Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
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    Rick may get all the attention, but Morty is just as essential to Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. Here are the reasons why #MortyMatters and why it's perfectly okay to be a Morty.
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  • ScreenPrism
    ScreenPrism  3 months ago +86

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    • laurianne bending
      laurianne bending 5 days ago +1

      The first episode was called the adventures of Doc and Marty, Phineas and Ferb wasn't an inspiration for the show dumb ass.

    • laurianne bending
      laurianne bending 5 days ago

      Fuck you, did you even watch the actual show. If you did you're just fucking dumb.

    • Nemesis NHF76
      Nemesis NHF76 10 days ago

      ScreenPrism and the guy that plays Rick said that he has to drink at least 10 beers to get into the Rick Roll fun fact

    • Nemesis NHF76
      Nemesis NHF76 10 days ago

      ScreenPrism Rick and Morty was based on Back to the Future the first episode ever made wasn't back to the future episode with Rick and Morty but it was never aired

    • Freddie Ince
      Freddie Ince Month ago

      You do realise that Rick and Morty is a parady of back to the future

  • Kofi Amoako
    Kofi Amoako 4 hours ago

    you know how most people want to be rick and actually turn out to be morty, im pretty sure i would be jerry. lets start a jerry fan club

  • Elliot Elbaz
    Elliot Elbaz Day ago

    Well without Morty it would be rick & mr meeseeks

  • Niara Noctyrna
    Niara Noctyrna Day ago

    Thanks for spoiling Harry Potter for me. Totally wasn't expecting that.

  • Philipp Schmid
    Philipp Schmid Day ago

    ...Every time you say emotional inteligence..... just no that is not a thing some try to make it a thing but it is just not there is no connection to intelligance there you could call it emotional intuition or something along those lines the ability to gage emotion is completely appart from the concept of intelligence so why try to connect the two terms so desperately? because Intelligence to you just means some sort of mental competence?

  • Unpurporsed Person
    Unpurporsed Person 2 days ago

    I think that the comment section just made my cringes autistic. Whenever I cringe from now on, people will think I'm autistic, and reject me due to their retarded delusions that autism is a disease that makes people retarded and completely oblivious to what's going on around them. It also means extra patronising and suffering, aw geez. What has our society become?

    SERGIO ROMAN 2 days ago

    fuck yea rick n morty ill will love to be rick i love science

  • Ghost in a jar Madore

    For me, Morty is the hero of the show. Even though Rick is almost godlike, Morty is 14 and somehow handles the pressure of adolescence laced with super science and the mysteries of our universe. Somehow he seems to come out on top. I relate to him because in my youth I was damaged and didn't think I would live to see 30. But at age 50 now,looking back over the years my youth was an incredible adventure, I'm sure like most people......

  • Mr. Gray
    Mr. Gray 3 days ago

    In Greek mythology, "Kronos pleasuring his dad, who didn't look too displeased".

  • Legendary Dragon
    Legendary Dragon 3 days ago

    This is my conscperioncy I think evil morty was left behind by rick that’s y evil morty hates all kinds of ricks

  • Jean-Frédéric Rolland

    Average RnM fans are Ricks. Average ScreenJizm fans are Morties.... don't be retarded, retard!

  • TanaMoose AND YOU KNOW

    Marty is a manipulator

  • TanaMoose AND YOU KNOW


  • A Turian on lean
    A Turian on lean 5 days ago

    STFU about moon men!

  • Nick Jones
    Nick Jones 5 days ago

    That sweatshirt (Hoodie) looks like someone vomited on it.

  • laurianne bending
    laurianne bending 5 days ago

    Fuck, have you even watched the show, so many things you said are Rong, like the thing about froopy land Phineas and Ferb, the inspiration was back to the future. Also, if you did watch the show you would know that Rick and Tomy said, Beth was a scary and psychotic child.

  • black cat
    black cat 5 days ago

    Morty just "gets it". Raise your glass.

  • Trahlem
    Trahlem 6 days ago +1

    Great video! Whats the music used in the background in the first couple of minutes?

  • Dot Gasner
    Dot Gasner 6 days ago

    fuck yeah team morty!

