Coco - Movie Review

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
    Chris Stuckmann reviews Coco, starring Gael García Bernal, Anthony Gonzalez, Benjamin Bratt, Renée Victor. Directed by Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina.
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  • 501stTrooperBMC
    501stTrooperBMC 3 days ago

    I actually cried in this movie.

  • The Office Sis
    The Office Sis 4 days ago +2

    Not even a soul:
    Coco: *wHeRe ShOuLd I pUt My ShOeS?*

  • dibujando con juanda271

    In this movie speak spanglish

  • Hamdi Ali Hassan
    Hamdi Ali Hassan 11 days ago

    Why not A?

  • Lamarck Leland
    Lamarck Leland 16 days ago

    B+ seems fair.
    The movie would be better if it was shorter, there are some filler scenes with the dog and singing that are completely unnecessary.

  • Queen B
    Queen B 24 days ago

    This movie is the only movie my 7 month old will watch she loves it!

  • Flower Soul
    Flower Soul 25 days ago

    *Definitely* an A+, no doubt
    s, because is one of the best movie *EVER* 😉👍

  • Andrew Agassi
    Andrew Agassi 27 days ago

    is that goku on you shirt?

  • Thomas Smith
    Thomas Smith 28 days ago +1

    Boring Boring Boring. Pixar is falling fast!

  • j d
    j d Month ago +1

    i think this movie was pixar way of telling trump to stfu with the racist remarks against mexico and it worked, a lot of people change their perspective of mexico after this movie

    • Thomas Smith
      Thomas Smith 28 days ago +1

      No, facts don't care about your feelings. A C+ boring movie with a lame twist, about a Mexican murder didn't change people's perspective of Mexico. And, list some of THESE racist remarks about Mexico from Trump. A border is not racist works great for Israel.

  • Rochelle Alcantara
    Rochelle Alcantara Month ago

    Although I think the book of life and Coco are similar, I loved Coco way better. I will definitely keep watching Coco over and over.
    It’s so beautiful. And I will cry over and over with the film.

  • Jerry Alexis De Jesús López

    On the Latin Spanish version of Coco and Monster's Inc. the voice actor for Mike Wazowski is the same one as the office skeletton.

  • Kaido ™ troll
    Kaido ™ troll Month ago

    White privilege at best

  • Miraculous Fan
    Miraculous Fan 2 months ago

    The only Pixar movie which might be as good is Wall-E
    Both A+

  • miraxell
    miraxell 3 months ago

    Everyone is saying they cried at the last 10 minutes. I started to cry when chicharon died. Was sad.

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H 3 months ago

    Pixar and Disney are getting pretty predictable. I think we all knew De le Cruz would be a twist villian from the start. I loved the movie though.

  • Shane O Dwyer
    Shane O Dwyer 3 months ago

    Finally a film about Mexico without a single reference to narcos! Really beautiful meditation on life, death, memory, love, loss,regret and family - quite deep for a film aimed primarily at kids!

  • ISetYourFaceOnFire
    ISetYourFaceOnFire 3 months ago

    This was an A+ movie to me! it's very rare that a movie can make me cry tears multiple times throughout.

  • Minions areyellow
    Minions areyellow 3 months ago

    Oh my god i fucking loved this movie

  • Brick Factory Productions

    You gave the good dinosaur a B and this a B+? I believe this is a much better film but your rating for the good dinosaur is accurate thus leading me to believe that this should be rated higher.

  • Helel Alexander
    Helel Alexander 3 months ago

    I've never cried for 2 hours straight, then I watched this. The purity of the setting, the stunning effects, the family dynamics, all these brown people and their culture being portrayed in a creative and exciting way. FRIDA KAHLO. This movie hit me. Hit me hard as hell.

  • Jeremy Stubbs
    Jeremy Stubbs 4 months ago +1

    I saw the rating in the comments and stopped watching.

  • Václav Dobiáš
    Václav Dobiáš 4 months ago

    Coco sucks

  • Penelope Kessell
    Penelope Kessell 4 months ago

    This guy... Yikes.

