Why Thanos Beat The Hulk So Easily IN-DEPTH BREAKDOWN

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
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  • just fun kid
    just fun kid 3 days ago

    And the living tribunal

  • just fun kid
    just fun kid 3 days ago

    The entity

  • Roger Jenkins.
    Roger Jenkins. 3 days ago

    Im tired of this watered down HULK....HHHHUUUULLLKKKK SSSSSMAAAASSSHHH !!!!

  • T MRT
    T MRT 3 days ago

    Hulk couldn't beat thanos ever as long as thanos has the stones.

  • Yvette Reyna
    Yvette Reyna 3 days ago

    Cause Hulk is a Fag!!🤨

  • James Logan
    James Logan 6 days ago

    So, how did Thanos win? You didn’t answer that

  • Nyakeh Thomas Brima
    Nyakeh Thomas Brima 6 days ago

    Hulk is the strongest


    We call Hulk one of the strongest Superhero, have we forgotten that the only person Hulk defeated was Loki? Nobody else.
    So Thanos simply beat him because 1. He's a big loser
    2. Because Thanos is a trained Fighter, Conquering universe for centuries, The only person that should have been given a better one on one combat is the Asgardian god that Is protecting The 9 realms. THOR.

  • David Offor
    David Offor 8 days ago

    He lost because it was written that way for the film, like all the marvel films, characters act however the movie needs them to act, which means they will generally contradict the comics and the original history surrounding their character, for an extreme example of this, see the mess that is/was STARWARS.
    I found the marvel movies to be like watching video games, huge plot holes, inconsistencies, poor story telling and generally predictable outcomes.
    The hulk lost pure and simple, to fulfil the narrative of the story, thats the bottom line.

  • Tracy Cakez
    Tracy Cakez 8 days ago +1

    I love you and this video helped out alot.

  • Ricco Patterson
    Ricco Patterson 9 days ago

    I'm not even a hardcore comic book expert but the hulk says SMASH SMASH so he's the strongest PERIOD!!! THANOS won EASILY because he had the jewels...Duuuuuuuuuh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raynia Gardner
    Raynia Gardner 11 days ago

    The most powerfull character is dark phoenix

    17ACTSVERSE11 12 days ago

    How gay is this video? Pretty darn gay.

  • Elijah Mills
    Elijah Mills 13 days ago

    The main question is if u look at the fighting scence the hulk won’t he fighting back like he stay down unlike in Thor ragnorok and avengers ultron explain that why he stayed down

  • gamingwith gang
    gamingwith gang 13 days ago

    I think the powerful marvel character is thor with stormbreaker and mjolnir

    • Joe
      Joe 10 days ago

      I think it’s Wanda/Scarlet Witch

  • Joshua Schell
    Joshua Schell 13 days ago

    I’ve noticed storytellers will decide outcomes before they figure out how to get there. Like bad research.
    Thanos was able to beat the hulk so Easily because that is what the story demanded. Maybe?

    • Sonny Lopez
      Sonny Lopez 10 days ago

      Thats Exactly it. Disney wanted hulk to be weaker then thor and captain marvel

  • Babatunde Atoyebi
    Babatunde Atoyebi 13 days ago +3

    Thanos could beat the Hulk, only and only, because at that time he (Thanos) had the power stone, period!

    • Angry Joe
      Angry Joe 10 days ago

      OMG are you just being ignorant or are you joking thanos had the stone but wasn't using it at all he outfought the hulk because he's stronger and because he can actually fight hulk is just smashing things he doesn't have fighting skills and you'll know Thanos is using the stone when he closes his fist and the stone glows

  • Emeka Abuah
    Emeka Abuah 13 days ago

    You said it all.

  • Nezelwe Mthethwa
    Nezelwe Mthethwa 14 days ago

    Or Hulkbuster

  • Nezelwe Mthethwa
    Nezelwe Mthethwa 14 days ago

    Dr.Strange or Thor

  • Dominick Bakeman
    Dominick Bakeman 15 days ago

    I definitely agree but I would add three things one thanos had the power stone so already made him even more powerful over the hulk and two you can tell that the hulk isn’t that angry almost looks confused and we know if he gets more angry he’ll get stronger so there’s no doubt that the hulk would of defeated him if it happened somewhere else or if hulk was more angry and if thanos didn’t have the stone then finally the third reason if the hulk would won he woulda had take on thanos children as well so he was out numbered and it wouldn’t of been good anyways and plus the movie prolly would of been over if hulk killed thanos and it just started lmaooo like what u said tho just shoulda added those facts as well!