  • Existential.mp3
    Existential.mp3 6 days ago

    Love rick and morty!
    Check my rick and morty edit

  • naveen can
    naveen can 7 days ago

    Hmm., But am i the only one who relates most to Jerry than anyone else

  • Dawson Glawe
    Dawson Glawe 7 days ago

    I feel like Morty is even smarter than he lets on. I mean, figured out how to basically cronenberg Ethan with a machine he also seemed to know nothing about originally. He learns things to protect the heart. He does whatever it takes to protect his family, both physically and emotionally. He would clearly even destroy someone to avenge a family member's honor.

  • ChrisRBLX
    ChrisRBLX 8 days ago

    Morty lives Matter!

  • RedGriffinKitten
    RedGriffinKitten 8 days ago

    EI and IQ

  • Flying_Cowpug
    Flying_Cowpug 8 days ago

    By cutting his Penis off.

  • Dirty Dingo
    Dirty Dingo 8 days ago

    When they went to Pluto??

  • pkmcburroughs
    pkmcburroughs 9 days ago

    Wow. So being a big fucking genius isn't the only thing that makes a person useful? Someone better spread the word before it's too late. And I'm not being sarcastic.

  • Gyranos
    Gyranos 9 days ago

    Shut up Meg, You don't matter!

    Sorry wrong video


  • Elijah Ford
    Elijah Ford 9 days ago

    The meaning of life is 42

  • Frozen Alpha
    Frozen Alpha 10 days ago


  • JR. Thone
    JR. Thone 10 days ago

    I thought this was going to be another Fan Theory video, it ended up being a lesson in relationship dynamic philosophy. Ehh, sure.....why not?

  • Callum Poole
    Callum Poole 10 days ago

    Lmao people don't understand that morty is intelligent

  • Amber Jones
    Amber Jones 11 days ago

    Its not "Get Shwifty that morty tells jerry he's a genius at being his dad .....its "Something ricked this way comes" ..get the episodes straight if your going to analyze them.

  • Ferdi Karp
    Ferdi Karp 11 days ago

    People depend on morty? Beth was Happy with Jerry because they were gone :D

  • Ferdi Karp
    Ferdi Karp 11 days ago

    uhm 9:27: that wasn't get schwifty, you're six episodes late :P

  • Luis Mendez
    Luis Mendez 11 days ago

    Wasn’t there a Mandela effect where Darry Vader days i’m Your father instead of I am your father? Cus I’m this vid he clearly says I am

  • SealTNTexplosion
    SealTNTexplosion 12 days ago +1

    Morty also matters because the Morty waves cancel out the Rick waves, which is especially important to Rick C-137 because he has to hide from The Citadel and The Federal galatic Gov. or whatever. But i still agree with this video.

  • SealTNTexplosion
    SealTNTexplosion 12 days ago

    Morty also matters because the Morty waves cancel out the Rick waves, which is especially important to Rick C-137 because he has to hide from The Citadel and The Federal galatic Gov. or whatever. But i still agree with this video.

  • S1lenT
    S1lenT 13 days ago

    I'm gonna be a piece of shit and I will report the video for sexual content cause of 1:20

  • Reaper
    Reaper 13 days ago

    10:25 which episode is this ?

  • Original name
    Original name 13 days ago

    Pfft. The only reason mortys exist is because without them ricks can’t hide their genius waves.

  • Anonymuz 1
    Anonymuz 1 13 days ago +1

    1:20 Whats Up With The D1ck Picture

  • Giulia Leoncini
    Giulia Leoncini 14 days ago

    Thank you guys this video really cheers me up I’m a little Morty too

  • Chris Gorman
    Chris Gorman 14 days ago

    Why even ask this question? Its so obvious, I mean his name is in the title.

  • Xydez
    Xydez 16 days ago

    Not exactly a wisecrack, but still a good video.

  • R E A L I S T xxx
    R E A L I S T xxx 16 days ago

    I always had morty as my role model

  • Maurice Napier
    Maurice Napier 17 days ago

    this analysis is all wrong. well not all wrong, but partly wrong

  • Allison Shirley
    Allison Shirley 17 days ago

    @2:43 DONT SAY HIS NAME!!!