  • No Name
    No Name 4 months ago

    I can understand a B+ when you were not infested in the characters. I for example was extremely infested and touched by the characters in this movie and therefore I think this movie was a solid A+

  • Leandro Faria
    Leandro Faria 5 months ago

    B+??!!! Sometimes i really don't understand your criteria for rating movies. This is at least A- movie.

  • Lego Fan
    Lego Fan 5 months ago

    4:19 Spoiler you put in this video!

  • madisoned
    madisoned 5 months ago

    I cried. I definitely cried!

  • Hooi
    Hooi 5 months ago

    Plot is too linear. And literal.

  • Nanu Lee
    Nanu Lee 6 months ago

    The only problem I have with pixar film is there kinda cliche but its just a minor nic pick to most of the new ones but there still A's

  • bigpat504
    bigpat504 6 months ago

    I skipped this movie 100xs and my wife put it on .... listen I’m bout to be 29 in January .... and this movie made me feel like I was 12 can’t front this was a great movie so many lessons in it .... and culture wow I’m amazed

  • Marieo Voufo
    Marieo Voufo 6 months ago

    he just help me for my homework

  • JR The Animator
    JR The Animator 6 months ago

    *It is the most emotional animation movie I have ever seen* Beautifully animated and the story is heart - touching

  • A
    A 6 months ago +1

    It’s something we’ve seen before and pretty much a story that’s clever but not ground breaking and comes off as cliche? You mean like your ironic/sarcastic “Click right here and GET STUCKMANIZED!!!” Lmao 😂 like that?

  • A
    A 6 months ago

    Maahguehll.....? Yeah?

  • DM D
    DM D 6 months ago

    My Wife: "why your eyes so red"
    Me: "i just woke up. move bitch"

  • DM D
    DM D 6 months ago

    i watched this movie alone. I swear, i did not cry.

  • Andrew Gonzalez
    Andrew Gonzalez 6 months ago

    “Remeeeeember meeeee...”

  • The Walrus
    The Walrus 6 months ago

    You didn't watch the movie, you didn't pronounce any of the names right

  • Mariamyupperz
    Mariamyupperz 6 months ago

    ... this is deff deserving way more than a B+
    .... you didn't even really talk about the music...

  • 나연Nayeon
    나연Nayeon 6 months ago

    For people saying *" B+ , give it A+"* dont judge him , even though Coco is nice but some people can't give an A+. All people have different functions in their brain, we have a right to choose what is the best for us . So that's his answer B+ , let him decide , even though *for me* it is A+.........*Peace be upon you*✌✌❤💟🌎🌍🌏

  • Gabriel Badea
    Gabriel Badea 7 months ago

    Nah, it's an A movie for me. It really got me in the last twenty minutes.

  • onyx1329
    onyx1329 7 months ago

    I'm a little late to the party but I just watched this movie ten minutes ago. Although I completely agree that the whole "kid has a special talent for the one thing his whole family disapproves of" cliché and noticed it right away (which also disconnected me a bit), I think a B+ is putting it down a bit. That is ONE criticism against all the other positive things you correctly mentioned: Voice acting, BEAUTIFUL animation and colours and pictures, great songs, fantastic research done on Mexican culture, etc. I would give it an A.

  • I v E
    I v E 7 months ago

    Am I the only one thinking this one maybe tops Inside Out? The face of that grandma was INCREDIBLY adorable, just everything was so well done. How can they make a movie this good?

  • 8 7
    8 7 8 months ago

    The book of life was a good movie

  • Alejandro Casillas
    Alejandro Casillas 8 months ago

    A+ for me

  • Ryowhosakazaki
    Ryowhosakazaki 8 months ago

    It's funny. I saw this movie today, it's a sad story, yes. But i didn't cry in this and somehow in Inside Out works. I did figure out that there are some elements that i already saw some scenes that there are look like from other Disney movies. A kid wants to be a musician, the family doesn't want to, run away, mis-understanding etc. Still a good message for kids. I really enjoy this movie, beautiful colors, nice backgrounds and likeable characters.

