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America's Strangest Serial Killer - Ed Gein (The Butcher of Plainfield)


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    WE DID IT! 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Can we get to 3? Or am I just being greedy...

  • Daniel Winters
    Daniel Winters 11 hours ago

    Easy way to end him take a bazooka and blow hes ass off

  • Daniel Winters
    Daniel Winters 11 hours ago


  • Dennis Park
    Dennis Park 19 hours ago

    I think he also kills women because his mom said they were a win so he got rid of the sin

  • Prussia and soviet
    Prussia and soviet 21 hour ago

    christans cause serial killers confirmed
    become athiest today

  • Ian Tabbert
    Ian Tabbert Day ago

    omg i live in Wisconsin, 4 hours away from la crosse

  • The Anime Gamer Boy

    These serial killers need chivalry.

  • The Anime Gamer Boy

    This guy was very nasty.

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 2 days ago

    Ayeee Ed Gein Wisconsin represent!!!

  • quirky Chad
    quirky Chad 2 days ago


  • Lorenzo Midiri
    Lorenzo Midiri 2 days ago


  • darklaouve
    darklaouve 3 days ago

    I wonder how nipple bell makes him look like his mother..... Explain to me pls.

  • Joseph Kennedy
    Joseph Kennedy 4 days ago

    Oy vey, lamp shades made of skin...

  • Aracely Cardenas
    Aracely Cardenas 4 days ago

    How did he preserve it for so long?

  • Nolan Conville
    Nolan Conville 5 days ago

    It's pronounced geen not gain

  • That one girl whos kpop and thinks shes hot af

    "This video is sponsored by honey"
    **eats honey**

  • FitzP Official
    FitzP Official 5 days ago +1

    The most strangest killer is when the killer do a 360 no scope and tea bagging on the dead body

  • Willie Hernandez
    Willie Hernandez 5 days ago

    The unsettling thing is..

    Most serial killers go for females either than males.We need more Feminists!
    1 like=1 feminist
    I dont want likes! If you dont want to like,I do not care I just want to spread my message.

  • limits to infinity
    limits to infinity 6 days ago

    wisconsin.. the home of 2 of the craziest serial murderers in the world gein and dahmer..
    oh.. and there's cheese here too..

  • Jonathan McDaniel
    Jonathan McDaniel 6 days ago

    That man was fucking sick. I nearly puked just because of the description of him, and my brain had to picture everything. Im not gonna be able to sleep tonight

  • Leader of Fortnight
    Leader of Fortnight 6 days ago


  • Kayla Wolfe
    Kayla Wolfe 6 days ago +1

    literally half my family is from LaCrosse

  • suapanpina
    suapanpina 7 days ago +1

    Ed Gein is leather face

  • Archie Boye
    Archie Boye 7 days ago +1

    Some jerk put this video at the end of a sleep playlist and I woke up at midnight last night to the nipple belt story

  • Melody One
    Melody One 8 days ago

    It’s his moms fault his mum sux

  • Riley Forster
    Riley Forster 8 days ago

    I'm from this area and the talk when it comes to killers is ed gein

  • Jasmine
    Jasmine 9 days ago +1

    Disgusting and twisted. And it's all his mother's fault.

  • Lavanya Deogade
    Lavanya Deogade 10 days ago

    Out of the world

  • Anthony Whilams
    Anthony Whilams 10 days ago +1

    Does anyway pay attention to the music in the background as well cuz I like it idk why

  • Zoe Arellano
    Zoe Arellano 10 days ago +2

    S K I N
    M A S K

  • J03Y L4PU4
    J03Y L4PU4 10 days ago

    You would think that ALL Democratic women were Pro-gun. Sadly they enjoy being victims.

    LE0NSKA 11 days ago

    creative guy huh

  • Amaya Tenjo
    Amaya Tenjo 11 days ago

    Do a video on Albert Fish pls

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 11 days ago

    There’s actually a movie of him called Ed gein

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson 11 days ago

    If he were alive they would execute him

  • Zen Rahman
    Zen Rahman 12 days ago

    Trying hard not to throw up

  • Animator Jairo
    Animator Jairo 13 days ago

    I Know Im Late To Comment But Here My Reaction
    Me: A Weird Dude That Kills Woman's And Take There Skin Ok
    *1 Minute Later*
    Me: 😖😖😖 Wat Was That He Take's Bodies From Grave's What's Next A Trashcan Made Out Of Skin
    *1 second Later*
    Me: 😐😑😖😫 Cmon

  • dramtic end
    dramtic end 13 days ago

    great guy done good

  • ApocalexNow
    ApocalexNow 13 days ago

    Is this video narrated by Lennox Lewis?

