Most Embarrassing Stories ANIMATED!

  • Published on Aug 27, 2016
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Comments • 8 632

  • baby bear
    baby bear 12 hours ago

    The most embarrassing moment of my life was in day care and I was afraid of black people then in the second grade a nice black girl my age asked to be my friend I screemed as loud as I could and ran out of the school I feel bad for the girl

  • Dan Dillon
    Dan Dillon 5 days ago

    I was at my friends house and I laughed so hard I peeed my pants

  • Tiffany Thompson
    Tiffany Thompson 5 days ago

    I have one ...
    ok so my sister asked my older brothers to stand on her back to cracked them my boo her said NO throw your self up the wall... so she did... she broke the door handle and there’s and massive dent in the wall... like if my sister is a bit CRAZY

  • Adelynne Vinson
    Adelynne Vinson 7 days ago

    I once thought I was going to fart but it was poop

  • Custom bricks Ed
    Custom bricks Ed 8 days ago

    My embarrassing story was one night I was at my in laws home for a party then I napped then I woke up to drink something then I went outside to see a soda on the table but it was Champagne I was weak then I had food. At 11pm or 12 Am

  • Dog Crazy
    Dog Crazy 15 days ago

    A kid tripped in the hallway then instantly started doing push ups so he wouldn't look stupid

  • Michael jordan
    Michael jordan 16 days ago

    2019? Anyone?

  • Saba Saba
    Saba Saba 17 days ago

    My frinds do that in scloo🤣😂

    • Lexi Loo
      Lexi Loo 3 days ago

      Saba Saba lol can u spell? What grade/year u in? Nursery 😂

    • Saba Saba
      Saba Saba 17 days ago

      My frinds do that in schloo

  • Lewis Sawyer
    Lewis Sawyer 17 days ago

    I peed my pants when I was in class

  • infinite round
    infinite round 17 days ago

    This was awesome

    NOT BULLET 19 days ago

    same once i was playing with a nerf gun and i got shot i peed my pants lol

  • Anya Oofs-a-lot
    Anya Oofs-a-lot 19 days ago

    2019 anyone?

    anyone miss this??

  • Ardonyx
    Ardonyx 19 days ago +1

    TVclip suggesting random videos again.

  • Arianna Bojanowski
    Arianna Bojanowski 19 days ago +1

    Here is an embarrassing story
    So when I was in 5th grade and I needed to go It was to late and i pee in my pants then the chair has pee on it so i told my friend that i sat in snow so my pants where wet nobody knows that that happened because milo a kid in my class picked up the chair the pee went in the carpet and he put it with the other chairs

  • Kate Mcglashan
    Kate Mcglashan 20 days ago


  • Kate Mcglashan
    Kate Mcglashan 20 days ago


  • Kate Mcglashan
    Kate Mcglashan 20 days ago


    JASON HOSSEINI 20 days ago


  • ioian 1212
    ioian 1212 20 days ago

    Why a girl version in stead of a boy

  • Arlyn Alianza
    Arlyn Alianza 21 day ago

    the last one was...... same

  • Stunt DJ -
    Stunt DJ - 26 days ago

    I Peed my pants twice at school the first one I did not go home or go to the principals office in the second one I got to have picked up by my uncle because my mom and dad were at Hawaii

  • VallerArts
    VallerArts 27 days ago

    the most embarrassing thing i did was in 1st grade and at Resess (i dont know how to spell it) and i laughed so Hard i peed me pants

  • Veronica Ramos
    Veronica Ramos 28 days ago

    Me too

  • Tornado The Clown
    Tornado The Clown 29 days ago

    I came up t my teacher in 3rd grade and called her Mommy. Please don't judge.

  • Mateo LeBlanc
    Mateo LeBlanc 29 days ago

    Me two years ago it was after a hockey game I went outside of the arena and went in my car. At least I thought it was my car I went in and screamed yay it's snowing! The woman looked at me and said oh hi bud right then and there I noticed I was in my goalie's car. Both the cars were gray Toyota Camrys with black wheels.

  • Amy Obasogie
    Amy Obasogie Month ago +1

    Screamed in the middle of math class for no reason and every looked at me
    That day still haunts me all those faces 😂

  • Craig Cowan
    Craig Cowan Month ago

    I was playing basketball and got stuck and I hope

    BRETT YT Month ago

    666 O_O. NOPE 🤚😅✋

  • Flare
    Flare Month ago

    Hey it’s my thighs

  • Chance’s Adventures
    Chance’s Adventures Month ago +1

    #breaking gravity

  • Durpy Mcderpyson
    Durpy Mcderpyson Month ago

    I once hugged my brothers best friends mum

  • ill eat yo children 667

    That chocolate story tho

  • Gerald Bibay
    Gerald Bibay Month ago

    I poop in school

  • Are Rosseland
    Are Rosseland Month ago

    I pid in mai bed an halowin
    End mai frend set an it vi all laughed

  • I'm not a weeb
    I'm not a weeb Month ago

    That's a girl

  • Game station
    Game station Month ago

    I was in first grade and I was going to the bathroom and I forgot to lock it and..................(someone walked in on me!!!!)