  • Daniel Maestas
    Daniel Maestas 17 days ago

    If there gonna fuck hulk this bad then they mine as well give him blonde hair and a sports bra in the next movie. Well call him trans hulk. Bullshit

  • Emerson Leo Especkerman

    Thanos is more of a tactical fighter with strength. No wonder he could beat the Hulk. Technique and strength versus brute force and brute strength.Thor combined with Hulk and Captain America in one person would be the ultimate challenge for or against Thanos.

  • DaaBoys2138
    DaaBoys2138 21 day ago

    Thor is the GOAT

  • Corey Davis
    Corey Davis 21 day ago


  • Kenric Corbett
    Kenric Corbett 21 day ago

    Man lies hulk took over a whole universe in Ragnot he beat God's Thor and the gate keeper y'all just set this up like this but believe this can't kno being beat him like that dude so just another savage mind thoughts of evil LOL

  • KUHMU Virallinen
    KUHMU Virallinen 22 days ago

    But Hulk beated Abomination

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  • Araoye Gbadebo
    Araoye Gbadebo 23 days ago

    That scene is complete rubbish, Hulk is a warrior and a monster that never gives up or back down in any fight. The writer of this movie made a terrible mistake for adding such a useless scene, this is an embarrassing to Hulk status. I need to know where Hulk Rage is, because I didn't see any of that in any Avengers movies. With all the punches Captain America and Thor received from Thanos in Endgame, yet they still managed to stand on their feet, but Hulk could not do that. So you guys are telling me those two are stronger than Hulk, right? Absolutely nonsense

  • Vito Anderson
    Vito Anderson 24 days ago

    So who won this gauntlet

  • Adam Dunne
    Adam Dunne 24 days ago

    Thanos also had the power stone.

  • Anthony Bunch
    Anthony Bunch 25 days ago

    A Titan is a Fucking Monster being.
    Titan+25 years of Warrior combat, and killing off planets.
    Ummmm that's a lil bit too tactical and fierce to get taken out by pretty much a ANGRY POWERLIFTER!

  • Darnell Donahue
    Darnell Donahue 25 days ago

    Thor is the most powerful

  • Danny Combs
    Danny Combs 25 days ago


  • Goward Horton II
    Goward Horton II 25 days ago

    Hulk still should have won In endgame after black widow died he should have gone world breaker which would have destroyed Thanos even with the gauntlet

  • Jermaine Smith
    Jermaine Smith 25 days ago +1

    The marvel movies don't show the Hulks true powers, if they did the movies wouldn't last, they would be over in minutes.

  • Jermaine Smith
    Jermaine Smith 25 days ago +1

    As Thanos was hitting the Hulk the Hulk was was suppose to be getting angrier and stronger. Thanos is strong but not stronger than the Hulk.

  • jemagee83777
    jemagee83777 26 days ago

    The Hulk lost because that's what the writers put in your script for him to do.... you idiot

  • 7thSon Mizo
    7thSon Mizo 26 days ago

    I think hulk had been just rescue by thor from his serious mental sickness.
    Hulk strength must be adapt according to his opponent and anger. He has no limit of strength.. by fair fight thanos wont beat him for sure

  • Daniel Jardin
    Daniel Jardin 28 days ago +1

    Thanos is stronger then the hulk because he is a mad Titan and hulk is beast and that he is just mad but Thanos is not that is why Thanos is stronger.

  • Holly Bell
    Holly Bell 28 days ago

    Hulk lost because he is changing. The Hulk and Bruce will merge. When this happens he will be the best of both and his anger will turn to strength beyond his anger.

  • reward magical
    reward magical Month ago +1

    Strongest 1.thor 2.iron man 3.captain america

  • Kevyn Knotts
    Kevyn Knotts Month ago

    Because even 616 Hulk would have gotten his shit pushed in too

  • caprisun6969
    caprisun6969 Month ago

    Glad you covered it before fagstu can clickbait it

  • Karina Mapp
    Karina Mapp Month ago

    What I think about Hulk I think Hulk beat Thanos Frank Strait. Because you'll definitely beat dinners really straight. So that's what I think about

    • Karina Mapp
      Karina Mapp Month ago

      Okay you lost mine Loli and you understand if you come back

    • Karina Mapp
      Karina Mapp Month ago

      The a star from Hulk that's a that's a good guy then we start from then no that's a bad guy but then I should be killed by Hulk

