• Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • THE JAMMY AWARDS 2018 - My favorites/best luxury & high end makeup/beauty products!
    DRUGSTORE FAVES of 2018:
    WORST MAKEUP of 2018:
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    CHARLOTTE TILBURY Best & Worst Video:
    Anastasia Sultry Palette Try On Review:
    Video with LIP SWATCHES of the Dose of Colors Glosses:
    Farmacy Skin Dew Spray - $44
    Memebox Nooni Water Blending Lip Mask - $15
    Memebox Nooni Lip Oils - $12
    Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask - $20
    Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Elixir Weightless Beauty Oil - $52
    Peter Thomas Roth Skin to Die For Primer - $28
    Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Pearl - $36
    Givenchy Photo'Perfexion Fluid Foundation - $51
    Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - $44
    (Covergirl Ultra Fine Brow Pencil)
    Bobbi Brown Under Eye Corrector - $28
    Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder - $45
    It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Powders - $35
    Original (Matte) -
    Illumination -
    Bare Minerals Invisible Bronzer - $28
    MAC Powder Blush in “Melba” - $24
    Hourglass Vanish Highlighting Stick - $42
    Smashbox Lid Primer in White - $21
    Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette - $45
    Anastasia Sultry Palette - $45
    MAC Pigments in "Tan" and “Vanilla” - $22
    Charlotte tilbury legendary lashes vol. 2
    urban decay all-nighter setting spray - $32
    Mini-size is $15 but you are getting 1/4th the amount of the full size for about half the price… (1 oz versus 4 oz) - But it might be worth it if you’ve never tried and you don’t wanna spend the entire $32!
    Dose of Colors Lip Gloss -$17
    My *FAVE* shades: Messy Bun, Spill the Deets, On Repeat, & Just My Type
    NARS Audacious Lipsticks - $34
    Lancome L’Absolu Lacquers - $26
    The red shade I mentioned is #515 and I’m wearing the berry shade #366
    (L’Oreal Sponge I love - )
    Blue Sapphire Beauty Blender - $20

    EMAIL for PR Inquiries: ⤏
    I love getting postcards & letters! ⤏ PO Box #50204 Indianapolis, IN 46250
    #highend #makeup #luxury
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  • Blackangel5381
    Blackangel5381 9 hours ago

    Love the ride or die version :)) ❤️❤️❤️

  • Fedora Nahmens
    Fedora Nahmens 2 days ago

    Love your vids. Watching even I don't buy high end. I don't know if it's your light, but this makeup looks a little yellow for your complexion

  • Mariqueen
    Mariqueen 2 days ago

    Have you tried the Fenty glosses? Cause if you are a gloss person, GIRL G U R L they are my UHG glosses and they last FOR AGES finally a gloss that has a shit ton of product and doesn't run out after a month of use

  • liz not slow
    liz not slow 3 days ago

    You're in Indiana. Emily Noel is in southern Illinois. You guys should totally meet up, do a collab, and have a play date with your kids!!

  • liz not slow
    liz not slow 3 days ago

    I don't think it's a problem when there's a tie. I think it's useful information to know you have two that you love for different reasons, or if there are two that you love exactly for the same reasons. 😊

  • Bree Azai
    Bree Azai 5 days ago

    I love you and your videos so much! I’ve purchased many products you have recommended in your videos and loved them all. Your reviews are on point and very accurate. You seem like such a lovely person as well so I love supporting your channel! ❤️

  • Natalie Foster
    Natalie Foster 5 days ago

    Do. Not. Need. Charlotte. Tilbury. Mascara. Must. Resist!! 😂

  • Ruth Fuehrer
    Ruth Fuehrer 5 days ago


  • jillapalooza
    jillapalooza 5 days ago

    I’d written off high end mascara for a long time. Then I tried the CT one. And I’m so disappointed that I love it! Not sure how many I can justify buying, but I’m definitely waiting for a sale.

