SML and Chilly School Episode: EXTRA CREDlT!!

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
  • Enjoy!!
    TVclip was giving me a problem with uploading tonight so that's why its almost 5am and I'm finally uploading...
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  • Kyle Fire
    Kyle Fire 8 hours ago +1

    Is anyone else looking at Rebecca's tits or is it just me btw idk if i spelled the name right so correct me if im wrong

  • The Jedi Sentinels
    The Jedi Sentinels 16 hours ago +1

    1:00 what a start of a porn video would look like

  • BrandonBrandon
    BrandonBrandon 20 hours ago +1

    Logan:Hey Rebecca how you doing
    Chilly :what the fuck

  • The Joaquin Show
    The Joaquin Show 22 hours ago

    Tbh kinda thicc

  • Ron
    Ron Day ago

    Rebecca sexy

  • Jonathan Cardoza

    My teacher would give the my hole class Fs even if we get the subject right.😐

  • ffranger 19
    ffranger 19 Day ago

    Wow he is crazy when it comes to Rebecca 😂

  • ッMxnty-Solar
    ッMxnty-Solar Day ago

    Rebbca might ruin Logan and chills relationship

  • ッMxnty-Solar
    ッMxnty-Solar Day ago

    I think one day Logan or Lovell might get rebbeca

  • Swim
    Swim Day ago +1

    Logan: Rebecca your cute
    Chilly: I'm bout to end this man's whole career

  • Damian R
    Damian R Day ago

    Make a School video about taking a test

  • Rosie Sanchez
    Rosie Sanchez Day ago

    I hate mustered to and everyone think I'm crazy

  • Landon  Ruiz
    Landon Ruiz Day ago

    2:25 WHAT DID I DO NOW!!!!!!!!!



  • Lynniya Story
    Lynniya Story 2 days ago

    They teeth is going to be black is Hall

  • Aj Dog
    Aj Dog 2 days ago

    Yo this is lit
    Lovell bees like: c is for cheating!!

  • Jared Allen
    Jared Allen 2 days ago

    Derrick is awesome and including chilly and Logan and Tito.

  • Skull
    Skull 2 days ago

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  • trainboy69 prank
    trainboy69 prank 2 days ago +1

    Rebecca is cute, Tito's love boobs, Rebecca love guys like you

  • Vanessa Avila
    Vanessa Avila 2 days ago

    I want more classrooms

  • Brando Corrales
    Brando Corrales 2 days ago

    All that I'm staring is her tittes

  • Cj Garnez
    Cj Garnez 2 days ago

    2:18 the chalk board right there

  • FNAF king
    FNAF king 2 days ago

    I love how rebbecas voice when she says i worked so HARD 1:02 and she had a voice crack

  • FNAF king
    FNAF king 2 days ago

    Chilli is wearing a gucci shirt

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 2 days ago


  • Jonathan Orr
    Jonathan Orr 2 days ago

    She thick

  • Jonathan Orr
    Jonathan Orr 2 days ago

    Yo man I been subscribed for 4 years and I should go clean the chalkboard with Rebecca if you know what I mean

  • keyandre Douglas
    keyandre Douglas 2 days ago

    In the thumbnail Rebbeca look like a whole dude I'm sorry LMAO

  • paul reeves
    paul reeves 3 days ago

    rebecca had slit eyes lollypop

  • L1GHT321G STR1KE
    L1GHT321G STR1KE 3 days ago

    That Fire Alarm SFX Is A Spectralert Advance

  • Irma Siller
    Irma Siller 3 days ago

    Logan how come you always throw stuff in the class then when we talk when we when we told that trash can they started getting

  • oVo Jose
    oVo Jose 3 days ago

    What’s the girl Rebecca full name

  • PlusPlus_InfinityX
    PlusPlus_InfinityX 3 days ago

    no no no teacha, duh chalkbowd up deur

  • David Campos
    David Campos 3 days ago

    So much arguing Tito screamd like godzilla at chilly streaming back at Tito

  • Chantee Edmondson
    Chantee Edmondson 3 days ago +1

    U have to work and a half of a y really hard time with this mail and the right one and I can do it 👍

