TRUE Cost of a Tesla Model 3 (After 10,000 Miles)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • After 10,000 miles here's how much it has cost me to own & drive a Tesla Model 3
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    Full Model 3 Review:
    These numbers are all based off my personal experience so it's not going to be the same for everyone but at least it will give you an idea of the costs and how much a difference it is driving a #Tesla compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle. I’m going to compare my #Model3 acquisition to what it would be like if I kept driving my 2007 Pontiac G6.
    The total cost of my Long Range #TeslaModel3 was $56,000. I also had to pay $3,422 for taxes. I am getting the full $7,500 tax credit but my car insurance increased by $500/year so assuming I keep my Model 3 for at least 5 years that brings it to $54,422.
    However we also have to calculate the cost of installing a home charging outlet. This cost heavily depends on your particular location and how difficult the install is. My NEMA 14-50 outlet cost $900 for a professional electrician to install, which is on the expensive side because my box was the furthest possible distance from my garage so they had to run cable underground which increased the price.
    That brings it to a grand total of $55,322 upfront cost for my First Production Long Range Tesla Model 3, assuming I keep it for at least 5 years.
    How much does it cost to charge & drive a Model 3 compared to buying gas? My Model 3 is at 10,400 lifetime miles and it’s averaging 233 Wh/mile. So far I’ve only spent $20.29 on four Supercharging sessions, and that resulted in approximately 700 miles of range which means the other 9,700 miles traveled were from charging at home in my garage. To find out how much it’s cost to travel those 9700 miles we need to calculate my electricity rate along with the Model 3’s charging efficiency. My off-peak electricity rate when I charge my car at home is $0.06882 per kWh.
    However, 100% of the electricity doesn’t make it into the car’s battery when charging at home. This is true for all electric cars. Edmund’s is doing a long-term test drive of the Model 3 and they're measuring the average wall-to-wheels efficiency. So far from their tests they’ve seen an 83.3% charging efficiency (meaning only about 83% of the electricity makes it from the charging cable into the car battery). And if we also account for the amount of battery that depletes as the Model 3 is just sitting somewhere not plugged in (I’ll make a guesstimate and say 3% is a fair assumption for vampire drain), that brings us to 80% total charging efficiency.
    So 9,700 miles at an average of 233 Wh/mile with an electricity rate of $0.06882 per kWh with an 80% charging efficiency equals $186.65. And if we add the $20.29 I’ve spent on Supercharging that comes to a grand total of $206.94 spent to travel 10,400 miles in my Model 3.
    If you compare that to my 6-cylinder automatic transmission 2007 Pontiac G6 which averages 21 miles per gallon and using the current average cost of gas in my area which is $2.77 per gallon, the total cost to travel 10,400 miles would be $1,371.81. That means I’ve saved almost $1,200 over 10,400 miles or maybe it’s better to say that’s $1,200 I’ve stopped having to give to gas stations since getting my Model 3. And I’m not driving a car that puts out any emissions which feels great.
    Also keep in mind there are free apps like PlugShare and ChargePoint that show you locations of thousands of public charging stations, most of which are completely free for anyone to charge their electric car which is something that just doesn’t exist with gas stations.
    Also I’ve saved so much time from not having to stop at gas stations during my normal weekly driving. It takes me 5 seconds to plug in my Model 3 in my garage. When I drove a gas car I had to get gas at least once or twice per week, and each stop took around 5 minutes. So over the course of a year that’s a huge amount of time saved from not having to stop at gas stations.
    We could also get into the money saved from oil changes and maintenance but that's another story. So far I’ve paid absolutely $0 in maintenance for my Model 3 so hopefully that continues. It’s been a fantastic car after 10,000 miles and it’s still just as much fun as the day I got it. I hope you enjoyed this detailed look into how much owning and driving a Tesla Model 3 actually costs.
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    10,000 Miles in a Model 3: The TRUE Cost of Driving a Tesla
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  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye  2 months ago +38

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    _Already ordered? Simply give this code to your Tesla rep: zhenwei3485_

    • nafnaf0
      nafnaf0 6 days ago

      Man I want a Model 3 Performance (the best value), I wish it had a few more buttons and a heads up display. I am very excited about the Model Y, maybe my next car.

    • Petar Doychev
      Petar Doychev 10 days ago

      +Brian Cla Have you done a test drive? I have the performance model and there is nothing boring about it.

      ARTHUR D DUDA 11 days ago


    • Bruno Molina
      Bruno Molina 23 days ago +1

      bruno94538 - use this code for 6 months free supercharging!

    • RaceTesla
      RaceTesla 23 days ago

      +CritiPwns Sr i think your missing the main point.

  • Roy Rogers
    Roy Rogers 6 hours ago +1

    Nice. Thanks. I was driving a luxury sports sedan spending $300 a month in gas. I wanted to go EV but before I dropped $80K + I wanted to be sure I could trust an EV so I bought a Leaf. I love it! Now there's a cheaper Tesla..yes! Time for an upgrade!

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  6 hours ago

      It’s probably safe to say you won’t be disappointed with the Model 3

  • kdjain
    kdjain 7 hours ago +1

    Thanks for sharing info. very useful for decision making.