  • AAAt0M Is Rap
    AAAt0M Is Rap 14 days ago

    All the worst killers rhyme with ed
    Ed vein
    Ted Bundy

  • Lauren Animates
    Lauren Animates 14 days ago


  • Julia Vitkin
    Julia Vitkin 15 days ago

    Hahaha purchase a security system? *laughs as I watch a documentary about Ed Gein for the fourth time* But i like the danger.

  • Alexis Godin
    Alexis Godin 15 days ago

    Her mother was INSANE!

  • Blackwolverine 31
    Blackwolverine 31 15 days ago

    This is why everyone shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce

  • *_Turboflash_*
    *_Turboflash_* 15 days ago

    Should not have watched before eating meatloaf for dinner

  • Opticen HD
    Opticen HD 16 days ago

    And they put him in mkx

  • Doodledragon 27
    Doodledragon 27 16 days ago

    Imagine if things like this happen again... there haven’t been an insane serial killers for a while now, who knows when it will happen again.

  • vipin c
    vipin c 16 days ago

    you have not seen xrd10co60 most coold blood killer

  • Andrew Braverman
    Andrew Braverman 17 days ago

    That’s fucked up.🤮🤢😪😥

  • Jack Ash
    Jack Ash 17 days ago

    I did a portrait of him in high school.

  • danxxjimin
    danxxjimin 18 days ago

    I'm eating uncooked food

  • Cash the Dog
    Cash the Dog 18 days ago

    Uh yeah. How did I end up here? I want to go back to the vine compilations...

  • Mary Riley
    Mary Riley 19 days ago

    RIP me. I'm from La Crosse WI

  • Sepni Phänie
    Sepni Phänie 19 days ago

    Leave us girls alone crazy Killers

  • PrincessQueen Aisha
    PrincessQueen Aisha 19 days ago +2

    I thought his name was HANNIBAL

  • Joshua Matthews
    Joshua Matthews 19 days ago

    The world's prison system is really messed up and were quick too Shun a killer from society because of what he's done I honestly feel more sad for the man than the people's he's killed. I think the detectives should of given this guy a hug before putting him behind bars

  • Ben’s #1 Cultist
    Ben’s #1 Cultist 20 days ago +1

    Want to here a joke

    Read more

    • Johar Volkasav
      Johar Volkasav 19 days ago +1

      Ben’s #1 Cultist
      that was so funny that i forgot to laugh

  • Ben’s #1 Cultist
    Ben’s #1 Cultist 20 days ago +1

    69k likes lol

  • Olivia Berry
    Olivia Berry 20 days ago

    I don’t live far from where he lived

  • Dodgemanthe
    Dodgemanthe 20 days ago

    Why didnt the just execute him? I'm mean is there really hope of recovery? Why put all those medical professionals at risk by caring for this creature? Yes its tragic that his mother was crazy but she didnt make him kill all those women, she is a contributing factor but not the culprit.

  • xVisionary xVisionary
    xVisionary xVisionary 20 days ago

    I watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre and it was really horrible and creepy no it'l was scary...

  • Fire Star
    Fire Star 20 days ago

    glad my tits are still attached to my chest.......😂😂😂

  • No I am not changing this user name 17

    Somebody please help, I watched this at night.

  • CrazyCarrot2tom
    CrazyCarrot2tom 21 day ago

    I was born the same place he was 🤢

  • Levitikiss Bostick
    Levitikiss Bostick 21 day ago

    I'm surprised there are no famous female serial killers some day but thank God not know

  • Everardo Cancino
    Everardo Cancino 21 day ago

    will we ever stop being suprised by these crazy ass mofos out there?! wtf

  • Julian Castro
    Julian Castro 21 day ago

    *yoshikage kira*

  • Vrymer 10
    Vrymer 10 22 days ago

    He sounds different on 1:52

  • Fake Army
    Fake Army 22 days ago

    He’s born a day before me.

  • PIlotrcm
    PIlotrcm 22 days ago

    Info graphics take your ads and shove them up your ass

  • Hostile Aks
    Hostile Aks 22 days ago +1

    If you like metal there is a song for this by mudvayne - nothing to gein

    • JG32
      JG32 Day ago

      Hostile Aks
      Dead Skin Mask by Slayer

  • userName 132
    userName 132 22 days ago

    i have a class mate u laughs constantly and randomly in class and talks to himself alot but i think hes a nice guy :)

  • StratoScopes
    StratoScopes 22 days ago

    Its pronounced "GEEN", gawd!

