Huckabee Sanders: Stephen Miller put Jim Acosta in his place

  • Published on Aug 3, 2017
  • White House press secretary speaks out on heated immigration exchange and battling a media 'incredibly obsessed' with Russia on 'Hannity'

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  • Sunshine Patsoph
    Sunshine Patsoph 5 days ago


  • Java Man!
    Java Man! 8 days ago

    Jim Acosta a cross dresser.

  • Rick Fox
    Rick Fox 2 months ago +1

    Jim Acosta 1. Traitor to true Americans, 2. He has no common sense, 3. Repent Jim before it's to late.

  • Rebecca Whitten
    Rebecca Whitten 2 months ago

    I don’t donate to republicans any more because I’m tired of them not backing the president elected by the people. They never support each other like the Democrats do. So busy fighting among themselves & against people who elected them, they cannot get anything done. Disgusting

  • Rebecca Whitten
    Rebecca Whitten 2 months ago

    I will never understand why conservatives are so afraid of telling the gosh honest truth. Not a word about millions of taxpayers $$ wasted on Russia bs. Money that could be going to hungry children who Oprah, dr Phil & all the celebrities talk about . If they really cared. They would point this out. Conservatives seem to be afraid of the absolute truth, while libs are not at all afraid of big disgusting lies

  • Jo De Sai
    Jo De Sai 2 months ago

    Sarah loved, admired and very respected!

  • Dedijer Mooney
    Dedijer Mooney 3 months ago

    Mrs. Sanders, you did an outstanding job. I couldn't do it. Good luck to you and God Bless you.

  • Vincent Williams
    Vincent Williams 3 months ago

    It will be a sad day when President Trump leaves office. I just hope his successor will be just as effective.

  • bobby wilson
    bobby wilson 3 months ago

    Sara is a real american

  • bobby wilson
    bobby wilson 3 months ago

    Sara is a great lady.

    Would vote for her in govt.leadership .

  • Mark Bailey
    Mark Bailey 3 months ago

    She's a lier just like the rest of your klanklown, worthless just like your worthless so called first lady

  • Stephen Stoner
    Stephen Stoner 3 months ago

    Law of the land

  • Stephen Stoner
    Stephen Stoner 3 months ago

    Acoata is chervon and goes back to new york

  • Daily Dosage Overdose
    Daily Dosage Overdose 3 months ago

    Her lisp is dangerous but her rebuttals are deadly

  • Alana Adams
    Alana Adams 3 months ago

    If they outlaw Pampers and wipes and pacifiers Jim Acosta couldn't get in the White House!!!!!!

  • Robert Levis
    Robert Levis 4 months ago

    Democrats may have a good party after 70% end up in Prison for lies and Treason gone wild by/with Obama / HILLARY Rodham Clinton Satans Bastard Satanic children.

  • Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Sarah Sanders is a geat person, i realy enjoy evrey time she is on the air. The fake new are already loosers when attacking her.

  • Terry Oesch
    Terry Oesch 4 months ago

    Don't you wish Hillary and her clintorises were running the world corruptions still

  • Terry Oesch
    Terry Oesch 4 months ago

    SMOLLET for president and he DEALT IT

  • Terry Oesch
    Terry Oesch 4 months ago

    Why bother having elections just let fat butt Nadler pick some poppets that will go along with all of their favorite criminal activities

  • Kristie Ingram
    Kristie Ingram 4 months ago

    This happened a few months ago and it was priceless then and priceless now . I loved it that ACOSTA was humiliated !!

  • Paul Brooks
    Paul Brooks 4 months ago

    Sarah Sanders one classy lady.

  • cheryl knlght
    cheryl knlght 4 months ago

    it's 2019 and the jackass party is still carrying on about Russia. Mueller finished his investigation and stated there is no collusion and no obstruction and a jackass party refuses to believe these facts. The Attorney General Barr wrote is 4 Page summary of the two-year work that Muller did and they said there was no obstruction and no collusion and the jackass party still refuses to believe it calling Barr a liar and told him he should step down. This jackass group of people are a bunch of sick motherfukers.

  • Yummy bacon and eggs
    Yummy bacon and eggs 4 months ago

    Dont forget the late Helen Thomas the long time doyen of the White House Press Corps who was disgusted with what they had become. She was interviewed by Australian Andrew Denton for his Elders series and made this crystal clear.

  • Mark Born
    Mark Born 5 months ago

    Go Sarah, don't take any cap from crybabies.

