• Published on Feb 3, 2018
  • (TRACKLIST + MESSAGE BELOW) Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your continued support of my content. I'm so sorry that it took me so long to get this video out - I started back at university again so I was really busy (and I didn't want to put this video out without giving it the quality it deserves). But I'm back! I hope you all enjoy this video :) please let me know in the comments if there's anyone I left out/if you have ideas for other videos! ❤️
    LIST OF SONGS (Song (Artist))
    Intro/Outro: Just For a Day (JONGHYUN)
    1. Neverland (Holland)
    2. Tension Up (IMFACT)
    3. TOPDOG (ToppDogg)
    4. -Slide 1: DNA (BTS); 2: Mic Drop Remix (BTS)
    5. -Slide 1: Cypher Part 3 (BTS); 2: DNA (BTS)
    6. Mic Drop - Steve Aoki Remix (BTS/Desiigner)
    7. Shangri-La (VIXX)
    8. -Slides 1/2: Spoiler (Epik High); Slides 3/4/5: Amor Fati (Epik High)
    9. Wake Me Up (B.A.P)
    10. Going Crazy (UP10TION)
    11. The Eve (EXO)
    12. Can’t Help Myself (Eric Nam)
    Love you guys ❤️💛💚💙💜
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  • Romaji
    Romaji Year ago +597

    All of these are good starts.
    Could some of these people do more? Yes.
    But it is good that they are doing something at all.
    Homophobia isn't going to get solved in a day, and neither are any of the other fears people have over LGBT.
    Signed, a gay man in a better place than most of them

    • Red Rooster
      Red Rooster Year ago

      Sara Mustafa no problem! I'm glad you asked and I could help

    • Sara Mustafa
      Sara Mustafa Year ago +1

      Just Taemin The Snake thanx i always wondered about that

    • Red Rooster
      Red Rooster Year ago +4

      Sara Mustafa Yep, asexual people are part of the community because they are not heterosexual. I hope that answers your question! :)

    • Sara Mustafa
      Sara Mustafa Year ago

      Romaji Is being Asexual part of LGBT ?

    • Romaji
      Romaji Year ago +3

      kat trina Lesbian, Gay Bisexual Trans.
      And all of the related terms about gender and sexuality that aren't the "default"

  • Araika terangpi
    Araika terangpi 8 days ago

    I love them all❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • K-Pop Trashu
    K-Pop Trashu Month ago +1

    JONGHYUN :,( (I will forever cry)

    look I already knew it's just it appeared and I cried

  • Jo wah
    Jo wah Month ago +1

    i'm betting that there are tons more, but, for whatever their reason, decide not to comment publicly, even if they're hetero........

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  29 days ago

      i think so too! probably afraid of backlash :/

  • Hatsuko Nguyễn
    Hatsuko Nguyễn Month ago +1

    Remember Jonghyun's death makes me feel really sad. He played a huge role for SHINEE, LGBTQ+ in personal and Kpop in general. He deserves to be honored.
    I'm only 14, but I know what LGBT people has gone through and how they fight for their rights, so I became an LGBTQ+ supporter.
    I'm so glad to see Kpop idols supports LGBTQ+. I was surprised that all BTS members support LGBTQ+ too, by wearing rainbow shirts to support inderectly and their speech. And why I got attention to BTS? Cause I'm an ARMY.😆😆😆

  • Coco beats
    Coco beats Month ago

    BTS one felt like a reach but the rest, yea defo

  • Erika Shiella Santillan

    I love holland and BTS

  • radischengottin
    radischengottin 2 months ago +2

    Why can't you just let them date whoever they want to?

  • Taehyung's Gucci
    Taehyung's Gucci 2 months ago

    All you Koreans are blessed to have the cute gaybies or supporters. Jesus you made a mistake with you can see im not asian jesus so what the hell went wrong?

  • sugaesthetic
    sugaesthetic 3 months ago

    I also remember yoongi (bts) talking about his ideal type in an interview and that it's not limited to a girl.

