Why Thanos Beat The Hulk So Easily IN-DEPTH BREAKDOWN

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
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  • Benjamin Tafari
    Benjamin Tafari Hour ago

    Has anyone else figured maybe the power stone gives you great physical power and not just the ability to blow shit up...? Anyone 🤔👀

  • Danny Cassidy
    Danny Cassidy 2 hours ago

    Hulk would lose any ways thanos is not only very strong but also has skill in combat

  • Nhl Mo
    Nhl Mo 6 hours ago +1

    Its pretty obvious who d win ,
    A titan who has destroyed many planets and galaxys could easily overpower a brainless agressive unskilled greenmonster

  • cheez_munky
    cheez_munky 7 hours ago

    Might be possible that Thanos' wizard guy was helping pull the Hulk's punches a little bit with telekinesis or doing some kind of magic to help Thanos recover faster from the Hulk's blows.

    • Benjamin Tafari
      Benjamin Tafari Hour ago

      Nah he said let him have his fun. I'm sure he confidently meant it

  • LJ Marzula
    LJ Marzula 7 hours ago

    Kind of reminded me of Bane vs Batman .

  • kj’steezy
    kj’steezy 11 hours ago

    The most powerful is Doctor Strange. How could you disagree

    • Benjamin Tafari
      Benjamin Tafari Hour ago

      The dumbest is doctor strange. Dude, you had the time stone. You drove an intergalactic demon(that woulda raped Thanos) away and save the realms. C'mon man

  • Kapt Blasto
    Kapt Blasto 14 hours ago


  • Martinique Bishop
    Martinique Bishop 23 hours ago

    I believe captain Marvel is the strongest...

  • Alberto Rangel
    Alberto Rangel Day ago


  • Zain Khan
    Zain Khan Day ago

    The hulk is a loser In infinity war

  • Bandit TMPr
    Bandit TMPr Day ago

    iron man

  • Dirty Grave inc.

    Yung Slick Wrist

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis 2 days ago


  • Jason holloway
    Jason holloway 2 days ago +1

    Another thought is that loki didn’t die instead he appeared as banner in doing so he couldn’t become the powerful hulk this is what’s been said and makes sense as loki is a master of disguise

  • Jason holloway
    Jason holloway 2 days ago

    Let’s face it guys marvel is far far better than D C they haven’t come out with any good movies really I mean look at that one superman vs Batman what a load of rubbish that was. I’ve always been a marvel fan from a child and I’m 47 now. I love what they have done bringing marvel to the screen but as people say they have watered down the characters and that’s a shame

  • justinvirtuoso
    justinvirtuoso 2 days ago

    Thanos had the power stone... He was using it to burn Thors face in the beginning... He cant beat hulk straight up.

  • Jason holloway
    Jason holloway 2 days ago

    Just to add when they made ragnarock they ripped planet hulk off at same time because they mixed it up a lot. In planet hulk he defeats everyone takes over the planet and ends up with this powerful woman. She gets killed in the next stage and that’s when u get world breaker hulk I wish they would have followed the comics

  • Jason holloway
    Jason holloway 2 days ago

    Hulk is more powerful he just needs to have better fight style but if they follow the comics which I doubt now but hulk turns into world breaker hulk and comes back and defeats everyone in avengers fantastic 4 and x men all of them and the only one that fought hulk was sentry hulk stamped on the ground in anger and caused earthquake across America he and sentry fought to a standstill. Basically the angrier he gets the stronger he is so I say if his fight style improves he would smash thanos for sure and I am 100% sure on that

  • West Craven
    West Craven 2 days ago +1

    He probably got beat so easily because it was written in the plot of the movie.. End of story

  • Pecos B
    Pecos B 2 days ago +1

    I think Captain Marvel is the most powerful. Her binary power is unmatched as far as I know.

  • big sarge
    big sarge 2 days ago

    Spoiler. The movie would of sucked if he killed thanos 2 minutes into the movie.

  • Yo mumma My pizza cheese

    Hulk will smash thanos, or maybe thanos will be a, good guy, avengers end game happens tomorrow, and it's a 3, hour long movie, but I reckon hulk will team up with thanos, and with ant 🐜 man stuck in the quantam realm, he'll be able to turn back time, but anyway, hulk will return, and it's going to be a long movie, it's running for 3 hours and starts tomorrow

  • BhaGavad Gita
    BhaGavad Gita 2 days ago

    Thanos wouldn't of Beat Godzilla like that

  • Yellowstone_Gold Legend

    Thanos already had the Power stone...

