Rick and Morty: Why Morty Matters

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
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    Rick may get all the attention, but Morty is just as essential to Adult Swim's Rick and Morty. Here are the reasons why #MortyMatters and why it's perfectly okay to be a Morty.
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  • ScreenPrism
    ScreenPrism  7 months ago +124

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    • TheTrueBro 64
      TheTrueBro 64 Month ago


    • N. J. P.
      N. J. P. 2 months ago

      ScreenPrism for a while there I forgot that we where talking about Rick and Morty

      DEDPOOL IO 3 months ago

      Rick is the most important caracter so shut the f#*@ up

    • laurianne bending
      laurianne bending 4 months ago +1

      The first episode was called the adventures of Doc and Marty, Phineas and Ferb wasn't an inspiration for the show dumb ass.

    • laurianne bending
      laurianne bending 4 months ago

      Fuck you, did you even watch the actual show. If you did you're just fucking dumb.

  • David Lasquez
    David Lasquez 23 hours ago

    Can't I just be both a Rick And a Morty?

  • K-9
    K-9 2 days ago

    im possible the worst parts of both the characters, im mentally smart, but I cant access my smartiness, same with my emotional intelligence, I got it... somewhere. _/(.-.)\_

  • Risky Nights
    Risky Nights 3 days ago

    Morty is Rick when he's young. Rick says he used to wear blue pants. Morty is obsessed with red heads which Rick expressly asks to have an orgy with only redheaded Unity women

  • Penguin Fluffy
    Penguin Fluffy 4 days ago

    …he doesn’t.

  • Gavin the Gem
    Gavin the Gem 4 days ago

    There is a pocket morty character chain at the end

  • Mark Tokar
    Mark Tokar 5 days ago

    Why does Darth Vader say "no I am your father" instead of "Luke, Iamyour father"

  • I nobodycaresanyway
    I nobodycaresanyway 6 days ago +1

    It has a deeper meaning.... your just Overcomplicating it instead of thinking about the psychics instead of the psychological effect behind the show. But, you didn't know that until now, didn't you ;)

  • Vitor Bernardes
    Vitor Bernardes 6 days ago

    Holy shit... never seen such humble genius as this channel.
    It's like you are Morty grown up and Wisecrak is Rick.

  • David Parent
    David Parent 7 days ago

    alot of this is out off track

  • Joseph Pingel
    Joseph Pingel 8 days ago

    Morty is turning into the mane person of rick and morty

  • David Portass
    David Portass 8 days ago

    woah woah woah, Star Wars spoiler!!! lol :)

  • Gamercatsz
    Gamercatsz 10 days ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but "Emotional Intelligence" does not exist. You only have IQ. High IQ combined with a high score in the personallity traits like conscientiousness and honesty results in "emotional intelligence", but it's really just high IQ combined with the right personality.

  • Angel Soto
    Angel Soto 12 days ago

    With out watching first. Morty has to exist or else rick will really just freak out planet people. They are both like each other so it is easy for people to comort around them. Whole aspect of it. Mentally/god has to do with this

  • Herbert Miller
    Herbert Miller 14 days ago

    Never *EVER* say all about infinite universies

  • Tenzin Price
    Tenzin Price 16 days ago

    Rick and Morty is a play on words of brick and mortar. Morty is the glue that holds Rick together.

  • palmieres
    palmieres 17 days ago

    I don't know if it's funny or sad that some people think they're a Rick...

  • Phillip Rhoades
    Phillip Rhoades 18 days ago +1

    Morty + Rick == Mork From Ork

  • KawaiiMisha
    KawaiiMisha 19 days ago

    absolutely love the script for this video, always use it as an inspirationt for my Uni/College essays, beautiful ^-^

  • AndyH 1
    AndyH 1 19 days ago

    Being a morty??? nonono
    be a mortyRick/rickMorty

  • Nebby The Cosmog Revolution

    Morty matters
    *Because A Morty is what makes a Rick A Rick*

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith 21 day ago

    Did anyone catch that clue... fuck me i got a huge boner when i realised a huge clue to what rick said and why otherz think rick and morty are the same... or that jerry is rick.. he said he USED TO WEAR BLUE PANTS!