  • Lani Ashton
    Lani Ashton 3 months ago

    Wait of course Holland will support he is gay lol

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  3 months ago

      Lani Ashton Yeah but I had to include him since he supports. The original title of the series was catchier than tacking “And also the one gay idol” onto the end so i just snuck him in there lmao

  • Kwon Hoshi
    Kwon Hoshi 4 months ago +1

    I go to this video to feel a little support and acception as a bi guy, since my country doesnt really support the lgbt community

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  4 months ago

      제이비JB ❤️❤️❤️💖💖🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

  • niga walker
    niga walker 4 months ago

    Yessss v is gay 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️💐💐💐💕💐💐💐💕

  • 우영최
    우영최 4 months ago

    Plus v and jungkook are dating

  • Amy Potter
    Amy Potter 5 months ago

    Monsta x named an entire trilogy after lgbt - LOST GUILTY BEAUTIFUL TRILOGY.

  • sm0l bean ChimChim
    sm0l bean ChimChim 5 months ago +1


  • chaste mark
    chaste mark 5 months ago


  • 보라해 bts
    보라해 bts 5 months ago

    Members of BTS have also shown support artists like Sam Smith, Jungkook loves Troye Sivan, V really likes this photographer who happens to be gay. They like all kinds of people. I like to see this in Kpop. It's very important because i feels that if IDOLS openly show support and are who they are people will be influenced by it gradually.

  • Yiwh a
    Yiwh a 5 months ago

    Love is love

  • lxvekook :kpop edits
    lxvekook :kpop edits 6 months ago +1

    wow,as a pansexual person I’m so happy that BTS accepts LGBTQ+ people 💛🌈

  • Maria Jose KPOP
    Maria Jose KPOP 7 months ago

    My baby Ungjae STAN IMFACT 😍

  • Enzieys little world
    Enzieys little world 7 months ago

    Holland is d korean troy sivan proud of u

  • Matab Jaily
    Matab Jaily 7 months ago

    Whats the song that song that started playing when sehun's name came??

  • renz lee
    renz lee 7 months ago +1

    Respect for kim jonghyun ☺😇😇

  • lucky paw
    lucky paw 7 months ago

    Up10tion on nr.10 I see what you did there

  • African ARMY
    African ARMY 8 months ago +1

    While I'd like to believe BTS is an ally to the LGBTQ+ community (and I do believe it or at the very least I believe that they are tolerant towards all types of people) I think some of the 'evidence' is a bit of a stretch.

  • emma
    emma 8 months ago


  • Kiwi Draws
    Kiwi Draws 8 months ago

    I think it’s crazy that a lot people don’t support LGBT community, I mean love is love if u love someone you love someone

  • x.kk_louise_x
    x.kk_louise_x 8 months ago +1

    Fun fact: jungkook from bts said that his favourite song was fools by troye Sivon. The video shows two men kissing and having a romantic relationship.

  • Nicola Burgin
    Nicola Burgin 8 months ago

    NCT's Yuta said on a TV show, I can't remember the name, about how transgender people shouldn't be bullied and should be treated just like everyone else. Plus NCT's Doyoung said on a vlive, after another member asked about love being a girl boy thing, he said along the lines of it doesn't have to be a girl boy thing it could be a girl girl thing or a boy boy thing" Stan talent stan NCT

  • maidmarian101
    maidmarian101 8 months ago +3

    stray kids went to pride! and seventeen confirmed they didn't use pronouns (specifically in the song rocket which is a duet between two members) so it could be interpreted in an lgbt+ manner if that's what the audience wanted.

    • maidmarian101
      maidmarian101 8 months ago

      when two members of svt were playing a game where they were parents, one asked who was going to be the girl and almost the whole group responded with 'why does it have to be a girl? lets just do boy/boy'

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  8 months ago

      maidmarian101 oh wow I knew abt stray kids but not svt! Thank you!