  • Sherryn Silverthorne


  • Sherryn Silverthorne


  • Edwins gaming channel

    I believe the strongest is captain marvel

  • Denny Ramsey
    Denny Ramsey 3 days ago

    Thor proved that if you are strong and real fast that you can hold youre own or knock hulk out, tony stark proved it aswell, remember go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep??

  • Denny Ramsey
    Denny Ramsey 3 days ago

    The hulk is a little tiny weak pussy is why thannos beat the brakes off of him, even i would bitch smack him till he turned blue

  • Ziggy Zac
    Ziggy Zac 3 days ago

    I think the most powerful person would have to be thor the God of thunder to be honest, just look at the past movies and comics. There where only few to be able to pick up his hammer and hulk being one of those few, however though he was only able to do so in space. So needless to say if people think thor is you are sadly mistaken

  • Juan Flores
    Juan Flores 3 days ago

    Give HULK a rematch and i ill bet you HULK wins!💯

  • Tim Robertson
    Tim Robertson 3 days ago

    The most powerful in the MCU is the one above all cuz I believe he is a god

  • Albert Dotd
    Albert Dotd 3 days ago

    Maybe Hulk wants to cooperate with Thanos, maybe Thanos somehow attracts him, so he can't get angry enough.

  • kyleik darrough
    kyleik darrough 3 days ago


  • Benjamin Round
    Benjamin Round 3 days ago

    Iron man

  • TheBombSquad YT
    TheBombSquad YT 4 days ago


  • Colton Denning
    Colton Denning 4 days ago

    Either way, it was stupid that the Hulk got beat so quickly. Hulk wouldn't have gone down that easily in the comics. It would have been a longer fight and Thanos probably would have had to use the stones to beat the hulk. This is the biggest issue I have with the movie.

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  • Javier Gonzalez
    Javier Gonzalez 4 days ago

    Because if hulk beat thanos the movie would of been short and boring

  • Iva Moncrief
    Iva Moncrief 4 days ago

    I think the strongest character in the mcu i thor

  • CJ Young
    CJ Young 4 days ago

    Iron man

  • Aaron Halstad
    Aaron Halstad 4 days ago


  • Yorke Mcinerney
    Yorke Mcinerney 4 days ago

    Iron man

  • vycka ltu
    vycka ltu 4 days ago

    Thanos have power stone in battle vs hulk

  • TERRO7474
    TERRO7474 5 days ago

    Thanos had the power stone that's why he was able to beat hulk so quick.

  • XxGh0stBustersGamingxX

    He had the power stone you fucking idiot. I mean it’s a infinity stone

  • Cricketlover28
    Cricketlover28 5 days ago


  • Chronic Jr
    Chronic Jr 5 days ago

    Thanos has different techniques smarter than the hulk not Bruce tho he has an infinite stone and he has amour if he lost thanos still had his little friends

  • Vigilant Herø
    Vigilant Herø 5 days ago +1


    Captain America lifts Thor's hammer. Hulk undoes the snap with Ironmans infinity gauntlet.

  • roblox Gamer
    roblox Gamer 5 days ago


  • Liam Pont
    Liam Pont 5 days ago


  • Matt Judah
    Matt Judah 6 days ago

    I think Doctor Strange is powerful

  • Craig Sleigh
    Craig Sleigh 6 days ago

    Total bullshit he got beat because thanos is stronger and more powerful

  • Leonard Anderson
    Leonard Anderson 6 days ago

    Thanos had the power stone from Xander.. that's why he could defeat hulk that easy.



  • Jose Garcias
    Jose Garcias 6 days ago +1

    Thanos was just playing with hulk

  • Pufelmuffel
    Pufelmuffel 6 days ago

    Thor with Stormbracker because he can summon the Bifrost

  • Garrick Scudder
    Garrick Scudder 6 days ago

    I believe Marvel zombies after they eat galactus are the strongest hulk specifically

  • Gary Francis
    Gary Francis 7 days ago

    grow up its a movie, childish geeks

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 7 days ago

    This guy is actually a Hulk lover. Hulk doesn't have unlimted anger so he doesn't have unlimited power. So let's get this rationally clear. The chump gets his ass wipped every now and then. So the Hulk lovers should shut the FUCK up and stop making all kinds of excuses.

