America's Strangest Serial Killer - Ed Gein (The Butcher of Plainfield)


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      The Infographics Show nice one. On that joke

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      The Infographics Show i am a Muslim in egy pt called asmaa 9 yrs. I saw the vid of what to do if yr abducted and really saved my life. Thanks for saving my life 😊

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    Only a mother can make a man crazy.

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    *N I P P L E B E L T*

  • Savvy One
    Savvy One 2 days ago

    You forgot the 1974 movie Deranged. That movie was/is the closest one to the actual facts. VERY disturbing.

  • God Speed
    God Speed 2 days ago

    Belt made of women's nipples? Oh speed force. I hope I can change this timeline

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    Hell no

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    dance with the dead in my dreams

  • Joseph Porter
    Joseph Porter 4 days ago

    Ed: (fixing someone’s faucet)
    Person: Hey, you almost done?
    Ed: yeah, but I could use a hand...
    Person: sure, what do you need help with?
    Ed: ... I mean... I need *YOUR* *HAND* ...

  • Mohammed Parker
    Mohammed Parker 5 days ago

    is this the guy “bloody face” from american horror story 2 “asylum”? thoughts?

  • Zemist 11:11
    Zemist 11:11 5 days ago

    you know what. if he didn't do all the killing he would be a pretty great guy. or have intentions to where skin on skin.

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    I blame his mother.

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    This is something like llama in a hat😂😂

  • CJ carp
    CJ carp 5 days ago

    TV? He didn't even have electricity !! and YES He did dance around at night in his Woman outfit ....
    FIRST OFF Mrs. Worden DID NOT GO MISSING ..... Mary Hogan and Local Tavern Owner did and was missing for about 2 years ??( even though Ed told people he had her at his house and they all laughed Ha ha Eh? ) till they found her head in a burlap bag in Eds home. Mrs. Worden was Shot in Her Hardware Store and the Cash Registar was gone and there was a trail of Blood leading to the backdoor as if someone was dragged and THE SON who was the County Deputy remembered Gein had been in there the day before acting strange and THEN THE LAST SALE SLIP WAS MADE TO GEIN FOR ANTIFREEZE !! NO WARRENT NEEDED . The House was locked so they looked in the Shed and Hey that were they found Mrs. Worden.
    His name is pronounced .GEEN not GAIN ,,, Ed's Brother was moving off the Farm before he was found dead .. He had met a Woman and planned on getting married. On the day he was found Gein ran to the Sheriffs office and claimed he couldn't find his Brother , They had been Burning Brush on the Farm and couldn't find him BUT when they got to the place they had been working Gein led them right to the Brothers Body and the Brother had a massive head wound. My Grandfather said the BEST thing that ever happened to him was they decided to have Geins Trial in Waushara County rather then Portage ( which my Grandpa was Judge ) could have went either way since Bernice Worden was Murdered in Waushara but Mary Hogan was Killed in Portage I guess the Grave Robbery mostly all happened in Waushara though.
    I bike down Harding road and stop at Plainfield Cemetery to get a drink of water from the hose and am always surprised that there is a hole at his gravesite WHY DO PEOPLE WANT DIRT FROM HIS GRAVE? its just crazy ( there is no headstone anymore it had been stolen a few times and kept getting vandlized so its in the Sheriffs Office Basement ) The thing I find disturbing is Mrs. Worden his last Victim is Buried " Kitty Corner " about 3 ft, away ,, I know small Town and Family plots but GEEZ !! Your final resting place right next to the Man who killed you? It's just wrong on sooo many levels ....
    Gein DID NOT live in Plainfield He lived about 7 maybe 8 miles from Town but he still managed to to destroy the Town The Deputy who died Early was B. Wordens Son he was one of the first on the scene I can't imagine seeing your Mother Gutted out like a deer helped his mental wellness , My Uncle was NOT there the Night of Ed's arrest but he was one of the officers who went thru the house in the days that followed I don't think he ever got over it ,,, If you drive out to the old Farm it's still Creepy as Hell even though the House was burned to the Ground as were all the out Buildings and Barn the night before it was to be Auctioned the BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED....
    Finallly if you want to come to Plainfield please do it's a nice little Town but please don't ask the people in Town questions this didn't happen qll that long ago and there are still people who are related to some of his victims around not just his murder victims per say but the WHOLE TOWN WAS HIS VICTIM!! and lots of Townfolks had relations who he Grave Robbed or don't ask directions to Geins home there is NOTHING TO SEE just a locked Gate and it's all Overgrown and you can't even see were the House once was and there is a " NO TRESPASSING " sign every 10 ft, The Day Gein Killed Mrs. Worden it was " Opening Day " for Deer Hunting which is why there wasn't anyone in Town ,,, My Dad says the next day he was driving by Plainfield to go Hunting and every light in the Town was on ...........There is SO MUCH the Police never released..... just sayen...... But in case you do go and want to see and just so you don't ask anyone it's on the West Side of Hwy 39 off of Hwy 73 go down about 2 miles when you cross Hwy 39 turn left on Cty Trk K or any road heading South and go to Archer Street then take a right and go to 2nd Street ... The House stood on the SW Corner of 2nd and Archer and there is a Green Gate that's kept locked and they are VERY SERIOUS about Trespassing ,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Slymm Sigel 6 days ago

    Hell ya he strange he was wearing people

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    Isaac Collison 6 days ago

    Do one about john cristi 🙂🙂🙂

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    GuerrillaDigger ™ 7 days ago

    He was crazy and strange, but he didn't have enough victims to qualify as a serial killer.

