• Published on Jul 7, 2018
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Comments • 4 958

  • Ella Lilac
    Ella Lilac 24 minutes ago

    This was cringy you people are not very good at it but it is your first time

  • Gianna Benton
    Gianna Benton 4 hours ago

    I had a heart attack when Molly put the slime on Rosanna head lol

  • Syd Da Squid
    Syd Da Squid Day ago

    Molly I really want you to come play with my horses. That sounds so weird and creepy. But I feel like you would absolutely love them

  • The claw Janitor
    The claw Janitor 2 days ago

    Do not put slime in your hair

  • pandamam 841
    pandamam 841 5 days ago

    Sorry you lost your voice rose

  • pandamam 841
    pandamam 841 5 days ago

    You should make slime again with your mom

  • Briana Danielle
    Briana Danielle 6 days ago

    11:29 I got scared😟

  • valeria and cc
    valeria and cc 7 days ago +1

    Your making the slime wrong

  • George Salazar and Lin Manuel Miranda Prom Queen


  • Varsha Ramanesh
    Varsha Ramanesh 8 days ago

    Molly said that she saw vids of slime.....

  • Leslie Marquez
    Leslie Marquez 11 days ago

    the slime is sooooooo over activated which means you put to much baking soda and contact lens solotion it would have been alot better if you didnt over activate it and if you listened to diffrent instructions or if you saw a video first

  • azrielic_
    azrielic_ 11 days ago +1

    I dont like watching molly cause when i see someone suffer and they are happy i feel like they are hiding the pain and they dont wanna show the true emotion they are hiding so now i am very tear-y??? Im kindah crying now

  • Florence Le
    Florence Le 12 days ago

    Is it just me or is Pansino spelled as Pasino as the title? No offense, but still love the video πŸ’—

  • Naina S.
    Naina S. 13 days ago

    did anyone else realize rosanna’s last name is spelled wrong in the title?

  • Marith marith
    Marith marith 13 days ago

    You both look so good together 😭β™₯️

  • Gracie K
    Gracie K 18 days ago +2

    Give this a like if u saw the swan at first glance!

  • Katherine Coombes
    Katherine Coombes 21 day ago

    Ih ro

  • Colleen Mac
    Colleen Mac 23 days ago +2

    10:52 major reputation vibes (Taylor Swift)

  • Joseph Murphy
    Joseph Murphy 25 days ago

    Im so distracted by the swan in the backround in the pool

  • Penelope Evans
    Penelope Evans Month ago

    I feel like molly no affence isn’t blind because she said she watches key word

    • Melodies Of Colors
      Melodies Of Colors 6 days ago

      Penelope Evans she wasn’t born blind she became blind later in life so she kept the way she says things the same. Just because you said β€œno offense” doesn’t mean that what you’re saying isn’t offensive. You can clearly see in her close up videos the way her eyes shake because of the illness she has.

  • Bailey Windauer
    Bailey Windauer Month ago +1

    Molly your so pretty!!

  • Todd Ray
    Todd Ray Month ago

    At 7:07 who saw the floatie in the background move

  • Laura Paniagua
    Laura Paniagua Month ago

    Wait she's blind so how did she watch videos of slime??

    • Melodies Of Colors
      Melodies Of Colors 6 days ago

      Laura Paniagua since she became blind later in life she kinda keeps the way she says things the same out of habit from being sighted for her teenage years. Only about 10% of blind people can’t see anything at all the majority of blind people still have some sort of vision but the vision loss is still enough to be β€œlegally blind”. In Molly’s case she has light and shadow perception so she can see when light reflects off of object.

  • Aneesa Joy
    Aneesa Joy Month ago

    Ahhh this was posted on my birthday!!

  • iiPikachuNarwhalii Vlogs/gaming

    The swan in the background tho

  • someone rendom
    someone rendom Month ago

    molly is not blind

  • shortismystyle
    shortismystyle Month ago

    What does she mean when she say’s β€œI likes the way yours looks” I thought she was blind or can she see a bit?

    • Melodies Of Colors
      Melodies Of Colors 6 days ago

      shortismystyle She has light and shadow perception so when light reflects off glitters and things she can see the light. This is why they made a glittery slime so Molly can enjoy the light coming off the glitter. That’s why they went out into the sun when they made the glitter slime.

