Simon Cowell on Why Susan Boyle Is the Perfect 'America's Got Talent: The Champions' Contestant


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  • The Official Andy Saenz

    Bye bye, Ty Ty! Terry Crews is here. 😂

  • Cat Blue
    Cat Blue 12 days ago +4

    My reason for watching=Susan Boyle

  • William Bowman
    William Bowman 12 days ago +1

    This sucks super fans are idiots libtatrds .I won't watch again

  • SpiceGirlsAreForever
    SpiceGirlsAreForever 13 days ago

    After Mel have her the golden buzzer #queenssupportqueens

  • Dachdog
    Dachdog 13 days ago


  • ShelreeseArnoldussays shelreesearnoldussays

    Angelica hale ...💙💖💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💟💟

  • Str34mTT-DNA-To one trillion 010


  • Josh Flores
    Josh Flores 13 days ago

    I’m so excited for Terry, the guy is just great and having this and Brooklyn nine-nine premiere the same week 👌

  • mary furnier
    mary furnier 14 days ago

    omg i love terry

  • RipYuiChilled
    RipYuiChilled 14 days ago +3

    Susan Boyle got the golden buzzer by Mel B!!!

  • Daniel Anderson
    Daniel Anderson 14 days ago +1

    To make it the best it can be they need to bring Nick Cannon back

  • nutella 87
    nutella 87 14 days ago +4


  • June Hass
    June Hass 14 days ago +2

    Terry is the perfect choice

  • Isaac Cohan
    Isaac Cohan 14 days ago +1

    Terry crews is awesome!!!! Excited!

  • Cress Jaimes
    Cress Jaimes 14 days ago +13

    I am only watching this because of Susan Boyle

  • Gloria Santiago
    Gloria Santiago 14 days ago +5

    I love Terry
    😍 😍 😍

  • Monica Richard
    Monica Richard 14 days ago +6

    Yasss tyra its goneeeee thank u

  • caca yang
    caca yang 14 days ago +6

    Terry crew should do his cover on 1000 miles

  • Jay Hong
    Jay Hong 14 days ago

    Where’s Tyra

    • Luke Hill
      Luke Hill 14 days ago

      She or a big hit on life size 2, so she had to choose between agt and acting, so she chose acting

  • Matt Hughes
    Matt Hughes 14 days ago +14

    Thank God Tyra Banks left

  • Joseph Hogwood
    Joseph Hogwood 14 days ago

    Aroma range

  • Jc Jackson
    Jc Jackson 14 days ago +1

    Wow its ok for Terry to be confident, but R J Bell (great singer for old school nusic) got kick off for confidence, and ripped for having beautiful hair, beautiful muscles and peacock clothing ( which he wore nicely by the way) and singing to the women who by the way loved his beautiful voice, looks, muscles and clothing.
    Howie hated him and Simon tolerated him. I guess its because Terry is already famous and a dog.

    • Candyce Cain
      Candyce Cain 14 days ago

      Ya I'm not a huge fan of Terry Crews. I actually like Tyra... She got ripped for walking out like she's on a runway (which the product told her to do) but it's ok that he's so loud and obnoxious? Hypocrites

  • Edison Escapes
    Edison Escapes 14 days ago +2

    But no one is from Asia's Got Talent or any from the Asian franchise, so how this makes a world competition. lol

    • Edison Escapes
      Edison Escapes 9 days ago +1

      +j hall I want also to see El Gamma Penumbra from Asia's Got Talent Season 1

    • j hall
      j hall 10 days ago +1

      Maybe the Asian winners/runners-up couldn't do it for some reason. Too bad.
      There were 2 from the Asian shows I would have liked to see: Lin Yu Chun, a singer who was a runner-up on "One Million Star" (Taiwan's Got Talent) in 2010; and Jovit Baldivino, a singer who won "Pilipinas Got Talent (Philippines)" in 2010.

    • Edison Escapes
      Edison Escapes 13 days ago

      +Luigi Lorvani Then why Simon calling it the Olympics of talent when Asian franchises are not represented. Just saying... lol

    • Apache King
      Apache King 14 days ago

      We want Sacred Riana!

    • Luigi Lorvani
      Luigi Lorvani 14 days ago

      Edison Escapes The titles says America’s Got Talent - even though Susan is from BGT - she was and still is successful here in the USA

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    Where’s Diversity? The dancing group that won over Susan Boyle on BGT 2009? Are they not going to perform on AGT: The Champions?