  • Ines M
    Ines M 8 days ago

    That foundation is crazy yellow for you is too distracting for my eyes, I'm too dramatic but it reminded me of "The Mask" hahaha
    I was incredibly impressed by the mascara the first time that you applied it in another video, thanks God its not available in my country $$

  • Joanne Sabourin
    Joanne Sabourin 8 days ago

    Just wanted to let you know, when I watched your best and worst of Charlotte Tillbury, I did try the powder for the under eye, and I must say you are right it is the best I've tried so far. My under eyes have never looked better, and I'm going to be 59 this year and I do have alot of fine lines.

  • Theresa Pittman
    Theresa Pittman 9 days ago

    Tip for small jars to not get stuff under the nails: Use the top if your nail like a little spatula and scoop out a tiny amount, then transfer from top of nail to pad of finger. #TwoCommentTheresa & I'm not even 10% into the video. Engaged AF!

  • Theresa Pittman
    Theresa Pittman 9 days ago

    I think it's awesome that you don't share a high-end version if your drugstore version is better. (first comment before the first minute of the video has played... per the uzsh) ;-D It's not my fault you're SO engaging!

  • Brittany Skelly
    Brittany Skelly 9 days ago

    I’m oily and I LOVE the IT Cosmetics CFI powder. It looks so beautiful and doesn’t break up or cake up on my nose ❤️

  • DN
    DN 9 days ago

    Hi Jessica! Great video! I've always loved your eye makeup and i think ill pick up that palette for my mom and myself!
    I was just wondering though, do you think you can adjust the lighting when doing the close ups? I can barely see the swatches or the products cause the light is so bright. Thank you! 💙

  • Robin Nieto
    Robin Nieto 10 days ago

    Love the Jammies!

  • Kendra Olenchick
    Kendra Olenchick 10 days ago

    Jessica, I love your description of "medium or FULL 👋 coverage" that's exactly how I feel too 🤣

  • Caroline K
    Caroline K 10 days ago

    Agree about Charlotte foundation. Works terrible over sunscreen

  • Audrey Weinlader
    Audrey Weinlader 10 days ago

    ur hair is looking good today

  • Sarah Herbs
    Sarah Herbs 10 days ago

    In re: NARS lipsticks, I think you would look great in "Audrey" or "Vivien" both are in the berry family. My favs are "Annabella" and "Schiap", though the latter is a diff formula. Thanks for another awesome post!

  • Arna Alayne
    Arna Alayne 11 days ago

    YES!!! Love love love Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze but they’re discontinuing it 😭😭😭 it’s on sale at TJ Maxx!

  • Cornstar Miumiu
    Cornstar Miumiu 11 days ago

    You're so beautiful. 💖💖💖💖

  • Julie Davi
    Julie Davi 11 days ago +1

    The NARS Audacious lipsticks are my favorite lipsticks ever ever ever. Try the shade Audrey. It's a PERFECT slightly muted red that looks good on everyone.

  • Annie Wieber
    Annie Wieber 11 days ago

    Girl! You could sell sand in the desert. I want all of the things. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you for all of your hard work.

  • michellayella
    michellayella 11 days ago

    I got the Violet Voss palette in my boxycharm and was soooo pleasantly surprised! One of my favs too!!

  • colorado girl
    colorado girl 11 days ago

    You do know that your lighting isn't very good...I can't see any of the products your test on the back of your hand and your face is simply a white mass...please do something about it so I can watch your videos again.

  • Nila Anna
    Nila Anna 11 days ago

    Love u video

  • Lydia Knox
    Lydia Knox 11 days ago

    I can't afford any of this stuff, but I'm still here. Lol!