    • Chantee Edmondson
      Chantee Edmondson 3 days ago

      Y if vuu it was a y 😁 gfh ufuguut to hggjiv in vuu g

    • Chantee Edmondson
      Chantee Edmondson 3 days ago

      Yrhrjfcfury udhfiufyucugi the ggugbfhchfhfhru g

    • Chantee Edmondson
      Chantee Edmondson 3 days ago +1

      Hi ggugbfhchfhfhru hhfjhfjfhfjtuhhruy first c rhif in fjufu to rujtjfjfjjuffhdihfjtjhtfhhthtuu GFI for this y you r not a Facebook page and I can see if I can find a place that has too many times to eat a lot of the same things over there and a half hours ago so I don't have any other ybfjfhjfh b'day f or something like that but I don't know if you can h hi we're going f I can get ggtuggtyufuftuufuf fuc for ugfj to huhtutfurutfuufuf u gud fghguhtt the fjfjufuufhfhjfhfifjju re fu re re rurhh to hff to ghhg to try re frfy re to ryruyfrurufyrrrururggt hfhffuufuy to fhh to hfuuryueyheruru hufhyfhuuuyrhfyrutuy I can hfhffuufuy right ghfu to hf

    • Chantee Edmondson
      Chantee Edmondson 3 days ago +1

      Thanks for the heads 👍👍👍 tt

  • Little Miss Latte
    Little Miss Latte 3 days ago

    Worst fire alarm in existence.

  • Kevin Hernandez 90
    Kevin Hernandez 90 3 days ago

    Nice chilly and you too mr. Jimenez derick

  • Dynasty Godson
    Dynasty Godson 3 days ago


  • juno
    juno 3 days ago

    holy shit she’s deep throating that lollipop

  • M4A3LaoBoy
    M4A3LaoBoy 3 days ago +1

    I’m what he’s going to do

  • Arturo Reyes
    Arturo Reyes 3 days ago

    When Logan holds Becca’s glasses , he points the glasses to the Becca’s boobs

  • Mr.barrera
    Mr.barrera 3 days ago

    1:32 look down at Rebeccas uhmmmm chest area and look right and your gonna see probably..😕 a nipple..

    don’t ask why I was looking their..🤤

  • Emmanuel Ibeneme
    Emmanuel Ibeneme 4 days ago +4

    Count the voice cracks Rebecca had. 1 like equals 1 voice crack
    Also who likes this series

  • crvega
    crvega 4 days ago

    there's not a world where mustard is going down my throat

    EZEQUIEL Luna 4 days ago

    2:15 no no no teacher the chalk board up there Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Content Circle
    Content Circle 4 days ago +6

    Me when Rebecca was on screen:
    👁️ 👁️

    WII U TUBER 4 days ago

    1:26 *everyone but the teacher left the chat*

  • Subset
    Subset 4 days ago +1

    “Teach da cha board up dar” 2:18

  • Uak_ Beronica
    Uak_ Beronica 4 days ago +1


  • Uak_ Beronica
    Uak_ Beronica 4 days ago


  • purple 3473
    purple 3473 4 days ago +1

    Hey I got a school story this is a true story in English there this kid who smokes and drinks when I sit down next to my friend the kid sat the other side smelled bad from weed he smelled up the room he try to get rid of the smell but the smell from the weed got worst he got suspended for three days and the teacher smelled it the English class I cover half my face with my jumper and one kid cover his nose my friend don't care about the smell and there was kids from other table smelled it and that is my story.

  • Blair Warner
    Blair Warner 4 days ago


  • Fish in a Dumpster
    Fish in a Dumpster 4 days ago

    D E R I C K

  • Black Scythe
    Black Scythe 4 days ago +6

    she failed because she was sitting at jeffy’s desk

      P00PERMATION 2 days ago

      Black Scythe not funny didn’t laugh

  • Rhysawesome 18
    Rhysawesome 18 4 days ago +1

    Why is the nerd wearing Gucci

  • Mebin Rox12
    Mebin Rox12 4 days ago


  • single pringle
    single pringle 4 days ago

    Are teto and Rebecca together or is it like one of those fake realasion shibs

  • Big Wicks
    Big Wicks 4 days ago

    I want moooooooooorrrrrrrree

  • Young zsTv
    Young zsTv 4 days ago

    1:02 porn jus like porn

  • RedundantTeddysxx
    RedundantTeddysxx 4 days ago +3

    When Logan said "nerd,everybody call her nerd!" I was dead ASF 😂😂 😂