TRUE Cost of a Tesla Model 3 (After 10,000 Miles)

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • After 10,000 miles here's how much it has cost me to own & drive a Tesla Model 3
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    These numbers are all based off my personal experience so it's not going to be the same for everyone but at least it will give you an idea of the costs and how much a difference it is driving a #Tesla compared to an internal combustion engine vehicle. I’m going to compare my #Model3 acquisition to what it would be like if I kept driving my 2007 Pontiac G6.
    The total cost of my Long Range #TeslaModel3 was $56,000. I also had to pay $3,422 for taxes. I am getting the full $7,500 tax credit but my car insurance increased by $500/year so assuming I keep my Model 3 for at least 5 years that brings it to $54,422.
    However we also have to calculate the cost of installing a home charging outlet. This cost heavily depends on your particular location and how difficult the install is. My NEMA 14-50 outlet cost $900 for a professional electrician to install, which is on the expensive side because my box was the furthest possible distance from my garage so they had to run cable underground which increased the price.
    That brings it to a grand total of $55,322 upfront cost for my First Production Long Range Tesla Model 3, assuming I keep it for at least 5 years.
    How much does it cost to charge & drive a Model 3 compared to buying gas? My Model 3 is at 10,400 lifetime miles and it’s averaging 233 Wh/mile. So far I’ve only spent $20.29 on four Supercharging sessions, and that resulted in approximately 700 miles of range which means the other 9,700 miles traveled were from charging at home in my garage. To find out how much it’s cost to travel those 9700 miles we need to calculate my electricity rate along with the Model 3’s charging efficiency. My off-peak electricity rate when I charge my car at home is $0.06882 per kWh.
    However, 100% of the electricity doesn’t make it into the car’s battery when charging at home. This is true for all electric cars. Edmund’s is doing a long-term test drive of the Model 3 and they're measuring the average wall-to-wheels efficiency. So far from their tests they’ve seen an 83.3% charging efficiency (meaning only about 83% of the electricity makes it from the charging cable into the car battery). And if we also account for the amount of battery that depletes as the Model 3 is just sitting somewhere not plugged in (I’ll make a guesstimate and say 3% is a fair assumption for vampire drain), that brings us to 80% total charging efficiency.
    So 9,700 miles at an average of 233 Wh/mile with an electricity rate of $0.06882 per kWh with an 80% charging efficiency equals $186.65. And if we add the $20.29 I’ve spent on Supercharging that comes to a grand total of $206.94 spent to travel 10,400 miles in my Model 3.
    If you compare that to my 6-cylinder automatic transmission 2007 Pontiac G6 which averages 21 miles per gallon and using the current average cost of gas in my area which is $2.77 per gallon, the total cost to travel 10,400 miles would be $1,371.81. That means I’ve saved almost $1,200 over 10,400 miles or maybe it’s better to say that’s $1,200 I’ve stopped having to give to gas stations since getting my Model 3. And I’m not driving a car that puts out any emissions which feels great.
    Also keep in mind there are free apps like PlugShare and ChargePoint that show you locations of thousands of public charging stations, most of which are completely free for anyone to charge their electric car which is something that just doesn’t exist with gas stations.
    Also I’ve saved so much time from not having to stop at gas stations during my normal weekly driving. It takes me 5 seconds to plug in my Model 3 in my garage. When I drove a gas car I had to get gas at least once or twice per week, and each stop took around 5 minutes. So over the course of a year that’s a huge amount of time saved from not having to stop at gas stations.
    We could also get into the money saved from oil changes and maintenance but that's another story. So far I’ve paid absolutely $0 in maintenance for my Model 3 so hopefully that continues. It’s been a fantastic car after 10,000 miles and it’s still just as much fun as the day I got it. I hope you enjoyed this detailed look into how much owning and driving a Tesla Model 3 actually costs.
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    10,000 Miles in a Model 3: The TRUE Cost of Driving a Tesla
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  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye  Month ago +16

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    • Whats the frequency Kenneth
      Whats the frequency Kenneth 13 days ago

      Oh, tell me about it!

    • Mister Tea
      Mister Tea 13 days ago

      It amazes me how much dumber people get as time goes on.

    • Whats the frequency Kenneth
      Whats the frequency Kenneth 13 days ago

      It amazes me how many people think they were GIVEN MONEY when they received it back in "incentives" for purchasing a given vehicle. It's not unlike when they are "given money" after filing for their tax refunds.

    • Mister Tea
      Mister Tea Month ago

      Andy Slye has the most memorable face, imho.

    • Nailah Rose
      Nailah Rose Month ago +3

      Andy Slye so proud of you! Thank you for this informative video. Keep up the hard work!

  • jfmcshane238
    jfmcshane238 16 hours ago

    Was battery degradation added in this at all?

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 18 hours ago +1

    $51,000 for a model 3? I am glad I bought that used 2018 Impala with 12k miles for $22,000.00 I feel so much better.