  • leonon mytoof
    leonon mytoof 7 days ago

    Batman is most powerful avenger

  • Sergio Gatica
    Sergio Gatica 7 days ago +1

    I think the strongest marvel character is Thor because he almost beat the shit out of Thano's until he snapped his fingers

    • Brayan Carmona
      Brayan Carmona 5 days ago

      Not the smartest though, because he didn’t go for the head. I would say the smartest one is iron man who even though couldn’t compete with Thanos ended up giving it his all to tactically defeat him. If iron man had the power of Thor, Iron man would of won the battle between Thanos and the movie would of not been made.

  • ThisIsTheTruth
    ThisIsTheTruth 7 days ago

    Thanos is GOD
    Hulk is Shit

  • Nataly Fleishman
    Nataly Fleishman 7 days ago

    I agree with JUSTJYZ. Whoever you are

  • Nataly Fleishman
    Nataly Fleishman 7 days ago

    The strongest being that I have ever seen in the MCU is Captain Marvel. Basically,the strongest being in the MCU is Hercules

  • Bernard Heckmandwike

    you know what. the avengers have bought so much to the world. i looooled my head of at this parody tvclip.biz/video/_b99oT5Tdo8/video.html so many crazy funny people out there. keep it up guys. youtube is still innovating !!!!!!

  • Tragic Death
    Tragic Death 7 days ago

    No Thanos cant be defeated because hes a type of guy that cannot be defeated period no further explanation.

    • Brayan Carmona
      Brayan Carmona 5 days ago

      You are right my friend. Silver surfer couldn’t defeat him. And Thanos had Ghost rider as his servant. May I add that in the end of endgame he has the Hulk as his pet. Yes it’s in the comics. Eventually he feeds all the avengers to the Hulk. Thanos reaches a point where nothing can stop him, so there are no more battles to fight. This makes him settle down and learn farming as he gets older. He becomes wiser as Thanos is always looking to gain knowledge. In the end Thanos doesn’t die, because he is immortal, but ends up killing himself, because life has no other meaning for him. He ends up joining death in the afterlife and marries her. The one woman who he was always trying to please while Alive was soon with him for eternity. Thanos lives up to 6,500 years old.

  • Ezra Banbahji
    Ezra Banbahji 7 days ago


  • Cory Williams
    Cory Williams 7 days ago

    Probably because he had the power stone?

  • M W Squad
    M W Squad 8 days ago

    Thor and groot

  • diego segura
    diego segura 8 days ago


  • Chuck Youngerman
    Chuck Youngerman 8 days ago

    I don't know man, what if somehow he channeled David Banner through the Hulk and he started fighting more human but got his ass whooped and that was how easily he knocked him out. I see the whole getting angrier and angrier and keep an eye out and see the whole getting knocked out, but if some how Thanos Channel banner, that was how I thought he might have been able to knock him out. In other words David Banner controlling the Hulk

  • Tori Jenna
    Tori Jenna 8 days ago +1

    I hated this part....Hulk has always been a force and my favorite superhero...and to see him beaten this easily was disappointing. So I was dissapointed in all the Hulk movies, now he gets his ass kicked easily, and then through out the whole movie we only get boring loser Bruce Banner cause Hulk doesn't come out to play. If he doesnt make a comeback in End Game. He will officially fall from my favorite to replacement of Thor or maybe even Thanos himself....

  • Trevor Palmer
    Trevor Palmer 8 days ago


  • London Quintero
    London Quintero 8 days ago


  • 72Ghost Crew
    72Ghost Crew 8 days ago

    He had the power Stone

    • Creative Warhawk
      Creative Warhawk 6 days ago

      having and using is two different things.directors stated thanos didnt even use the power stone .the stones glow when they are used also

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen 8 days ago

    One of the most disappointing and inaccurate scenes in a very biased and inconsistent movie. The HULK is a galactic powerhouse who has defeated bigger and badder entities than Thanos, with or without the infinity stones. The HULK is fully capable of wrapping that space ship around Thano's ears. The HULK should have at least pounded the blue out of Thanos's body. HULK is as strong as he is stupid, and the madder HULK gets, the stronger he gets. Which makes HULK pretty g.d. strong; and virtually unbeatable. But no. One or two rabbit punches turns THE HULK into a wimpy little milksop. Totally ridiculous. Forget the next Avengers distortion and go see Hellboy instead.