  • Aaron James
    Aaron James 22 days ago

    Morty Lives Matter

  • Kwan Holloway
    Kwan Holloway 22 days ago

    I truly appreciated this video. firstly, the narrator sounds very attractive and has a nice voice. secondly, it's nice to get insight into Rick and Morty's relationship. I liked that many important points were brought up relating to each character and that honestly, otherwise, might not have been put into such a grand perspective had it not been for this video. awesomeness at its finest

  • Emil Kovachev
    Emil Kovachev 23 days ago

    FUCK NORMIES !!!!!

  • Tangemur Ahmed
    Tangemur Ahmed 23 days ago

    well done.

  • Benton Madsen
    Benton Madsen 23 days ago

    Morty isn’t the audience, Jerry is. Best character.

  • Jim James
    Jim James 25 days ago

    Morty Lives Matter!

  • Brandon Espinoza
    Brandon Espinoza 26 days ago

    Well, there is such thing as being the "Mortyest" Morty.

  • Catnium
    Catnium 26 days ago

    we got a word for emotionally intelligent . its called empathy... so stop making up words.

  • Creativity At Random
    Creativity At Random 26 days ago

    I'm a mix of Rick and Morty

  • whydoievenbothertoputthishere

    Very wel written episode explores great material few seem to fully grasp

  • Imagene Loucks
    Imagene Loucks 29 days ago


  • Kaylie B
    Kaylie B Month ago

    We are all Mortys on this blessed day.

  • Reb Eliz
    Reb Eliz Month ago

    im morty evil morty tiny rick beth jerry and of course lincler

  • Abby
    Abby Month ago

    Memes aside, this was actually a very insightful, and well-thought out analysis of the Morty/Rick dynamic. Great Video, thanks.

  • Van Jackson
    Van Jackson Month ago

    When are you going to do Dragon Ball Z??! 🙆🏽🙏🏻

  • obsolete18
    obsolete18 Month ago

    House is based on Sherlock holmes

  • brett steele
    brett steele Month ago

    it's hilarious how y ou speak as if this is the most phsycological show on television

  • Kellie B
    Kellie B Month ago

    I'm a Summer Tbh

  • john Whick Suckz
    john Whick Suckz Month ago

    so you say to become a adult i need to kill my dad NANI????

  • Trollololol
    Trollololol Month ago

    You all have small minds, Rick is the only rick that stayed. but somehow he lost his morty, thats why he drinks. so he found a new one and thats why he cares for this morty.

  • Obsidian Assa
    Obsidian Assa Month ago +4

    70 NEW EPISODES!!!!!11!!!1!

    I HATE WHAT I LOVE Month ago

    you should just say that the genius take over the brain so there are nothing else but the genius and when you are dumb you have feeling as other things can start growing too. if you see nerds they are not genius but dumb and care too much about shit!

  • Kyle Joultz
    Kyle Joultz Month ago

    who would yell im pickle rick, seriously...is that a thing

  • Kyle Joultz
    Kyle Joultz Month ago

    EQ is fake news.

  • dude cool
    dude cool Month ago


  • CerealKillerAtNY
    CerealKillerAtNY Month ago

    no one gonna say about the dude that grabbed his dads dick

  • MysticalMystery//Kiri Ta Tundesai

    Isn't that why Rick and Morty is mostly showing stuff about Morty or something?

  • Sony Vue
    Sony Vue Month ago

    if rick is the brains, and morty is the heart, what does that make evil morty who outsmarted his rick?

  • Notsogracefulme
    Notsogracefulme Month ago +1

    I admit, I’m always like Morty t b

  • Run13 Buddhabrot
    Run13 Buddhabrot Month ago

    you guys are taking this way too seriously, its not real.

