Eric Mangini disagrees with Nick on who will win Mahomes vs Brady matchup | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Nick Wright, Brian Westbrook and Eric Mangini talk about the Kansas City Chiefs vs. New England Patriots Week 14 matchup and discuss who will get the victory between Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.
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    Eric Mangini disagrees with Nick on who will win Mahomes vs Brady matchup | NFL | FIRST THINGS FIRST
    First Things First
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  • First Things First
    First Things First  Month ago +18

    Who do you trust more: Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady?

    • John Wolfe
      John Wolfe 27 days ago

      @Malcolm Bishop he has more weapons then anyone by far. By a mile.

    • John Wolfe
      John Wolfe 27 days ago

      @the vision you are dumb. Stick to goth metal

    • John Wolfe
      John Wolfe 27 days ago

      @Jason Smith it's a little over 30%. How is that not bad?

    • John Wolfe
      John Wolfe 27 days ago


    • the vision
      the vision Month ago

      Obviously Mahomes since he just beat Brady last night and here comes the ref excuses

  • peterfrknpan
    peterfrknpan 5 days ago

    So if patrick is not great because he can’t figure out the pats in the first half. What does that say about Brady who can’t be as effective as he was in the first half ?

  • Caleb Nehus
    Caleb Nehus 28 days ago

    Nick wright make it sound like the NE defense is supposed to be out there playing receiver for Brady 😂

  • Ahmad Battles
    Ahmad Battles Month ago

    Nick was correct...

  • Red Devil
    Red Devil Month ago


  • Matt Muckjian
    Matt Muckjian Month ago

    nick literally doesn’t provide analysis he just repeats basic storylines and narratives

  • sub .zero
    sub .zero Month ago

    Yea the big mighty pats found a way to overcome a 20-7 deficit. Sike!! They lost 23-16

  • Miki
    Miki Month ago

    It’s quite obvious that Mangini doesn’t like Nick. He hates all of his takes. And his monotone voice puts me to 😴

  • David Kidd
    David Kidd Month ago

    I don't know KC, what do you think....Keep WR1 Hill of course...and then switch up.....WR 2 D.Rob....put Sammy in the slot??? im just sayin' i like DRob...i know he has to get better at his route running though, but man, he is exciting to watch

  • Mike Mosley
    Mike Mosley Month ago

    How's that L taste Boston?

  • Alan Stevens
    Alan Stevens Month ago

    So many Brady apologists. Nick is 100% right on this one.

  • Nicholas Guerrero
    Nicholas Guerrero Month ago

    Nick just handed it to “coach Eric Mangini” I couldn’t be happier

  • the vision
    the vision Month ago

    Chiefs 23-16

  • Kevin Polin
    Kevin Polin Month ago

    I guess Nick was right...

  • Emmanuel Enyinwa
    Emmanuel Enyinwa Month ago

    @8:14. Nick is like, "come on, come one,quit stalling. Answer the question."

  • Emmanuel Enyinwa
    Emmanuel Enyinwa Month ago

    Eric Mangini looks and sounds like Rush Limbaugh. He is still at the Al Campanais "they're not smart enough" level.

  • Ghost Wolf
    Ghost Wolf Month ago

    Let's not get it twisted Queefs Fans the Refs gave you guys an early Christmas Gift

    • BigChiefer
      BigChiefer Month ago


    • Schreck
      Schreck Month ago

      Ghost Wolf America wins when the Cheatriots lose lol. Hold this L.

    • Ghost Wolf
      Ghost Wolf Month ago

      @Schreck lol! I am not mad

    • Schreck
      Schreck Month ago

      Stay mad

  • Chris Powell
    Chris Powell Month ago +1

    Mangini looking ridiculous again. Ha

  • Anthony Lucas
    Anthony Lucas Month ago

    Good call Nick! Wright

  • Mike Young
    Mike Young Month ago

    Being a Chief's fan I cringe quite often when Mangini talks but on the other hand he knows more than most of us. And while Brady struggled yesterday in the loss so did Mahomes in the 2nd half. 23-16 Chief's for those who don't know but the patriot's came very close to coming back at the end. Sad part was listening to the fans boo their team.

  • BlueEyes Alrac
    BlueEyes Alrac Month ago


  • Fernando Ortiz
    Fernando Ortiz Month ago

    Nick was right, (on this one) Mangini is wrong...reason being Mangini wasnt ever a good coach.

  • sjwilson1079
    sjwilson1079 Month ago +1

    What happened to Brady retiring when he sucks

  • plmoknty
    plmoknty Month ago

    FACT: Bills and Patriots combine have not beaten a good qaulity team. LMFAO weak schedules got them to where they are today.
    FACT: Bills and Patriots have 2 things in common, they have easy schedule and they lost to Lamar Jackson LMFAO
    FACT: Patriots can be 0-16 and these fools will still think, oh they will figure it out. LMFAO

  • Francisco Davis
    Francisco Davis Month ago

    Eric's first few condescending words were him not listening to Nick at all lol

  • snakevp
    snakevp Month ago +1

    And nick is right lol

  • Ron Jones
    Ron Jones Month ago

    Hey Eric what’s your excuse to Nick wright, are you gonna actually say what the fans have been say yesterday that this is #refgate. Eric may say we, I mean New England needs to get AB(even thou he’s on the exempt list.)

  • Steve 1776
    Steve 1776 Month ago

    Kinda funny watching this post game. A couple guys need to get their heads outta the Pat's fan boys club. Belichick is probably desperately looking for a quarterback replacement.

  • MrSwj2009 ____
    MrSwj2009 ____ Month ago

    Patriots are done. No Superbowl for you!!