  • binnixsvt
    binnixsvt 8 months ago +1

    Stray Kids, the stays we think they support lgbtq+

  • Younger K
    Younger K 9 months ago +1

    To add to this list from the future
    Members of Straykids were spotted by fans at the NYC pride parade while in New York for kcon. One fan even claimed to greet them at the parade.
    I'm not sure if all 9 members went to Pride but two I can remember from the top if my head being there were Felix and Jeongin, though their were definitely more members :).

  • Suga 101
    Suga 101 9 months ago +1

    I'm just so happy that all of them support the LGBT community because I am apart of the community so it makes me feel good after watching this especially after hearing that all of BTS supports it

  • Shakira Shakira
    Shakira Shakira 9 months ago +1

    Lol, I love how Namjoon is in the thumbnail twice 😂

  • Mystery Girl
    Mystery Girl 9 months ago +3

    im so proud of them this makes me so happy for them to support and understand the LGBT keep up the good work guys

  • Jeno Nojam
    Jeno Nojam 9 months ago +1

    Stan imfact

  • Kait Gold
    Kait Gold 9 months ago +4

    BTS also listen to troye sivan (openly gay youtuber-turned-singer). I’m not sure if all of them do but jungkook jimin and rm do. Jungkook and rm covered one of his songs and jimin wore pants with his lyrics on them (could be a stylist’s choice but he has mentioned listening to him in interviews). Rm also revealed, in an interview at the bbmas this year when asked which western artists they wanted to collaborate with, that they’ve talked with him about one. Rm (once again) recommended on Twitter troye’s song strawberries and cigarettes which is not only by troye but off of the Love, Simon soundtrack. If you haven’t heard of the movie I suggest you look it up and I highly recommend it, it is an amazing story. It is truly the epitome of a romcom.
    (Edit) I almost forgot about gcf, in gcf in Tokyo jungkook used troye Sivan and Martin garrix’s song there for you

  • Hoa Huynh
    Hoa Huynh 9 months ago +2

    I love people who are gay cause they are so brave and confident about sexuality and nobody have the right to u can’t like or love someone that is the same gender as u. I hope u also support gay Community

  • zainab zibbu
    zainab zibbu 9 months ago +1

    What song is jonghyun singing in the beginning ??

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  8 months ago

      ur mom is my mom it’s one of the songs from his last album called “Just for a day”

  • vdeoc
    vdeoc 9 months ago +1

    im gonna add one: Stray Kids! They went to NYC pride and are overall j the cutest people so yeah

  • J E C
    J E C 9 months ago +4

    If you do another video like this, Stray Kids actually went to a pride parade this year.

  • Heonie Bunny
    Heonie Bunny 9 months ago +1

    Stray Kids recently attended NYC 2018 pride

  • Josiah Guevel
    Josiah Guevel 9 months ago +1

    I don't know if you will make a part 4 for this series of videos, but there's Tenny, whose MV for the song "159cm" is about a relationship between two girls.
    I love watching these videos! Love wins. 🏳️‍🌈

    • Josiah Guevel
      Josiah Guevel 8 months ago

      No problem, I'll look forward to that part 4 :D

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  8 months ago

      Josiah Guevel I’ll add that for the next video, thanks so much! And i’m glad you enjoy this videos :)

  • khushi singh
    khushi singh 9 months ago

    Bts dating between each other 😂😂😂😂

  • Sascha
    Sascha 9 months ago +2

    Stray kids attended pride too! Some say they got lost and just found it accidentally but it feels good to say they attended the nyc pride parade

  • Aishita B.
    Aishita B. 10 months ago

    My Sehun baby is here and my other babies Holland and BTS and more. Oh I live this videos a lot thank you💕💕💕

  • LilyTheLlama
    LilyTheLlama 10 months ago

    Lol literally has photo of all of BTS 😂

  • tvee
    tvee 10 months ago

    It's great that so many K-Pop celebrities are open-minded, accepting and progressive about LGBT people. It really doesn't matter who we choose to love. Love is Love.