  • Advice Today
    Advice Today Month ago

    1.5k dislikes, man there's some haters out there lol

  • Liam Traynor
    Liam Traynor Month ago

    Hulk is the Powerful in the mavel

  • Dominic Passanisi
    Dominic Passanisi Month ago

    The only reason hulk does any damage at all is because he came out of nowhere when thanos wasn’t expecting it and started wailing on him. That’s literally the only reason. Thanos didn’t get lucky that the hulk wasn’t angrier like he was with abomination. Thanos defeated the hulk in a minute when he wasn’t even expecting it. The reason he was angrier with abomination was because abomination wasn’t putting him down because his attacks weren’t powerful enough

  • Dominic Passanisi
    Dominic Passanisi Month ago

    How does the wall behind thanos give him superior momentum to the point where he can push the hulks hands off him with almost no resistance??

  • Mike A
    Mike A Month ago

    Your explanation makes no sense, hulk is always said to be physically stronger, brute? Have you seen the movies? Russo's and you have selective memory hulk spent years fighting as a gladiator, trained Brazilian jui justsu as banner, and as hulk or banner both can recall each others memories, you know this, so why are you holding the Russo's water, they clearly hated on the hulk

  • Doctor Darkness
    Doctor Darkness Month ago +2

    Thanos won because it was written that way lol. Hulk in the comics is stronger than the FeMCU version of him.

    • SunDaGamer_74
      SunDaGamer_74 20 days ago

      The characters are always nerfed in the MCU
      In the comics, the Infinity Gems could easily wipe out the multiverse
      In the MCU, the Infinity Stones just wipes out half of the alive universe

  • Sarchie
    Sarchie Month ago

    I think the strongest in the MCU is Ebony Maw

  • Joseph Rousell
    Joseph Rousell Month ago

    Are we REALLY in need of an explanation?!
    Thanos has hands, hulk does not...
    You're welcome. Lol

  • Kevin P
    Kevin P Month ago

    I thought the same thing. Thanos took Hulk out before he had a chance to get stronger.

  • Marcy Ralston
    Marcy Ralston Month ago


  • Isaac Harvison
    Isaac Harvison Month ago

    Because thanos is simply much more power full

  • Samantha Thompson
    Samantha Thompson Month ago


  • Anthony Velasquez
    Anthony Velasquez Month ago

    Iron man

  • neverbroke again
    neverbroke again Month ago

    What about the old HULK the SUPER MEGA STRONG HULK

  • Miki N
    Miki N Month ago

    Doctor strange is the most powerful mcu character

  • Jose Antonio Muniz
    Jose Antonio Muniz Month ago

    No doubt the Hulk is a powerhouse, but remember The Mad Titan possesses the power cosmic, warrior skills that are unknown to the Hulk. So he can go toe to toe with all powerful skifather Odin. He needs not breath air, super intelligent. Just a few attributes of the Mad Titan. Hulk still a human brute.. I believe that one worthy oponen for the Mad Titan would be the all powerful Dakseid.

  • M C
    M C Month ago +1

    Perhaps Thanos was just a better fighter. I think Odin would be about the most powerful.

    MIKE NEKO Month ago

    Captain America

  • joseph caza
    joseph caza Month ago +1

    At the moment ms marvel alias captain marvel.

  • Aj McMullen
    Aj McMullen Month ago


  • Lupe Olvera
    Lupe Olvera Month ago


  • Chrissy Skywalker
    Chrissy Skywalker Month ago

    Why Thanos Beat The Hulk So Easily ? the Russo Brothers are idiots who have no concept of how to balance their story - that's why.

  • Feleni Mthombeni
    Feleni Mthombeni Month ago +1

    Hulk is the most powerful hero

  • R Gr
    R Gr Month ago +1

    I think scarlet witch and captain marvel

  • Robert Bourne
    Robert Bourne Month ago

    Obviously hulk with brains wud stan more a chance

  • Genna'sbookclub books

    Imagine the size of their weiners 😅😅

  • dietz7777
    dietz7777 Month ago

    I just realized hulks power comes from anger just as Kratos from God of war

  • Mr notsofunny
    Mr notsofunny Month ago


  • vine kid
    vine kid Month ago

    Thanks can beat the mcu hulk because he is weak but if that was the hulk I know there wouldn't have been a infinity war or endgame movie

  • dragonflipsi
    dragonflipsi Month ago

    This TMW guy just recieted whats allready been deducted by the MCU devs / actors, geesh i hate unoriginal content.

