Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
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    Rick may get all the attention, but Morty is just as essential to Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. Here are the reasons why #MortyMatters and why it's perfectly okay to be a Morty.
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  • ScreenPrism
    ScreenPrism  10 months ago +142

    Check out the wonderful merch at www.SchwiftRickGear.com
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    • Pharna
      Pharna 19 days ago

      I can't believe you don't even check your own sponsers, I can't stay subscribed to a channel sponsered by people who steal artwork from artists.

    • Solar Gambit
      Solar Gambit 27 days ago +2

      The art on these products are stolen

    • William Seward
      William Seward Month ago +1

      Nice job promoting art stealing scammers.

    • gaymowers
      gaymowers Month ago

      laurianne bending Are you an idiot? She said that the characters phineas and ferb are similar to rick and morty, they have opposite personalities. Also, Doc and Marty wasn’t an episode, it was the original idea for Rick and Morty which definitely changed.

  • xam wuz here
    xam wuz here 2 hours ago

    Tbh, I like ricks mind set due to my similar idear, I like to see the literal side of things.
    I decided a long time ago after being messed around that I am the most important, i don’t give a shit what people think of me, I’m selfish, I admit it 😂 and I don’t see anything bad with it, when you spend your time thinking of other people, you forget that you’re important.
    Only have a few select people to the exception of this and trust me u will be better off

  • Dustin Emerzian
    Dustin Emerzian 19 hours ago

    Boobs, boobs is always the answer.

  • Sekkendou
    Sekkendou Day ago

    And this video is what made me subscribe. Nice work.

  • alex schön
    alex schön 2 days ago

    thank you for spoiling star wars :/

  • Oscar Partida
    Oscar Partida 2 days ago

    This is one the best made videos. Great job!

  • Rick Lewis
    Rick Lewis 3 days ago

    Band wagon hoping on, overly sexualised, showoffy, approval seeking, dumb fucktard loosers.

  • Rick Lewis
    Rick Lewis 3 days ago

    So becoming an "adult" means becoming a dumb ass lame sheepish replaceable boring ant like piece of shit? Well no wonder society is so full of shit bag wannabees.

  • Marifel Angelica
    Marifel Angelica 4 days ago

    Good lord, I am a Morty.

  • Blue Boi
    Blue Boi 5 days ago

    Well, if I'm Morty, I'm Healthy Morty.....

  • ValeTheHowl
    ValeTheHowl 6 days ago

    I don't really like Rick and Morty... but I can say that Morty is NOT as stupid as Rick wants him to believe. Heck, Rick is not as smart as he wants everyone to believe. Rick is the stereotypical insufferable genius, but well... he didn't really do anything genuinely smart in the show. His "science" is more akin to magic than it is to actual science: no explanation nor anything... it's just something Rick can do.
    Meanwhile, Morty is often the one that comes up with plans and understanding of the situation. It is Morty who figured out that the Parasites only make good memories. And evil Morty played all the Citadel's Ricks like fiddles.
    Intelligence is coming up with the simplest solution for a difficult problem, and by this definition Morty is actually smarter than Rick.

  • Charlie Reeds
    Charlie Reeds 8 days ago

    Really nice video

  • Chuu Etteck My R
    Chuu Etteck My R 8 days ago

    Aw what? There should be spoiler warning here. I didn't wanna know Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father!

  • Analysis HD
    Analysis HD 9 days ago

    Do you guys hear that beeping in the background? It's very faint. Could just be me, but I'm asking to make sure.

  • John Karavitis
    John Karavitis 9 days ago

    Check out my chapter in the upcoming "Rick and Morty and Philosophy", to be published in the VERY near future! John V. Karavitis

  • Loki Laufeyson
    Loki Laufeyson 9 days ago

    totally off topic but I cant truly hate Jerry bcs I relate a lot with him. I m s o r a n d o m P l u t o i s a p l a n e t

  • etoo23
    etoo23 10 days ago

    Breaking Bad?

  • Sophisticated Giraffe
    Sophisticated Giraffe 11 days ago

    P.S Giraffe was here

  • uranuim hot dogg
    uranuim hot dogg 13 days ago

    I think I hate this channel

  • GarCo Enterprise
    GarCo Enterprise 13 days ago

    Big head morty is a pop and all those plush toys are bootleg

  • Greed Sin
    Greed Sin 15 days ago

    well done on supporting theft

  • Jack Harter
    Jack Harter 16 days ago

    Damn what a total complete waste of time

  • skyler vanderpool
    skyler vanderpool 16 days ago

    I’m a me. And I hope you’re a you.