  • Midori GURINU
    Midori GURINU 10 months ago

    6. BTS
    Me: OMG, I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT THAT THEY SUPPORT LGBTQ+. *triggers that i get it right and then subscribe to Alex Zak*

  • ayyana
    ayyana 10 months ago


  • Julieta Giménez
    Julieta Giménez 10 months ago +1

    I don't know why, but Holland's Nederland makes me feel so soft, calm and comforted*
    *not a native speaker, sorry if what I wrote sounds weird?

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  10 months ago

      me too :) and don't worry!! what you said sounds fine, your english is good 💙

  • Bangtan_Soyeondamn
    Bangtan_Soyeondamn 10 months ago

    *pretends to be shocked that holland is on the list*

  • Paris Ford
    Paris Ford 10 months ago +1

    *bangtan supports lgbt community* me: *crys rainbows*

  • U W U
    U W U 10 months ago

    Holland supports gay

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  10 months ago

      stromy angel i mean after i’d already made 5 vids for the series, changing the title to “kpop idols who support and/or possibly are lgbt+ but only just holland for the most part” seemed like it wasn’t as catchy 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Labradoorr
    Labradoorr 10 months ago +1

    Some more BTS public support:
    In an American 2017 interview, when asked about his old tweet about the song Same Love, RM responded saying "[I don't know], I just liked the song" and Yoongi added, "There's nothing wrong, every is equal."
    Taehyung was speculated to be in drag shows pre-debut (however, this is heavily speculated.)
    Jimin's solo song, "Lie" was speculated to be actually be about a gay man trapped by Korea's oppression towards LGBT+ people, saying being gay in Korea is like not being able to break out hell or a trap or something. (Speculated.)
    RM tweeted out under RMusic the song Strawberries and Cigarettes by Troye Sivan, a gay artist, that was part of soundtrack for Love, Simon, an LGBT movie portraying a teenager struggling with self identity and meeting a kid similar to him.
    And an extra I'll throw in that isn't BTS or a male idol, in the Peek-A-Boo era, Red Velvet Yeri wore a shirt that said, "Love has no colour." Possibly implying support for not only interracial couples, but also meaning it as though love has no boundaries in terms of gender, race, etc. considering the shirt was rainbow.

  • exotic panTENe for your hair

    About the sehun matter.
    There are a lot of people that are discussing and guessing his sexual preferences. I have the feeling that he might be bisexual. Since he is an Aries (which are known for their love for experiments) maybe he is experimenting too. The only thing we can do is guessing. So please stop making guesses sound like facts.

  • Malén
    Malén 11 months ago +1

    Also I've seen other members of exo, specially Baekhyun wearing shoes and cap supporting lgtb+ community, also shirts with images of lesbian girls, and maybe more details that i don't remember right now, i know the rummors about Sehunnie but i think Baekhyun is the one who support more

  • neoculture
    neoculture 11 months ago +4

    Ten (nct) too

  • Nolo Namane
    Nolo Namane 11 months ago +1

    Just found your channel. THANK YOU!

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  11 months ago

      Nolo aww I’m glad you’re enjoying my videos! :)))

  • Chanbaek firelight
    Chanbaek firelight 11 months ago +2

    MY GAY SEHUN :))

  • Kara
    Kara Year ago +6

    I don't know if someone commented this already but Yoongi (Suga) from BTS was asked on an interview about his thoughts on LGBT and he said "There's nothing wrong with it, everyone is equal"

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  11 months ago +2

      sunny Omg hi 😂😂 holy crap thank you so much!! Queen or king of gay kpop info 😂😂😂😂

