Evolution of Ganon Deaths in Zelda Games (1986-2017)

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  • ProsafiaGaming
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    Thanks for watching! Enjoy!:)
    00:00 The Legend of Zelda (NES, GBA - 1986)
    00:06 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES, GBA - 1991)
    00:13 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64, 3DS - 1998)
    02:47 The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/ Seasons (GBC - 2001)
    02:56 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Gamecube, Wii U - 2002)
    03:32 The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (Gamecube - 2004)
    04:41 The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Gamecube, Wii, Wii U - 2006)
    06:23 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (Nintendo 3DS - 2013)
    06:51 Hyrule Warriors (Wii U, 3DS - 2014)
    07:29 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U, Switch - 2017)
    All Ganon and Ganondorf Deaths in The Legend of Zelda games starting in 1986 for NES, SNES, N64, GBC, GBA, Gamecube, DS, Wii, 3DS, Wii U and Nintendo Switch in 1080p/60fps

  • co0ki3M0NstAr
    co0ki3M0NstAr 4 hours ago

    Okay so as an avid player I got a few qualms but first let me start with the good okay so the first two I don't really know about the first ending cuz I was too young to get to Ganon but the freaking 97 Ocarina of Time is that almost made me tear but how are you only including you're missing his first half of the battle you included all that stuff about the sages and then nothing else on any either one I didn't even see Skyward Sword in there is it what because dummies dummies was before Ganon but he still the essence of Gannon so he should have been in there too there was a lot of games that I saw missing I could understand Majora's Mask being there's no Ganon but I mean what the hell even in Wind Waker you didn't put the after part where you says where the king touches it and says wash away what the hell it was but a clip of the end of Ocarina of Time you're a jackass so my final opinion is that this video sucks you missed the amusement and intensity that Gannon fights bring to your TV. In short dude #lame #Fail

  • SuperPika Saiyan
    SuperPika Saiyan 11 hours ago

    Ganon’s head need to be damaged xD

  • Baker Mayweather
    Baker Mayweather 20 hours ago +1

    Somebody needs to break the seal and let Ganon out! #FREEGANON
    They need to make Ocarina of Time 2: "The Search For More Rupees".

  • Meaghan Chorjel
    Meaghan Chorjel Day ago

    You forgot skyward sword.

  • Etreyu Clark:soul covers

    poor ganon
    he never gets a break

  • Snazziimatiions
    Snazziimatiions 2 days ago

    Ganon? Has no-one seriously thought of the nickname *Gammon* (get it?)?
    (The edit was this and a grammar correction)

  • MeytalHead
    MeytalHead 2 days ago

    Why don’t they ever kill him?It seems like he’s always injured and then he still has an opportunity to come back when he regains his strength

  • Lu Chan
    Lu Chan 3 days ago

    I dont get why so many people hate twilight princess! The game was great! One of my first zelda games aswell!

  • I'm Amiral
    I'm Amiral 3 days ago

    Basically any person who complains about BOTW's decision not to have Ganondorf in it is either clueless or flat out dumb. It's not like Ganondorf was Ganon's (or Demise's will) true form, Ganondorf is literally just one of the incarnations Ganon has had over the eras, the same way that this Link is just one of the incarnations of the Hero, just as much as the Hero of Time was in OOT, same for Zelda.
    At BOTW's point in the timeline, Ganondorf existed like a millennium ago - why the he'll would he be in this game ?
    That's the same as if you were complaining about Epona not being in the game either, or the guy who teaches you the Song of Storms.

  • dicky shep
    dicky shep 3 days ago

    4:55 when you nut but she keeps sucking

  • DanielLike5Pie
    DanielLike5Pie 3 days ago

    I thin twilight princess had the best death because Ganon survives Links final blow. Zant, his sidekick and the one he helped, ends up doing the final blow. I see this as a very significant ending because Ganon does all these things but at the end the people he tried to help ended up betraying him

  • Maxwell Joslin
    Maxwell Joslin 4 days ago

    :Gannon someday when this seal is broken i shall exterminate all your descendants
    :Link Are you sure about that

  • Jordi Leal
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    2:15 Look at this beautiful face

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  • Declanator DaBeast
    Declanator DaBeast 5 days ago

    Ma dude, u put in hyrule warriors non Zelda game garbage and not all the other games u missed?

