Last Week Tonight: Season 5 Official Trailer (HBO)

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  • TheCreaterKeygen
    TheCreaterKeygen 25 minutes ago

    Glad you're back

  • Puke Grenade
    Puke Grenade 26 minutes ago +1


  • Stefan .Asang
    Stefan .Asang 29 minutes ago

    man! I miss you - month to go.

  • Todd Joachim
    Todd Joachim 32 minutes ago

    John Oliver has no substance

  • deathlock deff
    deathlock deff 33 minutes ago

    Dude speaks bullshit

  • Mohammed H
    Mohammed H 35 minutes ago

    On my birthday, perfect

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor 40 minutes ago

    Harambe again???

  • Evan Harris
    Evan Harris 41 minute ago


  • Joshua Gourlay
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  • Ausgepackt
    Ausgepackt 45 minutes ago

    Dont look @ my Channel #nipple

  • Nobody can Touch My swag
    Nobody can Touch My swag 48 minutes ago

    How did I get from top 10 Minecraft music videos to this

  • CykoruKun
    CykoruKun 50 minutes ago

    18 february 2018 - NBA All-Star Game
    change of plans
    18 february 2018 - Season 5 opener of Last Week Tonight with Rat - faced Bastard

  • Peter Burman
    Peter Burman 54 minutes ago

    This show isn't funny.

  • Λlok
    Λlok 57 minutes ago +1

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  • Joseph Xavier
    Joseph Xavier 58 minutes ago

    Liberal bias, at it finest.

  • Sean Joseph
    Sean Joseph Hour ago


  • You Tuber
    You Tuber Hour ago +1

    Yes.... John Oliver is back. Can't wait.

  • Dr. Terminus
    Dr. Terminus Hour ago

    Don't read my channel description

  • Ali Tanveer
    Ali Tanveer Hour ago +4


  • Hahf Inc.
    Hahf Inc. Hour ago

    He looks weird standing, make him sit.

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  • Βαγγέλης Φιλίππου

    Yes!!!! Finally

  • Zen
    Zen Hour ago

    Millenials need to know what Trump tweeted. Oliver come back and pander exactly one view point, millenials need you.

  • The Yee Conspiracy Turtle Eggs


  • Pat Walshe
    Pat Walshe Hour ago +1

    MAGA in 2020 : )

  • Quote
    Quote Hour ago

    Cant wait to see tide pod challenge on here.

  • StephySon
    StephySon Hour ago

    We need you John, we miss you

  • Last Try
    Last Try Hour ago

    Lol. I think so

  • Λlok
    Λlok Hour ago +1

    And get to the bottom of... *Harambee again* !

  • sebastián Benitez

    Estoy muy contento que este programa siga
    Esta muy chistoso el presentador, incluso cuando se calla te ríes porque se parece al primo nerd del maestro splinter de las tortugas ninja

  • Bubbles DBZ !
    Bubbles DBZ ! Hour ago

    Fuck yeahhhh!!!!!

  • billiam braskey
    billiam braskey Hour ago

    Could he not look more like the posterchild of smug liberal faggot?

  • Candy
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  • Kerbalnaught
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  • K&k J
    K&k J Hour ago

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  • Comot TV #6
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  • Darius Tyne
    Darius Tyne Hour ago

    fatso, the whitehouse baboon, is now officially shitting his adult diapers.

  • Ronnie Franco
    Ronnie Franco Hour ago

    Yeah John!

  • Sammy Maina
    Sammy Maina Hour ago

    How long has the recess been? You look old.

  • Shae Furlong
    Shae Furlong Hour ago

    Guys, British Milhouse is back!

  • sejobas
    sejobas Hour ago


  • Gin
    Gin Hour ago

    I missed this rat faced bastard so much

  • Nate Lewis
    Nate Lewis Hour ago

    Has anyone else been checking every Monday morning to see if there's a new episode? This is the only thing getting me this surreal nightmare of an administration

  • PEKKA Strong
    PEKKA Strong Hour ago

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  • James Dyson
    James Dyson Hour ago

    It's been too long Oliver! So much has happened that we need to talk about.

  • Ankit
    Ankit Hour ago

    We got him! *We got him!* *HONK*

  • Toby Strong
    Toby Strong 2 hours ago


  • Erica Camacho
    Erica Camacho 2 hours ago

    His little run. Lol

  • Ivy
    Ivy 2 hours ago

    looking forward to this!!!

  • Curse Heart
    Curse Heart 2 hours ago

    Not funny.

  • butterskutz
    butterskutz 2 hours ago

    I can't wait, I legit can't wait

  • Z W
    Z W 2 hours ago

    Fuck this limey Brit. Anyone who treats him like news is a fucking moron who get more accurate news from the onion

    CRITTa BUG 2 hours ago

    Cannot FREAKING wait for my show to come back! I'm more excited this show is back than I will be when "HBOs dragons" finally return!