  • MisterDeltamaster
    MisterDeltamaster 8 hours ago +1

    Very detailed review. Considering buying a Model 3 myself, and this Video is very helpful on making my decision. You get a like from me :)

  • winston ledford
    winston ledford 10 hours ago +1

    I bought a Kia reo in 2009 put new tires on auto nov-2018 9 years light car not heavy 38 miles a gallon on gas drove 350 miles cost 15 dollars of gas a tank still have very good brake pads never changed my own oil takes 4 quarts of oil with 7000 miles to change oil my elect.bill at home not using to charge batt pays for buy tires to your car is heaver.i can stop any where to get gas can you stop any where traveling to charge elect. motor .my car had8000 mile warranty on my tires I bought new car plenty of room I bought an auto for 7000 dollar new 12000-mile bumper to bumper on the car i don't need a fast car it will go 90

  • Toomany Hobbies
    Toomany Hobbies 11 hours ago

    In the end these cars run on coal. Think about If we all had one......

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  10 hours ago

      But the goal is to eventually power them with renewable energy

  • Jimmy Riffe
    Jimmy Riffe 11 hours ago

    we're saved!!!

  • Fadhli Gaba
    Fadhli Gaba 13 hours ago

    All Hail prophet Musk !

  • Tokes Alotta
    Tokes Alotta Day ago

    Where the hell is electricity that cheap?

  • Bill Chambless
    Bill Chambless Day ago

    No mention of the original price of the G6 and its cost after 10K miles......duh.

  • PJB Flores
    PJB Flores Day ago

    How long do the batteries last though and how much are they to replace?

  • Po 66
    Po 66 Day ago +1

    clearest video Ive seen on model 3, summarises perfectly, well done.

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 2 days ago

    What about MSRP price negotiations or are you stuck paying sticker? Paint prices are kinda high. Would be nice if there were more interior color options. Greatly review by the way!

    • David Wilson
      David Wilson Day ago

      +Andy Slye bummer.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  Day ago

      Thanks for watching, David. No negotiations. Price is set whenever you order. Tesla does change their pricing & options quite a bit so be aware of that.

  • Rhonda Hastings
    Rhonda Hastings 2 days ago

    Gas stations harbor ebola.

  • Rhonda Hastings
    Rhonda Hastings 2 days ago

    My P90DL is a juice hog, and I luv it :)

  • Trius
    Trius 2 days ago

    You can get a Mazda 3 in red which looks similar to the Tesla 3 for $25000 vs your $51000. Say the Mazda costs $800 at 30mpg for 10000miles. So add the extra $600 to the Mazda total
    Teslas for now are totally overpriced but I'm glad people are buying them as its paying for the electric car platform to move forward.

    • Trius
      Trius Day ago

      +Andy Slye
      I really can't see many advantages at the moment. It has less range, too long to charge, you are in trouble if you run out of juice - $600 in fuel saving is nothing as the car costs you double.
      I think people are blindly besotted by the tech, not realising that all that tech does, is get you from A to B just like a ICE with drive assist tech in it. So it tells me when I need fuel and where I can get it; It is a necessity for this type of car.
      This is not a iphone vs Nokia 3310; That will only be true when a Tesla can take you from one city to the next whilst you sit there playing online games with your friends whilst other cars remain traditional drivers cars.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  Day ago +1

      Biggest difference/advantage: Tesla is all electric and Mazda is not.

  • Philippe Villard
    Philippe Villard 3 days ago +1

    Great video. My wife is aiming to buy a model 3 in May and those figures really help put things in perspective

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  Day ago

      Thanks for watching, Philippe. Enjoy your new Model 3!

  • Questchaun
    Questchaun 3 days ago

    Yep to rich for me.

  • StayAwake _
    StayAwake _ 3 days ago

    If you drive a Tesla instead of a BMW or Mercedes, hell even a are a nerd.

  • Phil Taylor
    Phil Taylor 4 days ago

    How long is battery expected to last? Is this car ok in very cold climates?

  • George Mavrides
    George Mavrides 4 days ago

    These costs are only for the US due to low electricity prices (provided by the petrodollar Saudi cartels), elsewhere is double or triple those numbers (~0.20-0.25c). That makes savings on fuel negligible: a full petrol tank (~450-500miles = ~60euros Vs 2 x 100kWh EV charges = ~40euros). And that assumes you're not using charging network with roughly 50% premium on price per kWh. Using diesel or hybrid cars will shrink that delta even further. That being said, in Europe the Model 3 is starting from low 50k with the performance version reaching 60k euros! A fully loaded ICE sedan will cost 20-25k, maybe 30 if it's a hybrid variant. Electric car options from other manufacturers (ie Kia, Hyundai,Nissan) are in the 35-45k, with 250+ mile range options available but achieved with significantly smaller battery packs (and thus charging costs). Priced at more than 50% above the competition, Tesla has become a badge brand and will have serious issues in selling its cars now that US market is getting saturated. This is why Elon wants to take it private, so he can cut fat and adjust the prices to become competitive. The guy is smart ... just went IPO to take all the investments, loans and grants he needed to make the car development and assembly line possible.

  • Jeff Eisenhauer
    Jeff Eisenhauer 4 days ago

    Seems worth it to me. Most people tend to be like oh the power plant, oh its plastic, and so on. If you wanted to be a smart you could factor all the plastic other cars are made of, the power the gas station consumes when you pump the gas, the power the oil refinery uses when making the gas and oil you use in the engine, the power and resources places use to make replacement parts that go on the engine at certain mileage intervals, and on and on. Battery is overall better for the environment and if you wanted to take it a step further buy solar panels to charge the car specifically and your emissions for charging and driving will be a giant 0% if you only charge at home. Good luck trying to get that option with a gas powered vehicle.

