Samuel J. Comroe: Comedian With Tourette Syndrome Impresses Crowd - America's Got Talent 2018


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  • Veryugly FERRET
    Veryugly FERRET 2 days ago

    He is hilarious! I loved the camp story lmao!

  • krystaloftheshores
    krystaloftheshores 2 days ago

    if you can laugh at your own disability, condition or mental health, you’re winning at the hard part of your life.

  • Harlethan
    Harlethan 4 days ago

    I have Tourette’s as well, so seeing this and him being so successful was honestly an inspiration for me. I always love comedians on AGT but this blew it out of the park. Absolutely incredible.

  • J0nNy_111
    J0nNy_111 4 days ago

    that's not real Tourette's syndrome, he doesn't have vocal tics, that would be hilarious!

  • Gabrielle Oatridge
    Gabrielle Oatridge 7 days ago

    I have tourette syndrome too. People make fun of me a lot and ask if i am autistic.

  • Xxslayer Dragonxx
    Xxslayer Dragonxx 12 days ago +1

    He looks like Eminem tbh

  • team486
    team486 16 days ago

    OMG!!! he did soo well!I watched it on t.v. But then I was like I have too get more of this!!so I watched it on my phone and I cracked up when he said "my neighbor roommate came home and was like. did u kill him? I be like naw man (blink blink blink 😂😂😄😄😃😃👍👍 u rock,sameul! Don't let ur sickness stop and destroy u!!!

  • Xiomara Salvador
    Xiomara Salvador 19 days ago +1

    *"All HELL broke lose."*

  • Xiomara Salvador
    Xiomara Salvador 19 days ago +1

    "Did you kill him!?"
    **winks uncontrabblly**

  • Andre Soulard
    Andre Soulard 19 days ago

    I know people that have Touretts and this guy Doesn't he has at best a tick or a twitch but Not Touretts , he's a Fake looking to play the fast track sympathy card ! He should be ashamed ! The guys a Fake, there isn't a Dr. That would declare him having touretts and declaring it on a medical report !

  • dezie napier
    dezie napier 21 day ago

    I was dying the whole time💀💀💀

  • Manckie Manc
    Manckie Manc 24 days ago

    Shortest set ever

  • Shawn Crownshaw
    Shawn Crownshaw 27 days ago

    This guy gets it. Lol

  • dbarnard22msad3us
    dbarnard22msad3us Month ago

    and I wish you the best of luck

  • dbarnard22msad3us
    dbarnard22msad3us Month ago

    you are very funny and I think that you should keep persuing this dream/ life if you know what I mean

  • Seline Adams
    Seline Adams Month ago

    He's absolutely adorable!

  • Jasminmin Aizawa
    Jasminmin Aizawa Month ago

    *Is He the guy from "Actually Happened"!?!*

  • AnimationGeneration

    In every episode, does anybody else hear the high pitch scream that echoes across the AGT hall?

  • elle ade
    elle ade Month ago +1

    Oh My God I love this guy

  • ahmad belal
    ahmad belal Month ago

    Is that you Jina from B99?

  • Hana Melaku
    Hana Melaku Month ago +1

    "Did u kill him" *twitches* "no"

  • bryce bear
    bryce bear Month ago

    i think he is from ACTUALY HAPPENED

  • mavis leilua
    mavis leilua Month ago

    so funny sam.

  • Madnessonman
    Madnessonman Month ago

    How is this supposed to be funny?

  • Moonstar79
    Moonstar79 Month ago

    "Sometimes I do a headflop; if you ever see that- it's kinda cute."
    Died right there XD

  • El Jefe
    El Jefe Month ago

    why do the audience have to stand up ?

  • Laura Silenzio
    Laura Silenzio Month ago

    I can relate so hard to this whole thing... Tourette syndrome camp is actually exactly as he described it🤣🤣

  • Tanishka Vigoniya
    Tanishka Vigoniya Month ago

    It's actually cute😉

  • Lauron Brewer
    Lauron Brewer 2 months ago +1

    He is my dream man....funny and cute!!💖🤣💖

  • nadia billings
    nadia billings 2 months ago

    He just was at my college, Jacksonville State University in Alabama, tonight 11/14/18

  • belle yang
    belle yang 2 months ago

    He looks like my science teacher Mr. Robertson. Lmao

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time 2 months ago +1

    Hes Cutee!!

