Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

  • Published on Aug 5, 2018
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    Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!
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Comments • 87 962

  • Nikky Cola
    Nikky Cola 22 hours ago

    Remember when Mat talked about the 5 children being molded into 1. That kinda looks like the molded animatronic for the new FNAF 7 game. Thoughts?

  • Backfire301
    Backfire301 22 hours ago

    boohoo u just ruined the entire book series for me shouldve known goddamnit i wish i never clicked this video

  • Vlad Bira
    Vlad Bira Day ago

    scott:hold my exotic butters
    *makes fnaf vr*
    Matpat:so how many games are out there?

  • Bradley Herd
    Bradley Herd Day ago

    MatPat: ok done with fnaf theories
    scott: burst through door, *slams five more fnaf games on table*.
    2 years later
    MatPat: aaahhhhh finally done.

    scott: huh? hold my beer, *gets springtrap* congrats MatPat you solved fnaf take this gift...JK we got 80000000000000000000000000000000 more games sucka. Also you might wanna use this

  • Skyler Animates
    Skyler Animates Day ago +1

    There a F.N.A.R 7 coming out and #2019

  • Caitlan Odocerty

    Alright but we still don't know what the pizza is made of

  • FunStorytimeStudios

    I think that the reason that people like FNAF so much, why I like it so much, is that it doesn't tell us what the story is about. Scott only provides a few key facts and he lets us, the fans, solve the story on our own instead of dumping unnecessary exposition. It's a story that can be told multiple ways, passed down from one group to another with each person telling the story in their own perspective. I like being able to find all of the clues/missed details trying to figure out the true story, while at the same time just having fun, not taking it seriously, and enjoying a good story.

    A little self-promotion but I am currently working on some fnaf art that explains my version of the fnaf lore if anyone is interested:

  • I Like Turtles.
    I Like Turtles. Day ago

    Matpat: Phew! I'm finally done!
    Scott: Alright let's get this new game is progress.
    Matpat: Welp, time for a new script book.

  • RJ Robertson-DeGraaff

    How does Michael keep getting these jobs as night guards? He's been fired from Fazbear Entertainment at least twice and has like two weeks of relevant experience. You can't even get rehired at a walmart if you've been fired before.

  • Gordan Ramsay
    Gordan Ramsay Day ago

    I think I know why Funtime Freddy wasn’t in ultimate custom night, he has prerecorded lines, so he can’t talk to afton

  • WeAreNumber15
    WeAreNumber15 Day ago +1

    Scott: fnaf is over.

    *Secretly pulls out uno reverse card*

  • Wynter
    Wynter Day ago

    You poor poor soul

  • FACER 360
    FACER 360 Day ago

    Why in the happiest day mini game, the puppet mask fall slower then the other masks?

  • Fritzie Mae Zamora
    Fritzie Mae Zamora 2 days ago

    So thats why in sister location baby help you but not the part when you get stuck inside of her

  • Canible Gamer
    Canible Gamer 2 days ago

    Henry’s daughter is Charlie

  • Deneice Prosser
    Deneice Prosser 2 days ago +1

    The "stretch" was ftime chica

  • Deay39
    Deay39 2 days ago +1

    William Afton obviously dies while he hides in the golden Bonnie suit. How would have he survived decades without any food? Plus, some images of FNaF 3 show he is just a corpse. What happened is that he died, and his soul possessed either his rotting body (like Michael Afton) or the suit (like the kids)

    DIAMONDAlPHAPUG ! 2 days ago

    Even in the afterlife Scott will still send more fnaf XD the fan could be a portal to the afterlife so Scott can return after he dies to make more games

  • Elafi Milo
    Elafi Milo 2 days ago

    I know William Afton is a bad person, but I'm very impressed with his time management skills. He runs businesses, starts businesses, murders children, builds robots and experiments with Remnant in the same-length days I go to work and read and practically nothing else.

