SPOILER ALERT! RuPaul's Drag Race UK Extra Lap Recap: Series 1 Episode 1

  • Published on Oct 4, 2019
  • The British are coming! Actually...wait, no, they're already here. John Polly's recapping Series 1, Episode 1 of RuPaul's Drag Race UK - get your tuppence ready! Watch RuPaul's Drag Race UK NOW on WOW Presents Plus! bit.ly/2maChSw
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Comments • 554

  • nadjie13
    nadjie13 14 days ago

    Sorry for being clueless, but who is the guy making the recaps?

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson 16 days ago

    The gothy Kendal mock walk made me laugh..

  • Roz Harris
    Roz Harris 16 days ago

    I'm just excited that I can actually understand everyone without subtitles unlike the US edition. Haha. Also I actually know the slang they're using.

  • Joe Cambo
    Joe Cambo 17 days ago

    i GASPED at the coin look

  • DJ Dan Murphy
    DJ Dan Murphy 25 days ago +2

    Your recaps are everythingggggg!!!!!

  • lizb
    lizb 26 days ago +1

    I'm from the UK and watched this with my sister and we were laughing all the way through. It makes such a refreshing change from US seasons which are now full of forced drama and queens being fake nice to each other because they're scared of fan backlash. Most of the looks definitely weren't as good as the US version (with some exceptions), but the entertainment value in the werkroom was UP THERE, big contrast to the US versions which I usually want to skip to get to the runway. Originally I didn't think the BBC was a good fit for Drag Race and it would have been better for Channel 4 with prizes, but I like the fact that they leaned in to the fact they couldn't give prizes instead of just trying to ignore it. The Ru Peter Badge (and how contestants still end up bragging about it later) was hilarious, I would have liked if they also gave similar camp joke prizes like a gold star sticker for the mini challenges or a giant cheque reading "£000,000,000.00, absolutely zero million pounds" or something to the winner.

  • Buttered Lumps
    Buttered Lumps 28 days ago

    They all look basic.

  • Johnny Truong
    Johnny Truong Month ago

    Ain't nobody got time to travel over 5,000 miles to make TVclip videos if they're not getting paid. England may have an antiquated af "political" system but I'm sure they have the interwebz. And TVclip. ;)

  • sparkers70
    sparkers70 Month ago

    Still crushing on John Polly after all this time. 😍

  • Brandon Brooks
    Brandon Brooks Month ago

    This whole season is meh. And johns reactions to the drag names are...woke washed.

  • atan c
    atan c Month ago

    Am I the only one that baffled on how scaredy cat got there?

  • JoeStarkz
    JoeStarkz Month ago

    I mean you got a blue peter badge for sending in a drawing....

  • WinstonS84
    WinstonS84 Month ago +2

    I thought Peter Badge was a mustachioed 70's porn star.

  • Your Annoying
    Your Annoying Month ago +1

    Lip sync was trash both should have went home

  • Sarah bearah
    Sarah bearah Month ago

    British people are funnier

  • passableclown
    passableclown Month ago +2

    Drag Race UK has already changed UK drag so much, I’m still gutted at the lack of Scottish representation though

  • Aibhlinn Oakhart
    Aibhlinn Oakhart Month ago

    They didn’t show scaredy-cats Queen Elizabeth look

  • Life of Kate
    Life of Kate Month ago

    I honestly think you guys should get a British host to recap the UK series. Yall are missing the puns and the explanation of the slangs are not as funny as they’re actually used 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • club_pauline
    club_pauline Month ago

    Oh my the UK Pit crew 💘💋💖

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma Month ago

    I always feel like it's a prize when it's BBC. Just sayin'!!

  • Megan G
    Megan G Month ago

    Gothy's walk WTF was that?

  • Paulo Marques
    Paulo Marques Month ago +1

    Lacre viu

  • Noelle Pritchard Barkley

    Thank you god for John Polly. Living for each extra lap recap. 😁👌🏼💐🏆🎀

  • Art Bristow
    Art Bristow Month ago

    I've only just realised Gothy referenced Miss Vanjie as she sashayed away...

  • Where is Claudette?
    Where is Claudette? Month ago +21

    I really hate how people are just rolling their eyes on Scaredy cat and ignoring that she's actually a bisexual finally some repreesentation for bisexual individuals on television

    VASSOUNDDESIGN Month ago +1

    John hunty you don't sound so invested in this recap 😁

  • paul anderton
    paul anderton Month ago

    Going by this, I think it will get stronger every season. And.... Our Americans friends will start to learn the lingo and join in. Happy days!

  • Isha Miah
    Isha Miah Month ago

    Not fair they do not get $100K ! That’s a scam

  • Tito Lívio
    Tito Lívio Month ago

    UK culture is sooo... um, local
    I think they did deserve to win a cash prize, but this prize really makes sense for them - because, if they're gonna be worldwide known superstars, Hollywood's gonna teach them what they need to succeed and I'm so ready to see it
    PS: John Polly was really unamused tbh, just like Queen Elizabeth, it was almost like a homage lmao

  • Kwiz Plays
    Kwiz Plays Month ago +1

    I'm so sad to see Gothy go - she didn't get a chance to show her potential! The Coyle Twins just posted a video with Gothy, in case you NEED to see more like I do, definitely check out their channel!

