists do not want their locations disclosed because they want to find everything for themselves ,but doesn't that basically ruin part of the history? I think if any one detecting finds something in the ground it has some sort of history to it and should probably be documented. Once an area is searched and all goodies found GPS data for the finds might give people studying Archeological or historical events, possible clues . I have been watching lots of detecting shows on TVclip and so far have not come across even one that the people doing the digging mark the locations of their finds. I think it is a shame. Metal detecting by oneself and or in a group could be such a help to others studying our history. If everyone out looking , were to use GPS and mark their finds, and drop a picture of those finds with the GPS data, That data might make quite a difference for those who are trying to put the historical pieces together to preserve ,and to share. Anyway I just thought I'd ask.

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Hello David, thank you for the comment. I mark all my finds (nothing is lost). I save the video footage too. You can see it after every close up (I even explained it after the first one).
      Edit: I edited my comment, because I was thinking that you commented on a video where I haven't used my GPS (this is not the case here). Please watch the video, read the subtitles and you will see.
      Have a great day.

  • Suddenly
    Suddenly Year ago +1

    That war medal the key are terrific finds I have never seen anyone recover a medal like that one.

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Thank you very much. It was a rare find (in my area). Have a great day.

  • gotmud49
    gotmud49 Year ago +1

    I'm new to your a channel, but could you please give me the info on the mini camera you used to put in the hole? Thanks

    • gotmud49
      gotmud49 Year ago

      @MetalDetecting24 It does. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      It's called "Mobius Action Cam". It is the first version with manually focused "A2" lens). Hope it helps.

  • Dennis Meyers
    Dennis Meyers Year ago +1

    what metal detector is that??

  • Raymond Carroll
    Raymond Carroll Year ago

    One of these days your going to put that pick you use right through a nice gold coin, so unprofessional

  • Master Don
    Master Don Year ago +2

    Let’s have a moment of silence for our fallen comrade. Ms Caterpillar

  • Dog is my co-pirate. Relic hunting Montana

    Great finds!!!! Got to love this hobby! Keep up the good work cheers Nathan

  • Dirt Diggler Metal Detecting

    Amazing find m y friend. That medal is awesome. Thank you again for sharing. HH James

  • cynthia franco
    cynthia franco Year ago +1

    how come u don't talk ,this is why i turn on the cc so i can read what u say

    • Memphis Mark
      Memphis Mark 10 months ago

      It's his "trademark," along with the little stuffed animals and never showing his face. Personally, I think it's quite imaginative. It also focuses attention on what he's DOING rather than on HIM.

  • william hill
    william hill Year ago +1

    Like the vids no talking no fussing clowning about like other youtube metal detecting vids on youtube

  • MichSignMan
    MichSignMan Year ago +1

    "Nasty bushes in front of you"? I have only said that in a bar... lol

  • 2Qwk2C
    2Qwk2C Year ago +1

    Awesome dig once again! Very interesting finds. Your vids are all about the hunt, always - which makes them so special. That's what I love about them so much. Keep up the fantastic work :)

  • Mr. Beepers
    Mr. Beepers Year ago +1

    In case you didn't know, I'm Mr Beepers. I changed my youtube channel to Pacific Northwest Diggers. Check out my channel. My videos aren't as exciting as yours, but eventually I will get a good one. I have an old library to hunt in a week or 2. I will be taping it!!

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  11 months ago

      Hello Mr. Beepers. I already realized it.
      I wish you fun and success with your new channel!

  • YNWA96
    YNWA96 Year ago +1

    How come your like a man possessed. This is like xxxx rated metal detecting.

  • YNWA96
    YNWA96 Year ago +1

    Is that a real detector where is the computer part telling you depth etc. Am I missing somethin ere is this a piss take.

    • YNWA96
      YNWA96 Year ago

      Cool, I'm new to metal detecting you see so im learning. I didnt realise you could scan so fast but I suppose that depends on the quality of the metal detector i have a Gareth ace 400i so i suppose i couldn't scan as fast. Or doesnt that matter

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago +1

      The computer is "detached" from this detector. It is hanging on the shoulder strap of my backpack (the connection with the detector is wireless). The information about depth is coming from the sound. With a little bit of experience, it is relatively easy to tell how deep the targets are (no need for any numbers).

  • Mona Radu
    Mona Radu Year ago +1

    Nice🤗..and the hola hop is tne inner circle of the moth.. ○

  • Wild Detect
    Wild Detect Year ago +1

    Bronze Age bracelet I guess. You should be on a tumulus or a grave therefore the stones.

