Japanese "A5" Wagyu Is One of the World's Most Coveted Steaks | Food Skills

  • Published on Oct 9, 2017
  • When it comes to producing high-quality steak, Japan has long reigned supreme. But for steak-lovers craving the best of the very best, look no further than Japanese "A5" wagyu. The highest grade given to a cut of Japanese beef, A5 wagyu is coveted for its buttery texture and incredibly detailed marbling. At Old Homestead Steakhouse-a restaurant that's been serving up high-end beef since 1868-12 ounces of A5 wagyu will set meat obsessives back a whopping $350. Rich, flavorful, and incredibly hard to come by, A5 wagyu belongs on every steak-lover's bucket list.
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Comments • 447

  • Liquid tinkerbell
    Liquid tinkerbell 2 months ago

    Now serving a5 at my work ❤ can't wait to try it!!!

  • Philip Mathiasen
    Philip Mathiasen 7 months ago

    how can he just disrespect the meat like that

  • Chris K.
    Chris K. Year ago

    Wow, super dope music video!

  • Mike, TheAnimated

    After trying wagyu, I am now a believer.

  • Naomi Espinosa
    Naomi Espinosa Year ago

    Shokugeki No souma brought me.

  • TexasTimelapse
    TexasTimelapse Year ago

    Looks like fried SPAM

  • Yung Kirk
    Yung Kirk Year ago

    I've had wagyu before and yet I still prefer a ribeye.

  • Dennis Islas
    Dennis Islas Year ago +1

    Had this last month. A six ounce portion costed me 150. But holy shit that's the best steak I've ever eaten. Actually probably the single best thing. Seriously. If you get the chance. Splurge. It's worth it.

  • Peanut Turner
    Peanut Turner Year ago

    I bet if he drops that steak on the kitchen floor they have a 500 second rule.....

  • iEhm GodEhm
    iEhm GodEhm Year ago

    Reminds me of Shokugeki no Souma/Food Wars.

  • Billy McDonough
    Billy McDonough Year ago

    you guys r the worst making me hungry all the time, im trying to start a diet god damn it

  • Gleb Khachatryan
    Gleb Khachatryan Year ago

    Dude, for the price of this meal I could feed my entire family 3-4 times in a restaurant...

  • Archie White
    Archie White Year ago

    Continent performer damage channel sharp assign junior law besides setting grace along.

  • Joy Of Satan
    Joy Of Satan Year ago

    had kobe beef at a resturaunt for the first time this week, $50 for a steak worth it

  • Kyle Mosher
    Kyle Mosher Year ago

    If I pay $350 for a cow it better be blowing me before I eat it.

  • Vince Leuenberger

    Come on guys! I consider myself a die hard fan of FWF. But deep dish pizza - and now wagyu steak? Do you really run out of ideas in the Food Skills section? Because everyone on TVclip with a food channel has done one of those episodes like looooong ago. Step it up.

  • wazscience
    wazscience Year ago

    thats fat marbled with meat

  • Joseph Pembroke
    Joseph Pembroke Year ago

    lol na this shit is trash. Anyone who thinks this is the best meat gtfo.

  • CrypticCalamari
    CrypticCalamari Year ago

    God this looks so good.

  • misesmedicine
    misesmedicine Year ago

    It is essentially beef-flavored fat.... I really have no interest in a steak like that.

  • Black SSJRosé
    Black SSJRosé Year ago

    Everyone in this comment section kys thank you have a nice day give me likes and I wont blow up your miserable planet

  • Christopher Clarke

    They so cooked that incorrectly... I wouldn't pay $350 at this place. If you want a real Wagyu go to Morimoto's in Napa.

  • MWYANT19
    MWYANT19 Year ago

    that meat looks unreal. i'd love to try it someday

  • FedorMachida Last

    Looks like a piece of buttered up fat to me. No thanks, Sir. I will save hundreds of dollars and cook my own steak.