  • Thomas Sittidang
    Thomas Sittidang 4 days ago

    Plus the oil change, air filter..ect.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  3 days ago

      Yep overall usually way less maintenance for electric vehicles

  • wololoam
    wololoam 4 days ago +2

    All the haters on the comments making excuses to keep buying gas cars hahaha, get over it guys, it is done

  • Michael Belden
    Michael Belden 4 days ago

    Here is why based of facts that they do not want anyone to know comparing an electric vehicle to a gas one. The gas vehicles have been turned way down on fuel mpg. Most will give you 24 mpg. In reality they do 230 mpg. No comparison. If they want to do an realistic one, then I'm all ears. At an average, an electric car will go threw many engines at 100,000 miles. A gas one is programmed to fail at around 120,000 miles. Again they can not be compared. Take for an example. My engine a lone in my truck. Diesel. If lucky enough. I can get up to 3 million miles on my engine. If they did not stage an gas car to fail, it makes me wander how long they would last realistically. Now if you own an electric vehicle. This is were they get you big time. The motor. Look up the difference between a brush motor and a brushless motor. In time of life span. Real history. Since cars and trucks have been made, anything that uses fuel has been set up to fail. Why. The push of electric vehicles. Not saying an electric vehicle is wright or wrong. It is just how they went around it. I call it strong arm law. Others call it communism. There is no choice. No choice and the big push on propaganda is communism. Although like in this video it is just info. Witch doesn't fit that category. When in a proven fact a gas car can get 230 mpg, you have all the heat and cooling with entertainment you need, what one would be an realistic vehicle? Although they set all newer vehicles with gas to fail around 120,000 miles. Electric motors will just do it themselves no matter what you do to them at a fast rate. I have seen many reports on that brand of car go threw up to 3 motors in just 100,000 miles. Do the math on replacing. Brushless is way better. Longer life. Although less money to the manufacturer.

  • Mescalinum Sunshine
    Mescalinum Sunshine 4 days ago

    So 1kw in us cost less than 1cent? in uk its 1kw is 20 pence!

  • FrankW1029
    FrankW1029 5 days ago

    about the whole emission thing. people do realize the lithium ion battery produced a lot of waste and energy in the production process, right? so technically you are pre-polluting the environment vs combustion engines. as far as saving money goes, you can buy a $23k Honda Accord that avgs 26-27mpg that you will spent less per month on gas vs your old G6 which by the time the $25k with tax Accord accumulate total cost up to $56k with all the maintenance etc. it would be 15 years and that's with me over estimating the cost to own a Accord being $2000 a year. not to mention you are paying insurance premium on the Tesla as their repair network suck big times and extra cost of registration at DMV based on the cost of the car.

    • FrankW1029
      FrankW1029 4 days ago

      Thomas Sittidang lmao, anyone that spent any money on buying a car would care. This shows how little you know about cars and this conversation is done.

    • FrankW1029
      FrankW1029 4 days ago

      Thomas Sittidang sorry, those are not DIY pricing. Those are paying mechanic to do your oil change.

    • Thomas Sittidang
      Thomas Sittidang 4 days ago

      +FrankW1029 Who buy new mercedes and do their own maintenance?..LOL

    • Thomas Sittidang
      Thomas Sittidang 4 days ago

      +FrankW1029 Who care about little body gaps? Tesla electronics, charging network, Battery, and motor are far superior than any car companies. Tesla is the safest and fun to drive than any European company can put out.

    • FrankW1029
      FrankW1029 4 days ago

      Thomas Sittidang also, if I’m comparing it to BMW Audi and Mercedes. Maintenance is not any higher than Toyota or Honda. In fact BMW is ranked the same score last year as Toyota in long term dependability by JD Powers. Also also, for $56k you can get into a pretty loaded BMW or Audi or Mercedes on a lease. You are not paying all that money up front. How many people you think will keep the Tesla on finance after their warranty runs out? all the maintenance argument are pointless, almost no new cars will need brakes replacement within their original warranty period or just 1 time and maybe 3 oil changes which sums up to $400-450 over the span of 4 years. That’s a insignificant cost if you ask me. If you want to argue BMW n Mercedes cost more to maintain, the answer is, sorry, they don’t. If you are paying dealership prices you are getting ripped off.

  • wylwrk
    wylwrk 5 days ago

    I link this video to help explain the phrase "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" now.

  • woswas denni
    woswas denni 5 days ago

    ok lets lets say that car holds up for 200 000 miles, thats 20x 1200$ or 24000$
    so an ICE car for 35k would costs you the same.
    only much less risk as it doens thave to run 200tsd miles and much cheaper repair and maintanance. also you can easily resell while with tesla,.. well thats a wierd mixed bag. also you dont have real free repairshops for tesla.
    considering all that and look at the major issues in the winter (for all those living in colder regions) its simply not worth it.
    and thats to a really cheap price of 6cents /kwh, in europe with all the taxes the consumer price is at 20-30cents/kwh
    so tesla model 3 wont makes it to a world wide market. they have to stay at exclusive audience where costs dont matter.
    #all in all this car costs more than a regular car

