When the hero is just as smart as villain.

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • Laundry dude gone be alright he got insurance.
    Oddwin - 8-16-18
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  • Ember
    Ember 41 second ago

    This was the most beautiful roller coaster from start to finish

  • HIMMBelljuvo
    HIMMBelljuvo 2 minutes ago

    None of this makes any sense. Brilliant.

  • Nathan Forte
    Nathan Forte 14 minutes ago

    Don't even have to watch to think deathnote

  • Endsterskilkz Gaming
    Endsterskilkz Gaming 27 minutes ago


  • Sam Davey
    Sam Davey 44 minutes ago

    My brain did a double take when he broke the 180 rule @2:07

  • Chloe Sharp
    Chloe Sharp 51 minute ago +1

    Literally the ending to deathnote

  • Laser Mayonnaiser
    Laser Mayonnaiser 59 minutes ago

    You can't deny that Caleb's villain voice sounds just as awesome as prozd's

  • Nicolas Sproge
    Nicolas Sproge Hour ago

    Wait if you already disarmed the bombs then why did you need to take out the batteries to the remote control?

  • Sleeping Koalas
    Sleeping Koalas Hour ago

    *But why did the villians dry cleaners call the hero’s phone*

  • Bhumi Rushing
    Bhumi Rushing Hour ago

    He reminds me of a really young Morgan Freeman

  • Kitsu Anne
    Kitsu Anne Hour ago

    Literally all of death note

  • Chaos Corvid
    Chaos Corvid Hour ago

    This is literally the ending of Deathnote

  • 5765 access
    5765 access Hour ago

    "You're smarter than you look" it took me a moment to get that joke😂

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man 2 hours ago

    Thousand steps ahead

  • Steven Laczko
    Steven Laczko 2 hours ago

    Freaking hilarious. TVclip skit comedy is not dead!

  • the.trash.bucket
    the.trash.bucket 2 hours ago

    Anime characters be like:

  • Haxel Hazard
    Haxel Hazard 2 hours ago

    "im in yo house!" im ded

  • Carson Fijal
    Carson Fijal 2 hours ago

    If the villain set up his phone with FaceTime on exactly where he expected the hero to find him, he must have known the hero would find him in his house. What's his next move?

  • ultra ranger
    ultra ranger 2 hours ago

    aka when the DM gets outsmarted by the players but refuses to let them beat the BBEG that easily

  • imaad Haq
    imaad Haq 2 hours ago

    Joseph Jostar

  • TheIris1002
    TheIris1002 3 hours ago

    How did the banana klink

  • Marty Hickman
    Marty Hickman 3 hours ago

    XDXD. This is funny. But why would the thieve's dry cleaners call the hero?

  • Clockwork Kirlia
    Clockwork Kirlia 3 hours ago

    Stroooong Curse of Fatal Death energy. I LIKE IT

  • Archie
    Archie 3 hours ago

    i love this with a burning passion

  • Barry Brick
    Barry Brick 3 hours ago

    That evil turn around 😭😂🤣

  • Barry Brick
    Barry Brick 3 hours ago

    Bruh I’m failed to see who was the good guy placing bombs in anyone’s dry cleaners is about the most evil thing I heard

  • Sam Grey
    Sam Grey 4 hours ago +1

    Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty in a nutshell

  • lil_racc
    lil_racc 4 hours ago

    Jotaro vs every stand user

  • Milk Fish
    Milk Fish 5 hours ago

    To sum it all up, they basically pull reverse cards on each other.

  • Godfather Gaming
    Godfather Gaming 5 hours ago

    what Kira VS L looks like

  • Valerie X Winchester
    Valerie X Winchester 5 hours ago

    Yoooo this got me fucked up. But it would be funny if a director would something like this.

  • I am the Cat Human
    I am the Cat Human 5 hours ago

    This is basically Sherlock.

  • CrazyAssDrumma
    CrazyAssDrumma 5 hours ago

    I thought it was funny. I wish it could have been taken further but I imagine its hard without sounding shit

  • Arif Yuliantoro
    Arif Yuliantoro 6 hours ago

    Dazai bungou stray dog:)

  • Man_Of_ Culture
    Man_Of_ Culture 6 hours ago

    This is just like Youkoso jitsuryoko

  • King328
    King328 6 hours ago

    Joseph Joestar vs Esidisi, circa 1939, colorized.

  • Kiki Thorn
    Kiki Thorn 6 hours ago

    Banana key

    FRESHH MASTER 6 hours ago

    song 3:48

  • Artist Zeo
    Artist Zeo 6 hours ago

    Spoiler: this is EXACTLY how death note ends.

  • 青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi
    青蛍火 - Ao Hotarubi 7 hours ago +1

    "You're smarter than you look." "That line doesn't work here."
    "I"m actually in my house, CHILLIN'."

  • EMP CBD130
    EMP CBD130 7 hours ago

    Every JoJos fight ever

  • Meghan Smith
    Meghan Smith 7 hours ago

    we're all laughing at how convoluted and funny this skit is but no one's discussing how caleb pulled the top of the banana off like it was a fucking grenade

  • Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade

    *They're outsmarting their own outsmarting.*

  • Kitty Rose
    Kitty Rose 7 hours ago

    Lol- this is like David Tennant and River Song when she regenerated😆😆😆 kinda~

  • Im A Cat Borf
    Im A Cat Borf 7 hours ago

    This is so satisfying ngl

  • no3l. exe
    no3l. exe 7 hours ago

    well that derailed quickly

  • Cian McCabe
    Cian McCabe 8 hours ago

    This is why I'm still alive because this sort of thing exists.

  • IdealIdeas100
    IdealIdeas100 8 hours ago +1

    This is just the ending of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

  • Aleksandar Delic
    Aleksandar Delic 8 hours ago +1

    Man, I'm never gonna forget Code Geass mind battles. I rewatched them and Lelouch's pre recorded messages are actually convincing, because his answers are fairly vague and sometimes interrupt his opponent.

  • Jerryberry
    Jerryberry 8 hours ago

    This is hurting my brain cells

  • Solveig Lindberg
    Solveig Lindberg 8 hours ago

    Truly you have a dizzying intellect.

  • Onion Squire
    Onion Squire 8 hours ago

    Samurai Jack vs Aku!

  • Kieran Smith
    Kieran Smith 8 hours ago

    this is amazing

  • A Pineapple
    A Pineapple 8 hours ago

    Y’know, we still don’t know which key is fake, any one of them could be lying.

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown 8 hours ago


  • MeepersXD
    MeepersXD 9 hours ago

    Preparing to tell your parents you failed a class for the year

  • SuperSaiyan Cam
    SuperSaiyan Cam 9 hours ago

    What do you call these i need to see more of these

  • Emci Wishqq
    Emci Wishqq 9 hours ago +1

    ranpo,dazai and fyodor in a nutshell

  • Fatyma Z.Ali
    Fatyma Z.Ali 9 hours ago

    death note lmao

  • EJMonster
    EJMonster 9 hours ago

    Pretty much Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes