Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


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  • ᴡᴇɪʀᴅ ᴘᴏᴛᴀᴛᴏ

    If you haven't noticed, in custom night nightmare fredbear said "I WILL PUT YOU BACK TOGETHER" so it was not original fredbear, it was nightmare fredbear, And I can't believe no one noticed, but Helpy has a neck in pizzeria simulator, when he thinks of something he lifts his head AND IT SHOWS HUMAN SKIN

  • Leon Adoni's boyfriend

    scott: ding dong you are wrong *makes three more games* S U F F E R

  • Saima Khan
    Saima Khan Hour ago

    Is fnaf gone

  • Arturo Gaming
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  • Joao Francisco Vasconcelos

    what about Mangle? A dog whit lines in UCN?

  • Kyle Holdcroft
    Kyle Holdcroft Hour ago

    What if golden Freddy is the bite victim? And saying it’s me is a reflecting of it is the victim who can’t remember himself as that was missed out in programming

  • Thegreenhood
    Thegreenhood Hour ago

    You were wrong vision had the soul stone 3:03

  • Animated Peanut butter

    1:37 HUMANS?!?!?!? GOD DANG IT!!!

  • Ggg Aksksks
    Ggg Aksksks 2 hours ago

    Fnaf is a pioneer for games that have a plot this huge
    .yet no other games can comprehend and minipulate their games to make this huge plot problem to do with cost,and popularity. hello neighbor is like this to the alphas and betas. I cant be surprised that there aren't any games like fnaf due to these that is why no games can be similar or like the fnaf series plot.we can final rest our heads and the wonders of fnaf can finally be over

    P.s. good job matpat

  • LiTTle_ Mathz
    LiTTle_ Mathz 2 hours ago

    It is not the end there is still more quest that you need to anwser that is the other pizza rias the was made before fnaf came to business

  • NyanEmeri
    NyanEmeri 2 hours ago +1

    RIP fnaf and all the other spirits wall you burn

  • EnvyInspired
    EnvyInspired 2 hours ago

    Do a slender series

    • Meko :3
      Meko :3 Hour ago

      EnvyInspired no one talks about slender anymore

  • Alluka Plisetsky
    Alluka Plisetsky 2 hours ago

    just wait, MattyPatty, remember you said this is the Purple Guy saga. next Scotty C will have the Henry saga and start this cycle of madness once again...

  • Connor G
    Connor G 2 hours ago

    *Fnaf 7 comes out*

  • Anica French
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    no why fnaf love fnaf *crys*

  • killer
    killer 2 hours ago

    Lol lets wait till film theroy dose the movie lol

  • Juliana Star
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    You should do a theory on Spooky’s House of Jump Scares


    Plus don’t ask about my name

  • Anica French
    Anica French 2 hours ago

    i know it mat i know it sorry

  • Sophia Mangieri
    Sophia Mangieri 2 hours ago

    Can you do a theory on Huey Dewey and Louie‘s dad?

  • Matthew Piercy
    Matthew Piercy 2 hours ago



    Mat remember that guegine gonna episode about cappy. What if that’s true but cappy is being a toad and controlling Mario. I know he takes it off but what if cappy put a piece of him into Mario

  • Austin LaPierre
    Austin LaPierre 2 hours ago

    Hey, anyone else remember that time Matt mentioned he thought Charlie could be a robot?

  • Christopher Nelson
    Christopher Nelson 2 hours ago

    id like to see a theory on Fable's demon doors

  • No name A
    No name A 3 hours ago

    Could you make a Octo Expansion theory?

  • Macy McGuire
    Macy McGuire 3 hours ago

    Us all- finally we now understand FNAF!!

    Scott- New Movie plus teasers from the next game! Good Luck!!
    Us again-............. looks like now the whole time line now needs to be re done...

  • Cara Jones
    Cara Jones 3 hours ago

    But who is Phone Guy?