  • Knuckles The Echidna

    I don’t play Zelda games, but HOW DOES HE KEEP COMING BACK?!?!?!?!

  • miguel savage
    miguel savage 5 days ago

    Gannon is js one of my favorite villains ever i litteraly made up a villain of my own who resembles him

  • Simone Capirola
    Simone Capirola 5 days ago

    That's the true power of Gold Experience Requiem

  • Mix that Minecraft boy

    From twilight princess

  • Mix that Minecraft boy

    Ganon dwarfs death is arkward

  • crazy two sword
    crazy two sword 7 days ago

    4:41 is the darkest

  • cospro 22
    cospro 22 9 days ago

    Hey rule warriors was one of my Favourite Zelda games

  • MLG Anthony Newman
    MLG Anthony Newman 9 days ago

    There was a gerudo in ocarina if time like breath of the wild

  • Kristopher Kranock
    Kristopher Kranock 9 days ago

    What will the the new The Legend of Zelda game be about?

  • Trunks XGames
    Trunks XGames 10 days ago

    And ToZ : Skyward Sword?

  • Sierra Almazan
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  • jonathan anthony
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  • Luthros
    Luthros 11 days ago

    Ganon is not Ganondorf

  • Naqualily
    Naqualily 12 days ago +3

    In between worlds, thats yuga not ganon

  • SuperZeldaBros4GC - Video Gaming, Vlogging, etc.

    4:47 jeez that one was just creepy

    • Nosipho Ndabula
      Nosipho Ndabula 7 days ago

      that’s why it’s my damn favorite Ganon death.
      With wind waker as a close second.

  • PokeDude011
    PokeDude011 13 days ago

    Triforce of Power
    Utterly Defeated.......DEAD

  • Jolan Depalle
    Jolan Depalle 13 days ago

    At 6.02 i'm sur link was like
    Hey ? Are you still alive ? ( no answer ) So... Can i get my sword ? Please...

  • Diffy
    Diffy 13 days ago

    Curse you...JACKSTER

  • JP Holt
    JP Holt 13 days ago

    Breath of the wild is my first Zelda game and I am confused what is the difference between a calamity Ganon and ganondroff

  • mrCalopoi
    mrCalopoi 14 days ago

    CURSE YOU...Jackster!

  • "Otro Canal de Ciencia"


  • Yadriel Rodriguez
    Yadriel Rodriguez 15 days ago

    You forgot skyward sword

  • gerd klein
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  • Badsha Islam
    Badsha Islam 15 days ago

    0:49 why is there blood in a kids game

  • Coca-Cola forever
    Coca-Cola forever 15 days ago

    why zant kill ganondorf???

  • daniel spell
    daniel spell 17 days ago

    Unicorn Ganon

  • Ethan Bailey
    Ethan Bailey 18 days ago

    Twilight princess is the most cinematic Zelda, and probably my favorite... Its story is amazing

  • Carlos Luna
    Carlos Luna 19 days ago

    What a disappointing final boss of BoTW... it was one of the worst things of the game, sure it looks cool and amazing, but the first form was a Dark Soul boss named Ganon, not that challenging and with tons of HP to create an illusion of difficulty... the last form was even worse... A big piñata just waiting to be destroyed, all the gigantic and intimidating form is just a joke, because the Lynel (one of the strongest enemies) is way more challenging and strong that the final boss you had to fight...
    I don't care if people say BoTW is good, but for me it take away many things from Zelda games and put other ones that are more "popular"... taking away the memorable bosses fight? diving? horses? (they are horses but their purpose is 0, now you have a bike! so less horses for everyone), dungeons? (puzzles are not dungeons and 120 are not even compare to 6 or 12 dungeons), unique items? (you have unique items, but they make it common ones in BoTW), all of that gone and that's a shame.

