Most Embarrassing Stories ANIMATED!

  • Published on Aug 27, 2016
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Comments • 8 613

  • Vera Fejeran
    Vera Fejeran 9 hours ago

    Matthias used to be gay??

  • Amiyah Rollison
    Amiyah Rollison 20 hours ago

    Is Matthias transgender!!!!

  • historyboi2009
    historyboi2009 Day ago

    When i was 3 or so i ate crickets and smiled with legs out my mouth

  • Melissa Kammerdiener

    My most embarrassing thing that happened to me was one day I was wearing loose pants and I was trying to get on a I forgot what it’s called but my pants came down and I hurried up and pulled them back up and I kinda cryed (by the way I was in kindergarten)

  • Monsterios YouTube
    Monsterios YouTube 2 days ago +1

    Hallo devin

  • Dila. Ome
    Dila. Ome 3 days ago

    You reli pidd in your pens infrant aw sckol desried

  • Dila. Ome
    Dila. Ome 3 days ago


  • Cookie- My Random ‘Stuffz’

    I died at the emojis

  • Smitherten
    Smitherten 6 days ago

    The thing Is when I was young I was going to hug some one which I thought was my dad but I didn't because I was sleepy

  • ShadowFoox Games
    ShadowFoox Games 6 days ago

    So one time my teacher was taking attendance and when she says my name I say my name when she does!!! I felt really embarrassed 😳

  • Zachary Welsh
    Zachary Welsh 7 days ago

    My virgin eyes!!!!

  • Nena Hitt
    Nena Hitt 7 days ago

    In kindergarten It was my first day of school and the skirt I was wearing was actually to big for me and the skirt dropped down to my ankles and all the parents and grades saw my hello kitty under wear my mom quickly pulled up my skirt.

  • Idris MOGGIE
    Idris MOGGIE 8 days ago

    I also grabbed a strangers hand because he was bald and my dad was bald to

  • Alex_ The_ kitsun
    Alex_ The_ kitsun 8 days ago

    But I asked my girlfriend to be me girlfriend and I'm a girl (yes I'm lesbian please don't judge me)

  • Kendel ft luna
    Kendel ft luna 9 days ago

    Why in this you were a girl what?????.

  • Shannon Caple
    Shannon Caple 9 days ago

    sounds like toy story, Andy's coming

  • MCS Inside
    MCS Inside 12 days ago +1

    here's my embarrassing story. when i hit the wall really hard, my blood came out. my blood type is ink or oil. oil is on the left side and ink was on the right side. so i hit my left knee. and some of my classmates puts my oil in the bucket. here's a better bigger screen gemser question. did i hit the wall with my knee? yeah because, it wan't a wall. it was 100% brick concrete. later, my dog scratched my right arm. 40% near my hand. 60% near my elbow. and ink comes out. and my sister came and she took it and she turns it into a bendy statue. i know bendy. he's a character from bendy and the ink machine. he's cool. right?

  • Mar Nguyen
    Mar Nguyen 13 days ago +1

    I got a trick

    Read more

  • Mar Nguyen
    Mar Nguyen 13 days ago +1

    Read more

  • Hassan Syed
    Hassan Syed 13 days ago

    The same thing happened to me

  • AngelPlayzz Roblox & More

    👌 😃

  • Aaron Pimer
    Aaron Pimer 15 days ago


  • Alicia Morehead
    Alicia Morehead 16 days ago

    Hey dude if you make a part 2 I'll put the story into cuz it's like I know crazy but like I was just like running around pretending someone was chasing me and just I ran into my door like literally my door and then I just had a red mark on my face!

  • Tilia Toma
    Tilia Toma 17 days ago +1

    I was 3 and I bit a guy because I thought it was a tree

  • Infinity Blade
    Infinity Blade 17 days ago

    So one time I was sleeping in class. So I sleep talk, so then I yell I LOVE F***ING WOMEN then I woke up then I saw everyone staring at me😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • zachary gegenheimer
    zachary gegenheimer 17 days ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kate best
    kate best 18 days ago

    you was a girl

  • John Esparza
    John Esparza 19 days ago

    One time in kindergarten my teacher had to wipe my butt because I didn’t no how to wipe

  • AdminAnimations
    AdminAnimations 19 days ago

    When I was like 4 I danced in front of a lot of ladies but the embarrassing thing was... I was pretending to tap dance nd I sucked.

  • Magic, Gaming, And More !

    Do one for me! It's thia, this is my story. So when I was like 3 to 5 when I was getting my tonsils token out and while we were waiting I said "Mom, I don't wanna get my lungs token out!" Because I was young. And when I woke up I was calling for my dog, Ozzie and Mom was just like " Only Ozzie? Why not Mom!? "

  • Amy Nori1
    Amy Nori1 19 days ago

    2:09 wow man it's not like he's so much smarter than you.....

  • Asiana Walton
    Asiana Walton 20 days ago

    One time I kissed my boyfriend.