  • Rubs 26
    Rubs 26 Month ago

    So sometimes i scare myself because I laugh very weirdly on perpose. So I was at school and was playing a math game with my best friend and she was winning by alot, and then I actually got a card (we were playing Top It) and I laughed obnoxiously and the entire class went silent for a second...
    After it a boy looked at me probably thinking like “what the frick.....”

  • Kawaii Potato
    Kawaii Potato Month ago

    I’ve got an embarrassing story, my mom tells me this, so once when I was maybe, 2 my sister was trying to change me and I kept crawling away from her 😂 she kept trying, and kept trying and I just kept running away, idk why but it’s true 😂
    Like if this was actually kinda funny to you 😂

  • unicorns4life
    unicorns4life Month ago

    Your a girl ??

  • unicorns4life
    unicorns4life Month ago

    Tiffiny water broke ??

  • Azam Sattarov
    Azam Sattarov Month ago

    Wait you’re a girl

  • gaming/vlogs central gaming/vlogs central

    My embarrassing story is: when I was at school I was in pe with my class and we were doing squats and my pants ripped I think some people noticed and my mom had to come to the school with a new pair of pants. Not my best day.

  • Eric Voss
    Eric Voss Month ago

    While I was in middle school one day I was so sleepy that I accidentally wore my pants backwards xD

  • Norisester 8901
    Norisester 8901 Month ago

    Here's two one time I my mom said to try wyane lol and the 2nd one is in 2nd and my bff bit me on my arm

  • Kruz Plays
    Kruz Plays Month ago

    The other day my friends told me that they have all had vodka beer and wine and I freaked out!

  • Nathanael Lamouette

    My embarrassing story: I was at a McDonald's in a Walmart store, and I couldn't see my dad because he was in a line and I couldn't see him, so I went to someone who wasn't my dad, so embarrassing! I ended up finding my dad.

  • Pikachu Madness
    Pikachu Madness 2 months ago

    My most embarrassing moment was when

    My dad gave me a pet rock because I asked for a dog.
    I really like stale things.

    Guess what happened.

  • Blue Ridge Elementary
    Blue Ridge Elementary 2 months ago

    When I was 3 I drank my moms wine

  • Amie Smith
    Amie Smith 2 months ago +2

    3:07 i have done that

    • Amie Smith
      Amie Smith Month ago

      Plz reply to me so i dont have to do it myseld

  • Vera Fejeran
    Vera Fejeran 2 months ago

    Matthias used to be gay??

    GTAV GEEK 2 months ago

    Is Matthias transgender!!!!

  • Jevil
    Jevil 2 months ago

    When i was 3 or so i ate crickets and smiled with legs out my mouth

  • Melissa Kammerdiener
    Melissa Kammerdiener 2 months ago

    My most embarrassing thing that happened to me was one day I was wearing loose pants and I was trying to get on a I forgot what it’s called but my pants came down and I hurried up and pulled them back up and I kinda cryed (by the way I was in kindergarten)

  • Monsterios YouTube
    Monsterios YouTube 2 months ago +1

    Hallo devin

  • Dilara wildcrafter
    Dilara wildcrafter 2 months ago

    You reli pidd in your pens infrant aw sckol desried

  • Dilara wildcrafter
    Dilara wildcrafter 2 months ago


  • Cookie- My Random ‘Stuffz’

    I died at the emojis

  • Smitherten
    Smitherten 2 months ago

    The thing Is when I was young I was going to hug some one which I thought was my dad but I didn't because I was sleepy

  • ShadowFoox Games
    ShadowFoox Games 2 months ago

    So one time my teacher was taking attendance and when she says my name I say my name when she does!!! I felt really embarrassed 😳

  • Zachary Welsh
    Zachary Welsh 2 months ago

    My virgin eyes!!!!

  • Nena Hitt
    Nena Hitt 2 months ago

    In kindergarten It was my first day of school and the skirt I was wearing was actually to big for me and the skirt dropped down to my ankles and all the parents and grades saw my hello kitty under wear my mom quickly pulled up my skirt.

  • Idris MOGGIE
    Idris MOGGIE 2 months ago

    I also grabbed a strangers hand because he was bald and my dad was bald to

  • Remi Da Floof
    Remi Da Floof 2 months ago

    But I asked my girlfriend to be me girlfriend and I'm a girl (yes I'm lesbian please don't judge me)

  • we are the BORO
    we are the BORO 2 months ago

    Why in this you were a girl what?????.