  • Mohamed Osama
    Mohamed Osama 20 hours ago

    You're probably saving a crap ton of money on service

  • Jeff Session
    Jeff Session Day ago

    this video is outdated already

  • DougZ
    DougZ Day ago

    We need nuclear powered cars. Goes on forever without charging :)

  • Magicstockton
    Magicstockton Day ago


  • Henry Thoreau
    Henry Thoreau Day ago +2

    55 grand isn't bad comparing that class of car to a BMW or Merc, but comparing that to a normal brand, that's double the cost. I would take that car over a 3 series, I think. Although you haven't even gotten to the battery pack replacement yet. If you think you have low emissions, stay ignorant of how your batteries are made and disposed of. You'll sleep better.
    It dwarfs the emissions of gas cars. People don't seem to understand that there are only 2 mines on the planet with the elements needed to make those batteries, and 1 is closed down(California). And that 1 mine that is open is in a mountain, soon to be a crater, in China. Nothing is free, including storing electricity.

  • Juan B
    Juan B Day ago

    A cost to own calculator usually factors in depreciation from when you first bought it to when you plan to sell it (say 5, 7, or 10 years) in addition to fuel, maintenance, fees, insurance, etc.

  • Dino Pappous
    Dino Pappous Day ago +3

    Have you experienced any "build quality" issues ?

    • Mohamed Osama
      Mohamed Osama 21 hour ago

      Important question that I have as well

    FREE RADIO Day ago

    I truly wish Elon would make a Tesla hybrid w/ gas, I simply don't find any car reliable that suffers from 'vampire drain'.

  • DeusCriolo
    DeusCriolo Day ago

    Great video!

  • aufox5
    aufox5 Day ago

    your numbers seem very good but you've left out deferred maintenance (new tires and brakes), how long you've owned the car (important because no matter the power source, plastic and metal break down over time, and as your insurance increased, the yearly state licensing fee, usually based on acquisition cost, must have increased as well. Nontheless, at the end of the day.....good job

  • Dean M
    Dean M Day ago +1

    Let’s see it after 50,000 miles

  • WillBrink
    WillBrink Day ago +1

    The amount saved in gas also has to be compared to the difference in the upfront costs compared to a gas car, which could easily be $10-20k difference. You will have to save a lot of gas to offset the difference. Two, if/when you do require some service, it has to be done via Tesla no? I have Tesla stock and support the company and would enjoy a 3 to be sure, but from a strictly $ savings/difference, I think the cost of the 3 would need to come down to justify it. They're just a lot of fun to drive and a cool car, and that's good enough for many ;)

  • DMETS519
    DMETS519 Day ago +1

    $52,000 spent to save $1,200 on gas. Just another 43 years to break even.

  • bootsngus
    bootsngus Day ago

    Im curious if a small solar panel would stop or offset the vampire drainage while parked somewhere. Even cloudy days would produce some solar energy.

  • markm
    markm Day ago

    Sure... wait 10 more years when everybody has an electric car and... be ready for your electricity bill to be trippled... If not more. Not to mention, you pay 30% more for this card comparing to a regular car.

    • Joshua Lambert
      Joshua Lambert Day ago

      markm than I see what your saying but electric cars wouldn’t be 30% more if everyone was driving it. So in a perfect world those two costs would offset but not entirely.

  • Dubious Words
    Dubious Words Day ago

    Gas is not expensive enough yet to make a Tesla worth it for the fuel savings alone. I would love to buy one but in Canadian dollars, it would cost me upwards of 75k for the Model 3, as equipped in this room. I have never bought a car brand new or paid more than 22k, so that is an insane amount for me to spend on a car, ultimately a depreciating asset.

  • 00crashtest
    00crashtest Day ago

    So much for Elon Musk's affordability goals, more like lies. $35K is
    still expensive for a midsize sedan. The $35K Model 3 is not "mass
    the $23K Camry and Accord are. Tesla is overpriced like Apple.
    Tesla SUCKS!

  • RottenRonnie
    RottenRonnie 2 days ago

    I love Tesla's just wish they didnt look so damn ugly...spending insane money on a car that isnt even as nice as a toyota corolla and to be honest if you are spending money on maintenance besides an oil change at only 10k miles lol you bought a lemon dont matter if its electric or gas

  • JCAH1
    JCAH1 2 days ago

    Andy, have you looked into the vehicle's range reduction during the winter months? Regarding the "no emissions" claim, it is obvious that for electric cars, the burden of generating power is transferred from the car to a power plant. All power plants have emissions unless they are nuclear or hydro-electric.

  • Aniarable Channel
    Aniarable Channel 2 days ago +5

    hmmm I don't know. Electric cars may seem cool, but a Corolla for $19,500 seems like the better option.

    • k678kk
      k678kk 2 days ago

      BMW i3 would be better value as well.

  • Kickin Rocks
    Kickin Rocks 2 days ago

    Also, your long range battery means the emissions used to create your electric car is most likely 70% higher than the emissions used to create a gasoline car, due to the large amount of lithium mining required. So if youre doing a 10k mile comparison, you may not be making any difference on the environment. It would be interesting to see the long term emissions advantage, but also see the long term brake and tire costs. As well as reliability and component replacement costs.

    • Kickin Rocks
      Kickin Rocks Day ago

      +aufox5 creative, but no. Most people cant get to work, school, or other without transportation. And public transportation is not viable for the majority. I dont see how walking is an option. In his video, he brags about not creating emissions. Im just pointing out that his choice of a tesla over a prius, and a long range battery over standard, put him 17yrs away from emissions offset in a non green state, and 5yrs away in a green state. Many people brag, when they dont understand what theyre bragging about. Its off putting. He should stop bragging until year 5 lol. He should just say, i dont care about emissions. I bought it because i liked it. I couldnt criticize that.