  • Kara
    Kara Year ago +1

    aaaand i'm here once again!
    Hyunjin and Seungmin from the rookie group Stray Kids both recommended the song 1-800-273-8255 by Logic, a song and music video about the struggle of being gay with a family that doesn't support you, attemping suicide but showing that at the end there's always hope. Hyunjin even mentioned the song multiple times, quoting "I would like to sing this to our fans, the lyrics gives you a lot of hope and you might cry watching the music video".
    (Damn, these rookie groups are so awesome)

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae Year ago +1

    My V......... 🌈💜😭

  • Kara
    Kara Year ago +1

    this is my third comment i'm sorry lol but:
    More news about Sunwoo from The Boyz;; he recently recommended on a fansign the song ''Daddies'' by Fortunes, song about marriage equality & a man wanting to become daddies with his lover and start a family, not a lot of people know about the song which amazes me even more.

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago +1

      sunny wow he’s so young! 😳 and awww you thought of my videos that’s so sweet 😭😭 he sounds amazing i can’t wait to look into him more :)))

    • Kara
      Kara Year ago +1

      Alex Zak I recently got into The Boyz and I got amazed by Sunwoo since he's so mature and has a really deep mind even tho he's 18, they debuted not long ago (december 2017) and when I saw all the things about Sunwoo I automatically thought about these videos and went to comment if you want to make a part 4.
      I didn't say about his safety pin earring earlier because I thought he probs wore it like an accessory but I'm glad he confirmed he knows the meaning behind it~ and recommending an unknown song about marriage equality... I don't think he did it just because it sounds good or something👀

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago +1

      sunny Omg don’t apologize this is so helpful!! I actually don’t stan a ton of boy groups so it’s harder for me to know where to find my information and whatnot, tysm!!

  • _Jian_
    _Jian_ Year ago +3

    There has been More things about Jian recently,, so I'll ad Them here too, haha
    One of Imfact's videos, when talking about ideal types once again, Their leader Jian was describing his ideal type, which Ungjae replied that
    "Isn't that me?"
    Jian:"But you are not a girl"
    Ungjae:"But you like guys"
    Ungjae:"But you said that you like guys yesterday"
    And after that their other member Taeho, shared looks with Jian and "Shush"ed to Ungjae
    And Ungjae goes "Oh, it was a secret"
    Also, in one of their recent Vlives They were playing a "Game" where they had to make Jian's heart race (he was holding a heart rate monitor) So when it was Ungjae's turn to try to make his heart race, he started to say things like
    "Who was that GUY yesterday? Where did He go? Why did He go into your room?" (Idek how that could make someone's heart race, haha)
    Then it was Sang's turn to try and make Jian's heart race and Jian's heart race went from 65 (It was his normal heart race and it did not change at all with other members) to 91 and when Other members saw this, they started to say stuff like
    Ungjae: "I think you two are dating"
    Taeho: "Remember the one Vlive where we asked Jian if there was a member he liked and he said No, but he got shocked? I think it revealed today"
    Ungjae: "They are always sleeping together on the bed"
    Jian: "Shut that mouth of yours"
    I low key feel bad for Jian Since Ungjae is always exposing him, haha

  • 혜린•.❳❲.•정

    I'm crying these kpop idols support the LGBT community that I'm apart of. They don't hate us. They are ok and not disgusted by us.

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago +1

      Ruby Valdez Creepypasta and Anime Lover ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 혜린•.❳❲.•정


  • Kara
    Kara Year ago +3

    + Sunwoo from the rookie group The Boyz; he used to always wear a safety pin as earring and he confirmed on a fansign that he knows the meaning behind it, so it's not only speculated. Also, when he was asked to sing he sang a part of the song "Fools" by the gay singer Troye Sivan of the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy that follow a gay love story, which he most likely saw and has nothing against it.
    + Kevin (from The Boyz too) is in general a very woke person but I liked how he mentioned on a vlive how Taemin's "MOVE" challenges gender norms.