  • Max Ó Fhloinn
    Max Ó Fhloinn 16 days ago

    The Hufflepuff and the Slytherin

  • Celestia
    Celestia 17 days ago

    I think I'm a Morty

  • Manek Iridius
    Manek Iridius 17 days ago

    Stop supporting scammers.

  • Mark King
    Mark King 18 days ago

    Of course Morty maters. Except Jerry. Fuck that guy. Can't believe Beth or her clone took him back.

  • insomnia candy
    insomnia candy 20 days ago

    fuck yea he does

  • The Blue Lizard
    The Blue Lizard 22 days ago

    High IQ video

  • BuLLeT2431
    BuLLeT2431 22 days ago

    You guys are great man.

  • Hua Xiong
    Hua Xiong 23 days ago +1

    To make it nice and easy to prevent rick from killing himself (but what about that sacrifice that one time in the shrodinger's Cat episode) *does a pewdiepie headbang* SSHUT UP.

  • Tea Person
    Tea Person 24 days ago

    Mortality pet? More like MORTYality pet--- I'll stop now

  • Mrs Jeon
    Mrs Jeon 25 days ago

    To all the morty’s of the world, DONT LET THEM FOOL YOU,THE RICKS ARE NOT SUPERIOR!

  • Skaarf The Dragon
    Skaarf The Dragon 26 days ago


  • RuyBlas
    RuyBlas 26 days ago

    herry will kill voldmorty and marry his mother, so the prophecy says

  • NightHunter2313
    NightHunter2313 28 days ago

    Morty isn't the audience; he is an extreme of a human being (uncontrollably anxious and naive) and Rick is the other extreme (narcissistically over confident and ingenious). They're, in the words of the creators, like two sides of the human brain. Rick is logical, self-centred side, and Morty is the Empathetic and Emotion side. The two characters as a combination make you realise that, though you may not all want to believe it, are a combination of them both and you do have the faults that they do somewhere in you're mind, they just might not be concious, and that is why we need both of them. It's a very clever look on the duality of the mind, and showing it as two people also shows self conflict, a battle on which side's opinion is final in getting to your conscious mind.

  • Epixkid 112
    Epixkid 112 28 days ago

    So...evil morty is Ricks standard morty

  • Lukas Gauvreau
    Lukas Gauvreau 29 days ago

    Being a Morty type is great. You do you and your life making it move along as best you can and one random day a “Rick” asks you to join them on an adventure somewhere.
    Makes life normal and eventful at the same time

  • b1njjj95
    b1njjj95 Month ago

    Very nice explanation. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Basically Rick needs Morty no matter how badly he treats him. Morty is just a sweet, innocent little cinnamon roll that needs to be protected.

  • ThunderhunterFTW m
    ThunderhunterFTW m Month ago

    Guys, we all know it’s just because Morty is a shield.

  • Venus Eleni
    Venus Eleni Month ago

    i prefer being a morty

  • Ezeckel Reichert
    Ezeckel Reichert Month ago

    Emotional intelligence is not a thing. Please stop spreading pseudoscience. Being an empathetic person is not the same thing as being an intelligent person.

  • Awzi
    Awzi Month ago

    Luke I am your father

  • keen
    keen Month ago

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. 😂
    And yes, by the way, i DO have a Rick & Morty tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the ladies' eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they're within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid 😎

  • Xivliai
    Xivliai Month ago

    So rick is the man and Morty his is wife and rick needs Morty to fill that emotional need like a man needs his wife to make babies,,,?? Gotcha like the earth needs the moon for balance

  • Sumeet tanwar
    Sumeet tanwar Month ago

    evil morty is the best episode of the serie.

  • Malak Hiks
    Malak Hiks Month ago

    “Do you sometimes get the urge to yell, ‘I’M PICKLE RICK!’”

  • lenny
    lenny Month ago

    Dude Rick is a fucking god man i bet he rules our universe too

  • Jdgj Gigi
    Jdgj Gigi Month ago

    We need rick and morty season 4!