  • Tracy-Amber A.
    Tracy-Amber A. 12 days ago

    The audacious lipsticks are so nice! My favourite shade is “Anita”. Also a really pretty nude

  • Odile
    Odile 12 days ago

    Great favorite video, I have and love 90% of the products you mentioned, the other 10% are now in my cart ♥️

  • Karissa
    Karissa 12 days ago

    Hey Jess, or anyone who can let a girl know. I wanna order myself the Laneige lip sleeping mask but I'm trying to decide between the original vs the vanilla. Just wanna know if anyone has tried both? Also what is the original scent? And does the vanilla scent smell overly sweet/fake or like actual vanilla? Please let me know asap, Thanks!!

  • aafukuda
    aafukuda 12 days ago

    What’s your favorite SPF moisturizer??

  • Val Melton
    Val Melton 13 days ago

    Has anyone with super dry skin tried the skin to die for primer? I'm considering picking it up!

  • tanhome7
    tanhome7 13 days ago

    That sapphire beauty blender was limited edition and it’s not on the Sephora Canada website anymore nor in the store so I think I waited too long to jump on that one and now it’s gone 🙁 there’s a new violet swirl one out now but haven’t bought it yet to try.

  • Shannon Harris
    Shannon Harris 13 days ago

    Loved this video Jessica! I totally agree with you on the Nars lipsticks - totally amazing. My favorite shade is Bridgette, it's like a pinky-nude your lips but better shade. Honestly it's my go-to. X

  • Alimah B
    Alimah B 13 days ago

    The Givenchy shade range has been awful for years. I bought it in 2014 and the range has pretty much made no progress since then. How stuck up is that given the industry’s attempts to be far more inclusive?

  • ChantillyLace
    ChantillyLace 13 days ago

    i cannot watch most youtubers they drive me nuts. shes a pleasant breath of fresh air lol

  • ChantillyLace
    ChantillyLace 13 days ago

    i really like her. shes not annoying at all

  • Shannon Curtis
    Shannon Curtis 13 days ago

    Jessica thank u so much for this love the video but I never knew that the IT Cosmetics powders had an original version that was more matte than the illumination one. I have the illumination powder at home in my collection already but now that I watched this and found out about the original version I'm so going to get that one. So thank u. Also i'm not kidding when i say you have the cutest most precious little girl i have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I show my mom all of your videos that have Gigi in them and just sit in amazement at how gorgeous that little girl is and her personality is icing on the cake!

  • slushbaby79
    slushbaby79 13 days ago +2

    PS I love the little beep sound when you put product names on the’s my trigger to take a note!!

  • slushbaby79
    slushbaby79 13 days ago

    I think your lighting is off...a bit too bright and maybe too yellow?? Your light swatches are completely washed out.

  • slushbaby79
    slushbaby79 13 days ago

    I have oily skin and although I like the finish of the Too Die For does tend to break my makeup up faster through the day :(

  • Nicola McPherson
    Nicola McPherson 13 days ago

    My Audacious recommendation is Audrey such a pretty berry!

  • Jill D
    Jill D 13 days ago

    For the Jouer expiration: they're probably referring to the SPF ingredient. That's pretty standard to ensure maximum protection levels, so if you continue to use it just make sure you still use some actual SPF with it. :)
    I'm curious about the PTR primer for my nose, I'll have to see if I can get my hands on a sample. Also have you tried Loreal Lumi Glow powder bronzer? I'm fair too and hate most bronzers for the reasons you state and the Loreal sounds a lot like the bare minerals, I've only seen it at Walmart. The color is so subtle and glowy but it's there and I don't feel like I can overdo it. I suppose I don't hear a lot of buzz about it because it seems like people like to be able to contour with their bronzers and this one wouldn't be good for that. But if you JUST want a subtle glowy bronzer this one is gorgeous!

  • MykellAnn Fluharty
    MykellAnn Fluharty 13 days ago

    Yeah, four, maybe five, videos a week from Jess! Five would be perfect as I would have one to watch each morning as I get ready for work. 😉 By the way, my find this year is the Fresh Caramel Hydrating Balm. I would buy it for the smell alone! I got a sample in my Sephora box and was telling my husband how much I liked it. He took a picture of it, went to Sephora and got me the full size for Christmas.