    • aufox5
      aufox5 Day ago

      If you really, truly want emissions lowered here or anywhere, the only answer is stop worrying about how lithium is mined and stop driving....your missing the forest for the tree...another issue is that the model 3 will need brakes and tires, likely in another 10K miles which will cause the driving costs to increase another $500 minimum.

  • Kickin Rocks
    Kickin Rocks 2 days ago +3

    Please review this at 20k miles. I read an article from a tesla owner that needed $1800 in service after 20 months, because the car needed fully new tires and brakes at that time. It makes sense considering it weighs 1000lbs more than your G6, and equal to a full size pickup truck. After your first major service, youre going to see a lot of your savings erode.

    • Kickin Rocks
      Kickin Rocks Day ago +1

      +Alex Perez oh right on. There may have been some electrical or motor inspection suggested by manufacturer, bundled into that price.
      Yeah, its funny because teslas are actually worse for the planet, in states like mine, unless the owners keep then a long time. But it also depends. If you keep it over 8 yrs and need a new battery, it will again be worse than a gas car.

    • Alex Perez
      Alex Perez Day ago

      +Kickin Rocks not to worry! I just baffled that it would cost any owner for that matter to do simple changes on a car in general. Not even my family's vans or trucks cost that much with premium parts and self labor. Therefore, Labor must really bite them in the rear end!
      I agree with you on the saving the earth thing I'm not Into electric car myself, I need to hear an engine and love the sound of reving so I'll stick to my Fossil fuel cars ahaha

    • Kickin Rocks
      Kickin Rocks Day ago

      +Alex Perez Alex Perez i didnt calculate the cost. I read an article from a tesla modle S owner who quoted that amount. I dont not have the link to share. But i could look for it l, if youre interested. The point is, its a heavy car and more frequent maintenance will be required. I also learned that a powerful electric car, like a tesla with extended range battery, may take as high as 17 years to offset the emissions of production and usage, if owned and operated in a state that uses fossil fuels as the vast majority of power production, when compared to the average gasoline car. Compare that to a lower powered electric car like a prius or leaf operating in an state that has more green power production, where it will over come the emissions of an ave gas car in a year. Point is, buying a tesla doesnt mean youre saving the earth. It depends on where you live. And if you really cared about the earth in a state like Ohio, you wouldnt buy a tesla at all. At least, not one with a powerful battery.

    • Alex Perez
      Alex Perez Day ago

      Getting new tires and replacing the brakes should cost no where near this? Brake pads are around $35 for premium pair for front and rear, tires round anywhere from $65-$120 each depending on brand. Installation is anywhere from $30-70. Therefore it should cost one person at least under $700 to do everything if you change it all at once. Unless people don't know how to change thier own brakes and rotors. Than I can maybe see it go up to $900 at most? I do all my work on my cars myself except tires of course but I cant imagine seeing an $1800 for something so simple to do.

  • Mashana Gallman
    Mashana Gallman 2 days ago +1

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      Mashana Gallman 2 days ago +1

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    Mashana Gallman 2 days ago

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  • John Zirkelbach26
    John Zirkelbach26 2 days ago

    Hold up, do you live in Indiana? I do too ayyyyyy

  • Cynicalreality
    Cynicalreality 2 days ago

    How do you afford that, do you sell cocaine?

    • Cynicalreality
      Cynicalreality 2 days ago

      Yeah, I kind of figured that, I was just letting a little of my jealousy out. Lol I’ve always kept up with Tesla, I seen where they just unveiled the Y model. All their cars are great.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  2 days ago +1

      No I do TVclip videos 😉

  • Kyron Healy
    Kyron Healy 2 days ago

    You forgot to take into account changing the oil and the spark plugs

    • Kyron Healy
      Kyron Healy 2 days ago

      +Caleb Reasons wot

    • Caleb Reasons
      Caleb Reasons 2 days ago +1

      He literally mentioned the oil changes and said "but that's a whole other story". And who changes spark plugs on a new vehicle?!

  • Amun Ra
    Amun Ra 2 days ago +2

    6 cents per kwh? That is insanely cheap. Here in California PG&E is charging us 21c per kwh for the first 366 kwh and then 28c after that. Guess I have to pay for all the houses they burned down and people they killed.

    • Mohamed Osama
      Mohamed Osama 21 hour ago

      Here in Sweden electricity costs an arm and a leg
      Gas costs both arms and both legs and a kidney
      I like my bicycle because its healthy xd

  • RB Hemingway
    RB Hemingway 2 days ago +5

    Yesss folks he made enough 💰 off this you tube channel to cover the cost of the Tesla !!
    Per Andy- see my other comment

  • mrmiyagi5
    mrmiyagi5 2 days ago

    Hope u make 200k+.

  • Jay Torr
    Jay Torr 2 days ago

    I want to buy an EV. but will have to wait until a German, Japanese or Korean company makes a decent and affordable one. US built quality just does not compare.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  2 days ago

      You should test drive a Model 3 if you haven't yet. It's super reliable and a fantastic car.