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson 6 days ago

    Teslas are cool and all but I just can't justify the upfront cost. It's just too high. Even the ugly basic ass chevy bolt is almost $40k and it looks like a bug/shoe hybrid. I am excited however as volvo is entering the race with the polestar 2 (if you think the tesla is expensive, Google that one) and gm announced it would enter the market with the caddy. I know, caddy doesn't really seem like the right choice but that's another story. But more players entering the race means more competition which means lower prices. You can sell something for whatever you want if you have the market cornered. Anyway, the tech is still too expensive. If they really want to sell folks on gas savings then they need to lower the price. No one gives a shit about saving on gas if it's gonna take 10 years to even break even. I'm very interested but as I said, too much right now. I'll wait for the ev market to stabilize. Tesla should offer cars for every price range like all other manufacturers do. $50k is just too much for an entry level vehicle. There are, in my opinion, so many better cars you can buy for that price and with most of the same tech. Don't even get started on the model s or x...pshhhhh

  • TheDaily
    TheDaily 6 days ago

    That up front cost is pretty steep. I’d love a Tesla but 55 grand I could prob get a used motorcycle, a civic and a truck and drive them all.

  • Johnny James
    Johnny James 6 days ago

    I can build a home for less than you are paying for that car. The home increases in value, the car not so much.

    • Johnny James
      Johnny James 6 days ago

      Andy Slye I am glad you can afford it. I am retired and cannot afford any new car.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  6 days ago +1

      Yeah but my car is fun and can make fart noises.

  • eugeniobb
    eugeniobb 6 days ago

    excellent video, thanks for uploading, I live in Italy and I'm seriously thinking of buying one next year. What is the battery capacity in the extended range version?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  6 days ago

      Long Range battery capacity is approximately 75 kWh

  • Michael Bagger
    Michael Bagger 7 days ago

    Love it!

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 8 days ago

    PSA: many(most?) Utility co.s do NOT give you the "off peak hours" price unless you have a separate, dual meter!! It's installation it's certainly not free either. I question the electricity cost amount..

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  7 days ago +1

      As I stated in the video, my stats are unique to my personal situation. Everyone's numbers will be different. But I can assure you my electricity cost is accurate. Here's a pic of my total electricity charges from a summer month:

  • raptokvortex
    raptokvortex 8 days ago

    It's not true that you are putting out zero emissions. The energy that comes from the wall is most likely from a gas fired power station. It is cleaner than petrol, but still produces emissions.

  • raptokvortex
    raptokvortex 8 days ago

    You can't sum percentages. Imagine if 50% was lost to the car from the wall, and 75% was vampire drain. Then you would have 125% loss... which is impossible. The actual number you should have got is closer to 81%

  • Siarhei Hanush
    Siarhei Hanush 8 days ago

    biggest air pollution coming from industrial plants...not from cars!! So this is fake when they say you making earth greener because only battery production produces a lot of harmful gasses!! So you can thing that you clever but it is just a fake though which was announced in TV!! good luck!!! P.S. Diesel is the best solution in this case!!

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  8 days ago +1

      Not true. There have been scientific studies that show electric vehicles are better for the environment than any internal combustion engine vehicles no matter where the electricity comes from to charge the EV:

  • cengeb
    cengeb 8 days ago

    There is no $35K Tessy, never will be

  • cengeb
    cengeb 8 days ago

    Keep the car for 10+ years, then lets see how ya feel, wanna bet it changes....

  • cengeb
    cengeb 8 days ago

    No matter what car ya use, ya never win, cars always depreciate, loose value every day, just sitting there, no matter how you want to convoluted numbers, in any creative way, ya always loose with a car, TDI, Hybrid, gas,electric, loose loose...wake are an expense, and ya never win. But having to drive lots every year, I prefer a fun, VW GTI, with few updates, Fun, more than any drab, ugly Tessy, with no network of parts or service, or anything....blah blah blah blah, Tessy is a goof

  • Simple Kenny
    Simple Kenny 8 days ago

    I can’t even afford the dollar menu at McDonald’s

  • Gabester46
    Gabester46 9 days ago

    damn 10,000 miles already? Didn't the car just come out?

  • Zar TheMad
    Zar TheMad 9 days ago

    $55K for a new Shinny!!! Tesla after leaching $10K from the peasants
    Maximum Average savings (ignoring electricity, installation costs, inconvenience, and excess charge drain) ~ $1,200 (20 miles x 2 ways x $2.5 gas x 56 weeks/year)..... VS a $25-30K economy car. ... ..... .. .. the payback is negative. Plz take your illegal southern boarder goods and share them with the populace at large. .. The DNC controlled mega corpse need more cannon fodder.

  • RageLord
    RageLord 9 days ago

    You're telling me that I have to pay $55k for a car with an interior that resembles a straight piece of fucking wood with an iPad glued onto it? FUCK NO!

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      ... well there is room for the blow up doll for the carpool lane... just saying...

  • Sam Fred
    Sam Fred 9 days ago

    Can you please tell me where can I find the wallpaper you are using on your iMac?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  8 days ago

  • skirolf
    skirolf 9 days ago

    Hello. What abouth maintenance costs? You talk t fast!

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  8 days ago

      No maintenance costs so far. I have a local tire shop that gives free tire rotations to Tesla owners. Electric vehicles tend to have way less maintenance compared to gasoline cars. No oil changes, no transmission maintenance, no engine, way less brake wear, etc.

