• Published on Aug 31, 2016
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Comments • 2 598

  • junior Cross
    junior Cross 2 years ago

    that thumbnail ,when you get caught F or on pornhub lul

  • UniShot
    UniShot 2 years ago

    It's so satisfying to know that pokemon go is now dead !

  • Garyinurgarage
    Garyinurgarage 2 years ago


  • —-
    —- 2 years ago

    Do a 1v1 with TBNRkenworth

  • Elvia Zeferino
    Elvia Zeferino 2 years ago

    Alia they hacked master ov also

  • James N
    James N 2 years ago

    This dude is click bait shit

  • Harambro 420
    Harambro 420 2 years ago

    Grown man has pokemon teddys lmfao

  • Longboard Universe
    Longboard Universe 2 years ago

    can you please help mr to subscribe

  • Billy Townsend
    Billy Townsend 2 years ago

    your lazy now unsubbed

  • Hazim
    Hazim 2 years ago

    Ali, since when u talk like Eminem

  • EvansPyroParty
    EvansPyroParty 2 years ago

    I love your Pokemon go videos so it is okay

  • MobileGames
    MobileGames 2 years ago

    anyone wanna check out GM Productions it's the black gm with white background

  • missy ogletree
    missy ogletree 2 years ago

    Alia where's frhank

  • Striker GamingHD
    Striker GamingHD 2 years ago

    Ali a I doubt you'll see this but It would be amazing if you could do more bo3 multiplayer it would make me and a lot of my friends happy I've been watching since bo2 started watching on mw3 and I know it's hard but please try and do more bo3 multiplayer

  • freshboy176
    freshboy176 2 years ago

    ali a just smoke a little bit of weed to calm the stress down

  • Zesty Boi
    Zesty Boi 2 years ago

    As long as your content is good, I'm fine bro

  • Sourdough
    Sourdough 2 years ago

    Nice clickbait you smut factory. I wouldn't mind, however these fucking things clog up my recommended videos constantly with their filth. This is garbage content and whoever watches this clown should be euthanized.

  • momo popo
    momo popo 2 years ago

    -~.~- why did u say wtf -.- why

  • Sae&Meech
    Sae&Meech 2 years ago

    Alia should join faze

    Cause he doesn't play cod

  • Mario Joia
    Mario Joia 2 years ago

    This video sums up one thing: You're "doing" your own luck, unlike many, that are waiting for it to fall on their laps.
    You deserve everything that you worked for.

  • Cole Griffin
    Cole Griffin 2 years ago

    Ali do you swear

  • Xmortal Games
    Xmortal Games 2 years ago

    Ail a on your second channel can u star doing again your life vlog with out Pokemon go in it I miss them

  • Minecraft Bros
    Minecraft Bros 2 years ago

    Play battle field one

  • David Ramon
    David Ramon 2 years ago

    Very cool trailer!

  • Nuraldin
    Nuraldin 2 years ago

    Why does he even get sponsors from gaming company's when he uploads this kind of content I used to have a Chanel and I upload 1 every 4 days of cod but I lost my phone and forgot my password

  • Lukas Kaseta
    Lukas Kaseta 2 years ago

    your the best

  • CommenceGenocide
    CommenceGenocide 2 years ago

    Ali-A if you cant get a good multiplayer gameplay jump into some zombies its easier

  • The Iceman PTxE
    The Iceman PTxE 2 years ago

    They're going big on their last dlc map for zombies but I gotta say it looks bad ass

  • Dawgsterrrr
    Dawgsterrrr 2 years ago

    I wish he would just admit hes not uploading because hes getting them pokemon go views

  • Myles Smithster80
    Myles Smithster80 2 years ago

    # ripfrhank

  • Amr Abusalh
    Amr Abusalh 2 years ago

    How many F ing world record plates he has????

    • Amr Abusalh
      Amr Abusalh 2 years ago

      +Roxy The Triple Threat Then go FuckYourSelf!

    • Roxy The Triple Threat
      Roxy The Triple Threat 2 years ago

      No but I'll dislike

    • Amr Abusalh
      Amr Abusalh 2 years ago

      +XxEzeo D3sirexX Can you put a like please?