  • DXTb0nEXD
    DXTb0nEXD Year ago

    shokugeki no soma?

  • Steve Brule
    Steve Brule Year ago

    I love a little steak on my fat

  • Bat Guano
    Bat Guano Year ago

    Yeah, but the video ended before the guy who ate it commented about the steak. Maybe the review was along the lines of "can I get a steak instead of a grilled hunk of fat?"

  • TouchyBanana
    TouchyBanana Year ago

    There's the restaurants that claim to serve "Kobe Beef" but it's fake shit

  • Jeroen Kuppens
    Jeroen Kuppens Year ago

    why not show the certificate of the beef when you're making an ad like this?
    it's highly unlikely that they have a steady suply of A5 wagyu.

  • Hunter Ellis
    Hunter Ellis Year ago

    I'm only 19 seconds into the video and damn, look at that marbling!

  • Theo B
    Theo B Year ago +1

    90% of the comments are people saying how bad the comments are, and I have yet to find a negative comment

  • Sun Wukung
    Sun Wukung Year ago

    I'd rather have an $25 porterhouse. That has to be the adult steer equivalent to veal that's never been allowed to move.

  • AirWalk Stainless

    you have a little bit of beef on you're fat

  • Rick King
    Rick King Year ago

    $350.00 USD for a plate of fried fat? That looked 70% fat and 30% meat, even bacon has more meat than that crap.

  • Wretched Slippage

    Id dip it in a bit of ketchup

  • Aditya Mattoo
    Aditya Mattoo Year ago

    my last supper is going to be this

  • Black Excellence Productions

    This is what they mean by the finer things in life. $350 steak? Can't wait to get mine.

  • Zach M
    Zach M Year ago

    Anyone here learn about A5 meat from Shokugeki no soma as well?

  • Peran
    Peran Year ago

    Personally, I don't like the greasy coating my mouth gets when I eat wagyu. With 350 bucks, I'd rather go to Peter Luger, order a steak for two, some creamed spinach and a slice of that thick bacon and i can afford to come back the next day if i haven't died from a heart attack by that time.

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren Year ago

    Camera didn't zoom enough, could not fap.

  • Greg
    Greg Year ago

    that steak looks fucking disgusting, why is there so much fat? thats so gross, if i wanted to eat straight fat i would just eat mayo out of the jar, thats so gross

  • Krazyhorse
    Krazyhorse Year ago +1

    So it tasted like? Japans Kobe is the best in the world, is this close? I need answers. If it comes from Japan it's been frozen which makes it 3rd best at best! Anything that has been frozen is not worth $20 not a lone $350

  • Juan C Salinas
    Juan C Salinas Year ago

    Where the fucks that bald charismatic dude

  • Rust-O
    Rust-O Year ago

    Someday... someday...

  • adham arshad
    adham arshad Year ago


  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith Year ago

    that wobble at 0:53 makes the meat look overcooked and rubbery. I imagine the texture is like an overcooked pork steak. Not appealing TBH

  • Dave Thomas
    Dave Thomas Year ago

    I'm a top sirloin man. I try all the good cuts, yet always come back to the meaty/minerally top sirloin.

  • harls007
    harls007 Year ago


  • jpwmoore
    jpwmoore Year ago

    -My opinion on something I know nothing about is correct.
    No it's not
    -You're stupid and you smell!
    (The comments section for this video)

  • Tawan Zito
    Tawan Zito Year ago

    A piece of fat with little meat - undoubtedly delicious

  • Razzy1312
    Razzy1312 Year ago

    Jesus. It's like an inverted steak. It's delicious fat marbled with meat.

  • LiveLoveCoffee
    LiveLoveCoffee Year ago

    I had Wagyu steak about a year ago. It was alright.

  • joonsup
    joonsup Year ago

    im sure it's as good as everyone describes it but isn't it more like eating fat with a little meat marbling? Is there any chew?

  • Pikachu and Proud

    Is this supposed to be an Ad?