  • Mariettetje Potetje
    Mariettetje Potetje 14 days ago

    I’m shocked you didn’t mention the Benefit Dallas blush. I love your videos so much and I love your description of everything because it is so realistic and helpful!
    Also, I wasn’t gonna buy the Sultry palette because it didn’t speak to me that much, especially the random pop of pink (Bloom). However, my friend got it for me for Christmas. I am in LOVE with it. It’s a great every day palette

  • Melanie E.
    Melanie E. 14 days ago

    The Urban Decay All Nighter powder is amazing too! Try it if you haven’t. The powered and and the spray is absolutely amazing. I work in surgery and wear a mask most of the day, my makeup hardly transfers off my face when I take my mask off

  • Kylie
    Kylie 14 days ago +1

    U are neutral, stop wearing yellow toned foundation!

  • Lauren Duffy
    Lauren Duffy 14 days ago

    I love the Nars lipsticks! I am just a little more fair than you with the same hair and eye color and I love the color Anita! Also just bought the Missha BB cream on your recommendation and can’t wait to try it!

  • Ashlee Boone
    Ashlee Boone 14 days ago

    oh my gosh girl, please share what earrings you're wearing!!! love them!!!

  • Stacey A
    Stacey A 14 days ago

    My puppy comes in my room and searches for my L'oreal Sponge!! What is it about dogs and sponges?! 😂😬

  • Lippy Housewife
    Lippy Housewife 14 days ago

    I have to try the illumination powder... I also have dry skin and prefer to look a little dewy.. makes me look youngerish 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Judi Boyd
    Judi Boyd 14 days ago

    Love these videos. Greats choices. Thanks!

  • Carolyn Cuesta
    Carolyn Cuesta 14 days ago

    I trust Jess the most out of any beauty guru. She’s soooo good

  • Sarah Lettice
    Sarah Lettice 14 days ago

    Nars Audacious lipsticks are my all time favourites. I recommend Vanessa for a mauve nude and Catherine and Natalie which are beautiful spring/summer bright colours. ☺️

  • Bri Ella
    Bri Ella 14 days ago

    Love how you let your personality shine through in your vids Jess!

  • Kayquann
    Kayquann 14 days ago

    Get the shade “Jane” from the nars audacious lip line.

  • MrsKel1
    MrsKel1 15 days ago

    I was so disappointed that the skin to die for primer broke me out like crazy because it really was beautiful

  • Ashley Maria
    Ashley Maria 15 days ago

    I would say that Mac blush melba and tarte exposed are the top two blushes I used on clients.

  • Amanda Cook
    Amanda Cook 15 days ago

    The Lancôme lacquers seem a lot like the YSL Glossy Stains.

  • Ivy Munro
    Ivy Munro 15 days ago

    I haven't tried it myself, but I have heard people who have butterball grease face, absolutely swear by that Peter Thomas Roth primer. I am more normal to dry so I never thought it would work for me. I am currently on the hunt for a good pore filling primer that works for my skin type, so maybe I will give that one a try. Thanks Jessica! ✌🏼💛

  • lipstick andbourbon
    lipstick andbourbon 15 days ago

    Nars Anita is beautiful

  • Carol Wilson
    Carol Wilson 15 days ago

    I’m glad you mentioned the Audatious lipsticks. I love Anna. I need to branch out! In a rut

  • Tanj G
    Tanj G 15 days ago

    This was great to watch! Your favorites are quite refreshing. I really appreciate that you recommend products that aren't necessarily 2018 new releases or trendy but have really stood the test of time. I agree with you on so many of these (I'm particularly a fan of Charlotte Tilbury complexion products too!). Thanks for all the hard work that you put into producing such wonderful content. You run your channel with a lot of integrity and honesty and that is why I have watched you for years and will continue to do so. xo

  • talibou969
    talibou969 15 days ago

    I think it's great that you're aiming to post 4 videos a week. I always enjoy your content and seeing your lovely face. However, please don't feel bad if you're not able to post that many videos every week. We know you're busy with your family and we know it's a lot of work to film and edit. Don't ever feel bad for putting yourself and your health first. I wish you and your family great health and success in this oncoming year.

