Norwich City v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/14/19 | NBC Sports

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Goals from Kenny McLean, Todd Cantwell and Teemu Pukki earned the injury-ravaged Norwich City a famous victory over Manchester City at Carrow Road. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #NorwichCity #ManCity #KennyMcLean #ToddCantwell #TeemuPukki
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    Norwich City v. Manchester City | PREMIER LEAGUE HIGHLIGHTS | 9/14/19 | NBC Sports
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Comments • 968

  • MrGumbwit
    MrGumbwit 12 days ago

    Kyle Walker always complaining...

  • heywood1980
    heywood1980 20 days ago

    An American here, just saw a piece on NBC about Norwich. What a story. This game is exactly why English football league is the best in the world. I'll be pulling for Norwich to stay up this year for sure. Always a sucker for an underdog.

  • Daniel Gregson
    Daniel Gregson 20 days ago

    I hope i don't see City play like that again this season

  • Inz Hernz
    Inz Hernz 22 days ago +1

    Pep should not start super boring not cool not good really really bad agreo

  • T Lee
    T Lee 27 days ago +1

    its crazy how many headers Kun gets ...

  • A P
    A P 27 days ago +1

    That man Pukki is gonna be big in near future

  • Brandon Santiago
    Brandon Santiago 27 days ago +1

    norwhich city actually has potential to play well

  • Ryan
    Ryan 28 days ago

    Hats off too Norwich. Probably going to be the best win of their season

  • Fredo Benji
    Fredo Benji 29 days ago

    Welcome to the premier league

    NOG OPS THICC 29 days ago

    priemier leauge champions vs efl champions

  • Dan Ade
    Dan Ade Month ago


  • Dakota Lee
    Dakota Lee Month ago

    I could watch this all year.
    Class act by Norwich.

  • Pepi Os
    Pepi Os Month ago

    Who is here after that NBC documentary back to premiere league lol

  • rofj09
    rofj09 Month ago

    We are trash at defending near post corners

  • JR 2943
    JR 2943 Month ago

    Placed a 200 bet on Norwich. Thank you so so much!!!!

  • John Holzheimer
    John Holzheimer Month ago

    I've watched this like 4 times and still can't believe it

  • Diego Godinez
    Diego Godinez Month ago

    So now we know man city will spend all there money on van dijk

  • Turtlee
    Turtlee Month ago

    As an Arsenal fan i rather die than see Liverpool or Spurs win the league, this was still hilarious tho 😂

  • Sheriff Adekola
    Sheriff Adekola Month ago +1

    Emergency !!!!!!!!!, kindly call 911, Champion Man City Team under massive attack by newly promoted Norwich Team. OMG

  • jinesh dhruv
    jinesh dhruv Month ago

    At 3.41 minute, fan showing middle finger to the one of the greats of City Sergio Agüero. Strange reaction

  • Roberto Galindo
    Roberto Galindo Month ago +1

    Good game: 3
    Money Oil: 2

    xxTOTAL_HAVOCxx Month ago

    I love Pukki, he reminds me of Floki!

  • Bookem Danno
    Bookem Danno Month ago +1

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Relegation last year, Manchester City beaters this year. What a great story, eh Man City fans?! Oh man, priceless.

  • John Winters
    John Winters Month ago

    I would cry to if I just lost 3-2

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen Month ago +1


  • spraypaintJT
    spraypaintJT Month ago

    Norwich is a must visit! On my list for sure

  • Andrés Feliciano
    Andrés Feliciano Month ago

    This is great - thank you NBC for these extended highlights - really gives you a better feel for the game and how it went. Not just 1:30 of goals. Thank you!

  • S Damu
    S Damu Month ago

    Like rodi said we gonna kill the next opponent 😂

  • ct hoffman
    ct hoffman Month ago

    Pep spends 6152840 mil on wingers and fullbacks, fully ignoring the center halves..

  • Luna Xarsenal
    Luna Xarsenal Month ago +1

    As an Arsenal pissed...somehow these bottom table teams always topple giants but we never do anything against them.

  • Brad Taylor
    Brad Taylor Month ago

    Who is the commentator that isn’t Lee Dixon?

  • Squirtle Turtle
    Squirtle Turtle Month ago

    When you get to 3:40 slow the video so u can see the Norwich fans faces

  • I suck dick because

    9:43 Justin Bieber

  • Patrick Rasnake
    Patrick Rasnake Month ago

    Haha those Norwich fans laughing at Aguero when he missed that header. God I love premier league.

  • vishnu sankar
    vishnu sankar Month ago

    Good to see when Davids beats Goliaths

  • Weird guy standing outside of David dobriks house

    I am a man city fan but omg, I am loving how entertaining these games are

  • Dave Elfers
    Dave Elfers Month ago


  • PrinceOfM4rs20 __
    PrinceOfM4rs20 __ Month ago

    Liverpool celebrating, but their dream killers are waiting for them at the Bridge 🔵 ⚪️

  • Cygnus Vismund
    Cygnus Vismund Month ago

    Did anyone else have a weird feeling before the match started? Like 1 minute before kick off, I mean. Really wasn't surprised by the result.

  • P H
    P H Month ago

    Teemu Pukki reminds me of Jamie Vardy during Leicester’s first season in the premier league. A truly natural striker.

  • OmgthatsTrod
    OmgthatsTrod Month ago

    I’ll see y’all Liverpool fans at the end of the season clowns

  • Oscar Arias
    Oscar Arias Month ago

    This is my favorite commentator, anyone know his name ?

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L Month ago

    And this is why the PL is the best league in the world. So entertaining, even for a neutral.

  • Karim Ac
    Karim Ac Month ago

    City gonn loose everything this year

  • Paul Galloway
    Paul Galloway Month ago

    I don't think Cantwell will be playing for Norwich next season. Perhaps Leicester?

  • Bennyb
    Bennyb Month ago

    Otamendi, always been garbage!

  • Ruprecht Mboy
    Ruprecht Mboy Month ago

    Otamendi. WHAT AN IDIOT!

  • Omari The People
    Omari The People Month ago

    Finally they lose 🤣

  • Raymond Shian
    Raymond Shian Month ago

    luckyyyyyyy win

  • Junior Balogun
    Junior Balogun Month ago

    I'm so happy for this result...I'm tired of teams playing against city ready to loose b4 the game even starts.

  • whytry100
    whytry100 Month ago

    Man City professional Bottle Job.

  • kiddingme01
    kiddingme01 Month ago

    3:42 = one second summary (really pause @ 3:41.5) xD

  • Yonis Hashi
    Yonis Hashi Month ago

    The atmosphere in Norwich is stunning.

  • jose zuluaga
    jose zuluaga Month ago

    Campeones, campeones, campeónes olé olé olé! 😂

  • decky donky
    decky donky Month ago

    No sane

  • Neil Neil
    Neil Neil Month ago

    Funny how Otamendi loses the ball, has to no intention to get it back,but opens his arms like it was someone else’s fault 😂

  • Salty96
    Salty96 Month ago

    3:42 what in the world is up with people? Seriously.

  • paranormalfrank
    paranormalfrank Month ago

    Liverpool fans bouncing cheques all over Liverpool so they could go to the pub and then get Chinese takeaway afterwards.

  • Gezahegn Demas
    Gezahegn Demas Month ago

    i need a smoke those 5 City players at the back smoke.

  • Robin Ghimire
    Robin Ghimire Month ago

    Championship winner defeats Premier league winner, despite have 8 first team players injured. This is why I love English football.