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    The Infographics Show 11 months ago +7514

    WE DID IT! 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! Can we get to 3? Or am I just being greedy...

  • Rodrigo Venancio
    Rodrigo Venancio 4 minutes ago


  • joan
    joan 12 hours ago

    LOVE! the graphics, the furniture with those faces looks so cute!

  • Gacha Phoenix
    Gacha Phoenix 13 hours ago

    Growing up in Wisconsin you learn about him in like 3rd grade trust me I know I used to live there 😂

  • suicidal spahgetti
    suicidal spahgetti 14 hours ago

    John wayne gacy needs one

    SIMPLEBROWNIE 115 19 hours ago +1

    Wait so where’s the story of the real footage of the real leatherface

  • Gaming With Ryan
    Gaming With Ryan 22 hours ago +1

    Dang this came a series?

  • Lahin Muhammad
    Lahin Muhammad Day ago +1

    Bad parenting.

  • 69 Gucci gang
    69 Gucci gang Day ago

    Henry's brother died when they were in thier 40s

  • Shay Buller
    Shay Buller Day ago

    That’s enough internet for today....

  • Mote of Lobross
    Mote of Lobross Day ago

    I'm the one who brings the Christmas candy! WHO'S YOUR DADDY?!!

  • alex guwop
    alex guwop Day ago

    If this was in plains field all the killing why tf the texas chainsaw based on him when its not even in texas

  • Liatris Luna
    Liatris Luna Day ago

    He is just a weak low person

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake Day ago

    I am gonna puked

  • lucas davey
    lucas davey Day ago

    i was also born on th
    e 27th of august

  • -Nyantic- son
    -Nyantic- son Day ago

    The waterboy

  • The BloopNet
    The BloopNet Day ago

    What happened to you? Did the new narrator kidnap you?

  • SarahK _
    SarahK _ Day ago

    Get exposed nazis did not Exist in1906😂

  • Aesxop
    Aesxop Day ago

    *I'M DISTURBED...*

  • I’m gay T series

    Imagine moving in to a new house and you saw there was an attic like that

  • Joey Dong
    Joey Dong Day ago

    A man has many faces.....

  • Crispy
    Crispy 2 days ago

    As for his brothers death, supposedly a field fire is what killed him but police said the skull of his brother was fractured as if struck by something... just saying..

  • lil miss melody
    lil miss melody 2 days ago

    This makes me feel les crazy bc i ate the last slise of cake and my mom told me not to

  • Asdfhgtfrff Ffrftghfdsa

    ed gein has the same birthday as me

  • Exterrii Aesthetic
    Exterrii Aesthetic 2 days ago

    For some reason im satisfied

  • Coco Here
    Coco Here 2 days ago

    I miss this narrator eny body else

  • Matt Powell
    Matt Powell 2 days ago

    I’m from Wisconsin

  • picklebustin
    picklebustin 2 days ago

    Ok but mrgstar321 only has 100k???

  • yerboirhys
    yerboirhys 3 days ago

    This guy is exactly 100 year's older than me XD

    ANOKU NO OUJI 3 days ago +1

    I live a half a hour from plainesfled and eua clare. Cool

  • It me Oof
    It me Oof 3 days ago

    I’m sorry but your little cartoon of him wobbling around and robbing graves in his skin masks/suits is hysterical.

  • Clara Piette
    Clara Piette 3 days ago +1

    You should make a video on Jeffrey Dahmer

  • AbsolutelyAbsol
    AbsolutelyAbsol 3 days ago

    I didn’t know he existed , the only serial killers I ever heard about was Jack the Ripper and Ted Bundy .

  • Seb Smith
    Seb Smith 3 days ago

    This is creepy

  • Luna Cyrus
    Luna Cyrus 4 days ago

    I’m not afraid of this story but I’m kind of terrified of riddles...

  • TheLeftOne
    TheLeftOne 4 days ago

    There should be one on the unabomber

  • Y Tho
    Y Tho 4 days ago


  • Derek Nichols
    Derek Nichols 4 days ago +1

    yes he is coo coo cracy

  • Holly Adams
    Holly Adams 4 days ago

    Meh. Not really the strangest. I've heard of much worse

  • Robin Wise
    Robin Wise 5 days ago

    Lol ed gein calling somebody crazy

  • Eric Mann
    Eric Mann 5 days ago

    I miss this guy :(

  • 리아 りあLIA
    리아 りあLIA 5 days ago +1

    This must have been disturbing to animate..