  • P. Hamilton
    P. Hamilton 9 days ago

    No emissions other than those from production and the sources of electricity to power it....if everyone had one...there'd be considerably more emissions from electric generating facilities....oops.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  8 days ago +1

      Not true. There have been scientific studies that show electric vehicles are better for the environment than any internal combustion engine vehicles no matter where the electricity comes from to charge the EV:

  • Mr Berry
    Mr Berry 9 days ago

    1:03 is a that a Gfuel shaker I see there good sir? 🙂

  • みさきめい
    みさきめい 10 days ago

    yeah but the interior of the model 3 is UGLY AF

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  8 days ago +1

      Personal preference. I love it.

  • cwitt26
    cwitt26 11 days ago

    engine noise is the best though, the eurojet catback I bought on my GTI sounds absolutely incredible. I also don't see manual transmissions with electric cars ever. Sorry but I rather kill the earth and pay extra for a really fun car

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      +Andy Slye .. you think the motor doesn't need annual maintenance. .. with intermittent stop starts... this is the worst case for electric motors. Fuck, Internal Combustion Engines at least have sufficient diagnostics to allow novices the ability to review them... EV's have none of these functions.. and quite frankly will FUCK OVER the general population. ..
      Stop sniffing the unicorn farts, and begin to live in reality.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  10 days ago +1

      We have entirely different opinions, but we're both entitled to them. I'll just be over here enjoying my quiet zero-tailpipe-emission electric car with instant torque :)

    ARTHUR D DUDA 11 days ago

    Wait until the warranty runs out...i want to see your video when it starts to need repairs.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      +Andy Slye Not allowed; Subject Andy Slye said "pecker head" in one of his videos.. all have since been demonetized for demoralizing furry chicken peoples.
      [footnote: if you dont know what a pecker head is.. you shouldnt be dealing with EV's]

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  10 days ago

      subscribe and in a few years you'll see

  • BradK
    BradK 11 days ago

    Not bad, if I had the money I would def buy one.My last car got 30MPG and I drove it 210,000 miles before it finally died.That's 7,000 GALLONS of gas, at an avg price of $3 per gal + $21,000 + the cost of the car (Around 15k new) + maintenance which was probably around 4k over the life of the car....So I spent around 40k over the life of the car.In today's market most small 4cyl cars are 20-30k new, so you might as well buy a slightly used Tesla!!!

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      except!!! that 5 year old used TESLA will cost you $20K.. then another $10K in 3-5 years to replace the battery, Then another $1-2K to install the electrical infrastructure.. ... but on the bright side, you may net 2-500 savings on gas/year. /woopie!!!???

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  10 days ago

      Hopefully you can get a Model 3 someday!

  • Tanishq Kancharla
    Tanishq Kancharla 11 days ago +1

    Great video man! Really broke down the numbers well and compared intelligently.

  • Pegglez
    Pegglez 11 days ago +9

    You're buying a car that goes 0-60 in like 3 seconds, is completely electric, can charge at home, has autopilot, and looks badass. Of course it's going to cost more than a $20,000 Subaru.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      +Vas Me shhh... let the silverspooned brat take it up the ass... err wait.. i know they like it there .. but take it out the wallet.. yeah thats the ticket!!

    • Vas Me
      Vas Me 9 days ago

      Try take the tesla in a long trip like maybe drive 3000kms , let see how much time will take u

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  10 days ago


  • Hetal Patel
    Hetal Patel 11 days ago

    Haven't read all the comments, but I would like to know where the electricity rate is only 6.8 cents per kWh. Also would like to know how to drive in cold weather by only consuming 233 wh/mile. My electricity rate is 23 cents per kWh and I'm getting on average 330 wh/mile from my model 3.

    • Hetal Patel
      Hetal Patel 11 days ago

      +Andy Slye Wow, that is a great rate. Can't believe it's that much different from Massachusetts. I have the AWD long range version so may be I'll never get below 300 wh/mile.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  11 days ago +1

      I live in Kentucky. Here's a pic of my total electricity charges from a summer month: My lifetime Wh/mile is 241 over 21,000 miles. I also have the most efficient version of the Model 3 (RWD Long Range) which is no longer offered.

  • LMBC6Brian
    LMBC6Brian 11 days ago +1

    Meahwhile on planet earth, you spent $55k on a compact economy car... Congrats millennial.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      LMB.. be truthful.. Its a Small Economy car. Not a compact. ... if it was a compact it would be a smart coffin.
      Tesla's are not smart coffins due to the designed crush zone of the vehicles.
      plz give credit where credit is due.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  11 days ago +1

      Nice try but the Model 3 is far from a "compact economy" car. I have the videos of strangers' reactions to prove it:

  • Maisonier
    Maisonier 11 days ago

    Fucking miles!!! Use km!!!!

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      No. mm as a measurement is fucking useless in construction. Thus, KM is also as bastardized.

  • Anuj Chauhan
    Anuj Chauhan 11 days ago

    How did you get money to buy Tesla?

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      +Andy Slye ..... fuck.. why not a corvette at that price? O o

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  11 days ago

      worked hard for years and saved hard for years

  • chad haire
    chad haire 11 days ago +1

    when that warranty goes out the repair bills on this unreliable toy will cost a lot more than you are saying.

    • chad haire
      chad haire 9 days ago

      The new Tesla model X has had more breakdowns than Fiat!!!!! What do you expect for only $80,000. Should have bought he upgraded model for only $140,000! If I wanted a $140,000 car that breaks down I would buy an Aston least I would have some style!

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      +Andy Slye ... but seriously, start a repair savings fund. Tesla's, repairs, and loaner vehicles could become expensive.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      +chad haire SHHHHHH SHHHH SHHHHH.... the soy cannot handle the sauce!!!
      Ita no lika da sauce!!!!