  • some guy named Merick

    I think this video is amazing, but if Rick would react, he would probably say something like this:
    "Wow.... Everything in this video is completely irrelevant and totally bullshit."

    But deepdown he would think this:
    "Oh my god they're f*cking right, how did I not see this?!"

  • Philoso-what?
    Philoso-what? Month ago

    Oh my god, you have it so wrong. Rick sees his love for morty and hates himself for being human and falling for the feeling of love. So he takes his hate for irrationally loving morty out on morty because he hates himself for it.

  • kailomonkey
    kailomonkey Month ago

    I'd disagree that Morty is us. Not because I associate myself with Rick for being super smart, but because when you look at the world it's dominated by Rick's point of view. Rather we're both Rick and Morty. There are parts of us as humans capable of mistreating humanity as pure numbers, not just in terms of science but economics and self. Morty is the innocent part of us that we want to identify with while ignoring the heartless Rick part of us and surrounding us. There in lies the fantasy of why we watch entertainment. When we identify with Rick it's for understanding it all, taking on the cynicism that gives us the high ground. We feel smart yet we've not come up with anything better, we've acknowledged our futility but haven't resolved it. And that's where Rick is at. On the surface finding no meaning but underneath having connections and meaning we can't resolve into the super-understanding we have... For a start.

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago

    FYI there is no such thing as emotional intelligence just because you add the word "intelligent" to something does that make it valid or some kind of science. This is still a great video on the inside of the TV show.

  • Ana Luchesi
    Ana Luchesi Month ago

    Please make a video about House!

  • ExoticKeko
    ExoticKeko Month ago

    He just has him to keep the smart waves balance with the dumb waves

  • Lil Rost
    Lil Rost Month ago

    “No, I am your father” ???

  • Lex Goo
    Lex Goo Month ago

    I think rick doesn't give a shit about someone's feelings since his wife disappeared

  • SkribbleDaFish
    SkribbleDaFish Month ago

    Evil Morty.

  • games inc
    games inc Month ago

    This was kinda dark

  • Coolchris 0196
    Coolchris 0196 Month ago

    I just saw this just because they have Rick and Morty and I’m seing stuff about death

  • Midwest DankAlumni
    Midwest DankAlumni Month ago

    Sounds like you've never hung out with a downs syndrome kid before.

  • JustAc3
    JustAc3 Month ago +1

    It’s pretty obvious

  • TheBookTalker
    TheBookTalker Month ago

    So Morty can’t be a rocket scientist, but he’ll be a great therapist 👍🏼

  • Vi DerH
    Vi DerH Month ago

    Morty have father and Rick is his grandfather. Fucking MTV video go fuck yourself.

  • Shyt Brick
    Shyt Brick Month ago

    Mind + Blown

  • gorillaz 2d
    gorillaz 2d Month ago

    We are dying. Every second every minute we die and rot like a fruit rotting within days

  • Z Shepherd
    Z Shepherd Month ago

    You forgot about braking bad

  • Keith Parr
    Keith Parr Month ago



  • pedro costa
    pedro costa Month ago

    And Rick represent us whatching The show

  • Mitchell Mammel
    Mitchell Mammel Month ago

    Emotional intelligence isn't a thing

  • Brooks Ozgood
    Brooks Ozgood Month ago

    I love the way you invite the audience to consider new ideas without actually asking...Very Very well done...Attention to detail is top notch and overall it has the most sincere/genuine feel that I have ever experienced in ANY video (sorry wisecrack I still love yall and your philosophy videos BUT dang this one sits apart) You should be very proud of this video cause its really great!

  • Brooks Ozgood
    Brooks Ozgood Month ago

    The Absolute BEST Rick and Morty Video to date!