  • RB Hemingway
    RB Hemingway 2 days ago +1

    Did you make enough money off this you tube channel yet to cover the entire cost of the Tesla ?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  2 days ago

      Yes I have other sources of income though

  • Mungo_T
    Mungo_T 2 days ago

    The power grid in residential areas is sized for 100amp average per household. What happens when half the houses on your block install another 75-100% of capacity? Your utility company has to upgrade the grid. Who pays for that? Everyone. Since EVs are quite obviously not economically feasible, the GOVERNMENT HAS TO PAY PEOPLE to buy them. Where does that money come from? Everyone. Since EV owners won't be buying fuel, they won't be paying their share of infrastructure maintenance. Who pays their share? Everyone else. So, when you drive your little EV around and start getting nasty looks from everyone, remember, you're taking money from everyone so you can "feel good" about your politically correct little utopia-mobile.

  • Mungo_T
    Mungo_T 2 days ago

    So basically, you crunch a few numbers and end with "how you feel about this car". Not a word about depreciation or projected cost after you have to replace your battery. A more reasonable analysis would be to compare total cost per mile for the 1st 100k miles on this electric, to the 1st 100k miles on a similarly equipped gasoline powered vehicle.

    • RB Hemingway
      RB Hemingway 2 days ago

      Mungo_T This very you tube channel will provide enough income to cover the entire cost of the Tesla several times!

  • Todd Eosso
    Todd Eosso 2 days ago

    Dude love the car but you PAID much more for the model 3 so your not saving anything. Plus the power has to come from somewhere so your carbon burn is not zero

  • Limpdaddy345
    Limpdaddy345 2 days ago +4

    What's the cost of a battery replacement?

    • Sphynk
      Sphynk 15 hours ago

      +Uncle Sally Not really what he asked was it

    • Uncle Sally
      Uncle Sally Day ago

      8 years / 150,000 miles warranty on battery I'm told

    • Andrew Doran-Bowing
      Andrew Doran-Bowing 2 days ago

      Limpdaddy345 you get a free replacement.....

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins 3 days ago +1

    Great job dude 😉

    BOLT CHARGER17 3 days ago +3

    Tesla Model 3 $51922😄😝😄
    Civic si $26880 😋👏😎
    Bet it will last longer 💪
    Hope you find parts for yours😭

    • RSMinternet
      RSMinternet 2 days ago

      Model 3 Performance 0 to 60: 3.2s
      Civic Si 0 to 60: 6.2s
      It's like comparing a Ferrari to a Civic and telling the Ferrari owner he was foolish for spending more than $25k

    • J. P.
      J. P. 2 days ago

      One of those cars is a luxury car tho

  • Kevin Bradshaw
    Kevin Bradshaw 3 days ago

    Figure your tax dollars and mine that built it?

  • Adam Othman
    Adam Othman 3 days ago

    You buy a Model 3 and keep it only for 5 years

  • Robert Chow
    Robert Chow 3 days ago

    55k too much

  • José Godinho
    José Godinho 3 days ago

    *there's no combustion engine

    • José Godinho
      José Godinho 2 days ago

      +Andy Slye at 4:44 you say "there's no engine", just a small correction.
      Great video nonetheless!

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  3 days ago

      Correct. It has an electric motor but no combustion engine.

  • Curt Padgett
    Curt Padgett 3 days ago

    But the car cost 55,000 lot of money.....not worth it

  • Firebird Chuck
    Firebird Chuck 3 days ago

    I rather buy a kia stinger gt for that price

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  3 days ago

      But that's not all electric 😉

  • david
    david 3 days ago

    Only support tesla.... Yep

  • Birk Weber Kock
    Birk Weber Kock 3 days ago

    But doesn't the electricity just come from powerplants?

  • Michael Hurst
    Michael Hurst 3 days ago +11

    There were plenty emissions that went into mining the components for making all the electronics and the gigantic battery.
    It was not emission free.
    If you bought a basic car at 25k, let's say taxes and bullshit took it to 30k you would have 25k to spend on fuel and repairs.
    No vehicle lasts without repairs and maintenance.

    • Robert Alessi
      Robert Alessi Day ago

      And there are always cheap options. If you bought a Mercedes it might cost $75k. Obviously you have to factor in what you want out of a car. I don’t think his point was “ this is the cheapest solution possible”.
      As someone that drives a lot for a job, it will make a huge impact for me. Of course, I could buy a cheap car, but I want something a bit nicer.
      And to your point about emission, you are correct, even generating electricity st a plant causes greenhouse gases, but it is significantly more efficient. I guess, have an open mind is my point.

    • RSMinternet
      RSMinternet 2 days ago +1

      Very true. But all of the mining still is a fraction of the pollution caused from continuously burning gas for the life of the car. That "basic car" for $25k is a choice anyone can make when comparing any car, like a BMW, but you aren't getting the nice things you get with a BMW. Same with a Tesla. The Model 3 Performance does 0-60 in 3.2s. No gas car can touch that for the price.

  • Miguel Caldeira
    Miguel Caldeira 3 days ago +4

    Haven't watched your videos for a while but you keep being awesome. Great video! Will come more often for sure. And just shared this one with a few friends and family, Model 3 owners as well.

  • Toppins
    Toppins 3 days ago +45

    Big companies hire high profile celebrities to endorse their product, but Tesla saves that money because Elon is THAT celebrity.

  • Matthew Koob
    Matthew Koob 3 days ago


  • Brandon Shwaub
    Brandon Shwaub 3 days ago

    I like your channel but I downvoted because of your click bait thumbnail. You don’t have to be a follower to succeed. Just keep making quality videos and you won’t have to do stupid shit like that photo.