  • Sara Scott
    Sara Scott 15 days ago

    I got the Violet Voss palette in my December boxyluxe and I’m in love with it....I think the palette of the year though was urban decays born to run palette. It was epic.

  • Marlen Sanchez
    Marlen Sanchez 15 days ago

    You got me into that covergirl brow pencil 🙃

  • shanhare76
    shanhare76 15 days ago

    Where did you get the sweater you're wearing? I'm looking for that color!

  • Stacey Shaw
    Stacey Shaw 15 days ago

    I got an Ulta gift card for Christmas and the first thing I bought was the Dose of Colors lip glosses and you are right! They are amazing. I got one of the Disney ones "One and Only" and it has been the only lip product I have worn since buying it!

  • Mel W
    Mel W 15 days ago

    Your Hourglass eye liner didn't make the cut this year! I'm surprised!

  • Stress Stealer ASMR
    Stress Stealer ASMR 15 days ago

    I think it’s cute when you talk to yourself when you feel you’ve messed up but it reminds me of how I used to talk to myself when I was being mentally & physically abused in my relationship. I hope all is well. 💗

  • Beverly_Hills_makeup_
    Beverly_Hills_makeup_ 15 days ago

    It the packaging on the Kevyn aucoin oil mine broke too 🤦🏻‍♀️😭

  • Allie
    Allie 15 days ago

    Such great recommendations ❤️ but that holy grail pallet seems off to me. I don't own it myself but I've seen it in other videos and in store and it definitely seems more warm than yours

  • Alicia Mcmillan
    Alicia Mcmillan 15 days ago

    I finally purchased the laneige lip mask, OMG it’s amazing! I watched you some months ago and you mentioned it, thank you. It just helps ssoooooo much.

  • Lisa Dearing
    Lisa Dearing 15 days ago

    Upon your recommendation, I bought the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask yesterday. My lips have been horribly dry and sore. I woke up this morning and they were SO much better! What an amazing product! Love it! Thanks Jess!

  • Pauline cuellar
    Pauline cuellar 16 days ago

    Awsome picks!!! Im dying too get my hands on that Mascara and the dose of colors lip glosses!! Basically wanna try everything you listed!! Lol thank you for showing the violet voss palette what sephora has online looks nothing like what you showed us! Also just wanna say thank you for always listing and putting links to everything you show and mention!!!!

  • Megan Dougherty
    Megan Dougherty 16 days ago

    You are so gorgeous

  • Louise Bennett
    Louise Bennett 16 days ago

    I swear by the Laneige lip mask. I've been using it for months and never have any dry skin spots that I normally get nor have I had any cold sores, which I usually get about once a month. Love it

  • Amanda Contreras
    Amanda Contreras 16 days ago

    I got the Violet Vos pallet in December Boxycharm 😉🤗

  • Jan Reding
    Jan Reding 16 days ago

    I Love the Laniege sleeping mask and based on your recommendation I love the Bare Minerals bronzing powder I use the same shade as you because I also am fair to light and I just love it that's when I will repurchase great video

  • Sara R
    Sara R 16 days ago

    Nars audacious in Anita is the absolutely perfect everyday color. Luv your vids

  • Susan Figer
    Susan Figer 16 days ago

    You look soo beautiful, loving the sweater with the lipstick combination

  • ThePeAcHyK
    ThePeAcHyK 16 days ago

    Thanks for the video.... kinda long though maybe do 2 videos next time.

  • MandyLea
    MandyLea 16 days ago

    I feel the same way about this Violet Voss palette- it creates easy, seamless looks every time!