    MEGAMMOS 5 days ago

    sooooooooo no head

  • Its Mya
    Its Mya 5 days ago

    I’m scared.

  • RTM_Plays _
    RTM_Plays _ 5 days ago

    I only heard of the leatherface in gta San Andreas and well I guess I know more because of this vid

  • Robert V
    Robert V 5 days ago +1


  • Justin Lawrence
    Justin Lawrence 6 days ago

    It's just skin Steven

  • Queen Breaziel
    Queen Breaziel 6 days ago

    Love Texas Chainsaw Massacre 😍😍 but dude straight crazy

  • Aasim Wolves
    Aasim Wolves 6 days ago


  • Not Steve
    Not Steve 6 days ago

    Dead skin mask by slayer was inspired by ed gein

  • PlopityPlop
    PlopityPlop 7 days ago


  • Hugues Laliberte
    Hugues Laliberte 7 days ago

    cartoon British looking

  • hg40_Peen :/
    hg40_Peen :/ 7 days ago

    Jees that is dark, not sure if I’m gonna sleep well tonight

  • Kato The Siberian Husky
    Kato The Siberian Husky 7 days ago +12

    Ed was the first to say “You look like snack” 🏃‍♀️... 🏃......

  • v0rt3xx Blaze
    v0rt3xx Blaze 8 days ago

    27th of August is my birthday nooo

  • David Tichborne
    David Tichborne 8 days ago

    is this who the silence of the lambs about it sound almost identical

  • David Tichborne
    David Tichborne 8 days ago

    yah but Ted Bundy was also berry sick in the head and even was abandoned and witnessed domestic violence

  • Elin Ewin
    Elin Ewin 8 days ago

    I wonder what his house would look like in person

  • Amelia Gran
    Amelia Gran 8 days ago +1

    I was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin😢😨😵😷😱

    Help me.

    I'm dead

  • Tim Timmons
    Tim Timmons 10 days ago

    i grew up in plainfield, i dont live there anymore. a few miles from ed geins property. always an creepy feeling when you pass it.townwise everything is still pretty much the same as it was back then.

  • Montecarlo
    Montecarlo 10 days ago

    Make a video about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (Columbine High School Massacre)

  • Allahs Servant
    Allahs Servant 10 days ago

    Thank you for my daily nightmare

  • Darren Y.X
    Darren Y.X 10 days ago

    I believe he didn’t receive the warmth and comfort at home, instead just pure love that he could not understand.

  • Darren Y.X
    Darren Y.X 10 days ago

    If I were to be him, I will stitch my collection of arms long enough to wrap my whole entire body. The security and warmth I get will definitely be unimaginable.
    I will loosen up the ropes as I tie my victim up and I’ll watch her every move through a CCTV, awaiting for the exciting moment in seeing her escape.
    To convince her that it is ‘safe’ to make the escape move, a recording will play with the sound of snores every night at 11:11am sharp in my bedroom.
    As she try to sneak out by the main door, I will be waiting for our big surprise.
    I’ll be waiting patiently filling with excitement while watching their every move through the CCTV.
    As the door opens, I’m going to take it as a warm welcome back home.
    I’ll hold onto her hand gently, leave the door open for some fresh air and settle down with her on the kitchen table.
    There will be a Cake there, and I’ll share it with her. We will be singing a Happy Birthday song together.
    Of course, the air conditioning might be a little too cold, I’ll then ask her “Why are you shivering?” and then I will proceed to adjust the temperature.
    “The sound of the snores in the room is bugging me, is daddy asleep?” I’ll ask, and I’ll add “He is probably really tired after a long day, I hope we get to spend more time together, I do really miss him.”

    “I love you a lot, why did you have to leave..?”