  • Tigerman1138
    Tigerman1138 Month ago

    Morty is a brain-wave shield ONLY. The rest of the video is meaningless.
    Proof: Morty is DRAGGED, literally, into adventures. He rarely, if ever, seems okay with even being around. Forced to fire on living beings when told they are robots, being used as a mega seed-mule WAY UP THERE, and there are only two instances i can see him having anything in return for constantly being made a mental human-cloak in two instances: sex robot and day-spa, both of which had “hilarious” results.
    Even when he gets with a chick inside Ruben’s body Rick whisks her away claiming she has “puffy vagina”-aka “I need you as a shield.”

    Read with humor, written tongue-in-cheek being ironic to SOME degree.

  • Ziv Atad
    Ziv Atad Month ago

    9:29 actually it's not get schwifti it's
    something ricked this way comes
    "the "pluto is/isn't a planet episode

  • Calum Thatcher
    Calum Thatcher Month ago

    You proved your thesis about Mortys emotional intelligence well enough although I think you missed the best piece of evidence that healthy morty, without gaining anything morty didn't already possess is able to manipulate his way into an adult life and success with sales tactics

  • Lucas Varela
    Lucas Varela Month ago

    I'm a jerry

  • turl
    turl Month ago

    I hate to sound edgy, but a huge part of my growing up constituted a parallel to Evil Morty in how he came to hate the intelligence that dwarfed him, so he surpassed it and became it in the process.

  • Wayne Johnston
    Wayne Johnston Month ago

    Morty is definitely me socially awkward, shy, confused lol

  • Braidin Purdy
    Braidin Purdy Month ago

    Cronos?? Isn’t it kronos

  • Loner the Lone Wolf

    Apparently I have too much empathy. Guess who isn't gonna go on a killing rampage.

  • yoxredwolf
    yoxredwolf Month ago

    This is dumb. Rick fucking loves morty

  • Tolgahan Ozcan
    Tolgahan Ozcan Month ago

    Nobody matters except Tiny Rick bitchesss 👑

  • Ali 69
    Ali 69 Month ago

    Why the fuck was I about to cry.

  • Iron 684
    Iron 684 Month ago


  • Geordin Soucie
    Geordin Soucie Month ago

    I love morality chains... in the form of people. Morality pets are cool too...

  • Ryan Lucio
    Ryan Lucio Month ago

    Two things I want to say as someone who just clicked this and has never seen your channel prior:
    1. On this video, I enjoyed what you had to say about the father son complex and it's sadly detrimental but still inevitable effects upon a story. Personally I would love to see more stories about fathers that except inevitability and raise their sons to replace them and accept that each person has their time, even the king, and tried to encourage that understanding in the children they produce. However, this is still a trope, a common theme, simply because people are so self centered as to internalize the importance of the individual over the group or even those closest to them. The truth is, morally upright people should see that thwarting their own progeny is, in fact, its' own evil. Giving them the tools to succeed, and secede,the throne is idealistic for the kingdom. All grow old and are replaced.
    2. Your plug for sponsorship was honest and sincere. It was a good fit, and something the people seeing your channel would actually be keen to. Good for you for that and for delivering it in such a way that we the viewer can believe you actually support this as a person.
    Thank you for your intelligent and concise video.

  • Daniel Leight
    Daniel Leight Month ago +1

    I'm a morty but I can speak ricks language.

  • Kristian Rosado
    Kristian Rosado Month ago

    Morty is a human cloaking device .-.

  • Dalton Brennan
    Dalton Brennan Month ago

    side note... what if Beth gives birth to a Morty that becomes the Rick for a different universe making it as if he is not his own grandfather and is at the same time...

  • Dalton Brennan
    Dalton Brennan Month ago

    morty is rick as a kid... he is his own grandfather....

  • Clearly Obfuscated
    Clearly Obfuscated Month ago

    This whole video is pointless because Rick flat out explained why he hangs out with Morty and that reason is Morty is so stupid he hides Rick's IQ from aliens with the ability to detect high IQs... This entire Darth Vader Oedipus Rex Zeus video=pointless

    DOVAH FARCRY Month ago

    oedipus wont bomb if he winds up with mom keep it gay keep it gay keep it gay!

  • Toure Evelyn
    Toure Evelyn Month ago

    You mean "Luke, I am your father" right?

  • tytetee
    tytetee Month ago

    Morty, at least our Morty, will be a great leader. Good or bad he will be great. Because of Rick.

  • Bug lover Spider lover

    Big warm JACKETS!

  • tenacious645
    tenacious645 Month ago

    9:35 gurl that is not get schwifty

  • Alli Roma
    Alli Roma Month ago

    What does it mean if Mr. Poopybutthole is my favorite character??