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Thanks for watching. There is nothing special about the stones. This is how the terrain looks like (it's just filled with stones). Would I dig a hole 10m to the right, it would look exactly the same. Cheers.

  • Moira Black
    Moira Black Year ago +1

    Great finds again.lovely shanks on those buttons and I really liked the medal.👍🤗 thanks from Scotland🙂

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Thank you Moira, greetings to Scotland :). Have a great evening.

  • Daffik
    Daffik Year ago +1

    its maybe shrek's Ring ? :D Nice finds

  • Sondengänger
    Sondengänger Year ago +1

    Eine schöne Runde! Grüße! 😀👍

  • Notrightjohnny Detecting junkie

    Excellent man I’ve been watching for half the year

  • KameMan
    KameMan Year ago

    The rings looks like black smithed Wrought Iron. Pointer was not falsing it was likely hitting on bits of rust.

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      I think, I can tell the difference between bronze and iron (or if my pinpointer is falsing or not).

  • Michael Ganzer
    Michael Ganzer Year ago +2

    Super Video und wieder super Funde... Der Orden ist neben dem Silber Fragment echt klasse... Der Ring ist echt interessant... Da hast du dir echt viel Mühe gegeben, damit er nicht zerstört wird.... Ich finde es ganz besonders toll wie du mit den kleinen Waldbewohnern umgehst... Du hast Respekt vor anderen Lebewesen... Das gefällt mir sehr... Ganz klar Daumen hoch 👍 und danke fürs mitnehmen LG Micha

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago +1

      Vielen Dank, die Lebewesen sind wie Freunde. Wenn ich im Wald unterwegs bin, dann sind es meine Begleiter. Viele Grüße.

  • Pferdeapfling Ferdi
    Pferdeapfling Ferdi Year ago +5

    49:00 min - Dabei handelt es sich um das deformierte Fragment einer Kugelschreiberhülle,zeitlich ab 1938.Ich habe ein nahezu identisches Fundstück mit noch erhaltener Schreibspitze.

  • David Kozderka
    David Kozderka Year ago +1

    Válečný kříž se opravdu povedl,ale ten bronz náramek je úžasný!! Bez poškození.Výborný lov.Dobrá volba místa na hledání pokladů. Gratuluji.Těším se na další video.

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago +1

      Hello David, thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it :). I'm also glad that I didn't had a shovel. It wouldn't work anyway, but I could still feel tempted to lever a stone too quickly. I'm glad that nothing happened to the ring.
      Have a great day.

  • holly webster
    holly webster Year ago +1

    Nice finds

  • Katie Deep Beep
    Katie Deep Beep Year ago +1

    Cute critter!

  • Katie Deep Beep
    Katie Deep Beep Year ago +1

    I love your videos & your macro-zoom lense. How wonderful to be able to dig up History dating back to the Roman period! Your comments are great! Time to wear both gloves? Your right hand got a small cut ~ be careful. I know how it is - once I start digging with my nails, they’re ruined! But I don’t care - the treasure is more important! God Bless & Happy Hunting!

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Hello Katie, thank you very much for the comment. I don't care about my nails either ;). Most of the cuts are coming from plants with thorns. This area has some nasty small trees, especially abandoned vineyards. My hands are not as much of a concern as the eyes. I have to constantly remind me about the danger (sometimes it's the tree that reminds me about it...).

      Have a great day.

  • Francesca/ lichfieldcity69

    Hello from England. What beautiful finds today. Well done. X

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago +1

      Thank you very much. I'm happy about the variety of the finds too. Have a great evening.

  • Digging history Tasmania

    Amazing finds mate that war medal is a great find thanks for sharing 👍👍👍👍👍

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago +1

      Thank you for watching. I'm very happy about this find too. I don't find medals that often...
      Have a great day.

  • J B
    J B Year ago +1

    We should call you the James Herriot of metal detecting his books were called All creatures great and small, you obviously love them all .It was a long hunt but a prosperous one eventually. Loved the (Roman) bracelet .Great video your a joy to watch thanks again M24. See you soon .G L & H H. Janice . 🤗🤗Scotland

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Hello Janice, thank you for the kind words. You are right, I love all creatures. It is for me a pleasure to be in the forest among them. I only wish, the bigger animals were not that scared of humans. In this part of the world even squirrels in a public park are keeping huge distance...

      Have a great evening.