    • Amr Abusalh
      Amr Abusalh 2 years ago

      +XxEzeo D3sirexX I think he is very talented...

    • Cxmeron Cxlver
      Cxmeron Cxlver 2 years ago

      6 now he had two and don't know where the other 4 came from?

  • troublesomegamer
    troublesomegamer 2 years ago

    wow there bringing back all black ops map

  • Nukez
    Nukez 2 years ago +2

    nice clickbait

  • Enigma_Shady
    Enigma_Shady 2 years ago

    I got the prize fighter melee weapon

  • Alex Milner
    Alex Milner 2 years ago

    Ali you can't possible complain about not being able to make a video a day if not every 2 days for your main channel when vim makes like 5 videos a day in total haha

  • Tony Dawes
    Tony Dawes 2 years ago

    The best cod player ever

  • moneymaker 3000
    moneymaker 3000 2 years ago

    awesome trailer thanks Ali a

  • brian Bob the builder
    brian Bob the builder 2 years ago


  • HBL Lodus
    HBL Lodus 2 years ago

    Video starts at 6:05 your welcome

  • Callum Griffiths
    Callum Griffiths 2 years ago

    I love cod

  • Bobchi88 M
    Bobchi88 M 2 years ago

    Can you do another overwatch live

  • Dan L
    Dan L 2 years ago

    You're back?

  • Harry Best
    Harry Best 2 years ago

    Boxing Glove Gameplay where u at bruh?

  • Dom Sullivan
    Dom Sullivan 2 years ago

    you look out your bin in this video Ali...

  • Daniel Cervantes
    Daniel Cervantes 2 years ago

    its true

  • Daniel Cervantes
    Daniel Cervantes 2 years ago +2

    time for his 2nd channel but not his main channel

  • Ranger
    Ranger 2 years ago

    If Ali A doesn't reply to this then that means that he doesn't read his youtube comments.

  • smlgaming101
    smlgaming101 2 years ago

    We're here to support you Ali!

  • Garry Hirst
    Garry Hirst 2 years ago

    stop messing about with pokemon go give your head a wobble and do your job its work and needs treating like work it can soon all go ??????

  • DrStealYoGirl-
    DrStealYoGirl- 2 years ago +2

    Delete Pokemon go Foucus on this channle and fuck us

    HARKIRAT CHOHAN 2 years ago

    He said sorry a month ago

  • Lazethon
    Lazethon 2 years ago

    pause at 0:01 to cringe like MAD


    Its my birthday today and i have OVERWATCH #OverwatchHype

  • Bryce Willard
    Bryce Willard 2 years ago

    The fact that you said "say I'm sorry and come back and not do as many videos as I wanted" is ridiculous. You have done 1 video in over a month. PATHETIC. Get your stuff together or I guarantee you are going to loose a lot of subs, myself included.

  • Im Wilstar
    Im Wilstar 2 years ago

    Sub to me

  • Patrick Bonham
    Patrick Bonham 2 years ago

    sub to me and i will sub back

  • MrGoodLucky
    MrGoodLucky 2 years ago

    It's not hard to explain... you have an unhealthy addiction to Pokemon go

  • ProofnycCham
    ProofnycCham 2 years ago

    This is so cringy

  • 2727monkey
    2727monkey 2 years ago

    Here comes another year of Pokemon go videos. Jk

  • TheOneRandy
    TheOneRandy 2 years ago

    Well ali could do all the editing if he didnt spend all his time playing pokemon go

  • Onix Galaxy
    Onix Galaxy 2 years ago

    Check my new intro

  • Braden Fox
    Braden Fox 2 years ago

    alia you're the best

    ESSNCE 2 years ago

    like seriously what the fuck r u doing

  • Charlie Carter
    Charlie Carter 2 years ago

    more cod, please (puppy eyes)

  • M9 Jenko
    M9 Jenko 2 years ago

    Pokemon Go? That was SOOOOOOOOOO 4 weeks ago 🙄

    BBQTRICKSTER 2 years ago

    300 likes and i eat a can of dog food on my channel

  • Dan Castell
    Dan Castell 2 years ago

    So you can't do 2 videos a day but people like TmarTn can do 4 a day without a editor come on