    • Carlos Luna
      Carlos Luna 17 days ago

      I didn't mention any divine beast... because there were actually cool, the way you had to open your way and fight with them or defend yourself it was pretty cool. Also in the Goron Divine beast... you actually need a torch and in other things you have to move blocks, but with more style like... using the magnet, same mechanic other method.
      Well letting that aside I was talking more focus in the shrines... is ok to have some puzzles, but forcing you to complete this ones; that are not challenging; is boring, repetitive and not that entertained. I just get stuck for a while in one... and was for 20 mins, it was the golf one, was not hard just for some reason my hammer have a random hit crit (and it doesn't have any crit additional in the stats).

    • Ricky Ricardo
      Ricky Ricardo 18 days ago

      I'd rather have the Divine Beasts that at least try something different than four more dungeons with torch puzzles and pushing blocks.

  • Chen Sylvia
    Chen Sylvia 19 days ago

    In the thumbnail I thought that perhaps you thought that princess zelda was ganon.

  • Del Juego Gaming
    Del Juego Gaming 21 day ago

    I was 12 years old when I beat that first Zelda!

  • Greek Fire Gaming
    Greek Fire Gaming 21 day ago

    I think the most beautiful fight was Wind Waker. Yes, BoTW was gorgeous, however I LOVE the water surrounding the fight

  • Sofia Bettoni
    Sofia Bettoni 21 day ago

    I prefer the end of breath of the wild!

  • MrLegendchen
    MrLegendchen 22 days ago

    A Link to the past looks way to good :O ... Is it a fanmade version? The SNES and the GBA versions never looked that good and sharp?! Can anyone help me? It just looks great.

  • Animal God
    Animal God 23 days ago

    The Twilight Princess death made me laugh for some strange reason

  • OwlPen-Art
    OwlPen-Art 24 days ago

    Hey where’s skyward sword?

  • XtrueheroX
    XtrueheroX 26 days ago

    Zelda shits on any other video game that exists.

  • Doge Master
    Doge Master 29 days ago

    4:52 zelda is like what are they doing?

  • Crew Ritchie
    Crew Ritchie Month ago

    Where’s CDI?

  • My Lord
    My Lord Month ago

    this is why Ganon should kill link cuz hes a murder.

  • MyGrumpy Himalayan
    MyGrumpy Himalayan Month ago

    6:30 when u get raped...

  • MyGrumpy Himalayan
    MyGrumpy Himalayan Month ago +1

    Honestly botw had some pretty epic graphics compared to the other loz games, “It’s an opinion not a fact so don’t spaz out” in my opinion the bosses weren’t that hard including the dlc ones. And the farther into the game u got the easier it was, “well in my opinion anyways” a tree branch with no armor against a gold lynel “which would be impossible without hacks because it would just regain health” vs a gold lynel with maxed out barbarian armor, a savage lynel bow, countless arrows “excluding ancient arrows”, the hylian shield and fully powered master sword. See what I mean... lol

  • nicki p
    nicki p Month ago

    Takes me bak

  • SmwNerd
    SmwNerd Month ago

    4:55 Me trying to get up on monday

  • Allan Dorion
    Allan Dorion Month ago


  • Supperdude9
    Supperdude9 Month ago

    Link: "Man... how many times do I have to whoop your butt across the ages?"

  • Ghost Slayer
    Ghost Slayer Month ago

    After watching this I went to my Twilight Princess save file just to go kill Ganondorf

  • Teeniernewt321
    Teeniernewt321 Month ago

    For toon link that’s a bit brutal

  • Nostradamus1566
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  • jcarm03
    jcarm03 Month ago

    Spoilers :/

  • Yoshi The One
    Yoshi The One Month ago

    The hell is Zelda 2?

    Jk, it was dark link.

  • The TimTeam
    The TimTeam Month ago

    Botw is a fantastic game and the boss fights are really good to... Exeeeept dark beast ganon. Seriously It was so dissapointing. After a cool boss fight woth calamaity ganon dark beast ganon was just, meh.

