Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Together at D5 Conference 2007

  • Published on Mar 29, 2013
  • The interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, one of the most important moments in the recent history of computing. A great teaching for people who love Apple and people who love Microsoft.
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  • Kek Gorilla
    Kek Gorilla 3 days ago

    32:36 bill is just slapping steve

  • Kek Gorilla
    Kek Gorilla 3 days ago

    28:05 oof

  • Kek Gorilla
    Kek Gorilla 3 days ago

    25:35 hitting below the belt there, bill..

  • Nautical Ninja
    Nautical Ninja 5 days ago

    “Screen that could just roll out like a scroll” don’t we have TVs like that?

  • Purrp Plays
    Purrp Plays 10 days ago

    The chick wants to blow steve jobs so bad

  • megarollX Rgm Broadcasting

    It's amazing how they simultaneously compete with and compliment each other at the same time! This is amazing. These are 2 of the most amazing geniouses of our time. It's an honor to see them discuss their respective companies and history of how they got off the ground, more or less.

  • Felix Oriedo
    Felix Oriedo 11 days ago

    My Best TVclip Video

  • Muhammad Asif
    Muhammad Asif 11 days ago

    Gates and Jobs were never inter-dependant.
    Trump and Milania are inter-dependant whereas Obama and ? are inter as well as intra-dependant.

  • Ashok Panja
    Ashok Panja 12 days ago

    Both are like messi and Ronaldo

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle 13 days ago

    Interviewers: “ Bill, Microsoft is so great” , “Steve, Apple sucks do you realize how much better Microsoft is”
    Lol it’s like they were trying to over play Microsoft so much because the obvious imminent massive rise of Apple.

  • Daniel Castellanos
    Daniel Castellanos 14 days ago

    the interviewers dont get along and its kind of distracting

  • Daniel Mafile'o
    Daniel Mafile'o 17 days ago

    Legends 👏

  • Jaymes
    Jaymes 18 days ago

    30:11 sums up everyone is talking about in the comments , its that the interviews don't know when do let the interviewee talk and stop the flow of a natural conversation

  • Swapnil Patel
    Swapnil Patel 20 days ago

    It's very interesting, how they both can see the future about smart phone... Pc. I find founder/CEO vision is most important then anything else. It does pay of over time. Like Google.

  • Kenneth D. Quintero
    Kenneth D. Quintero 23 days ago +2

    This is like old Naruto and Sasuke talking about their past.


    какая разница люди в SUTE
    синие серые
    поверь разницы существуют

  • ooo000ps
    ooo000ps 25 days ago

    watching this on linux

  • Channel FTV: Hermann Fegelein

    2000: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates
    2012: Steve Ballmer and Stephen Elop

  • ramaGZ
    ramaGZ 29 days ago

    I'm watching this on a Linux computer and eating popcorn

  • Merouane Allache
    Merouane Allache 29 days ago


    ZAKARIAE BENASSER 29 days ago

    when the Big Guys Talk!

  • Sahil Bankar
    Sahil Bankar Month ago

    27:31 Bill Gates saying Xbox360

  • halvor9797
    halvor9797 Month ago +1

    "We are not great at doing maps" -Steve jobs

  • マハトマ • 鑑真

    Seattle vs San Francisco

  • Samrat Debroy
    Samrat Debroy Month ago

    "lets go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about yesterday.."

  • Nick Ledva
    Nick Ledva Month ago

    Steve Jobs was so smug... He probably knew his iPhone would determine the further success of Apple

  • alaps01
    alaps01 Month ago

    Steve jobs takes the cake in clarity, humor, articulation. There is no match to him.

  • Queen Norrii
    Queen Norrii Month ago

    Okay but young Bill can get it

  • Gabriel César
    Gabriel César Month ago

    Why Steve Jobs doesn't like pistols? He prefer Mac

  • Foxy Paws
    Foxy Paws Month ago

    Americans are great

  • reza bsh
    reza bsh Month ago

    FUCK Steve Jobs.....
    FUCK Apple....
    FUCK All Apple prouducts....

    • Brook Clipz
      Brook Clipz Month ago

      Man i loved apple when Steve Jobs Died
      I always wanted a iphone i got 6s plus

      But its gone

      2019 i have Samsung s10

  • Techy Boy
    Techy Boy Month ago

    They save money and others use money

  • Film Probe
    Film Probe Month ago

    This interview shows us about a company that believes in quality tech to small market.
    And a company that's concentrating on tech to all market.

  • DAWO
    DAWO 2 months ago

    Hardware vs software

  • theReal JayZ
    theReal JayZ 2 months ago +1

    25:55" Microsoft is a much larger company than Apple" How things have changed

  • Dian Benyatip
    Dian Benyatip 2 months ago

    Geniuses and these interviewers kinda suck.