  • Conga
    Conga 2 hours ago +1

    something told me to come here today

  • RyanInLA
    RyanInLA 2 hours ago

    why is a promo "trending" this is obviously an advertisement and youtube execs are cashing in lol

  • Billy Shears
    Billy Shears 2 hours ago +1

    Yippee, more debunked talking points with unreal or non-existent solutions to our problems surrounded by 10 mins of actual comedy. Can't wait, Johnny

  • Κώστας Φαρφούρης

    You F*cking Piece of S*it, you better come back british-bashing the hell out of America double time, we've been waiting for you like drug adicts! <3

  • Bob Blackadder
    Bob Blackadder 2 hours ago

    Trump's preparing tweets hoping to get a mention on John's show

  • Opee Cee
    Opee Cee 2 hours ago

    Not soon enough!

  • Maroza Sulaiman
    Maroza Sulaiman 2 hours ago


  • Bob den Outer
    Bob den Outer 2 hours ago

    get there in time John

  • Zandriel Grimm
    Zandriel Grimm 2 hours ago

    Oh he did the scream at the end!
    It's much more funny if he does the scream at the end.

  • YouProbablyDon't LikeMe

    Ok here I go watching old episodes cause I cant bear the pain waiting **cry**

  • mondovb
    mondovb 2 hours ago

    Back in the 60's & 70's, Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man on television. A couple of decades later that title was handed to the Monarch of Comedy Central, Jon Stewart. Today I'd call it a toss up between Colbert and Oliver, with Trevor a close second, hot on their heels. This might help explain why John is running...

  • Yarin.K
    Yarin.K 2 hours ago

    The sad thing is he used to be really funny before becoming a preachy holier-than-thou asshole.

  • Boragath
    Boragath 2 hours ago

    Need a net neutrality episode

  • Caleb Twombly
    Caleb Twombly 2 hours ago


  • Patriot of Justice
    Patriot of Justice 2 hours ago

    Wow. People are really desperate for another show griping about Trump.

  • Anyka Yorke
    Anyka Yorke 2 hours ago

    I too am an awkward runner. 😂

  • GuyReacts
    GuyReacts 2 hours ago

    Have a great day whoever is reading this.

  • Persian Mapper
    Persian Mapper 3 hours ago +1

    Roses are red
    John's feeling runny
    these Harambe memes
    are no longer funny

  • Cuck
    Cuck 3 hours ago

    This guy went from being funny to this 0:35

  • K K
    K K 3 hours ago

    Guys, all he does is attack trump, and suck hillarys clit. He's a shill for the DNC. And sadly isn't funny anymore.....half is episodes are complete trash. Shit is weak sauce yo. Controlled opposition, neo bill mahr crap.

    MSSUCCESSDRIVEN 3 hours ago

    Jesus is the only way to eternal life!

  • 1159145181421147
    1159145181421147 3 hours ago

    Thank you Last Week Tonight for all the laughs.

  • Lobster Cation
    Lobster Cation 3 hours ago


  • 陳奕安
    陳奕安 3 hours ago

    Make a one-hour show every week, please

  • ☢ ᴅᴠᴅ ᴘʟᴀʏᴀ ☣

    He's the *best* person on television that sits at a desk and talks.

  • Jason_Slade_64
    Jason_Slade_64 3 hours ago

    Harambe again XD

  • I'm Batman But I'm from Africa

    Let’s fucking go

  • Yelo Bird
    Yelo Bird 3 hours ago

    i am agree

  • ashik ashik
    ashik ashik 3 hours ago


  • fizicsmcmanus
    fizicsmcmanus 3 hours ago

    Recycled cuckery jokes from John Oliver, the man who laughed and laughed at Trump all the way to him winning. Disgusting, hateful leftists.

  • Aquatic
    Aquatic 3 hours ago

    Look at this faggot convention we got going on over here 😂

  • Danny Boy Jango
    Danny Boy Jango 3 hours ago

    Trump has killed comedy.

  • busting booty
    busting booty 3 hours ago

    Thank god theres some logical reason on tv

  • Hassan Radwan
    Hassan Radwan 3 hours ago

    Terrible trailer if you ask me..

  • Alt+Doom
    Alt+Doom 3 hours ago

    He has so much to fucking cover.

  • Wilfred Nandwa
    Wilfred Nandwa 3 hours ago

    Welcome welcome welcome

  • Google keep asking me to change my name. sooo annoying.

    I hope he talks about marijuana again.

  • Chanan Burstein
    Chanan Burstein 4 hours ago

    Only took 7 seconds for a trump joke.

  • Ari Edge
    Ari Edge 4 hours ago

    yup.... yeas.... YYYYEEEEAAAAASSSSSSS..... it come...

  • Shakthi
    Shakthi 4 hours ago


  • falcore91
    falcore91 4 hours ago

    I think I’ve watched this ten times now. I just can’t stop smiling.

  • akash bahety
    akash bahety 4 hours ago

    Why are you running ? Do u know the wey ??

  • MrDEMarq
    MrDEMarq 4 hours ago

    Welcome back!!

    MASTER ABDA (ARMON) 4 hours ago

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