  • MegaGermanShepherds


  • cloudneal
    cloudneal Month ago

    when Morty's more useful than Rick

  • cloudneal
    cloudneal Month ago

    Rick and Morty, Sherlock and John Watson.. Eh, same people lmao

  • Dynamite Ice cream
    Dynamite Ice cream Month ago

    Pack Preview Samus AND Palutena Preview By Axel Rosered D83Ky3V

  • ligma
    ligma Month ago

    Well i mean first off he's one of the main fuckin characters

  • Will Of Fire
    Will Of Fire Month ago

    Rick is not emotionally intelligent, but he is at least emotionally aware. He is aware of the emotional implications in himself and around him, he simply uses some sort of justification to dismiss them. Rick is very self-righteous.

  • Fernando M
    Fernando M Month ago

    Sometimes I feel like evil morty, anybody else?

  • Conner Brady
    Conner Brady Month ago

    Oh man, oh jeez...th- this comment s-sounds like it was wri-written by a Morty...

  • Marn SSJ
    Marn SSJ Month ago

    Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland are pedophiles

  • Curly McJensenpants

    In conclusion: Morty is a precious lovable cinnamon roll child made of dreams and starlight and deserves every hug in the world. ;-;

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S Month ago +2

    Greetings from Uniquenameosaurus. The "sponsor" of this video sells merchandise with stolen artwork without crediting the original artists. Fuck those guys, and fuck you for not doing your research properly before agreeing to the sponsorship. That is all.

  • nikoolay raykov
    nikoolay raykov Month ago

    I definitely don't want to be a morty.

  • Cory Bonds
    Cory Bonds Month ago

    jesus fucking christ, way to stretch out useless info that has nothing to do with the video or the subject you claimed it was about

  • Anker Larsson
    Anker Larsson Month ago +3

    sponsor of this stole the artwork on the clothes

  • Robert Emil Schwaner

    I think you’re overthinking this show.

  • Zokix11 MC
    Zokix11 MC 2 months ago +2

    You're sponsored by scammers who steal art and the artists don't see a penny from it. Cut your ties with them or you're as bad as them.

  • E
    E 2 months ago +1

    Morty is the heart of the show .. (Thank you for putting that out)

  • Game On!
    Game On! 2 months ago

    i'd say that the reason why rick doesn't seem to care about other people's feelings, and doesn't mind killing at will, is because he is a high-functioning sociopath with psychopathic tendencies, and to explain his complete lack of skills when it comes to interacting with any other life form, is because he is more than likely has Asperger's (for those of you that don't know, that is basically a form of autism that makes people socially awkward, and gives them an all-absorbing interest in specific topics.) in Rick's case, this would mean that he doesn't care about feelings and doesn't interact with people very well because he simply does not know how, and he is extremely interested in science, technology, and travel. this also explains why he turned himself into a pickle to get out of family therapy because those types of social situations make him irritable and uncomfortable, and why in general he tries to limit his interactions to people he knows, his family, and especially Morty (i understand rick and morty are related but there is a much stronger bond there than with the rest of rick's family)

  • Tony Sandes
    Tony Sandes 2 months ago

    So that's why Rick doesn't want Morty to become smart he's already like-able therefore he has to the people skills to get people to trust him. One of Ricks downfalls is pretty much everywhere he goes he's universally hated causing for a lot of animosity when he goes on adventures. If Morty gains Rick's intelligence he can do basically anything he wants with no resistance and maybe even help. That's why Evil Morty becoming president is huge for the plot

  • Don Korb
    Don Korb 2 months ago +4

    You should really cut that ad here, SchwiftRickGear steals the art used for their merch without even giving credit to the artists. I really don't think you want to associate yourself with a brand like that.

  • The random gamer
    The random gamer 2 months ago

    The person said that it was in get swiftly but however it is in the episode where Morty and Jerry go to Pluto where Morty says things like that to Jerry whilst Jerry is in the suit in this video

  • Lil Kil
    Lil Kil 2 months ago

    This shit is boring

  • Ahmed Alhashimi
    Ahmed Alhashimi 2 months ago +3

    Sooo im just gonna come out and say this: the website steals the art and the quality is pretty bad..just sayin might wanna do something about it.

  • Alejandro Cordova
    Alejandro Cordova 2 months ago

    Harry potter spoilers... fuck you

  • Karorai Tenshi
    Karorai Tenshi 2 months ago +1

    i think Morty is best... >:3.... and cutest