  • Random But Useful!
    Random But Useful! Month ago +1

    Americans going up their own arse about how superior they are. They quickly forget their own busted queens, don’t they......

  • Jesus Alfaro-Garcia


  • rowtow13
    rowtow13 Month ago

    No prize. No maxi challenge. This show is weird.

  • nnjtrtls
    nnjtrtls Month ago +4

    They should've told Blu Hydrangea: "Git dem COINS, henny!"

  • Jonathan Onorato
    Jonathan Onorato Month ago

    So sad to see Gothy Kendoll go
    Such a beaut and talent

  • gary demesa
    gary demesa Month ago

    Love this recap!!!! Keep this up the entire season please....

  • Got Janose
    Got Janose Month ago +2

    What happened to fashion photo ruview it was taken down

  • zoozbuh
    zoozbuh Month ago

    Why is this presenter acting so shady and uninterested- this one episode was better, funnier and more well-edited than the past 2 seasons of American drag race. Who cares about the lack of prize? These queens are all naturally hilarious and witty, and are pulling out such campy, interesting looks. Here for this

  • Angel Tucker
    Angel Tucker Month ago +3

    Okay not trying to be rude but like, is The Vivian actually 26 or did she lie about her age?

  • K XX
    K XX Month ago

    Not one company could sponsor a cash prize regardless of what network it's on?

    • K XX
      K XX 26 days ago

      @lizb oh okay, I guess that makes sense, thanks for clarifying

    • lizb
      lizb 26 days ago +1

      Product placement is banned on the BBC, company prizes count as product placement.

  • Deepesh Basnet
    Deepesh Basnet Month ago +1

    is it is just me having trouble understanding the accent or anyone here's having same issue??? cc isn't helping much. 😭😭😭

  • J. J.
    J. J. Month ago +1

    Watch. In a few years the show gets moved to a private station, so a prize can be given. UK Drag Race follows the same road as the American version, where the first few seasons are a running joke. At least it means some of them will get to come back for DRUK All Stars and actually win money.

  • NileSings
    NileSings Month ago

    Please bring WowPresents to the Playstation 4 and/or have Drag Race UK and Thailand for purchase on Amazon!

  • Piper Rasmussen
    Piper Rasmussen Month ago

    god the lace fronts... are so harsh...



  • Guy Flies
    Guy Flies Month ago +1

    The best thing about new Drag Race is getting cutie John Polly back each week!

    • zoozbuh
      zoozbuh Month ago

      Guy Flies He’s not cute. And he doesn’t give much commentary. And he’s acting shady af

  • Bruno Bezerra
    Bruno Bezerra Month ago


  • Chris Nunya
    Chris Nunya Month ago

    Gothy is a fine ass twink!

  • Xiao Cheng
    Xiao Cheng Month ago +2

    Skaredy comfirming she has a gf just sent Baga somewhere yet to be discovered

  • Erin Kelly
    Erin Kelly Month ago

    So then how the hell do Canadians watch?? 😭

  • DJ V
    DJ V Month ago

    Jon impersonating Gothy's runway walk was GOLD.

  • Michelle Ordever
    Michelle Ordever Month ago +18

    The fact that the Queens are not even getting prizes each week or a grand prize is a travesty! RPDRUK should have been on Channel 4!!!!!!

  • Haus of Gemini
    Haus of Gemini Month ago

    When are they going to do a fashion photo ruview of this episode ?

  • Zack Attack
    Zack Attack Month ago

    When I watched the episode I definitely thought Gothy referred to herself as “a bit of a trap” like a hentai cross dressing young boy, which honestly suites her more than “chav”.

  • B T
    B T Month ago

    Hope Gothy takes dance and acting classes... star-quality looks and talented at makeup. The cast was underwhelming in MTQ, but was pleasantly surprised by all contestants in the show


    More of John Polly's legs please :-)

  • Aj Maharaj
    Aj Maharaj Month ago

    What's more annoying than this fool....
    This fool trying to be British... Stfu b4 I toss my tele at your bloody ignorance..
    Harry Potter.. Gtfo

    • ItsJustMikee
      ItsJustMikee Month ago +1

      Aj Maharaj yeah I thought the same they should have just got a uk person to do the recap

  • sinfulltears
    sinfulltears Month ago +1

    This season is gonna be messy.

  • Dan ricki
    Dan ricki Month ago

    ugly queens and boring, can't understand and they are annoying as F. please bring back my US queens

    • ItsJustMikee
      ItsJustMikee Month ago

      Dan ricki I think if you lived here you’d understand it more which is a shame cause a lot of people find it boring

  • Steve Cox
    Steve Cox Month ago +1

    Dear god! What a tragic collection of wannabe trash bags.