  • KnownSquire
    KnownSquire 2 days ago

    Who thinks of this as lore out of nowhere. Is he like. “Hey let’s make a story where robots try and kill you where a purple man kills children and kills his partner’s daughter where she becomes a robot and the body is in a box. Then the purple man goes to hell and suffers by his own creations forever.”

  • Bread Stuff
    Bread Stuff 2 days ago

    The fan got me at 0:28 in the new UCN...

  • Louise Shannon
    Louise Shannon 2 days ago

    My theory is.... FNAF is backwards! Because off what you said in one of your vids I am inspired....
    First: wiliam gets scooped then they get built/the animatronics get built by baby! Baby gets out! Then they climb through the vent and the other vent then leave the underground abandoned pizzeria and then they the humans build new ones but they get Abandoned and they find wiliam. Ok to much HAHA SCOT GET REKT BECAUSE THIS IS TAKING AN HOUR STRAIT. any way. and what do the animatronics do? THEy STUFF IM’ IN a SUIT then you! (The New Night Gaurd) BURN IT DOwN TO THE GROUND! Then they the humans...OK DIS...IS TO LONG ANYWAY...thought that it was to long and they built new ones...ok every body’s dead wait...uhh I missed something OH NO THE TWISED ONES AHH IM DUMB! Ok anyway here is the one that was meant to be up there! ^ but here it is. The boy gets scared and READS THE I can’t spell it future ok spelling correction! YAY!......any way. and dreams BAD about new animatronics! happens I’m on the last this is the last block so bye ): I wish I could do more but I can’t because it’s an hour to tea!

    ETHAN PIERSON 2 days ago +1

    Game Theory i know what the 3rd stage of Puppet it is Sad puppet from Fredbears family diner

  • Ice Cube
    Ice Cube 2 days ago +2

    Game theory: "Phew! Fn@f is all finished!"
    Scott: "Hold my beer," *makes vr game and fn@f movie* >:)

  • The King Of Me
    The King Of Me 2 days ago +1

    I feel sorry for cassidy

    DSTAR 2 days ago

    If the vengeful spirit is Cassidy why do chica and mangle refer to her as a guy??

  • Lugia
    Lugia 2 days ago

    How come the toy animatronics came to life then in FNAF 2? Were they possessed by dead children or did they just roam freely?

  • YouMumGay NoHomo
    YouMumGay NoHomo 2 days ago

    Matpat: This is the end. We are done. This is the final story
    Scott: lol no *releases new game*
    Matpat: am i a joke to you?

  • Venom Eddie
    Venom Eddie 2 days ago

    We’ve WON

  • Natalie Haglund
    Natalie Haglund 2 days ago

    not to be nmean but when the fan jumpscares you it dosent scare me but ehen your title came up it scared me as fu**

  • Nuclear-skull Toxicated7100

    Y'know who else has purple skin? THANOS.

  • RiGuy Games
    RiGuy Games 3 days ago

    If ucn is hell filled with all of HIS monsters WHICH ARE CANNON why are nightmarion and nightmare mangle in ucn?????????????????????????????????? Why Scott WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BaCkWiThThEsCaRs
    BaCkWiThThEsCaRs 3 days ago

    Wait, if Michael is a robot, then how in Sister Location when he gets scooped, how is he able to bleed?

  • Reee
    Reee 3 days ago

    MatPat: I-I-I d-d-d-did it... I created the fnaf timeline (cries happy tears)
    Scott: 🤔sure you did buddy but I have a surprise for you
    MatPat: uh oh please don’t do this to me I did it I solved your fnaf timeline for you
    Scott: it’s a new fnaf’s game witch screws up this whole timeline and it has about a thousand easter eggs that you can see only once and you can’t reply the game so you’ll have to buy it again(Scott does very evil laugh 😂)
    MatPat: you *?!@$’€=¥•#? you *^’&”@$^*€¥ REEEEE and then Scott was never herd of again
    MatPat: release now channel. Hi welcome to people theory (waves with bloody hand) let’s talk about Scott Cathon’s death... ends video but hey that’s just a theory a person theory and no more videos where posted on that account or any accounts that MatPat has.