    • chad haire
      chad haire 11 days ago

      NO IT WONT. The basic Tesla driveline is reliable enough, but most the of the hardware surrounding these newer cars do NOT hold up. In fact the quality of this model 3 has been so bad, it is amazing you got 2,000 miles without issues. And that new Model X is a nightmare with climate systems, in car electrics, body hardware, power equipment, body panels all failing off the showroom floor. They should have stuck to the older Model S, which has the bugs out, before expending to these problem machines that make even Fiats look reliable by comparison.
      Tesla is NOT a car maker. They are a toy maker so naive millenials, who know nothing about cars, and have more money than sense can ride around looking cool and think they are saving the planet when they are not.
      The only reason Tesla sells is because the big car companies have not released their superior electric products yet. When they do, Tesla will go chapter 11, and then the way of Delorean, Bricklin, De Soto, and Studebaker. So enjoy yours while you can. Should have bought a would have been cheaper..LOL

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  11 days ago +1

      Model 3 has been extremely reliable so far (after 20,000 miles) so I have confidence that it will continue to be reliable even past the warranty.

  • Terence Jones
    Terence Jones 12 days ago

    I want to see if over time these cars cause cancer

  • Terence Jones
    Terence Jones 12 days ago

    WAY TO EXPENSIVE FOR THAT! How do you travel from country to country without waiting around for hours to charge ?????? Take you a month to travel to the country next door!
    Battery anxiety !

  • Aristotle Kumpis
    Aristotle Kumpis 12 days ago

    It's still an ugly car.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      its not ugly.. its ... generic.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  11 days ago

      that's just, like, your opinion, man

  • endfoullanguageonYT
    endfoullanguageonYT 12 days ago

    Where I live, an electric car is about the same as the carbon emission of a suburban with V8, and you can do allot more with a suburban. Hybrids are the future with things as they are now.

  • Curtis Tucker
    Curtis Tucker 12 days ago

    The "low driving cost" in this video is misleading and a common mistake. As an engineer I know that the real cost-to-drive is not mpg but instead total dollars per mile for the intended life cycle of the vehicle. Total dollars includes every cost for the entire period from the time you buy a car until you replace it. This includes initial purchase cost minus any rebates but including loan fees, taxes registration, all maintenance and expendables (tires, brakes, etc), yearly license/prop tax fees, insurance, and all recharging or gasoline costs projected for the number of miles you intend to drive the car. Subtract the anticipated resale value of the car from that total cost and divide by the number of miles you intended to drive it and you will then know how much per mile a Tesla Model 3 or any vehicle really costs to own and drive from the time you buy it until you trade it in for your next car. That is why even with the rebates and lower maintenance costs, the overall cost to own & drive a gas engine car still works out cheaper than electric of the same general vehicle size and category.
    Hopefully the price electric cars will eventually drop to that of the same type of gas powered car and then they will be cheaper to own and drive. But for now Mr. Slye should have run the comparison numbers using a same year 2018 Honda Accord or Civic that cost far less to purchase, and offer dramatically lower gasoline consumption and less maintenance than his old 2007 Pontiac.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      Ohh fuck NOOOOOO!!!! Once the DNC decides to tax the disposal of the batteries.. all EV buyers are FUCKED!!!
      .... not to mention the previously stated desire to raise electricity costs by 5-10 times current costs . .. ... (0bama era)

  • AlmightyFSM
    AlmightyFSM 12 days ago

    Except it's not "no emissions" is it. The emission cost of creating the batteries and, depending on where you live, the emissions associated with producing the electricity used to charge are not 0. Of course still a LOT less than an ICE, but not "zero" at all.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      unicorn farts power the flower power world man.. can have you being a downer mannn !!!!

  • ______x
    ______x 12 days ago

    I doubt the value of this test. Any new car has a predictable cost while it's still coverd warranty.
    In a few years we'll see videos of second hand buyers who might need to have some bodywork done or replace a battery. I'm looking forward to see those vids:)
    What I already know now:
    Getting bodywork fixed is very expensive at this moment. Maybe things will get better when there will be no-name parts.
    Insurance is expensive. Here in Europe people are used to driving cars that aren't so wide. So they misjudge the size of so insurance companies don't like Teslas anymore.

  • BB Wolf
    BB Wolf 12 days ago

    Kiddo, do tell us, why haven't you explain how much will new batteries cost after original will degrade and how much will the recycling of former cost...

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      +Andy Slye New ICE engine ~10-15K roughly 20-30 years of service life.
      New EV Motor ~10-20K roughly 10-15 years of service life + ~8-15K for a new battery every 10-15 years..
      ... ..... ..... so.. who is the sucker?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  12 days ago

      Cool, the cost of batteries will be significantly cheaper then I’m sure

    • BB Wolf
      BB Wolf 12 days ago

      +Andy Slye read your answer 10 years from now...

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  12 days ago +1

      Tell me how much an engine replacement costs for a brand new gasoline car? Answer is it doesn’t matter because it won’t be needed for a very long time if at all. Same thing.

  • yves2075
    yves2075 12 days ago +1

    Excellent review. Many thanks, thumbs up!

