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  • Faezma Faez
    Faezma Faez 2 days ago +1

    the last one neild it.

  • SlapNDash
    SlapNDash 15 days ago

    these audiences just look for any opening to start a clap going

  • Its Me VaLeY
    Its Me VaLeY 19 days ago

    Number 3 should be changed to his no name performance. Was miles better

  • we all scream for pranking

    #2 name of the song

  • simon larouche
    simon larouche 23 days ago

    there’s a difference between a good singer and a good guitarist

  • Camilla Madsen
    Camilla Madsen 23 days ago

    Ryan o'shaughnessy and James Smith, makes great music, still to this day.

  • Jamal Richardson
    Jamal Richardson 23 days ago

    I thought number 3 was the best

  • Joey J
    Joey J 24 days ago

    David Fenley all day!!!!

  • Nunzio Improta
    Nunzio Improta Month ago

    Che palle !!!!!

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool Month ago

    2nd one was miley cyrus + justin beiber

  • Closergaming
    Closergaming Month ago +1

    I’m sorry but I really don’t understand why everyone loves the blonde guy in the 9th spot, I don’t like his voice, song was meh, kind of repetitive...

  • Ben Silverstein
    Ben Silverstein Month ago

    Am I the only one who sees a similarity between Chase Goehring and Jason Mraz?

  • Yuri Oliveira
    Yuri Oliveira Month ago

    Who's the boy at 2:02 ?

  • Caleb Mccrady
    Caleb Mccrady Month ago

    The fuckboy that sang too close was trash

  • Otávio Oliveira
    Otávio Oliveira Month ago +1


  • Knox M'cmorris
    Knox M'cmorris Month ago


  • IceyWhite Mamba
    IceyWhite Mamba Month ago

    Song at 9:03?

  • CapitanOppi0
    CapitanOppi0 2 months ago

    Beanie fuckboy vs bearded bear ? Guess who win hahaha

  • MBeast HD
    MBeast HD 2 months ago

    No.3 ftw

  • Every night Sis
    Every night Sis 2 months ago

    The last one was 🔥

  • James Ciaran
    James Ciaran 2 months ago

    Chase is a cuck
    Only a multiple time friend zoned dweeb writes a song like that

  • Em wali
    Em wali 2 months ago

    I forgot to mention.. Excellent rendition both of you...Miguel though WoWed me...

  • Em wali
    Em wali 2 months ago

    What is that song both Miguel Dakota @10:55 and Dave Finley @14:00 sing...

  • Dennis Wohlgemuth
    Dennis Wohlgemuth 2 months ago

    Ryan O'Shaugnessy... Gold, Premium, Deluxe, Gourmet... What an angelic voice.

  • Wouter de Wijs
    Wouter de Wijs 2 months ago

    What is the name of the first song

  • Nath
    Nath 2 months ago

    Number 4 Micheal Collins was so underrated it’s a shame.

  • Nicholas Alex
    Nicholas Alex 2 months ago

    Who is number 8?! 😍

  • Gary Stewart
    Gary Stewart 2 months ago

    Kids got the heart

  • Shamir Ronco
    Shamir Ronco 3 months ago

    I really think number 2 is better than the fist one.....

  • 阿祖
    阿祖 3 months ago

    top 4 guitar?

  • Truth Surfer
    Truth Surfer 3 months ago

    all the commercials ruined it for me

  • Jason Patrick
    Jason Patrick 3 months ago

    The first one already wetted some of the audience

  • Mateo Taboada
    Mateo Taboada 3 months ago

    0:55 they blink at the same time wtf

  • Adrian Alberto
    Adrian Alberto 3 months ago

    Chase geohring is amazing

  • Adrian Alberto
    Adrian Alberto 3 months ago

    no 7 is after hook

  • warren talavera
    warren talavera 3 months ago

    3rd and

  • Francisco carlos Agostinho

    i wanna number 2 name

  • Lance Bishop
    Lance Bishop 3 months ago

    Number one. Dude are you serious!!!!!! Wow. Where can I get your album???

  • mR. Nobody desu?
    mR. Nobody desu? 3 months ago

    No. 7 has an emotional voice.

  • Glenn glenninho
    Glenn glenninho 3 months ago

    that chase guy is friggin insane!!

  • Allison R
    Allison R 3 months ago

    Number 2 was fanflipping tastic. I mean, Chase is extremely good, but 2 gave me chills.

  • Can’t think of a username Fcuked

    Did he bust a nut at 16:01 ?

    • MRBurgz
      MRBurgz Month ago

      seems like it XD

  • OrchidTale
    OrchidTale 3 months ago +1

    5.....hooooottttt daaamnnnnn

  • Ashley Boyer
    Ashley Boyer 3 months ago

    Number 6 has an incredible voice, does anybody know who he is?

  • JovYa Galaxy
    JovYa Galaxy 3 months ago

    chase geohring is the best

  • CuzIamfett
    CuzIamfett 3 months ago


  • deychi Deadmouse
    deychi Deadmouse 3 months ago

    NUMBER 8 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Middlesteadt
    Maria Middlesteadt 3 months ago +3

    The last guy was the best out of the others

  • Vadoseharpy 3025
    Vadoseharpy 3025 4 months ago

    Yeah chase my favourite also the best singer

  • Jean Cule
    Jean Cule 4 months ago

    I didnt like the 9. I prefer the 10

  • Stopchangingmyname Shannon

    17:45 for Chase.

