#45 Candy Canes - Street Candy Making

  • Published on Dec 8, 2016
  • Check out our candy at www.pd.net
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    The annual tradition continues. Lofty Pursuits set up to make candy canes on the streets of Tallahassee, Florida with their portable candy making rig. You can get our candy canes at www.pd.net
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  • Eddie Marquez
    Eddie Marquez 2 days ago

    I would like to know ask u some questions?....

  • Just sub to me for no Reason

    The real willy wonka

  • Hairpie69720
    Hairpie69720 Month ago

    Hey Greg why don't you come to Wyoming for Cheyenne frontier days and do some demos for downtown Cheyenne

  • Peter Tea
    Peter Tea 2 months ago

    Does it come with free mosquitoes? ;)

  • nether nynex
    nether nynex 2 months ago

    As I watch you enjoy what you do, educating and talking to the crowd I realize a slight smile on my face and my mouth is open just a tad in awe as its time to pass out samples of warm candy cane. Keep it up mate. I love what you do and I can tell you do to.

  • Kieorasama
    Kieorasama 2 months ago

    Wow! I know the basics, but I’d love to learn how to do that!

  • 2listening1
    2listening1 3 months ago

    Oh, and congratulations on your 100K subscribers right after this video, too! :) Happy 2019 to you now.

  • mojo master
    mojo master 3 months ago

    this man is a magician

  • Nikhil Lokhande
    Nikhil Lokhande 3 months ago

    LMAO @ 1:10

  • damselcausingdistress 81

    What a terribly miserable experience it must be to know the wet blanket in the Florida Gators hoodie. Then again she is a Gators fanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Lucas Sandoval
    Lucas Sandoval 4 months ago

    I don’t know if you are still doing these but it would be absolutely amazing in you could come and make candy on the street in my hometown of Taos New Mexico

  • GuyInAPanzer _
    GuyInAPanzer _ 5 months ago

    It's the same size as the marching band I'm in

  • Jean Stevens
    Jean Stevens 6 months ago

    Very amazing

  • AfterMath428
    AfterMath428 6 months ago

    that lady with the florida jacket is the epitome of depression, she literally made a pouty face when the little girl touched her head at 1:09 would hate to have her as my mom

  • Jenna Richardson
    Jenna Richardson 7 months ago

    Can you come to CA

  • olyname DmG
    olyname DmG 7 months ago


    In you video when you pour sugar syrop it becomes elastic and doesn't attach to the table, but when I do the same it's not elastic and attaches to hands, to the table.
    Could you write me the exact portions of the ingredients?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  7 months ago

      Both. I only make sugar free candies with Isomalt. There is a video about that. 99+% is sugar.

    • olyname DmG
      olyname DmG 7 months ago

      do you use sugar or isomalt?

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  7 months ago

      And this is why you apprentice. Recipes are.climate driven. anything I give you would probably
      not work.

  • Panda Gamer
    Panda Gamer 7 months ago

    Do it in Grandrapids

  • Nat Alexander
    Nat Alexander 7 months ago

    this is so cool i really appreciate this craft! i have to visit their shop someday

  • L M
    L M 8 months ago

    I really enjoy this old school style of candy making 😘😊 way better than the boring dull corporate factory candy

  • Dallas Norris
    Dallas Norris 10 months ago

    Ive been binge watching ur vids since yesterday and I have to say I’m jealous. It has to be fantastic to feel like Willy Wonka all the time :)

  • Meg BFF
    Meg BFF 10 months ago

    So u r telling me the red isn’t flavoured strawberry and all they did was add food colouring?!

  • itsVontay
    itsVontay 10 months ago +2


  • Daniel Inocente
    Daniel Inocente Year ago


  • Devil MSP
    Devil MSP Year ago +1

    That sounds like a code for drugs tbh

  • Hitesh Bellani
    Hitesh Bellani Year ago +1

    lovely, you must be conducting workshops for enthusiastic​ admirers.

  • bailey arnold
    bailey arnold Year ago +1

    Sir, I would kindly like to inform you that I would gladly give my life for you.