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    Boujee af

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    Same bday as me unfortunately

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    @6:33 Doesn't that quote belong to Edmund Kemper?

    • Gay Alien
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      Nevermind I should have watched the whole video before commenting xD

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    How did I get from a Ninja fortnite highlight to binge watching these

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    Not getting love and care from a parent causes serial killers like this.

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    we are madness to ourself , so BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD APPROVE

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    People took part of his body as a suvinier like he did to the women he killed

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    Gein the fashion icon.

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    I still think the toolbox killers are better, they’re my personal favorites.

  • Doctor
    Doctor 9 days ago

    I live in a town called Plainfield what

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    Stacy Najjar 9 days ago

    if someone wears skin as clothes, they are *ABSOLUTELY CRAZY*

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    This reminds me of Ennard and Michael Afton

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    people's skin gross. @#$%&

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    Since when is laughing a “queer” mannerism lol people back then thought everything was queer

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    he was a nice guy in person for sure

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    When I saw this video I was Like


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    Hmmm. I think Albert Fish is much worse.

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    So interesting and creepy

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    Somehow, i kind of feel bad for him

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    Yes he is he is like a different animal

  • Austin Reinke
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    He lives in Wisconsin where I live

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    Hot dog 10 days ago

    Did he just make a human furniture?

  • Hot dog
    Hot dog 10 days ago

    Did he just make a human furniture?

  • STD infested tranny
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    Plainfield IL?

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    I have a kid in my class who laughs without reason
    He's a weird lil bugger but wouldn't hurt a fly cus he isn't strong he walks like a hunchback. Im always nice to him and even played on steam a few times with him but he creeps me out.
    He saids that he would much rather live alone all by himself and never see the daylight or other people again
    He only loves his dog, i hope he doesn't love the dog too much if you know what i mean anyways if you ever see a hunchback lookin smeagol arrested you know who it is 😂

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    these guys have NOTHING on Jeff the Killer

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    For some reason he reminds me of Jason

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    I think i found other crazy people who take souvenirs of his corpse.

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    Isnt it pronounced geen?

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    holy shi- 🤢🤮

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    Why does this sound like bloody face from American horror story

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    atleast i can remember my news papers killing my ass

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    He wasn’t a serial killer, at worst he was a murderer, grave robber, and severely mentally ill
    He was all kinds of fucked up but with having only 2 kills under his belt he wasn’t a serial killer
    Serial killer implies he killed three or more, just because they suspected he did doesn’t mean it was confirmed and we can’t classify him on the serial killer list

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    Oh he isss

  • MOVX X
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    Please say hes dead😭😭😭

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      Jk I know he’s dead

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    Can someone point me to the piano song used throughout this vid?

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    Another rimworld player eh?

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    He is probably leather face

  • Albreezy
    Albreezy 12 days ago

    So would he have killed more people if he didn’t get caught

  • Ana Mira
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    What's so different wearing human skin to fur or leather? NOTHING :)

    • Abraham
      Abraham 11 days ago

      Ana Mira exactly I have human skin socks they're pretty good

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    Ana Mira 12 days ago

    ''Hung upside down in a shed like an animal'' Exactly, and people still think eating meat is right! Insanity!

    • Ana Mira
      Ana Mira 12 days ago

      You people are not so different from Ed Gein. That's why these serial killing canniballs don't phase me.

  • Ana Mira
    Ana Mira 12 days ago

    Him and his mother were both psycho freaks! May THEY BURN IN HELL :)

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    Im gonna puke

  • Luis Martínez
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    You know whats also weird? People take parts of his grave

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    man he is not a strange serial killer he is just fine. and u said protect our big hoise is full off armed gards

  • Naeem Hassan
    Naeem Hassan 12 days ago

    yeah. i also watched it's movie (TEXES CHAIN SAW)

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    Dead skin mask by Slayer

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    How did the retarded mother excuse her relationship with her husband though?

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    Thank you very much!The vid was very useful for my research.

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    Looking more kind of these

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    Leatherface is so gory

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    He isn't a serial killer, he only killed two people, you have to kill three people or more to be qualified as a serial killer.

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    The Last words of my mom were *OOF*

    PBS KIDS MANIA 13 days ago


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    Glad he’s dead

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    Leatherface aint nothing compared to this dude.

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    Holy shit this guy was born same day as me!

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  • Ashley Johansson
    Ashley Johansson 14 days ago

    Its funny how much morons are blaming women for serial killers. No abusive parenting goes both ways, both fathers and mothers caused serial killers in their children. Being one sided and claiming serial killers are exclusive to the gender of the parent is sexist and no different than feminists blaming men for war.

    • Abraham
      Abraham 11 days ago

      Ashley Johansson the fun facts is that this man wasn't even a serial killer

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    I laugh randomly

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    Also leather face is another movie

  • Josephine Smith
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    I'm watching this at 3am.....😨😨

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    Dead Skin Mask from SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!

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    so the movie Carrie was also inspired by him?

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    His birthday is 7 days after mine

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    A question is if he is a weird serial killer? I dont know, I mean he cuts people skin, and makes them into cloth and makes them as furniture, so my answer to that question is YESSSSSSS

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    Do you know what Ed Gein said about women?

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    I did a report on lacrosse and I live near there and I never mentioned him

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    omg i was born on the same day and month as him, just not year :o

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    Why would you keep this freak alive? He doesn't have the right t live

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    ed bey napıyorsunuz

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    Andrei Frolov 15 days ago

    most serial killers were brought up in an abusive house

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    If mamma ain't happy, nobody is happy.

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    This man is a transgender