  • zahrah ahmed
    zahrah ahmed Year ago +1

    One more reason added to the billion others as to why people loved him ,love him , and will love him forever. Miss u and love u forever and always jonghyun oppa 💖

  • Kara
    Kara Year ago +4

    Latest update about Minsung (Hansol -don't call him like this anymore tho- former member of ToppDogg) ;; he said on a livestream, quoting literally "I am not gay, bi or asexual, I don't know what am I yet, I've been an idol for so long I didn't have time to figure it out".
    Now, on a livestrean too, a friend of him asked about gay idols and he said "Among korean idols..not everyone is straight, there's a lot of idols that are gay, bi, queer, but they can't come out because it would cause a big issue".

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago +2

      sunny thank you so much!! and i’m really happy minsung confirmed that for anyone that still believes that “real men aren’t gay” “idols aren’t gay” etc etc

  • Viviane Caipira
    Viviane Caipira Year ago +1

    I'm waiting for more videos like those ones.I hope to see more from this

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago

      Viviane Caipira thanks :D I’m always working on new videos (especially this series specifically bc more and more idols have started showing their support!), i’m glad you enjoyed :)

  • - ash
    - ash Year ago +1


  • Zephie
    Zephie Year ago

    Look, I love Bangtan, but the part about only having gender-neutral pronouns in LY is unfortunately not true. Dimple has a line that's "So I call you illegirl". But Intro: Serendipity is gender-neutral and they even asked Namjoon about it in an interview, so there's that :')

  • Hobiholic
    Hobiholic Year ago +3

    I don’t know if somebody already mentioned this:
    In a Billboard interview, they asked RM, what he meant with his tweet about the song ’Same love’, he said; “It’s hard to find the right words. To reverse the words: Saying ‘same love’ is saying ‘love is the same.’ I just really liked that song. That’s about all I have to say.”
    Suga, though, added his own opinion, saying; ”There’s nothing wrong. Everyone is equal.” ’
    So Suga (and RM, although very quietly) support gay relationships.
    I just wanted to get this out there.
    (Sorry, English isn’t my first language)

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  10 months ago

      thank you!! and don't worry, your english is perfect! :)

  • Barbara_
    Barbara_ Year ago +1

    Can't wait for part 4!!Also love the bgm!!

  • Ellie
    Ellie Year ago +1

    If you make a part 4, you should add seungyoon of winner who saw the music video of timebomb by tove lo and liked the fact that it feautured lgbt and interacial love (he stated that in melon radio winner wonderland ep 1 somewhere around 50 minutes )

  • lvstaekook
    lvstaekook Year ago

    2:36 video?

  • Rosa
    Rosa Year ago +1

    Our angel's out here doing good. He's getting all the recognition he deserves. We love Holland ❤ #Harling

  • bbyungchanie
    bbyungchanie Year ago +1

    This makes my heart warm and fuzzy.

  • daisy out in fullsun

    Yuta of NCT spoke up in a variety show (that one that has lots of foreign people discussing stuffs??) about the transgenders in thailand and the discrimination they faced (i think it was about bullying)

    • daisy out in fullsun
      daisy out in fullsun 10 months ago

      also i don't know if this will count but NCTzens (nct fanbase) has a LGBT+ support group in korea called NCT Q for NCT QUEER, but I think it says a lot if their fans feel safe about themselves enough to create something like this, more info :

    • daisy out in fullsun
      daisy out in fullsun 10 months ago

      recently in a VLIVE a fans asked NCT (at that time the members present were Doyoung, Yuta, Jungwoo, and Lucas) about what to do about their crush, and Doyoung didn't assumed their sexuality,
      Yuta: "is it like girl and boy problem?" (implying that it's a romantic problem)
      Doyoung: "it could be boy like boy or girl like girl problem"

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  10 months ago

      thank you!!