  • Ethan Johann Espiritu
    Ethan Johann Espiritu 11 days ago +1

    sᴜʙsᴄʀɪʙᴇ ᴛᴏ _ᴘᴇᴡᴅɪᴇᴘɪᴇ_

  • Oh Yeah yeah
    Oh Yeah yeah 11 days ago

    I live near where Jack the Rippers grave is

  • Minecrafter Pig
    Minecrafter Pig 11 days ago

    No, the world's strangest serial killer is Karl from "Llamas With Hats"

  • Grant Jensen
    Grant Jensen 11 days ago +4

    My great grandma lived next to him when he was a kid and she said he was a nice boy

  • Logan Blackfire
    Logan Blackfire 12 days ago

    Slayers song dead skin mask is about ed gein

  • Mafialegend
    Mafialegend 12 days ago

    Dead Skin Mask

  • Meije lips
    Meije lips 13 days ago

    These people interest me but most of this is probably built upon rumors which have expanded over time

  • Marvel Perry
    Marvel Perry 13 days ago

    You motherfuking Europeans are crazy simple as that

    • Rotta
      Rotta 8 days ago +1

      He's american...

  • Nicki Havner
    Nicki Havner 13 days ago

    Well technically he wasn't a serial killer. He only killed 2 people. He did love to rob graves though, that's where he got most of his skin

  • Erik Ginting
    Erik Ginting 14 days ago

    House smell is pure human

  • pedro guerrero
    pedro guerrero 14 days ago

    Have anyone noticed that geins mothers says things that are pretty much the same as Christian conservatives.

  • CurtisAlfeld
    CurtisAlfeld 14 days ago

    In 1958 his house was scheduled to be auctioned off, but it was burned down a few days before it was to be sold.

  • Sir Someone The someone

    I feel so bad for the poor people who are close (loving to) someone who got killed.

  • Sandra Myers
    Sandra Myers 14 days ago

    Gein and Able hahaha. Sorry

  • Offoacito boi
    Offoacito boi 14 days ago

    Hej monika song?

  • Mauricio Castillo
    Mauricio Castillo 14 days ago

    i was watching this while eating cereal and lets just say i’m not hungry no more

  • Arctic 3
    Arctic 3 15 days ago


    *_or I make you into a umbrella_*

  • TacoMilitary
    TacoMilitary 15 days ago

    I just wanna sit down and talk to someone like this, just to feel what their thought process is like.

  • JiMiNs MiSsInG jAmS
    JiMiNs MiSsInG jAmS 15 days ago

    Karen hand over the kids or I’ll call someone

  • Channel 17
    Channel 17 15 days ago

    What’s the name of de music in this ( and other ) video(‘s)

  • goth boy
    goth boy 15 days ago

    Yo bro u copping the new Gucci female skin suit?

  • Three headed Rolf
    Three headed Rolf 16 days ago

    He seems like me

  • Ping Redmond
    Ping Redmond 16 days ago

    this is sickening and disgusting

  • The Medic
    The Medic 16 days ago

    It's ed geeeeee n

  • magzire
    magzire 16 days ago

    What a legend, cool guy.

  • zombeefide99
    zombeefide99 16 days ago

    It's pronounced "Geen," not "Gain." Get it right.

  • Anvay Bhure
    Anvay Bhure 17 days ago

    _I shouldn't be watching this at 3 am_

    • SnipezZ
      SnipezZ 15 days ago

      Anvay Bhure 😂

  • Jurgen Sala
    Jurgen Sala 17 days ago

    Ed Gein what a disturbed life?

  • meme boi
    meme boi 17 days ago +8

    *Me:* Hey du-
    *Ed Gein: SKIN!!!*

  • idcook
    idcook 17 days ago

    As I recall, rather than pushing him down a flight of stairs, it is speculated that Gein killed his brother during a supposed hunting accident.

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 18 days ago

    Remember when Dwight did this?

  • Springbonnet Afton
    Springbonnet Afton 18 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • glob was here!
    glob was here! 19 days ago

    Hey check out my new skin hat, its made from the neck! 😁

  • chat 453
    chat 453 19 days ago

    I had to study that dude in criminal justice. I don't study criminal justice anymore.

  • howdyhowdyhow
    howdyhowdyhow 19 days ago

    Ah religion! Once again making the crazy even crazier.