  • Ricky Lowry
    Ricky Lowry 2 months ago

    You are the funniest comedian I have seen

  • Rick Bitch
    Rick Bitch 3 months ago

    Bro I’m crying in my bedroom of laughter 😭😭😭

  • Lacie Baskerville
    Lacie Baskerville 3 months ago

    He's so funny ! I'm crying 😂
    His laugh is so cute omg.

  • Emma Dodson
    Emma Dodson 3 months ago

    Is it just me or does he lowkey look like Tyler Joseph from twenty one pilots

  • Sparkle
    Sparkle 3 months ago

    Who else thought some of his twitches were acted out

  • Jeffrey Beauregard
    Jeffrey Beauregard 3 months ago

    I'm funniest of all,I need to be on show,jokes aren't funny as my jokes,no disrespect,just not amused.

  • Rachel Henning
    Rachel Henning 3 months ago

    This had me tearing up! 😂😂

  • Shamiah Ledington
    Shamiah Ledington 3 months ago

    talk like black woman
    (not necessarilly a bad thing).

  • For Censored Videos
    For Censored Videos 3 months ago

    I love how he makes light of his problem! A lot of people can’t do that.

  • Vince Carter
    Vince Carter 3 months ago

    I wonder what his actual comedy skits are like. He's made a couple of appearances on All Def Digital so I know this guy is holding back a bit

  • Tada kureijīfangāru
    Tada kureijīfangāru 3 months ago

    yaaaaasas he's amazing

  • dave lightSaber
    dave lightSaber 3 months ago

    Mel is so hot ... deff the best Looking Spice Girl. now and then .

  • Ana LaChell
    Ana LaChell 3 months ago

    I don't like how his voice changes in his act

  • chelseafcrocks82
    chelseafcrocks82 3 months ago

    he's actually super funny and engaging, all the best for my man

  • Abigail Akande
    Abigail Akande 3 months ago


  • morganjunemacheca
    morganjunemacheca 3 months ago

    Is it just me or is he cute af?

  • Mary Anne Quidilla
    Mary Anne Quidilla 3 months ago

    OMG! Too Funny! I would Pay Big Bucks to see you live!

  • Kevin Gregory
    Kevin Gregory 3 months ago

    You are awesome man. I just discovered you by accident. You are and inspiration and I'm a new fan. God bless and continued success!!

  • AthleticGamingSquad
    AthleticGamingSquad 3 months ago

    I love how you went up there in front of all those people with ur Tourette's, I have it too

  • _ Wendig0 _
    _ Wendig0 _ 3 months ago

    ι ℓσѕт ιт αт "σн тнєу'яє вяєαк ∂αи¢ιиg"

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 3 months ago

    I think ive seen him once in all def digital

  • JackieDJ
    JackieDJ 3 months ago


  • iluvfood120
    iluvfood120 3 months ago

    I love how he has worked with drew lynch

  • Ethan Evers
    Ethan Evers 3 months ago


  • The FlyingFish
    The FlyingFish 3 months ago


  • orange42
    orange42 3 months ago

    Too cringey

  • Colleen Quirk
    Colleen Quirk 3 months ago

    absolutely amazing.

  • Isaiah Rodriguez
    Isaiah Rodriguez 3 months ago

    He acts feminine, and it's hilarious

  • make money
    make money 3 months ago


  • Michael Giordano
    Michael Giordano 3 months ago

    Dudes not funny

  • Karen Gebhard
    Karen Gebhard 3 months ago

    Love you so very much Samuel. .. hoping to see you as the winner. It doesn't matter though. You are a winner in my eyes, No matter what. I cannot wait to see you live one day soon. You kick butt and are the funniest comedian I've seen in ages. You are special and make me laugh and make me happy when I'm sad. Love you for that.
    The top 5 were so incredible. To be in that group was so huge. I'm glad for Shin and the rest of the top 10.. all were incredible.
    (And surprised about The beautiful mini Janis Joplin!.. She was insane).
    But YOU? You deserved the whole thing. I would have come to Vegas FOR SURE.
    So get busy and get your own show lined up!! I'll be there.
    Your biggest fan..
    Karen G.💜🙌💜

  • Blood.freak.cas1
    Blood.freak.cas1 3 months ago

    I have tics i understand this

  • Adelyn Bennett
    Adelyn Bennett 3 months ago

    Just came here! Lol

  • Mason Lavalley
    Mason Lavalley 3 months ago


  • nicolelylewis
    nicolelylewis 3 months ago

    from this to 4th place....hoped that he would win, but that's pretty good too!!

  • matt gross
    matt gross 3 months ago

    Okay.. am I the only one that thought it wasn't THAT funny. C'mon, I can't be the only one..?