  • Twiggered
    Twiggered 3 hours ago

    MatPat, I am begging you with all my heart to do a Twisted Ones: Twisted Wolf theory. I really want you to shed some light on that. If you would allow (and if you do that video), We would like to make an appearance and maybe help you out with that video. I will try to email you. Sincerely, Twig and Wolf.

  • Aurora Wesker
    Aurora Wesker 3 hours ago

    Almost. There's still the movie though that may be another "adaptation" film and might now count.

  • Night
    Night 3 hours ago

    When i played Ultimate Custom Night and i didn't mute phone guy then he said that the animatronic have a free roam mode on night and on their vision you are a endo skeleton without a suit and that is against the rules so they put you in a suit and you die?
    I don't know if this is true but just saying.

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  • Ibnziyad Tariq
    Ibnziyad Tariq 3 hours ago

    is it over ?

  • Just Yoshe
    Just Yoshe 3 hours ago

    Scott: *You know I had to do it to ‘em*

  • Tweety Garrison
    Tweety Garrison 3 hours ago

    At 15:16 the so called exoskeletons of the original 5 animatronics is the torso of Ennard. 🤔😵😲

  • Panda Fluf
    Panda Fluf 3 hours ago

    Is happy from fairy tail acnalogia

  • Tricia G
    Tricia G 3 hours ago

    Dude I found it the botw timeline split goes back into one timeline cannon information from Nintendo

  • DivineExorcist
    DivineExorcist 3 hours ago

    Happy frog has a spirit tho. 🤔

  • G-Money
    G-Money 3 hours ago

    I would buy the socket, but I have a debit card, not a credit card

  • creative's remotebuddy

    22:38 just now were you crying?

  • Mr. Morris
    Mr. Morris 3 hours ago

    FNAF Theory Part #234: Shrek Is In FNAF?!

  • Bennett [BLEEP]
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  • The Ruffus Show Inc.
    The Ruffus Show Inc. 3 hours ago

    FNAF IS NOT OVER I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS WITH SOME ANSWERS LIKE why did William Afton kill the first five kids

    • Jay29
      Jay29 3 hours ago

      Because he wanted to.

  • Mythic cal
    Mythic cal 3 hours ago

    u sure this is the last theory

  • Liam Little
    Liam Little 3 hours ago +1

    Why does hand unit have mike written on it? Has he been there before?

    • Liam Little
      Liam Little 3 hours ago +1

      Also is lolbit like an operating system for mike or something?

    • Jay29
      Jay29 3 hours ago +1

      Good question.

  • Avi Khazanchi
    Avi Khazanchi 3 hours ago

    Why did Afton kill the first set of children anyway?

    • Jay29
      Jay29 3 hours ago

      You could ask the same question for the same thing in real life. But then again Afton did have two children of his killed by his robots.

  • Margaret Brown
    Margaret Brown 3 hours ago

    The puppet talking dam near gave me a heart attack

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  • Keisha Smith
    Keisha Smith 3 hours ago

    Can you do a theory on robots in fortnite which one is better

  • WakkaSeta
    WakkaSeta 3 hours ago

    I thought Michael survived the scooping because it injected him with remnant.

  • sapphire games
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    Now we wait for fnaf 8

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    Now do joy of creation

  • Clumsy Penguin
    Clumsy Penguin 4 hours ago

    But how it possible that the bite of 87 happened after the closing of the first Freddy Fazbears if phone guy mentions it in one the night when you play in the first game

  • Phuong Tran
    Phuong Tran 4 hours ago

    hey, matpat here's a question on sonic since he runs, so fast you sweat but will that make him hydrated. I am asking that how much water sonic need to drink to stay hydrated.

  • Emily Davies
    Emily Davies 4 hours ago

    My brain hurts...

  • Meme Gleam
    Meme Gleam 4 hours ago

    But wait then who possesses mangle, she has voiced lines so she can’t be a how is she possessed in fnaf 2s save them mini game ( I say she because that’s what the lines sound like)

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  • iron eye 798
    iron eye 798 4 hours ago

    My name is Cassidy

  • Zachary Perez
    Zachary Perez 4 hours ago

    Make another video 😩😭😭😭😭

    • Jay29
      Jay29 3 hours ago

      But what can he do about Five Nights at Freddy’s?