  • Lewis Petit
    Lewis Petit Month ago

    Evolution of fucking spoilers, fucking noob

  • Vick Gutierrez
    Vick Gutierrez Month ago +1

    That fool won’t just die

  • Bryana Aguilar
    Bryana Aguilar Month ago

    You skipped Skyward Sword😢 That one was my favorite...

  • Yaksonator
    Yaksonator Month ago

    Best video game series ever. Each game was epic in its own way.

  • Void Of Discord
    Void Of Discord Month ago

    No Ganandorf death from super smash bros? Rip off. (Also missed skyward sword)

  • Morgan Weare
    Morgan Weare Month ago

    I like in TP were Zelda just awkwardly stairs at link like he’s rag-dolling

  • Morgan Weare
    Morgan Weare Month ago

    And it’s not evolution of GANONS deaths it’s gannondorf

  • Morgan Weare
    Morgan Weare Month ago


  • ninjathis
    ninjathis Month ago

    What happened in Twilight Princess Ganondorf's death? 5:49
    Zant turns his head, Ganondorf's eyes go white, and then he dies?
    I thought Zant was already long dead, by Midna like two dungeons ago?

  • The awesome Gamer
    The awesome Gamer Month ago

    4:55 when you buy but she keep sucking

  • SkilLinKuS_
    SkilLinKuS_ Month ago

    Noooooo you forgot zelda skyward sword

  • Joshua Bouder
    Joshua Bouder Month ago

    4:55 me when mom told "No game for one month"

  • Ian The Cool Thief
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  • Mike Does Stuff
    Mike Does Stuff Month ago

    4:55 TF ganon

  • Mike Does Stuff
    Mike Does Stuff Month ago

    The only game I beat was BotW :(

  • CarrotEatingDisasters

    what about skyward sword...

  • Jōjirō Takajō
    Jōjirō Takajō Month ago

    So what have we learned today ganon?!
    Its that if you ever get reincarnated, don't go and be evil or you will continue to die a gazillion time

  • Nelson Keojampa
    Nelson Keojampa Month ago

    Ganon dwarf sounds like a pig name.....

    I'm guessing the creators of zelda agree

  • Butt Steal
    Butt Steal Month ago

    I don't care if it's not canon, you still forgot the best one
    Hint: "IT BUUUUURNS"

  • xxRaymanxx 717
    xxRaymanxx 717 2 months ago +1

    not all ganon deaths

  • awesomedash1
    awesomedash1 2 months ago

    for some reason, fighting anon is easier than the minor bosses

  • Morgan Weare
    Morgan Weare 2 months ago

    Well ocarina of time was funny because he was wearing slippers so

  • Kammak Richerson
    Kammak Richerson 2 months ago


  • Austin Gay
    Austin Gay 2 months ago

    4:55 top 10 anime deaths

  • Luna
    Luna 2 months ago

    CURSE YOU ZELDA! *theme song plays* AGENT Z! also the one before breath of the wild... what game is that one?

  • Jaffar Khan
    Jaffar Khan 2 months ago

    If you think about it,BOTW final boss fight was easy but the four blight ganons were epic to fight and it made more fun fighting the in divine beasts

  • tovah Benboe
    tovah Benboe 2 months ago

    Should We Pull Out The Master Sword?...Uh Ohhh They Snapped His Neck Never mind They Snapped His Neck.. I'll Just Leave It In There... 5:41

  • didgeri D0NG
    didgeri D0NG 2 months ago

    but you forgot zelda cdi

  • PePeTV
    PePeTV 2 months ago

    4:51 BIG SMOKE

  • Who Are You
    Who Are You 2 months ago +2

    Twilight princess was darker than all of the zelda games

  • MrTacomutated
    MrTacomutated 2 months ago

    Credit where Credit's due, Twilight Princess is probably the most badass... BUT the winner in my heart will always be Wind Waker, cause essentially turning him into the stone to draw it out of in future games (if you look at it like I do) is pretty fucking metal.

  • Primarina Sun
    Primarina Sun 2 months ago +6

    Ganons face at 4:55 Zelda is like bruh

  • Terren Huang
    Terren Huang 2 months ago

    U know ur badass when u die standing and have a fucking sword through ur chest