Child sacrifice is on the rise in Uganda. Meet the team fighting witch doctors.

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • After surviving a child sacrifice attack, will 16-year-old Allan finally see his attacker brought to justice? Meet the team of Australian and Ugandans fighting this disturbing modern crime.

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  • Paganus
    Paganus 49 minutes ago

    Can't they preserve their traditions and punt those Witch Doctors out for the murders and fakes they are?!

  • Paganus
    Paganus Hour ago

    These people are not Witches. They are frauds, masochists and murderers.

  • gloria sharon
    gloria sharon 7 hours ago

    I pray God help Mr peter n all with him, more wisdom n protect them from any attack from witches doctor, cos this is a challenging work, not easy...but I believe with God, everything will easy, for all of u

  • Jesus Dav
    Jesus Dav 11 hours ago

    What do we learned? Does not matter what .... AUSTRALIA will fix it.

  • Nnonye Washington
    Nnonye Washington 21 hour ago +1

    This is heartbreaking 😢😭

  • Juul Bean
    Juul Bean Day ago

    I feel physically sick....

  • Rolaine
    Rolaine Day ago

    LORD HAVE MERCY! Sick monster's!

  • Stephanie P
    Stephanie P Day ago

    These “witch doctors” should be subject to the same fate that they’ve put these poor children through. It’s so disturbing and heartbreaking.. children are innocent, and should never ever have to go through this.. it’s so freakin sickening!! These people are in NOWAY CHRISTIANS!! God Bless these children and the people who help them❤️❤️🙏✝️

    VERA IVY Day ago

    I cried, this is wickedness😢

  • Kenneth Akin
    Kenneth Akin Day ago

    Child sacrifice dates back thousands of years in order to keep the reptilians that live beneath the earth from rising to the surface and ravaging the earth.

  • Kenneth Akin
    Kenneth Akin Day ago

    Religion is such superstitious Illogical bullshit invented to profit off of ignorant people.

  • Teadon Urajh
    Teadon Urajh Day ago

    Child sacrifice? How barbaric can a culture be that this happens? Whe- Africa right? Of course, it is fucking Africa.

  • victor kariuki
    victor kariuki Day ago +4

    Who else felt like starting a secret Agency that Hunts and shoots those witches in the head.

  • allen Gina
    allen Gina Day ago

    Hah? This is still existing in our world of today huhuhu pity these children of God. Of course this is not part of a culture. This is evil deeds.

  • Cultivate Kindness Abodah

    When I hear that so call witch doctor said to bring a child and we will bury alive, and seeing that little 6yrs old it bought tears to my eyes. How can this happen to children?

  • 6 of 10
    6 of 10 2 days ago

    BIGUP the Ozzies xxx

  • 6 of 10
    6 of 10 2 days ago

    i remember reading that the with doctors where kidnapping babies for there blood cos they thought it would cure their aids

  • Clause Baule
    Clause Baule 2 days ago

    Propaganda for the white people by white people..

  • Irene Inna
    Irene Inna 2 days ago

    Emmanuel tv should get involved

  • openscholar
    openscholar 2 days ago +1

    The Devils hands have been busy. This is unacceptable.

  • Victoria Victoria
    Victoria Victoria 3 days ago +13

    The witch doctors are poor, it’s funny how you make someone rich and can’t make yourself.

  • Eleman Hillary Barnabas

    am ugandan and i remember when i got my ear pieced just to prevent me from being a victim of child sacrifice

  • Gemini Rose
    Gemini Rose 3 days ago +1

    I can see the demon in the witch doctors eyes!

  • mr. ugly
    mr. ugly 3 days ago

    Why not higher a hit man? I'll volunteer

  • Janay Daniels
    Janay Daniels 3 days ago


  • Wisdom Alaffia
    Wisdom Alaffia 3 days ago +1

    How can I donate to help stop this?

  • Wisdom Alaffia
    Wisdom Alaffia 3 days ago +1

    Children are so pure. So resilient. This makes me so sad and angry at the evil in this world.

  • Marie Jesus
    Marie Jesus 4 days ago

    Most African country which are Christian have those rules that they followed for centuries that they really need to forget (and yes I mean voodoo child sacrifices and more). I really do not know where all those thing started from but most African who does that actually need to stop bc if it start to go on the tv and TVclip then it’s getting bad.

  • Scarla Erzet
    Scarla Erzet 4 days ago +5

    Almost cried when the little boy started singing “and I will never be the same again” then smiled 💔🙄 I want to educate myself on the matter but I’m not sure I can get through this video 😪

  • August XIII
    August XIII 4 days ago


  • Roxanna A Lopez
    Roxanna A Lopez 5 days ago

    Hey all 420 of you that disliked this video because you probably do the craft, google ANGEL NUMBER 420. It doesn't only represent smoking weed.

  • Roxanna A Lopez
    Roxanna A Lopez 5 days ago

    It's Disgusting how you need money to win Justice in courts! Not fair and Inhumane.