  • Ayush Phukan
    Ayush Phukan 4 months ago

    12:55. looks like his brother

  • lars kuno Andersen
    lars kuno Andersen 4 months ago

    where is Michael grimm

  • samira soultan
    samira soultan 4 months ago

    Number 10 is amazing

  • Ana Cruz
    Ana Cruz 4 months ago

    Chase goehring 😍👌❤💕
    The star 🌟⭐

  • Team Hot Prin Vlog
    Team Hot Prin Vlog 4 months ago

    Mé. Nước ngoài Toàn Tayler vs Eb.

  • Vinicius Vitorio
    Vinicius Vitorio 4 months ago

    someone knows who is the number 6?

  • Brian White
    Brian White 4 months ago

    Does anyone know who the 2nd singer is, his depth and innocent voice is truly amazing. Thanks in advance

    • Brian White
      Brian White 4 months ago

      Because its a countdown video its number 9 on this video, sorry for any confusion.

  • RuXing Nikirk
    RuXing Nikirk 4 months ago

    I like the male guitar best auditions one as well!

  • RuXing Nikirk
    RuXing Nikirk 4 months ago

    I liked the song Song Set love the best auditions the Ex Factor that one was touching and lovely!

  • Javi Oliva
    Javi Oliva 4 months ago

    17:55 mini ed sheeran Jr.

  • Jackson Rhodes
    Jackson Rhodes 4 months ago

    Who's number 8?

  • drjyoti trivedi
    drjyoti trivedi 4 months ago

    Chase goehring is my favourite

  • danois333
    danois333 4 months ago

    At 18;15 min. There are an SUBPLIMINAL publicity ( FORBIDDEN) Of Dunkin Donot's !!!! Have they payed for it???.

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique 4 months ago

    Chase is king

  • Stanley Hansen
    Stanley Hansen 4 months ago

    Again... Where's Owen Campbell. He wasn't on top original songs on top total either, I'm starting to think no one knows who he is. If u don't definitely look him up hes amazing.

  • Evan Poyntz
    Evan Poyntz 4 months ago

    Name of song from no.6 ?

  • Raymond Fee
    Raymond Fee 4 months ago

    If there was ever a voice to get girls Miguel Dakota has it. Yep, pretty jealous

  • sporto100
    sporto100 4 months ago

    Number 10 sounds like Neil diamond only better.

  • Wassup
    Wassup 4 months ago

    I haven't finished yet, but number 7 was amazing. He gave me the chills. What's his name?!?

  • Ashalmavia
    Ashalmavia 4 months ago

    I dont know why Chase is the last one :/

    SH3RIFF G4MES 4 months ago

    who was number 2

  • Matthew Frizzell
    Matthew Frizzell 4 months ago

    Anyone know who #6 is?

  • Israel Medina
    Israel Medina 4 months ago

    15:42 name of the guy?

  • 14gmcd
    14gmcd 4 months ago

    summit 1g shoes

  • Chamal Madhutharanga
    Chamal Madhutharanga 4 months ago

    Can someone tell me the song list they playing

  • Princess Keira
    Princess Keira 5 months ago

    Im dying with number 7"

  • Shadowx Talion
    Shadowx Talion 5 months ago

    are u sure this all were males xD

  • Q S
    Q S 5 months ago

    I came for number three

  • Gonçalo Gonçalves
    Gonçalo Gonçalves 5 months ago

    can anybody tell me who's number 2? super awesome!!

  • Gaurang Shukla
    Gaurang Shukla 5 months ago

    Chase goring was best

  • Tyson Reid
    Tyson Reid 5 months ago

    Name of first song?

  • Risky Racoon
    Risky Racoon 5 months ago

    Michael Collins and Chase Goehring were my favorite performances.

  • Dylan
    Dylan 5 months ago

    9:00 wow literally speechless

  • Anailil Sajor
    Anailil Sajor 5 months ago

    chase Goehring is great!😍

  • Sees Nails
    Sees Nails 5 months ago +7

    best one starts at 12:44

  • Richard Stephenson
    Richard Stephenson 5 months ago

    No cas haley no like

  • Franzi Becker
    Franzi Becker 5 months ago

    Fast car Favorit !! !

  • Jamie Allen
    Jamie Allen 5 months ago

    Sam Kelly !!

  • Robbie Cleigh Marks
    Robbie Cleigh Marks 5 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Dave Fenley is a freakin monster musician.

  • Brandon Cortez
    Brandon Cortez 5 months ago

    the last guy is gonna get hella girls after that performance 🔥 spoke right to em lol

  • Nathan Conley
    Nathan Conley 5 months ago

    Does #6 have a dip in?

  • Yusara El Aitour
    Yusara El Aitour 5 months ago

    chaasee goehriing💖💖💖💖

  • FixableHippo552
    FixableHippo552 5 months ago

    Number 3 for days

  • nagato renin
    nagato renin 5 months ago +10

    3 was the best i guess. Fire. Man

    • Scie Copeland
      Scie Copeland 3 months ago

      nagato renin Ryan OShaugnessy. You’re welcome 😍

  • Jolly Jarjar SB
    Jolly Jarjar SB 5 months ago

    Is it just me or does #5 look like there’s a recording in the background and that’s not his voice 😐

  • SKANDaR0875
    SKANDaR0875 5 months ago

    3 should be bumped up to 2

  • William Fisher
    William Fisher 5 months ago

    These guys have such mesmirising voices far out

  • Abe
    Abe 5 months ago

    was expecting to see james arthur sing we are young in this list

  • Daniel Espírito Santo
    Daniel Espírito Santo 6 months ago

    Não vi nada de excepcional em termos de execução, a não ser um bom violão de acompanhamento!