  • gowd sake
    gowd sake 3 days ago +1

    You have spent nearly almost 60000 dollars to save 1200 dollars wow yeah thats a convincing argument !
    Also you cannot say there are no emissions where does the electricity come from ?

  • Bonau Filho
    Bonau Filho 3 days ago

    Nice video but actually I have to calculate this for EU figures.. $0,068/KWH ?? Really, I Pay almost 3X that...also 2,77 for a Gallon, in Europe we pay around 6,50 /Gallon.

    • Jen lemay
      Jen lemay 2 days ago

      yep here in boston we pay .23/kwh almost 4x this! And we pay 2.35 for gasoline so not so impressive of savings. Add back the $500 in additional insurance cost and the $2000 for the charger for your house and I'd be asking myself during my 2hr charge station wait what the F I was thinking.

  • Josh Brackelsberg
    Josh Brackelsberg 3 days ago

    All this analysis seems to not mention the cost of replacing the batteries unless I missed it. I'm pretty sure the cost of replacing those batteries is gonna waaaay out do any savings on gas you had.
    Tesla's gonna make a fortune replacing battery packs in the future.

    • Uncle Sally
      Uncle Sally Day ago

      8 year warranty or 150K miles
      on the model 3

    • Chakra 1
      Chakra 1 3 days ago

      8 year warranty on battery

  • Tom Stratford
    Tom Stratford 4 days ago +2

    Ugliest steering wheel I’ve ever seen for $50,000

  • Aaron Henderson
    Aaron Henderson 4 days ago

    50k in UK for a hatchback is a bit ridiculous

  • Menno S
    Menno S 4 days ago

    Great and very informative video!

  • Jamesdavid VanRooyenHamilton

    It’s only zero emissions while driving! Is ur electricity from 100% renewable generation? Also what where the emissions while Tesla where making this car, resources uses like water, electricity, chemicals used while refining lithium for batteries etc?

    • RSMinternet
      RSMinternet 2 days ago

      Those are all valid concerns and real issues, but did you do any research before asking? There are literally videos on TVclip doing all the math for you, showing you that gasoline burning cars are -still- polluting much more than electric cars even when taking every factor into account.

  • Edward Passagi
    Edward Passagi 4 days ago

    I mean your g6 mpg is not even that good though.. and the money you ‘save’ on gas are basically way less than the extra money you pay for tesla itself...

    • Fire Forever
      Fire Forever 3 days ago


    • Fire Forever
      Fire Forever 3 days ago

      Yea but at the same time hes driving a 2018 model compared to 2008 so its still an upgrade yk. If youre gonna be a 40k car like a tiguan or volvo imo it would be better to get this

  • Steve Allen
    Steve Allen 5 days ago

    Yes but once the right number of cars are made, you don't think the power company will raise the price of power.

  • Santiago Aguayo
    Santiago Aguayo 5 days ago

    How much do you pay for insurance ?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  5 days ago

      Around $1500/year total for full coverage on my Model 3 and liability on my G6

  • Nathan Fuller
    Nathan Fuller 6 days ago +1

    You kinda forgot depreciation...

  • bahram 33
    bahram 33 6 days ago

    No body pays attention the car is more expensive than average gasolin cars and after a few years you need to replace the battery for more than $ no saving!!!!

  • StL ChuckO
    StL ChuckO 6 days ago +1

    “Zero emissions”
    Doesn’t calculate that roughly 80% of the electric in his area is produced by coal.

    • Chakra 1
      Chakra 1 3 days ago +1

      It's all about Carbon foot print.. Zero driving emissions are just part of the equation

    • StL ChuckO
      StL ChuckO 6 days ago +1

      Keep in mind, I’m not advocating that electric cars aren’t the future or that they’re rapidly becoming a cleaner source of transportation. We’re still at the dawn of EV’s viability; similar to ICEs in 1910.
      I’m pointing out the flaws in the points people commonly toss out concerning EVs.
      I’m looking for honest stats that account for everything (at least as much as possible). Fudging stats is disservice to any argument; regardless of position.

    • StL ChuckO
      StL ChuckO 6 days ago

      Andy Slye
      That based the emissions for ICE vehicles on:
      “For a gasoline car, that means looking at emissions from extracting crude oil from the ground, getting the oil to a refinery and making gasoline, and transporting gasoline to filling stations, in addition to combustion emissions from the tailpipe.”
      Ironically, it only counts the emissions from generating the electricity.
      It doesn’t include emissions for extracting the fuel for the power plant, transporting fuel to the plant, the building/maintenance of the infrastructure to get the electricity to the charging stations, etc.
      PLUS, even based on the stats in that link, it’s more environmentally friendly for me to continue using my ICE vehicles since the St Louis area has the equivalent of 39mpg for the average EV (which was 37mpg 10 years ago, according to that link).
      This is based off the mileage I drive in my 19 year old truck (about 5k miles annually, 18mpg observed lifetime mileage) and 2017 Grom (3k annually, conservatively 100mpg); translating into an average of over 48mpg.
      And that’s not even getting into the “environmentally friendly” part of manufacturing the vehicles, which EVs have a demonstrably higher carbon footprint mostly due to the materials required to manufacture the battery.
      But are you willing to consider those “facts still remaining”?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  6 days ago +1

      Sure I should have said “zero tailpipe emissions” to be technically correct. But the fact still remains that EVs are much better for the environment than gasoline vehicles no matter how/where the EV gets its electricity:

    • StL ChuckO
      StL ChuckO 6 days ago

      Andy Slye
      That’s like saying “I skipped eating breakfast with everyone else, so that’s zero calories” when you merely ate before everyone else.
      To say it’s zero emissions when the power to charge it is generated mostly by fossil fuels is disingenuous.