  • Sonde Mundart
    Sonde Mundart Year ago +1

    Hallo MD24. Tolles Video. Das Verdienstkreuz ist super. Der Armreif ist Wahnsinn, sollte es einer sein. Ich habe die Ausgrabung genossen ☺️ Und ein Schlüsselerlebnis noch dazu. Der 3. in Folge 👍🏻 Wünsche dir Gut Fund für dein nächstes Video, LG

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Hallo SondeM, vielen Dank. Es ist schon öfter vorgekommen, dass bestimmte Funde "als Serie" nacheinender folgen. Manchmal wird es unheimlich (es gibt auch noch viele Ausflüge die ich nicht gezeigt habe, deshalb sieht man es nicht immer). Es kann aber auch sein, dass ich ein älteres Video dazwischenschiebe und es nicht mehr im direkten Zusammenhang mit dem davor gezeigten steht.
      Viele Grüße.

  • Salawati Khan
    Salawati Khan Year ago +1

    Eventhough how long you dig i still waited pirspiring as it was very hard way to the bracelet....everything is a reward today hunt...all bcos of the bottle!))tq for sharing,i realy like today hunts and every other day hunt...hh...take care..

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Hello and thank you for watching. I'm glad to hear, that you enjoyed this hunt. I liked this one too. Have a great day.

  • Beatrice L. Williams

    I think I heard the moth say "You are getting sleepy" ; )

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Now I know what was the reason, why I packed my gear and left towards home :).

  • Beatrice L. Williams

    Finding that bracelet was exciting!

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      I'm glad you liked it. Thank you very much for watching. Have a great day.

  • MrRuss4859
    MrRuss4859 Year ago

    I like making new friends and I like to think of you as one if you're interested in becoming friends let me know and I'll send you my email address I hope you will accept that I don't know if you speak English or not but I know things can be translated on the computer I would like to be able to visit Germany one day but it probably will never happen but I find it very interesting of the things that you find over there dealing with your German coins and all the metal that you find take care and have a good day and keep detecting

  • Mary Degenkolb
    Mary Degenkolb Year ago +1

    Make sure the assistants know the ceramic is cracked so they don't try to hide their bier in there. But yes, nice war medal. French even. I love her warm fuzzy hat. She is ready for the cold. A hula hoop for the assistants after their bier.

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago +1

      Hello Mary, thank you for the comment :). When my finds are out of place, I know the assistants have been playing at night...
      Have a great day.

  • Zelda Robinson
    Zelda Robinson Year ago +1

    Interesting finds .thank you .

  • Pacific Northwest Diggers

    You gave the bottles credit to finding your good target, but the credit goes to your assistants!! Nice finds!!

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      You are right. They lead me to the spot from where I could see the bottles.
      Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

  • shaun laverick
    shaun laverick Year ago +1

    hula hoop for babies lol nice video and finds.

  • shaun laverick
    shaun laverick Year ago +1

    Croix de Guerre what a great find...quite surprised to see something that would have been precious to the owner pop up in the woods....

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago +1

      Thanks for watching, the woods are full of surprises...

  • A.Thousand Years.
    A.Thousand Years. Year ago +1

    Very beautiful location ../Thailand..

  • Cynthia Herr
    Cynthia Herr Year ago +1

    Very nice find's my friend and well worth the trip, beautiful tree's surrounded you on this journey,
    stay safe out there and enjoy the beauty of fall..Take care..

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Hello Cynthia, thank you. It is a great time of year to be in the forest. I enjoy the colors and the smell of the leaves.
      Have a great day.

  • Hilario Martinez
    Hilario Martinez Year ago +1

    The artifacts on this hunt were remarkable you have a good sense of where to go good day March on March on

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Thank you very much. Sometimes everything falls into place... Have a nice day.

  • A.Thousand Years.
    A.Thousand Years. Year ago +1

    Good morning MD 24...Have a nice day / Thailand..

  • Robin Williams
    Robin Williams Year ago +3

    very nice I got tired on that long dig but as you say very well worth it it's when you dig like that and it's trash that really makes you not so happy to put that much work that really makes you ready to go glad you got something good those assistances may not be so happy about your friend the moth helping out keep your eye on them have a very good day very nice hunt thanks for sharing

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Hello Robin, thanks for the comment. The assistants were fine with it, but you may be right, at some point they could become jealous :).

      Have a nice day.

  • Lili Varela
    Lili Varela Year ago +1

    Uhh, nice suspense was worth it ! Very good cross, see you soon !!!

  • Emersonskej Emersonovič

    Gratulace k medaili !!! Minulý víkend se mi poštěstilo něco podobného... :)

    • MetalDetecting24
      MetalDetecting24  Year ago

      Then I have to congratulate you to your medal :). Have a great evening and Happy Hunting.