  • Sarge
    Sarge 4 hours ago

    why couldnt they just chain the animatronics down

  • Deats Beats
    Deats Beats 4 hours ago +1

    Remember when everyone thought foxy did the bite of 87 good old days

    • Jay29
      Jay29 3 hours ago

      Oh yes.

  • Irex Dinokid
    Irex Dinokid 4 hours ago

    Mike can’t be the crying child because there is a poster in one of the pictures in fnaf 6 which shows a man holding a puppet that looks just like him and a leash with a bear on it, it also shows a clown. The clown is circus baby, the Man is the purple guy, the puppet is Mike who looks just like William, and that means the bear has to be in the Afton family meaning he is the crying child aka Golden Freddy.

  • Lily Cat
    Lily Cat 4 hours ago

    Maybe I just missed this, but what is the meaning of Chica The High School years?

    • Jay29
      Jay29 3 hours ago

      Nothing, no lore. It’s just relating to Afton luring his victims but it doesn’t reveal anything.

  • Phoenix Brother's
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  • Emily Croft
    Emily Croft 4 hours ago

    So I just finished watching a part of the Petscop theory and I looked at the Petscop Channel and some more content came out, episodes 14 and 15. I think you should check it out and do a theory! I personally have a minor theory on what’s going on but I’m sure you might figure it out!

  • Elijah Dot Com
    Elijah Dot Com 5 hours ago

    *YeStErStEdAy WaS sO aMaZiNg*

  • Henry
    Henry 5 hours ago

    Hey mr. Remember that fnaf game that has bad words well that confirms purple boi is dave AND that purple boi is not phone boi

  • AO Fv
    AO Fv 5 hours ago

    Mat pat could you make more backpacks I wanted one please I watched all vids staying up all night watching theory’s

  • bjmjsutcliffe
    bjmjsutcliffe 5 hours ago

    What are the genders of Mangle and Funtime Foxy, Please answer mat pat

    • bjmjsutcliffe
      bjmjsutcliffe 3 hours ago

      Jay29, I know.. but.. are they... just... nevermind

    • Jay29
      Jay29 3 hours ago

      They’re robots.

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson 5 hours ago

    William then after his son being bit builds his son as a cyborg and implanted with remnant from his old body which is why he can’t be killed by conventional means and why his voice was so robotic in the sister location custom night end scene and can only die by fire. After the bite Henry decided to build the pupet to guard his daughter so being angry that he’s not allowed back in he killed Henry’s daughter behind jrs and her soul then possesses the puppet and then gives life to the kids who are trapped in the other animatronics. Afterwards William goes on disguised as a security guard and then uses his golden Bonny suit to kill more kids so the animatronics now will become hostile to anyone who’s in a security costume which leads to the bite of 87 so now the animatronics are no longer allowed to walk around during the day. Now the og animatronics are sent back to the first location for storage and then lures them to the back room to dismantle them so he can transfer the remnant from them to the Funtime animatronics. Soon after he opens circus baby’s new rental facility and then the angry spirits go one to trap William in the springbonny suit and then Locke’s the saferooms up for fear of liabilitie risks until the new phone guy sets springtrap free. Soon after Henry burns fazbears fright and meanwhile michal is sent by William to go and find his sister and then ends up getting scooped and his organs replaced by ennard and michal survives and after vomiting up ennard he still survives and then promises his father that he will find him. Then after michal goes to the fnaf 6 location while Henry brings all the animatronics and then burns it all down. But it doesn’t fully work so now William is one trapped in a purgatory by Cassidy for him to now suffer for eternity despite old man consequences advice to just stop and let go.
    So whatcha think mat I put a lot of thought into the first one and this one might have felt like a recap of this video I wanted to point some things out that you might have missed thank you and I will now and forever always love your work.%