  • CMort760
    CMort760 Month ago +5

    Mangini REPEATEDLY shows why he’s unemployed. Just stop

  • Sheldon Lacsina
    Sheldon Lacsina Month ago +1

    Good call Nick🔥

  • Theodore Long
    Theodore Long Month ago

    Who gave Eric Mangini a position as head coach? And what do they do these days now they aren’t employed in the NFL?

  • Theodore Long
    Theodore Long Month ago

    Mangini you ditzy cooze haha

  • alicantino11
    alicantino11 Month ago +1

    This is why Nick is one of my favorite talking heads. He dares to be objective about TB.

  • Wayne Oneal
    Wayne Oneal Month ago

    Brady is 42...that's why he's gotta go! Retire

  • Caleb M
    Caleb M Month ago

    Nick bodied boffum and to top it off the Chiefs got the dub lmaoo

  • OBA
    OBA Month ago

    Can’t wait to see mangini after the chiefs got a W lol

  • Heather Carpenter
    Heather Carpenter Month ago +1

    wow... Nick Wright ain't wrong.

  • matt morrison
    matt morrison Month ago

    nick needs to be publicly executed, perhaps the biggest disgrace in this country since jerry sandusky

  • Đức Anh
    Đức Anh Month ago +1

    Coach ? Eric Mangini ? What his record when he coach?


    The Chiefs just beat the cheatriots lmao 😂😂😂

  • Gorple Flungeman
    Gorple Flungeman Month ago +2

    Nick was right. Mahomes played better than Brady today. :)

  • David Kidd
    David Kidd Month ago +1

    In the words of the Rock...”FINALLY.....the Chiefs have come back to give them a L”
    Thanks Chiefs for “showing” me you can beat NE with the words of their coach....on to the broncos

    • Bleeding Silence
      Bleeding Silence Month ago

      Now theres legit no team in the AFC Mahomes cant beat. Chiefs should have a pretty straight forward path to the SB.

  • cmillertime7
    cmillertime7 Month ago +5

    Nick was right, Mahomes beat Brady, and Brady looked terrible again.

  • Moscow Mitch
    Moscow Mitch Month ago

    The Patriots need more help from the refs

  • pyramid architect
    pyramid architect Month ago

    That chiefs offense is unbelievably explosive every back n receiver is like Reggie Bush at USC.

  • DeMarc McKinney
    DeMarc McKinney Month ago +2

    Hope they bring Eric on tomorrow...So he can eat his own words. So cocky yet so wrong. Nick's an analysis schooling this so called coach

  • Aiden Jackson
    Aiden Jackson Month ago +2

    Well the Chiefs won for all of the salty Patriots fans

  • Long Dang
    Long Dang Month ago

    It really surprised me how the Patriots offense had completely disappeared over the last two months. Maybe it was a sign that Brady's reign in New England might be over.

  • Omega8kilo
    Omega8kilo Month ago +1

    It doesn’t matter who wins!!!!
    Ravens already have 1 seed
    Patriots already have 2 seed
    People act like they’ve never seen December football before 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Dontae Hackman Brown

    Nick was right new England will and is losing right now

  • Servant to Be
    Servant to Be Month ago

    Mahomes is in his 2nd year...and hes ascending to all time great status? pump the brakes homie...

    • Servant to Be
      Servant to Be Month ago

      @Bleeding Silence
      dont forget...these new breed qbs are playing in a softened nfl...records are being broken every day because the game is offense friendly...i dont care one way or another if mahomes is a goat one day...but after 2 seasons hes hardly made a dent in the body of work Drew Brees built..Brett Favre...Tom Brady..Aaron Rodgers...Joe Montana...Steve Young...Payton Manning...Dan Marino...

    • Bleeding Silence
      Bleeding Silence Month ago

      @Servant to Be You said it yourself. Its only his 2nd year. Give him time. Regardless he's already set and broken more records than Brady has in his first 2 years, and he's clearly a more talented passer than Brady ever was. Now its just a matter of how many seasons & rings does Mahomes want to play for.

    • Servant to Be
      Servant to Be Month ago

      @Bleeding Silence
      in 3 more years if he continues this performance ill be ready to say hes got a chance at being the goat...but after 2 years i dont think so...i dont care if he ran for 200 yds and passed for 500 in got prove you have the goods for the duration of time

    • Bleeding Silence
      Bleeding Silence Month ago

      Mahomes is the first QB under 25 to beat Brady/Bellicheck at Foxoborough.

  • Darrell Saunders
    Darrell Saunders Month ago

    I promise yall Patrick Mahomes wont be this good in the future his WR's will change he gets lucky sometimes just throwing balls deep cause his WR's a that fast like really fast they so fast they make fast ppl look not so fast lol

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown Month ago +2

    I guess We know why Mangini is out of coaching, he has no patience for the game

  • William Rackham
    William Rackham Month ago +1

    Patriots defense is overrated.

  • william walls
    william walls Month ago

    Nick is so delusional

  • T Wilson
    T Wilson Month ago

    This should be the game of the year.
    Mahomes is a great QB
    Brady is still the GOAT
    This could be a breakout game for NE I think the Patriots should win

  • Ed Griffin
    Ed Griffin Month ago

    Eric, you are out of a coaching job for a reason. Let’s see which team wins. Time moves on and Mahomes has more physical talent Brady ever had. He’ll figure it out. He doesn’t just run around. Go Chiefs! Go PATRICK.

  • Virgil R
    Virgil R Month ago

    What do you do when confronting a bully?

  • D Carv
    D Carv Month ago

    Sorry but I have to side with Nick... ITS HIS 2ND YEAR AND YOUR COMPARING HIM TO BRADY COMPARE BRADYS 2ND YEAR TO BRADYS...... I'll wait