  • Luigi Ferrario
    Luigi Ferrario 6 days ago

    Since the RIDICULE does not kill .... The Tesla sect would be well inspired ... To be installed a "hook" traction of their vehicle ... In this way, they can easily tow a cart with a group Generator ... No more problem of dry failures .... a little blow on the engine generator with of course the full tank of fuel .... and here the battery recharged for 50 km ... what to enter without stress no at home ... She is not beautiful life!
    Puisque le RIDICULE ne tue point.... La secte Tesla serait bien inspirée... De se faire installer un «crochet» de traction de leur véhicule... De cette manière, ils pourront aisément tracter une charrette pourvue d'un groupe électrogène... Plus de problème de pannes sèches.... un petit coup sur le moteur générateur avec bien entendu le réservoir plein de carburant.... et voilà la batterie rechargée pour 50 km... de quoi rentrer sans stress aucun à la maison... Elle n’est pas belle la vie!

  • mascottie
    mascottie 7 days ago +8

    Great breakdown. Thanks. I wish I would have gotten an electric car.

    • DNF phobia
      DNF phobia Day ago

      +Isaac Zachary yea I understand I'll never be able to afford one :/ especially considering the cost of housing in socal rn

    • Isaac Zachary
      Isaac Zachary Day ago

      ​+DNF phobia At around $35,000 a year, if I save 10% of my income I can afford one in 10 years! But then again rent just doubled here in the past few years.

    • DNF phobia
      DNF phobia 2 days ago

      +Isaac Zachary save

    • Isaac Zachary
      Isaac Zachary 6 days ago

      Ya. Me too. But I don't think I can handle the initial cost, even at $35,000.

  • Jeff Chapman
    Jeff Chapman 7 days ago

    To be honest, I think I would better off with a car like the Chevy Volt which is a hybrid. The amount of money you saved on charges vs gas over 10,000 isn’t that much. The reason why is because of the cost of the vehicle. When they come down in price and a super charge only takes 15 or 20 minutes. Electric vehicles will be a lot more practical. GM is actually shutting down four plants in the US in pursuit of electric car technology. It is the future of the automobile industry. Thanks for the review.

  • connelly6375
    connelly6375 7 days ago

    dam you missed all the big stuff like depreciation, had different impression of video based on title

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  6 days ago +1

      Good news the Tesla Model 3 has one of the best resale values according to KBB

  • sam3d
    sam3d 7 days ago +2

    No man, you need to drive that car trouble free for another 90k miles in order to make back those 50k spent on the upfront price! It’s really not worth it, you. Can drive a Honda Fit and still have about 20k in your pocket after 100k miles.

    • sam3d
      sam3d 5 days ago

      Kevin S. That’s a different subject.
      This is about the economic impact on individuals, a middle income family’s top priority is not “saving the planet”. All this electric car hype is a hoax, the companies are not going to make money on repair parts like the gasoline counterparts, so they jack up the prices of these crappy cars, which are not much more than an electric appliance on wheels.
      You might be rich like this kid, but you and him have extremely subjective points of view and are throwing them out there as if they were general facts.

    • Kevin S.
      Kevin S. 6 days ago

      Knowing you are not contributing to the world pollution enough is a huge plus for many people. Being an adopter of this now just creates a force that will make other companies to fully go EV, making the world a better place. Pay high now so our future generations can pay less then.

  • sub786sub
    sub786sub 7 days ago +1

    It not fun for DIY maintenance folks. Yes for dependent folks its worth like any car.

  • AL
    AL 7 days ago

    $35k price is just illusion, and used as bait, real decent Tesla model 3 still costs around 50k, which isn’t worth for this compact car

    • AL
      AL 7 days ago

      colorblindkid720 please tell me one thing, if I can buy Prius prime for 34k, which can do 640 miles in one tank and have many advanced features close to Tesla, why should i buy Tesla where on long routes I have to look for charging stations and wait there for 1 hour or if it is busy than more and plus at house, I have to spend additional $1500 to get 220volt connection to charge the car.
      If they give all upgrades in this price it may worth it but not for $50k.

    • AL
      AL 7 days ago

      colorblindkid720 35000 isn’t worth for base level, soon it will go down $10000

    • colorblindkid720
      colorblindkid720 7 days ago

      That's an interesting opinion... It's almost like you can't CURRENTLY go onto Tesla's website and purchase a base level $35k car... Therefore, the $35k price isn't an illusion. You can physically acquire a model 3 for that amount.
      A "real decent" statement can be applied to any car.. It couldn't be more obvious that a BASE LEVEL car will not include the luxury items.. please..

  • Robert Ampulski
    Robert Ampulski 7 days ago

    Is the electricity production to charge this car emissions free?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  7 days ago +1

      Generates emissions to charge (unless charged by renewable resources). Zero emissions while driving.