  • Xd Weeman
    Xd Weeman Year ago

    Do you do it in Mareeba

  • Lisa Jarvis
    Lisa Jarvis Year ago

    Wish you could come here to Wales in πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ and do this ~ would be a big hit!!

  • Harveyy
    Harveyy Year ago +2

    F R E E C A N D Y

  • CrispyCranberry
    CrispyCranberry Year ago

    When you realize you have a family member that lives in Tallahassee *000-000-0000*

  • Bacon on String
    Bacon on String Year ago

    He looked kind of like keven from The Office

  • meaty cabbage
    meaty cabbage Year ago +1

    Why is greg such a stereotypical awesome person

  • Dawstin Tinkler
    Dawstin Tinkler Year ago

    I feel bad😒😒

  • Doppio
    Doppio Year ago +1

    free candy

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Year ago

    hey, professer elemental

  • ray the person
    ray the person Year ago

    Candy canes are not candy

  • megica
    megica Year ago

    He looks fishy... Is he a rapist?

  • Azlan ?
    Azlan ? Year ago

    Uh nasty ass elbow in the thumbnail

  • Ponked
    Ponked Year ago

    Hey look there's me in the crowd

  • Jeannette Pryor
    Jeannette Pryor Year ago


  • sleak meat
    sleak meat Year ago

    Seeig the pubg mobile trailer at the beggining of ur videos gets me excited

  • ShadesOfProvinince

    More like cocane canes

  • Patrick Meaden
    Patrick Meaden Year ago

    Do you make non-mint candy canes

  • Killian
    Killian Year ago +2

    Why is Joeyworldtour making candy canes 😀😫😫

  • Hilal GΓΌndoğdu

    Ouuuhhh i love u so much pls add so much video

  • Kayla K
    Kayla K Year ago


  • Jay Thrilla
    Jay Thrilla Year ago

    He looks and sounds like Chris Christie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lmaoooo!!

  • Jackie Shadowens
    Jackie Shadowens Year ago


  • Kannabis ヒップ―ホップ

    He seems like a great guy

  • Sean DuBord
    Sean DuBord Year ago

    Candy makeing in the hood

  • Doge
    Doge Year ago

    Starts off wit something sort of like taffy, turns into hard candy after.

  • Coggun
    Coggun Year ago

    Come to florida

  • Vincent 7463
    Vincent 7463 Year ago

    Are you sure it’s candy?

  • Everett Brown
    Everett Brown Year ago

    This makes me happy

  • MahneymisDave Sanchez

    Your so rich lofty pursuits im a fan to 😘😘😘

  • jojo Patrol
    jojo Patrol Year ago

    can go to Michigan plz

  • alexa playz
    alexa playz Year ago

    Were is that

  • Jordan Beach
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  • Something Clever
    Something Clever Year ago

    Water... the way he says it...
    Is it possible that he grew up on Long Island?

  • Wisam 0121
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  • Imma BooBerry
    Imma BooBerry Year ago

    I love you guys!!!

  • Poe Tate
    Poe Tate Year ago

    I don't why but i think candy makers have the sweetest personalities
    *pun intended*

  • Jacob B
    Jacob B Year ago

    Should have called it street sweets!

  • Jason McLaughlin
    Jason McLaughlin Year ago

    What a brilliant idea!

  • Henry Banker
    Henry Banker Year ago

    go to alaska

  • Samantha Evans
    Samantha Evans Year ago +1

    Greg, you should do Christmas image candy

  • Michelle Chu
    Michelle Chu Year ago

    The moment you start handing out fresh warm hard candy, you're like Santa's favourite uncle that everyone loves

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago

    Are you from Philly? I keep noticing you say "wooder"

    • Sam
      Sam Year ago

      Darn, us Phillips are pretty swell.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +Sam no, Brooklyn.

  • Katelin R.
    Katelin R. Year ago

    Your videos and candy are so good and amazing how do u do it!?

  • Light The Trash King


  • alf beef
    alf beef Year ago

    Got to love Florida weather..