  • Captain Jakemerica
    Captain Jakemerica 8 months ago

    Coco is nothing like The Book of Life

  • Nate W
    Nate W 8 months ago

    As much as I enjoyed Coco, what I absolutely adored was the music. Un Poco Loco, Proud Corazon, Remember Me, they're all gorgeous songs that had me smiling throughout the movie. I will agree that I had a hard time investing in a lot of the characters, but I still found characters like Hector really endearing. I think Cinemasins can give the movie a lot more credit that I can.

  • Mister Ranksz
    Mister Ranksz 8 months ago

    Familiar theme WTF Coco is a 10

  • Amanie Tingle
    Amanie Tingle 9 months ago

    this review to CoCo was wounderful it really was.

  • Cotton Tower
    Cotton Tower 9 months ago

    Chris this is the best written movie all year. I never saw The Book of Life so maybe that's an advantage.

    SHAY RUTHERFORD 9 months ago

    I didn’t really enjoy this movie

  • GuruR97
    GuruR97 9 months ago

    The only group of people disagreeing with his rating is the Latin community. Just because a movie relates to your culture and does it well doesn’t mean it’s an amazing movie. Stop being biased and look at this movie objectively. Really predictable plot, (the real father was obvious the minute he was introduced), and another coming of age story that has nothing to differentiate itself from better ones. Pixar did a great job as usual with animations and attention to detail, but come on people. No way this movie is on the same level as Finding Nemo, Inside Out, or Incredibles.

  • Rizwan Hyaider
    Rizwan Hyaider 9 months ago

    It deserved A for sure

  • emanuel cuautli
    emanuel cuautli 9 months ago

    I loved coco, but i think that use "spaninglish" was a bad idea, don't sound natural, maybe using only English the move could been perfect.

  • Makoto Itoshi
    Makoto Itoshi 9 months ago

    The only issue is that the villain and who Hector really was, were very obvious since both characters appeared.

  • pipthegooner
    pipthegooner 9 months ago

    I love this movie so much man. Even Lion King, Toy Story 1 or The Incredibles or even UP has this effect on me. It's definitely my favourite Disney/Pixar movie so far. This is the type of shit they should be making, instead of Cars

  • OjaruFan
    OjaruFan 9 months ago

    I really felt that Coco kept recycling elements found in some Disney movies. Protagonist whose views are different from his family? Check. Comedic character who accompanies the protagonist during his/her journey? Check. Animal sidekick? Check.
    Despite that issue, I think it's a really good movie. Highly recommended.

  • 21 GoatsOnABoat123
    21 GoatsOnABoat123 9 months ago

    A lot of these “I think it’s a better movie” comments are taking Chris too seriously

  • luv4planet3
    luv4planet3 9 months ago


  • L Ryuzaki
    L Ryuzaki 9 months ago

    I compared it more to *Kubo And the Two Strings* than Book of Life. There's more similarity between Coco and Kubo. Both are excellent films. Though similar they are different as well. There's no such thing as originality as everything has been done again and again. I'm tired of hearing this argument of "seeing it done before" bs.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 9 months ago

    It was so painfully predictable, very mediocre or worse

  • lrspaloss
    lrspaloss 9 months ago

    I just recently saw this film and I loved it and thought it deserves an A+. I live with my grandmother who is wheelchair bond and living with dementia so this film really hit home for me as a caregiver, who does feel like familial obligations are holding me back professionally done personally, and the conflicting emotions and guilt I feel for wanting to leave the people I love the most.