  • Ratsound
    Ratsound 12 days ago

    buy supra no extra cost much more power

  • Weed Wine Waves
    Weed Wine Waves 12 days ago

    Not bad my 2017 model S 75D cost me 690000 - 11000 rebate +1000 for tires at 35k miles + 500 extra a year in insurance. So 59500 add in gas savings for 35k miles at 4$ gallon @ 12 mpg avg for similar performance cars. 35000/12 about 2900*4=11600 over gas (I get electrcity for free) I also saved 3500 in plane tickets and 1000 on hotel rooms. So first year cost 43000 Model S 75D. And that doesn't even include that saving is worth 33% more cuz you don't pay taxes on saving.

    • Weed Wine Waves
      Weed Wine Waves 6 days ago

      +Zar TheMad Maybe where you live homes but I don't live in butt f*** Egypt I live in hi cost California.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      ..... except gas is at ~2.25/gallon not $4.00 ... /removethecrackpipe....
      also most performance equivalent cars get 20 MPG combined. less your getting a boner for the 1/16th mile races.
      ... that would mean that you just race'ist!!!!

  • Jontae4288
    Jontae4288 13 days ago +2

    Wow a lot of angry ppl in these comments he hasn’t told anyone not to buy nice cheap cars he just speaking from his perspective. All I would say is go test drive a Tesla and compare the acceleration and then go test drive any new car in its price range and see if you can find one that can even keep up with it. Then look at the fuel economy they get lol. Forget money get a Tesla for performance. Please just do one test drive lol

    • yves2075
      yves2075 8 days ago

      yeah, agreed. Petrolheads should go fix their bangers and leave us alone. The irony is, they rank their ICE cars by acceleration. Go figure.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      Another Silver Spooned Brat.

  • jose quick
    jose quick 13 days ago

    is there payment plans whats a good down payment?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  13 days ago +1

      Shop for loans. Depends on your budget. Good rule to follow is you should put down at least 20% downpayment, you should finance the car for no more than 4 years, and you should keep your monthly car payment (including your principal, interest, insurance, and other expenses) at or below 10% of your gross monthly income.

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M 14 days ago

    First 100,000 miles pls

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  13 days ago +1

      Give me a few more years and I will.

  • Ryan Patchin
    Ryan Patchin 14 days ago

    I would pay triple that amount to not drive a Pontiac.

  • Gary Wilson
    Gary Wilson 14 days ago

    Didn't watch the video but I recently analyzed the cost per mile of the lowest cost Model 3 ($48K) with a Prius Prime. The Tesla cost $1.00/mile and the Prius cost $0.60/mile. This is a cost comparison for new cars. Your cost per mile can be much lower with a used car. Even with a used Tesla. BTW there were 669 ads on Craigslist San Francisco for Tesla's. Most were very low mileage (showing that electric cars might be too inconvenient for some) and all were at least half the original cost after only 4 years.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  14 days ago +1

      You should watch the video

  • Marco Debart
    Marco Debart 14 days ago

    That dashboard is boring as hell... It's like a tv with a steering wheel....

    • Marco Debart
      Marco Debart 14 days ago

      +Andy Slye To each its own... but it's not for me.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  14 days ago +1

      +Marco Debart I like minimalism. Sometimes less is more.

    • Marco Debart
      Marco Debart 14 days ago

      +Andy Slye you do ? it's like these went ZERO time on design into that.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  14 days ago +1

      I love it

  • dave darre
    dave darre 14 days ago

    but this man forgot one thing Time Time and one more Time.
    time is the most precious in the world and you can not buy it. Refueling costs a lot but this activity takes us 5 to 10 minutes from life. How much does Tesla take us from this time until it is fully charged ???? Nobody counts this. Think, if the average person is 74 years old, and charger takes 4 hours, how much is your hour worth living. Having a Tesle d100 I would have 4 to 6 hours a week to load the car. That's about 170 to 250 hours of life lost per year for charging the car. To make it clear, all the charging on the way not at home. I repeat the question how precious is human time?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  14 days ago +1

      I think I actually SAVE time by driving a Model 3 because the vast majority of my driving is done within 100 miles of my home which means the vast majority of my charging is done while I sleep. I'm no longer stopping at gas stations 1-2 times per week during my daily driving. This saves me about 15 minutes per week. That's 1 hour of time saved per month. The only time I'm waiting longer than if I were to refuel at a gas station is when I'm on a road trip and I need to Supercharge. If you watch my 1,000 mile road trip video here you'll see that I only had to Supercharge 4 times during a 1,000 mile trip, and each Supercharging session averaged only 25 minutes per stop. If a person isn't taking road trips very often, a Model 3 can prove to actually save time because no more stopping at gas stations.

  • Cezar Rizea
    Cezar Rizea 14 days ago

    Now think about how much cheaper the Kona EV is and factor those numbers in :) this guy is just talking electric cars in general, means nothing that he drives a model 3, I’ve been driving an e-golf since 2016 and my payments have been 218 a month not $50k.

  • Jeff Johnson
    Jeff Johnson 14 days ago

    Great car, IMO $55k is a deal breaker. That’s $1,000/mo.for 5 years to Tesla alone.

  • Azio Prism
    Azio Prism 14 days ago +1

    *if fuel prices went down 80% here i wouldn't mind driving my current car but hey thats gonna happen in ~15 years, driving a tesla right now would be godsend.*

  • Kung Fu Dan
    Kung Fu Dan 14 days ago

    ugly car

  • Barney Galland
    Barney Galland 15 days ago

    not pro or con on electric cars at this time but the arguments on gasoline costs include all sorts of taxes. if everybody started driving electric cars tomorrow, what will the various governments do about the lost taxes ?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  14 days ago

      that's up to them to decide

  • Alex Chislaru
    Alex Chislaru 15 days ago

    looking forward to buy a tesla model 3 performance

  • Pat Van Winkle
    Pat Van Winkle 15 days ago +1

    subbed, keep 'em coming!