  • primpal08
    primpal08 17 days ago

    Morty is camouflage. Evil Morty rigged the election - the first time we see him he's killing Rick & imprisoning Mortys, many of whom no doubt eventually ended up at the Council of Ricks. My question is why there are no Diane's except in Rick's memories. Rick's wife never appears among any of the limitless Ricks. She appears briefly in Rick's memory when he's being probed by evil Morty's robot Rick & again in Rick's fake backstory. It never comes up but if there has to be a Beth for there to be a Morty & there has to be a Diane for there to be a Beth.

  • Elat
    Elat 18 days ago

    Surprisingly good analysis

  • Lostfinding333
    Lostfinding333 18 days ago

    This video was fantastic

  • Tom Riddle
    Tom Riddle 18 days ago

    3:45 - 4:15 You say Rick fears that Morty will surpass him and therefore suppresses him out of fear.
    That's quite the opposite of his character description!

  • Dünna [Red Side]
    Dünna [Red Side] 18 days ago

    You don't wanna be a Rick. Trust me. All the hope leaves your heart as soon as the innocence does it.

  • Noone Special
    Noone Special 19 days ago

    *sees title* who even THINK he doesn't?!

  • daniel elliott
    daniel elliott 20 days ago

    come on morty has to be somewhat intelligent more so than maybe he himself knows after all how many Neutrino bombs can an average person disarm? my guess probably none and morty is heard telling rick hes disarmed too many of them which would indicated alot or at the very least id guess around 10 but hell even one would be impossible for the average person unless odds were in their favor and they happen to cut press or destroy that one area that disarms the bomb at 2 seconds left oh wait thats only in movies lol.

  • Daniel Wilsbach
    Daniel Wilsbach 21 day ago

    I like what u did here, but morty isnt just emotionally intelligent. Even in the comics which r canon if im not wrong, when rick isnt present he is actually a genius. Hes not on the same level as rick but is able to take over the world and send a biogenetic slug thing thru portals. So he is highly intelligent

  • Phycho Neard
    Phycho Neard 21 day ago

    # Morty lives matter

  • The Angry Badger 2506


  • Decaticon Lord
    Decaticon Lord 25 days ago

    morty matters wasnt a question lol

  • IAmVeryAwkward
    IAmVeryAwkward 26 days ago

    6:19 is where it gets interesting =w=

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone 27 days ago +1

    This disgusts me

  • Brittany Finney
    Brittany Finney 27 days ago

    Love everything about Rick and morty sometime I can be a morty and sometime I can be summer

  • lilith thekiller from creepy cute Studios

    I'm a Morty. X3

  • Dominic YT
    Dominic YT 28 days ago


  • Lana Uchida
    Lana Uchida 28 days ago +1

    don't you love mom&dad anymore?

  • Lana Uchida
    Lana Uchida 28 days ago +1

    Morty is so cool

  • Lana Uchida
    Lana Uchida 28 days ago +1

    if we went to the beginning of time we could invent things and all kinds of stuff we would be god like and have gods power does time travel really exist?does time exist?

  • Lana Uchida
    Lana Uchida 28 days ago +1

    I ♥️ Rick I want a T-shirt that says that

  • Lana Uchida
    Lana Uchida 28 days ago +1

    I know we could have a show where a portal takes you to a dimension to the past like the beginning of time and try to time travel

  • Mustafa Mehmet Keleş
    Mustafa Mehmet Keleş 28 days ago +1

    Moreover, the episode that rick and morty detoxinate themselves also has a vital clue about the notion you coined. Remember other rick ( toxic one) invented electricity while morty was making pottery. So, as we know, science is an objective thing that is why there is no need for ethics while pottery(as an type of art) is remarkably relative and its ethical evolution is affected by dynamoes of each civilization(culture). Last but not a least, the thing said by moonman approved this little art, science and ethis paradox. (sorry for my bad English)

  • Saiko Kurosu
    Saiko Kurosu Month ago

    Honestly, I like to think I'm a Morty. But, let's face it, I'm probably more of a Jerry, like the annoying *parts* of the R&M fandom.

