America's Strangest Serial Killer - Ed Gein (The Butcher of Plainfield)


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    WE DID IT! 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Can we get to 3? Or am I just being greedy...

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    This is all his Mothers fault

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    He’s kind of a weird lil dude

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    Hmm reminds me of robbaz

  • Self-cucking Whiteman, FAKE NOOSE

    Jesus, nowadays they can get hormone therapy to become a women

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    Omg so many cereal killers don't take my cereal plz

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    That transition for the sponser lol

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    Woo hoo my birthday twin!

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    Why tf did i get a "what is inside of a tampon" commercial

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    I find that animation horrifying. 5:58

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    Whoa. This dude...

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    Im gonna be sick

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    as I was watching this, I saw the Ed Gein move in the recommended

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    This is not weird this is messed up

  • JamesFainsan 2099

    Ed Geins mother: my literalty special special boy....
    (Refrence from friday the 13th)

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    Facts he's gay

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    It's pronounced _geen._

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    Guys he hides the dead body's in leather statues!😱😱😱😱

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    Honey is not just a free browser it's something we eat to also when the girl is
    Hanging the hair should be Dow not up laws of physics

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    Creepy ...

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    just like norman bates in Alfred's classic psycho....omg!!!!!!

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    4:11 ANIME LOGIC

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    Just why did I watch this

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    omg when he said La Crosse wisconsin I was like LOL I live in La Crosse WI

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    So y'all think he weird, but don't think fur coats, stuffed dead animals, & snake/croc/alligator shoes & purses are weird?

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    I think I'm the youngest here

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    Why did the nipple belt make me laugh? His mom should of just let him hit it before she died, probably would of stopped him from being a serial killer.

  • ameanasaurus rex

    His name is pronounced "geen" and his brother died trying to fight a fire on the farm you indicated he moved to after he supposedly died. But then again, records in the early 20th century Midwest were pretty we're pretty sketchy....

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    The life lesson here is not to be like the mother clearly she had a big influence in his “hobbies”

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    I leave in luracrosse street (-(

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    Why am I watching this ☹️

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    Holy shit

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    I think you should do something like this for Robert Pickton, from Vancouver, Canada. AKA The Pig Farmer Killer

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    I feel like psycho killers are the ancient sith

  • Ace Of Crystal Spades

    Ok, no. Not wierdest. Most sadistic.

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    Religion is a Disease
    how would he develop without such affliction?
    he was indoctrinated too

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    He loved head ;)

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    Why is there so meany killers in Wisconsin

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    The world's strangest serial killer may not have been caught yet, if ever.

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    Will you cover Jeffrey dahmer

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    5:59 is that a seizure

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    And you thought small towns are safe.

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    i live in the city where the strangest serial killer was born. WTF

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    omh i was born on aug 25

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    Finn Steuchre 2 days ago

    This is horrendously sad. His mom would never want to hear anything close to that.

  • Arrie
    Arrie 2 days ago

    I blame his mom

  • Elton Freitas
    Elton Freitas 2 days ago

    FIRST: A bad mental heritage. SECOND: Traumas and bad upbringing. Why would I be surprised on seeing anyone having such conditions to become a psychopath?

  • Tenacious
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    tell mew why plainfield is one city away from me big ooof

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    This freak liked to put cheddar cheese on top of his apple pie.

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    Fresh Meat

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    zanthium z 3 days ago

    Was for sure ed Kemper

    DECAY 3 days ago

    Your pronunciation is shit

  • Paladin Perez
    Paladin Perez 3 days ago

    Ed Gein was NOT a serial killer. He only killed 2 people. He's a grave robber.

  • Sam Brewer
    Sam Brewer 3 days ago

    There are so so so many ppl thro history all over the world, caught and many we don't know about that have done worse and much much more sick things. Tgibgs so bad to watch a video about it would be disturbing. Very disturbing

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  • Tschād Erdström
    Tschād Erdström 3 days ago

    Everyone here pronounces his last name like 'scene' or 'lean'.
    My great uncle lived 3 houses from him growing up. The town used to pay Ed to pick up rocks from the ditches in front of people's houses, and my great uncle remembered a story of his father yelling at Ed for just throwing the stones further into their yard.