  • J Fox
    J Fox 5 days ago

    There is not many people in Uganda like Peter lived there for 4 months and they stay in there lane and don't care about anyone else over all. It's refreshing to hear he's caring

  • Nyasimi Geoffrey
    Nyasimi Geoffrey 5 days ago

    Witch Doctor love that on my resume apart from Phd In Econometrics

  •  5 days ago

    This is extremely disturbing. How can modern people do this type of stuff and more over believe in it.

  • Oakland Made
    Oakland Made 5 days ago

    Correction, you can't be a Christian, and consult witch doctors doesn't work like that......this is 💯 soul aches for these babies and their families....this is one of the worst things I've ever seen😢

  • Whimsy Wendy
    Whimsy Wendy 5 days ago

    These are the witches the OT Bible commanded to suffer not a witch. You should stone them to death for they are an abomination in the sight of the LORD. These are not your garden variety hippy dippy witch dancing under a new moon being one with nature. These child sacrificing witches will surely bring a curse and judgment upon the land.

  • Castlevaniac
    Castlevaniac 5 days ago

    Witch doctors need to be burnt alive then the rest of them can claim asylum and bring that savagery over here

  • Aura Scarlet
    Aura Scarlet 6 days ago

    Don't be fooled to believe this happens only there. It happens all over the world especially in Europe and USA. Check the internet, TVclip, there's people that investigate this. They wore calling us conspiracy theorist but now it's all coming out, with the Hollywood scandals with the Clinton's and pizza Gate scandal with Bush and the Queen of England. Research on the TVclipr,, A call for a uprising,, The elites are all doing child sacrifice and worship of the d.... l.

  • James Omosa
    James Omosa 6 days ago

    What the fuck is this?????In this century??Oh Lord just come down,this nonense

  • mineva gachomo
    mineva gachomo 6 days ago

    Peter May God in heaven protect and watch over you always

  • Under Score_54
    Under Score_54 6 days ago

    What happened with the case

  • Christina Jacobs
    Christina Jacobs 7 days ago

    Whats the name of the Ugandans pastor Peter's organization that helps survivors? How can we donate?
    EDIT: its Kyampsi Childcare Ministries. Droplets in a Stream.

  • Anna Fisher
    Anna Fisher 7 days ago

    Tragedy to triumph, what kind of world do we live in when murdering brings good luck. These witch doctors must be brought to justice. This has to end!

  • tamika jackson
    tamika jackson 8 days ago

    That one eye devil stole 7 stars from my head about his Muhammad and Christ said even the ones who Pierce him will know his Vengeance of the Roman's Catholic Church and st branches thereof.

  • tamika jackson
    tamika jackson 8 days ago

    I have a right , duty and obligations under his Covenant to share this Revelation.

  • tamika jackson
    tamika jackson 8 days ago

    Abraham was commanded not to sacrifice children, what didn't they understand of his Covenant. This is common among Roman Priest and pedelphia and Islam with Muhammad and Aisha 9 years old while she was still playing with her dolls. There are many forMs of these practices and ungodly.

  • Sihle Thomas
    Sihle Thomas 8 days ago +1

    one of the reasons why we dont want these pple in south africa ,,,fucken witches

  • Femme FATALE
    Femme FATALE 8 days ago

    Christians should not be consulting Witch doctors as they are communicating with demons

    • Oakland Made
      Oakland Made 5 days ago

      Exactly what I said💯 they are trippin ....

  • Patti Pilcher
    Patti Pilcher 8 days ago

    Well tie it into movie stars, rothschilds, bilderbergs, HRC, NP, High level bankers, Rockefeller's, Monarchy around the world!

    KP QHIBI 8 days ago

    I rather remain poor forever that shared the blood of any human being. This is so damn evil.

  • T12J7
    T12J7 8 days ago

    17:40 So if you want your case to go in court you need to give money to the police that they can by some gasoline to drive their cars. LOL. No wonder they never catch any criminals.

  • T12J7
    T12J7 8 days ago

    Goes on in US as well in the occult circles, but there it's more organized.

  • Lisa Dooley
    Lisa Dooley 9 days ago

    God saved Allen and He will use that to bring these people to justice because it’s a huge thing in Gods sight to do things like this to a child

  • Denise Thompson
    Denise Thompson 9 days ago

    The devil is alive and well

  • They Know
    They Know 10 days ago

    Same as abortion.

  • Genet Asefa
    Genet Asefa 10 days ago

    African African African turn back to the God of abraham Isaac and Jacob so he can be your God that way you will be healed and protected. Africa Africa Africa return to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob . This is the result of worshipping different idols.

    • Castlevaniac
      Castlevaniac 5 days ago

      Nah Africa is better without a non existent god

  • Roman Engelbrecht
    Roman Engelbrecht 10 days ago

    i respect this guy Peter what an amazing human being

  • c 23
    c 23 10 days ago

    I m so happy and relieved after seeing those witch doctors being caught.. God bless Peter and those kids..

  • Dwayne Bartley
    Dwayne Bartley 11 days ago

    Thank god they catch him .