  • Xx_TizJCT_xX YT
    Xx_TizJCT_xX YT 3 days ago

    The puppet is seen in sister location if you look at one of the flashes in foxes room you can see a little glimpse of the puppet standing therejust like you can see mangle at the top of the screen the puppet is on the left side of the screen

  • Fabian Yoshi
    Fabian Yoshi 3 days ago +1

    he's here hes there hes everywhere who you gonna call psychic friend fredbear

  • dimostarsoudis
    dimostarsoudis 3 days ago

    WHY is Jack'o'Chica asking

  • Mia Thanchanok
    Mia Thanchanok 3 days ago

    I'm sorry I mean fnaf 3

  • Mia Thanchanok
    Mia Thanchanok 3 days ago

    You missed a thing in fnaf 1 that stuff they're withered they're already ded

  • Beck
    Beck 3 days ago

    Why did baby kill mike when he is her bruther

  • NinjaGaming 1997
    NinjaGaming 1997 4 days ago

    They are called atomatons, if you guys don't know what a robot that comes to life is...

  • Ivan Ooze
    Ivan Ooze 4 days ago

    OMG! Dude, YOU... MattPat, are what is locked in the trunk!

  • Anime_ lover_draws
    Anime_ lover_draws 4 days ago

    I had just realized that in the iconic golden freddy “IT'S ME” it has the word "she" or if you want to put the whole thing together "IT SHE"
    Edit: i realize my not really awake right now...

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude 4 days ago

    Fnaf 2 phone guy says the building is on lockdown so that could be the reason he can't get inside :)

  • Vague Vlogger
    Vague Vlogger 4 days ago

    5:17 Astro boy, anyone?

  • I am such a Dog
    I am such a Dog 4 days ago

    In ultimate custom night you can have spring trap attack you how is that possible

  • not marzluf
    not marzluf 4 days ago

  • not marzluf
    not marzluf 4 days ago


  • not marzluf
    not marzluf 4 days ago


  • Jamie Anne Arceo
    Jamie Anne Arceo 4 days ago

    Scott said he's going to make one more game it's a VR game sister location trying to fix the funtime animatronics in VR *sigh* in VR you know how scary it is 👻

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 4 days ago

    So, in 2023 there'll be a Fazbears Fright, but in rl. COOL!!!

  • Yxtractor
    Yxtractor 4 days ago

    MatPat: finally, i finished IT !!!

    Scott: Itsy Bitsy your insanity is now my propriety

  • Austin Thompson
    Austin Thompson 5 days ago +3

    Knock knock!
    Who's there?
    Fan who?

  • cyrus santhosh
    cyrus santhosh 5 days ago


  • Gwinny Lafayette
    Gwinny Lafayette 5 days ago

    Hiya. I know I'm late to the party but I still have some questions about the timeline and some other things

  • Kojootti
    Kojootti 5 days ago +2

    Scott: Hey! Tell me a joke :D
    Matpat: no time, im solving fnaf
    Scott: haha! Good one

  • Ben Meacham
    Ben Meacham 5 days ago

    If michaels a robot wouldn't that mean that he wouldn't turn purple?

  • Geary Racing
    Geary Racing 5 days ago


  • Thomas Bravo
    Thomas Bravo 5 days ago

    Do you think Michael knew that Henry would burn the building

  • Katie Odom
    Katie Odom 5 days ago +1

    Wait... is the box from FNaF 4 WILLIAM’S TOOLBOX?! I’m just saying, he did say he would put Michael back together. So William goes to his toolbox/the FNaF 4 box, and get tools TO PUT MICHAEL BACK TOGETHER! It’s just a thought that I got in my head. That MIGHT be it! I might be right... maybe. So, Scott, or the Game Theorists, if you are reading this, am I right? Am I close? I am curious. :)

    • Tom Bate
      Tom Bate 5 days ago

      Katie Odom no as confirmed the box is Micheal child body thanks to the fourth closet

  • Super Spartan
    Super Spartan 5 days ago

    THE END?