  • Tim LaRocco
    Tim LaRocco 2 months ago

    That woman is trying to get these guys to to clash as much as possible. She's looking for a fight for sure.

  • RIAZ 1111
    RIAZ 1111 2 months ago

    "Isn't it funny a ship that leaks from the top" 🤣🤣

  • Ava H.
    Ava H. 2 months ago

    I think the character makes the man and their brilliance creates the ideas that impact the world. I believe the character of these men are far more important.

  • Defer Payment
    Defer Payment 2 months ago

    Kana Swisher is a cunt. SHe is the one sittin right next to Wally Mosston. They arre both cunts.

  • Dwikky Yudha
    Dwikky Yudha 2 months ago

    Damn! Steve Jobs is handsome back in the day

  • Joanna Fr
    Joanna Fr 2 months ago

  • Joanna Fr
    Joanna Fr 2 months ago

    The emptiness of that strange dark spirit has only one road and goal. Amassing private wealth. There is nothing they have to offer.

  • Joanna Fr
    Joanna Fr 2 months ago

    Frauds. Philip Emeagwali invented the internet. These two made it predatorial and anti humanist. The problem with the Asian (cauc) is that his psyche is dark and selfish. Nothing he thinks or makes betters humanity, only undermines it. And even setting the planet on fire is still not satisfying that need for destruction.

  • Justin S
    Justin S 2 months ago +2

    Legend has it the interviewer still wonders if it's DOS or Windows

  • Devilborn viva
    Devilborn viva 3 months ago


  • Da-Pro-Fe-za Añejo
    Da-Pro-Fe-za Añejo 3 months ago

    Millionaires flash billionaire lay back and laugh at millionaires like rappers and rock stars and movie stars who have not achieved there status quo yet.

  • Charlie B
    Charlie B 3 months ago

    The 2 first discretly gay individuals to be so open together🙋🏼‍♂️☺️

  • Qyn Boswell
    Qyn Boswell 3 months ago

    Interview is a gold mine but that woman just makes me cringe every time she opens her mouth.

  • NH Celeb
    NH Celeb 3 months ago

    23:50 best

  • słownik
    słownik 3 months ago

    Fuck Steve Jobs

  • Mr Quantum
    Mr Quantum 3 months ago


  • ruffy
    ruffy 3 months ago

    Steve Jobs seems like he had seen the future and he was right with his prediction. His answers were more clear than Bill Gates

  • Jerico Sangbaan
    Jerico Sangbaan 4 months ago

    Being born in 1992, able to get a grasp of DOS PCs wherein you would need a diskette to run the program, experienced the leap in performance when pentium 4 came out, played playstation 1, and now watching this video on a snapdragon 660 powered device. It's just amazing how technology has come a long way from bits of data to billions of calculations per second just to watch this video while typing this comment simultanoeusly. Thank you, for these 2 gentleman who shaped our world and paved the way for what has to come. Thank you.
    - Writing this down on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4/128. 10 years from now, folks would know we use this primitive devices that we currently think is a tech breakthrought. Cheers. - Jerico, 2019

  • kj
    kj 4 months ago

    these #sonsofguns were using #128kb of ram in the late 80’s! I used the same in 2004 🤯🤯🤯

  • Alper GÖÇEN
    Alper GÖÇEN 4 months ago +1

    As a computer engineer, I am always inspired by these two men here. One of them is the one who changed the world and created one of the most valuable brands of the world by his deep passion in "perfect design" and the other one has changed the way we understand software and how to sell it. Both have set the bar too high in their own professional fields.

  • Max game
    Max game 4 months ago

    La verità e che negando il comunismo e negando Gesù ma interpretandolo e uccidendo persone create da DIO cioè tutti Gesù lo vedete andicappato, senza offesa per la casta creata i salvatori li vedete invalidi per le persecuzioni da pregiudizio che create con l'io di "Hitler" "satana" militari pm o narcisisti che denigrano il prossimo.
    In scia a tutti i credi andate a farvi fottere e pregate di non essere responsabili delle persecuzioni per manipolazioni di credi e usanze dei popoli.
    🙇🤗😇♥️🌈Aloha 🔮
    Gli italiani non hanno paura dei terroristi ma degli italiani che li ricordano la costruzione che hanno violato violando l'ubuntu che e celato all'interno 👻vedete di ripempire i conti perché saltate come Pietro Micca ci ha insegnato. E basta demoni diavoli narcisisti e mercenari.

  • luce luxe
    luce luxe 4 months ago

    هل يوجد ترجمة لهذا اللقاء بين ستيف جوبز و بيل غيتس على الكراسي الحمراء

  • Md. Mehrab Haque
    Md. Mehrab Haque 4 months ago

    35:47 Steve just used Zuckerberg to tickle Bill Gates

  • Abdullah Al-Hazzani
    Abdullah Al-Hazzani 4 months ago

    Horrible interviewers