  • Alex Rodrigues
    Alex Rodrigues 8 days ago

    I think Thor is the strongest

  • Matthew du Plessis
    Matthew du Plessis 8 days ago

    Thanos and Hulk are not equal in pure physical strength - that is the foundation of this video - it isn't true - Hulk is infinitely stronger than Thanos, based on pure physical strength. All bullshit

  • Derrell Washington
    Derrell Washington 8 days ago

    Iron man has literally fought hulk, thor, captain America, the winter soldier and he is the only who made thanos bleed other then Thor and lets not forget iron man is a human

  • Derrell Washington
    Derrell Washington 8 days ago

    Iron man hands down

  • Nick The First
    Nick The First 9 days ago

    Hulk is awesome

  • Muhammad Tariq
    Muhammad Tariq 9 days ago

    I believe the strongest is thor

  • Angel Perez
    Angel Perez 9 days ago

    Your ight the movie wouldn't be fun

  • Xopher
    Xopher 9 days ago

    Plot amor... simple

  • Joe Amador
    Joe Amador 9 days ago

    Ghost rider can posses any powerful being so wouldn't he be most powerful?

    • Brayan Carmona
      Brayan Carmona 5 days ago

      Thanos has the ghost rider as his servant in one comic, and the hulk as his pet. Sad but true. While all the avengers are being fed to the hulk. The hulk is so lost at this point of his life that he forgets who Bruce is and becomes old along with his master Thanos.

  • Chirhola Poji
    Chirhola Poji 9 days ago

    I think Dr strange is the strongest avenger

  • M*A*S*H4077 - 1977
    M*A*S*H4077 - 1977 9 days ago

    Captain Marvel is definitely the most powerful character. 👍💪

  • anuradha dhananjaya
    anuradha dhananjaya 9 days ago

    Dr manhattan please

  • Seth Jarvis
    Seth Jarvis 10 days ago


  • terry gutierrez
    terry gutierrez 10 days ago


  • Rayan
    Rayan 10 days ago

    Thanos had the POWER STONE which increases his POWER .Duh

    • igneous
      igneous 9 days ago

      Rayan dude he didn’t use it look it up

  • Кирил Костов

    Slightly stronger? He kicked his butt lol

  • Dominick giordano
    Dominick giordano 10 days ago

    Thor because of storm breaker witch can destroy thanos

  • FrOsT Kenobi2
    FrOsT Kenobi2 10 days ago +2

    The most powerful is Thor probably in the movies so far or captain marvel

    • Girish Adhi
      Girish Adhi 7 days ago

      Thanos most powerful

    • FrOsT Kenobi2
      FrOsT Kenobi2 10 days ago

      Then most powerful is the one above all or the living triubal

    • FrOsT Kenobi2
      FrOsT Kenobi2 10 days ago


    • david frankland
      david frankland 10 days ago

      captain marvel isn't the most powerful he's just stronger then a normal guy

  • Allan Hernandez
    Allan Hernandez 10 days ago

    Emotion? Hulk was in sakaar for a while being the main star in the gladiatorial games. That has to count for something to the argument of him not being combat ready...

    • Allan Hernandez
      Allan Hernandez 9 days ago +2

      +Nick Green,film maker reason,I'm with u on that. No CG character will be the main hero over highly paid actors. But in ragnork he was atleast being trained by the valkyrie..in comic, I just had his standard set high with the World Breaker run in terms of fighting and rage.

    • Nick Green
      Nick Green 9 days ago

      +Allan Hernandez :-) Well, there are in-universe and film-maker reasons at work of course. Film-maker reason is simple: they don't want Hulk to smash everyone, it would be too easy. And having Thanos own him is of course 'the Whorf effect' - it serves to show how tough Thanos is. So yes, it is heavily contrived.
      In-universe reason might be that Hulk has never actually trained in fighting (how do you train a green rage-monster?) so is all raw power and instinct. We see in Ragnarok how Thor's training helps him level the odds despite being much smaller.

    • Allan Hernandez
      Allan Hernandez 9 days ago

      +Nick Green that may be true..but wat about prior that? The few years the avengers teamed up and did missions? ( age of Ultron days) MCU watered him down to to be support.

    • Nick Green
      Nick Green 9 days ago

      True, but he never needed to be skilled there. Thor was probably the first close match he ever had.

  • zack Allen
    zack Allen 11 days ago

    Hulk is the fucking stronger than every one

  • Jon Mickler
    Jon Mickler 11 days ago

    He also already had the infinity power stone, that is the main reason he won so easily imo

    • igneous
      igneous 9 days ago

      Jon Mickler he didn’t use it

  • freek elits
    freek elits 11 days ago

    2:50 when a 5 year old can't go to McDonald's

  • Ramon Figueroa
    Ramon Figueroa 11 days ago

    what about vision