  • Chris Dube
    Chris Dube 2 years ago

    more pokemon go

  • Harry Tolley
    Harry Tolley 2 years ago

    I got it first try my Friends were mad

  • Alex Sykes
    Alex Sykes 2 years ago

    Burn your Pokemon hat and take a call of duty hat instead

  • carl broughton
    carl broughton 2 years ago

    Ali-A Give up pokemon and bring us more stuff :)

    CCLUBZ 2 years ago

    If I hit 100 likes I will do shout out to first reply and if I hit 1000 subs I will sub to one of u bros so all hail harambe

  • Danila Berezin
    Danila Berezin 2 years ago

    Ali A how about you go and fuck yourself, we all know why you completely dropped your main channel, it's because you've been putting all your god damn time on fucking pokemon go, because those vids get millions of views.

  • E.M
    E.M 2 years ago

    Bid starts at 6:06 thank me later

  • Pavel Baryshev
    Pavel Baryshev 2 years ago

    shurreee ali shurreee

  • Gerald Gaming
    Gerald Gaming 2 years ago

    no more cod

  • Gerald Gaming
    Gerald Gaming 2 years ago

    rip Alli a

  • TheKidderKing
    TheKidderKing 2 years ago

    You'll get back on it Ali, you have always been the best

  • zak daily
    zak daily 2 years ago

    alia #is the best

  • Goldncoolness
    Goldncoolness 2 years ago

    so close to ten subs if i get ten subs by tonight i will shoutout everyone

  • Yhery
    Yhery 2 years ago

    Faze Ali-A.... Just imagine

  • Steven Kilty
    Steven Kilty 2 years ago

    Why have u got a doc mcstuffins bag in the background?!?!?

  • Русский монархист

    I guess Ali-A is a big pussy because he wont put up that Battlefield 1 live stream stuff up.....

  • George
    George 2 years ago

    where can I get that hoodie from?

  • George
    George 2 years ago

    Ali one of the main reasons for your success was your consistency......

  • Ash Ketchum
    Ash Ketchum 2 years ago

    BUT YOU HAVEN'T EVEN POSTED "GOROD KROVI" YET, and I'm sorry to be yelling but I don't think you realized that you haven't posted the previous zombies map

  • TL_uwais
    TL_uwais 2 years ago +1

    Your old self would have been an awesome pro gamer.You should make a clan

  • Jude W
    Jude W 2 years ago

    Ali - WTF are you doing???

    beING COD GOD 2 years ago

    Oh ya ur not getting time But u have time to play Pokemon go For 12 hrs

  • ll MBG ll
    ll MBG ll 2 years ago

    Hey guys Ali A inspired me to create this TVclip channel. It's a hybrid channel that talks about fitness and health but also follows the gaming industry as well. I know this seems like a spam comment but it's really not. I'm trying to gain some exposure so if you could come check it out It would really mean a lot. Thanks guys. Also I would love to play COD in 3rd person, just saying.

  • BloodshotEight0
    BloodshotEight0 2 years ago

    Watch a video by Novritsch, he does airlift videos not paintball but the way he films is amazing

  • Joe Anderson
    Joe Anderson 2 years ago

    Because I'm lonely 😂😂

  • Jeff Brown
    Jeff Brown 2 years ago

    Neglects his channel and 8,000,000 subscribers. Accidentally converts channel to video diary. Shame.

  • Manny Niño
    Manny Niño 2 years ago

    It's ok Ali a ur are busy

  • Abhishek Ryan
    Abhishek Ryan 2 years ago


  • Nenno
    Nenno 2 years ago

    Pokemon is for pussies

  • Fredzz 48
    Fredzz 48 2 years ago


    THEMANWAPLAN 2 years ago

    No Pokemon

  • Dylan Fyvie
    Dylan Fyvie 2 years ago

    ali a is so fake hype and cringey now :( i miss the old ali a

  • Rish Dude hd
    Rish Dude hd 2 years ago

    If you guys subscribe me I will subscribe back with 2 accounts