  • Josh Buehler
    Josh Buehler Month ago

    Rick time traveled back creating fake memories in Beth’s mind

  • Nelson TheAwesome
    Nelson TheAwesome Month ago

    somebody needs to show this video to Rick XD

  • Susie Rose
    Susie Rose Month ago

    You either die a Morty or you live long enough to become a Rick..

  • Shikhar Tiwari
    Shikhar Tiwari Month ago

    the epispde was not get schwifty its someting ricked!

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones Month ago

    the outro music sounds just right

  • iLLeST WzrD
    iLLeST WzrD Month ago

    Cronos ate his children. Three got away. Zues hades and Poseidon. All theee killed cronos

  • stellvia hoenheim
    stellvia hoenheim Month ago

    Who the fuck wants to be a Morty?

  • mijachin
    mijachin Month ago

    What a load of BS

  • GreenBeltStudios
    GreenBeltStudios Month ago


  • Carnish REACH
    Carnish REACH Month ago

    Well, I'm noob noob

  • Enderblawk
    Enderblawk Month ago

    "Shut the fuck up about moon men!"
    All of my lol

  • LJayanitorOfficial
    LJayanitorOfficial Month ago

    Holy shit I’m a morty

  • Jesse Hermacinski
    Jesse Hermacinski Month ago +2

    A message from all the ricks n mortys that liked this videoto to all the rick n mortys that disliked this video YOUR OUT NUMBERED!!!

  • phroz
    phroz Month ago +1


  • squirrel dude
    squirrel dude Month ago

    Rick: "Those megaseeds were a real pain in the ass, huh Morty?"

  • squirrel dude
    squirrel dude Month ago

    Um, that picure at 1:35 will be tattooed to my brain forever. Thanks 👍

  • Kyanthony Davis
    Kyanthony Davis Month ago

    All abaoooooooord mothafuckaaaaaaaaaa! Rip train guy rest in trains

  • david gebhardt
    david gebhardt Month ago

    The answer is he isn't. Stop watching.

  • Zaki Hashmi
    Zaki Hashmi Month ago +1

    So would you rather be a super smart genius without caring about other people or be a little less than averagely dumb child that can understand how others feel can care for all life.

    • Shady D
      Shady D 17 days ago

      Zaki Hashmi I would rather be somewhere between the two options

  • richard dunlop
    richard dunlop Month ago +1

    I am a rick and I have a morty he’s called Tyler

  • Shaun McEwan
    Shaun McEwan Month ago

    Absolutely brilliant and eloquent analysis guys. 12/10. Thank you for reminding me that TVclip, while dominated by idiots, can still be the domain of insight, and a platform for intellectual comment.

  • Lu Austin
    Lu Austin Month ago

    Emotional intelligence isn't worthless, but compared to IQ it does not give you an accurate representation of how successful you will be later in life. The reason why emotional intelligence is bullshit is because in the cases where we need innovation, or brand new concepts that save hundreds of millions of lives the act of sympathy or understanding is worthless. Understanding someones emotions did not create the Polio vaccine. Society isn't wrong in assuming that emotional intelligence is inferior to IQ, well at least unless you are one of the plebs that gets angry about the IQ vs EI while using a device that was created by a genius. If you are that type of person than don't reply.

  • minorshows jrfnetwork

    Ruining Rick and Morty. 👎

  • Haemi Lee
    Haemi Lee Month ago

    id rather be a jerry than a rick

  • 달까마기
    달까마기 Month ago

    I think evilmorty is kind a robot...?
    Deep learning Ai something.
    Blood is fake just guess... not important.

  • Darth Potato
    Darth Potato Month ago

    Notice how Morty always sits at the head of the table?

  • American Mexican
    American Mexican Month ago

    One answer brain waves

  • Fozzy Bear
    Fozzy Bear Month ago +1

    To be fair you have t have a high IQ to understand this

  • Moon Foxy
    Moon Foxy Month ago

    Im a fricking Morty. A depressed and edgy Morty, but still a Kind of Morty