  • Shannon Caple
    Shannon Caple 2 months ago

    sounds like toy story, Andy's coming

  • MCS Inside
    MCS Inside 2 months ago +1

    here's my embarrassing story. when i hit the wall really hard, my blood came out. my blood type is ink or oil. oil is on the left side and ink was on the right side. so i hit my left knee. and some of my classmates puts my oil in the bucket. here's a better bigger screen gemser question. did i hit the wall with my knee? yeah because, it wan't a wall. it was 100% brick concrete. later, my dog scratched my right arm. 40% near my hand. 60% near my elbow. and ink comes out. and my sister came and she took it and she turns it into a bendy statue. i know bendy. he's a character from bendy and the ink machine. he's cool. right?

  • Mar Nguyen
    Mar Nguyen 2 months ago +2

    I got a trick

    Read more

  • Mar Nguyen
    Mar Nguyen 2 months ago +1

    Read more

  • Hassan Syed
    Hassan Syed 2 months ago

    The same thing happened to me

  • AngelPlayzz Roblox & More

    👌 😃

  • Aaron Pimer
    Aaron Pimer 2 months ago


  • Alicia Morehead
    Alicia Morehead 2 months ago

    Hey dude if you make a part 2 I'll put the story into cuz it's like I know crazy but like I was just like running around pretending someone was chasing me and just I ran into my door like literally my door and then I just had a red mark on my face!

  • Tilia Toma
    Tilia Toma 2 months ago +1

    I was 3 and I bit a guy because I thought it was a tree

  • Infinity Blade
    Infinity Blade 2 months ago

    So one time I was sleeping in class. So I sleep talk, so then I yell I LOVE F***ING WOMEN then I woke up then I saw everyone staring at me😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  • zachary gegenheimer
    zachary gegenheimer 2 months ago

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 😂😂😂😂😂

  • kate best
    kate best 2 months ago

    you was a girl

  • John Esparza
    John Esparza 2 months ago

    One time in kindergarten my teacher had to wipe my butt because I didn’t no how to wipe

  • AdminAnimations
    AdminAnimations 2 months ago

    When I was like 4 I danced in front of a lot of ladies but the embarrassing thing was... I was pretending to tap dance nd I sucked.

  • Magic, Gaming, And More !

    Do one for me! It's thia, this is my story. So when I was like 3 to 5 when I was getting my tonsils token out and while we were waiting I said "Mom, I don't wanna get my lungs token out!" Because I was young. And when I woke up I was calling for my dog, Ozzie and Mom was just like " Only Ozzie? Why not Mom!? "

  • Amy Nori1
    Amy Nori1 2 months ago

    2:09 wow man it's not like he's so much smarter than you.....

  • Asiana Walton
    Asiana Walton 2 months ago

    One time I kissed my boyfriend.

  • Ash wing yeates
    Ash wing yeates 2 months ago


  • killer games
    killer games 2 months ago

    Is he g. A. Y

    PZ2 HACKER SQWAT 2 months ago

    Ones i fart so hard in class every one heard it wow

  • Leopardplay S
    Leopardplay S 2 months ago

    Your a Matthew too!

  • Akoz
    Akoz 2 months ago

    here is one of my inbresing things i peed inside my sister bed

  • TheRedAnimmator XD
    TheRedAnimmator XD 2 months ago

    I have an embarrassing story so one time I was at after school and I didn’t have indoor shoes so one time I was going to the washroom and the door was super dull but I sliced my toe open and it was a clean slice that even sliced part of the toe nail and it wetted the sock with all the blood so I then told a councler there and they said “oh it’s just a bruise” and I was there with my friend Amelia so when I took my sock of the blood was all over my toe so a councler came by and had to get me a bandaid and then at home later that day I dropped a can on my other toe and now I have a scar on each big toe

  • Mason Pugh
    Mason Pugh 2 months ago


  • crazzy wolf 1
    crazzy wolf 1 2 months ago +1

    I wet my pants in kindergarten

  • The CrAzY family
    The CrAzY family 2 months ago

    I pee in London

  • Olly :plays
    Olly :plays 2 months ago

    My most embarrassing story I was in year 5 I was sitting next to my friend I farted he told a friend the another friend and then that friend told the teacher and she said let’s not talk about (insert stupid name her) farting 😂🤣

  • shams chaudry
    shams chaudry 2 months ago

    😂 😂 🤣

  • littleshadow girl
    littleshadow girl 2 months ago

    I have a wine spritzer at Christmas im only 12

  • Future President Fox #thatfoxkid

    Matthias more like math-ias

  • Kaylyn Kelly
    Kaylyn Kelly 2 months ago +1

    When I was in 3rd grade, the teacher didn't let us use the bathroom when there was lectures, correcting, or instructions. The problem was, I needed to fart and pee. So when I was able to go, I farted but then I realized, when I farted, I wet my pants.

  • Christopher Warden
    Christopher Warden 3 months ago

    There are children watching this☹️☹️😢😢

  • ARandomChannel
    ARandomChannel 3 months ago

    I peed myself at school to but in class

  • ARandomChannel
    ARandomChannel 3 months ago

    Wait your a boy

  • ARandomChannel
    ARandomChannel 3 months ago

    I was scared of black people when I was younger