  • Steve French
    Steve French 22 days ago +1

    Dance with the dead in my dreams...

    • JG32
      JG32 Day ago

      Listen to their hallow screams
      The dead have taken my soul
      Temptations lost all control

  • nko.
    nko. 23 days ago

    "...had demonstrated queer mannerisms such as laughing randomly."
    how is laughing considered a queer mannerism?

  • Depressed Artjpeg
    Depressed Artjpeg 23 days ago

    He only killed 2 people.
    Isn't the title serial killer gained after killing 5-6 people

    • caleb tinker
      caleb tinker 21 day ago

      Depressed Artjpeg it’s 3. And Gein was only charged with 2 killings, so your right he’s technically not a serial killer.

  • Nikki Lyn
    Nikki Lyn 23 days ago

    Anyone else from La Crosse watching? It creeps me out

  • Mr_Romo
    Mr_Romo 24 days ago

    Is no one else irked by the way he pronounces Gein like gain instead of geen?!

  • Leen K
    Leen K 24 days ago

    Why didnt he make a bodysuit from his mom so he would literally become her then?

  • Chloe btsarmy?
    Chloe btsarmy? 24 days ago

    I have the same birthday but only a different year

  • Tim Kuchengeschmack
    Tim Kuchengeschmack 24 days ago

    He is absolutely savage, i like it :D

  • Pol Stuurman
    Pol Stuurman 24 days ago

    Little bit like Friday The 13th. Jason also lived in isolation and had a obsession for his mom

  • Varad T
    Varad T 24 days ago +12

    This is what happens when parents don't know what parenting is...

  • SoulFire39
    SoulFire39 24 days ago

    Well, that was fun for a literal midnight viewing. Pardon me, please, while I go vomit. Thanks.

  • LEX37
    LEX37 25 days ago

    Your Lass is My Gein.

  • chrisauh
    chrisauh 25 days ago +8

    After studying a bunch of different serial killers, I've came to form a theory that may explain a good amount of them. It is a mix of sexual perversion (that's why police will often find samples of sperm near, or on their dead victims) and a terrible upbringing. Many, if not all, serial killers were psychologically damaged by their mothers during their childhoods. Your mother is the person who is supposed to love you unconditionally, but when a mother treats a son like absolute shit with no love whatsoever, it does intense damage. The boy goes into life with no love and a growing contempt for people, sometimes just women. This contempt then mixes with their sexuality and causes strange fetishes to form. That's why certain serial killers would orgasm during the act of murder. The feeling of killing someone you deeply despise but are also sexually attracted to feels so good for them that it becomes sexual. The sexual element is definitely true to some extent which is why gay serial killers tend to target men, while straight serial killers target women. It tends to make sense for many serial killers if you look at the facts. The horrible mothers, traumatizing childhood experiences, and broken sexualities.

    • Melissa g
      Melissa g 3 days ago

      Wow. How the hell does one respond to this. This is genius.

  • Farrdawg Joker
    Farrdawg Joker 25 days ago

    Gein was not a serial killer, he suffered from mental illness and abuse. He robbed graves and his kill number is to low. Gein is a sad tale of a horrible childhood with a abuse that built a true monster who knew no other way to have friends and to keep them than how he did. Sad

  • AiiR
    AiiR 25 days ago

    Lol. Queer mannerisms

  • Abhijeet chouhan
    Abhijeet chouhan 25 days ago

    My man!

  • Dark Swan
    Dark Swan 25 days ago

    Why is he born the same day i was born

  • Ender Skull
    Ender Skull 25 days ago

    He was sooooo Crazy!

  • Josh Robinson
    Josh Robinson 25 days ago

    I had no idea he "inspired" those films.

  • Thugger21
    Thugger21 25 days ago

    That’s what happens when you look up too nazis

  • Zach Thompson
    Zach Thompson 25 days ago


  • The Dark Prophet
    The Dark Prophet 26 days ago

    I'm 100% sure that it was Ed Kemper who said that.

  • tejada. lucia
    tejada. lucia 26 days ago

    lol I was born in August 27 as well wtf

  • Scottish Snip
    Scottish Snip 26 days ago

    Ed likes head

  • Thomas Shriver276
    Thomas Shriver276 26 days ago

    This reminds me of that guy in American horror story

  • TBGtony223
    TBGtony223 27 days ago

    Honey made me buy a 600$ graphics card and 3 days later I found 1 for 400$. Explain please..

  • Kinoko Leong-Nagami
    Kinoko Leong-Nagami 28 days ago

    you think this is bad then think about leather jackets, sofas, belts and so on