  • Doug Wingate
    Doug Wingate 9 months ago

    watched this on the plane and stopped after about one third because the story was not very engaging and quite predictable. i watched the incredibles instead haha

  • ora bolas
    ora bolas 10 months ago

    After he meets Ernesto the movie just gets a fucking hit Squad with nukes fucking your hart

  • Pug Tato
    Pug Tato 10 months ago

    Coco is a racist film and if you like it you are racist

  • Moriah Treadwell
    Moriah Treadwell 10 months ago

    An absolutely beautiful film ♥️

  • Nick Johns
    Nick Johns 10 months ago

    I thought the movie was poop. Too many decisions the characters made, made no sense... ummm he picks up the guitar after being told not to which immediately sends him back to the underworld. For one, picking up a guitar is not playing music. And for two, put the picture back on the frame then pick up the guitar. Many many choices like this made it impossible for me to buy into the story. The only thing perpetuating the plot was the characters’ stupidity.... or another example, all the dead people are surrounding Miguel to catch him..? Why do the care? Oh because it’s sposed to be a scary moment in the movie.. his dead great great granny is extremely insensitive and then all the sudden someone flips a switch and now she’s on his side? 10 seconds ago you were just chasing him all across town yelling and angry... oh, ur just trying to setup something later in ur film... ohhh, and how bout ripping up that photo instead of carrying it with u in ur pocket on stage??! Again another setup. How bout grabbing the petal when it is offered to u instead of staring at it for 5 seconds and then reaching for it in super slomo? Oh because the bad guy needs time to come and stop u. so this is not a B+!!! This is a C-

  • journee culpepper
    journee culpepper 10 months ago

    WTH?!? This movie is waaaaay pass a freaking B+

  • itzdat1k1d DaBawzzz
    itzdat1k1d DaBawzzz 10 months ago

    Just finished watching this and gotta say it was wayyy better then I ever thought it would be. Has a pretty complex, interesting story and it actually has some pretty dark elements to it for a children's movie (without any spoilers). I'm in my 20's and don't have kids and I LOVED it. If you wanna watch a newer actually good Disney movie, or are looking for a good family/kid movie to watch I'd definitely say give it a go. Easily available on Netflix too.
    Only complaint, and it's very minor, is it starts out a tad bit on the slow side, but it's to introduce you to the family and make you care about them. It picks up pretty quick though, give it a chance.

    • itzdat1k1d DaBawzzz
      itzdat1k1d DaBawzzz 10 months ago

      And yes not afraid to admit it like others have said, made me cry a little bit quite a few times. It's that emotionally deep at parts. Haven't felt that way about a kid's movie since Tarzan.

  • P.C. Principal
    P.C. Principal 10 months ago

    Coco looks amazing

  • Thien Duc
    Thien Duc 10 months ago

    The was first time I disagree with Chris' rating. This is at least an A to A+. The second being Pacific Rim 2 which was at best, a D-. Absolute cinematic horse poop.

  • A Mostly Agreeable Opinion

    A+, simply because i am a bias mexican. 🇮🇹

  • verison9.5
    verison9.5 10 months ago

    Solid A-
    No less no Higher

  • verison9.5
    verison9.5 10 months ago

    This was a great movie

  • Randomalistic
    Randomalistic 10 months ago

    I've watched this movie 3 times so far and each viewing, I discover something entirely new about the film.
    * Miguel's family take off their shoes as a weapon because they're shoemakers
    * The cat following Dante in the end scene was Aunt Imelda's alebrije, Peptia. You can tell because the shadow of the lion morphs into a house cat on the wall.
    Not to mention the twist was amazing the first time seeing it, it sets you up to think Miguel's great great grandfather is Ernesto de la Cruz, up to a point that it's painfully obvious. The viewer thinks "Oh, it's obviously that guy." But then it completely turns around once the twist(s) are revealed. Best Pixar film by far. It's cultured, clever, deep, and beautifully animated. 8.7/10

  • Damien Odonnell
    Damien Odonnell 10 months ago

    I loved coco

  • Sceniceye 2009
    Sceniceye 2009 10 months ago

    I’m not racist or anything, but this movie is a little overrated in my opinion. I don’t see why people are calling this the “Best Pixar Movie”, because there is a few cliches like “person has dream but family doesn’t agree with him”, and this movie doesn’t have as much creativity as other Pixar films. Other than that, overrated doesn’t mean that you hate it, I liked this movie and I’ll leave it at that.