  • Rae Thompson
    Rae Thompson 16 days ago

    You mentioned the Lancome L’Absolu Lacquers. The way you explained them sounds like the Black Up No Transfer Glossy Lip Color. They sold it at Sephora, but I don't see it on their site anymore. RachhLoves did a video about them, and she is the only one I've seen talk about them. It is the craziest thing. I have two colors.

  • katelyn meeker
    katelyn meeker 16 days ago

    Nars in Cruising!

  • katelyn meeker
    katelyn meeker 16 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t love the ABH sultry?! I only own ABH eyeshadow palettes (Norvina, MR, soft glam, prism) but I feel like the other palettes are more true shimmers but the sultry seems to be glitter suspended in the formula. It’s just different when you put em side by side and when it wipes away it leaves glitter and I hate that. Also my ocd keeps me from getting it without that velvet outside! Lol

  • Berry Dylan
    Berry Dylan 16 days ago

    The ysl lip stains look exactly like lancome!! My fav colors are 407 and 416. The shades are incredible

  • Leah Reeves
    Leah Reeves 16 days ago

    I really want to try that looks beautiful 💕

  • GK 63
    GK 63 16 days ago

    Just bought 366 & 168 of the Lancome lip lacquer. LOVE THEM!! Thank you!

  • Haley Crook
    Haley Crook 16 days ago

    I finally got my hands on the Violet Voss HG palette and I'm in LOVE!!! 💕😍

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B 16 days ago

    Loved this video! Thank you for sharing, I’m already excited for the next one!

  • Roxana Mcglinchey
    Roxana Mcglinchey 16 days ago

    Thank you Jessica for a excellent video. I've so enjoyed this! I love watching you, as you're a very down to earth young lady.. I get some great tips from you on what to buy and what not to waste my money on. I've only been watching you for a few weeks now. Gee I wish I'd found you much sooner.. I'm 56 years old , but we have similar skin I believe. I'm dry these days from using Retin A, and due to my age. I'm pale skinned like you also..
    I also watch Emily Noel, I love her too, for her very honest and down to earth character. Emily is the reason I found you Jessica, so happy I did 😍😀 xx

  • Jen M
    Jen M 16 days ago

    If you are into them at all, could you possibly do a drugstore version of tinted moisturizer/BBcream/ something like the luminizer moisture tint, etc.... I am in my 40's, but just cannot stand heavy powders or foundations, etc.. on my skin. if it feels like a light moisturizer, i might could dip my toes intho. Especially if it is something that would have skin benefits. Is there such? i wear mild, natural oils with eye color and lip color now, but would like to dip my toes in something light if it has benefits. thankyou so much!! Not into high end, but i love to hear your reasoning behind everything!!

  • Tracy Tydlacka
    Tracy Tydlacka 16 days ago

    I bought the Charlotte Tilbury powder on your recommendation. I love it and won't use anything else for my under eyes. I love the Violet Voss palette as well. I just got it in December's Boxyluxe. Haven't put it down since 😂 Also Jessica please try the Catrice illuminating setting spray. Its only $7.99 and I know u will LOVE IT!

  • Molly Farry-Thorn
    Molly Farry-Thorn 16 days ago

    Ummmmm.... I LOVE that you used the word 'strata' to describe the facial oil. You're my favorite.

  • Emmy Bailey
    Emmy Bailey 16 days ago

    That cardigan is gooooorgeous!

  • Ashleigh Krzywicki
    Ashleigh Krzywicki 16 days ago

    Anna and favorite NARS lipsticks.

  • MissSamantha22
    MissSamantha22 16 days ago

    The hg pallette is my favorite too

  • Kiera Jo
    Kiera Jo 16 days ago

    Not sure why, but I cracked up when you said to "think of the physics of that." Love your videos, even when you're talking about high end products that I will probably never fork out the money for! You're awesome. :)