  • Chicken Studios
    Chicken Studios 5 days ago

    I Might Be Late But You Didn’t Put Spoiler Alerts About The Forth Closet. I’m Halfway Through!
    That Basically Destroyed The Book For Me. I Hope I’m The Only One, I Don’t Want This Happening To Others.

  • bridget mcalister
    bridget mcalister 5 days ago

    the real question is how did nobody notice that charlie wasn't a human when she survived in a box for 6 months without food or water.
    with out water. = 3 - 4 days.
    no food 3 - 4 weeks.

  • Hong Delmonico
    Hong Delmonico 5 days ago

    0:31 is that the Minecraft font

  • AYZ
    AYZ 5 days ago

    If michel can’t die then how do the animatronics in sister location kill him???? Baby:the scooping room WILL ONLY HURT FOR A MINUTE!!!

  • CypherRain 0731
    CypherRain 0731 5 days ago

    There synths

  • kitteh likes to play
    kitteh likes to play 5 days ago +1

    hmm i am from the future...vr fnaf is coming so uh good luck even scott got scared from it >:)

  • Puppet Master
    Puppet Master 5 days ago +1

    This is now the joke vid of the fnaf fandom

  • Patrícia Revajová
    Patrícia Revajová 5 days ago

    **Deep inhale**

  • Sniper Lewis15
    Sniper Lewis15 5 days ago

    Can I say that phone guy dies in fnaf 1 so the fnaf 2 location has to come before fnaf 1

  • CCat
    CCat 5 days ago

    I thought it was a "he"

  • Reviving Memes For Dead Teens

    I love the timeline, I always love them. But you forgot one crucial detail, MatPat. In order for this timeline to work, the FNAF 2 location (Jr's.) Would need to be open from at least 1983-1987, however, in the game itself, the location shuts down for good after only one week of being open. Can't wait to hear more!

  • Jb Nietes
    Jb Nietes 6 days ago

    Pacifist? Genocide? UNDERTALE

  • Galaxy panda
    Galaxy panda 6 days ago

    # #wxrè

  • soragamma25
    soragamma25 6 days ago

    Hey GT, ever thought that the box held an animatronic in sted of a "body"? P.s. pretty sure the killer (in game) is golden freddy what's the best way to get close to other children even in the fandom around this game, after all someone was wrongly accused and golden freddy is the only 'ghostly' animatronic other than the puppet.

  • Josh Gunderson
    Josh Gunderson 6 days ago

    I'm not convinced by the claim that Michael's a robot. Why would his skin rot and slowly literally turn purple only after he'd been scooped and had Ennard pushed inside him if he was a robot to start? That doesn't make sense.

  • Umbreon Kat
    Umbreon Kat 6 days ago

    Matpat: And Thats the end of the story

    Scott: Lol whos gonna tell him

  • upgrade 9000
    upgrade 9000 6 days ago

    The reason he dosent die is because "hmmm nah job aint finished" so he just comes back

  • TheN00bSss N00bie
    TheN00bSss N00bie 6 days ago +1

    So as i know micheal Is williams old son the crying child from fnaf 3 thought micheal afton was william
    Micheal was there for three years he burned down fnaf 3 down so he could escape one final time he didnt get the keys from the gaurd so he was scrapped into scraptrap in fnaf6 where we see springtrap behind a little girl.
    micheal afton wants to find his father william afton
    *The SpringTrap Theory*
    Micheal and Freddy and Chica and Bonnie and puppet and foxy WANT Revenge because william betrayed his own son micheal who is scraptrap and springtrap there was a
    little boy alone and william killed him that is golden
    freddy .puppet is a little girl who was left out by the other kids inside fnaf 2 pizzeria she died near the trash william told micheal to check the pizzeria out and he found he body and made a puppet so he put it in the box
    UCN is purgatory for william afton killed by his own haunted dead animatronics
    wanting revenge even plushtrap nightmare chica
    lolbit shadow bonnie and DD feeling bad about the DD roster so she lets them attack too
    AND FREDBEAR he is a secret if you have DD repel and you see golden freddy it says click on The D coin and then Fredbear kills you after that there is a weird sound if you beat 20/55 mode (does not have to include DD's roster) you get golden freddy just twitching
    he is sad because he wants revenge he has so much anger inside of him But Fnaf 3 and fnaf 5 SL bad endings
    is the true ending :( golden freddy controls every animatronic wanting them to have their revenge on you
    William Afton
    *The William Afton Theory*