  • teriiyaki_god
    teriiyaki_god Year ago

    shoku geki no soma

  • Ravenkliff
    Ravenkliff Year ago

    I wanna go in there and say "yeah can I get the Wag-Yoo steak, well done, and do you guys have A1?"
    Just to see if they throw me out

  • Orek Tempe
    Orek Tempe Year ago +1

    Old homestead got exposed for misleading kobe beef 😂😂

  • Adrian Correll
    Adrian Correll Year ago +3

    I had wagyu once and it was friggin delicious (Berlin), but it was medium-rare, unlike this poor steak in the vid.

  • T. Wolfe
    T. Wolfe Year ago

    Worth every dollar!

  • divva Gutierrez
    divva Gutierrez Year ago

    Not even good meat tf

  • Mark$20
    Mark$20 Year ago

    i prefer my meat with no fat so i would not like this

  • GuidoAnchovy B
    GuidoAnchovy B Year ago

    wagyu cows eat better than kids in Africa

  • Peter Joseph O'Brien

    1.9 million deliberate subscribed viewers and posted without voice over is the equivalent of a 1980/90s U.S. commercial for Sizzler, T.G.I. Fridays, Chili's, Outback Steakhouse, etc. First We Feast - you can do better.

  • DiseaseOfYourMind
    DiseaseOfYourMind Year ago +1

    Track id?

  • Lauty Bend
    Lauty Bend Year ago

    It feels too much like I'm just buying a lot of expensive fat with very small amounts of juicy tender meat. Shouldn't meat be tender and taste great WITHOUT fat? I feel like that would be much more coveted

    • cbernier3
      cbernier3 Year ago

      No. It's the fat that makes meat taste good.

  • Squirtis Branflakes

    i did the math and it's roughly $1.91 per fucking bite.

    • halffulltome
      halffulltome Year ago +1

      Squirtis Branflakes LOL that IS a rough estimate. I'll give you that.

    • Squirtis Branflakes
      Squirtis Branflakes Year ago


    • halffulltome
      halffulltome Year ago +1

      WTH? It takes you 182 bites to eat a 12 ounce steak?

  • iRTehSecks
    iRTehSecks Year ago

    Nothing says failing like Americanized anything in terms of food. I would spend the extra Gs to go to Japan and experience real kobe before I spent money on an import. If America can manage to fuck up fast food to save a buck, imagine what other corners they'd cut for shmucks willing to spend $350 on 12oz of beef. I love the convenience of NYC but other than that, EVERYTHING else is better outside of this country.
    And actual Jap kobe has way more meat than it does fat. That looks like the way I like my bacon, not steak..

  • Joe Doom
    Joe Doom Year ago

    Nikumi approves.

    QAZAZZA Year ago

    shokugeki no soma

  • Faeez
    Faeez Year ago

    Ladies and gentleman! We have multiples chefs in the comment section! Everyone knows how to cook steaks ALWAYS better than experienced chefs! Even though it's possible a certain client asked it to be done a certain for them!

    • Faeez
      Faeez Year ago

      Daniel Cormier Crying Meme CLEARLY U ARE VERY BORED

    • Faeez
      Faeez Year ago

      Daniel Cormier Crying Meme grow the fuck up

  • Rott
    Rott Year ago

    Just watched a 30 second commercial for a 1 min video

  • Mika Zilla
    Mika Zilla Year ago

    i wonder what race human meat taste the best ?

  • Kyle
    Kyle Year ago

    I've eaten this. It's not worth the extra 300, but pretty damn good.

  • elysiumcore
    elysiumcore Year ago

    it's a treat once in a while in Japan. Nobody eats this much meat

  • Stefan Hoen
    Stefan Hoen Year ago

    A useless piece of advertisment for Old Homestead. Perfect, just what we needed

  • Corn Tall
    Corn Tall Year ago

    Now try kobe beef

  • littlefrank90
    littlefrank90 Year ago

    Not sure what's supposed to be good about this. I was born and grew up in Tuscany, where we have the cult of Fiorentina (google it if you never heard of it) so our idea of delicious meat is far far far from this video. Fat isn't really our thing.

