NEW EEVEELUTION UPDATE! Pokemon Promotes MASSIVE Eevee Campaign


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  • Billy Bolen
    Billy Bolen 6 months ago

    If I was making a new game trying to break away from the formula I'd make eevee the starter .

  • ValaMov
    ValaMov 6 months ago

    Not an eevee EVO

  • Reymond The Fox
    Reymond The Fox 7 months ago


  • David Kinney
    David Kinney 7 months ago

    Wouldn't mind the rest of the eeveelutions coming out in next generation But to many That's tomuch lol.
    I've always wanted new eevees But until its confirmed in never say that just because the trailer has an eevee mean its true for a new one. But the listing of the known eevees and as many as 8 could be a clue to more than one eeveelution coming out at That's what I hope for at least

  • RictorPHX
    RictorPHX 7 months ago

    I have a few queries as to what the new eeveelution might be assuming the rumors get confirmation
    Brution (fighting type)
    Insection (bug type)
    Spookion (ghost type)
    Cloudion (flying type)
    Any other ideas?

  • Zthewise
    Zthewise 7 months ago

    I feel Sun and Moon Just came out, and already there is one coming out for the switch.

  • silas
    silas 7 months ago +1

    My theory:
    Everyone’s Story
    Shadow Lugia?
    No ghost eevee

  • Artzei 2.0
    Artzei 2.0 7 months ago +1

    Move over, weak ass yellow rodent! Eevee is the new #1 face of Pokémon!

  • DarthOliptius
    DarthOliptius 7 months ago +1

    What's actually happening is Eevee is going to replace Pikachu as the series mascot.

  • Liam Green
    Liam Green 7 months ago +1

    Vaporeon will always be my fav eevee

  • Zesty Smith
    Zesty Smith 7 months ago

    How can someone reasonably deny we're getting a new one?

  • Leah Schaffer
    Leah Schaffer 7 months ago

    What happens if it's not a New Eeveeutions?
    The Mysterious Black spot by both the Hat Pikachu & Lugia could be the Mythical Pokémon Zeraora!
    Lisa Partner Eevee might not Evolve into a New Eeveeutions but I could see Eevee evolving into Espeon in the 21st Pokémon Movie: Everyone's Story!
    PS: It looks like the Legendary Pokémon Suicune is in it too and you can see a little bit of Suicune when you pause the Movie Trailer at 0:12 or 0:13 seconds! 😏👌

  • Ink, Lovania, Kara, and eeveelutions

    I hope we get a ghost Eeveelution soon. I've always wanted something like a wisp.

    NOT A BORING MUMMY. I'm so sick of everyone hoping it's a Mummy when wisps are so much cooler. We already got our empty shells - Kyurem and Shedinja - as well as something we can't see underneath a Pokemon - Mimikyu - so why have another one?

  • Cecily Smith
    Cecily Smith 7 months ago

    #Eevee4Life my Snupps account has my whole Eevee card collection! I love eevee so much! I found an Eevee only lanyard! I cherish my build a bear Eevee!

  • Winged Supernova
    Winged Supernova 7 months ago +2

    Ghost type Eevee please

  • jaidora
    jaidora 7 months ago

    Okay, time to breed a new Eevee family.

  • Freddy 8
    Freddy 8 7 months ago +1

    A steel/ground evee evolution would be soooo awesome I swear

  • CraftyCreatures
    CraftyCreatures 7 months ago +1

    Eevee is my favourite Pokemon so I hope this is true! If it is either a Bug type or a Poison type then I'm not going to be pleased! (Poison and Bug are my least favourite types) Can someone leave a reply on this comment telling me what type you think is the most possible for a new Eeveelution!

  • Chamberlain Cody
    Chamberlain Cody 7 months ago

    Tbh I weather have the switch game come in 2019 so it's not rushed and a big let down

  • Lacie Reinheart
    Lacie Reinheart 7 months ago

    I dunno WHAT to believe!!! *sits in a corner and cries, wanting a new eeveelution but not wanting to get her hopes up for something that may not happen*

  • nirthpanter
    nirthpanter 7 months ago +3

    #belieeveer from the get Verlis!! Been one the hype train since you first talked about it!!