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    Hard to watch when you can’t even pronounce his last name right.

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    Just do transgender

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    John Wayne Gacy

  • Christiana Mari
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    Am i the only one who thought about Asylum from AHS ?

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    I feel like u shouldn’t name them it makes them infamous sometimes there goal may even be making the world know there name people will be inspired by them in the wrong way take away there name and there’s no one to aspire to be like

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    Golden Kamuy season 2.

  • Soviet Russia
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    “Dance with the dead in my dreams
    Listen to their hallowed screams”

  • William Rubi Hernandez



  • Julian van der Sluijs

    I did my presentation in school about Ed Gein.

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    Texas chainsaw an amazing movie

  • Ikonoya Shirō   イコノヤ士郎

    Look at the problems religion has caused....that's why the world would be a better place without religion

  • Jose Angel Monterroza


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    When u revealed when he was born
    Me : DAT BOI DED

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    "This video was pretty terrifying, but not as terrifying as the third ad I am going to talk about now!"

  • JB Reyes
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    Reminds me of bloodyface AHS Asylum

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    The father die of cancer ...mother die of camcer amd son die of cancer

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    That's Yandere Kun

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    He's reached a level of trap that was never meant to be achieved

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    H.H Holmes and Jack the Ripper are the same people???

  • Terra
    Terra 4 days ago

    n i p p l e b e l t .

  • Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon

    Ed Gein did not say this.
    It was Edmund Kemper you "American Psycho" quoting mother fucker.
    Edit: there are MANY inaccuracies with this.

  • KEVLAR1911A1 G21
    KEVLAR1911A1 G21 4 days ago

    Ed babysit my father, aunts,uncle and other children in Bancroft Wisconsin my father talked a little of Ed the Fiend saying a lot of jokes were made up about him as he grew up one other note the Worden Ed's last victim was my uncle Larry's grandmother by marriage to my aunt my father's sister. This story I've know my whole life it is most certainly true the farm was destroyed and the towns people would always say they wished Ed would be released so they could administer the justice he deserved. Good job on the facts.

  • Coastcrawler
    Coastcrawler 4 days ago

    Nice Video. But, he is pronounced gi:n. And, as he was no serial killer, so the title is a bit confusing...

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    this video is brought to you by honey, a free web extension that helps serial killers find you

  • Lemon Jooce
    Lemon Jooce 5 days ago

    5:05 I think you made a typo and it says lookperfectly instead of looks perfectly (no space in mid)

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    My great grandma lived next to this dude

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    Mr beast

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    This guy is weird

  • Jeremy Sheperd
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    people are so fucked

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch 5 days ago

    American horror story season 2 is based off this

  • tyran
    tyran 5 days ago

    Trans people be like

  • billago
    billago 5 days ago

    He has the same birthday as me 😱

  • Courtney Williams
    Courtney Williams 5 days ago

    2:30 and on sounds like his mom was the inspiration for mama from the waterboy lol

  • KT Deft
    KT Deft 5 days ago

    Haven’t watched the whole video yet but I lost it at 2:11 ‘queer mannerisms’ 😂

  • Roksana Kakoly
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    It's just gay.😂😂😂😂

  • Katastrophic
    Katastrophic 5 days ago

    A slayer song called dead skin mask brought me here.

  • Jaime Yoon
    Jaime Yoon 5 days ago

    his mom's the one who started a career for ed gein because she said women were nasty

  • TuhanRock
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    Dead skin mask

  • Michel Schweinsberg
    Michel Schweinsberg 5 days ago

    You know you have a skilled cartoonist working for you...when they can make a serials killers wearing suits of murdered human skin, and dismembered heads and skulls of victims...look cute.

  • peaceminusweareone
    peaceminusweareone 5 days ago

    so this is where bloody face from american horror story came from