  • Moe Zuiter
    Moe Zuiter Year ago +2

    Idk for that much money I could do many things.. Do they let you keep the chair, plate, and silverware?
    Edit - does the waiter follow you home and make your bed?

    • Name1536803
      Name1536803 Year ago +1

      Jesus it's only $350 dollars, you can make that up with one month of work

  • TheRallyFTW
    TheRallyFTW Year ago

    Man, that's awesome. Could you imagine that cooked sous vide with a nice sear? That'd be so dope.

  • Marianne Hadjigeorgiou

    It’s just a bunch of fat....

  • SteddyBeing 416
    SteddyBeing 416 Year ago +1

    I payed $3.50 for corner store chicken and wedges tonight after drinking a bunch of 7% Canadian Boneshaker beer. This video made me realize that I'm a dirty fuck.

  • John Mare
    John Mare Year ago

    okay so i had one of the best beef which is matsusaka, and i will tell anyone who wants to try kobe or wagyu or whatver, its not worth it, every youtuber keeps saying " ohh its so good its like butter" i dont get why they just dont say its the same as fat, thats it, you cant eat alot of it because its the same as fat youd get disgusted abit, anyway, just letting people know, its just meat that taste like fat.

  • Anne Nordland
    Anne Nordland Year ago

    I believe you need to have a certificate to be allowed to cook this i think

  • RadioactiveBanana

    Bring Szechuan Sauce To FWF

    DANIEL RYN Year ago +1

    track id

  • Abbreviated Reviews

    Still think I'd rather have that big ass tomahawk ribeye from the other steak video. If blowing that much cash on food I at least want to be full for a while.

  • no god
    no god Year ago

    If you want to see nick frost or simon pegg on hot ones, UPVOTE!

  • Jewbrillian
    Jewbrillian Year ago

    I'm offended this is not blocked for pornagraphy yet

  • FatPasta
    FatPasta Year ago

    PEOPLE! Do NOT make any assumptions on Wagyu or Kobe beef based off this video, at least watch another video. Something so rare and expensive should not be thrown around like this, and overcooking it like it's some piece of bacon? I'm just saying guys, scroll up, hit that search bar and see the difference

  • Pentazemin7
    Pentazemin7 Year ago

    But will Sean Evans smother it in the Last Dab?


    So people pay a high price for a steak which is mostly fat ?

    • cbernier3
      cbernier3 Year ago

      The more the fat, the higher the price. That's how steak goes.

  • White Dawn Death
    White Dawn Death Year ago

    That tune in the video is sick! Is there any way to buy a copy of that track?

  • joebro391
    joebro391 Year ago


  • tj06sti
    tj06sti Year ago

    wtf is this ? a minute video ? Don't stoop to this level FwF, thumbs down

  • Salicyl
    Salicyl Year ago

    5am... and I want steak now thanks to this video...

  • palillo2006
    palillo2006 Year ago

    At 350, I better see them kill the fucking cow infront of me!

    • cbernier3
      cbernier3 Year ago

      Umm hell no. Good meat is aged. The cow needs to be killed weeks before you eat it.

    ACPHOTO Year ago

    $350 for fat....okay

  • Randall Spaulding

    It wasn't handled properly at all, and then to top it off it's paired with that awful half potato and mixed veg. Such a damn shame.

  • Kadeem The Dream
    Kadeem The Dream Year ago

    Where's the meat tho, it looks like a slab of beef fat, with some meat marbling

  • Taylor Ruger
    Taylor Ruger Year ago

    its fatty beef, dont get the hype honestly. and you ruined the steak by ordering it cooked to shit , you wanna cook fatty beef less so all the fat doesnt just melt out before you even bite it