  • Elisa N
    Elisa N Year ago +1

    i never knew this about tablo wow

  • Btxt Slimexo
    Btxt Slimexo Year ago +1

    lmaooooooo usaid v,rm THEN BTS XD IM DYING

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  10 months ago

      😂 i wasn't sure what to do, it would've been too much to just put under BTS lololol 😂😂

  • Shakera Wesson
    Shakera Wesson Year ago

    Is it bad that when I saw Eric the first thing that came to my head was Jackson(got7) saying “I hate you ERIC” but then my brain saying “Hey ummm.....Jackson....and.....Eric would make a cute couple” 🤣🤣

  • laleh esfandiary
    laleh esfandiary Year ago

    I 90% believe that Sehun is gay

  • Sawyer Averys
    Sawyer Averys Year ago +1

    This was posted in my birthday month

  • _Jian_
    _Jian_ Year ago +3

    I don't remember if you've already talked about them, But two members, B.Nish and Seungho from a boy kpop group called "D.I.P" are dating each other. They announced that they are in a relationship in one of their Instagram lives and that they've been dating for years.
    Also, D.I.P's leader Hyeong Seong is openly Bi sexual and on his old Facebook account he told that He is attracted to both, men and women~

  • i would smack an emu for bang chan

    i'm crying thank you so much. i needed validation right now and this helped a lot. i'm glad to know that we're not alone.

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago

      ❤️❤️❤️ i'm really glad it helped you out!!

  • Ana Boylen0608
    Ana Boylen0608 Year ago

    Also is just me (?) But I think I read somewhere that Suga said once when someone ask how his ideal girlfriend will look like , he said that he don't really have an ideal type and at the end he said " and is not limited just at girls"..

  • PewPew
    PewPew Year ago +2

    Hani of EXID once brought up the Latin phrase "amor fati." I had no idea what it meant until now but given how I highly suspect she's gay, I wonder if she knows the phrase because of the Epik High song. Could just be wishful thinking but it'd be awesome if this is, indeed, the case. :)

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago

      oh wow i didn't know that, thank you!

  • Maentoes
    Maentoes Year ago +1

    I support anyone with any sexuality

  • 멜멜
    멜멜 Year ago +1

    SeHun ? BaehKyun ? Oh~

  • 멜멜
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  • ᥕᥱᥒi
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  • ten's cute nose
    ten's cute nose Year ago +9