  • Hatred hehe
    Hatred hehe 7 months ago

    I think we wont get any eevee evolution instead the pokemon going to release is Zerora as in the latest update in serebi net they say a mythical pokemon will be released that is Zerora

  • drunk dude
    drunk dude 7 months ago +1

    As all Eeveelutions have 1 base 130, 1 base 110, 1 base 95, 2 base 65 and 1 base 60 stats, going through the stats of each eeveelutions reveals we don't have any Eeveelutions with the following stats:
    110 HP, 60 HP, 95 Atk, 95 Def, 65 SpAtk, 60 SpDef.
    Based on the fact that there are two Eeveelutions with 130 SpAtk and two with 110 SpAtk, we can conclude that the new Eeveelution will probably be not a special attacker. Based on this information, I created a little list on what the stats of the new Eeveelution might be:
    More likely:
    60 HP 130 Atk 95 Def 65 SpAtk 65 SpDef 110 Speed
    60 HP 110 Atk 95 Def 65 SpAtk 65 SpDef 130 Speed
    60 HP 110 Atk 65 Def 95 SpAtk 65 SpDef 130 Speed
    60 HP 130 Atk 65 Def 95 SpAtk 65 SpDef 110 Speed
    Less likely:
    110 HP 65 Atk 130 Def 65 SpAtk 95 SpDef 60 Speed
    130 HP 65 Atk 95 Def 65 SpAtk 110 SpDef 60 Speed
    110 HP 95 Atk 65 Def 65 SpAtk 60 SpDef 130 Speed
    Not very likely:
    65 HP 95 Atk 65 Def 110 SpAtk 60 SpDef 130 Speed
    65 HP 95 Atk 65 Def 130 SpAtk 60 SpDef 110 Speed

    • Austin Hale
      Austin Hale 7 months ago

      drunk dude you sir deserve a medal

  • Petkin GirlMeows
    Petkin GirlMeows 7 months ago

    Woah woah woah everyone really wants more eveelutions

  • Poke Fiction
    Poke Fiction 7 months ago +1

    Something struck me while watching this... Know what Eevee does aside from evolving into different types? It bridges generations. Sure, not every gen has had an Eeveelution, but still... Ya know how fans have wanted, for years now, a Pokemon game that has all the regions? What if, instead of doing that and giving you starter choices, they do that and Eevee is your starter so you can have one of 8 or more different possible evolutions that also bridge most of the generations. I'm sure this sounds like fantastical speculation (which it is), but it also just makes a sort of sense to me.

  • Why do I exist ?
    Why do I exist ? 7 months ago

    Eevee ning

  • EleyaFox
    EleyaFox 7 months ago

    I need new Eevee evolution! ❤

  • Gamer Pigeon
    Gamer Pigeon 7 months ago +3

    Eevee should really be the mascot of pokemon

  • Justin Kennedy
    Justin Kennedy 7 months ago

    Trade evolution Eevee calling it now.

  • Mr. Ruckus
    Mr. Ruckus 7 months ago

    I think the Pokémon Company is trying really hard to get everyone hyped for something big, but I’m not sure we will get a Pokémon direct until mid May or even June. There is still another sun and moon set for the TCG comIng In early May so I’m not sure what to think at this point.

  • snowpaw360
    snowpaw360 7 months ago +1

    Hes such a troll lol

  • RocketTwurpSLR
    RocketTwurpSLR 7 months ago

    Think its funny how i said a couple of weeks ago "watch the community go mad cuz theres a eevee in the trailer"
    and too right i was on team grouch since everyone was hyped about fakes the last few weeks, i was like no doubt the community are gonna think that loĺ
    But dang i didnt belieevee it till a couple of days ago, but
    its definately happening again! i dont think i would of believed it, if it wasnt for what happened would dusk lycanroc!
    and i know how much you believed in it so much, that it actually happened and it came true. You can always trust verlis goes the right way with the news! And thats cool!
    and it looks like its doing the same yet again, the pieces are definitely falling into place yet again, for this eeveelution.
    Project eevee? I wonder if its simular to project pikachu, project pikachu is usualy the movie, and a eevee in the movie. Hmmm? Everyones story.
    Wonder what could it be.
    Probably the eeveelution, project thing, but it does seem thier realy promoting it!
    Im totaly convinced its happening now. No doubts.

  • MorenZero5
    MorenZero5 7 months ago

    Normal Type Eeveelution :O

  • LeFunnyMèmè
    LeFunnyMèmè 7 months ago

    Hey think about this.... maybe this is an eevee that can change into any eeveeloution

  • premierfong
    premierfong 7 months ago

    to be honest, I think there will be a new eeveelution but I hope there are more then one.

  • ralynedin
    ralynedin 7 months ago +2

    5:23 a TVclip page inside a TVclip page inside a TVclip page. What kind of Christopher Nolan inception is this?!?!

  • Commander Virion
    Commander Virion 7 months ago

    4:32 so they do use common VSTs to make the music... I think that one is Massive.

  • Food- azoid
    Food- azoid 7 months ago

    You know how Gamefreak introduced the Fairy Type with Sylveon? Well, what if they introduce a NEW type using a new eeveelution? I know it is not likely, but it would be amazing.