    • Becky Beaumia Ritchie
      Becky Beaumia Ritchie 12 days ago +2

      Simon said that some of the winning acts did not want to come on the show because they didn't want to lose.

    • Candyce Cain
      Candyce Cain 14 days ago

      +Terri Kukla There are a few acts competing that won... The girl with the puppets won and the first winner of the show is also competing... I know there's another one but I can remember.

    • Terri Kukla
      Terri Kukla 14 days ago

      If they won..why would they compete?

    • Luigi Lorvani
      Luigi Lorvani 14 days ago +2

      Andy Saenz question to you - where are they now? What are they doing?

  • Kingsley Carter
    Kingsley Carter 15 days ago +10

    Terry is so perfect for this

  • John Marlon
    John Marlon 15 days ago +13

    Terry you were born for this show, welcome aboard

  • curt wall
    curt wall 15 days ago +6

    Good idea like to see susan boyle boost her career more in uk and america and should be a judge move over heidi get new judging panel
    Susan boyle(replacing heidi klum)
    Paula Abdul(replacing Mel B)
    Matthew morrison(replacing Howie Mandel)
    Simon cowell for season 14
    Presented by terry crews

    Judges for season 15
    Susan boyle
    Brandy(replacing Paula Abdul)
    Matthew Morrison
    Simom Cowell
    Presented by terry crews
    Judges for season 16
    Toni braxton(replacing susan boyle)
    Melissa Mccarthy(replacing Brandy)
    Justin timberlake(replacing matthew morrison)
    Simon cowell
    Presented by ryan seacrest

    Judges for season 17
    Toni braxton
    Melissa mccarthy
    Justin timberlake
    Simon cowell
    Presented by ryan seacrest
    Judges for season 18
    Ellen degeneres(replacing toni braxton)
    Nicki minaj
    Melissa mccarthy
    Simon cowell
    Presented by ryan seacrest
    Judges for season 19
    Ellen degeneres
    Nicki minaj
    Sam smith(replacing melissa mccarthy)
    Simon cowell
    Presented by oprah winfrey
    Judges for season 20
    Steven tyler(replacing ellen degeneres)
    Rita ora(replacing nicki minaj)
    Sam smith
    Simon cowell
    Presented by oprah winfrey
    Judges for season21
    Steven tyler
    Rita ora
    Jennifer hudson(replacing sam smith)
    Simon cowell
    Presented by queen latifah

    • Apache King
      Apache King 14 days ago

      No. Get a life

    • Smiley L
      Smiley L 14 days ago

      Go away with this nonsense.

    • Kiki bun
      Kiki bun 15 days ago

      In your dreams boi

    • Pablo Maldonado
      Pablo Maldonado 15 days ago

      curt wall ok who the hell are you and why do you think this is gona work😂

  • Taylor Croft
    Taylor Croft 15 days ago +7

    This is gonna be so cool

  • Juju B
    Juju B 15 days ago +21


    • kuda hitam
      kuda hitam 11 days ago

      So boring..nothing special...only basic magic...

    • Apache King
      Apache King 14 days ago +1

      I scream, you scream, we all scream for Sacred Riana!

    • TheReviews Honor
      TheReviews Honor 14 days ago +2

      Nah.. boring. Slow act. Delayed

    • Dismas A.
      Dismas A. 14 days ago +2

      nah..she got boring...

    • Smiley L
      Smiley L 14 days ago +1

      She's a gimmick.

  • Juju B
    Juju B 15 days ago +19

    Remember World Idol? KELLY WAS ROBBED

    • The Official Andy Saenz
      The Official Andy Saenz Day ago

      Juju B Kelly Clarkson? She’s a legend already!

    • Jimbo Jub
      Jimbo Jub 4 days ago +1

      Monica Hordnes nice. Good for him 👍🏻 thnx for the info

    • Monica Hordnes
      Monica Hordnes 4 days ago +1

      +Jimbo Jub he is. Has had a sucsessful career in music ever since😊

    • blognewb
      blognewb 14 days ago

      No. You all are so OLD AF! j/k I saw it live. We're all so old 😭😭😭

    • R R
      R R 14 days ago

      Yes I was gonna comment that.

  • Michelle Clark
    Michelle Clark 15 days ago +44

    Yas Susan doing it for the Scottish women!