  • Ligma Bowls
    Ligma Bowls Year ago

    Did you go to the U.K

  • MPK Monkey
    MPK Monkey Year ago

    "theres no think about it ma'm, im making candy" a true hero

  • Niki Brock
    Niki Brock Year ago

    My kids and me love watching your TVclip channel oh by the way thank you for making or day

  • Nyoob
    Nyoob Year ago

    Thats awesome c:

  • sushisocks
    sushisocks Year ago

    jeez i love this

  • CatherineZ
    CatherineZ Year ago

    Thank you so much for being here on TVclip! I love this channel a lot. Hugs and kisses from Russia )

  • john
    john Year ago

    I want more of the orangutan manservant, a pilot and a script, that has an emmy all over it

  • Pikapimp MoDS
    Pikapimp MoDS Year ago

    *-i like you're chanal-* I love you're channel Plz don't turn to click bait

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +XxXPIKAPIMPXxX0 TheRealOne I learned how to avoid click bait with this one easy trick.

  • ARetardAndTheirShittyArt

    This is awesome!

  • Leafair The Gamer

    I keep saying "I wanna go to tallahassee, florida! I wanna go to tallahassee, florida!" Because I want to watch you guys make candy!

  • Woopu
    Woopu Year ago

    I felt bad for him because know one answers him lol

  • [DJPyco5]
    [DJPyco5] Year ago

    You should trace it Casper Wyoming!!!

  • inue windwalker
    inue windwalker Year ago

    I have a question next year so you think you can come to Memphis next year for Saint Jude? You could set up in front of bass pro downtown? I work at a pretty decent motel I could set up something for you

  • TimmyTechTV
    TimmyTechTV Year ago +1

    I feel like Greg is my long lost twin...

  • godzillamaste magner

    I wonder if their vanilla is actually vanilla or something similar

  • NobodyHelps
    NobodyHelps Year ago

    Imagine if those were all chinese tourist

  • SkinnyPenis405
    SkinnyPenis405 Year ago

    All those people just took candy from a stranger

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    였 γ…‹γ…‹λŒ€λ°•

  • Paris
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    Why is this in my recommended?!?!

    • Paris
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      Now I get it!

    • Paris
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      Oh yeah that is true!

    • Paris
      Paris Year ago

      Wait what πŸ˜‚

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +Donuts Frosting! You user name is Donuts Frosting and you don't think Google tracks you user name when it suggests things?

  • The Raddest Chad
    The Raddest Chad Year ago

    Think about it for a second...he gets children on the street to suck on his candy.

    Have you ever regretted making a joke?

  • DCVertigo
    DCVertigo Year ago

    I love Prof Elemental, which video did you colab in? Anyone know?

    • DCVertigo
      DCVertigo Year ago

      Oh and thought I would mention, I watched your blackcurrent video (I love that flavour) and here in England we have Blackcurrent and Liquorice sweets, the flavours together is just amazing.

    • DCVertigo
      DCVertigo Year ago

      Thank you for the reply, I shall look forward to it.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago +1

      Release date was moved, will be released this october/november

  • Shane Anderson
    Shane Anderson Year ago

    start the video and 45 seconds and watch the scissors change size don't know if it's just me but I saw it it happens at 47 but start it at 45 so you can see it happen.

    • Lofty Pursuits
      Lofty Pursuits  Year ago

      +Shane Anderson I have 3 sizes of scissors, but I only brought one to that demo.

    • Shane Anderson
      Shane Anderson Year ago

      might just be a reflection but still looks like it changes size

  • ThE SKIts KiDs
    ThE SKIts KiDs Year ago

    all that stuff about candy made me all hungry

  • Demi Hally
    Demi Hally Year ago

    PLEASE COME TO EDMONTON, ALBERTA CANADA PLEEEEEASEEEEEE 😭😭 i really want to visit you guys, and I really want to try your candy and see how you make it. I find it so interesting to me πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜­

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    KawaiiVlogs Glam Year ago

    thos should be on satisfying videos

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    u sound like jack geller from friends idk the name so ill just say jack

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    Everyone just stop the video at 1 second. His face 😁

  • HaHaHappyXD
    HaHaHappyXD Year ago

    I REALLY LIKE the idea of stuff the candy scrap at the back of it. What a great way to not wast candy. Every child's dream

  • Cute Coby
    Cute Coby Year ago

    Wow lucky people got ro eat Greg's fresh hand made candies πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»so lucky