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato 11 months ago

    *At theatre*
    Me: wow I didn't know I was at a public pool

  • ryan carroll
    ryan carroll 11 months ago

    Love the shirt where did u get it? Lol

  • kool beanz
    kool beanz 11 months ago

    Dragon ball z

  • BoiseStYankee
    BoiseStYankee 11 months ago

    I think B+ may actually be generous. The story was certainly imaginative, but I feel that some of the "feels" moments felt forced

  • Jiminie Mouse
    Jiminie Mouse 11 months ago

    I cried through the whole third act

  • Jiminie Mouse
    Jiminie Mouse 11 months ago

    Honestly I was already crying when Hector's friend faded away and then again when Hector was singing to Coco and then of course when Miguel was singing to Coco.

  • FreeKickerz_Portland
    FreeKickerz_Portland 11 months ago

    Nothing will ever be as emotionally breaking as UP😭

  • Charles Shaw
    Charles Shaw 11 months ago

    Comparing COCO to Book of Life and faulting one for being too familiar in theme because it also happens to take place during a major Mexican holiday is problematic. It would be like saying, "man, I really liked Home Alone and Scrooged, but it was so distracting that they both took place around Christmas and were only made 2-years apart". This one was an easy A.

  • Hey Bro It's Lo
    Hey Bro It's Lo 11 months ago

    This is literally the best movie ever!!!!

  • Erin Brunk
    Erin Brunk 11 months ago

    It's his opinion! If he rated it B+, he rated it B+!!!!

  • BronzeSquid 1023
    BronzeSquid 1023 11 months ago

    I love it. it's heartwarming,funny and amazing 😉

  • hatz4me
    hatz4me 11 months ago

    I think part of the “familiarity” of the story is the fact that it’s very culturally specific in how it differentiates itself. The Mexican culture entwined so well into the common “young boy has to balance his dreams and his family’s plans” is a large factor in my opinion. At least in the community that my mom came from businesses and occupations were a family affair and pretty much all businesses are family businesses. Again where my family is from leaving the family business/plan was as good as disownment. I think the Mexican culture that to many would just seem as a pretty wrapping to a rather familiar story is really what makes the story so significant to others.
    By the end of the movie I really wanted to call my mom to get photos of my dead relatives to create an ofrenda even though I’m in a very white part of Canada.

  • Wolfy Sparks
    Wolfy Sparks 11 months ago

    I loved dis movie it made me cry big time

  • testenten
    testenten 11 months ago

    This is an A++++++++++++++++ movie

  • Victimvan
    Victimvan 11 months ago

    I now know what it is like to have a character who looks like me! The way Pixar showed latin culture was astonishing. I loved Miguel and yes I cried...

  • so mad tho
    so mad tho 11 months ago

    A B+ really? unsubscribeing white people know nothing about culture

  • Yetisdefeatis
    Yetisdefeatis 11 months ago

    We watched this in my class and 4 people were crying

  • jorge munoz
    jorge munoz 11 months ago

    B+ yeah i agree I was expecting something more and him coming back and having some gigantic music rise to fame in the real world. also in the real world people who cheat and destroy other people's life is way to common and get away with it. I know I'm a touring musician that has done alot in the music wolrd just ask.

  • C.C. 95
    C.C. 95 11 months ago

    Not ripping off BOOK OF LIFE....Ripping off GRIM FANDANGO!

  • David Ray
    David Ray 11 months ago +2

    I'm quite perturbed that you gave this outstanding movie a B+, while giving The Last Jedi, while decent, isn't even remotely as good as Coco, an A-.

  • Rokuken
    Rokuken 11 months ago

    People who didn’t feel too invested in the movie and characters either has a heart of stone, doesn’t have a very good relationship with their families or simply don’t like to show or express strong emotions. It is well written, has well developed characters and goes straight to the point. What else people want from a movie nowadays? Yes, I am one of those who cried while watching it. It tackles real life relationship of families and how sometimes they forget about others family members. And that is really sad.