  • Song Guy
    Song Guy 5 hours ago

    What about funtime freddy what if funtime freddy is the crying child's older brother? Fnaf 6 was the whole family plus leafty the murderd girl molten freddy is in fnaf 6 and burns with the others it would make sense if he was the brother like if you think the crying child's brother is funtime fredsy

  • Clyde Wingfield
    Clyde Wingfield 5 hours ago

    thats why it lets knock off fnafs happen . no competition

  • Gray Hound
    Gray Hound 5 hours ago

    Hey Matt I'm here to tell you about a game I play that might be interesting to you personally I'm starting to give up it is ARK survival evolved and when it comes to its story it can be hell to say the least finding story in the game is pretty much fnaf all over again expect dinos and guns so just wanted to give you a game to look at bye.

  • Glaszwing
    Glaszwing 5 hours ago

    MatPat are you still a dirt bag with a chain saw??

    The FNAF musical with markaplier

  • ColdFire Studios
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  • Gracie Lardner
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  • Smic
    Smic 5 hours ago

    Matpat should do a theory of Mystic Messenger, I feel like he would make a really great explanation for all MM theories

  • Cameron Doxter
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  • Tedderizer
    Tedderizer 5 hours ago

    Scott low-key laughing cuz he know you weren't even close

  • Jacksepticeye 2
    Jacksepticeye 2 5 hours ago

    Where the new petscop theory at?

  • Story Girardin-Fleming

    Michel Affton is not the bight victim... the book says hes kidnapped not killed by the Golden Freddy joke.

    • Jay29
      Jay29 3 hours ago

      The books are a separate canon.

  • Holly Dower
    Holly Dower 5 hours ago

    Baby helps him because his sisters spirit is in her and I did this in the middle of the video so I might be wrong

  • King of the non- Hill
    King of the non- Hill 5 hours ago

    Can Someone please word the timeline I’m confused on looking at the images

  • Ink_bendy _
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  • Tedderizer
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    I wish Scott would just type "well done!" or something in the comments

  • Br Gustavo15
    Br Gustavo15 5 hours ago

    If charlie is a robot, how does she make everything a normal human can do?
    How henry's daughter becomes the puppet if henry is father of Charlie??
    Does somebody has answers?

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  • Duck_Craft YT
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    Matpat sellout lol

  • Marvelous Madmen
    Marvelous Madmen 6 hours ago

    Me and my friend actually made a theory about fnaf that the security guards, Jeremy Figtzgerald, Fritz Smith, And mike Schmidt truly don’t exist. It’s actually “Robot Michal” all along. Fritz, Jeremy, are the names of Michals dead friends. Michal can change can change his identity sense he’s considered dead due to getting bitten by Fredbears. In FNAF 2 He changes his name first after his two dead friends, Jeremy and Fritz, the. In FNAF 1, he just shortens his name into Mike and changes his last name into Schmidt. is trying to stop his father and free the spirits. That’s why the security Guards tamper with the animatronics. It was Michal Afton trying to free them, all along!

    KALE LSSJ 6 hours ago


  • Johnny Ghost
    Johnny Ghost 6 hours ago

    I miss the fnaf series already 😯😢😭😭😭😭

  • Køna Çhan
    Køna Çhan 6 hours ago

    Its just a theory, a FNAF THEORY!!!!!!

  • Katia Lei
    Katia Lei 6 hours ago

    Is the Merch Mystery for all of the merch, or just one item??

  • Nataša Gavrić
    Nataša Gavrić 6 hours ago

    i dont want to this be a end of fnaf

  • D. Freeman
    D. Freeman 6 hours ago

    I wonder if Scott's goal in life is to slowly drive Matt insane...

  • Marcus Young
    Marcus Young 6 hours ago

    What about fredbear's left to rot I mean I know it's not canon at all I mean GT is more Canon than that

  • Angel With A Shotgun
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    Late happy birthday to your wife!🎁🎁

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    Kirby timeline please

  • Master Sartorius
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    3:52 is what you're here for.