    • Rindran The Blaze Builder
      Rindran The Blaze Builder 7 months ago

      Besher Toulaimat well the dark type was also introduced with a new eeveelution so maybe

  • Luke Struthers
    Luke Struthers 7 months ago +1

    Hey we have lugia returning to pokemon go as well! there is definitely something going on with lugia

  • Kami Kaze
    Kami Kaze 7 months ago

    What if the gen 8 will be a reboot and the starter it's Eevee? They even could add a new Eeveelution too. Idk just an idea. Great video

  • Shaiyan Shakeel
    Shaiyan Shakeel 7 months ago +1

    I am a hacker

  • CarbonBishop
    CarbonBishop 7 months ago

    I think this is a trend at this point. A new eeveelution every 2 generations. Gen 1, then new ones in 2,4,6,8

  • Elvin Rivera
    Elvin Rivera 7 months ago +3

    They're changing mascots NO MORE PIKACHU😮 Now its time for EEVEE

  • 19spacecats
    19spacecats 7 months ago

    "The Curious Case of Junichi Masuda's Twitter" sounds like a great name for a book

    AMPHAROS X 7 months ago

    it will eevee-entually be revealed

  • Jacob Wenner
    Jacob Wenner 7 months ago

    Oh snap gotta get that eevee burger

  • Nicholus Williams
    Nicholus Williams 7 months ago

    Eevee New Evolution gen 8

  • Maya-chan
    Maya-chan 7 months ago

    A new eevee would follow with the already existent pattern of Pokemon generations and added eeveelutions. Every even number of pokemon generations has a new eeveelution:
    Gen 2 Gold and Silver = Umbreon and Espeon,
    Gen 4 Diamond and Pearl : Leafeon and Glaceon,
    Gen 6 X&Y : Sylveon.
    So it shouldn't be unexpected that in gen 8 we'll have another eeveelution

  • Laura Doan
    Laura Doan 7 months ago +1

    switch the mascot from picachu and Ash and to the new girl and her eevee? Yes. Pease.

  • Shiny Eevee
    Shiny Eevee 7 months ago +1

    I love Eevee alot especially its shiny form. One kid in my class bullied me for liking pokémon, but I kept playing it anyway because I like the game alot. I wish I could go there for the Eevee event.

  • Michael Price
    Michael Price 7 months ago

    Eevee wearing a cap for gen VIII confirmed!

  • Kainos Teleos
    Kainos Teleos 7 months ago

    Honestly, i wouldn't be surprised if they don't give us one new Eevee evolution. More like multiple new evolutions to make up for a lack of those in the past ;-)

  • Meeseeks Master Race _
    Meeseeks Master Race _ 7 months ago

    Verlis, I would really appreciate it if you created an official Discord. And if ANY haters would join, you could make me a moderator so I could hunt them down and kick their idiotic selves back to next week.

  • Zombie Dj Old Video
    Zombie Dj Old Video 7 months ago


  • Emeraldstar716
    Emeraldstar716 7 months ago

    Those birds made history and didn't even know.....

  • B Rae
    B Rae 7 months ago

    I have been saving a shiny Eevee for around 4 years waiting for a new Eeveelution to evolve it into.

  • droidcis545
    droidcis545 7 months ago +1

    Until it's confirmed I refuse to believe. Maybe I'd believe if I didn't think Pokemon Switch wasn't coming til Q4 2019.

  • Delphox Boss
    Delphox Boss 7 months ago

    We need a flying or ghost evee

  • Bazza Banaza
    Bazza Banaza 7 months ago

    if there isn't going to be a new eeveelution and he's just trolling, blood will spill.

  • Zachary Gadzinski
    Zachary Gadzinski 7 months ago

    A new flying type eeveelution would be nice. Yet would we get a bug eeveelution too along with a rock type?

  • Laura Doan
    Laura Doan 7 months ago

    Normal eveelution. Please!
    I want a big fluffy catpuppy.

  • Maxwell Tinker
    Maxwell Tinker 7 months ago

    Eevee is my fav pokemon! Espeon is my fav Eeveelution

  • Erik Cranmer
    Erik Cranmer 7 months ago

    So the Eevee tour is happening until March 31st and Niantic announced an event with Lugia saying "you can challenge Lugia, which will know the newly improved Flying-type move Sky Attack, until April 2." Hmmm....

  • Eeveekyu
    Eeveekyu 7 months ago

    Is... is that a Eeveekyu camio?

  • A. O. A
    A. O. A 7 months ago

    Every Pokemon type EEveelution ᶰᵒᵗ Confirmed!!!!!!!!!

  • Eeveekyu
    Eeveekyu 7 months ago

    *sight*... are we getting a mimikyu event soon?