  • Japanese Blue Panda
    Japanese Blue Panda 3 months ago

    The accent!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😊

  • Japanese Blue Panda
    Japanese Blue Panda 3 months ago

    I really love this guy. True talent, can’t fake it!👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽❤️

  • Reviewing Panther
    Reviewing Panther 3 months ago

    holy crap this guy looks exactly like Arianna Grandes brother

  • Nkm3111
    Nkm3111 3 months ago

    Sounds like Cleveland

  • Alka Kindo
    Alka Kindo 4 months ago

    A supportive family is all you need !!!

  • Megan Kirk
    Megan Kirk 4 months ago

    Needs so much more publicity. I love him. He was my favorite the whole way through.

  • DK 100303
    DK 100303 4 months ago

    This is inspiringly hilarious since I also have Tourettes syndrome and I can relate to what he says

  • ?
    ? 4 months ago


  • kevin izzy
    kevin izzy 4 months ago

    this guy is something else!!1

  • Slizcore Productions
    Slizcore Productions 4 months ago

    Isn't he on the channel ThatsGoodSports

  • Jamie
    Jamie 4 months ago

    I love him. That's it.

  • ItzWolfGang Playz
    ItzWolfGang Playz 4 months ago

    I think I died of laughter!! XD

  • Lizz Damian
    Lizz Damian 4 months ago

    I have terret syndrome, i twitch alot, I blink real fast. My head flops around.. if you see that, it's kinda cute. 😂😂

  • Karsyn Rhodes
    Karsyn Rhodes 4 months ago

    I love you so much samual!!

  • Gamerz
    Gamerz 4 months ago

    Randomly pops In ' I just had a baby girl'

  • Sarryu Dani
    Sarryu Dani 4 months ago +2

    Wonder what might happen to me if I see his TVclip channel

  • Sarryu Dani
    Sarryu Dani 4 months ago +1

    Big fan just by seeing this vedio

  • the boi
    the boi 4 months ago +1

    ive been a fan of samuel since preffered parking it makes me so happy to see others appreciate him :'-)

  • Sydney Brede
    Sydney Brede 4 months ago +1

    Always come back to the original 😂

  • anantha ramayya
    anantha ramayya 4 months ago

    not great

  • Rotten Lil Chicken Nogget
    Rotten Lil Chicken Nogget 4 months ago +1


  • Max Rowan
    Max Rowan 4 months ago

    i love the confident "if you see that, its kinda cute" hehshahshah

  • Jade Callantine
    Jade Callantine 4 months ago

    You’re amazing and so so so funny and I know your fam is so proud of you . I just wanted to thank you for sharing your stories and show how to be so brave and such a Warrior for everyone 💪🏻.

  • Mark Chase
    Mark Chase 4 months ago

    Some jokes are only funny the first time but lose something after you hear them over and over. I'm crying with laughter every time I listen to yours! Well done!

  • CSJiGSaW08
    CSJiGSaW08 4 months ago

    Simon should contract Preacher Lawson, Samuel J Comroe, and Vicki to do tours

  • Fancy Charmlet
    Fancy Charmlet 4 months ago +2

    He sounds like a black gay dude lmao

  • Ruru liean
    Ruru liean 4 months ago

    this was funny, semi finals not so, I think the tourrett syndrome gave you sympathy votes. but I don't think other people with tourretts would appreciate him making fun of this's actually socially crippling for many people.

    • Britt H
      Britt H 3 months ago

      I have Tourette's and I think I can speak for many of us when I say that I love what he's doing! He is giving us a comedic view to our daily struggle and I love that I can relate to these jokes. It is very crippling for me and honestly I have had many bad days because of TS but being able to laugh about it and forget how awful it can be is why I love him and his comedy. He is honestly inspiring to me and I finally feel represented because there aren't many famous people with tourette's

  • Maria Rios
    Maria Rios 4 months ago +1

    My turrets saw that and took it as a challenge 😂

  • Chase
    Chase 4 months ago

    I love this guy I've been watching him for a while now he has a TVclip channel. He also knows a comedian that went on a while back who made it to top two named Drew Lynch. who also has a TVclip channel.

  • fff3136
    fff3136 4 months ago

    as a person with tourettes i find it a little funny but nothing crazy idk step it up

  • Paula Pierce
    Paula Pierce 4 months ago

    Love this guy!! He is awesome!

  • Power Spirit
    Power Spirit 4 months ago

    I didn't know this happened!