  • Fair Human
    Fair Human 7 days ago +1

    These battery cars have no soul.... So dull and boring

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  7 days ago

      Have you ever driven a Model 3? It's quite the opposite of dull and boring. It's fun and relaxing - something no other car has provided for me.

  • Jack Poontaint
    Jack Poontaint 8 days ago +1

    And a battery for a Tesla is about 7k, how many times have you tried charging a lithium ion battery? They are not everlasting. Repairs on those cars will eat you alive. Wouldn't it make sense to have an electric car with a really durable solar panel on it that recharged your battery as you drove it? Or a car with wind turbines that charges the battery as you drove it? No, you have to use the electric company to pump energy into it made by burning coal.
    Tesla, the only car you will ever need if you want to pay double the price to get anything repaired 4x slower than any other car. Worth it for one less person to have less emissions.

    • thatoneguy youmightknow
      thatoneguy youmightknow 8 days ago

      Actually according to some general interwebs searching, a solar panel on a car doesn't provide enough energy to be feasible. It's something like 8 hours of sun at peak light would only provide enough power for about 2 miles of driving.
      The turbines though are interesting, Using aerodynamics on a car to filter wind power to a turbine sounds good in theory, but I wonder if would provide enough power to extend range.
      Some bigger airliners deploy a similar turbine to provide emergency power. Those are rather large, approximately the size and weight of a 4 cylinder engine, plus the plane is traveling upwards of 300mph.

  • Jarrett Porst
    Jarrett Porst 8 days ago

    Need to edit the comment about being a zero emission vehicle. Most likely, something was burn to create the electricity that charged the car. With its in-efficiency’s, nuclear, petrol, wind turbine, solar all have there own emissions issues as well as volt leak over distance to get to your charging location. Tesla is a brilliant auto manufacture. 80+% of society should have a car like Tesla. We’ve not measured the infrastructure effect on the continued drain on electrical energy required by these vehicles. Hey, great vid! Good accounting, evolves to great accounting.

  • No Where
    No Where 8 days ago

    No emissions? Lightening rod or something?

  • Yumpin Yiminy
    Yumpin Yiminy 8 days ago +1

    I like that you or someone actually compared Gas vs Electric driving cost. I don't think a 2008 Pontiac is a good sample.
    Please never say your car is zero emissions. Even the electricity cost leaves a carbon footprint. The materials to be taken from the earth, moved around, manufacture and the assembles and delivery and sales dealerships, executives private jets footprint is no better than a standard car.
    I don't have the answer. We can't have all electric cars or we have to pay for new power plants and the fossil fuels they burn.
    Even if the US made mandatory solar and wind power supplemental power homes (my best solution). We can't control the rest of the world.
    I feel bad for the young people of today.
    Overall, I am sure you car helps but we are still so far off. As long as profits drive ecology, the mother earth will always lose. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  • mono
    mono 8 days ago +10

    the irony in buying a 50k+ car to save money

    • Kamal Kristipati
      Kamal Kristipati Day ago

      scott columbo that car will be no where near as quick or fun to drive as the Tesla. Only an idiot would compare a corolla or a civic to a model 3...

    • scott columbo
      scott columbo 2 days ago

      Kainwad but you can get an ICE vehicle just as equipped much cheaper than 54k is my point.

    • Kainwad
      Kainwad 4 days ago

      He will be saving money, if you go and buy a car for 54k with an engine you will be spending more than if you bought the tesla. Most people understand that.

    • scott columbo
      scott columbo 7 days ago +2

      Andy Slye you’re comparisons to ICE vehicles.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  7 days ago +3

      When did I ever say that I bought it to save money?

  • Mike McDaniels
    Mike McDaniels 8 days ago

    A young guy like you should have bought a house with the money.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  7 days ago

      Michael Mayer is correct ^

    • Michael Mayer
      Michael Mayer 8 days ago +1

      He has a house. He said he had to pay $900 to run the line for the charger.

  • itoldyouso39
    itoldyouso39 8 days ago +1

    You neglected to mention that the electricity you used generated emissions.

  • burre01
    burre01 8 days ago

    for a mere US citizens it may be $1,371.81 to travel 10400 miles on gas.... for us in EU its about $2,999.49

  • Typhoon SD
    Typhoon SD 9 days ago +2

    This has to be B.S. I live in CA. The average residential electricity rates are 15.98¢/kWh. Where I live. The U.S. range from 8.37¢/kWh to 37.34¢/kWh. So there is no way in hell you could save anything. I just looked it up.

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  7 days ago +1

      Here's proof. I charge my car during off-peak hours which is 6.8 cents per kWh:

  • Fender Bender
    Fender Bender 9 days ago +4

    True cost is when its out of warranty.

  • Jason Hanson
    Jason Hanson 9 days ago +1

    That’s an eye opener.

  • Jerry Stillwell
    Jerry Stillwell 9 days ago

    how does anyd have 55 grand hes like 20 somthing... i dont get that

    • Gregory Hamlet
      Gregory Hamlet 9 days ago

      Jerry Stillwell because me and you and another 1m are watching his vids..

  • judy barcenas
    judy barcenas 9 days ago


  • Dr. Guy Madison
    Dr. Guy Madison 9 days ago +1

    So you spent an additional $45,000 to save $900 / year in fuel costs? You forgot to include the cost of insurance which is expensive for a Tesla, any excise tax for the new $50,000 toy (compared to the $5000 old toy). My wife isn't that great at math but I can tell you she wouldn't buy the story about spending $55,000 to save $1000.