  • Mark Born
    Mark Born 5 months ago

    plus we got 3 communist in congress, scary

  • cadnaan Gelle
    cadnaan Gelle 5 months ago

    Do you think before you put this kind video we did see before you coming live what a stupid you are

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson 5 months ago

    Yes Sarah Sanders the American people are smart the 67 percent who do not support Trump and his administration,Trump does have his 33 percent racist fan base that is just as dumb as he is

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson 5 months ago

    Our country can not survive another four years under the Trump’s administration

  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson 5 months ago

    Stephen Miller,Sarah Sanders and Fox News and Trump is very racist and heartless people

  • Glenn Wishart
    Glenn Wishart 5 months ago

    Oink, oink, link, wee wee wee!

  • Tina Moran
    Tina Moran 5 months ago

    Steve Miller is awesome!

  • Bá G
    Bá G 8 months ago +1

    Sarah is my girl crush ever ❤❤

  • tyke
    tyke 8 months ago

    You guys rock

  • Jose Aguilar
    Jose Aguilar 8 months ago

    Indeed a beautiful lady Sarah

  • Jose Aguilar
    Jose Aguilar 8 months ago

    The best video thanks to both, Sara and hem real ppl with real truth millions of miles away from liars liberals

  • Felipe Velasco
    Felipe Velasco 8 months ago

    You are the best Sarah Huckabee we all love you yay!! Keep doing what you are doing!

  • Clare Logue
    Clare Logue 8 months ago


  • Jaclyn Lopez
    Jaclyn Lopez 9 months ago

    Of course she has the hardest job in America, she has to lie each day for a crybaby liar Mr Mexico will pay for the wall and I will own a government shut down but then it was the dems fault?there's plenty of lying going around but God Almighty how many more resignations is it gonna take to see something is not lining up.forget about news outlet's there's evil afoot lol.have a great day people God bless.

  • Reviews To The Point
    Reviews To The Point 9 months ago

    Vote for Sarah Sanders for President in 2024!! Trump for 2020.

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve 9 months ago


  • Carlo Pereira
    Carlo Pereira 10 months ago

    Trumps asskissers wow calling out the lies???? Are you fucken kidding me????? Your all full of it !! lol

  • John Metaphysical Tvrz Theater

    Who's Jim Acosta, Who really cares?

  • Dewayne Prince
    Dewayne Prince 10 months ago

    Love Sarah

  • mike oren
    mike oren 10 months ago

    She has been way to patient with obnoxious Acosta and the bellowing buffalo April Ryan. White house should have bounced both of these rudest in the room turds out on their asses months ago. Good riddance activist Jimbo, do your protesting outside on the steps
    CNN can supply an actual journalist, or none at all. Be rude and talk over a reporter that waited to be called on, get thrown through the door ass first. Hope that April farts out of turn, launch the bellowing buffalo also..

  • Wil Robles
    Wil Robles 10 months ago

    Sarah is one tough woman.

  • Buddy Newman
    Buddy Newman 10 months ago

    YEAH SARAH!!!!!!!

  • columkenn
    columkenn 10 months ago

    Why does Trump hire Sarah when the media tells us he hates women!))

  • columkenn
    columkenn 10 months ago

    Why do idiots and propagandists get so much attention. The government should just ignore the fake news media.

  • Steve D
    Steve D 10 months ago

    As of November 9, 2018, the Dow is at 25,944... that’s an almost 20% gain since this first aired...

  • Qwiet Ryott
    Qwiet Ryott 10 months ago

    CNN/MSNBC/ABC are cancerous to the U S A

  • Diane Christy
    Diane Christy 10 months ago

    Steven Miller did a great job.

  • Brad Tharpe
    Brad Tharpe 10 months ago

    Stephen Miller is a genius! Raked Acosta over the coals and through the thresher

  • Cee
    Cee 10 months ago

    Whatever Stephen Miller!!! You are Trump's little girlie WHORE.

  • Atiq Faisil
    Atiq Faisil 10 months ago

    Jim needs prostitute to calm him down

  • ipressedabutton
    ipressedabutton 10 months ago

    this is nothing but an ugly kiss up contest watching hannity schmooze - they are not in touch with the american people

  • ipressedabutton
    ipressedabutton 10 months ago

    1:50 fake news every single day about a fake prez

  • ipressedabutton
    ipressedabutton 10 months ago

    0:14 busted alert ! sara trying to talk about lying...thats total hypocrisy

  • Edsel Duran
    Edsel Duran 10 months ago

    You are dealing with the media, that for the most part, represents the (dems). They are an extension of the left. Remember, they (only) want power, and they are (not) for the people. The old order should be a thing of the past.

  • Caring Mouse
    Caring Mouse 11 months ago

    2:28 he is gonna have 7 and a half years at the office. Are you sure mam?