  • Laken Page
    Laken Page Month ago

    I love you Molly

  • G.A.P Grace
    G.A.P Grace Month ago +1

    Molly's intro
    πŸ‘ πŸ‘

  • Craft City
    Craft City Month ago

    How can she watch slime

  • A.I.M Diamond
    A.I.M Diamond Month ago

    10:08 You saved yourself ro
    Ly molly you cant read this but know we all love you xx

  • Amanda Bihl
    Amanda Bihl Month ago

    y'all look like sisters it's so sweet

  • Amanda Bihl
    Amanda Bihl Month ago

    #Best Collab EVER!!!

  • that aesthetic artist

    hey molly, have you ever seen what ro looks like?

  • Dabbing Cookie
    Dabbing Cookie Month ago +3

    The best slime that would fit you is cloud slime becuase its so FLUFFY and have texture

  • Lily Ellender
    Lily Ellender Month ago

    It smells like elementary school


  • Rachel M.
    Rachel M. Month ago +3

    I’m just watching the swan being blown around the pool in the background.

  • Freddie Pearson
    Freddie Pearson Month ago

    7:14 look ou the window !!

  • Kimani Pryce
    Kimani Pryce Month ago

    How are you blind and you can watch videos?

    • Kimani Pryce
      Kimani Pryce Month ago

      I’m so confused πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

  • bhavya keswani
    bhavya keswani Month ago

    It doesn't look like you are blind molly

  • maddy c
    maddy c Month ago +2

    I love slime best thing everπŸ˜›

  • Olivia Quick
    Olivia Quick Month ago

    It smells like elementary school

  • Alpha_VampWolf
    Alpha_VampWolf Month ago

    Ro's voice is gone from a shoot in the desert with friends... Escape The Night????

  • Isaleila Reys
    Isaleila Reys Month ago

    The swan in the back 7:17

  • Katharine Malait
    Katharine Malait Month ago

    Hands down. Respect

  • Allan Finn
    Allan Finn Month ago


  • Mackenzie DeVries
    Mackenzie DeVries Month ago +1

    Mollies intro be like πŸ‘πŸ‘„πŸ‘

  • Elizabeth Dawson
    Elizabeth Dawson Month ago

    Molly you are so inspiring even though you can't see you are not afraid yo ask for help and you have your own way of seeing

  • Elizabeth Storm
    Elizabeth Storm Month ago

    I’m a slime fan and molly you are absolutely correct. There are no rules to slime. You just make it how you like it

  • Midnight Rxes
    Midnight Rxes Month ago

    I once also may have umm dyed my hands purple once too

  • Super GachaQueen
    Super GachaQueen Month ago

    Also you are so beautiful

  • Super GachaQueen
    Super GachaQueen Month ago

    So girl if you read this. I think you are amazing a such happy person

  • Amber Thompson
    Amber Thompson Month ago

    Rosanna: your hands are purple
    Molly: looks at her hands β€˜oh no’

  • Katherine Nesseth
    Katherine Nesseth Month ago

    A person at my church is brindles and has glasses it confuses me that he still where’s glasses?

  • Γ‹choing DΓ€wn

    Me being a *professional* slime maker, *cough cough*

    This was very hard for me to watch cuz, they used specific measurements, there is nothing specific about slime, and when they said 6:34
    Molly: what do you do with this after?
    Rosanna: idk put in a Tupperware container?
    Me: take deep breaths, it will be ok.

  • Jayde Hawkins
    Jayde Hawkins Month ago

    When Ro made the snake I got Taylor Swift vibes

  • Kristen Holmes
    Kristen Holmes Month ago

    Ro: it smells the elementary school

  • Law Rence
    Law Rence Month ago

    10:43 it looks like Isabelle's snake bracelet from Shadowhunters.

  • b d
    b d Month ago

    That was a bad idea to mix them because usually it fails reeeeeeaaaaaaly badly

  • b d
    b d Month ago

    Me lol: plats with slime scrolling on youtube finds a random video and wow.