  • Charles  Loftin
    Charles Loftin Month ago

    Not once did you mention why or why not if whether or not he was using power stone . Therefore i cant just think it was purely thanos strength

  • MLM Review
    MLM Review Month ago +2

    He has the power stone already. Which is why I figured he was able to win so easily.

  • Aline Klock
    Aline Klock Month ago +2

    I still think Thor is the most powerful.

    • neverbroke again
      neverbroke again Month ago

      Imagine 3 fucking Thor's he would be super overpowered

  • Colo Mystic Walker
    Colo Mystic Walker Month ago +2

    Thanos had the power stone giving him an great boost in power

    • Colo Mystic Walker
      Colo Mystic Walker Month ago +1

      @Charles Loftin oh believe me bro its not his regular power

    • Charles  Loftin
      Charles Loftin Month ago +1

      Exactly. So its difficult to believe its just thanos strength alone

  • A. G.
    A. G. Month ago +2

    Dude no, Thanos is just more powerful than the hulk. Nice try though.

    • A. G.
      A. G. Month ago

      @Luz Leon oh ok so the hulk was just "kinda mad " here. Ok, got it.....

    • Luz Leon
      Luz Leon Month ago

      no one has ever beaten hulk at his maximum power its limitless

  • Joseph Dennis
    Joseph Dennis Month ago

    He was definitely right tho. Getting mad in your emotional state will definitely throw off your fighting style and chances of winning no matter how strong you are.

  • Ultra Instinct Goku

    Well I think hes not angry enough cuz in comics Hulk angry he as he become stronger than more when he is super super super angry he will got green auora like in cartoons in Avengers assemble and in comics he will become World War Hulk when he achieve that he will poweful in Marvel but he can't contoll him self he will attack everyone but he is powerful in comics while he is walking the continent is moving life there's an earthquake and we call him again the World War Hulk 😎💪👊

  • Clark Boyne
    Clark Boyne Month ago

    the movie would be over

  • John Lee Davis Jr.
    John Lee Davis Jr. Month ago +7

    Thanos had the power of Stone

    • Leutnant M. OSSILP
      Leutnant M. OSSILP Month ago +1

      Its no matter thanos didnt even use the power stone then it would shine

  • Poppy Chulo
    Poppy Chulo Month ago

    They just wanted to show the audience how strong Thanos is.. By smashing Hulk...

  • Travis Smith-Grainger

    Thanos can not beat the hulk with out the stones and he can't beat him blow for blow no damn machine or none of that, DON'T LET ME SPEAK OF RED HULK!

  • Joey ATB
    Joey ATB Month ago +11

    The strongest in the MCU is TASER FACE

    • Tracy Cakez
      Tracy Cakez 8 days ago

      Lol that is SOOO funny u had to pick the weakest in the mcu

  • rupa lotade
    rupa lotade Month ago

    You are so wrong

  • Ivania Silva
    Ivania Silva Month ago

    Captain marvel

  • Sourabh Sharma
    Sourabh Sharma Month ago

    Thor is the most powerful in the MCU

  • Ado KJr
    Ado KJr Month ago

    Thanos, has no mortal ties as David Banner.

  • SmarmyUnicorn86
    SmarmyUnicorn86 Month ago

    The most powerful characters in the mcu are the celestials.

  • Armando Elaraj
    Armando Elaraj Month ago


  • Armando Elaraj
    Armando Elaraj Month ago

    the mcu is a joke ! just like DC ,, ! ,, SO MUCH THINGS WERE LEFT OUT , MOST OF THE HEROS WERE DOWN GRADED...

  • Armando Elaraj
    Armando Elaraj Month ago

    I think that's bullshit

  • Rosa Meja
    Rosa Meja Month ago

    The only reason why Thanos beat the hulk is because he told the stone that he had to make him stronger and it did if they were in a bigger field hulk could of jumped up and easily crushed Thanos

  • Rosa Meja
    Rosa Meja Month ago

    The fire dude that on Thor ragnerock at the begging were Thor is trapped

  • brage flåtene
    brage flåtene Month ago


  • Fuckboy Nigga
    Fuckboy Nigga Month ago

    Wait did he just try to explain why and then asked us why the. To leave a like and a comment ? Did you guys notice that

  • Duh tube
    Duh tube Month ago

    Sony owns hulk so they don’t have enough money to use him that much that’s why