    Also most power usage is staged, if you use over 600 KWh here the KWh price goes from 9 cents to 11 cents.

    Don't forget you now have $50,000 invested in a depreciating asset, aka.. one that doesn't make money.

    Don't worry we all make these mistakes at your age I had a 1997 F250 diesel truck that over 17 years cost me about $165,000 in opportunity costs (the cost if I would have invested that money) and depreciation costs.

    Next time buy a nice used luxury car and forget how much you pay for gas, in the end it's a non-issue.. also invest your money in a rental property that actually makes money.

    • Dr. Guy Madison
      Dr. Guy Madison 9 days ago

      +m15grangerRight, I should explain "opportunity cost" is not really interest.. its the money you would see on a return of a performing asset (mutual fund / rental property). Tesla has a better performing depreciation curve than most at this point but it's still a deep dive.
      I love people like this, they blow their money on expensive cars. After 8-10 years they get rid of them and I buy them at a fraction of the price they paid for them. Most cars today are built for 200,000+ miles and a 25 year lifespan so I have no problem buying a used car with 80,000-120,000 miles on it.

    • m15granger
      m15granger 9 days ago

      All good points. He does mention factoring in insurance costs around 1 min in. All vehicles depreciate the second you buy them. Why it's better to pay off depreciating assets rather than interest & like you said, make $ off appreciating assets. Part of owning a Tesla is the fun/toy/tech factor... while saving $ some compared to a similar priced car, or saving LOTS compared to exotic sports cars that run at similar speeds.

  • Berus7777
    Berus7777 10 days ago

    WHOA! WHY the heck is your red paintjob only ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS? I just ordered my 3, and the red paint option was 2500! GRRRRR!!!!!! What is this paint made of? Expensivium?

    • Andy Slye
      Andy Slye  10 days ago

      Yeah unfortunately Tesla increased the price of multi-coat red and it's now the most expensive paint option. If it were that much when I ordered I probably would have went with midnight silver

  • TheJinroKing
    TheJinroKing 10 days ago +2

    Not worth at all. If you really want to save the environment then stop farting.
    If you really want to decrease gas consumption but have to dtive, then buy a cheaper used electric vehicle at third of the of a luxury priced model 3.
    Let's be honest, people that can afford 50k electric cars aren't concerned about gas, especially at $2.77! They just want the luxury of a tesla.
    You know how you can really save money and the environment? Buy a efficient, reliable, and cheap pre-owned vehicle like a gen x civic that gets 36-38mpg combined. Then start recycling, changing lightbulbs, and pick up trash outside.
    In fact, the U.S. is only accountable for 15% of the global warming. Even in a unlikely scenario where every single person in the States is doing their part to preserve the environment, the other 85% of the world couldn't give a rats ass.

  • awhislyle
    awhislyle 11 days ago

    Thank you for just typing everything in the information field

  • Jordan See
    Jordan See 11 days ago

    2019 when electric cars are kool

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean 11 days ago

    OMG! Are you seriously expecting the general public to even remotely consider all the ridiculous math at hyper speed that you are spouting off to us?!?!?
    And how much do we hate the tiny speedometer on that screen ....
    Don’t want to spend that much time being distracted by looking to the right all the time and focus on that tiny speed indicator...
    Don’t want to put my glasses on every time I drive just to read that tiny off center speed indicator

  • Jim E
    Jim E 11 days ago +1

    So you spent almost $60K upfront to save $1,200 a year? And electricity in Kentucky is produced without emissions? 79% of Kentucky's net electricity generation was coal-fired!

    • Justin E.
      Justin E. 10 days ago +1

      I dont know why you people complain how electricity is produced when 100% of people use electricity every day. Are you saying a car that uses a little bit of electricity is worse than burning a tank of gas?

    • Arctic Bork
      Arctic Bork 10 days ago

      ok? and? you can get a Model 4 for 35k right now and cost shouldn't be the only reason you buy a Tesla. it's a great car. also 79% coal is better than 100%

  • Alan Slocum
    Alan Slocum 11 days ago

    The promised $35,000 car (P. T. Barnum is STILL promising $35,000 even though he is about to lose the $7500 incentive) cost $60,000 minus a $7500 government rebate paid by the taxpayer (me). The map showing "free" electricity is pointing out places also paid for by the taxpayer (me), with electricity paid for by the taxpayer (me). For a car that has to be plugged in for a minimum of 4 hours after traveling 310 miles. Not to mention the children's lives lost in the Congo from being forced into child labor mining cobalt, which was just revealed in January 2019. Despite 40 years of government subsidies, solar (2%), wind (2%), and water (11)%) only account for less than 15% of our power grid. Electricity in the US is derived from coal (33%) or natural gas (33%) or nuclear (20%). As soon as Tesla is required to stand on it's own, it'll fold. Except for the $100,000+ rich boy toys. Maybe.

    SUCKRPUNCHED 12 days ago

    Why would you want your car to be quiet? Gay as fuck bruv

    SUCKRPUNCHED 12 days ago

    The car is a piece of shit

  • Pat John
    Pat John 12 days ago

    I think it’s 12 cents per kWh in the Midwest. So still 1000 saved on gas. Also, 82% of power is from coal and gas power plants so the Tesla’s here a coal powered!! Hahaha