On board my new jet!

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
  • Monterey Car Week is always a lot of fun! This year was no exception as I got to see my new Jet at the McCalls Motorworks Revival!
    Main camera: amzn.to/2IK93jW
    B Roll camera: amzn.to/2KPsnN2
    Stabilizer: amzn.to/2GRqsFo
    Wide lens: amzn.to/2koXIer
    Less wide lens: amzn.to/2KRyGjo
    Drone: amzn.to/2IQPBSk
    Microphone: amzn.to/2KTE1a1
    LAV mic: amzn.to/2KVxmMt
    Memory card 1: amzn.to/2JcdlDU
    Memory card 2:amzn.to/2J5WN0A
    @ProducerMichael: instagram.com/producermichael
    @AdamSwords: instagram.com/adamswords
    MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO: share.epidemicsound.com/
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  • snaggletooth 70
    snaggletooth 70 Hour ago

    Its jets n cars n billionares,,,fuk you

  • dan italia
    dan italia 2 hours ago

    hey..this guy truly wears purple garment to this life..he is in the extreme of riches..

  • mame cheikh mbaye
    mame cheikh mbaye 8 hours ago

    hey can you give me 1 million dollar?
    it's not a big deal for you , right?

  • Rita Debi
    Rita Debi 18 hours ago

    Let the man enjoy with what he whant its his money enjoy off it🚄🚄🚄

  • Punisher XS
    Punisher XS Day ago

    This makes me wish I had my own jet.

  • Nouri Shaaya
    Nouri Shaaya Day ago

    Could we see it now 1 year later?

  • Sarah San
    Sarah San Day ago

    Clearly this man richer than jeffrey star without being too flashy

    JTR VLOGS Day ago

    how rich r you really a jet frocking expensive

  • Tony Cole
    Tony Cole 2 days ago

    Man much money as P.M spend he has to be worth a couple hundred million dollars

  • Experience More Sweden

    Where is your jet? Must have got it by now....

  • So you said you want to Blank her Blank

    You can get an absolutely massive yacht for the price of that jet....

  • Fredrik Svärd
    Fredrik Svärd 3 days ago

    The i8 is not slow.

  • Mukund Shivakumar
    Mukund Shivakumar 3 days ago

    7:30 is no one going to say anything about that SHELBY DAYTONA

  • Ashutosh Shrestha
    Ashutosh Shrestha 3 days ago

    stewardess looks like Sandra Bullock

  • supercat380
    supercat380 5 days ago

    A rare case where a rich man whose's polite and sociable!! This new aircraft owner is really a nice guy!!

  • MasterK700
    MasterK700 6 days ago

    I enjoy watching rich people it only motivates me to strive for the goals that they have reached 🤷🏻‍♂️

    AIRBORNE_FPV 6 days ago

    Do you need a FAA licensed flight mechanic

  • Rafael Marques
    Rafael Marques 6 days ago

    Why did you buy such a small jet?

  • Ken Desjarlais
    Ken Desjarlais 7 days ago

    gotta admit-- adam is doin a bang up job--- never misses a beat

  • Tom Galbraith
    Tom Galbraith 7 days ago

    This guys whole Chanel is just a flex

  • George Saunders
    George Saunders 8 days ago

    Mr plastic fantastic

  • 19JUN67 19JUN67
    19JUN67 19JUN67 9 days ago

    That's very nice . Congratulations on your new baby

  • Dennis Tedder
    Dennis Tedder 12 days ago

    Side sticks are a joke. Bad move on Airbus' part. They will be retrofitted or fade away. Trust me on this.

  • Kenon Ken
    Kenon Ken 12 days ago

    This guy :O

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 12 days ago

    Who the fuck is he?What's the source of his wealth?

  • kumasuke1
    kumasuke1 13 days ago

    Awesome vid awesome guy

  • Michał Kozuchowski
    Michał Kozuchowski 15 days ago +1

    An lancia 037 that no one payed atention :(

  • Ra fa
    Ra fa 15 days ago

    is almost a year now we have to see it when its done!

  • omegapointil
    omegapointil 15 days ago


  • Kurt Stedman
    Kurt Stedman 16 days ago

    All glass cockpit with full electronic side sticks, AND carbon fiber accents inside? Damnnnnnnn.

  • Nightmare Man
    Nightmare Man 16 days ago

    DAG !

  • Tito Pasa
    Tito Pasa 17 days ago

    I’m fire retarded

  • Abe DePaul
    Abe DePaul 17 days ago

    Wrooooong jet to buy! hahahah should have talked to someone who works on them. Jungle junk is what we technicians call them because they are JUNK quality (except for the avionics). Should have gone with a challenger 350

  • Jay Ramirez
    Jay Ramirez 17 days ago

    Can u donate me a Rolex

  • Vato Loko
    Vato Loko 17 days ago

    Out of all the rich people that vlog this guy is my favourite. Always humble and polite, not like these other rich guys loud and rude and always disrespectful.