  • Kiela SANGER
    Kiela SANGER Month ago

    The first one was over activated

  • iris weiss
    iris weiss Month ago +1

    2019 ANYONE

  • SuperCoolTV
    SuperCoolTV Month ago

    You’re right, Molly! There actually are no rules to making slime! ❀️ your channel

  • kitkat kittycat
    kitkat kittycat 2 months ago

    There long lost twins

  • kitkat kittycat
    kitkat kittycat 2 months ago


  • Andy Catron
    Andy Catron 2 months ago

    you know you can put orbeez in slime

  • It's your girl!
    It's your girl! 2 months ago

    You should add lotion to your slime

  • AltΓ©a Kaouk
    AltΓ©a Kaouk 2 months ago

    7:56 is it only me or this is giving me liv and Maddy vibes

  • Fateh Gyani
    Fateh Gyani 2 months ago

    Sorry 10:20

  • Fateh Gyani
    Fateh Gyani 2 months ago

    10 :20 did Molly know her hands were glittery πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ˜‘

  • Naina S.
    Naina S. 2 months ago +1


    iS mOlLy LeFt HaNdEd?!

  • Choleol Bear
    Choleol Bear 2 months ago

    *Molly puts the slime on Ro’s head*
    Me: nononononononono

  • Keira Di Marcello
    Keira Di Marcello 2 months ago +5

    Was I the only one who was REALLY BOTHERED by the flamingo floatie going back and forth outside in Ro's pool
    Just me.......... oh...........

    • sobesa
      sobesa 3 days ago

      Keira Di Marcello OMG nooooooo you’re not!!!!!!!

  • Maddison Fischer
    Maddison Fischer 2 months ago

    How do you watch TVclip videos if your blind

  • Human Being
    Human Being 2 months ago

    U guys look like me and my best friend cause we’re both short, Ro has the same hair color as my friend and Molly has the same hair color as me and we act like exactly the same.

  • Alexis Sudik
    Alexis Sudik 2 months ago

    She held the slime up to molly and said β€œlook at this” and I’m dying!!!

  • Anabella Almenas
    Anabella Almenas 2 months ago

    Btw they look like super cute sister if they where

  • Anabella Almenas
    Anabella Almenas 2 months ago

    11:29 I got sooo scared it would get stuck to her hair

  • Beatrice Gagea
    Beatrice Gagea 2 months ago

    U guys look alike❀️❀️😲😯πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸŒΌπŸŒΌ

  • Nya Kramas
    Nya Kramas 2 months ago

    Molly is blind?

  • Em Green
    Em Green 2 months ago

    Hi molly there is a 1 in10000000 chance that u will read this but u r inspirational and amazing I love u so much and thank you for just being you !!!! I love you to the moon and back πŸ¦„πŸ₯°

  • Shrinivas Ka
    Shrinivas Ka 2 months ago

    Molly burke you have written Rosanna pasino instead of Rosanna pansino

  • YeetBoyz4life
    YeetBoyz4life 2 months ago +1

    *Smells like a man*

  • madeline jaye ribble
    madeline jaye ribble 2 months ago

    that is THE MOST over activated slime EVER!!!

  • April B
    April B 2 months ago

    Omg you two sound so alike haha

  • Leappy_Froggo :D
    Leappy_Froggo :D 2 months ago

    Me with food

  • Chad Theis
    Chad Theis 2 months ago

    Is this your first time making slime?

  • Bob Labla
    Bob Labla 2 months ago +2

    Did anyone notice that in the title pansino is spelled wrong

  • Kate Janssen
    Kate Janssen 3 months ago

    0:55 β€œ watched so many videos on it” how do u watch a video aren’t u blind??????

  • XX__Sammy__XX
    XX__Sammy__XX 3 months ago

    Sometimes when I’m watching ur vids I forget ur blind ur just so confident I love it

  • Jayla Maldonado
    Jayla Maldonado 3 months ago

    Are you her sister

  • Dakoda Buckley
    Dakoda Buckley 3 months ago

    You didn't even make it right next time add stay Flo instead of backing soda and for fluffy slime add just shaving cream and saline solution

  • Ryan Whitney
    Ryan Whitney 3 months ago

    It’s slimy Sully from monster inc.

  • Chloe Williams
    Chloe Williams 3 months ago

    you have 2'000'000 views

  • I do not have insoiration for a name

    No hate but you guys did it so erong but nice for having fun

  • Jokerleme
    Jokerleme 3 months ago

    Amazing. I'll try. 🀭

  • Inara Patel
    Inara Patel 3 months ago

    Please more slime!!!!

  • Pink Magic
    Pink Magic 3 months ago

    When ro asked molly what colour her slime should be at the start how did molly no what it looked like because it was probably a long time ago since she has seen it

  • janna m.
    janna m. 3 months ago +3

    But you're blind how can you watch slime video??

  • Maham Asim
    Maham Asim 3 months ago

    Ro`s slime is better