  • Ash wing yeates
    Ash wing yeates 20 days ago


  • killer games
    killer games 20 days ago

    Is he g. A. Y

    PZ2 HACKER SQWAT 20 days ago

    Ones i fart so hard in class every one heard it wow

  • Leopardplay S
    Leopardplay S 20 days ago

    Your a Matthew too!

  • Akoz
    Akoz 21 day ago

    here is one of my inbresing things i peed inside my sister bed

  • Animation Buds
    Animation Buds 21 day ago

    I have an embarrassing story so one time I was at after school and I didn’t have indoor shoes so one time I was going to the washroom and the door was super dull but I sliced my toe open and it was a clean slice that even sliced part of the toe nail and it wetted the sock with all the blood so I then told a councler there and they said “oh it’s just a bruise” and I was there with my friend Amelia so when I took my sock of the blood was all over my toe so a councler came by and had to get me a bandaid and then at home later that day I dropped a can on my other toe and now I have a scar on each big toe

  • Abby Stitzel
    Abby Stitzel 21 day ago +1

    I wet my pants in kindergarten

  • The CrAzY family
    The CrAzY family 22 days ago

    I pee in London

  • thegamer :
    thegamer : 23 days ago

    My most embarrassing story I was in year 5 I was sitting next to my friend I farted he told a friend the another friend and then that friend told the teacher and she said let’s not talk about (insert stupid name her) farting 😂🤣

  • shams chaudry
    shams chaudry 23 days ago

    😂 😂 🤣

  • littleshadow girl
    littleshadow girl 24 days ago

    I have a wine spritzer at Christmas im only 12

  • Future President Fox #thatfoxkid

    Matthias more like math-ias

  • Kaylyn Kelly
    Kaylyn Kelly 25 days ago +1

    When I was in 3rd grade, the teacher didn't let us use the bathroom when there was lectures, correcting, or instructions. The problem was, I needed to fart and pee. So when I was able to go, I farted but then I realized, when I farted, I wet my pants.

  • Christopher Warden
    Christopher Warden 27 days ago

    There are children watching this☹️☹️😢😢

  • ? Cuber
    ? Cuber Month ago

    I peed myself at school to but in class

  • ? Cuber
    ? Cuber Month ago

    Wait your a boy

  • ? Cuber
    ? Cuber Month ago

    I was scared of black people when I was younger

  • Luis Pereira
    Luis Pereira Month ago

    Why your story colored but others no?

  • Moise Covaci
    Moise Covaci Month ago

    your lif is a big big big jowk

  • Frozen Scribble
    Frozen Scribble Month ago

    i pooped my pants (i was young) scratch cat changed my nappy pooped again scratch cat changed my nappy and i pooped AGAIN and he just gave up

  • Mobere Pllana
    Mobere Pllana Month ago

    Mother is seriously are you gay or are you a girl or are you a boy because you're a boy in your dating another boy what's wrong with you

  • Mobere Pllana
    Mobere Pllana Month ago

    Mercedes are you a girl or are you a boy

  • Arturo Lara
    Arturo Lara Month ago

    One time my mom was picking us up from school and then my little brother went into another persons car that looked exactly like mine and when just called him back to are car

  • Roundryleigh 44
    Roundryleigh 44 Month ago

    In kindergarten I poop my pants everyday

  • ldyshadow
    ldyshadow Month ago

    Vote at on bad

  • Atomic Meatling
    Atomic Meatling Month ago +1

    Who is watching in 2019!!!

  • Bonitzel Bon
    Bonitzel Bon Month ago

    Matthias r u a girl?

  • K1M4REN Wang
    K1M4REN Wang Month ago

    Are you a girl or a boy ?????

  • Markmen2000
    Markmen2000 Month ago

    No it’s not urine it’s hisine

  • Unicat Squad!
    Unicat Squad! Month ago

    I’m so evil imma just SKIP to the end.

  • Patryk Bulat
    Patryk Bulat Month ago

    Now my story

    When i was trying to pee, someone scared me and i pee in my pants.

  • Tanner Adams
    Tanner Adams Month ago


  • DJ.Durpy Dino
    DJ.Durpy Dino Month ago

    One time my family went to a dock and my brother decided to jump it and he landed so I tried and I landed so I kept on doing it over and over until I caught my shoe on a nail and went face first into the shallow water were the gap was and my head just missed the wood on the other side and the hard floor under the shallow water luckily I didn’t get hurt.But the embarrassing moment was when everyone was looking at me and I was soaked.luckily you guys heard my embarrassing story because I don’t tell this to people.It was pretty funny after it happened.😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅😂🤣🤣😂😂😅😂😂🤣😂😅😅🤣🤣😂😂😅😂😂😅🤣

  • Caelan JONES
    Caelan JONES Month ago


  • Jackson Bowles
    Jackson Bowles Month ago

    My friend also fell up the stairs

  • Natasha Walker
    Natasha Walker Month ago

    I have a embarrassing moment I was in kindergarten I didn’t know were the bathroom was and I had to pee and I peed my pants that’s my embarrassing story

  • Lizzeth Rodriguez
    Lizzeth Rodriguez Month ago

    1 time I sid bro to a nathr prsin

  • Kelci F
    Kelci F Month ago

    Here’s one I was getting a blood test for my eczema. Yes I have it and It looked brown and I was confused and I said “ahhhhhh mud in my arm get it out” I was 7 so I didn’t understand it would look brown and I was acting so weird on my way to my hotel. It happened in winnepeg and I was so upset and my face was like this the whole day as the emoji 😳

  • It'sAkanime!
    It'sAkanime! Month ago

    The art style is so cute.