  • Angelus Avila
    Angelus Avila 18 days ago

    Michael seems like a good guyy. Love his enthusiasm.

  • claudio manieri
    claudio manieri 18 days ago

    Michael i dont no if you are rich i dont mind but important that everybody see how live the rich who dont care anithing and anibody only many............thank you

  • juan Montenegro
    juan Montenegro 18 days ago

    When I order my jet, I won't let company display my jet to other interested buyers

  • Better Homes Xperience

    Just like mine but this is too narrow

  • Peoples Choice
    Peoples Choice 19 days ago

    ok - when you so rich (60 million dollars) ... why dont u get some plastic surgery ?

  • rasile ya-aya
    rasile ya-aya 20 days ago

    This man is actually very smart.

  • Bmk Bmk
    Bmk Bmk 20 days ago

    He actually thinks that people with a brain admires him for flaunting his wealth,give the money to help people who need it,but don't tell anybody....PRISE WANKER

  • nasi goreng
    nasi goreng 20 days ago

    I need a job

  • 469dwj
    469dwj 20 days ago

    What is that jacket

  • Andy Kaplan
    Andy Kaplan 20 days ago

    How much does this cost

  • Adolf Fuhrer 6
    Adolf Fuhrer 6 20 days ago

    Mate you can’t even walk inside the plane without your head tilted downward ! Is yours taller ???

  • Tomek B
    Tomek B 20 days ago

    Adam do really good job. 👍

  • Peter Hodgkinson
    Peter Hodgkinson 21 day ago

    There is no better way of displaying deapseated insecurities than this video.
    Does he actually think that anybody with a full life would actually be jealous of this?

    • Daniel Grutta
      Daniel Grutta 15 days ago +1

      He made this video for people who want to watch...if you don't want to watch, stop complaining and move on with your life..

  • kevin green
    kevin green 21 day ago

    Horrible audio!!!!

  • Jay Collinson
    Jay Collinson 21 day ago

    Where’s the follow up video to this of your actual plane !?

  • fastcougar3200
    fastcougar3200 22 days ago

    Look, that jacket looks like kitcheous shit. Is like a YMCA black pimp jacket. At least wear a size down, you look like a new money clown in it.
    And the hair- if it's your hair - is like wtf?! Do you get a hair stylist in that jet? If you don't then don't buy it!
    The watch is too gypsyesque too. Must wear something smaller and not so blinky. Try a Vacheron Overseas.
    In rest, you're fine.

  • e
    e 22 days ago

    O bunck 5/3/2019

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 22 days ago

    #ProducerMichael 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

    SECRET SPY 23 days ago

    Michael all these thick cunts believe you bought this jet. Tell them its a piss take.

  • Diddy Lipa
    Diddy Lipa 23 days ago

    He's not in this league. I believe it when I see it.

  • Demolition playa
    Demolition playa 23 days ago +1

    even if i had money for a jet, i couldnt buy it cos they seem too small, im 7 foot 1 but they look really nice

  • Zoltán Horváth
    Zoltán Horváth 24 days ago

    Seams that Michael really liked the Acura NSX but then he realised that it had an Acura badge... and he thought: I woud never buy a Japaneese car...:)))))

  • akshay paliwal
    akshay paliwal 24 days ago +1

    I dreamed myself just like u. Since i was kid. Lol.

  • Dino S
    Dino S 24 days ago +1

    wonder if the carpet on his head is faa approved

  • MrKayaker69
    MrKayaker69 25 days ago

    He was a record 🎥 producer

  • Delboy Kinobi
    Delboy Kinobi 25 days ago

    Imagine Kim Kardashian doing this type of video 😩😠

  • Delboy Kinobi
    Delboy Kinobi 25 days ago

    It's wierd, he isn't showing off, he is just sharing cool stuff ..... The difference?... Well, I don't think he's an annoying pretentious twat. I could actually tolerate his company without an ounce of jealousy

  • Jaime Matus
    Jaime Matus 25 days ago

    Jesus Christ is Lord

  • H4rd2PL4yW1tH
    H4rd2PL4yW1tH 26 days ago

    I'm 7 months away from gaining my commercial pilot license and the only thing i can think of , is , how grateful your pilots are going to be , having a boss with your attitude. Money means little in the world when you're such a great person Michael ! Your plane is the best in it's category! Such an amazing piece of manufacture! You will enjoy it so much.

  • Sean Edwards
    Sean Edwards 28 days ago +1

    Will there be a video on his plane when it comes?

  • JgHaverty
    JgHaverty 28 days ago

    14:10 thats a sexy hyundai holy moly haha

  • IndianKingCobra
    IndianKingCobra 29 days ago

    What does this guy do to make money ??