  • Mai From overwatch
    Mai From overwatch 6 days ago

    I thought that the puppet was the mother of the crying child

  • Ukulele Cupcake
    Ukulele Cupcake 6 days ago

    Mat Pat- Finally finished I’m done with FNaF
    Scott- This is the idea you *should not have killed*

  • just jess
    just jess 7 days ago

    The purple guys badge looks like toast

  • Carlo Carlo
    Carlo Carlo 7 days ago

    I can't buy merch because I am from Philippines not at U.S.A and we don't have U.S.A money so yeah so sorry I'll buy that when I have U.S.A money :)

  • zegeck
    zegeck 7 days ago

    But, wait. Who's Phone Guy?

  • S M I L E
    S M I L E 7 days ago +1

    I love everything that has come of this games and these theories, but sometimes I miss the old days of the first 2-3 games

  • Juan José Marín Londoño

    So if understand correctly the toy animatronics are the only animatronics with no life in them, they're just programmed to kill you

  • Exuberance Studios
    Exuberance Studios 7 days ago +1




  • Sniper Godz_ln
    Sniper Godz_ln 7 days ago

    I feel liked mat went over the merch theory more than fnaf theory

  • a dead rat
    a dead rat 7 days ago

    Theorize now and we will send you another fnaf game COMPLETELY FREE (just pay extra time limelining and hours of picking through miniscule details)

  • Lori Simmons
    Lori Simmons 7 days ago

    so that is why Ennard can access circus baby's voice

  • Glitchy Weeby
    Glitchy Weeby 7 days ago

    Wait...if Charlie's body was in the box in the "the fourth closet" for 6 months...wouldn't she be a bit decaded and look different?...and if that was the would john recognize her if she has changed after the ending of the " twisted ones" ?

  • lame channel n
    lame channel n 7 days ago

    This part I think you should know "The spirit follows the flesh. It would seem, and also the pain. If I wish to become,my own immortal self,my body must lead my spirit to its eternal home". Would it be talking about spring trap because of Michael and William Afton were both in spring trap in separate times??? Well that's my theory.

  • Thermatical
    Thermatical 7 days ago

    What about when Michael throws up the animatronic parts into the sewer??

  • Donut Killer
    Donut Killer 7 days ago

    I can’t accept that Charlie is a robot I’m sorry John and Charlotte must be ship!!!!!!!!!!

  • almin OKANOVIC
    almin OKANOVIC 7 days ago


  • elena magliochetti
    elena magliochetti 7 days ago

    This makes sense because Baby never jump scares us in sister location but rather helps us because we are playing as her brother but everything else does kill us

  • Emerald KingYT
    Emerald KingYT 7 days ago

    Matpat:Finally after 4 years I solved FNAF!
    Scott:I always come back
    Scott:**Releases FNAF VR:Help Wanted**
    Matpat:NO NO NO NO!!!
    Matpat:Am I a joke to you...

  • Mischa Haycraft
    Mischa Haycraft 7 days ago

    So, the players are the bad guys, and the animatronics are technically the good guys?

  • Colin 0212
    Colin 0212 8 days ago

    watch the fang game theory playlist and take a shot every time he said ,”One Final Time.” You will be on the floor bleeding out your liver by the end

  • Lightning Boi07
    Lightning Boi07 8 days ago

    It’s not there’s a Seventh game!