  • Danny Zuehlsdorf
    Danny Zuehlsdorf 15 days ago

    50k for one of those? Damn.

  • nightmare1st
    nightmare1st 15 days ago

    For 55k, I will be rolling out with a used corvette c7. Still, that model 3 is very interesting

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      and your yearly upkeep will be less overall than that SHINNY TESLA!!!!

  • Lee T
    Lee T 15 days ago

    So let me see if I understand this. You pay over $50k for a car that feature wise doesn't even compare to a car costing $25k and you're happy because you save $1200 in 10k miles? To make up $25k you will have to get that level of saving ($25k divided by $1200 = 20.83 X 10,000 miles) for 208,333 miles. As far as 0 emissions, where do you think that power to charge the vehicle comes from? Coal, Natural Gas, and Nuclear. It also takes more energy to produce the Tesla engine and lets not even get into the extraction process for the rare earth minerals used in battery cars. Also, where do the dead batteries go?If I should run our of gas a tow truck can bring out some gas and I'm on the way. What do you do? what if the power station you were planning on during your trip is having an outage? What if your home or city has a power outage?These cars are a fad that yuppies will buy to be cool with the green crowd. If it wasn't for the government subsidies Tesla would have gone out of business long ago. Enjoy your $1200 you're saving every 10k miles and remember that for the next 8 years other people paid for that savings.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      Dont argue with Libtards.. they cant science.

  • jimmyfly
    jimmyfly 15 days ago

    You should have included the oil and maintenance costs for the Pontiac.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      +Andy Slye Correction: $50 / 30,000 miles

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  15 days ago

      $50 every 5,000 miles

  • Josh Slone
    Josh Slone 16 days ago

    But can it run Crisis?

  • allaine Lyttleton
    allaine Lyttleton 16 days ago

    That moment when u pull in u car a 13% and u go to bed and wake up to still see it at 13%

    Jk i know there is a light that comes on

  • Ragesauce
    Ragesauce 16 days ago

    LOL michigan doesn't give a shit about electric cars

    MITLOML 16 days ago +5

    It may be "worth it" on a fun and enjoyment level, but it will never be more financially "worth it" to buy a new Tesla than to own and maintain and older car. No question

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  15 days ago +6

      You can say that about any new car purchase, Tesla or not.

  • Andres Franco
    Andres Franco 16 days ago

    I can't afford that.

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams 17 days ago


  • Finn Aarup Jensen
    Finn Aarup Jensen 17 days ago

    Tesla is a sweaty overvalued product with an overprice on a product that is filled with production defects.
    Tesla will be ready to finish as a car manufacturer in a few years.
    European and Asian automakers overhaul Tesla over the next 2 years. Bye bye Tesla ..
    The United States has never been able to produce quality cars ... so history repeats itself

  • Finn Aarup Jensen
    Finn Aarup Jensen 17 days ago

    Is it possible than you can even speak faster...the try it idiot

  • Gary Allen
    Gary Allen 17 days ago

    You needed to let everyone know after 100,000 miles and resell value. I will be willing to bet you saved nothing after new battery's and maintenance that you will pay compared to a gas Toyota car ( that will go 200,000 miles trouble free if serviced ) The new cars run much cleaner then they ever have and get better gas mileage than 5 years ago. I see no reason to buy this over priced electric car. Its your money spend it they way you want to. Also have you checked on where the charging power comes from zero emissions yea right.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      Its for the EGO boner. Nothing more.
      .. the DNC only cares about platitudes. ... not the reality which allows their freedom to make them.

  • brent78900
    brent78900 17 days ago

    If you're going to make a video about the cost of a vehicle, and hinge upon comparing that cost to other gas powered vehicles, then not only do the full analysis, but make the reason of buying the car (and justifying it) come from the stand point of cost alone and not your personal opinion. It seems almost obvious, the cost of the Tesla is simply not worth it right now, it's not cool to waste $25k that could be left in the bank, as much as I love Tesla and Elon Musk and the environment, people's financial wellbeing simply comes first.

    • brent78900
      brent78900 8 days ago

      +Zar TheMad Not disagreeing with that statement one bit. Nor am I against Teslas or Elon Musk, quite the contrary, actually. I don't even dispute this video, it's pretty informative. I guess I just got a little disappointed. I'm not agreeing with the conclusions of the review. It feels... Partly like "media" at the end, right? And I get a bit fed up with sentimentality and heroism while simultaneously ignoring how people are people.
      Tesla Company just needs to keep pushing the boundaries and bring the costs down. Most people are poor. They're gonna choose the economical value. Don't tell people to buy a Tesla to save the world when they've gotta survive everyday. Tell people to buy a Tesla because it's a good investment for themselves. That's what I want to hear.

    • Zar TheMad
      Zar TheMad 9 days ago

      Brent, the environmental toll is worse when you look into the mining ops.. as well as the extraction costs for the "Carbon Neutral" solutions posed by the paid "Media"

  • Stephen M
    Stephen M 17 days ago

    That outlet will last a lot longer than 5 years
    Their tests already account for vampire drain
    You can't add supercharging without removing home charging
    Your gas is really cheap and your electric isn't. We pay about $3/g and 7c/kw
    You were WAY too generous to ICE