  • Gerry
    Gerry 29 days ago

    nice change....
    someone's flashing his cash.....I see so many rich people sitting on ther cash.....and eventually dropping dead!.
    what a waste....if I had the dosh I'd do as Michael does.....and more!....ha👍

  • korkis Βορειος Αμερικανικος Ολεθρος

    i wish this good guy helps poor peoples and the poor street animals of our planet....if I had his money I could do huge donasions for the hurt puppies and kitties......may the God have him well and someday my wish come true.....

  • Billy B
    Billy B 29 days ago +4

    Im really stupid ,but who is this guy?

  • M L
    M L 29 days ago

    It’s a lil small inside

  • Rafael Paes
    Rafael Paes 29 days ago

    This guy is trump if he was a good person

  • MrRapidfirekid
    MrRapidfirekid Month ago +1

    the sales guy could have put effort int explain like boy mick just dropped a school load of money

  • panyc10
    panyc10 Month ago

    hideous jacket

  • RamRod
    RamRod Month ago

    Is the stewardess included?

  • Lev Barnett
    Lev Barnett Month ago +2

    I was really trying to hate this guy but I really can't. I mean he is bloody rich, but hey, and I am bloody poor - can't hate on either of us.

  • Erik S
    Erik S Month ago

    why didnt you put drums, speakers and keyboard + guitars etc in???
    make it the first studio in the air of it😀😀😀

  • Jas li
    Jas li Month ago

    The real rich are the least pretentious

  • Thorvald
    Thorvald Month ago

    Net worth of 60mil$, doubt he owns his own plane.

    S3V3N1BEATS Month ago +1

    He seems like a really humble guy for all the money he owns.

  • StayFly Airlines
    StayFly Airlines Month ago +1

    Good on u a very nice humble modest multi millionaire

  • HoPe Jaze
    HoPe Jaze Month ago +2

    Wonder how much the camera man makes

  • Calvin H.
    Calvin H. Month ago +6

    It has almost been a year, so is your jet ready yet?

    • SmVrf
      SmVrf 10 days ago +1


    • Calvin H.
      Calvin H. 12 days ago

      +Bob Smith, It would be much easier if you just Google him. Then you will get all the info you need.

    • Bob Smith
      Bob Smith 12 days ago

      +Calvin H. No I don't know who he is, please tell me

    • Calvin H.
      Calvin H. Month ago

      +SECRET SPY, I don't know why you would think this is BS. He has tens of million$ of dollars and royalties coming in every month that would add up to a lot of money! I take it you don't know who Producer Michael is?

      SECRET SPY Month ago

      Good question . But its BS.

  • Lucy Howden
    Lucy Howden Month ago

    sam ovens is a weird cunt

  • Bobby Crypto
    Bobby Crypto Month ago

    Your worth 50M and you spend like a billionaire, do the maths.

  • zakkrick
    zakkrick Month ago

    When there's zombies, he'll be the first to fly our

  • david wardle
    david wardle Month ago +1

    Who the hell is this guy? Loved his video about his watch -amazing.

  • Jacques Grove
    Jacques Grove Month ago

    And this whilst there is even one hungry child left in the world. You are representative of everything that is wrong. Everything. Lovely to see all the wannabe-rich-guys-to-spend-on-themselves lick your arse in the comments section. Bravo.

    • jordan
      jordan 29 days ago

      Jacques Grove oh shut up, the man made money himself and your talking a bunch of bullshit. how about you do something about the starving children and stop whining and complaining on ur shitty sweat stained couch

  • Our Craft Factory
    Our Craft Factory Month ago

    This guy is awesome!

  • Breandan Henderson
    Breandan Henderson Month ago

    This is such an underrated channel


    This cunt is nothing but a show pony ...😂may all you're tickets fall off!

  • Jay Harris
    Jay Harris Month ago

    Producer Michael needs a Bentley Continental GT for something different for his collection.

  • truly independent
    truly independent Month ago

    He is very creepy!

  • Diane E
    Diane E Month ago

    You bought a jet but every time you walk into a store you need to haggle?🤔

  • Abdullah Sameh
    Abdullah Sameh Month ago

    it's only 16,995,000$

  • typical ricer
    typical ricer Month ago

    Murcielagos aren't horrible at all to drive. They're brilliant.

    TJORAK Month ago +1

    I just love how they walk past the Lancia 037 like it's no big deal.

  • CrazyFishFreak
    CrazyFishFreak Month ago

    What does he do for a living

  • F Macdonald
    F Macdonald Month ago

    Hi mick
    It's nice to have money but why have you bought a jet...... with out prejudice.....there is an
    English saying if it floats or fly's hire it.
    It's waisted money standing there waiting to be used you see in this world we buy things
    we don't need like a mansion we live on our own or a 4x4 to which we don't use .
    Holiday home it only puts ringcules on our face yup the old saying less is more but why
    are you bloggers it..Any way enjoy your wealth and take care sky

  • Mick.T. Shaft
    Mick.T. Shaft Month ago

    How do you sound humble whilst talking about buying a jet? Rich guys as rich as he is are normally pretentious as fuck and love to rub it in "peasant's" faces but this guy is very likeable!