  • Tyler Kovalskas
    Tyler Kovalskas 7 months ago

    I knew it! Verlisify is right again! I can't wait to see this new Pokemon game and the new eeveelutions! Keep up with the great work verlisify! Your videos are amazing.

  • jahvon dopwell-hall
    jahvon dopwell-hall 7 months ago

    Still waiting for that Gusteon?

  • Mazuki151PGSZ PlayZ
    Mazuki151PGSZ PlayZ 7 months ago +1

    Flying type I belivee

  • Luis Rodrigo Paniagua
    Luis Rodrigo Paniagua 7 months ago

    Junichi Masuda is a freaking mastermind

  • Woolly PAR
    Woolly PAR 7 months ago

    could you believe if it's just zeraora lol

  • AutomatiCraft
    AutomatiCraft 7 months ago

    There should be a normal type eeveelution that evolves by level up at level 40 or so.

  • FreddytheFredFred
    FreddytheFredFred 7 months ago

    A fellow friend of Mr. Molyneux...I like it 👍

  • Tiger King
    Tiger King 7 months ago +1

    Can't wait for Burgereon to be officially announced as the new Eeveelution.

  • luciano davila
    luciano davila 7 months ago

    What are they waiting for? I want my flying eevee (i prefer a dragon or ghost eevee, but i want a new eeveelution and it can be anything)

  • KTG2
    KTG2 7 months ago

    If only it was possible to predict release date for Pokémon Switch XD

  • Shakil Ali
    Shakil Ali 7 months ago

    There could even be a new type!

  • ArceusGod 277
    ArceusGod 277 7 months ago

    "The Curious Case of Junichi Masada's Twitter" sounds like a mystery novel

  • Mitch Zro
    Mitch Zro 7 months ago

    I belieevee

  • CrystalFox13
    CrystalFox13 7 months ago

    It's not a leak anymore,


  • Andrew Avellino
    Andrew Avellino 7 months ago

    Maybe we could get mega Eevee evolutions?!? That would be more insane than one new Eevee design, am I right?

  • Hyperlink
    Hyperlink 7 months ago

    Come on more normal type evolution.

  • Abdallah Jwayyed
    Abdallah Jwayyed 7 months ago +5

    What if the starter pokemon is a evee and later depending on how the game goes you choose your evolution based on how you play the game and the choices you make

  • DustyFlygon
    DustyFlygon 7 months ago

    2:07 *Crazy Suff!*

  • Daniel Shrestha
    Daniel Shrestha 7 months ago

    I wonder why GameFreak would promote eevee internationally, then decide to make it a dessert... Have they tasted it?

  • Jeffrey Mijares
    Jeffrey Mijares 7 months ago

    They need three evolutions one the Sky and the other two Rock and Ground that way they could take two other ones out of the types left

  • Delmys L.
    Delmys L. 7 months ago +1

    New eeveelution, eevee burger

  • Brittany T
    Brittany T 7 months ago +1

    Thank you for promoting my artwork of Eevee, I’m honored it was in your video! ❤️

  • Majestic Gothitelle
    Majestic Gothitelle 7 months ago

    8th gen pokemon sky or wings

  • Donald Handlang
    Donald Handlang 7 months ago

    At 12:10 theres a circle of eevees around each eeveeluotion and eevee. BUT!!!! In a white circle there is a symbol. It may just be writing but I think it looks like a bird. What are your thoughts?

  • chaiguitarguy
    chaiguitarguy 7 months ago

    What type do you think it would be? What sort of situation would make it evolve into the new eeveelution?

  • Jacky Valencia
    Jacky Valencia 7 months ago

    >w< I want it to be real!!!! I’ll go crazy lol

  • Daniel Avila
    Daniel Avila 7 months ago

    I really want a steel eevee

  • Iceman
    Iceman 7 months ago

    Nice 👍🏻

  • Megan Kanitz
    Megan Kanitz 7 months ago

    Awesome video verslify😁

  • Matt
    Matt 7 months ago

    I think it will be a Normal type eeveelution :)

  • riot kitty
    riot kitty 7 months ago

    Stop trolling I cannot take this anymore!

  • Wilago 45
    Wilago 45 7 months ago

    0:44 Why Masuda twitter profile picture is still him at the Eiffel Tower? (Maybe (probably not) they are going to remake EVERY REGIONS with a storyline that include Ash with some of the Regions (Maybe Ash is going to be playable in Alola & (Probably why he did'nt change his picture) (Im speculating) (I want Pokémon Switch Reveal Trailer just to be in peace with myself!) Kalos (France)))

  • Lex Roza
    Lex Roza 7 months ago +1

    I don't like Masuda ever since he did the ORAS remakes wrong