  • JustTrina //
    JustTrina // Month ago

    I’ve always been a fan of Morty

  • ZanesFacebook
    ZanesFacebook Month ago

    The ad at the end
    "their clothes run small"
    I.e. We drop ship from China with a 3-8 week delivery time at at 2100% markup
    No thanks. I'll order it myself

  • Native Caleb
    Native Caleb Month ago

    Starwars was about making like an apprentice a

  • Sicknasty Pro
    Sicknasty Pro 2 months ago

    Im a Jerry, please kill me.

  • Sicknasty Pro
    Sicknasty Pro 2 months ago


  • Billie Harland
    Billie Harland 2 months ago

    Our society places less value on emotional intelligence because it is less valuable in almost every measurable way. That's not to say it's worthless (it's very enriching) but emotional intelligence didn't give us fire, the wheel, bronze/steel, writing, the compass, the printing press, radio, transistors, personal computers, the internet, real (evidence based) medicine, space travel... the list goes on.
    Granted we probably wouldn't have lived long enough to do anything with our inventions had we not enjoyed the unseen bastions of emotional intelligence (Morty) supporting the great minds of history (Rick)... but let's not get it twisted. Nostalgic pastoralism is not a way forward at this point and we'd all be better served by evidence based thinking than the, all too subjective, rationalizations of emotional 'genius'. That's just me though....

  • Miss Scalia
    Miss Scalia 2 months ago

    Morty is awesome too, I always valued morty

  • [Jay]Kpop Weeaboo
    [Jay]Kpop Weeaboo 2 months ago

    Because morty's brainwaves cancel out rick's so the government doesn't come and find kill him. Rick has explains this many times. Extra things yes but morty is mainly just a shield. A toy.

  • Rafael Sandoval
    Rafael Sandoval 2 months ago

    09:27: "Something Ricked This Way Comes ", not Get Schwifty

  • Shelby Lerner
    Shelby Lerner 2 months ago

    Speaking on Zodiacs, Morty must be a Cancer. The morality and being more in touch with the emotional side while still being smart and getting things done when he needs to totally would land him there on the Zodiac chart.

  • QuickRapper227
    QuickRapper227 2 months ago

    Fuck Summer. She's a grandpa stealing bitch.

  • Oria Waters
    Oria Waters 2 months ago

    You spent to much time on the examples of father and son but still a good video

  • Jack1999
    Jack1999 2 months ago

    Rick has massive social intelligence. His lack of morals isn’t because he’s incapable of them, it’s because he doesn’t give a fuck. He’s really not deficient in anything. Anyone in ricks place would be the exact same. Morty has no good qualities over rick

  • Matthew Tracy
    Matthew Tracy 2 months ago

    I finck he is just as smart as Rick not lakt the knowledge that Rick has leaving him to be more human

  • The_Gallion TG
    The_Gallion TG 2 months ago

    This is a stupid video... rick keeps him around to mess up the radar that bounty hunters use to track rick... shown on the episode on where evil morty was first shown! this is why i think this is a stupid video! and i hope you guys agree with me...

  • Morty Sanchez
    Morty Sanchez 2 months ago

    Of course I matter duhhhhh

  • A mental Hufflepuff
    A mental Hufflepuff 2 months ago

    I've always thought of myself as a Morty.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago

    To say that Emotional Intelligence is less valuable would be an understatement. I would say it is frowned upon and punished in today's society.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 2 months ago

    You can defeat the natural order of death. Just make a shady deal with Molag Bal.

  • Cult Sacrifice
    Cult Sacrifice 2 months ago

    It's also because mortys brain waves hide Ricks because morty is extremely dumb so there's that

  • Anastazja Lopes
    Anastazja Lopes 2 months ago

    I'm freaking crying .,. This is so genius

  • Emmanuel Morales
    Emmanuel Morales 2 months ago +1

    2 minutes... And I'm already bored of this bs

  • newbslayer CM
    newbslayer CM 2 months ago

    I am way to ready for season 4.