    These videos are so great! Here are some ppl (both male and female) I think you could add if you were to make a part 4:
    -nct's yuta (he openly supported trans people on abnormal summit and he criticized gender roles)
    -nct's doyoung (when on a vlive a fan asked for advice with their crush on their friend, a member asked if it was a boy/girl situation but doyoung acknowledged the possibility of it being a girl/girl or boy/boy situation as well!)
    -nct's taeyong (met hsc and reccomended songs by frank ocean iirc?)
    -nct's jaehyun (reccomended logic's 1-800, which shows in its video the struggles gay people have to face)
    -twice's chaeyoung (she expressed her support for the lgbt community on a blog) and jihyo, momo and jeongyeon (they watched together and reccomend a yuri anime i think)
    -twice's mina (when a female fan asked her to marry her she said she wanted to get prettier for her fan and wore the ring she gave ger and showed that she's at least supportive)
    -bap's youngjae (when he was on a show with an idol who was making homophobic comments, he said that he didn't agree and that he's a open minded person)
    -shinee's taemin (because of the way he broke gender stereotypes with move)
    -exo's d.o (he supported jokwon during priscilla and also watched the handmaiden)
    -kim donghan (he always makes sure to be inclusive of male fans and isn't afraid to call them his boyfriends)
    -seventeen's the8 (he watched/reccomended a movie about a drag queen and he also made a comment about having a boyfriend as a boy I think? again idk the context but he seems pretty open minded regardless)
    -nct's johnny (has said on ennana that his favourite animated show is steven universe, which includes several confirmed lgbt characters + when he was doing fanservice asking older fans on enana if they had boyfriends and he got confused and asked if they had girlfriends he said that "girls can have girlfriends too" or something among these lines)
    -nct's ten (recommended troye sivan's songs, as well as songs by a lot of other lgbt artists such as halsey or frank ocean, reccomended the cmbyn soundrack, said that his fav english quote is "be who you are, no one can change you" and his dream in a dream video had some gay shit going on but you didn’t hear it from me)
    -pentagon's kino (reccomended several lgbt artists such as troye sivan)
    -the boyz' kevin (also reccomended songs by lgbt artists and made a positive comment about taemin's move being challenging towards gender roles) (also i don't remember their names but several members of the group have shown their support and love for their fanboys, saying there's nothing wrong with liking other boys)
    -winner's seunghoon (said he wouldn't mind if his bandmates had boyfriends), jinwoo (was very chill with an openly gay fanboy at a fansign, he even flirted with him and teased him asking which member was his favourite aggahaha), mino (he told the fanboy he was "beautiful as you are")
    -dreamcatcher's jiu (said that she follows and loves many lgbt artists) and yoohyeon (when asked about the lgbt community, she answered that she believes in every type of love, plus dreamcatcher as a whole have been pretty consistent in not changing pronouns in covers and showing love to female fans, so I think it's safe to say they're all supporters)
    -loona's yves (when she was asked by a female fan if she could marry her, she just told her to bring her the marriage certificate), chuu (for obvious reasons lol) and (possibly) kim lip (wore a few clothes that /really blatantly if you ask me/ supported the lgbt community even though it might have been the stylist's choice), olivia hye (was acting really chill and cute when a female fan was telling her about her girlfriend /the fan was actually flirting with her but still/)
    -red velvet's irene (that one rumour of her being homophobic was proved as false and she actually reccomended a lesbian book to her fans, she also said that wish tree, which is about a lesbian relationship, is her favourite red velvet mv)
    -blackpink's lisa (named kehlani as her favourite artist and reccomended her song honey, which has explicitly gay lyrics /also lisa's fluent in english so/)
    -blackpink's jisoo (I think she reccomended other two gay books other than carol but I don't remember the titles, sorry)
    -stray kids' hyunjin and seungmin (also reccomended logic's 1-800 and said positive things about the video) and (possibly) chan (said in a song that he shows respect and loves all kinds of people iirc) + most of the group attended new york pride 2018!
    -(possibly?) clc's yujin (she played as a gay character in a drama iirc?)
    -eric nam also refused to make a stereotypical parody of hsc on a korean show, saying that he couldn’t make fun of gay people

    • ten's cute nose
      ten's cute nose Year ago +1

      Alex Zak you're welcome!💕 there's a few people in the list who I'm not that sure about tho because I don't know the exact context of their statements, but I think the rest are pretty open minded and supportive😆😆😆😆😆😆

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago +2

      ten's cute nose thanks so much for all the info, i didn’t know about most of these!! i do plan on starting to make a part 4 very soon so this is super helpful! and i’m glad u liked the videos :D

  • Rachel
    Rachel Year ago +1

    i can hear my hunhan heart breaking

  • Nicchus
    Nicchus Year ago

    Was Up10tion really attending the NYC Pride Festival? As far as I know they were just filming and two people with pride flags were walking in the background.. While they could have chosen not to include it.. I don't think that necessarily shows they support the lgbtq+ community..

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago

      Nicchus i found multiple sources saying that they did in fact attend the parade while there. if they were wrong + what u said is true, then i agree that it doesn’t constitute concrete support and shouldn’t be in here. i’m going to try to find out what really happened, thank you for letting me know!

  • leo
    leo Year ago

    3:02 wait when? What song?

  • Leinah Starr
    Leinah Starr Year ago +3

    I think Taemin should be added to these videos. His mv for Move breaks down a lot of stereotypes about the gender binary.

    • Alex Zak
      Alex Zak  Year ago +2

      Leinah Starr thank u for letting me know!! i’m putting him on my list of idols to research for part 4 :)

  • Quetzal HL
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    N mi chiquito bebe 💖