  • I am a Kawaii potato

    I farted out loud

    IN A SILENT HALL WITH THE REST OF MY WHOLE SCHOOL. Now don’t blame me farts just need to be let out.

  • Noah Sedillo
    Noah Sedillo Month ago

    I once hugged a person that I thought was my teacher

  • Freddy’s FNAF World!!!!!!

    Your story is just like my story it’s the same thing that happened to me in first grade were the same person and I’m telling the truth

  • Danielle Gill
    Danielle Gill Month ago

    My sister = drunk at 5 years old she thoght it was chooklet milk

  • abigail Dehn
    abigail Dehn Month ago

    I tripped going up the stairs at school once and I broke my finger

  • Michael Mahoney
    Michael Mahoney Month ago

    My brother peed the bed when he was 4 to 6

  • the wrights
    the wrights Month ago

    hes a girl

  • TheRealRebecca G
    TheRealRebecca G Month ago

    If you are aware the something of your life would you rather eat poop because you thought it was chocolate ice cream or drink because you thought it was apple juice let me know

  • TheRealRebecca G
    TheRealRebecca G Month ago

    One time I peed my pants some People so so hard like a little laughing too so yeah I was so embarrassed and then the other day my friend pooped her pants I like what they're and like then she pooped on my head like what the

  • Juliet Martinet
    Juliet Martinet Month ago

    At Christmas a few years ago, one of my presents were plastic straws and I was so excited to open my other presents, I ended up running all around the house with a pack of straws yelling and yipping. How is was your Christmas?

  • Xander Guzman
    Xander Guzman Month ago

    Please make more

  • Xander Guzman
    Xander Guzman Month ago

    3:36 lol

  • Lucy Christensen
    Lucy Christensen Month ago

    I was at school and I spilled my milk and I went to get a towel and my classmate said you have a hole in your pants

  • PinataParty- Fortnite

    I was in my room in my underwear and I walked into my brothers room to get some shirts and shorts for laundry and he was on a *facetime* call with a girl

    *uhh yeah I almost cried and I was scared*

  • Drake Unit
    Drake Unit Month ago

    You’re my favorite TVclip

  • Lilian Žunić
    Lilian Žunić 2 months ago

    one time i accidentally hit the fire alarm and i got in detention and the principal yelled at me and i pooped my pants and my mom was actually weirded out i felt soo embarrest

  • yellow can 2
    yellow can 2 2 months ago


  • Noemi B
    Noemi B 2 months ago

    When I was in kindergarten it was my birthday so everyone got off the rug to there desks when I stood up I barfed all over the rug and now I'm glad nobody was on the rug when I barfed

  • Shistar Squad
    Shistar Squad 2 months ago +1

    Don’t let his video distract you from the fact that Mr. Krabs sold Spomgebobs soul for 62 cents

  • Kelci F
    Kelci F 2 months ago

    My dad drank a whole beer bottle when he was a baby once lol. When my grandma saw him, he was sleeping on the couch

  • SuperThomas 3977
    SuperThomas 3977 2 months ago


  • Itsuki Kusakabe
    Itsuki Kusakabe 2 months ago

    I got home from school early and sat on the doorstep because I forgot my keys. When I stood up, there was blood everywhere because I got my period. I climbed over the fence and went into my house through the window. Whilst I was inside, someone saw the blood and rang the police. I heard knocking on the door so I answered it, 2 MALE police officers. I had to explain that I got my period and that there was nothing to worry about.

  • Unicorn POOwO
    Unicorn POOwO 2 months ago

    Embarrassing story i was playing with my friend and I poop me pants

  • Francie Valentin
    Francie Valentin 2 months ago

    heres my story when I was 4 I fell of my couch I was bleeding my nose and mouth was bleeding so when my nana and papa saw me I did a stupid dance and then I said I fell then 20 min. later my preschool teacher said were where you I said my papa overslept

  • FaZe _dragon
    FaZe _dragon 2 months ago

    1:46 Bens story of how he drowned.

  • sportingdogs1
    sportingdogs1 2 months ago

    i wore a dress to scholl and hade nothing under it not even panties

  • Maranda Every Monday
    Maranda Every Monday 2 months ago +5

    Long story short I was taking a test during class I needed to go to the bathroom but of course I had the meanest teacher EVER hehe and then I farted loudly in the middle of the test and hehehe.... Heeeeeee my crush was sitting next to me and then in my head I am just like "just great and in front of your crush great hope you are proud of yourself Maranda" and then because I was soo embarassed that day I moved the next week cause people didnt forget that ever even though you think that they would weeeeeell..... THEY DIDNT! 😢. I do admit it was funny. 😂😊☺ . Like if like this comment and you think that it is funny . Thanks! 😁